Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back home from a whole day of work. ^^

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` Finally back home from a whole day of hard work =) Today's my check flight omgomgomg!!! I managed to put in my best, like every other normal day of work.. And Rena assessed me.. Hmmmmm` And i got 84/100 for my total score! muahahha` Hope i can pass my probation with flying colors. =)

Had super nice nasi lemak in Changi Village after work.. =) Thanks thanks!

Some pictures for the past few days..

Joyce & me..

Wing in transit lounge..

Plump me in transit lounge.. ^^ Accompanying wing, so relaxing!

Goodbye wing! Muacks, miss u loads, go buy somemore marshmallows after u've finished the ones i gave u ba! =) Take care buddy...

And last but not least,

Happy 21st Birthday to Joyce!

Im gonna go cram into bed soon, dead tired now.. 2 days off! Uber good. =))

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Exciting 2 days off...

Been having good fun for the past 2 days when im off.. Too lazy to write too much.. shall leave them in point forms..

- Went to Mustafa for the first time.. overwhelmed by the amount & variety of goods they have in there..
- Visited BFD (this pub in East Coast) for the first time, really like their live band and good ambience
- Drank Jack Daniels 1 jug
- Strolled along the beach, headed home very late....
- Attended Joyce's 21st Birthday Party in Aloha Loyang.. Great to receive hugs from her, her mummy and brother after such a long time of not seeing them.. She's my primary sch fren btw..
- Drank Chivas and champagne this time with her brother.. -.- Lotsa whiskey this couple of days..
- Sent Wing off after my morning flight.. All the way till C16, the gate where the aircraft's at.. ^^ Hope she feels special huh lol`
- Lunched in IKEA Tampines, chicken wings, princess cake, poached salmon and meatballs.
- Watched Loft, which happens to be an extremely sucky movie (i dozed off..)
- Had dinner, finally had my craved kimchi soup..
- Finally made my new airport pass.. Biometric wor.
- Took the flu jab..

I need to take some time from the real world.. Sucks to be me....

Happy sweetest 16th Birthday to Doreen!!

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Friday, January 26, 2007

I love to work!!

I definitely love to work when im rostered with ppl i love with work with!! MUAHAHHAA` Yesterday i went shopping before work and bought a facial mist which cost me 20 bucks.. Finally i've gotten it, but didn't get it from missha or jurlique.. Erm it's the SUISSE brand or something like tt.. And i've also gotten 2 tops from ebase. ^^

After which i bought lotsa stuff from Carrefour for picnic session over the night flight!! Famous Amos cookies, ruffles chips, cup noodles, fish sticks, cheese hot dogs, drinks.. Rofl.. We had a good time coz the load was sooo little, ate alot of food, chatted alot as well and last but not least took lotsa pictures! hehe` And so i worked with Nurizan, katie and Anuar last night wahhaha, i think the steward became sooo sista after working with us for the 9 hrs.. rofl`

We really had great fun and all 4 of us gotten super shagged after the flight, not from working, but from really posing for pictures and laughing like crazy thru'out the flight.. hee`

And after the flight, i saw Trudy in the departure hall! muahahha` And she was just telling her fren that im working here and didn't know whether they can see me or not ^^ Cool huh, didn't have time to catch up with her coz needed to go back to briefing room to count the money. =))

Got my 2 days off. ^^ Gonna enjoy it thoroughly muahhahah`

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why do i always meet weird pax?

Hmmm I've been hard for the last couple of days, not having time for myself, and having supper with various ppl for the last 3 nights after work lol` Just tt day, i worked with Shazila, And we had a great helluva time! Took lotsa pictures as well hehe`

Took with Faridah before my flight and after her flight.. ^^

Shazila and me!!! ^^ heheh After the long long 4 sectors flight..

Us again, and the flower we've picked up onboard hehe`


And just yesterday, i was activated for another 4 sectors flight with Erlyna, Cheryl and Azrin! hehe` It was damn fun working with Azrin at the back, and he just kept on bombarding me with the awesome cake he baked!!! =)) Yummy!

We took some pictures in Su----waaaa----naaaaa---booooom--- Intl Airport.. (BKK)

In the cockpit...

Captain Azrin!

Captain Cheryl!

Captain Angela!
By the way, have u all noticed the furry white cloak tt's been pulled over the captain's seat? Erm.. it's only for the Captain's seat.. Even the first officer's seat doesn't have it.. cool huh?

Azrin and me, taken in the galley...

Open the door!

Anyway, i've met with this really funny ang moh pax onboard ytd. I was briefing them on the emergency exits when he just interrupted and said he'll do anything for me.. -.- Of course if u're seated there and assigned the responsibility to open the door in case of land emergency, i wouldn't be there to open it for u unless im near there at all o.O

And thru'out the flight he was really quite persistent and erm.. abit annoying.. But still we have to smile always hehe` He came to the back where i was working, and i opened the lavatory door for him, and he asked me why i wanted to push him into the toilet, and he didn't wanna use the toilet, he just wanted to talk to me.. -.- And he told me his background and all sorts of crap. He's like easily 40 yrs old mind u.. Definitely more than tt.. And he asked for my mobile no..

After im done with my service, he sat me down beside him and gave me his business card.. -.- Told me to write him my number but i only gave him my email address in the end.. And then he carried on to touch my hand and told me to sms him when i touched down BAH!!!!! I was almost going bonkers le..

And when i went to the front to chat with the 3 of my colleagues after im done with my work, he came to the front too!!! To chat with us! omgomgomg.. And refuses to catch the hint when my fren stopped eating coz she felt quite embarrassed... ARgh... Weird weird pax.. And 3 of my colleagues kept on teasing me, associating my name and his surname.. ARGH!! He's like old enuff to be my sugardaddy wahhahahah` Craze stuff..

Today's my day off!!! Finally... hmmm` Can wash my clothes and spend some time for myself..

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Happy 21st Birthday to Regina! (1 more day though)

I had a great weekend!!! Luckily i get to have rest off muahahhaa` On Saturday night, i met up with the girls to go to Regina's 21st birthday bash in Artery, this pub in Red dot building.. The party started at 8pm.. And we were abit early. Anyhow, we made ourselves comfy and had some drinks while we caught up with each other's lives.

I met some of the good ol' faces as well, ppl whom i haven't seen in a long time - jeremy joel fernandez, kai siong, kim hui and also yiwei. And some other familiar faces from ngee ann too. hehe` Well i had a good chat up with JJ, missed him so much lol` Remember how we used to hang out back in secondary sch. rofl` Now here goes the pictures!!

And after the birthday bash, i went on to the 2nd one and gobbled down yet another 1 slice of cake. muahahha` It's alex's birthday. I took cab from tanjong pagar to east coast chalet. Spent some time chatting, played drinking games and drank somemore, atop those drinks in Artery... It was great fun to be with them hehe` My new group of friends. ^^

Finally went back home at 7+ in the morning. Felt totally like a zombie. Crashed into bed and slept till 1+ before i woke up to go to work..

Today gonna be another long day. But i'll get thru it and have my due day off tml. ^^

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Good life. there's nothing more to expect...

Hmmm i always blog at such funny hours.. Yesterday i met up with Sandy in orchard at 12 noon... Twas late again.. Hmmm` Wonder what's up with me and my timing lately.. heh` Well at least im never late for flights..

Anyhow, it was a great day tt i had! Sandy and i headed to Lucky Plaza coz i wanted to find the shop to do my engraved luggage tag ^^ Looks pretty awesome, gonna collect it today! We then had lunch at Pizza Hut coz we really didn't know what to eat.. We ordered the set lunches as well.. Quite average food ba, but service really good. =)

We then headed down to Tangs to try to get some gifts for my lovely frens who're turning 21 real soon. I got a really lovely piece of necklace each for Regina and Joyce, and Sandy got a bracelet for Regina as well, all the 3 pieces from Chomel.

After which we went down to Far East.. Was thinking of getting the rosewater facial mist from Missha.. Hmmm` Should really get it since my face is getting too dry from the air in the cabin when i work.. Shopped around the place, and Sandy got her DKNY green delicious as well. ^^ I was almost tempted to buy some more fragrances as well.. But i have too many for now.. o.O

It's gonna be a good day tml as well! More time to spend with my dearest love. Regina's birthday party in red dot, and then a fren's chalet after tt! Woot =)

P.S.: Currently watching Green Rose, a korean serial drama, not your typical a-la romance or terminal illness kinda korean drama, but with a very exciting plot, especially the start. Be sure to capture your heart.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Once upon a time..

Long long ago, there was a girl name Angela who was sleeping. She meant to sleep way past 10am as she only slept at 2.30am after a very long day of work.. But she felt 3 fur balls licking her before even 10am. And she can't get back to sleep after tt...

BAH...... crap.. lol` The flight yesterday was extremely good! All the passengers were so nice, and the crew i've worked with were awesome as well! Katie, Faridah and i took lotsa CRAZY pictures with the weirdest poses u can ever think of! muahahhaa` Very dumb i know, but extreme fun we had! Gonna post up the pictures after i get my hands on them from KAtie.. Wheeeeeeeeeeee`

Let's talk abt ytd's passengers.. The first sector was good, had a good chat with this 6 "young" girls who were going on a holiday to Bangkok. They bought wine and stuff from us and even ended us treating us to Godiva 72% dark chocolates! But my favourite is still the 85% dark choc ^^ hehe`

Chatted with some super friendly caucasians too. And some even threw me winks when i was petrolling the cabin... ARGH` But i just looked away lol` A handful of eye candies onboard as well..

I went down to the intl airport in BKK to get some foodstuff for the crew hehe` Good that i know my way around. =)) I seriously love the ice lemon tea in BKK airport, be it Burger King or Black Canyon Coffee, the tea is strong and the lemon taste is there. Shiok~

So passengers were all very nice yesterday, no bad unreasonable ones at all, made my day, and most importantly, sales was good too! ^^

I'm going shopping with Sandy in like 2 hrs time!!! ^^ Yea man, I feel excited when im going shopping, even if it means getting stuff for my frens! =) And i do feel abit hungry now, since the only main meal i had was Fried Rice yesterday afternoon.. o.O

Lastly.. Happy 75th Month Anniversary!!!

Finally i can see my love tonight! ^^ lalalalala~

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Thursday, January 18, 2007


I'm a proud owner of the PAISLEY! Check out this pweeedy piece which just got into my mailbox. =) MUACKS!

Off i go for flight now. ^^ Good day!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I forgot to blog about the most important thing which happened last night! I went into the cockpit in the last sector to look into the starry starry clear skies ^^

And the captain taught me how a shooting star looks like and also taught me how to locate the Big Dipper against the aircraft's navitional system. ^^ heh I'll never get lost again..

And i've saw 2 shooting stars! Stuck my hands into my pockets and made a wish. ^^ I hope it'll come true. *wink

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Today's my standby day.. Hope i dun get activated.. muahahhaha` Anyhow.. Posted up some pictures..

Some i've taken at home..

Darling took this shot when i was sleeping.. (Wore 3/4 to sleep coz was feeling super cold and down with gastric flu at tt pt of time.. Cool huh, my 3 dogs are so adorable..

Jacky feeling cold.. and resting upon my chambers..

Jojo being hugged by monkey to sleep and little nemo accompanying her as well..

Some taken at Jiating's birthday chalet.. (the rest still with elya)

Yesterday i did a 3 sectors flight... Long hours, with nuisance passengers as well.. BAH. A passenger lost his hp onboard and we tried our means to help him like making impromptu eng and chi announcement to get all the pax to find under their seats if they see any handphone.. And we even got the 3 guys sitting behind him to stand up and have under seats searched..

Yet he stupidly wants us to do body search on those 3 guys. BLOODY HELL, no brains ar? We're only cabin crew, and if he's got no evidence to show they took it, we can NEVER warrant body search on them. And if we really do tt, it'll drag the reputation of our company in. Now, is he dumb or what? Seriously, no brainer. And he threatened to sue our company, but we can't do anything, since we've done the best that we can to assist him. No wonder sometimes ppl say we've got budget pax as well..

Anyhow, it's been a good 3 sectors, captain brought sooooo much food for us we could barely finish.. hmmmmm` Nice few chinese pilots we have. ^^

Chris went to collect the new compaq laptop yesterday as well. Wheeee` hehe` But im also not using mah... Erm maybe i could go and try it out later..

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Family Day!

Today's my day off and it so happened that Chris, Dad and Mum's at home as well. ^^ I spent my whole day at home slacking and playing Flyff again.. Been a long while since i last played Flyff, hehe abandoned this account since a long time ago.. Back to try to level my character again..

Chris, dad, mum and me then went to AMK central in the evening. We had dinner there as well, shopped shopped jalan jalan abit.. I bought lotsa stuff too!! hehe` Gotten a super duper sweet Forever Friends door curtain for my room and some toiletries.. As well as a pair of Skinny Jeans (Capris) from Giordano wheeeeeeee` hehe` Happy happy ^^

Cabbed home after tt.. Really enjoyed this family day. =) Oh and mum's already starting to worry about getting a nice key pendent and necklace for my birthday. Check out some normal gold ones, white gold as well as white gold plus diamond ones.. And mum was even suggesting to buy today coz im here to shop with her.. BAH.. it's much to early!

One thing which totally brightened up my day, or rather night.. wheeeeeeeeeeee` Joyce, my primary sch best friend invited me to her 21st birthday party! I haven't seen her in years, since like secondary sch. hohoho` lol im going crazy.. hehe` Seems like there's a 21st birthday party every weekend in January.

Alright im off! =)

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

So wu liao..

I've wasted my day off today. Spent it at home coz im still feeling giddy and having a bad headache.. I was down with gastric flu on friday morning. Woke up at 4+ am to puke and then had the runs as well.. The cycle went on until about afternoon. BAH.. Thought i was down with food poisoning..

Went to yishun's raffles clinic , seriously didn't like the doctor there now.. Refused to give me 2 days mc, expects me to extend it the next day if im still not feeling well, as if im damn fit to go down at all. totally wasted my time when i went down on Saturday to extend, said i need to consult the doctor all over again. Brilliant. So i told the nurse it's pointless and there're so many ppl before me.

In the end i just walked out of the clinic and took cab down to AMK raffles clinic, which in the first place, the yishun's doctor didn't even tell me the day before what was wrong with me. She didn't even tell me her diagnosis. And so i got another day of mc.... Darling has been faithfully staying over at my place since Friday night till a while ago to take care of me hehe` Nice guy huh. lol` Who knows, he might be my guardian angel for life..

And last night, darling stayed at my place and waited for me while i went down to Aloha Loyang chalet to celebrate Jiating's 21st Birthday!!


Met up with wenhui, winnie, meizhu, elya, jiali, rayn and wing there. Spent some time playing dai dee, writing and decorating birthday cards for jiating and wenhui, eating as well as taking pictures. We bought a set of very nice Adidas tracksuit for wenhui and also 2 bags, and lotsa accessories for jiating ^^ She really got all excited when she opened the presents muahahha` And wenhui gotten very shy too =X It was a great party for Jiating ytd and i hope she enjoyed herself too!

Rayn then sent us back. He dropped wing and me near wing's place.. She then walked me to the bus stop which was quite some distance away and i took a direct bus home. ^^

So wasted tt i can't join them (winnie, eugene, bev, dee, xl, uu, wing & rayn) for the lunch gathering. =(( Super sad.. Coz i organized it and even suggested the dim sum buffet place but i couldn't make it coz im still down with gastric flu... But in any case, im really glad they've enjoyed themselves!! ^^

Waiting for the next 2 wk's roster to be out.. Not sure whether i can attend regina's 21st dark party. hehe`

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

I feel fortunate.

I feel contented and extremely happy at the simplest stuff, wearing clothes which u like, walking the rain, looking at my jack russell sleeping on my bed w/o me.

And i feel really fortunate too. Yesterday's flight was good, the passengers were nice as well. We had a long transit time in bangkok so we went down and shopped abit. I've exchanged some thai baht as well, gonna keep it for next time. ^^

And darling sprung me a surprise. Coz i told him to come and fetch me from work last night at about 12 midnight but he refused, said tt he'd be too tired.. And ended up i saw him at HANS after i came out of the briefing room after flight. =) Very interesting. hehe` Sweet eh.

He then bunked over at my place last night and we just had breakfast together before he left for camp a while ago. I just finished reading today's papers too. And still, the mention of the particular missing Adam Air aircraft still causes goosebumps for me and my colleagues. And i feel fortunate as it's safe to work in the airlines in Singapore.

And i feel that it's so pointless for the CEO of Adam Air to say stuff like "It's very difficult on us if the passengers steal the life vests and they go missing." If that's the case, please educate your passengers well, emphasize during safety demonstation that it's your own life at risk if anything happens. Bear in mind that safety can NEVER be compromised. If it can be taken lightly, then who's going to trust the airline's brand name?

Reputation will be at stake but i guess they couldn't care less anyway. Such sloppy attitude shouldn't even be present in airline industries. No wonder a certain reporter mentioned that "Transport accidents like this are not uncommon in Indonesia". Well, it leaves the matter much to be desired..

Anyway, I'm on standby today... *crosses fingers.. And seriously, it's irritating that there are actually such crap happening in the world. o.O

** I need to set my priorities and dreams right before i make any decision. =)

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Monday, January 08, 2007


Gonna post up some quite recent shots i took with my phone.. hehe` Too lazy to upload it earlier.. hehe`

I miss the old days where our only joy was the playground.. Remember tt?

Hee... Zi lian..

Some photostickers i took with my BFFS..

Uber crap lar.. We were sooooo amateur tt we made a total flop using this machine call CRASH.. When this pic was taken we all looked blur.. Sandy was even staring at the machine blankly and with yx sitting behind her..

White Chocolate Blondie at Swensens..

Complimentary firehouse happy birthday

Lovely clouds taken from my living room's window.. Take a while from your busy lives to look at how beautiful the sky is ^^

My most beloved 3 jack russells! Such a rare opportunity for them to sit down together and take a family photo. hehe` Since they're forever moving around..

Taken at Swensens during the gathering lunch..

Zi lian wing trying out my phone cam..

Today was my day off. Met up with yixian at the bus stop near my place and we headed down to Coronation to meet Sandy. And from there, we walked to St. Marg's, to visit the teachers! And Mrs Low was driving out of the school gate when we saw her -.- Lol` Said she's got appointment.. Wah.. hehe` She's still as slack as ever lol` And erm.. guilty as conscious, i haven't worn the gold chain with the abacus pendent she gave to me.. Will wear it out someday hehe` =X

And so we went and visit some teachers.. Had a good chat with Ms Ho, Mother Pillai (As motherly as ever..) and Mrs Raj muahahha` And they know tt im flying amaze amaze, haven't seen them for more than a year already.. Must be all the gossiping the teachers does hehe`

Starting work tml! Damn slack flight.. hehe`

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