Friday, October 31, 2008

so... Eggggg.....exciting!

Just had my home-cooked dinner of corn with pork ribs soup which has been set to brew the whole day. ^^ And it feels good to wash it down with homemade Ice Lemon Tea. =)

Spent the whole day at home cuz it was my standby day. Played game, watch ugly betty and money no enough 2. Just plain slacking and relaxing at home. ^^ Did my laundry too. Gotten my 2 dresses from Lyla + Rose. And i've ordered another 2 more from them today. hehe` =X

Yesterday morning, i operated a Guangzhou flight, and i'm so glad i did! Working in TR has been so exciting. Cuz it's never mundane. Yea the work we do is rather routine-like, but you meet funny people onboard. =X Some say stupid things and when they walked away, u laugh at their stupidity. Some lock but doesn't flush the toilet, and some does it the other way. hmmmm` But u'll always look forward to flying with great colleagues, which happened to be most of the crew in TR.

On the flight back to Singapore from Guangzhou, i was made to go down with all of our passports so that the immigration officers can check. And it was an extremely long walk. By the time i've gotten back to the aircraft, the last few passengers have already boarded.

Being positioned in front, i have to brief the left emergency exit rows' (Row 12 and 13) passengers. And so i did. I love to brief 2 rows at once too. I realised Mr Nameless seated at 12B kept fidgeting around and had his head down when i was briefing them. Only after my briefing when i asked them if they have any questions, he got his head up and asked me "Can you help me find my seat belt?" Only then that i suddenly find him rather familiar but it only occured to me 5 seconds later that he's Mr Thomas Ong o.O Apparently Mr 12A has buckled up his seat belt, using thomas' one. o.O

Afterwhich it was followed by giggles and chatters amongst my colleagues and i "omghe'ssocute times 4050693759 gazillion times" Oh well. And so after take off when i proceeded to the back to help my colleague pushed out the cart, i was stopped halfway at the emergency exit rows cuz the regulars wanted to order the hot meals first. The charming chap got up too, with both of his hands cupping his mouth and nose, asking me if he can use the front lavatory. He then asked me if we'll be pushing out the sales cart to sell the food later on. And i replied yes, and we just stared blankly at each other after tt for like a couple of seconds before i walked away.

Well. Cuz he seemed like he wanted to ask me what hot meals we've got for the day, but he didn't. Seemed like he wanted to ask a couple of questions but he was just smiling sooooooo sheepishly!!! And i wanted to say "guess what? i can see u have a huge red zit on your nose" =X
So to prevent further awkwardness, lol i walked away.. omg he's soooo cute lar.. so boyish looking. Even though it was the 2nd time i've seen him. And the first time he said 'sorry' to me remember sandy and yixian?

So yup, nothing eventful happened after, except for the eternity long FnB service which totally got me super shagged after that cuz everyone were like hungry ghosts o.O But ya, it was fun, with a great set of colleagues. =)

Happy halloween... MUAHAHAHAHAHA *mimicking evil laughter

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to save moolah... hehe`

Hmmmmmm... Woke up ultra early for today's flight. I'm totally used to sleeping at 1am and waking up 2 hrs later for flight. hee` =)

Another early morning flight tomorrow. Bah` Thanks to dan the man for waking up early too to fetch me to work. Effort's really very very much appreciated. domo arigato! (er.. correct, no?) And just nice when i touched down at 2pm, he's just around the area so he fetched me home!!! Phew. hehe` Such a lovely gesture from him. Totally infatuated with him. *grin

And so, Chris, Dan, my mum and me will be going to Taipei March next year. ^^ Booked the air tickets already. =) So excited lalalalala` A trip solely to stuff ourselves silly! =) Won't do much working don't worry dan hehehe cuz since my mum can't walk too much. And stop complaining that u've walked too much during our Hong Kong Trip, didn't u enjoy urself too? hmph`

Guess what? Im so very lucky! I've gotten all of my Sundays off next mth except the coming one. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee` It's like a gift from heaven. Love my roster. *MUACKS hehe` Very very excited. Cuz i have 2 days off before my annual leave next week. So i'm like totally slack in November and eating grass in December =X i can't wait for the chalet next weekend. Hope it'll come soon and we can all drink ourselves silly and totally enjoy. ^^

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Couple more pounds added to the bulk!

Bah` Had a very very nice dinner. I think all of us really enjoyed it. It was at Yio Chu Kang Stadium's Sakura Restaurant. Nihon Mura also opened up a branch there too! So yup, if love and i wanna get our fix of jap food (which we always like), we'll prolly go there for cheap sushi cuz it's so near!

Luckily i've made a reservation in Sakura cuz it was darn darn crowded. =) *pat on the back. Love came to pick us up and brought me and my family to the restaurant. We dined there for close to 2 hours before we headed back home. It was truly fun, even love thought so. Which made me really glad. Too bad they didn't have Cold crabs. But i've never really taken oysters b4 except the last time in Chomp Chomp when dan made me try the oysters of oysters omelette. Just wasn't really compel to try them. today i had quite a bit of the cheese & tomato baked oysters. yummy`

The Lime sherbet ice cream and yam paste were really good! I really thought the food served here is must nicer than the NUS branch and also Toa Payoh's one. =)

Thanks love for joining us! You made the dinner even more enjoyable. "I'll built these dreams with these 2 hands" =)

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Monday, October 27, 2008

A date with the man

Last night love picked me up from my place and we headed to Vivocity. I was craving for Japanese skewers - Kushiya. hehe` So we went to Shin Kushiya for my dinner and dearest's 2nd helping of dinner. hee`

yummy! We've ordered Ton Katsu Curry Don for myself, 5 skewers, Onsen Tamago and also Beef Tongue.

Didn't take any pictures of the Onsen Tamago. It's actually poached egg in light broth served chilled. I don't really like it cuz it's cold but it's very flavourful and dearest love it totally. We sat at the same table again. hehe`

We were served this raw veggies (READ: Cabbage not lettuce o.O, carrots and zuchini sticks.) which was accompanied with the above satay sauce and lemon. hmmmm` Not too bad.

It was the first time we've tried the beef tongue. It's very Q and not too bad, doesn't taste like innard at all. hehe` Actually tastes like meat. We love the salsa and the mustard sauce accompanied with the beef tongue. (Cost $9.80)

Ton Katsu Curry Don (Cost $15.80)
Very average. Think Ichiban Sushi's much much better than theirs. Shin's pork cutlet is too hard and requires alot of chewing hee` And i still prefer carrots and potatoes in my jap curry.. o.O

The highlight of the day is of course the kushiya. From left - Salmon, 2nd and 3rd is both pork neck with mustard sauce and last is mozzarella cheese covered in pork. We've also had enoki mushroom in bacon, our favourite ^^

The salmon is still my favourite. It's totally orgasmic with the lemon zest, but the skewers tt we've ordered wasn't as piping hot as the last time.

Walked around for a while before we headed to his place to watch Saw. ^^ Love to cuddle with him. So that's our lovely Sunday night. Will be going for Sakura Buffet at YCK stadium later with my family and dan. Such a nice way to end the public holiday. =) Happy Deepavali!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008


Up working the whole night and morning yet i can only managed a period of 3 hours' sleep! omg. Was up cuz of there was a malay wedding just at the void deck opposite my block. =( Sad. Couldn't sleep after tt and was listening to songs since 1pm. Bah`

Dearest was so sweet. We had dinner together in Terminal 1's Popeyes last night before i went for flight. And this morning he picked me up and we had breakfast in Changi Village before hitting the sacks when we reached home. ^^

Last night's flight was crazily fun! hehe` First time working with this PRC lady - Yixin. And she's such a nice sister to me. hehe` Calling me funny names and yep we really do hit it off rather well. Maybe cuz she doesn't have tt accent even when she speaks mandarin. hehe` We've even made a pact to go for hotpot someday!

We've encountered very very extremely unreasonable pax last night. Yixin really did returned 47 bucks to this passenger seated at the last row. But end of the flight he insisted he didn't received it at all. So he kinda questioned Yixin's character and even her professionalism, commenting that she lacks the latter totally from the way she serves passengers. So i stood up for her and kind of chided the passenger, who happens to be a male, preying on a poor girl. -.-

I told him the money issue is one thing and we've settled it, but professionalism is another. And she's not a Singaporean duh she's not well versed in English thus he may not judged her in that way. And i told him to watch what he's saying cuz he can't just judge people of the other nationalities by their command of English. His friend was even trying to stop him from making a nuisance. Bloody shallow indian fucker. -.- In the end i told him to continue emailing into the company with the issue about the change and to bring up Yixin's name, but we can't return him the money. Ended up we even had abit of shortage at the end of the flight, which proven Yixin has indeed returned him the change.

And of course flight is never ever boring with KD, the royal decendent of Aisin Gioro family. hee` Totally love to fly with him, cuz we're all so chatty when mixed together. ^^ Of course not forgetting the first solo newbie Nicholas from Temasek Poly.

Hee i must really stop myself from spending money.. Just bought another lovely indie print toga top from Lyla + Rose. =x And before the flight last night, i went to get Dior Shine fragrance, which cost me a whopping 100 bucks after discount. o.O How cool is that? I mean about spending money hehe`

And guess what?????

It's sunday today and im off all the way till wednesday! Wootz` God im lovin it. Wanna paint the town red with love tonight lalalalala yay` since we're not working tomorrow. Seriously.. i miss dancing with him.. And he has to tempt me by singing to those retro hits on class 95 and shaking his body. Damn it. =( I wanna go for a nice dinner with him.. ^^


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Saturday, October 25, 2008

i really miss these....

Let's start off with my dearest girlfriends who really does make my day most of the time. Haven't seen them for a while but their placings in my heart will never change! Guess we'll still remain chatty after we meet up hehe`

First off is Yixian. (排名不分先后, 所以不要打架)

I miss her alot! Miss her squeezing my butt, holding my hands as we go shopping, gossiping about people we don't like. hehe` =)) Love it when she says "Oh, that's soooooo you" hehe` And she's only coming back July next year. Well i'm gonna try to save alot of money to attend her convocation!

Stupid stubborn woman Sandy's up next. ^^ hee` totally miss her cute antics. Miss singing k with her and dining in Jap restaurants. btw, my house downstairs' oreo coffee/chocolate ice blended totally rocks! hee` Self declared fangirl, caught dead drooling over nice men's abs most of the time. =X Loves to send me these pictures too so i'll drool together with her.

Next is Jingyun. haha Remember her as the girl who was soooooo afraid to touch the kangaroos and koala. Didn't even wanna feed the donkey hehe` Miss crapping with her and talking about irrelevant nonsensical stuff. Even though she's not working but she can really spend alot of money when she goes out shopping. Never underestimate her money-saving skills =X hehe`

I miss winnie... hehe` the no nonsense don't mess with me hardy girl. ^^ But i love her all the same even though she always say '你变了' hee` Rather uptight girl cuz every single thing matters alot to her. Don't worry, just take things easy. =) Who knows u might be happier! ^^ Wanna see u soon after ur exams.

Last but not least, of course i miss the precious gem in my life. Who's soooo good at cheering me up when im down and totally cool! hehe` Guess what, it seems we've got some kinda telepathy with each other. Think we had like at least 5 times we've worn the same colors out together when we meet. But we didn't even tell each other beforehand. omg` Once it was the mickey mouse shirt of diff colors, then it was orange, black, pink and blue? And last night it was pink again. Rather cute huh.

Never met such a romantic, caring and meticulous guy. That's him. =)

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Friday, October 24, 2008

PJs for the entire day!!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee` totally happy hehe` Cuz it's been a rather cooling day and also a cooling night last night. ^^ Thus i've decided to wear my PJs to sleep last night. =)) Was ultra shiok and comfy to just tuck myself totally under the blanket. Somemore i was rather sick while working. Felt slightly feverish cuz i've caught a cold.

A day of standby spent at home, which equates to wearing PJs for the whole day too since there's not even a need to go down and get lunch. WAHAHAHA` Only had 2 slices of bread with kaya spread and half a NISSIN Tom yam cup noodle cuz mum was saying 'oh the smell kept drifting over here and it seems soooo nice'. hee`

And the news had to come out, saying NISSIN cup noodles contain pesticides -.- WTH` Hmmmm` But since AVA didn't summon all the cup noodles back, it should be safe for consumption.

Last night i bought yet another 2 dresses from Lyla+Rose. So that sums up to 5 dresses which i've gotten online recently. Cuz i'm on a dress hunting session so as to be presentable when i attend Rachel's wedding in Swissotel in December. So many of them surely one will turn out to be just fine. hee` Better than to spend 100 bucks on 1 dress and then deciding only to wear it once?

Spent the day watching '突然发财' on cable after which i cleaned up another part of my room and then had the rest of the day watching very very extremely funny 'Scrubs' and surfing net. ^^

Dearest then rescued me and took me out to dinner in AMK central. Was supposed to have steamboat and Ichiban Sushi but both were very very crowded. In the end we settled for Pepper Lunch and it was not bad at all. ^^ Cuz we've had our nice dosage of beef. Walked around for a while before he sent me home as he was tired after a long day of work too.

I really love to chat with dearest cuz it's sooo much fun as we like to play along with each other. Appreciate his effort when he sends me home even when he's totally shagged out. We kept talking about life after we get married, as if our wedding's gonna take place next year or something. Totally cute hehe`

Operating India flight tomorrow but fret not cuz it's with KD! He's such a chatty person when he's with me so yup, it's gonna be entertaining even though it's a long and torturous flight ^^

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When a girl...

When a girl is quiet, millions of thoughts are running through her mind.

When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply.

When a girl looks at you with eyes full of questions, she is wondering how long you will be around.

When a girl answers, "I'm fine" after a few seconds, she is not at all fine.

When a girl stares at you, she is wondering why you are lying.

When a girl lays on your chest, she is wishing for you to be hers forever.

When a girl wants to see you everyday, she wants to be pampered.

When a girl says, "I love you", she means it.

When a girl says, "I miss you", no one in this world can miss you more than that.

Life only comes around once, make sure you spend it with the right person.

Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot,

Who calls you back when you hang up on him,

Who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.

Wait for the guy who kisses your forehead,

Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats,

Who holds your hand in front of his friends,

Who is constantly reminding you how much he cares about you and how lucky he is to have you,

Who turns to his friends and says, "That's her!"

He's the one.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

16 days of not working in a month.

Equates to only 14 days of working of course. Which leads to very very bored moments at home even though it seems that i have alot of things i can do like reading novels and watching series. Stuff which happens consists of running out of series to watch, sick of playing Sudoku or u get stuck. Kept wanting to eat cuz u've run out of things which interest you.

Which leads to totally hating to stay home sometimes when quarrels actually happens at home. And as usual, my parents started quarrelling this morning over money. Totally hate it cuz for me, i've grown so numb of hearing nonsense from my dad i'm totally nonchalant, even to his existence. I rarely talk to him as well. So yup, the stuff which he says doesn't get to me at all, just don't understand why in all of these few decades, my mum is still so affected by the stuff he says.

Hmmm the most awkward moment recently is to just be in the same lift with my dad from 1st floor to 9th floor. Totally no words exchanged or whatsoever. Oh.. just kill me..


2 days off and today's on standby but didn't get activated for any flights ^^ hehe 3 days of staying at home. Tried cleaning out some of my shelves. =) Realised how much i missed studying science. To be sitting in boring lectures and taking down notes, to actually feel a sense of satisfaction when ur brain's saturated with information at the end of the lecture. Sigh... how i wish my parents were rich enough to see me thru uni. =(

Awwww i miss taking down notes...

Check out my remaining bots of nail lacquers (I've already thrown away like 10 bots cuz they've dried up =P)

Was bored out so i went downstairs to take a walk this afternoon. hee`

Bought my favourite pocky snack! Trust me, you won't like the normal 1 dollar pocky after u've tried this, cuz the chocolate is sooooo thick and biscuit more crunchy than usual. God, it's heaven.

It cost 5.50 with 10 small packets (containing about 7/8 sticks) inside. =))

Finally working tomorrow.... o.O

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm rather lucky.

Worked both yesterday and today. Operated morning flights, which resulted in a very very shagged angela. Except that i feel abit more awake after i showered.

Yesterday love fetched me to and fro work. It was an extremely fun flight! After which we packed Subway sandwiches and cookies over to his place to watch cartoon and have our early dinner. =))

And as for today, it was great too, to be able to work with this korean colleague, Jung Hee at the back. I'm gonna get her a 2009 organiser as her birthday present ^^ hee` After work dan came to pick me up. He hid at one corner!!!! And waited for me to appear and i was like "WAH" hehe`

Headed over to his place for dinner cuz his mum made salad, pork chop and chicken chop, plus sunny side ups too. ^^ hee` Very nice! Chilled out for a while until about 9+ before he sent me home as i was totally stoned. Love to just chat with him and make fun of each other, talk about life after we get married and all. =X

Been up since 3am when i woke up to prepare for work and i've only slept for 5 hours before tt. Goodness. I'll have a good night's rest soon.. Gonna rest alot since i'll be having 2 days off. ^^

Sleep tight! Tuck urself into bed nice and warm.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

A great day!

hehe My 3rd day off and i was determined to get out of my house cuz i was really bored already. Went out on my own and i really did liked it hee` Walked all the way from Orchard MRT station to Dhoby Gaut.

I finally managed to find the Women' Secret shop. hehe` Wanted the get the pouch but it was too costly and not worth it for a pouch. In the end i only got 3 knickers which was rather cute hee`

Went to Plaza Singapura and bought 4 metres of sequined cloth from Spotlight. Gonna sew and attached velcro on them so that they can cover my cupboard and prevent dust from collecting on my books and other stuff! Wheeeeeeee` Gotten my body scrub too cuz i almost depleted mine. Shopped in Daiso and bought a reindeer hairband =X (in a christmasy mood), a nail buffer plus a pouch to contain my cosmetics which i rarely use and don't bring them out to work. ^^

I'm a happy happy gurl! hehe` Only went back home 5 hours later =X I miss baby but i'll be working this weekend. Oh well. Life's good nonetheless.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I can't describe how much...

i wanna visit The Colosseum and The Trevi Fountain in Rome. =( I can't describe how much i wanna see the bridge of Sighs and the gondolas in Venice. And i wanna eat the authentic paella in Spain. =( OMG... I wanna go........ =(

They're all such great places i'll definitely regret if i don't get to visit Europe at least once in my whole life. =(

Anyone care to be my sugardaddy? hiakhiakhiak`

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oooooh i deserve today.

To just relax at home, watch scrubs, listen to music and read novels or CLEO. =)

Operated Perth flight yesterday and we had really really great sales! All of us worked very very hard! And it was a very crazy flight cuz we gurls worked hard and had great fun too. There were a whole bunch of very hot aussies footballers =X hehe` But of course very rowdy too, totally out of control -.-

Love small chats with random passengers onboard. Cheers them up and when they're happy, I myself feel happy too. ^^ Last night there was this pax who handed me a slip of paper with a message on it while i was doing cabin check for departure.

He said to use PA to wish Dr David Newsome, which is his friend seated just across the aisle a very happy 50th birthday. ^^ And captain did hehe` Sweet. Dr David then asked for a free drink =X lol And his friend told me to give him a kiss since it was his bday. o.O Of course i didn't.

Really appreciate love's effort! He dropped by with nice duck rice and also bread for my family at noon. Woke me up when he opened my room's door and my dogs rushed in and jumped onto my bed to lick me. BAH~

He hung out at my place for a couple of hours before he headed back to office. We then met up again in the evening for dinner in Mad Jack, Jalan Kayu.

Love had fish & chips which looks like the one above. ERm.... don't stare with ur eyes wide open.. We just love their tartare sauce. heheh`

And i had their new kids on the block Blue Mountain Beef burger. Well erm.. i only like the toasted sesame bun and of course their fries. Other than tt, their beef was a whole flop. Tasted abit like corned beef, but not as salty as that so i have no idea what goes into tt patty. o.O hehe` But we did enjoy ourselves catching up with each other.

Wanted to have Selegie Tau hway but we were too full in the end. hehe` Walked around Jalan Kayu and discovered many many more other dining options instead of the usual Madjack or indian muslim food. hee` After which love sent me home to rest cuz i was having a bad cold.

I love the times i spent with dan the man cuz he never fails to make me sooooo happy, on top of what i already am. We were like kids, indulging in each other's company. Synchronizing steps left and right as we walk down the steps to my place. =) hehe` I love life cuz u're in it baby.

**Krystal Meyers has got a good voice! hmmmmm` Loving her album alot.

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Monday, October 13, 2008


Rather bored now. ^^ hehe` Listening to Westlife's songs now. haha So old school.

Been working for the past few days. And on the 10th, which was Friday, i accompanied mum to TTSH for her follow-up appointment. ^^ After which we went back home to rest. Headed out again in the evening with dan the man to celebrate our anniversary.

And again, we went to Waraku in East Coast, this time we totally didn't like the food. hehe` Prolly cuz there were too many people. Ramen stock wasn't as good as usual, Cha Soba wasn't really nice and worst, the Grilled Saba fish we ordered wasn't fully cooked. o.O Sent it back to them and they gave us another serving. hmmmmm` First time we tried the hamburg cuz i was craving for it, not too bad. ^^

After dinner, love and i headed out to New Zealand natural ice cream booth just behind Waraku and had 3 scoops of ice cream =) Cheap too. Will be my favourite haunt next time. ^^

Strolled along the beach and love each other's company soooo much. Went to catch masak again and gotten a huge one! hehe` LOVE!!! PLEASE DO NOT TEMPT ME ANYMORE... ARgh.. We should prolly stop wasting money on these addictive machines hehe

Went over to love's place to relax and only went to my place close to 3am. =)) Great great date. I'm lovin times spent with u honey. Happy anniversary and more to come!

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Siem Reap, Cambodia Trip 21st Sep - 25th Sep 08

Day 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Did nothing much for the rest of the 3 days except just plain chilling out, relaxing and shopping. ^^ And of course everyday, we had our fix of Lucky gelato after our daily hotel breakfast.

Sherman's. This jealous little man actually got the lady to put this spongy cake on his ice cream after he saw that i got the lady to put the almond biscotti on mine (BELOW) hehe` We're soooo gay hahah`

The extensive number of flavors they have ^^

We went to get bathing suits so we can swim in the hotel pool on the 3rd day. ^^ hehe And we did swam on the 3rd and 4th day. The gurls went to do manicure and pedicure after gelato and the guys headed to swim and they became as red as lobsters.. o.O

Even sherman did manicure the next day..

Lovely nails he's gotI love this salon. cuz guess what? A Classic manicure/Pedicure definitely cost more than 20 bucks in SG. But here in this salon in Lucky Mall (Not ulu roadside ones). They use fabulous machines and tools, totally like those in SG and OPI Colors too. They only charge 5 USD for Manicure and 6 USD for Pedicure.

MOREOVER, they do the usual trimming and buffing, throw in clearing of cuticles, smearing hand lotion on your hand and also hand scrub plus massage!!!! OMG where can u get tt for 5 USD? Totally pampered ourselves. =)) Wheeeeeeeeee` Bought OPI colors too at only 10 USD per bot. Very very worth it cuz i've used it a couple of times already after i come back from Cambodia. And it's really long lasting! hehe`

On the 3rd night, Ah qing, heather and me went to the Angkor night market ourselves. ^^

I was helping this lady sell hehe`

We bought paintings too. ^^ from this guy

Shots taken at random meals:

We went back to the same place to eat again cuz their horfun is very nice! And chilli, very very lethal.

Check out the finished plates of fried rice too... sweet.

The legendary seafood horfun. hehe` Can hardly see the horfun though, cuz there are alot of ingredients.

On the last day, we walked randomly and saw this restaurant and visited it.. Looks rather posh too.. We had a very early dinner here.

Funny printings on the menu. o.O Weird weird english.

Sat in the 2nd storey.

haha cute shot of sherman..

We ordered alot of nice food!!! hehe`

The above is named 'Roti Chicken with French Fried'. hehe`

Before the food is here, we were camwhoring and especially the guys cuz they're sooo red like lobsters. And we certainly didn't like the feeling of 4 person staring at us while we eat. hmmmmmmm` o.O

Ah Qing had noodles in soup and can't eat anything much cuz she was having a very very bad toothache.

Lol so cute............ o.O

Whose manicured hands are the nicest? hee` Mine's the darkest shade of pink.

After this meal, we went to get panadol for Ah Qing.

Went to this Clinic/Hospital. Was waiting inside the tuktuk for chris and Ah qing to go see the doctor for the medicine. Ended up the doctor was soooooo nice he gave ah qing 4 tablets of paracetamol to last her for 2 dosages until she gets back to SG the next morning.

I can't remember which day was it, but we actually celebrated Sherman's and Ah Qing's Birthdays. Chris lured Sherman away, and Ah Qing was naturally in her own room and didn't go out at all cuz she was having a bad toothache. Heather and me and Uncle Tony then went to Lucky mall to get the birthday cakes and also a whole BBQ chicken.

Made cup noodles in Uncle Tony's room for everybody and also standby for the 2 bday babies to come in. We've also made hard boiled eggs and thrown sausages into the cup noodles. Somemore it was “过桥米线” that we had hehe` Totally needed for birthdays hehe`

Heather armed with camera and waiting for them to come in.

Expression of shock and happiness ^^

Blowing out the candles ^^

See how sumptuous our cup 'mee sua' are.. =))

On the last day we did our last minute shopping. Went to visit the Central Market and also Old Market which was about to close down soon.

One of the interesting stall in Old Market.

After which we visited the Angkor Night Market and chill out in the pub there.

Very very lovely interior deco. Small pub but very cosy too.

Love to sit and just relax and chat with each other.

I had my dose of Long Island Tea.

Sherman had his Lychee Martini i think.

Wasn't very lethal but the lychee is! Cuz the fruit is like totally infused with alcohol. o.O

Very affordable too. Like costing about 5 SGD for my long island tea if memory doesn't fail me.
Everyone was zenning when we were sitting and chillin cuz we were all totally shagged out.

The next day, we woke up quite early and prepared for our flight back to Singapore.

We transited at Phnom Penh first for 45 minutes before we fly back to Singapore. And of course we made time to grab a bite of Foccacia sandwich in Phnom Penh airport before we boarded.

Satiated and happy!


The stuff here in Cambodia are mainly handicrafts and similar to those u find in Thailand. Alot of places to buy shawls and stuff made from thai silk. Actually bought alot of post it notes with a silk handmade outer covering and also shawls. hehe` Gotten an LV Damien speedy bag and a patent black long wallet for myself. =)) Real ones lol` Don't squirm at me.

Total i've bought 4 bags on this trip, 1 LV, 1 straw basket, and 2 with embroideries. As usual gotten alot of cup noodles back =X And during the night where only the 3 of us gurls went to the night market, we visited this stall which helps out the poor women in Cambodia, especially those widowed or abused. Bought a notebook with a nice cover, hanging trio photo frames and also an elephant plush toy cum towel holder.

Really love this trip ^^ Cuz i love sighseeing sooooo much.


Posted by reticent_aura at 10/12/2008 02:46:00 PM