Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not feeling any better. Cheered up abit cuz Winnie and Sandy were very sweet to me. Thanks gurls for trying to get me out of home, but i was rather tired from the morning flight.

I'm feeling unappreciated by somebody. Or prolly that precious person was much too busy anyway. Yea i do understand, but how nice it'd be, cuz u're my true good friend, or at least i thought u were. But nah, i have to get past it myself anyway. I'm not an attention seeker, and i won't be one cuz im independent enough.

Chinese New Year was just mainly slacking at home and feasting for me. Steamboat with never-ending ingredients on Sunday, together with Chris' gf. And then steamboat again yesterday afternoon cuz Ray came over with his gf. Dinner consists of Double boiled soup, with loads of other dishes and sharks' fins soup.

Brought the pineapple tarts to work today and my colleagues love it. Kelly even got my mum to prepare another 2 containers for her so she can bring them back to China for her family next month.

Thanks to my dearest colleague abang azrin who baked a butter chocolate cake and brought it over on Sunday afternoon. Really appreciate it and it tastes really good hehe` Such a sweet chap, really hope he'll be able to find a nice lady hehe`

Today wasn't good at all except in the morning when i was working and having fun with my colleagues. But when im all alone on the way home, i think far too much and my heart really hurts like crazy. Holding back my tears in the train was so difficult yet tt's the only sensible thing to do. At least i ended up with teary eyes and not the entire face.

I hate my dad so much this is the first time it ever came across to me tt prolly i should move out cuz i hate to even see his face now. I really detests him that i refused to go visiting this evening with my family to my grandpa's place. Cuz i don't even wanna see his face, let alone be in the same cab with him or smiling. WTF`

I'll never ever forget tt faithful day on my birthday 2 years back. And then again, he has to add on somemore bad memories. Seriously i'll never ever wanna even talk to this heartless selfish moron ever.

Don't have to tell me to chill cuz im alright. It's just that people will not understand cuz hatred is not built overnight. Luckily for this dear diary, i'm able to have someplace to channel my thoughts to.

Thanks to the dear gurls.

Footnote: Activated for flight tomorrow. Rather glad cuz i can earn more money and will be occupied with work at least for the whole day. But for now, i can only grit my teeth, blast my earpiece, while i try to sleep, and wet my pillow. I feel painful, really.

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I'm is nursing an old wound which has been freshly ripped open again.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

1st day of the new year

But everything's still the same.

Unhappy times in the family.

A dad whom sometimes i believe even if he were to pass away i won't shed a single tear.

Glad im going back to work tomorrow. Free from troubles, at least for that half a day. Damn it.
In what way can u ever redeem yourself, cuz i bet u never will be able to.

It's Happy Lunar New Year, but im not happy at all. Alas, something ironic.

P.S. Thank god the most enjoyable thing i did today was to voicechat with Yixian online. Friends are such a good part of my life.

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Friday, January 23, 2009


Been working for the past couple of days since Tuesday. Was on standby yesterday and just when i was sweeping the floor, i got a call from Logistics to activate me for flight =( And for the same 4 sectors as the previous day =( But as a CIC. Argh`

Luckily it was worth it cuz the sales was very good and it was smooth sailing. ^^

Renewed my airport pass as well on Wednesday before my flight. =)

Yesterday after my flight dearest came and fetched me home at about 11pm. Still wondering what to eat cuz i haven't eaten the whole day other than brunch. Then mum called and said she bought nasi biryani from Geylang! =) yay` hehe So i went back home for supper. Sweet ^^ And the biryani tastes great! Dearest also gave me a jar of Ah Char (pickled cucumber) which his mum prepared. hee` Have yet to try, soon soon.

I just went and tried the pineapple tarts which my mum made, and they tastes heavenly! Please people, come over and visit ba. hehe` She made other goodies like cashew cookies, and also baked a few bottles of flour coated peanuts. =))

Not really in the mood for CNY cuz i can't contribute much since im broke and the feeling sux. But everyone around me contributing so much to this festive season makes me hyped up already =) That's what family are for right?

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


let's blog before i retire to bed o.O Yea i know it's only barely 7pm now, but i've been up since 3.45am with only 4 hrs of sleep. =(

Here's the rundown:


I operated the Bangalore night flight. Before that dearest took me out to dinner at Kallang Leisure Park's Pastamania. We had marinara and mussels and clams linguine. =) Shared a drink and also the apply crumble pizza which tasted rather good. Flight was quite fun and we delayed for an hour so we only touched down in SG the next morning at 7.30am.


Thanks to dearest who picked me up after the long gruelling flight. o.O He spent the weekend helping out at his parents' shops cuz CNY's coming. Poor sweetie. Reached home at about 9am and slept for an hour before i meet up with the poly friends in city hall.

People present were Junjie, Winnie, Jiali, Jiating, Edmund, Rayn, Meizhu, Kim hui and Yifang. Total 10 of us dined at Shokudo, Raffles City. Main motive is to get together cuz Rayn's back from Brisbane for his holiday =) It was then followed by dessert in Swensens where we shared 2 earthquakes, courtesy of Rayn and Jiali. Then our side didn't get any kick out of it so we ordered another earthquake =X hehe`

Went window shopping with Winnie after that and we took the train back to YCK and i went back home while she headed over to KL's place.

Dinner was with my family downstairs - Zi char ^^ Great dinner! Thumbs up

Since i've only had an hour of sleep for more than a day, dearest came over to my place after dinner. He bunked over and we watched this indonesian horror flick - Pochong II hehe` Alright lar but it's the company which counts wheeeeeeeee`


Dearest woke up at 7am and i sent him off cuz he needed to go down to his parents' shops to help out. And i headed back to bed until 10am when i woke up to accompany my family to Toa Payoh's Shuang Lin Monastery to pay respects to my great grandparents cuz it'll be too crowded on CNY's eve. Brought along alot of vegeterian food and also some new clothes and accessories set for them =)

But too bad i wasn't born yet when they were still around. So they could only dote on my 2 elder brothers =)


Slacked at home which consists of reading novel, watching tv and series and playing game.. Met up with Sandy and Yenching at city hall train station at 6pm. Chatted for quite a while before we headed to Waraku Marina Square =) Ordered our mains and finished them before Jingyun reached hehe` When she came, we ordered the side dishes as well as her main course. ^^ Had fun catching up with each other, especially cuz Yenching's back from Perth.

Ended our dinner with ice cream from Azabu Sabo. Yay my favourite ice cream other than New Zealand Natural. =)) hee` Tried their chestnut flavour this time and truly love it, though it kinda got much to sweet towards the end.

Headed back home at 10 plus pm and turned in straight away at 11.30pm since i've got a morning flight today.

Really can't wait for 31st so i can meet the rest of the 1E1 classmates =) Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee`

I appreciate your effort, and truly lovin u more each day. ^^ I'm terribly terribly broke, but im a happy happy gurl!

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Thursday, January 15, 2009


As i left off on my post on the tenth, dan took me out for dinner to Mr Curry located in Central, part of the Waraku group. We tried their clams curry and also the hamburg curry which tastes superb. Love the most spicy original curry sauce hehe` Kinda like the idea that u can actually choose the spiciness level you want, along with different kinda sauce. =)

As usual, they have a wide variety of items in their menu, almost like that of the Pasta waraku. Wasn't too bad and we enjoyed ourselves alot cuz the ambience's rather cute and cosy, like a normal home's kitchen.

Before we had our dinner, we went down to the basement to get our favourite snack, the mini doughnuts. ^^ Absolutely love them. Remember i ever bought it before with Sandy and i fed them to dan when he fetched me home. Was too nice ended up he really bit quite hard on my finger lol` -.-

He then bunked over at my place and we watched Red Cliff together before he slept for a couple of hours and woke up early to help out at his parents' shops on Saturday morning. So i stayed home and relaxed over the weekend and went for flight on tuesday and yesterday.

Yesterday after the flight i went back home to rest for a while before i headed out again to my colleague's birthday to celebrate her birthday. Met up with Sue and Idzwan in Compass Point in the evening to get her a present and Sue drove us over to Safra Resort in Tanah Merah. Alot of my colleagues turned up, even 2 of the caterer uncles. hehe` We had great fun, just sitting down, eating and catching up with each other. Absolutely love the never ending supply of chocolate fondue too yay`

Only went back home at about 1+am, really enjoyed myself, and i believed they did too =)

Just now after dinner, i went to AMK central and tried to find nice working shoes in BATA but didn't get any. hmmmmm` dearest came down to meet me =) He got 4 foot long sandwiches from Subway for himself, his 2 brothers and dad. hehe` *faint* And we walked around for a while before he sent me back home. Surprised me with a box of mandarin oranges for my family when he walked me up. Totally adore him.

Just seeing him for less than an hour made me so happy already and missed him even more when he left my place. =) I'm so infatuated with u baby`

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Such an interesting world.

Been busy flying and also attending Airbus A319 course for the past few days. The course took place on Thursday afternoon. It was rather fun to meet my fun colleagues and it's of course very easy theory information we partake. Had fun during the course and now my SEP (Safety & Emergency Procedures) proficiency card is left with only 1 blank slot. hehe` Wheeeee` Which proves how old i am in the Tiger family already.

Dearest came to fetch me at Alteon in Changi. Really touched cuz his office is all the way in Jurong. =) I can always count on him. He then brought me to visit the doctor in Bishan's Raffles Clinic. I've been having stomach flu for a few days already and the pain just never fails to go away, and the frequency of the pain in the night is so much shorter i couldn't get to bed.

Had dinner nearby as well and he took me over to his place and applied medicated oil on my tummy and rubbed my back =) My mum did this the night before as well. I feel so loved. hehe` ^^ Though it doesn't really help much, but it's so comfortable the heat from the medicated oil just makes me forget that i'm in pain.

Was going thru all of Zhang Ziyi's 81 scandal pics which were taken on the beach with her bf couple of nights ago. Was really uninteresting and really boring. lol` And even though it's normal behavior between a couple. It was totally overrated cuz of this paparazzi. Was going thru the comments and the ang mohs kept mentioning about asian women always going after white men cuz of status. Hello, Zhang Ziyi definitely earns more than her bf.

And then towards the end of the comments, so many chinese nationals typed in chinese characters scolding the above mentioned racist people. lol` Rather hilarious. It's just a scroll of very uninteresting shots of a normal relationship between these 2 people and it can lead to such an controversial topic. haha` Just sit back and be amazed.

Last night's Shenzhen flight was rather fun. And the temperature in Shenzhen was so cold it was like 14 Degrees Celsius last night. o.O Been a long time since i last took pictures while working. So here goes!

In Shenzhen... Wondering why they're letting us use airstairs now since we always used the arrowbridge. Anyway, cuz of the airstairs, i can fully take in the cold air of Shenzhen, rendering me the mild flu which i've caught.

Welcome on board =) I'm your Cabin Crew in-charge for this flight.

Can't wait for the date tonight! Love said he wants to take me to this new restaurant by Waraku which whips up jap curry. Hmmmmm` Or maybe i should take dan to go try Ma Maison? =) Wheeeeee` i've got a date date date. ^^

Happy 1 year and 10 months anniversary!

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Fara's wedding

Last Sunday, i went for a 4 sectors morning flight. Had a great time with the other crew members on board. Touched down round about 1:30pm. Went back to the briefing room and finished up our work.

Sat down and caught up with Abang Azrin and Isma. Joked around for almost an hour before we decided to leave. Since i wanted to go to Fara's wedding, thus i tagged along with Azrin. Went over to his place in Sengkang cuz he didn't bring his clothes. And he let me try the chocolate cake he made which is really good.

Of course not forgetting he still owes me a nice chocolate butter cake since 2 yrs ago -.- Said he's gonna do it for me come CNY. His home is surprising very well kept, since he's staying alone after his mum passed away last year.

Drove down to fetch Shariffah after that and headed to Sembawang, just in time before they cleared the reception. =) Stuffed ourselves silly and took loads of pictures with Fara and her hubby. You look really pretty gurl ^^

My nice colleagues then waited with me for dan to come and pick me up. He sent me back home and it was great just to see him for that short while yay`

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Townsville Primary School 6A '98 10th Year Anni Gala Dinner

Dan sent me back home from Seletar camp on Saturday after my flight. Showered and headed down to Novena Station Control to meet up with the rest of my primary classmates for a dinner at 6:30pm. Total 16 of us students turned up, together with Mr Mike Thiruman, our ex form teacher.

We had dinner buffet at Curry Favor. The food wasn't too bad. =) But we didn't really eat alot cuz we were all busy reminiscing the old times hehe` Jun Cheng prepared cards for our 3 teachers so we could pen down our greetings. But the staff were not very understanding, gave us 2 long tables and refused to shift the tables. So yup, we just mingled around.

Interaction in process, including card writing for the teachers.

Laughing at boon wui in the above picture cuz we prepared 2 cards for 2 mandarin teachers thus we all wrote in chinese characters. But he said he's given them back all to the teachers. hehe` and said he'll copy whatever we wrote hmmmm` I too had difficulty writing in Chinese now.

Chatting with my primary school's best buddy, Adeline Peng and also Hongyuan.

The boys, still as good as ever.

Zhiying and me

The girls' ratio turned out to be much lesser than the guys' cuz quite a few couldn't make it.

Adeline and me =) We're still as chatty as ever. Last time i've seen her was at my 21st birthday party.

The girls with Mr Mike Thiruman, President of STU (teachers' union) and also CEO of Educare which creates education opportunities overseas.

The boys with Mr Mike..

10th year anni gathering!

Whole lot of us with Mr mike and his wife who happened to be in Novena area..

Presenting Mr Mike with the card we've all wrote.

And after we've left the restaurant, we headed outside to split the bill and discuss about after dinner program.

Played with the soccer machine while we're at it. hee`

They headed somewhere else after that but i went back home cuz i've got morning flight reporting 5am the next day (Sunday).

Really glad to see all of them, some after so long and it felt great! To be able to chat with them and totally enjoyed ourselves. All those crazy antics in sch. hee` Relieving old memories really is quite fun.


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Feeling painful & sad..

Spent the whole day off at home yesterday. As usual cuz im always lazy to head out =) Watched this TVB series 'Seventh Day' until episode 15 now.

Went to Junction 8 after dinner cuz i wanted to get a new pair of court shoes (not again Sandy hehe`) as the right side's small rubber sole came off and the cobbler said it won't last long even if she nailed it in. So yup.. =( But eventually i saw tt the whole ladies' court shoes area in Bata has been converted. And the branch only had a few models left which aren't acceptable at all. Thus i didn't get any. But my dad helped me glued it together, at least it can last a couple of days before i get a new pair ^^

Thanks to dearest who came down to accompany me. Bought a mascara and also some spring roll and takopachi which i've been craving for a long time. ^^ Dan bought his favourite subway sandwich for dinner as well. Shared the takopachi in his car cuz he mentioned it's romantic =X Well he hasn't drove his aunt's car in a looooong time cuz he's been driving his own lorry. How i love this macho man.

Seeing love just for a short while really made me smile alot. And the absence of each other after he sent me home is making me miss him alot more. =)

The series Seventh Day started off rather draggy and gets boring sometimes. But after episode 10, it's very exciting and the love story's plot's rather different as well. Im glad i held it out cuz i almost wanted to give up watching it. =)

Now why do i feel painful and sad? Cuz the war raged between my jack russells again. Really don't want it to be like that of Jacky and Juju last year =( This time, i saw for myself that Jacky lunged himself at MaoMao (one of the 2 puppies) for nothing and didn't stop attacking her. Of course followed by Jojo and Jenny bitting each other's heads off -.- Stopped them and got bitten on my right knee instead. Still rather swollen now.. My parents' fingers got bitten too in the process.

Jacky's really crazy. Maomao was rather innocent and totally freaked out after she got attacked by her daddy. =( Really pity her alot.. Wondering what we're gonna do now hai`


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Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!

Though it's a day late already =)

First 2 days of the new year was great. Enjoyed myself with the rest of the bunch on New Year's Eve. Dearest took me out for dinner in Nihon Mura at Yio Chu Kang Stadium =) We had a hearty meal and headed down to Liang Court after that.

Met up with Ronald, Rachel, Ming Xiang and his friend name Maureen in Partyworld KTV. Apparently it's a new outlet in Liang Court so the deco's really nice and they have 2 huge LCD screens, 1 for selecting songs 1 for the MTV. ^^ Ailing and her friend also came over to join us for a while and they left before the countdown.

We ordered a bot of red wine to celebrate the occasion too and had loads of fun singing k, laughing at silly jokes.. o.O Was rather fun. Took some shots too using ailing's cam, shall upload them when i've gotten the pics.

We were done at 2am and i head back to dearest' place. Slacked for a while before he sent me home at 6.

Happy happy new year! Toast to an exciting year ahead for everyone! No idea why but im really craving for yusheng now o.O Perhaps it's those crispy poh choy (??) and the sweet sour sauce im missing ^^ hee`

Stayed home the whole of yesterday to watch demand tv and just nua... Decided to have steamboat for dinner. Supposed to be a 2 or 3 person's affair with just dan, me and maybe mum but ended up the 3 of us went to Sheng Shiong to get groceries. Lovely steamboat dinner with dan, me, chris, mum and dad. Really had a great time! hehe Totally enjoyed myself.

Thanks to dan the man for spending the night over at my place and sending me to work this morning at 5.30am. =) Couples just love to cuddle and spoon huh ^^

Programs lined up this weekend after my morning flights. I'm gonna be super shagged. Great great year ahead!

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