Monday, August 31, 2009

First trip to JB after so long....

The last time i've been to JB was when i was 7 yrs old. And i got lost in the customs and had to approach the police for help. =( It was terrifying just having to wait alone for my parents to come fetch me in the police station.

Thurday last week, I did Guangzhou flight and stayed in the briefing room to chat with my colleagues whiling the time away until evening hehe` Got changed and went down to City hall to meet up with my godbrother Chris. We walked to Suntec City and had dinner in Tang Dian Wang! This new restaurant was really chic and nice. Food very very good as well, but we chocked up 70+, just the 2 of us haha` Ordered the double boiled soup, fried vermicelli, lotus leaf rice, steam mushrooms wrapped in cabbage, scallop dumplings. Think we've ordered somemore but i can't remember. haha

Shopped in Suntec and also Marina Square after dinner. Bought 2 shirts for dan and also 2 pairs of shorts and 2 pair of knickers from topshop for myself. And he didn't get anything.. Bluff me, say wanna go shop.. WTH hehe`

Ended up at the masak catching area in MS! Stayed there for a long time before dan came over and met up with us after his family dinner. hehe Spent some money there and caught 3 domo-kuns and a huge Mario's hat! hehe` Caught 2 ben & Jerry's ice cream as well =)) Lovely. hehe` Dan then sent chris back home in Sembawang and then me. =)

On Friday, i was on annual leave already. Stayed home the whole day and dan came over with western food packed from my place's coffeeshop. Watched Harry Potter together (i've already watched it) and didn't finish it hehe` Love to spend time with him just sitting down and chatting.

He bunked over for the night and we woke up at 9am the next morning, thinking of going to JB for the day with Ray and his gf.

Dan then went back home to get his stuff and left his car at home. Came back here to meet us cuz we've called the cab. Jam up the causeway and we've only managed to reach Tropical Inn, which is our hotel and checked in at about 2pm. Cost 128 RM for a very decent room like this with a double and a single bed and we took 1 room each for the couple.

Rest for a while before we head back out for very late brunch at City Square. We dined at HK Kim Gary Restaurant cuz i recommended it. ^^ Tried it at Vivo. Ordered a main course each and also a french toast to share. Total bill of a little bit more than 40 dollars. =)) Definitely much cheaper than in SG!

My eldest brother and his gf.

I like this guy!! His series are all so nice.. ^^

Borscht Soup

Very nice french toast which has a layer of peanut butter spread in between!

Dan's baked rice with steak in italian red sauce.

Hot & Sour Soup with noodles and pork. Not really tt fantastic but very big portion and i love those fried garlic ^^

Mango Sago.

Curry seafood with a pastry/prata over it.

Baked spaghetti with chicken chop in twin sauce.

We then went to catch the Dance Flick at Cathay which was a rather lame show but we watched it anyway. hehe` Super cheap ticket and also popcorn! hehe` But they only have the caramel flavored popcorn though. The whole first day in JB i wasn't feeling too great until before dinner. Cuz the pre-period headache's killing me and it really did come shortly after that. hehe` Wasn't really feeling sian, but i had abit of cramps.

Went to shop around City Square and we headed back to our hotel again cuz Ray was tired. I didn't buy anything at all cuz though i was fan of FOS, i think their FOS sucks for the ladies' clothes.

Had terrible cramps while on the way back to hotel cuz my period just came. Sat down and shared a bowl of wanton noodles with dan in this very old and traditional coffeeshop. Really like it alot. And so did dan. ^^ Kept singing praises about this noodles =))

Watched TV in the hotel for a while before we went back out few hrs later for dinner. Took the cab to The Zon. Dined at one of the chinese open air restaurants right outside the whole stretch of eatery. Ordered Sambal Kangkong, BBQ Stingray, Cereal Prawns, Fish Maw Soup, Hokkien Noodles and Sambal Lala for about 50 SGD. But i find the food very average only maybe cuz we didn't go to Mindren Walk as recommended by Chris. =(

Only managed to take a pic of the KangKong =( Cuz was too hungry after that.

Walked around the area and bought alot of pirated VCDs back. Apparently they were really of good quality hehe` One of them even has a compilation of 8 shows of Lin Zheng Ying!! hmmmm`
Cabbed backed to the hotel cuz we didn't feel like singing k. Watched War of the World's in the hotel and i slept before dan did.

Woke up at 8am and went for breakfast in the hotel's restaurant. Very limited quantity but it wasn't too bad cuz they serve teochew porridg with some condiments. ^^ Headed back to the room to slack until ray called us at 12 when it was time to check out and we hurried to take our baths lol` =X

Took a cab down to Jusco, which was near to the bus terminal for the Causeway Link bus to Tuas Check point. Managed to get myself something finally. Got ZA foundation for 2 at 20 SGD and also Majorlica Majorca's lip gloss and also mascara which was alot cheaper than in SG.

Walked around and i shared a scoop of Baskin Robbins' ice cream with dan. Love love!! Had lunch at A&W which wasn't fantastic except for the waffles. hmmmmmm` Promise dan i'll make him corney dog for dinner next time when we have our own place. hehe`

Normal fries, curly fries and also fried chicken.

Waffles with ice cream and syrup. Very very nice. Think it's better than Gelare's

Cute corner.

Signature drink.

After lunch, we bought some foodstuff from m'sia and walked to the bus terminal. Only got back home at about 6+pm and was really tired after that.

I feel that JB is definitely not as fun as in KL and even Genting. hmmmmmm` And in KL and Genting i totally know the way so yah, much more fun lol` =))

Having my day off today. Wheeeeeeeeeeee` After which i'll start my hectic roster tomorrow. =))

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What mess have i gotten myself into?

Thinking of settling down early and it's not even early to begin with cuz i'll prolly be 26 yrs when it happens.

Why am i still reckless and not careful? Plunging into a r/s when i'm not even bloody ready to settle down. I just wanna keep studying and get a degree from college. I just wanna keep having fun and going for holidays.

But in actual fact i'm not able to do all these. I'm not a normal 23 year old girl who has got no worries at all. Cuz i've got to care for my rather old parents. I can't look forward to going back to school again cuz my priorities are different now. I've got to think about bloody future bills our household's gonna have, the renovation fees of our new place.

And i really just wanna give everything up. But i know i can't. There's no point stressing u and myself out. Cuz just to let u know. Stressing me out will get things nowhere. I might just choose Flight over Fight.

Just let me take a breather even though i know you're the one who's stressed out.

My heart's really aching so much.. literary..

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Monday, August 24, 2009

One of the worst flights ever.

But im not afraid of dying, just thought how thrilled it'd be to be able to open the door and inflate the slide. haha stupid me.

Operated Perth flight on Saturday afternoon. We took off at 4pm smoothly but felt something weird cuz the small little sounds we hear onboard weren't the usual ones. My position was S2, so i was stationed in the galley most of the times. Set up the carts and pushed it to the forward and wanted to start our service.

Captain was our company's Safety Pilot, Eugen Krahn, we call him 'Superman' cuz his body's really nice and he's a real charming and nice gentleman. He must be like 1.9metres tall. hmmmm`

He called us in the forward telling us not to start our service as they have a problem they're trying to fix, not even sure if it's with 1 engine or both. And they really took out all their manuals to try to solve it. In the end they couldn't and we almost diverted back to Sg. But they decided to head down to Perth and if the engineers deemed us unfit to fly back, we'll have to stay in Perth.

Of course it wasn't good news, but we were all well trained seniors already. Carried on with the service as usual. Everything was good. And we even managed to get the engineers to sign the paper for us to go back to SG.

Was busy thru'out the flight and didn't even manged to finish doing my stuff when i sit down to land in SG. The place where i sat, i could see outside from the window shade as i was facing the galley. Our aircraft had already descended until the level of the streetlights. But we went up again and didn't land. Wondered why we had the reject landing, but we reckon it was due to the bad weather cuz we were really swaying.

'Superman' made an announcement saying that the reject landing was due to shear winds. It was rather terrifying. And so was the 2nd attempt at landing. It was a really hard one. But we're in one piece. =)

Probably one of the worst flights ever. But we survived.

Down with bad flu the day after. Felt lonely at home but glad i have my family with me. =) Sunday off shouldn't be spent at home. =( In any case, im just glad my family's always there for me. And even mum bought my favourite food back home.

And today, im home as well, bored at usual on my day off. Watched a couple of movies and TV as well. I really won't touch the TV but since im really bored, why not. Gonna give myself some love and pamper myself. ^^

Sometimes u just have to learn to love yourself more. Don't wait for others to give u love cuz some people just might not be sensitive enough. So don't wait, give yourself the love u deserve, pamper yourself more and be more independent. =)


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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Birthday party

Shots taken at Movida last month on my birthday - 10th July. =) Chris finally uploaded them -.-

My godbrother Chris and me

With the nicely wrapped present he gave me. 100ml DKNY Green Be Delicious

Ailing and me

Ming Xiang and me

The mango cake which dan got for me =)

My colleagues came down too.

Ronald, me and Xiang

Chris totally had fun tt day with all of my friends.

lol very wacky picture with dan holding the chicken wing

Friendship kiss =)

Joseph, the waiter who kept pouring alcohol for me. Hmmm their uniform is so dodgy.

i like this shot alot =)

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