Saturday, March 27, 2010

Jingyun's birthday celebration - 11th March 2010

On the same that Sandy. Yixian and me came back from Batam which was 10th march, we headed to Vivocity to hunt for jy's gift. Reached vivo at about 11am. Went into Soo Kee Jewellery and managed to get a brilliant rose diamond pendant and white gold necklace for Jingyun. =)

It was a really nice pendant and the lady was sweet enough to find us options based on our budget which was $300.

Went back home to rest before we head out again ,this time meeting at Central @ clarke quay at 7pm. Purpose was to celebrate jy's birthday. All 4 of us decided to have dinner at Ma Maison. I was dying to try their omu rice hehe` It was my treat cuz of money from IPO and also that i have not treated them when i was promoted. =))

Birthday girl ^^ patiently waiting for the waiter to finish repeating the orders.

I was holding onto this bag for the whole time when i met jy and she didn't suspect a thing. haha im a genius =X She was super excited when presented with it!

Feeling of suspense. Still don't know what it could be.

Well you can't see her mouth open but still, she was ecstatic! ^^

Can tell that she really likes it alot! =)) Happy 24th sweetheart!

Yixian's medium rare steak, she wanted medium actually and this was too raw.

Sandy and i shared a tonkotsu set and also omu mushroom rice. These are the condiments of the tonkotsu set, with salt grinder, brown sauce and also salad sauce.

Very nice tonkotsu set. ^^

Omu rice with mushroom and beef sauce.

JY's omu ketchup rice.

Black sesame ice cream from the tonkotsu set.

Enjoyed the dinner at Ma Maison! Be sure to visit it again hehe` =)

Next we walked to Liang Court's Party World KTV for our next program ^^ Ordered a jug of vodka ribena and vodka lime when we were there and was rather sian cuz they were all diluted =( haha`

Toast to more than a decade of friendship ^^

Omg yx and me hate this song - Nobody nobody but u! =(((((

Sandy dancing to it and we're so sick of it. haha`

Birthday girl having a free massage hehe` It's painful and i didn't like hehe`

Went out of the KTV at 12midnight and didn't know what to do after tt. The girls wanna drink and i suggested to them to head down to Dbl O to drink, which is free flow and free entry cuz of ladies night. ^^ And we did. haha`

Was in O bar first and it was boringly crowded. Went up to Dbl O where we drank quite abit and danced the 3 hours off. hehe` crazy us. It's really fun cuz it was the first time i brought the girls to go club! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee` hahaha` Miss u girls always hehe`

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Sentosa with family - 17th march 2010

Was having a drink with Winnie on 16th March when chris texted me and asked me if i was interested to go to Sentosa the next day. Of course i jumped at the chance. It's been more than 2 yrs since my mum visited the place.

Cabbed down to Vivocity where my Chris' wife, my sister in-law was there waiting for us. We then headed down to Sentosa where we alighted at RWS.

Bought popcorn from this shop and i really like it alot! Quite atas too cuz expensive hee`

Me, mum and heavily pregnant sister in-law.

Chris and wifey.

Well if u're not able to go in at tt point of time. No envy cuz u can take a picture right outside hehe`

Very nice fanfare as u come out from the park at 6pm.

Just beside the popcorn shop.

Mr Peanut butter cup.

Very cute pose by Chris haha` Took this while waiting for the bus so tt we could go to the Underwater World.

Had lunch first before we head in there. and this was me using SLR camera to camwhore =X

It was my first time to visit the Underwater World cuz it's too expensive for my mum to bring us there when i was younger. We'd rather go to the zoo where we could spend the whole day there and it was so much more worth it.

Saw this when we first went in. Touch pool where we could touch those starfish, stingray and some other fish.

These fish are not afraid of people touching them!

Sea worm. Looks oddly adorable.

Looks quite gross but i love to eat it =X

Pharaoh cuttlefish

Giant spider crab

Amongst the giant sea isopods. Looks gross, like cockroaches.

Very weird looking scales.

Very shiny looking fish.

3D image of shark.

Near extinction dugong.

Very pretty looking jellyfish!

Went to watch the fur seals perform at 5.30 PM before we headed to Vivocity.

It was truly an enjoyable day for us. ^^ Headed to Daiso where we spent quite some time in there shopping. haha We all love daiso.

Had dinner in Aoba cuz we didn't know where else to go and was too tired. My treat for the family!

Sister in-law's spicy miso ramen.

My corn butter miso ramen.

Chris and mum shared this and a saba fish set.

^^ great off day spent!

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