Saturday, October 25, 2003

had a bath.. again just now.. really tired after preparing for the major showdown today-moving to new flat.. really had a long day of moving stuff here and there and my arms are literally aching frm it. the 4 of us slept in the new flat yesterday night.. suddenly felt tt i shan't have done tt.. shld have at least stayed for the very 1 night which wld made me reminisce my past 17 yrs of life in tt pig sty.. the flu really got in the way while i was painting and carrying stuff.. ugh.. went to my neighbour's hse for deepavali but the mum wasn't hm.. so i just left the fruits and left..

exams around the corner.. or rather next fri.. and i'm still like busy moving hse.. really worried abt IPC.. i dun wanna fail it and retake the module again.. waste of time.. therefore i must try my very best.. to win the battle.. still abit worried abt the orbitals and shape of molecule part.. nah.. just read and read will do.. ack...

Thou shall grab hold of any opportunities.. Life can be tragic, it can also be the extreme-exciting. It all depends on how you make it out to be. Cape Diem-Seize the Day. Live your life to the fullest.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

happy birthday to yen ching and yong ping!!! grow up le.. dun be childish le k.. haha.. and ping, stop ur nonsense abt cows everyday.. see now i gt influenced by u by making cows my topic for ocom presentation..

today supposed to go for maths and ipc lectures at 8 de.. but last night really couldn't sleep.. sorry pam for making u book a seat for me yet i didn't go.. woke up at 7 plus.. then bath and went to skool.. then on the way i board 74.. non aircon de.. also very crowded and all... ugh.... i really felt nauseous and all lor.. very giddy also.. then in the end really couldn't take it.. alighted after 1 stop.. then sat at the bus stop for a long time b4 i finally settled down... so sad cannot go sch today... last lecture le leh....... so went hm after tt.. and quickly reached for my bed.. slept till 12 and did a major packing for 'angela's' corner... gotta move on sat le.. then fri staying overnight at new hse... oh man.... and i gotta study.. only getting the new furnitures on 3rd after my exams.. how can i concentrate on my exams with all the stuff w/o proper storage and all? haiz... nvm... i'll try.... well i have to......

then went out with bros to amk central to get shoes...50% off... nt bad lar... bought a pair of jordan expedition and k swiss shoes... and changed my hp as well...
cya ppl.. i gotta turn in le.. but feel like eating ban mian now leh.... haiz..... glutton glutton........ swt dreams......

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Monday, October 20, 2003

spinin::leann rimes - sign of life

mornin everyone! hehe~ i had alot of fun yesterday... happy 3rd yr anni to my darling.. we woke up in the morning and played GB till like 12.. and went to toa payoh to jalan jalan.. spent 30 bucks in the foodcourt when we ate jap food... yum... our all time favourite.. lol.. then we carried on to gai gai and went to catch a movie at 3... BLACK MAGIC.. kinda stupid show.. so i would rate Cabin Fever to be a much better show then BM... hmmmm... even though it's a lil gory, with all the human flesh lying ard after being 'explored' by the dog... and the deadly carcasses of dogs which are like erm... very bloody.. go catch it... especially all microbio students.. then we went hm after the movie coz he gotta go do some stuff for the charity event today.. gd luck yah, make sure tt u all have gd sales results today.. jia men ke yi de... also tell hong peng to jia you wor..

yesterday would be a day which marks a lifestone in our life.... it's a very significant day.. and also very important..

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Sunday, October 19, 2003

i kind of did last minute studying for mb test.. but tried my best le.. the multiple choice questions were kind of difficult.. but all in all.. done my best... nuttin much i can do le.. then after mb test i went to shihan's hse.. it's been a long time since his parents last saw me.. thought i'd go visit them after this so called 'tests' wk.. finally this wk is over.. yay... His dad was quite elated to see me, kept on asking pearl to get lunch for me and all... And asked me how come i didn't visit them recently.. so told him i have alot of tests lor.. then hanged ard for a while and reached hm at abt 6 with shihan.. said he gonna stay over.. nice...

Went to watch 11.40pm Cabin Fever at junction 8 with brothers and SH.. only one word can described it.. GORY.. heard frm my fren tt it's gory, but would like to see for myself.. all microbiology students shld go see how gross the flesh eating streptococus can get when it's genetically mutated.. ugh.... but it's kinda sad though, only 1 survived in the end.. haiz... no doubt we're nt allowed to use strepto in labs.. and using staphy to substitute strepto..

happy 3rd yr anni to my dar dar.. We've been through a lot.. Our relationship went though a lot of hardships, ups and downs.. life's like tt, and i'm happy to spend half of my life with u.. u... and u.. i always tell myself, i have a placing for everyone.. family first, frens 2nd.. and love 3rd.. u understand me alot.. and noe my priorities.. i set them out straight to u way back...And i'm glad u understand me.. even though u're 3rd, u still have a very special and important place in my heart.. somewhere in a very secretive corner... i wan the best for u.. as long as u're happy, i am too.. happy 3rd yr anni... muacks..

i noe u're going through alot of unhappiness now.. but rayn, remember, u're u.. u have the power, the determination to get things done. and in the right way.. so wad if ppl are trying to get u down, u must be able to stand up and carry on with ur life.. life's like tt.. nuttin's always peaceful and quiet.. u gotta make things right.. I noe that there are alot of unlucky things's u've went through all this while.. i'll pray for u.. but dun de-stress by smoking, it doesn't help at all.. quit it, u've got frens supporting u.. take care yah, and study hard.. whether or nt u see this para, we'll always be with u...

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Friday, October 17, 2003

still haven't recovered frm my dejection since last night... all my pic smses gt mixed up.. haiz... including those i received on my burfday this yr... haiz... plus today's IPC prac test.. made my day even worse.. haiz.. i noe the omnipresent lord noes tt i didn't put in my 100%.. but i just can't bring myself to do it.. no matter wad, i gotta do it, now... at this point of time....i just gotta do well in my IPC exam paper.. or else i can make sure i get to see ong li hui next yr too... haiz.. no way.. i'll force myself to study everyday... no matter wad.. to get to noe every topic of IPC well.. and of course mb and mst1 too... tml is mb test.. i gotta go brush up le.. haiz... dejection is the way of life.. and i have to put in my best now.. and tide over this period, to attain happiness after exams... full playtime..

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

yay.. finally had my oral communication presentation.. hehe~ so happy.. supposed to wear formal clothes de.. but in the end just clad myself with a black top and denim short skirt with flip flops and went ahead with the presentation.. talked abt the cruelty to cows.. wanted to show them the video frm kungpow but it didn't work out coz used chin how's lappy... sianz... but all in all i guess it was nt bad.. thought tt they found it interesting and all, with all the appetizing steak pics.. hmmm.... haha~ finally another one down for this wk.. with the IPC prac test tml and mb theory test left on sat... played with a few sparklers after ocom lesson... for post OP .... yay.... haha~ then hanged out for a while with marcus, yan, aaron, kenny, prakash and co.... then went hm after tt lor..

dance sports as usual today... kenny and i took turns to 'blur' abt the dance steps.. lolz.. but for the trial test towards the end of the lesson, i think we did quite well yah.. started on time and all... hope we can do well next week for actual dance test yah..

went shopping with yan at the urbane fair after SW.. and kept on losing track of her.. haha~ i bought a pair of flip flops at 15 bucks and something else for dar dar as 3rd yr anni prezzie... hmm... nice nice.... yah.. really lost yan at one pt.. dunno where she went.. lolz.. ahha~ so in the end shopped together with yibin and quan... yibin bought a pair of shoes and quan a pair of sandals.. nt bad... and went hm after SW to change clothes.. be a nice fren and went with yibin to lunch.. haha... nah lar, he treated me to k-f-ji....nt bad wor.. haha...
had a very nice dinner just now... coz cooked by my 2 brothers mah.. haha~ gt my favourite fu zhou fishballs... hmmmm.... nice nice... bb.... i go play gunbound le..
oh yah, darling, u didn't manage to score very well today for ur bowling comp.. but dun worry... aND dun stress urself lor.. treat it as an exposure to something new... u used to hate bowling remember? haha~ lolz.. jia you lor... take care all~**

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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

hmm.. just had lunch plus dinner.. nice chilli crab awaiting me when i reached hm.. now i appreciate how nice the feeling is to be full... hmmm.. got a lil gastric pains during towards the end of GL training.. BASICALLY nt bad lor.. haha~ ok lor, quite fun lar.. as usual the cliche phrases used for training debrief.. hmmm.... the 'SUCKERNADEN' game was quite innovative, wonder who thought of tt...

legs very tired with courtesy frm isetan urbane fair... hands folding clothes every hr, min and s... no chance to go shop... and np students all great minds de.. great minds think alike.. all the nike merchandise were sold even b4 i started my shift.. plus the station TRIUMPH merchandise which i was supposed to take care of was also sold out... so i was kind of like being dragged by eileen here and there to help.. erm.. sk, make sure ur eyes dun stare blankly at the word eileen.. or might be tt u dun read at all anyway.. think i'll go back to grab the offer hotties yah..

i almost drown in sourness by jeremy.. aishey... haiz... dun keep on suaning me mah... i'm only an individual.. a human fallible to feelings.. haha.. jk.. lolz.. u ar.. wake up ur idea.. and thx to my jiu ming en ren yibin didi... haha~ for acc me hm every training.. i almost gt run over by a car if he hadn't pulled me back in time... hmmm... thx yah.. gotta go prepare my ocom speech for tml.. ugh.... damn it.. dar dar jia you.. sorry tt i can't make it tml for ur bowling competition.. u can do it de... have faith in urself! i'll pray for u.. gd luck to peng too yah.. hugs and kisses...

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Tuesday, October 14, 2003


my life is complete.. and love is all around.. life is great..and i'm feeling really happy now.. very very contented with my life.. skipped mibrobio tutorial to rush hm today.. since it's optional anyway... can't let mycology and virology get the better of me.. hmmm.... had dinner at hm... and said grace b4 i started on my dinner with the company of my bro... been a long time since i said grace b4 i have my meal... when was the last time? during camp when we sang the grace song? or rather the 'yum' song.. heh...

i'm gonna move hse soon.. gettin the key to new flat on 24th.. moving on 25th or 26th ba.. then exams and all.. plus hsewarming party, tour to thailand n malaysia.. post exam bash.. and lots more programs to come.. so excited.. but firstly i must score well in my exams.. and prove ong li hui wrong tt i can actually do much much better.... jia you wor everyone!! sleep tight tonight.. muaCKS..

P.S dar.. must do well for ur tests and exams.. always have faith in urself in whatever u do.. i'll try to get a bowling ball for u by next yr yah? we shall save together... looking forward to sunday..

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Monday, October 13, 2003

Shirley Manson
You're Shirley Manson, you saucy girl.

What sexy girl are you
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Sunday, October 12, 2003

mama... nt fair.. watched the stef sun's program.. didn't feel like crying all along the show de... so sad... then watched till the part when she sang a paragragh frm 'wo bu nan guo'.. .i actually teared.. so sweet and nice... hmmmmm..... wo si shang rang wo fen bu gu shen de yi ge ren...

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so creepy.. i'm all alone in the living room blogging now.. darkness all ard me, and listening to morbid evanescence songs.. just reached hm and settled down.. went to meet up with my goodie goodie pals in somerset at abt 5.. then tried to bk ktv rm in sun-whatever lounge.. no rms available.. so in the end went for dinner in cuppage terrace i think.. and went over to another similar branch in the tore down popular near heeren there which my bro recommended.. reserved a rm frm 8 to 10.. then walked ard annex and hmv.. and bought a pair of pants for ray..

then went ahead to ktv at 8.. first time ever experience in a ktv lounge.. dun say i sua-ku hor.. hehe~ nt bad.. went through the maze like corridor into this rm.. like sandy said.. (but i have no idea..) tt normally there wld be catalogue of the songs they have so tt we can 'order' them.. but turn out tt we gotta use this remote to go through this machine.. then 'ordered' dozens of songs, ended up skipping most of them coz only 2 hrs mah.. nt much time actually.

pam and i sang a few songs together.. but for most of the songs, all of us wld sing together.. hmm~ nice nice.. then sandy popped up a que-shee-onz.. demanded me to listen to her sing.. and checked whether she's gt tone deaf or nt.. i really couldn't define the exact defination of tonedeaf.. so just told her tt it's a lil bit monotonous.. but wld agree tt she's better off live, nt recorded. even though she didn't really sing a song on her own. alright lar.. all nt bad k?

had lots of fun, jumping on the couch and all.. lolz.. attracted alot of attention when everyone just likes to peep through the door and windows.. some even pushed the door opened.. lolz~ wonder who's tt.. kaypoism.. then kind of got warned by the waiter nt to stand on the couch... lolz.. but couldn't make out wad he's saying coz we're boomin the music.. burn down da hse yah.. got really high towards the end of the session.. sang lots of fast paced songs and literally shouted and all.. haha~ too high i supposed.. all of us was just like screaming and having fun...kewl!!! gonna go back there again.. paid 84 bucks in total.. alright i suppose.. coz it's worth it.. hmmmmm~read sAndY's version of ktv episode..

then went to lido and sat there to chat for a while before everyone retreat to home.. then i carried on to meet bro at ps to catch a movie with his colleagues.. 'UNDERWORLD' really kewl... a war raged between the lycans and the vampires.. kinda touching bout the part when seline (is it spelt like tt?) found out tt her close to heart kins were killed by his own dad.. and he made her a vamp.. go catch it.. guess there's gonna be a part 2 coming up, coz nt completely finished yet.. abit of love story inside.. oh yah, there's a scene when it shows seline using sword to cut victor's head into 2 diagonally.. gross..

**~let the music heal ur soul, let the music take control, let the music give u the power to move any mountain..~**

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Saturday, October 11, 2003

xiao hei (my jap chin) so cute... kept on trying to attract attention frm me early in the morning just for a walk... jumped onto this sofa, down again, onto the other one, down again, and onto the first one.. repeating it again and again.. haha~ it even jumped onto the sofa which is back-facing me and jumped up on the top of the backrest and stare at me gaming my computer... omg.. wad an adorable dog.. haha~ i can't help it but to give in to him... heh~

reached hm at abt 8 ytd evening.. after prac went with frens for the briefing of helpers for isetan sale in our sch... one conclusion, students inc really sux.. they've got all the bad things u can think of, bad planning, no sense of time, nt spontaneous in doing things.. waited abt 20 min for the darn L 'uniform'.... which is actually a kids size tank top for gurls.. i mean, think b4 u do anything.. they've gotten tanks for gurls' uniform..and the L size is like a normal S or M size for gurls.. and they expect us to wear tt puny thing for helping out... nahnah.. they nv spare a thought for those bigger size gurls.. they wouldn't wanna wear sleeveless right? toopid beings they are.. besides all that, they seriously dunno how to plan stuff.... cannot even be good speakers, how to be gd student leaders? omg.. mere beings.. no wonder they will nv make it big..

going ktv with my best of pals later!!! yay.. long time nv see them le... miss them so so so much... cya all later.. shall give u all each a hug.. hmmmm.... take care all..

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Thursday, October 09, 2003

spinin::michelle branch - find my way back

i've finally figured out the wad each of those stats formulas are used for le.. well, as i said, finally.. didn't really listened to big bird during lecture, slacker i am. did abit of those stats tutorials.. left some of frequency histogram and variance qns undone.. but who cares, as long as i noe how to do le.. hehe~ think tt i must go fill up all those blanks in stats notes, all blank de.. well, blanks are meant to be blank? lamie and tootie!!.. hah

hmmm.. today's dance sports lesson was fun, as usual.. wad can be more interesting than laughing at ourselves dancing and amusing ourselves? i lurve the tune of tuesday morning by michelle branch.. always rawKiNg to the tUesdAy mOrnIng part..... hmmm nice.. my current luv yah.. didn't go for IPC remedial lesson, was slacking at snack bar and chilling out with IAC gang and co.. cool peeps to hang out with.. kewl.. IAC presentation was nt bad.. as usual, prakash tok alot, we dun even needa worry abt our presentation being boring or wad.. life's fine with him ard... haha~ hmm.. but still kinda crappy huh.. charles hmm... very crappy today too.. wonder y.. maybe he's just nt used to the 'gentlemenly' outfit he's gt in there.. wonder how's my ocom presentation gonna be.. sianz.. next wk leh, haven't even done my slides.. but feel kinda lucky, coz will have this video which lasts for like 2+ min, then i wun have to tok for the whole of 5 min.. COWS... wad can be more interesting than tt.. yumyum.. ermm opps.. i mean yah, cows, interesting yah..

hmm.. be-be.. my left knee is still aching frm the fall leh.. and plus the 'crush' u've given me.. still feeling sore.. haha~ but GL training raWKS.... yay.. we're frm a very special family yah.. but still the toopid logo comp sucks...ugh...... i just drew this darn ugly gooey 'stuff' for the logo comp.. so ma fan, deadline tml.. still need to hand up a dollar.. and it's comp.. WTF.... sianz.. noe i gt no artistic talent at all de.. still wan to malu me.. ai-shey.... bb.. i go play gunbound le.... mUahahaha.... even though really bad at aiming.. but who cares.. lolz.. hmmmm....

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life is beautiful ya? wondering y i'm still feeling so hyper now and nt pigging.. really wonder y.. came back frm GL trainin at 10 plus.. then kind of settled down and finish my self reflection for IAC.. finished it.. left abit of touching up to do..
today's training raWks... played alot of games.. one of it is virus catching or wadeva they call it.. we were supposed to split into 4 grps.. then each grp to form into a circle and have our arms interlocking.. and to move ard together as a grp w/o spliting and running away frm the grp which has gotten the 'virus'... had alot of fun, and also been 'virus' for like 2 times? haha~ fell down once sideways coz was running really fast.. and the person beside me just wun budge.. so fell sideways lor.. then gt crushed by jj, aka be-be.... haha~ scratched my left knee a little.. still feeling a lil tinge of painfulness, still kind of sore.. but we had alot of fun.. hmmmm... and a lesson learnt, never to sit legs open... or else will kena 'zam'.. haha~ be careful wor..

later we'll have to present our report and slides presentation le.. sianz.. ugh... dunno whether to go for remedial class or nt.. see how it goes lar.. have dance sports tml le.. must try to memorise all the steps and all, next thurs is dance test le.. hope tt we wun make any mistakes..
go sleep le.. really tired.. thx yi bin, i enjoyed the ride hm with u.. guess we're gonna do tt every wed yah didi....

darling... can only see u in the weekends, but i feel really happy and blissful.. coz life is beautiful with u ard.. and the times which we spent together are quality time.. it doesn't matter how much time we've spent with each other, it's the thought tt counts.. and i'm happy just being with u and the times tt we spent together really matters alot.. sorry tt there are really alot of things on hand now and i can't really squeeze time out for u.. i noe u're disappointed, but i noe tt u'll understand, coz u're my dearest.. this paragraph is dedicated to u.. aIshIterU... take care yah...

**~:.:...sWt dReamS...:.:~**

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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

The Princess Bride
I'm sure it's no big surprise to you that your
romance is The Princess Bride. A heartwarming
tale of "Twue Wuve" that has giants,
Spainards and swashbuckling. You really do
think that love can overcome anything. You may
be a touch naive but your heart is certainly in
the right place. You've probably got one of
those relationships where proper nouns have
been replaced with "Snookums" and
"Pookie Pie". Eww. Beware a cuteness

What Romance Movie Best Represents Your Love Life?
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No one would really know your name. You would be
called by what you do. For example, if you burn
your victims to death all the time, you would
be known as The Arsonist, or if you knife them,
you would be known as The Slasher. You would be
the mysterious killer who strikes at sporadic
times, and would be very difficult to catch.
You might dress up and mask yourself when you
perform your horrible killings. Your identity
would really be a mystery. Obviously you would
be wanted all over the place, and authorities
would desperately try to capture you. Even if
you were caught, you would not say much. The
public would greatly fear you because you could
just strike unexpectedly.

What Would Your Serial Killer Name Be? What Would the Public Know You As?
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STAND UP: You are a natural stand-up comedian. You
watch the news with people, and when you give
your opinions, people start laughing. They are
not laughing at you, they are laughing because
what you say is so TRUE. The world is a very
funny place, full of natural comedy. All you do
is repeat various humorous things that you
notice from everyday life. Your unique
perspective on the world is what makes you so
funny. Of all the various comedy types, you may
be the funniest of them all!


How funny are you?
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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Linkin Park - Numb
I've become so numb I can't feel you there
Become so tired so much more aware
I'm becoming this all I want to do
Is be more like me and be less like you

Posted by reticent_aura at 10/07/2003 11:48:00 PM

spinin:: blue-guilty

shagged is the only word available in my dictionary at this pt of time.. my eyelids can hardly open halfway.. i realised how heavy it can be when my mind is beckoning me to switch off.. hmmm.. just had my dinner.. kewl.. so late can be considered supper le.. ugh.. reached hm nearly 10.. finally and i really mean finally.. we've finished our IAC report.. yes.. even though it was all last minute, just glad tt everything's almost done now.. and thursday is the presentation, after tt, IAC is down.. more mr d le.. hehe` i'll always remember tt he's the most 'onz' teaching staff i've ever seen... he just raWkZ....

had alot of fun in skool as usual, always laughing over some silly and extremely stuff.. hmm.. guess who's the culprit again.. lolz` waited for greg chow as usual outside tutorial class for last MB tutorial.. toopid sk was trying to hual me into the wall.. then in the end his neck hit my head.. damn it.. haha.. it really hurts k.. nv seen such a fool b4.. serves him right for feeling the painfulness too.. luckily he didn't use his head, or else i'll be the only one feeling the pain, nt both of us.. toopid ANGERILA.. new name given by greg chow.. gettin lamer these days, luckily gt no lectures or tutorials ever frm him again.. as usual 'livin horror' sucks... but today she pissed off and warn us to get out if we make noise again.. malnutrition 'livin horror'... she shld be glad tt she's nt teaching MB or else she'll be teased by us till really jia lat while teaching nutrition.. hmmm... 21 inches for her waist yah, no kidding.. eeks..

oh.. i got 'suan' today by somebody nt worth mentioning.. almost drown in the acidity.. dun mention abt him again k jj..... and dun be jealous tt u're nt as 'cute' as him.. haha.. lolz.. hmmmm....

and due to god's wonderful blessings, when i took bus hm with marcus.. i met the extremely 'manly' weilun.. omg.. haiz... god has been gd to me yah.. but i guess angela was set to 'angelic' mode at tt pt of time.. yes, me, angela, actually talked to him in the bus... ugh..... y am i so stupid... he was like thinking and thinking who i am and all.. so i was like 'angela..' ugh...... toopid me!!!!! argH.. the resounding of my name jolted his memory to sportscamp.. haiz.. and sadly remembered me.. no way.. then when we alighted, marcus was like mimicking his actions and tone.. haha~ hmm.. nice one, but nt 'better' than the original one huh... k.... i can't close my mouth anymore.. yaWning and Zzzzing away.... night all..

blastin::numb-linkin park

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Monday, October 06, 2003

spinin::dido-white flag
i will go down with this ship, i wun put my hands up and surrender, there will be no white flag above my door, i'm in love, always will be..

if it's hard to tell the truth, wad am i suppose to do, all i wan to do is speak my mind... dun mind me, those r just lyrics frm blue's guilty.. just read through IPC chap on chemical kinectics.. well, at least i start studying le.. dun throw stuff at me.. life will be exciting this mth.. hmmm... yep.. countdowns for everything in my life.. gonna move hse in 2 wks time.. is it? i have absolutely no idea.. my stuff r still strewn all over the place.. gonna have helluva time packing my stuff..guess i shld just dump everything into the boxes huh...suddenly feel nostalgic abt leaving this pig sty which this particular pig has been livin in for the past 17 yrs..and noe almost all of my neighbours.. played with them since i was young.. know them very well and now tt i'm gonna leave them.. feelin kinda sad... like life's gonna be different.. haiz... used to think of the times when we play childhood games like block catching and a e i o u.... hmm..

today was quite alright.. last lecture for microbio.. sianz.. gonna miss greg chow.. y is it nt 'livin horror's last lecture?? haiz.. life's nt fair.. lolz.. he's lame at times, but quite interesting in teaching and all.. innovative i wld to come up with all the debates and stuff for tutorials.. rate him a 7 out of 10 yah.. during microbio prac today, we did the counting of colonies of bacteria and all.... nt bad lar.. quite fun.. sianz.. gonna have prac exam next wk.. along with 2 written tests.. ugh.. but life still raWks....back off i'll take u on, headstrong to take on anyonelyrics with courtesy to trapt-headstrong.. like the beats alot..

also did abit of IAC report today.. met up with IAC gang.. tok crap and work at the same time.. gonna work harder tml!!! yay.. reports and slide presentation due this thursday.. jia you wor.. haiz.. also the last day to see charming mr d le.. lolz.. saw him today btw.. still looks as charming as ever.. but his pic really sucks in the SET.. lolz.. eeks.. so sissy-fied.. k le.. dun blog le.. i go pig.. darn sleepy.. suddenly i wish tt a day has 30 hrs.. 6 more for me to pig yah? mUaCKS to all!!!!

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Sunday, October 05, 2003

**~":My wish for you is a man or woman who's love is honest, strong,
mature, never-changing, uplifting, protective, encouraging,
rewarding and unselfish.:"~**

Posted by reticent_aura at 10/05/2003 10:55:00 PM

blastin::simple plan-perfect

now it's just too late, and we can't go back.. i'm sorry i can't be perfect.. nice lyrics of the song.. nuttin lasts forever.. unless u make it or try to make it.. and something will be if u wan it to be tt way.. u control ur own fate, ur own destiny..

drinkin coke with homemade lime ice cubes... haha.. shiok.. just got back hm after selling of ducks the whole day.... lolz. my legs r killin me... hahah.. and in the end i only sold a miserable no of 4 certs... ermmm....wad a great achievement... lolz~ well well, wad to do.. in my gang of 7 peeps, the highest holder is 4 certs leh... haha.. slackin the whole day huh.. eek.. think i better quickly finish my coke first.. it tastes bitter after a long time coz of the lime... yucks... back to ducks, we slacked the whole day.. walked frm the booth which is near tangs to ps.. then went into ps jalan jalan a while. after tt went to somerset with marcus to sell tics while the others camped out elsewhere.. kinda sucky.. haha.. but still it's nice there coz of the strong gale of wind.. hmmm.. nice one.. then met up with others and went lunching in the food court in centrepoint.. well well, wad's after tt? yah, then we proceeded to taka to sell the tics.. when we met up with the 3 guys frm BS coz.. aka BullShit coz as labelled by my fren.. no offence huh sandy and jy.. haha.. nt bad at all, they've achieved a mere 7 tics total of the 3 peeps... hehe... then we hang out at the 7-11 outside taka and try to sell the tics and of course did more slacking... hmmm... haha... went back to booth and tallied the sales... sucks.. but we kinda enjoy ourselves.... slackin.. haha. took lots of pics along the way for slide presentation and report.. sianz. gotta finish both report and presentation by thurs.. ugh.... so = to stayin in skool tml till night for us to finish.. but who cares.. i still enjoy life.. thx dar dar for gettin a cert and junior duckie frm me.. love ya for stickin with us for the whole day and lookin after our bags like a statue.. jk.. also thx to adeline even though u can't make it, u still bought a cert frm me.. love ya lots.. will meet up with u someday huh.. well.. to get back my ten bucks.. haha~

oh yah.. i got sunburn on my shoulders area.. and has gt the tank top mark on it.. hehe~ still feeling kinda warm now... after our gang separated to go on our own ways, i went with han to kino check out some stuff.. then to basement 1 food paradise eat.. ordered a plate of tt oknomoyaki (is it spelt like tt?) noodles + cheese to eat. coz we knew tt the serving is really alot.. regretted eating it last time coz really feel like puking after tt.. can't even finish half it.. ugh.. but i must say tt the cheese raWks.. yum yum.. long time nv eat dutch edam baby cheese le.. must go buy next time.. gotta TRY to study now.. cya all... mUAcKS... and feel free to blabber ur senseless thoughts into the stupid square box at the side.. (like duh tt boxes r square...) dun mind me.. crappin alot these days..


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Saturday, October 04, 2003

i've finally cleared up the misunderstanding between me and kenny le.. yay~ sometimes i can be really sensitive.. or rather always.. sensing too much unnecessary things.. now tt truth is out, i feel so gd and as bubbly as ever.. hmph.. hehe.. we're still the formidable dance partners as ever.. lolz.. yah right.. pray tt we wun freak out during the dance test.. he's still my gd old pal.. hmmmm.... kenny mcCormick (dunno if it's spelt like tt)... the character in the South Park series who almost die in every episode.. haha..

yesterday's IPC practical was nt bad... quite fun.. haha~ even though it's a long experiment and we need to draw graphs.. but kinda interesting though.. with all the stuff ard the spectrophotometer.. thought tt we're gonna get all jittery over the cuvette and all coz of the 1 min thing.. but it's alright lar... haiz.. Rayn broke a test tube to add on to his list when he first broke a mesuring cylinder on the first day of skool.. haha..

haha.. i gt 57% for CCT.. sia lar.. found it quite lame though.. i mean wad's the use of it.. ugh.. haha.. lolz.. no point wad.. toopid jj.. gt 90 over % haha.. lolz.. maths is still his fave subject after all..
had lunch today at canteen 2.. meet christine.. eekss.yucks.. anyway.. we had fun toking abt diff celebrities and whether they're dashing or pretty or wad.. all had entirely diff opinions.. but in the end, all agreed tt desmond wee is the most dashing and suave one.. haha~ yay... totally agree. with his attractive eyes and really square face.. hmmm.. square.. haha~**

went for dinner with dar dar at jubilee's taiwan xiao xhi eatout... the food sucks totally.. ordered dumplings soup, tom yam kway teow and lover's tea.. sia lar... ouch.. just gt hit by sh on the head.. ugh... gotta take my revenge later.. yah.. the food sucks.. haha.. really regretted nt ordering my fave.. salted crispy chic.. haiz.. sad sia.. .kinda happy to receive this piggy beanie in a basket frm him.. hehe.. and he's also quite happy to receive the iron giant! lolz.. staying overnight at my hse now.. must be playin warcraft 3 now.. sianz.. haha~ even 'lao jin hui' is so into this game.. kk i shall stop.. go acc my dar dar le.. cya.. nitez! jia-ne..

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Thursday, October 02, 2003


feeling so warm now... think i'm gonna take a bath later.. again.. before going to sleep... i hope it rains rains rains... rayn.. y wun u come... haha.. lolz. today for dance sports, so stupid.. haha.. we were supposed to practise on our cha cha for the upcoming dance test.. then wonder wad happened, tt big han zi went to the loo for so long.. when he came back he doesn't have a partner at all... bridget(the instructor) didn't even wanna practise with him.. lolz.. then kenny kept on suaning him.. so mean.. still nvm.. then i mentioned abt he 'whooshing' in the LT on tues.. so sparstic sia.. then he was like 'whooshing' to show kenny.. then i was like 'huh.. yahyah.. so fun huh' then show my whatever-u-do-u're-still-as-geeky-as-ever face.. haiz..can't imagine such a geeky guy can come poly.. sia lar... diu NP de lian sia.. nv fail to read while walking.. where u find such a guy? one and only U kim pong in m01.. haha.. sia lar.. lucky nt in my class.. felt ashamed enough to have him in lecture class... yah.. back to dance sports..we learnt a new variation for cha cha today.. the walk around step... the gurl is suppose to walk round the guy.. then the guy turn.. then do backhand and spot turn.. alright lar.. nt bad.. then also learnt the procedure of the test.. to walk in couple by couple.. then bow in front of the 'judge' (dunno wad to call tt person...) after tt.. the guy to lead the gurl over and pose... then start with the correct timing.. heisheo..... haiz.. then we kind of did a trial dance test... so nervous tt i forgot to do the underarm turn.. then kenny also nervous.. we both become blur blur de.... haiz... but alright lar.. all in all nt bad lar... but still hope to see big han zi dance with 'chiobu'.. hahah.. lolz... hmmmmm.... better nt make fun of her le... oh yah, btw, yan qing and joey so cute and funny.. lolz.. coz joey so tall.. then one variation included is underarm turn.. then both ppl must go through.. lolz.. joey must bend so low to go over.. haha...

after tt went to snack bar and spent a few hrs there b4 remedial starts.. played mario kart64 and mario party with IAC gang.. haha.. so toopid, but really enjoyed ourselves.. went for remedial, talked to ppl frm my lecture.. finally noe their names.. always see them, but only hi and bye.. haha.. then FUAID (dunno how to spell) so funny.. janice asked for his name, he told us his name, but we heard it as 'FOR WAD".. hmmm.. haha.. comical sia..

went back to snack bar after class.. played mario kart64 and party again... till we're like really late for class...3 plus ba... class suppose to start at 3... then supposed to walk to blk 56.. but all the toopid guys.. except marcus hopped into the car then drove there.. xiaoz.. so we ended up walking lor.. then reach ocom class and saw norman sim.. but to our amazement, only 3 ppl came.. wah.. all so tok kong.. but i can't skip.. coz gt warning letter le... sianz.. but i like ocom nowadays.. coz can be dismissed at 4 instead of 5.. then today only did reflection which consists of 15% of total.. after tt back to play toopid games again.. chin how and i fought through the battle of mario kart64.. haha.. i always lose de.. 4 races i got last for the 1st 3 but 1st for the last one.. haha.. coz damn fast lor.. but only 50 cc.. played till abt 5.. then me, prakash, marcus, aaron and chin how met up with kenny and frens.. went hm lor..

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went to NCSS centre at abt 6 plus.. was late.. nt very nice to let ppl wait.. but sorry to be so united as we were waiting for each other.. kay frm NCSS even called me to ask us where we were, then i just told her tt we lost our way.. lame excuse.. haha. it ended quite early, abt 7.. nt bad.. quite fun, and i'm looking forward to sunday.. met some of the other NP student who're vlounteering for ducks' race.. frm BS de.. and also a few of my aqquaintances.. then we took a few photos with chin how's videocam... and went to the nearest mac for a lil eat out while discussing wad to wear on sunday... coz we wanna attract ppl. then we discussed abt the strategy of selling the certs.. came up a pair pair thing.. then marcus and chin how pushed nadia to prakash.. told him tt she suits him coz like couple mah.. haha~ lolz.. then can sell better.. and decided to condemn charles.. haha.. then halfway through, prakash quarrelled with marcus over partnering with me..... and chin how recorded the whole process.... loz.. with both of them quarrelling and me sitting in the middle dunno wad to do.... haha... funny sia.. then for entertainment purposes but still the pair is confirmed before tt.. we did balloting by using paper written with the 3 gurls names.. haha.. in the end prakash really gt my name.. but no use.. coz confirmed le.. sia lar... if u're interested in the quarrelling clip, pm me.. hahha.. lolz.. went hm after tt.. prakash very gou yi qi.. stayed in woodlands.. but willing to take the train with me to the city hall direction.. so marcus him and me took train hm lor.. quite an adventure day.. but very happy tt we're gonna finish our project soon.. yet it spells the end of seeing each other every thurs.. but who cares.. we can still meet... this bunch of cranky yet fun guys..

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Yoshimi - "Happy Beauty"
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hApPy cHiLdRenS' dAy everyone!!!

did my stats tutorial just now in the morning.. but stopped at the frequency histogram part.. hated it since sec skool.. lolz.. haha..

didn't see my dar dar for a long time le.. since last wk? sIgh.. can see him this friday le!!! yay.. dunno wad programs we're gonna do.. hehe.. dinner ba.. hoping that he can stay overnight if nuttin crops up.. then we can spend the quality time together chatting and even studying.. haha.. think tt i really need to motivation to make me START studying.. lolz.. yea.. coz IPC and MB test coming up soon 2 wks later.. ugh... study study study!!! haha... jia you wor everyone.. and also to my dar dar..
listening to yong bang's wei ni si de lei now.. and reminiscing the days when shihan used to really like this song alot.. and i really mean alot.. haha.. he'd asked me to help him burn an 80 min cd with this song repeated again and again.. lolz.. then i'd be like 'wah, dun be crazy' haha.. but till now, i must say tt this song is still as nice as i've first listened to it.. no change at all.. nt gettin tired of it at all.. all bcoz of him.. lolz

i gotta finish up my IAC report and slide presentation soon.. or else will really get slaughtered by mr d next wk.. yea, mr d.. he left his name like tt when he sent me an e mail.. haha~ kewl huh..

suddenly i realised i'm moving hse soon... gosh... in a mth's time, yet i haven't even laid a hand on my things yet.... no way... i hate packing.. ugh... dar dar, now i understand wad u'd went through 2 mths ago.. haha... oh no..... i dun wan this to happen to me.. lolz..i'm like still dreaming now.. think i better start on packing and revising.. or else i'll really be dead meat.. exams coming up in like 3 wks time.. horror horror..... ugh...

take care all, the weather is nt very gd coz hu leng hu re.. so try to drink more water! rest well today! love ya all.. mUacKs.. haha

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