Friday, March 31, 2006


Im too tired to read my novels.
Im too sleepy to carry on facing my lappy.
Im too tired to watch my final episode of my love patzzi
Im too lazy to walk to the fridge and get my yoghurt to eat coz im too sleepy.
Im too tired coz i've worked for 9 hours today (with 1 hr of OT YAY! 1.5 wahaha)
I just wanna dial a number and hear this familiar and soothing voice.
I think i'll just walk to my room, on the tv and plopped down on my bed and watch cable till i doze off.

Kudos to Weekend!

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Nice day everyone! ^^

Since i woke up so early and only need half an hr to get to work, i shall blog now ^^ hehe` It's friday today! And weekend tml, i wanna go fetch darling from camp tml evening coz he's still going for his course the whole day tml. Sad case ar. haha` And im gonna go little india with my besties =)

Just started work for a day, and today is the last day b4 the wkend comes, hehe so xin fu ^^ I feel my life back on track, now is the time to really be dilligent and pass the probation within 1 mth so i can expect my full salary to come.. I feel it near me wahahha` Anyway, i have my own desk in the office now, so im gonna personalize it hehe` =) Put pictures of hubby and me to motivate myself rofl

keke tata

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Gasped in shock.

^^ *wide grin i can't stop smiling without you... I've decided to give up hunting for jobs from the healthcare industry and just started sending out my CV for admin positions and spot on! I've gotten alot of calls yts regarding my applications, Japan MNC (panasonic) and also this Swiss MNC company. 2 words to describe, darn cool.

Was told to go down for an interview today morning and if the person-in-charge is happy with me, i'll be asked to start work immediately as an admin assistant. Went down to the office in tanjong pagar, CPF building. Reached the place earlier and was interviewed promptly and good. My supervisor Ryan liked me, so yup, i started work today, taking over Samantha whose last day was today and then leaving for UK tml morning ^^

I'm now a proud member of Ecom Asia AgriIndustrial Corp. ^^ The office boasts a wonderful unblocked scenery of the sea and the port/harbour (whichever) through the wide glass windows. Swiss trading MNC with Asia as the headquarters, Swiss man as our boss, and trading cotton, cocoa and coffee throughout the world. And im under the Cotton section.

I'll be paid weekly as a temp now, and after tt full time will definitely be at least my expected, from wad i've heard frm the recruit agency. Learnt alot of stuff frm Sammy today, as she handover her stuff to me. Did paperwork and also alot of DHL courier sentout to other countries plus local as well. Lunch was spent in Uncle Sam's Claypot place (if i still remember the name), with our supervisor Ryan treating us coz it was Samantha's last day.

Tml is dress down day, coz it's a friday, so im free to wear my jeans! ROFL ^^ Aye aye, fight the battle tml hehe`

I miss my hubby so much!!! hehe` Glad tt i've found a 5 days job, and can spend the wkends with my precious! ^^ Now tat i've gotten a job, i'll save really hard for our little honeymoon trip in july. =) And so many ppl have booked my pay, asking me for treats. ^^ Now tt it's become factual, im really grateful.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Really damn happy now that i can't contain all tt happiness inside me hehe` Went for my interview in Sentosa with sandy today, twas fine, still considering lol.. And it was such a coincidence that xiaofei was in the group interview as well haha! So we chatted a little about job hunting haiks!

Only started to send out job applications for the field of admin and i've already received so many calls from them straight away. Really good. ^^ Going for an interview tml which i really hope (cross fingers) that i can make it straightaway coz they'll make me start work immediately. Hoping that i can impress them coz they're a big company. ok, off to rest well for tml's early start.

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Trio's outing was great fun! laughed at our ownselves

ROFL! I miss my dearies sooo much now haha` Yesterday yixian and sandy came over to my place in the evening, watched spiderman2 on HBO while waiting for my mum to finish cooking. hehe` Everytime they come, my mum would cook alot of good dishes for them, last night was the same too. Oat prawns was the main actually. ^^

And they always praises my mum for her good cooking lol` So now u all know why i grew so plump =) Had a good time eating together during dinner, but too bad we couldn't find lala anywhere =(.

Played 2 bowling games each person in grassroot's club after dinner. Alright, the rates are cheaper compared to the others. Of course we amateurs took great laughs at each other coz we're super lousy, always throwing gut balls and having lousy scores. But i think compared to few yrs ago when we 3 plus jingyun played bowling after my hsewarming party, i really thought we did better this time WAHAHHA`

I even got to lead in the 1st game but losing very badly the 2nd rofl` Superb fun, we shall do this more often, coz it's near my place as well. lol` I did have an awesome time and it was great to spend some quality time with my besties again =O Let's do this again, like now!! lol

Gonna go down to sentosa for interview with sandy in the evening ^^ Ciaoz

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Morning everyone!

Actually im feeling rather sleepy now wahaha` Just thought i should bring more life to here now... Took some interesting pictures on my cellfone. Here they are:

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

haha isn't dear Jacky so adorable? The small pram is supposed to be for dolls, but we put baby Jacky on it and fasten the safety belt hehe ^^

Image hosting by Photobucket

Danielle & me, She even have tt pair of shades atop her head, cool eh.

I woke up at 6am and went for a morning walk with mum. Super sleepy now. ZZZzzzzzzzz

**I'm so addicted to so many artiste's albums, listening to them makes me feel all rejuvenated
- Tong en, JJ, jay chou, kelly pan, liu geng hong, yang cheng ling (yu shang ni), zhang hui mei (wo yao kuai le?) and zhang dong liang. wahahahhaa`

I'm going to JJ's 2006 party!!! Who else is going?

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Grandma....

Even though we dun really like you.. But we oughta respect you anyway. Brought her to Marina South for bbq-steamboat dinner just now. She's getting more and more grumpy these days. haiks dun even noe wad can cheer her up..

Anyway, i really appreciate hubby darling's effort for coming down to my place in the evening and have dinner with me last night. ^^ I noe he's totally shagged so yup, i love u to bits =) Was feeling kinda insecure and uncomfy at all on sat night. Maybe it's my once-in-a-blue-moon PMS wahahah` Yup, i swear my PMS haven't came in a long while.. tsktsk.. And i had a little too much to drink as well dots... Vodka really makes me sleep really good.

Yes, darling's coming over made the wait all worthwhile ^^ Especially he and his ku wei xiong (koala bear) tactics. haha` I love to have fun with him and fell in love with him again =)

We woke up early in the morning coz he was supposed to go back to camp and i was supposed to go for a morning walk with my mum.. Both of us ended up sitting on the couch in the living room and then chatting and enjoying each other's company. Dar dar then decided to apply for urgent leave haha` Both of us then took off to the coffeshop for breakfast at 6+ am, bringing back breakie for the whole family as well, and then sleeping again...

Spent the day by playing games on cable tv, on computer, as well as spending quality time with darling.. Basically just slacking at home and doing unimportant things. My program's packed for the next few days. Sandy and yixian are gonna come over to my place for dinner tml and maybe even a few rounds of bowling at the grassroot's club. ^^

Have fun!

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Good day everyone

First and foremost, im too lazy to upload DnD pics, and total have like over a hundred shots, so yup, i dun wanna jeopardise my bandwidth on my 2 already full photobucket accounts.. hmmm`
Here it is ----> DnD pics

I went down for an interview in a pet shop in Suntec yesterday. My mum was so enthu tt she went with me as well, despite her arthritis condition haha` The boss of tt pet shop sucks, he's soo arrogant and went on a ciggie while interviewing me -.- and also kinda like condemning me. Fancy asking for so much with only 900 bucks per mth hmph. And yet in the night, he called me asking me to go down to work on monday. I told him i can't, coz i have a few interviews coming up. Shot him right in his face, wahhaha`

Mum and i then went down to carrefour to shop for groceries. Gotten alot of good stuff and healthy snacks. I'm getting my tuition pay in the next few days! woot hehe` Feeling quite good. And Sentosa's staff called me down for an interview on a very exciting career ^^ haha` Gonna go down with sandy on wednesday. Aye, have to go finish up on Peter Straub's novel, getting more and more exciting.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Final Semester's results

Finally the long awaited moment is here... Really expected alot out of myself this time, but still didn't managed to get A for core modules.. Dots... wahahhaha` Was teeny weeny bit sad, but anyhow, i've done my best ^^ Here goes..

Image hosting by Photobucket

GPA's for this semester is 3.09 and overall average GPA is 2.961 haha` lousy sia.. hehe
Congrats to everyone! We've graduated as tertiary graduates! =) wheeeee`

Gotten calls for various interviews, really excited coz im more and more focused on wad kinda jobs i shld get and to really put my interests first in getting a fun job ^^ Really grateful for having been able to shed some light on my path haha` Life's good. And my mum's super supportive of me, telling me to slowly find a job and not to rush into a job and then regretting it. It's what she said made me pondered and really get into it. Love ya, mum.

Bible study this morning was very fulfilling, discussed about the last evening meal observance ceremony. And i've learnt something.. Good Friday is bogus. The last evening meal actually falls on the 14th day of the month Nisan. And it's not always a Friday.. -.- So it actually falls on wednesday 12th April this coming month =) hurhur` Alright.. I shall go catch up on 'In the Night Room' before going for tuition...

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Thursday, March 23, 2006


I've never really like going to town unless i really have to coz it's too crowded. But i've been going to orchard for the past 2 days with my mummy, that it really kinda bore me out, walking the same places. Had to go down for an interview but decided nt to accept the job in the end coz i wanted to get a real full time job.

Mum really enjoyed herself for the 2 days we went to orchard, coz she hadn't been there for like more than a decade. For the first day (tuesday), we went to shaw, then taka to shop.. She was so gungho about going into mango and guess when i told her tt these places sell expensive clothes lol` And for the other day (wednesday), we hung out in Tangs, her favourite place to be coz she loves all those kitchenware there.

I even saw this really cool chocolate fountain machine! I swear im gonna get it when after i save up ahah`

Weekdays gone by so quickly that it's gonna be friday tml and i can see my baby again this weekend ^^ Wheeeeeeee` Results will be out tml, anticipating it. hmmmm` Darling has been planning on how we're gonna celebrate our birthday. haha` And he's got all sorts of ideas coming out from his mind. =) I heart him! hee`

I'm grateful to be home right now, resting in this midst of troubles. lol` And damn, my home's router's spoilt, so i have to use my brother's PC now. But it's new and i like it coz it's got alot of different cute word fonts for msn. wahahhaha` With all the cool plans coming up, im getting really excited and restless haha` Aye aye, back to Peter Straub's novel. I like his way of writing ^^

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pictures frenzy

Hmmmm I shall post the miscelleneous shots i took using my cell fone for the past 2 wks? DnD pics will come later k? Having to post up 130 dnd pictures will take my life away haha` Coz simply tt i hate to have to copy and paste codes and also copy and paste the length and width sizes, makes me wanna faint...

Danielle and me posing ^^ With the both of us wearing PJs! I'm wearing elmo's one, super cute!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Darling making Jacky play the PC's keyboard... hurhur

And Jacky jumping on the chair then onto the table and lifting his head up high to try to catch the lizard on the ceiling..

Me in the salon coloring my hair. Isn't the heat machine super cute? So alien wahahhaa

This is the balloon dog darling made for me ^^

Aye Aye, the end... ^^ I need to go shower now...

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I appreciate u, and U, and u and U!

^^ Feeling quite high now ar.. Maybe lack of sleep ba wahaha` Woke up quite early today and waited for darling to come over.. He bought breakfast from his camp and we shared the porridge and egg + cheese sandwich together.. I've fallen in love with him again! hehe` Thanks to the efforts of relighting the sparks after 6 yrs of knowing each other and being too much in the comfort zone.

He loves to be a koala bear!!! Coz he likes to hug me super tight, with his legs clasped to me as well and not let go.. haha` I love you hubby darling =) Oh and lately since 2 wks ago, he's been asking me when i'd bear children for him.. haha DOTS! Awaiting my first diamond for my wedding b4 i decide to be ur maid for the rest of ur life ba! WAHAHHAHA~ jk`

We then went down to amk MOS burger and chatted with apple soda and apple pie. Darling then went home and i headed to the polyclinic to have lunch with yixian. Ate bamboo rice in S-11. Shopped in Watsons b4 i headed home and she, to work.

I'm going to town later in the morning with momma coz i have an interview to go to... Gonna work and save some money first coz i'm not only gonna have enuff for myself, i still need to pay for tuition loan as well as to contribute some to mummy's indonesia trip expenditure. So yup, hoping she'll take her worries off her tml and enjoy walking in town together with me.. ^^

Oh and my tuition kid gave me an adidas shirt he brought back from bangkok! Sweet of him =)

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Feeling so high early in the morning!

Wheeeeeeeee` I've got so many things to blog i dunno where to start with. Firstly, dnd was an extremely fun event whereby everyone was so pretty and charming ^^

Was quite down on friday actually.. Got duped into training for half a day with multi level marketing. PUI! Sucks lor the job. So wad's with good career advancement.. hurhur. Thanks to dar dar and winnie who talked me around. Just try to imagine that u're really confident and excited tt u'll get the job even b4 the interview, but after the interview, u noe more abt the job and u dun like it at all. The feeling of keeping ur hopes high and then returning zero is terrible. And wad's even worse is that u're the one who rejected the job, nt the employer... Haiks`

I'm sick and tired of this kinda feeling, happened for twice and i really did broke down. In any case, im fine now le... And now im really putting my interests in getting a job first, so that it'll be lasting.

Darling came over for the weekend. Twas great to have him around, really cheered me up completely. We had lunch at Suki Sushi cineleisure on Saturday and then rushed to catch 'Underworld Evolution'.. I still think the first one was nicer lol` I really wanna watch 'Yours, Mine & Ours' and 'Dorm'!! Now my only income is from my neighbour tuition kid. hmmmm

We then went window shopping for a while and headed back to my place for the night. The difference with old couples is that we just whispered 'Happy 65th month Anniversary' to each other's ears and kissed. haha`

Chatted alot on sunday and also wrestled alot. lol` We're such big kids and it's so fun playing wrestling with him coz darling's strong and can always come up with alot of different and fun stuff.. Really appreciate darling to sell away his duty on sunday so that we can spend sometime together. ^^

**footnote: Darling's coming over for breakfast now and i'll be meeting yixian for lunch coz she's attached to amk polyclinic. hehe ^^ Lovely monday!

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Wheeeeeee it's graduation dinner tonight!!!

I've got an interview to go to at 1.30 later on. It's at Toa Payoh, near my place, so i really hope tt i'll get the job. After which winnie's gonna come in a cab frm her place to fetch me, and we'll go to far east together coz we reserved a package in Hollywood Secrets. It consists of eyebrow trimming, hairstyling and also make up, for 67 bucks. Not bad ar, cheaper than my foremost estimation.

Alright, im gonna go have lunch now. ciaoz! It's gonna be a great day!

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm getting too old =X

Been going out much too often for the past few days including today... That i dun feel quite right now. hehehe` Coz im very much a 'home' person, and dun really go out that often. And this week, after shopping with the group on monday, and escape theme park with winnie and her friends yesterday, and lastly to chinatown with my mum a while ago.. And now my legs are really sore hehe`

Yesterday's outing with winnie and her friends to escape theme park was superb, i enjoyed myself totally and also gotten to make more aquaintances. Tried the go kart first.. First time trying it, so was really afraid.. Imagine a gurl who's not afraid of sitting in the Space shot and dozens of times of inverter and roller coaster (in KL and HK) is afraid of go kart!! I gave it a shot and was quite nervous lar.. But i managed to control it well hehe` Was damn cool!

Then we went to the haunted hse, tried the wet and wild(Super cooling lol), plus the pirate ship as well as the flippers. 5 rides were down so they gave us a complimentary ticket each to compensate. Suddenly i really wanna go to KL's Time's square's indoor theme park so much!!! I'm missing the Top Gun inverter machine which i sat on for about 5 times with yixian! =(

Played all the way from afternoon till closing. Winnie, her bf and i then shared a cab back home.

This morning, i woke up and prepared breakfast for mum and i. After reading the newspapers and called companies up for interview, the both of us then took bus CT8 to Chinatown. I like the route the bus takes!! Only took 20 minutes to reach CT.

Shopped around for accessories.. Gotten 2 pairs of lovely earrings and a ring for myself, and also a necklace for mummy. Im gonna be a frequent customer for tt shop, coz they have sooo many pairs of earrings that are soo pretty and im gonna buy all of them home!

Shared a bowl of katong laksa with mummy and also had tiong bahru paus. Carried on shopping for a while before catching the last CT8 bus home..

Hmmm now im gonna do some relaxing stuff now like reading novels, listening to music or maybe to watch movies. I still have a job interview tml at 1.30. Hoping that i can clinch the job as it pays well ^^ **Cross my fingers...

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Great gathering!

^^ Had a really good time last night with da good frens. I first met up with wing and eugene in tangs. We then walked over to far east and meet winnie. Saw a white lamborghini outside MArriot (if i didn't forget).. Wa super attract attention. hurhur..

So the 4 of us went to shop for wing's and eugene's clothes.. Walked over to taka and saw shirts in Zara which were really nice for the guys. And eugene committed his mistake there as well.. smsed his mum asking her if she can sponsor him a shirt which cost 99 bucks.. And he typed a '0' after 99 -.- which becomes 990 bucks. rofl

We then had dinner at crystal jade again, all the 6 of us, winnie, eugene, wing, uu, xl and me hehe` Had a great chat-up session after few wks of nt seeing each other. Walked to centrepoint and then to PS to shop. After which we all went separate ways.

Oh and before i went out with them, i went for an interview at NNI as a research assistant. I know their projects coz they're doing a collaboration with CMM, the lab i used to work in, so the chances of me getting the job is quite high. They're dealing with patients' brain tumour samples, so the projects are actually very important.

The interview went on quite well, and she even introduced me to her lab members and also the wet lab area with the equipment they have. But after the interview, i felt kinda sad and lost, coz i dun feel the passion for research at all. In fact, i dun really like it. So i guess im not out for research field. haiks`

Decided to find a job with a good salary to work first.. Then will slowly find a better one. ^^

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Sex Deviant

Hurhur... Carried on from the msn convo that sandy and i had... Here's wad she has to say (as quoted from her latest entry)

"Angela, listen to what I have to say!! *shakes fist*

LOL, okay, perhaps she would if that conversation takes place in the afternoon instead of like a few minutes ago at 1.35AM. Hahaha

Well, that conversation was about me being a prude currently and me going to be a sex deviant tomorrow. However, seeing that this would only be funny if someone is reacting to my words, I would not go on about it here.

BUT!! Seriously, I'm almost 20 now. At the rate I'm going, I'll be a spinster ten years down the road. Well, at least I can fulfill my words of walking into a gigolo bar if I don't get a boyfriend by the time I'm 25.

DOTS. I sound so despo, don't I?

Hmmm.. yep this is my good lesbo partner. lol` Anyhow, she became a prude coz we were reading this ex classmate's posts on her blog.. Then u can see language used such as "think of sex as a treat to insomnia" and also other stuff tt's explicit. hehe` Then Sandy started to think of how sex deviant she should be.. DOTS...

And also how pathetic coz other ppl are already keeping a sex life and here she is, anticipating her first kiss from her first bf whom she hasn't found yet. (Actually no lar, she wasn't really anticipating it lol`) Yup, so here's the comparison.. rofl` And then she went on and on right at the moment when i wanted to go recharge my body's battery -.- talking about useful stuff (NOPE) but about sex deviant stuff, stuff like orgy, lesbian sex, and whatnots. -.- ....

Hmmm my poor friend.. lol` Maybe u can get Rain as ur gigolo wahhaha` (he acted as a gigolo in 'sangdoo let's go to school'.. Oh and this kdrama is super nice as well).. k off to pussycat dolls ^^ Lurve them the most.

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Jehovah, answer my prayers...

Crossing my fingers and praying extremely hard for my interview tml. =) Super good prospects job and short travelling time as well.

Darling came over on saturday midnight after celebrating his buddy's birthday. Im really happy that he made the effort to come down even though it was so late. And he brought the popiah he made himself over at his fren's place for me to try. ^^ Oh, and he also brought me the balloon dog he made which he learnt from his buddy. Cute aye. I really appreciate him alot!! hee

Oh and just 3 minutes ago, sandy and i were fighting over who was being the copycat coz we both sent out 'Cat' emoticon at the same time. hurhur. check this out dudes and dudettes.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Here's wad's shown on her MSN window. (She came first)

Image hosting by Photobucket

And here's mine (And i came first)... hurhur! SEE` Both windows show different scenarios`

And so.... i told her.....

Image hosting by Photobucket

Hmmmm.. And the funny reactions.. lol` alrighty ^^

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Music keeps me on my feet

Have been listening to alot of really upbeat songs. And repeating 'Beep' but it never seems to bore me. wahhaha` I had bible study in the morning at 10.30. Today's session took quite long, about 1 and half hours. Very fufilling and i've learnt alot of things, like how to calculate years from rebuilding of Jeruselum till the appearing of the Messiah.

After tt i had lunch with my family before i went down to color my hair. Need to do it badly since dnd is coming and half black half blonde would seem too ugly. Chose the color dark blonde auburn red. It's actually dark red, not very obvious, but it's better, since i'd be out into the working world soon.

The change of color on my hair to a dark one left me feeling quite refreshing hehe` Just spent a while catching up on the book 'Ransom' by Danielle Steel. It's really a very exciting and good story, depicting the collision of the lives of various very different people.

Recently got hooked to alot of songs. Growing more and more fonder of The All-American Rejects, especially their songs Dance Inside and Move Along. Hmmmm I shall go munch on some Dutch Edam cheese now, feeling kinda hungry already. Oh and i'll be seeing precious darling tonight ^^

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Friday, March 10, 2006

671 posts currently on reticent_aura's blog

^^ Yup, tt's mine. hehehehe` I'm extraordinarily happy now!! I've finally gotten the song tt i've been pinning and finding for a super long time. That's the song when u hear it coming and u'll say "OOOhhhh there's America's next top model on now". And a while ago i've finally found it!!! And soooo darn cool it's by my current favourite dig - The Pussycat dolls! They raWK totally..

From their first song i've listened to - Don't Cha, to Stickwitu, to Bite the Dust, to Buttons, and now to Beep. Argh im sooo going crazy over their songs.. ^^

I've just downloaded the jap band's clip - Kat-tun on account of Sandy, coz she kept on wanting me to dl and see. hehe` To think tt i used to be the one who pushed all the SPEED stuff to her, asking to see wahahha`

And oh, the stuff we ordered frm yesasia finally found its way to my mailbox today, after like 3 mths. -.- Really.... DOTS.. haha` And of cuz sandy is super duper happy. But she has to wait till monday before she can meet me. wheeeeee` haiks haiks! Everyone is eyeing my first paycheck now, even before i start on a job. omg.. Daryl, sandy, everyone! wahahhahaha` More free meals to come up.

I feel so extremely happy! I think i'll have myself a vodka absolute raspberry straight up. =)

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Im feeling kinda sleepy.. but quite satisfied, and a little more than happy..

Feeling quite sleepy now, just reached home from city hall. Met up with sandy at station control at 12 noon. We then had lunch at pastamania. I tried their creamy chicken this time, breaking from my norm of carborana and seafood mania(Coz i like their mussels alot!). Put tonnes of cheese into my diet, making sandy glared at me thruout my lunch. hehe` ROFL

After lunch, we visited the IT fair to hunt for sandy's ideal new mp3 player whahaha` Sandy made up her choice to get the clearance special creative muvo square 5GB mp3 player which goes for only 199 whoa, cheap cheap! I was almost tempted to get, somemore with chris' offer to help me pay part of it. But i didn't relent in the end. hehe` Coz i might need to dye my hair b4 dnd and to also set aside about 100 bucks for dnd itself. So yup.. haiks haiks!

After visiting the IT fair and also the branded goods sale, both of us settled down at Andersen's Ice cream for a chat. A warning, dun visit the cafe in late afternoon, coz they DO NOT have cakes and pastries available at tt time. I went and tried ordering them, but the waitress told me the delivery person hasn't arrived yet. So which means the cake they DO have are not fresh. hmmmm`

Anyhow, sandy got the brownie, which looks something like a designer dessert. Somehow i think TCC's brownie taste much better. I tried their peachy mango smoothie, not bad lar, but super filling.

Had my fair share of shopping at the supermart again, this time carrefour. And for the 3rd time in a wk, spent more than 10 bucks in a supermart. Gosh.... I really should stop this hobby of mine. =)

I've watched both final destination 3 and also date movie. Wah the date movie is totally similar to the scary movie series, wondering they're of the same scripwriter and director. hurhur` Go watch, it's funny, but it's lame kinda funny. ^^ They followed very closely to meet the fockers..

Alright, the next kdrama i wanna watch on youtube is Sweet 18.. It's a very sweet (Duh) and lovely show.. Watched it before, but it's worth it to watch it another time =)

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oooohhhh I'm happy as a lark!

=) My wide grin cannot stop shining.. wahhaha` We're finally free as birds.. Whooo hooo` ^^ Now I'm all hyped up over DnD! hehe` Wondering whether i shld get a new gown or not, or where shld we have our hair done. Oh, winnie and i have gotten a place for make up woot! Pretty good huh. I sooo lurve Anna Sui ^^ Awaiting to get 'Secret Wish' largest bottle when i come out to work. hee`

External presentation today was average i think. The caucasian examiner kept on bombarding us with super chim questions. Hmmmm` Cyc and chee kin also listened in on our presentation. And we tried to answer, but mostly got it wrong. Anyhow, it was kind of a relief to hear chee kin telling us that we've fared much better than the group doing the same project as us and also presented just before us.

Anyhow, it's over!!!! I'm feeling pretty restless now coz it felt like i've got tonnes of stuff i wanna do, read my novels, watch movies and kdrama, watch more teevee, and of cuz to spend my Tangs vouchers! =) wheeeeeeeeeeee`

I dunno why ppl kept on saying tt im rich. =( I don't like it. I've got my fair share of poverty before too. So dun pick on me aye. And i noe how to scrimp and save when i need to. I dun spend much on retail therapy as well. So spare me! I'm not loaded. And i spent when i wanna pamper myself hee` So all princesses, go shop!

Went down to town for interview with winnie after the presentation. Had lunch at food republic. Interview was alright, hoping i can get either of the jobs. ^^ hehe` Awaiting my stable income wahhaha` And i borrowed novels frm library again.. haiks haiks itchy hands! We then stuffed ourselves silly with ice cream, she with venezia and me with blizzard.

Bought durian crepe for momma before i went home. =) Life's good, enjoy. IT fair's starting tml. Do go and check it out aye? And oh, The America's Next Top Model is getting more and more exciting! *Catcall And last wk's results were sooooo unexpected and exciting

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The day before External Presentation to the ang moh..

Woke up in the late morning with a bad nightmare.. I very seldom dream nor have any nightmares during my sleep. So ya, wondered wad's wrong. Woke up and started flipping thru sat's classified jobs and also today's papers. Not bad, i emailed alot of places. Oh, winnie and i are gonna go for an interview tml in town after the presentation. hehe` Really wanna work in the service industry, but i guess im stuck with this biomedical science field coz of my dip.

Went to amk central again today, this time with my mum to shop for more of my formal wear. Gotten a pair of brown (looks more like golden satin) pants and also a long sleeve shirt. Ar, and i've gotten the laser pointer as well! Wheeeeeee` i really need it for my presentation so phew, finally gotten it.

Prepared my speech for tml's presentation. Didn't really memorise it like wad cyc told us to do.. Hmmm` I hope it turns out well tml, for both the interview as well as the external presentation. Well... Maybe i should go try to memorise some points.. Aye aye..

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Monday, March 06, 2006


Oh, the greatest joy of life ^^ I cheered myself up totally today in the late afternoon by visiting the library and borrowing 5 novels and 2 cook books in one shot =) Gonna be a bookworm right now. And oh, i still haven't been able to borrow 'Red Lily' from sandy, it's the finale of the garden trilogy.

Anyhow, i went to get cheap cheap toiletries at Red Tomato and then off i went to Shop & Save to do marketing for groceries. Gotten lotsa stuff - salmon, cabbage, tau pok, frozen chocolate cake, cuttlefish chips and other goodies i forgot. hee` Yup, so i ludged all the stuff from amk central and took a bus home. Was so tempted to get into a cab but aye no.. =)

I totally dig now!!! Kept on watching all the korean dramas ppl have uploaded. wahaha` And i've finished watching full house for the 2nd time in youtube as well. Everything's good to go!

Oh and im missing my dearies sandy and yixian sooo much! And yx's off to m'sia to visit her grandparents now.. Plus the 3 of us can't exactly fix a few days whereby we can zoot off to either phuket/krabi or bangkok, coz yx is going for her attachment soon on 20th... =( haiks haiks! Anyhow, im hoping tt when yx gets back, we can go for an escapade to m'sia or something, just the 3 of us ^^

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

I'm ill, but very happy ^^

Super tired yesterday and it dragged on till today as well.. hmmm` thanks to my mum, we've managed to get cheap food from the market for the bbq.

Prepared the food the whole day, marinating and all, with only a few hrs left to rest before going to the bbq. It was a class gathering at our mentor's Huang Yan's place in her condo in pasir ris. Only 10 ppl turned up in the end but we paid very little coz we've got the moolah frm school. Winnie came over to my place to help me carry the stuff, we then took a cab down to Esparis.

Watched dee and eugene play a game of tennis, after which we chilled out in the management office and had our bbq after. Huang yan is so nice, she booked the really cool private space at the roof of the management office, very romantic somemore hehe` She's super easy going, as we chatted alot about anything under the sun, oh and also abt her life story. hee`

The guys in our class were so funny, took a helluva time making the fire for the bbq, with dee being the exorcism master haha` Hee oh, and they tried the chilli stingray and love my mum's specialty! wahahha` So i told my mum to go sell her chilli and will be sure to have a good income.

We chatted thruout the bbq session with HY and really had great fun! hehe` We then went back to her condo at 10pm after her daughter slept and 3 of them plus HY played mahjong. dee, winnie, darling and i then shared cab coz darling came to fetch me home hehe` My sweetie pie. ^^

Yup, so we went back to my place as usual he bunked in for the whole weekend. Aye aye, gonna spend some quality time with him now. =)

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Friday, March 03, 2006

The feeling of graduating is awesome!

Woot! Had our last paper tml morning, hoping tt i can get good grade for psct ^^ hee` Met up with yixian and took bus down to suntec to meet up with sandy. We then had lunch at our old place and proceeded to the career fair. Spoke to one of AIA's district managers and she introduced us to this super good propects job. Anyhow, haha i'm still considering.

We then got ourselves down to HSA to donate blood. Only sandy and i did, coz yixian was still sick. Yesterday was my most traumatic blood donating session.

The 3rd time i've donated blood, but it was also the longest one and most terrified one. I used to only take 4+ minutes for blood donating, but this time i took super long, with the nurse who kept on using her finger to press on my flesh near the needle. OMG i could feel her fingernail piercing thru my skin. Then i think she didn't insert the needle in the correct place, so it ended up tt i had a terrible bruise near the needle area.

They then put an ice pack on the area after i donated blood. And also applied cream for me and all, with the particular nurse who kept on apologizing to me.. Argh but alright lar.. just a lil traumatizing.. And my arm felt super sore after tt. hai hai` No mood to shop for clothes..

Image hosting by Photobucket

Spot tt wolf-like shadow behind the man's head.. haha` It's actually a poster on advising childrean not to take lift with strangers. hee` Creative huh.

So after which we went to bugis to shop.. Took photostics as well as chilling out at TCC. I tried their Macadamia nut frappe (Ooooohhh my favourite kind of nuts ^^). Oh, and the 3 of us shared the sinfully rich awesomest chocolate fudge.. Just imagine the chocolate flowing down the confectionary like lava.. Yummy! Super nice. Go try. Got super full after drinking our drinks. haha` Wondering wad their main courses are for, since their drinks can be super fulling.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

The photostics machine was soo cool, coz the stage we're standing on can go up and down, and that there's also the fan which can move as well.. hee`

Aye aye.. Woke up super early today to go to the market and get food for the evening bbq. Gonna go down to pasir ris, our mentor - Huang yan's place.. Oh and thanks to my mum who helped me do marketing.. hee` With her super nice concocted chilli for the stingray, it's gonna be so damn nice. hee`

Exams over! Let's get down to fun!

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