Saturday, January 30, 2010

The true joy in life. ^^

When you grow older, you'll realized even more the simplest joy in life. When i was younger, i was happy when i get to eat good food on family dinners.

But tonight, i'm truly happy cuz of the company. Just nice that my sisters in-law were both around and i'm not working as well. We had zi char downstairs for dinner. Got dan to join as well and really, i love the company so much. =) Really means alot to me. And i appreciate dan for joining us.

And over dinner, dan suggested to do a dinner where dan's parents and mine will meet after CNY. ^^ Haha` i'm really happy! It definitely means so much to him and myself.

I've had a hard and long day yesterday and this definitely brought my spirits up alot.


Yesterday my set of crew and i reported for work at 3.50pm for Macau flight. I've already closed the doors and gave command to arm the doors for evacuation and we were halfway through the safety demo when the captain alerted me that the overwing exits doors were not armed. Which was weird as they should be automatically armed. Therefore it can only mean 2 things, the indicator is not working, or that the doors are really not armed.

Engineers came in and couldn't fix it cuz it'd mean a bigger procedure. Contemplated and followed orders from logistics. Only 2 choices left, that is to change aircraft or to offload 42 passengers in order to go. But it'd mean bigger problem as we'll need to offload the same number of passengers in Macau as well to comply with the air laws since 2 escape doors were down.

Passengers will have to volunteer to offload themselves or that they'll risk the ground staff having to choose those passengers themselves. But it became very chaotic whereby loads of passengers were standing on the airstairs and forward area talking to the ground staff. Ended up almost 40 or more of them rallying in front asking for answers and literary shouting at me and the ground staff. Really. Fucking chinese singaporeans. I'm ashamed of people from my own heritage.

I couldn't take it anymore and was almost in tears. I wished i could just tell them all to STFU but i can't. And i really tried to keep the situation under control but i don't even know what the logistics wants us to do and neither did the captain. I've got bloody uncles shouting at me asking me why i dunno how to control the situation and that i should do this or that. But hello, what do u know? And i've got parents as well, why do i have to be here and be hollered at you people? I'm here for safety and it's not even the crew's fault to begin with.

Totally crumbled under immense pressure. I told the captain we should deplane the passengers cuz i cannot handle their aggressiveness anymore. Even the engineers saw that i couldn't take it anymore. Pilots stepped down cuz hours were up, but we'll have to continue. Gotten Jet from Logistics to swap us to another flight cuz i told him we cannot face the same set of passengers again.

In the end, my set of crew operated the Shenzhen flight. Though longer hours and we're totally fatigued, definitely it was far better off. Worked our ass off till we touched down at 5:45 AM. Total 14 hours of flight duty period.

Please, throw me indians and fillipinos anytime.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Langkawi - Most memorable trip ever.

Langkawi - 22nd Jan '10 to 25th Jan '10

It's an escapade with dan alone cuz the others couldn't make it. Little did i know that they wanted to leave dan and myself alone. o.O

1. First time i kayaked in this 2 seater kayak which uses only one sided oar. o.O

2. First time i rode in a dinghy, which is a boat made of rubber ? and comes with a motor.

3. First time i've spent time in a chartered yacht. =)

4. First time i've visited a waterfall.

5. Not the first time i've lost my shades ( the one i bought in perth =( ) In fact everytime i go overseas i'll be sure to lose my pair of shade. bah`

6. First time my choice of hotel/resort wasn't ideal cuz of the location. hmph`

7. And the first and the last time someone actually proposed to me. >.<

Now let's do the talking with some pictures we've took on this trip ^^ We took Airasia to Langkawi on friday morning cuz they've got better timing. Departed from Terminal 1 and we had breakfast at BK before the flight.

Breakfast King and croissant'wich meals. ^^ LOVE LOVE LOVE their croissant =))

While we were waiting for boarding. Gotten the last row in the a/c lol` And met this stupid steward who's totally a poser. I really suspect he's a gay. hmmmmmm` Very very attention grabbing. Said 'ice ice baby' when we asked him for a cup of ice for our ribena -.- And when there's turbulence and he was still with his service cart, he said to the passengers 'to the left to the right' -.- omg`

Reached Langkawi at about 12:30 pm, same GMT as SG. And we grabbed a cab down to our resort. It happened to be a very very far end of the Cenang beach (Pantai Cenang) so therefore, do not pick that unless u wanna rent a car/bike. Hai` lol

Dan checking in at Awana Porto Malai Resort.

Checking in was really swift cuz there weren't much people. In fact i believe the resort's not even 50% full for its occupancy rate. hmmmmmmm`

Our deluxe sea view room.

yup, it's got 2 queen sized beds lol` Due to legend, we've messed up one bed even if we're not occupying it just to let the spirits know that it doesn't belong to them hehe`

It comes with this rather big balcony which we can sit down and relax, as well as to admire the scenery. All in all we're rather happy with the room but the location is really much too far away. There's nothing in the vicinity at all.

Enjoying the boardwalk in our resort. ^^ And tt's baby trying to find fish -.-

Lovely trash bins

Nice huh. =) These fish stay around the area cuz we've got a fish feeding timing hehe`

Uninhabited island near our resort. See tt rocky pathway in front of it? tt's our romantic spot. =))

The restaurant in our resort. There're a couple of them so we didn't need to worry about food. But they're not too nice and rather expensive as compared to the rest.

We spent 10 minutes walking OUT of our resort and then another 10 minutes before we came to this island hopping tours place. It's actually a jetty which caters all these tours. omg we didn't find food there. Therefore we bought a drink and some snacks and headed back to our resort -.- Basically we didn't walk any further cuz it's really impossible and there's nth near our resort at all.

lol` and so we walked back. Went to the minimart in our resort and bought 6 cans of Carlsberg and a packet of non-crispy lobster crackers. =( Sad case hehe`

Settled dinner in our resort's restaurant.

Ordered Caesar salad to share.

Dan had tom yam soup with rice. Hmmmmm tom yam soup wasn't nice therefore not worth it to take anyway.

I had fried rice with anchovies and morning glory, topped with fried egg and a fried chicken wing. =) Not too bad hehe`

Ha, picture with an ATV, but we didn't ride on it. It was in our resort as a gimmick to attract tourists.

And so, we watched vision four channel on tv and while the night away. Slept early and woke up for breakfast provided in our resort stay!

Find that they have alot of varieties, from cereals to fruits, to bread and loads of spreads, to western breakfast, to malay nasi lemak and even porridge and soto ayam and egg station.

Sunrise right at our balcony. Woke up at 7am myself and sat all the way till 8am when dan woke up. The view was just breathtaking. =)

See what i mean?

Lovely isn't it?

Prata with dhal curry which was really good!

Toast with unsalted or salted butter, apricot, marmalade, raspberry or strawberry spread. =))

Soto ayam.

Omelette with green peas and mushrooms

Scrambled eggs

Headed to the boardwalk for a stroll before going back to our resort. Hmmmmmmm` Wanted to go to that romantic spot after our breakfast but dan said to go only after we've gone back to bath and change. o.O


And so, we went back to our room, relaxed, bathed and changed. Called up Damai Indah's Captain whose name is Eva and she mentioned that they've got private charter on the day itself (Saturday) =( She said she would try to gather people for a shared charter on sunday for us. Thus we've planned to go to the Cable Car and also Seven Wells Waterfall on this day.

But first, before we head out, we went to the romantic spot. ^^ The gate's finally opened in the day and we're really excited.

Check out the rocky pathway, that's where we wanna head out to.

Our resort.

The rocky pathway looks like this but when it gets towards the end, they're all made up of huge rocks, so it's rather difficult to get to the end point.

I can't resist it, i have to do a jump shot. hehe` And dan's really good at taking jump shots!! lol`

1st attempt

And this is the last attempt. hehe YAY`

Almost reaching our romantic spot. Difficult to walk cuz i was in my slippers -.-

When we've reached the end, this is what our resort looks like from out in the sea. =) Nice huh`

Was walking back to our resort when i couldn't see dan keeping up with me. Turned back and saw him in on one knee and calling out to me... He then popped the very sacred question. Cliche, but it's happening to me. "Angela, will you marry me?" Was totally taken aback hmmmmmm`

^^ And i said YES!

Was really touched that i teared. But they're tears of joy. ^^

So here's my engagement ring, which he took pains to research for online, trying to find the better clarity/cut/set. ^^ Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` I'm truly truly fortunate. And even spending 2 hours in ION jewelery street finding the perfect ring.

I'll always remember this romantic spot. ^^

Took a cab down to Oriental Village, where we could take the cable car from.

Saw these strange looking birds. hehe`

Not afraid of humans lol`

Kaypoh dear dear hehe`

Waiting in line for our turn to get into the cable car. After dan gave me the ring, he kept looking at it now and then to see how nice it looks on me. lol` Totally happy with his efforts.

Max 6 adults in the cable car. ^^

Had to go up this mountain. 42 degrees, can imagine how steep it is. hehe`

This is the middle station where there's a viewing platform.

Really nice view up here. ^^

I like this picture alot cuz i love the way the sun shines on us.

The suspension bridge from afar.

=))) *grins*

When we've reached the top station, where the suspension bridge is.

Baby's got a halo~

And so do i!

haha im so creative right??? ^^

Lovely patch of coral in the sea.

Taking the cable car back on ground ^^

Once we're on ground at Oriental Village, we decided to head down to Seven Wells Waterfall which the cabby driver said was 10 minutes away. Little did we know tt it's probably 10 minutes DRIVE away. Wth`

Walked almost half an hours? And decided to give up and sit down at this place selling massage oils made from sea cucumber.

Macik told us that it's just another 5 minutes walk away. But it'll take abt 10-20minutes to walk up the hill to see the waterfall. So we gave up and gotten her hubby to send us up there. He's a cabby driver as well. Got him to wait for us there so that he could send us to Kuah Town after that.

Tired us who've been walking up and down steps and a long long way on the road.

Really need to see the Seven Wells waterfall else we'll be really sad. Didn't see the actual waterfall though cuz it's far too high up. Went to the one beneath it. And it was good enough hehe`

Stagnant water beside the rapids. with loads of tadpoles in it hee`

And there we were, very pleased with ourselves =)) Of course it's really grand to me but not so much for dan cuz he's been to the great Niagara Falls. hehe`

yay! I've been to see a waterfall before!

You able to spot dan in the corner on the left?? lol` So cute and small lol like an imp =X

And there u go, i've zoomed in.

Love love love these set of pictures =))

Headed to Kuah Town where we had early dinner at this shopping mall. Ate in Marrybrown and walked around the stores. Did some groceries shopping at the basement before heading back to the resort cuz there was nth much to do in the vicinity as well.

My lunch cum early dinner in Marrybrown. =)

Relaxed for a while in our room and rested our strain bodies for a while before we headed back down for food again hehe`

This time dan had Mee Mamak which is really good.

And i had cashewnut with chicken and rice.

Called up Captain Eva and she said that nobody signed up for the shared charter from 2pm till 8pm on Sunday. Therefore she's still offering to take us out but only from 4 pm - 8pm. Original price was 450RM per pax but now it's 400 RM per pax for a private charter. wow`totally amazing hehe` Super excited about it. At least we didn't miss the chance of going out into the sea on Damai Indah!

Slept early cuz we were totally shagged. Woke up to see the sunrise at our balcony and had breakfast before going back to the room again.

Slacked till about 2.45pm in our room, sleeping and watched tv. Cabbed down to the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club for our first cruise experience!

Oh i feel like a rich ass`

Went to the Damai Indah Office and looked for Captain Eva. ^^ Such a nice person who totally gave people good vibes and good energy hee` Gotten to know that 2 more will be joining us =( Sad hehe`

Lovely lovely berths for yachts. And such a nice sunny day!

Damai Indah

Boarding Damai Indah.

View of a restaurant call Charlie's Place from the yacht

Started off with a toast of champagne between dan, me and eva.

Eva's chef, Sham also served us cold and wet towels. =))

Nice cabin with the kitchen just beside it. =) Nicely furnished toilet too with towels, hand soap and even cologne. hehe`

Eva's crew Agus, went to pick up the other 2 guests from Westin using the dinghy.

Eva steering the boat.

Hammock onboard

Me & Lida, who's from Indonesia and came onboard with her daddy?.

One of the many lighthouses we see along uninhabited islands.

I'm loving it!!! =)) We went to this uninhabited island and dropped anchorage near there. Dan and i Kayaked over to the island and explored it. ^^ Found loads of snails attached to this particular rock. Took a dip in the sea and collected some seashells =)) Love love the place!

Many islands look like this, totally of rocks and trees growing out of it. =)

Can u see the eyes of the cloud? =))

And this was the island we kayaked to.

The dinghy. Rode on it to the bat cave which Eva discovered. hehe`

Limestone structures.

So man hehe` Eva stopped the engine of the dinghy and dan and her steered us towards the cave where we see the bat cave and smelt the stench of it.

Taken in the dinghy =)


Dan took orders from Eva and learnt how to steer the boat

Here's Agus standing at the far left hand side. The boat is his baby, pride and joy. ^^

Captain Eva who's from Germany.

=)) 3's a company

Going towards the best spot for sunset.

Our drinks just kept coming, fresh fruit juices, white wine and champagne. =)) And also salad and some nuts.

And i love the next 3 pictures alot =))

Sitting in the front of the boat for the best view of the sunset! ^^

Isn't this amazing? =)

Dinner was served during sunset, whipped up by Sham, who was also the ex chef of Westin Hotel.


Lovely vegetables in cream sauce


Superb prawns!

And also chicken curry =)

Love this meal alot! hehe` And of course the company. ^^

Had a drink in front of the boat with all of them and had a small chat till almost 9pm with loads of white wine before we left the yacht club. Headed down to Jetty Point which was a short walk away and had Baskin Robins Ice cream ^^ Packed KFC back to our resort for supper.

^^ To celebrate our love! hehe` Enjoyed all these on our balcony. but their hoegaarden sucks. hmmmm`

Skipped the free breakfast the next morning cuz we're sick of it. Chilled out till 12 noon when we checked out of our room and took the free transport to Cenang beach. Found brunch at this lovely place selling nasi campur.

Helped ourselves to the rice and dishes. I chose this ikan bakar too. ^^

My mixed veg rice with veggie, egg in sauce and also cuttlefish in sambal.

Dan's one comes with egg in sauce, chicken which was superb, mutton and kangkung.

Ordered this extremely huge bowl of tom yam seafood soup and total adds up to less than 15 SGD =)))

We were totally well fed and hit the beach after that. Well not exactly hitting the beach, we sat in the shade and enjoyed ice milk tea and coke lol`

Walked around and since we've got ample time to spare, we went for fish spa which cost only RM 15 for 30 minutes.

Dan's first time and he totally enjoyed it lol` Left my camera there and almost forgot to take it back =( I'm really a scatter brain.

Cabbed down to the airport and relaxed in Starbucks.

Left the ordering for dan to do and he did an amazing job hehe` Came back with Cajun Chicken dome which he got them to add cheese into it.

As well as a cup of really good dark chocolate mocha. ^^

Took Tiger back to SG and Captain was Anton. Was chatting with him before the take off and he included this in his welcome announcement "I've got happy news. One of our crew is travelling as a passenger and she thought she was going on an innocent holiday, but it ended up as a proposal. So let's wish daniel and angela a blissful marriage" lol and everyone clapped haha` But not knowing that it's us =X lol Really sweet ^^

It has been a really nice and memorable holiday. ^^ And i'll be sure to return again cuz i'd really love to visit Langkawi again. ^^

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