Monday, May 31, 2010

Birth of a new family member!

On 3rd May 2010, my sister in-law and Chris went to Thomson Medical Center to visit her gynae for their last appointment before the birth. Ended up the gynae said that they should go for Cesarean on the same day cuz my sister in-law wanted that anyway as she didn't wanna go through any pain.

On that afternoon, she was admitted into Mount Alvernia Hospital and the operation took place at 2 PM. The baby was pushed out of the op theater and Chris, my mum and myself were so excited to see the baby girl! hehehe` Waited for a while before the mum was done with the op and was pushed into the ward.

Name: Chen Le Xuan (陈乐萱)
Time of birth: 2.31pm
Weight: 2.885 kg
Height: 48 cm

I find that my niece has got really long legs! hehehe` =) She'll grow up to be a real beauty. hee`

My weak sister in-law, proud grandmother and daddy. ^^

My sister in-law Lily, who felt better on the 2nd day =)

Never fails to have plenty of food when my family's around. hehe` Includes food from OCK, durian pancakes from 4 season and oyster mee sua. o.O

Small baby with big size daddy. ^^

3 days old Le xuan ^^

1st day we brought Le xuan home. =)

'Atas' Hospital is really different. They do their business like a hotel, with bellboy when u're checking in, provides toiletries and even a goodie bag for mothers which contains baby diapers, some lotion and all.

4 days old.

oooooohhhhh i love baby powder... =)) this is when she was 6 days old.


i love i love i love airy shirts!!! cuz singapore's so hot... why did i come into this country at this kinda timing! blah

this was when she's 22 days old. ^^ and Jenny loves loves her so much!! always calling us when she cries to hurry to attend to the baby's needs. blah`

And here she is, licking the baby's ears -.-

24 days old. and i can sleep on my tummy now. ^^ i have to turn here and there cuz it's just so warm to lie on my back. =(

no wonder ppl say "sleep like a baby"

i have big feet!!!

I can tuck my hands under my head!

And here's a totally random shot of brown brown.

Her chinese name was supposed to mean 'spread the joy' but ended up the chinese character which we chose meant a kind of plant which blooms only once a day. ARGH. lol lousy chinese knowledge of chris and me. =( sad. And when i know the difference and called up chris, he was just done with the making of the baby's birth cert. =((((

Welcoming the baby into our family made me realized something. I do really like kids and i would love to have my own in the near future. Been getting alot of nice stuff for my niece as if she's my own. hehe`

Yesterday i was sick and down with viral flu. Went to raffles to visit the doc and headed to dan's place to rest the whole afternoon till about 5pm. Felt better and fever subsided a little. After which we went to Liang Court's atas supermarket Meidi-ya.

Finally managed to find our favorite drink - Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale. Bought some snacks as well. Had don for dinner and headed back home to get some more rest. =) Thanks to love for taking care of me. Extended my mc 2 more days cuz i didn't feel like working. ^^

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shopping is an evil word.

Met up with Yixian at 1pm in orchard for shopping last tuesday. Started off at TANGS first cuz i needed to clear off my 100 bucks voucher. Kept it for almost 2 years already phew. But it rather sucks cuz i could only get stuff that were not on offer or promotion. =( And apparently it was difficult cuz they having a major TANGS sale. =(

Finally bought a pair of havaiianas slippers and also a perfume set from Bvlgari which consists of EDT, lotion and bath gel. Needed to top up an extra 20 bucks for the perfume set cuz it cost me 70 dollars. And it was actually on offer but didn't have the offer word on the price tag lol` This sales auntie was super keen on letting me get it she was almost arguing with the cashier. hehe` Cute.

After TANGS, we were mad hungry. So we headed to ION food hall for ramen! Brought yx to the ramen-ya which jy and i had dinner the other time around.

Yixian's white miso chicken ramen.

My red miso spicy ramen.

Had our late lunch and then off we went to shop in ION. Walked around and finally took us 2 hrs before we reach TAKA. -.- That's how tempted we were lol`

Shopped somemore in TAKA and walked over to Somerset 313. Spent our last few hours there combing the levels. Bought a cheap tube dress, skirt and tank top from Forever 21. Really enjoyed ourselves tremendously cuz we didn't spend too much to do shopping.

When yx was withdrawing money from the atm machine. Told her to smile hehehe` nice.

And it was rather crazy too, to walk all the way from 1+ till 10pm, only had rest in between when taking late lunch and snack of sashimi and sushi.

My loot for the day. hmmmmmmm` Very nice.

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Friday, May 21, 2010


I just hitched a ride from a perfect stranger who was damn nice. Never in my life i would have reenacted a scene from a movie where people just flagged down private cars and hitched a ride back home. o.O

Went to a gathering this evening at NSRCC which has got super nice bungalows but at an ulu location. Before that i met up with my colleague Beverly at orchard to get present for Kenji for his big 30!

Bev bought a tee for him and i didn't really like it. So i've gotten a fedora hat from River Island and also a bracelet from Aldo for him. Don't ask me why i spend so much. I just didn't know what to get. hmmmmmmm` Got a shirt from River Island as well for my wonderful partner ^^ hee` Hope he'll like it.

Went down to NSRCC with bev and her bf by train then cab. Had a great time there drinking and catching up with some of my ex colleagues. Miss them so much! Ahhh those were the days. =))

Chee Keong was almost gone and had to head back home before his flight few hrs later so we walked out all the way to the main road which wasn't really 'main' anyway. Took us 20 minutes i reckon. Totally no cab and nobody to fetch us home. Therefore he started to flag down private cars and one of them stopped and told us to hop in! This Sikh guy call Mohan actually fetched us both back home! Sweet =) Luckily he's staying in Yishun which was on the way.

Sweet. Never could have imagine. hehe`

Good night! Sweetest dreams my friends.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I know the answer to the question in my last post.


Cuz she loves him alot and vice versa.

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Sunday, May 09, 2010


Why do ladies tend to feel unappreciated easily more than men?

Is it because ladies are more sensitive and will put in 101% of their heart and soul into the relationship? So much so that they'll do all sorts of sweet stuff and secretly wishing their actions will be reciprocated? And when the true retribution doesn't come back to them, they somehow feel unappreciated?

If tt's the case, then why would she do such stuff again and again, in turn hurting herself again and again? Doesn't make sense.

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I'm feeling sad.

Missed the times where the whole family would have meals together.

Now that mum became much older, she's getting more emotional and angry easily.

Today's mother's day and mum's really upset over something. Nobody's in the mood to go out for dinner. We're just not like how we were in the past anymore. Even cracking jokes while we have dinner. And always going to a nice fancy restaurant for dinner every week. Now it doesn't even happen anymore.

I feel really sad. hai` But what to do. Thinking too much about it makes me have such a big headache.

I just wanna quickly move out and have my own family. hai`

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Monday, May 03, 2010

Post for the past one week.

I figured i better get started on this asap before my life gets overwhelmed with events soon and that i'm not able to record it down. hmmmmm`

Friday, 23rd April 2010

Met up with all of the girls for dinner to celebrate Yixian's birthday. ^^ Dined at Hog's Breath Cafe at Chijmes cuz the birthday girl was craving for steak. Only had our dinner at about 10pm cuz she knocked off at 9pm.

All of us have never been there before except JY. Love the food there!

Sandy's Mango Delight

Yixian's mango smoothie.

My ginger ale.

For starters we had buffalo wings and calamari.

Very very nice!

And for the mains, we had fish n chips which weren't too fantastic.


And a full rack of ribs ^^ didn't find the ribs too fantastic too cuz the meat wasn't fall off the bone kind.

Ordered a cream of seafood soup as well . ^^

Really enjoyed our dinner alot!! And the steak is to die for over here. =P Love the company as well.

Gave yixian her 24th birthday present. =)) A pair of Feugo diamond earrings from Soo kee.

Proud owner of the Fuego diamond cert.

^^ Glad she loved it.

After dinner we contemplated on where to go for drinks after tt. And after a long time of brainstorming, we've finally decided on just finding a place in Chijmes itself. Headed to La Baroque which was beside Harry's where we were originally planning to go to. Ordered a drink each and while the time away. Had a good chat regarding boys and it felt great. hehe`

Forced to go back home cuz the stench from the ciggies were killing us. And while walking out out Chijmes, i was in front of the pack. This stupid caucasian guy just jumped out of the pillar and gave us a scare. JY and i screamed and scolded him. Well i should have just kicked him in the balls or something. Wasted.


And in the past week, i was too busy working and didn't even have enough sleep before i get back to work again. Only highlight was probably grocery shopping with my mum in Fairprice where i spent over a hundred but it was just damn shiok.

And yesterday, i had a well deserved day off as well. Went out with dan to Marina Square. Changed over a hundred for coins which i needed for my float onboard. Walked around and bought snacks from Watsons. Headed back to his place to relax before we had dinner with his family - Popiah. His mum prepared all the ingredients right down to fried garlic and chilli. Bought the popiah skin and kueh pie tee from Joo Chiat. ^^

Had an enjoyable night.

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