Sunday, October 30, 2005

Awesome weekend. ^^

Met up with winnie and cyc at 9am on friday for a presentation on AFLP. =) Presentation was not done very well but have learnt alot of stuff from cyc as he told on how the external examination is going to be like and the points we have to note on our presentation, from the nitty gritty slides outlook to the contents.

Had lunch, then slacked in the lab and watched the latest american pie Band camp on my lappy before meeting up at 1 with chee kin (our senior) and also cyc for the trip to Woon Leng nursery in choa chu kang.

Took a cab down and visited cheekin's very own paradise of his and his frens. A very small land where he grow all sorts of orchids, from leafless wholelife to as full grown flowers as small as a few mm. Really cool. His frens and him rented tt land just to extend their hobby ^^

After which we went to look around the nursery and bought some pots of doritis for our project, and i also bought 2 pots of orchids for my mum. I simply love the pastel orange kinda color on the flowers, sweet. =)

Spent some time there till the evening and reached home at 4. Rest for a while and chatted with my mum till 6+, when we went to fetch the 2 girls my mum babysits in the night. They're really fair, and very pretty, 3 yrs old named Kylie and the 5yr old sister, Tiffany.

Yixian and sandy then came over to my place at 6+ too. Hung out at my place for dinner (my mum cooked lala specially for yx) and spent some time showerin and all before we set off to club momo at 9+.. Took a cab down, quite cheap uh. Quite bored out when we reached there, watched tt halloween costume show which robin leung hosted and starrin eunice olsen as well.

Sianz.. Coz my lovely buddies were not very onz about dancing.. But i wanna go dance badly.. So hmmm` we just drank, chilled outside and then walked over to clarke quay and chatted by the riverside with our feets soaked over the air of the river at the edge =)

We then took 851 back to my place from clarke quay and had supper at my place's void deck. Had great time together, dining into pratas and chatting about anything under the moon. Sat there till 2+ before we headed home to slack. Showered, watched princess diaries 2 then knocked out.

Slept till 10+ the next morning and relaxed in my room, watched clips, chatted and all. Went downstairs for brunch and then slacked again at my place. Played with the hair iron, straightening yixian's hair and using the micro crimps plate for mine. The result was real good, nice little crimps on my hair, but i can't stand the dryness so went to shower and even used hair conditioner. haha, so it's all gone when i came out =X

Got dressed and went to suntec for the learning fair. Spent some time there before i went off to marina south to meet darling and his pals for steamboat dinner, to celebrate Sean's birthday. Had great time together but didn't feel like eating. Hmmmm sianz. Just ate plenty of mussels and crab claws.

Went home at 11+ with darling over to my crib. Had supper with chris downstairs, had small pot noodles and cheese/tissue/egg pratas. hehe` ^^ I love the tissue prata, so sweet and crispy, like eating keropok.

Watched a lil teevee with darling till 3 before we went to slumber land. Only woke up at 12 today haha` Mum went to the market early in the morning to get lala for darling coz it's his favourite!! hehe` Then I cooked lala for him. Had brunch together and slacking now. Gonna go watch full house final episode now!! wahaha`^^

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Stressed out..

Have been quite stressed out this whole week with final yr project. Nothing's been going well but winnie and i've been trying our best to solve the problem. ^^ Hoping that we'll be able to modify the protocol real well until we get the best results. *sigh*

Went for a free manicure session at Dashing Diva in suntec yesterday at 4. First time ever experience ^^ The place is really big and pink! haha i like! Chose a maroon color and also a shimmery red layer over it... Emily (the lady who attended to me) then did the service for me. Real nice. She even commented that my nails are very healthy coz for the customers she came across, most of them had their nails chipped while shapping.

I've learnt a very precious lesson - never try on bottoms after manicure.. or even tops!! Coz i did that, dumb me. I went to try on jeans, itchy hands and butt hmm.. And i ended up scratching both of my thumbs. aRRR` Quite angry at myself at first, but laughed at my own silliness and clumsiness after tt hee` Yep, i really laughed ^^ Went to secret recipe to collect oreo cheesecake and brought it home as my mum's dinner.

Went home after that, wanting to catch the 7pm Gothika on HBO. Darling then threw me a surprise by waiting for me at yck mrt station when i reached there haha` ^^ Really cute and sweet of him. Plus he's stayed overnight ytd!! ^^ hehe` We bought dinner home coz mum refused to work in the kitchen (Just kidding!).. Bought tom yam yi mee wheeeeeeee` Superb! muahaha` Had great time chatting and having fun together. And he didn't wake me up this morning before he went back to camp. haha Good! If not i'll be lacking of sleep today.

I hope that FYP will be smooth sailing coz we've met with too many problems. We can make it. ^^

On a happier note, im seeing my dearies tml!!! And we'll have a good time together ala slumber party wheeeeeeeeee`


Just gotten this pic from sandy.. Taken using her sista's cam. ^^ Love this pic alot.. Really =)

Image hosted by

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

The melancholy death of oyster boy >.<

I love this book very much. Seemingly childish and a very illustrative book. But it really tugs at the certain corners of our hearts, in whichever way we relate to.

Similar to the little prince, there're alot of philosophies behind these 2 books. I personally do not understand "The little prince" well at all, 'cept the inner turmoil and civil war going through inside his little head and also the touring of the other different planets and finding different interesting stuff.

Anyhow, I really love literature, though my command of language still sucks quite badly. I remembered that i've enjoyed all the stories i've read back in literature classes in all 4 years of my secondary school life. I really do, just that i hate doing all those foolscaps long of character studies... MAN i really hated that, all those stuff about Julius Caesar being stoic, Brutus too and then Cassius being too callous. Hmmm` I love that story alot!! But i hate to have to study and analyse every act. That's why i barely passed my tests and exams back in school and can only managed my lousiest grade in my 'O' levels cert - C5 for it. Still remembered i got a 50 mark for my lit paper for prelims.. hmmm` I can write truckloads and am famous for being wordy, but i'll never get marks for main points. -.-


Went to ikea with mum yesterday. Dined at BK for lunch and then shopped the whole of ikea from 11 till 4, which thus made me missed abit of "The Elf" which i wanna catch on my staple food - tv. Bought my storage boxes, mum's 4 pots of lil cactus and her cactus food.

Gave up waiting for bus and took cab home halfway through after the transfer of a bus. Managed to only missed 20 minutes of the show hehe` Show's touching as ever and sweet as can be. =)

Went for dinner with mum, grandma and dad downstairs at the "Jia Tor" thingy.. (It's buddha's birthday or something.. ) As usual like the ghost's festival, they have alot of courses. And i spent my time reading novel while they go bidding for stuff.

Dinner ended at about 11+, then darling came over to my place shortly after i reached home. We settled down for teevee and had supper with Chris at about 1am. Reached home, watched tv again before sleeping at about 3...

Woke up early in the morning today to go to the market and hunt for the shellfish - "LALA". Haven't eaten it for quite some time and it's one of the fave stuff darling and i like. Wanted to get it so that mum can cook for him.. But to no avail coz it's puasa now and most malays dun wanna fish. The stalls that sell fish is like 50% of the whole market here and imagine, there's no lala at all in any of the stalls. Not much shell fish too, other than a packet of shelled oysters and also a plate of mussels i saw. hmmm`

Ended up getting a pig's stomach and asking my mum to cook pig's stomach soya bean soup with white pepper ^^

Spent the whole day watching tv and also had bible study. Very interesting session today, especially with the midwife - caroline. ^^ Interesting stories to share and all. Fulfilling. Great day.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Bleach 54 is out!! WAHAHAH~

Stayed home the whole day today and tried to download anime. =) Seriously, i hate bitTorrent. If not for the fact that animesuki is using bitTorrent as the medium, i wouldn't have wanted to use it. Hmmmm`

Anyhow, i pampered myself by taking a long shower in the afternoon with lovely bath salts and also steaming of hair ^^ Im rejuvenated. Went and bought snacks and drinks for potato couch session with the "Day of Destruction" dvd. Oh man it's a freaking nice movie which lasted 3 hours.. Very exciting but some parts draggy though. Really good! Much better movie than that of "The day after tomorrow"? Like a zillion times better hmmm` So i sat all the way from 2 till 5 on the comfy sofa this afternoon.

Cooked alphabet pasta soup for dylan and danielle for lunch today, coz their parents went for work. Not bad at all, they finished all of it, and i also gave them their favourite cold longan with syrup for dessert. After that me and my mum bathed them waited for their hair to dry before askin them to nap from 2 till 4..

And after watching the dvd, i've been watching teevee till a while ago. Really great movies on air at HBO and tian ying. Just finished watching the old "long po" horror show. hee` Pushed my bible study from today to sunday afternoon coz of the din they're making downstairs as it's some buddha's birthday or something. And im gonna go for their dinner tml night ^^

Wheeee im going ikea with momma tml coz i needa get storage boxes for my stuff. Didn't get the last time i went with winnie and uu coz the frame was bulky enough already. I love the red cardboard boxes i bought the other time, so handy and good. Gonna go get the bigger ones tml to put my bags inside.

Darling's really sweet, he wanted to take me fishing coz i really wanna try tt hobby as i've never tried it before, and nobody whom i know can fish. And his good fren peng has all the equipment, we could go yishun someday and spent the whole night till morning there.

Nice movies on tml on HBO as well, like "something's gotta give"and "the elf" which is extremely funny, no harm watching them again coz they're hilarious and enjoyable films =)

Alrighty! Gonna go watch BLEACH latest episode - 54. ^^

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

5th year anniversary and counting...

My love and i celebrated yesterday with our whole hearts. =) 19th October 2000 till yesterday, 5 years and still counting. I've prepared a very special present for him - a Mini Engagement ceremony, with my great pals sandy and yi xian as our witnesses.

Supposed to meet yixian and sandy at bukit gombak station at 8.45am. Ended up i was a lil late and only reached at 8.50. So i kept on telling darling to go 10 minutes later to Xiao gui lin instead of the usual time - 9am. But when i reached, yixian and sandy told me that he has already reached the place and was quite curious when he saw the both of them, and that he pretended he didn't see the both of them, and carried on to get a drink elsewhere.. hmmm` So of course the surprise is kinda spoilt lar! sad case`

So the 3 of us headed to xiao guilin, and to the higher spot where darling asked me that question.. I've really forgotten which rock er.. oops =X I then called him over and went ahead with the ceremony. Yixian is like the emcee of the whole ceremony, telling dar to kneel down, ask the engagement question and then present the ring. And they were both haggling if the action is really needed. haha` And beforehand, i've already attached the rings each to the bride and bridesgroom's teddy bears. =)

Image hosted by

We then exchanged our rings and signed the certificate i made. Pictures thanks to yixian =) Though funny as to asking us to pause while we take pictures but very much appreciated!

Me helping darling to put on the ring.

Image hosted by

The certificate i've made =)

Image hosted by

Darling signing the cert first..

Image hosted by

followed by me..

Image hosted by

then sandy...

Image hosted by

and then yi xian.

Image hosted by

The mega sandwiches which darling made.. He spent 30 bucks getting 3 different kinds of hams, mexican cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. haha sweet huh` He even brought 2 bottles of bacardi breezer for picnic, but too bad yixian has to rush for her classes.

Sandy then headed home, yixian, darling and i took train to yio chu kang, yixian to her classes and darling plus me back to my place to put the A4 wood frame and digicam first before going out.

Rested at home for a while till 12+ before going to bugis and bought tickets to the 2.10pm's 40 yr old virgin. Had lunch at the food court and i miss the food there already! The show's really corny especially the ending where they all danced like in Hindi movies. It's a super hilarious and relaxing show as well.. Had a great time watching it and crackling into laughter here and there.

Shopped in bugis junction and bugis village after the show. Then headed to Tan quee lan street to dine in tian tian steamboat. We really wanted to try the ma la soup base but theirs really disappointed us. Coz it's not spicy at all, and not the traditional one.. The corn ribs one is good though. Steamboat items quite little actually. Some really nice ones like the beef slices, wanton and fish slices.. But we got sick of them towards the end. I ate till my stomach bloated and got really queasy. Paid 50+ into total for the 2 of us.

Went home and watched dvd (tong meng qi yuan, the latest one by andy lau) and teevee till 12+ then knocked out. Woke up in the morning to watch the skeleton key with darling on dvd. Not bad, but not as thrilling as i'd expect it to be. Cooked potato, ham and egg salad for ourselves, with good thousand island!

And now darling's snuggling comfortably at his own place after going back with his parents at 3+..

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Too excited i can't sit still!

Wheee im so excited about tml!! Darling has taken tomorrow and also the day after off so that we can spend some time together ^^ I've already finish organising my stuff for the mini engagement at xiao gui lin in the morning. =)

He'll be so surprise with the ceremony i've planned tml. Even though he's already know about it. But he still doesn't know the full details of it!

Went to sch for FYP as usual today. Finished off the rest of the extraction of DNA steps. Sianz, need to prepare so many solutions. =( Anyhow, we'll jia you de!!

Met up with sandy at outram at 5 to go HSA donate our blood. One of the nurses there was so cranky that she kept on chatting with me and sandy. I took only 4 minutes plus to fill up 1 pack of blood. Cool! And she said it's fast hee` The nurses there were all very friendly. Done with blood donating in no time. Went to the cafe for refreshment. The chicken pie is nice whoa! Gotten our tickets to the halloween party too hee.

I'm really excited, in less than 2 hours, it'll be 5th year anniversary for dar and i. As the cliche goes, how time flies.. And we'll go back to the place tml, a place where he asked me that very important question =)

Night & sweet dreams, coz it'll be the case for me.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Not glad at all... hurhur

Went to sch for FYP today.. In the end, CYC told winnie and i that we need to change our extraction of genomic DNA method coz we don't have much results and the DNA yield is low. haihai~~!! Imagine more than a month of work and now we have to start from scratch. Imagine the pain and restlessness i felt back then. But no choice.. We gotta switch the method, if not we can only get a grade C or D for FYP...

I've managed to coax yixian and sandy to go to the halloween party!!! Wheee!! And winnie's joining us too. Muahaha =) I'm so excited about it!!! Dee, winnie and i were discussing about how we should dress up for the party. Witch? hee` And dee said he wanna be that retarded "Ah soon" in the Maid. heh I can't wait to go to the party!

Met up with sandy after FYP at 5 in outram park station. Walked over to HSA to find the bloodbank closed.. Grrr.. Should have find out the opening hours before going. Anyhow, we took a bus down to orchard coz i wanted to go to the library to stock up on novels. Shopped at kino, the latest book on the comics i'm collecting is still not out yet!! Ah, the horrors.

Shopped till 7+ before we headed back to our own cribs. ^^ hee` Gonna meet again tml to donate blood.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Stayed home weekend. ^^

Feeling quite empty now, coz waiting for nice movies to show and have finished watching bleach yesterday, so nothing to catch up on. hmmm`

Darling stayed over in camp to do duty on friday night till saturday morning. Told me that he'll go home to change first then come over to my place after that. But hmmm ended up that he came over at 9 to pull me out from slumberland. hai hai`

Spent the whole yesterday and today staying at home watching teevee and simply relaxing at my crib. Han was so crazy that he withdrew 50 bucks and spent half of it just making a round at those provision stores + bakeries beneath my block. hmmm` Think he must have been insane. Bought lotsa nice cakes and bread from the 2 new bakeries which just opened yesterday. Took home ice cream, titbits and chocolate too. And so he told me the balance left in his bank account.. And also that it's gonna be reduced to only 2 bucks after wednesday, which is our 5th year anni! ha`

I've been a couch potato for the whole weekend. Even attempt to woke up at 9 this morning to catch "The nightmare on Elm Street".. Hee` ^^ Caught a couple of nice chinese films as well and also other english films.

Had supper yester-night with chris and dar. Love the fish maw soup and pan fried dumplings over there ^^ I simply adore good food. Oh.. and my guy has the same hobby. Check out his paunch now!! =)
2 of us literary fought on both days. haha` Damn fun and cool o.O

And grrrr he's found out my surprise i'm gonna put up on coming wednesday. -.- Damn!!! All bcoz of the stupid Rainlender i've installed and allowed auto startup when windows logged in... Recording all my events on the calender aka mini engagement. Fiak! Now he knows about it.. But, i bet there's still some surprise contents left hurhur ^^ Leak it all out to u all after wednesday =) But Rainlender's real good. It organises ur to do list and also allows events for different dates to be computed and serves as reminders. Go download k =) Doesn't take up much space too. And ALOT of lovely skins are available for dl.

It's a cold day. And mum brewed herbal soup since morning and now it's all ready for dinner!! Wheee` I'm such a sucker for good food. Have a great evening ^^

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Food for the soul =) heh`

The best book i like most in the bible is the 1st corinthians ^^ Coz it speaks alot about L.O.V.E

Anyhow, here are some verses which can feed your soul and makes u a better and stronger person. Wishing that u too will enjoy these verses as much as i do =)

"When one finds a worthy wife, her value is far beyond pearls. Her husband entrusting his heart to her, has an unfailing prize."
Proverbs 31:10-11

"I may be able to speak the languages of human beings and even of angels, but if I have no love, my speech is no more than a noisy gong or a clanging bell. I may have the gift of inspired preaching; I may have all knowledge and understand all secrets; I may have the faith needed to move mountains-but if I have no love, I am nothing. I may give away everything I have, and even give up my body to be burned-but if I have no love, this does me no good."
1 Corinthians, 13:1-13

"Love never fails. But where there are propheccies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away."
1 Corinthians 14:1

"The few hours I spend with you are worth the thousand hours I spend without you!"

"Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine."
Song of Solomon 1:2

"Until the angels close my eyes, I can't imagine seeing life without you."

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
Hebrews 11:1

"There are three things that remain - faith, hope, and love - and the greatest of these is love."
1 Corinthians 13:13

"Pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and healthy to the bones."
Proverbs 16:24

"Let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth."
1 John 3:18

"Love is patient. Love is kind. It does not envy. It does not boast. It is not proud. It is not rude. It is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered. It keeps no record of wrong doing. It does not delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, trusts, hopes, perseveres."
1st Corinthians 13

"My beloved is mine and I am his."
Song of Solomon 2:16

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Virgin Clubbing Experience =)

Twas great! hehe` Alot of ppl backed out in the end. Hmmm` Such a pity.

Met up with wing for dinner at pastamania at 8+ .. Had my favourite fusilli pasta with clams and mussels. Went to shop for a while at Carrefour where i tried on alot of Halloween masks. Hee` Too bad sg ppl doesn't celebrate halloween, the only place where ppl celebrate is in clubs or children parties. ^^

Anyhow, we took a cab down to club momo, thinking tt we wun know how to walk from clarke quay anyway. In the end, we waited for dee and his 2 guy frens for quite some time before going into the club. Whoa. Saw alot of ppl - Ann Ling, my cousin, alot of other poly frens.

Got presale tics for the deja vu event then went into the live band room to order drinks. Chill out for a while before dee and i went to next door to dance. Quite self conscious at first coz didn't drink much and first time mah ^^ But i did loosen up quite abit in the end. Had lotsa fun dancing with dee. Went back into the live band room after that to accompany the 2 guys and wing. Wing and dee then bought this cigar to try. I tried too! hehe` But of course w/o even the experience of holding a cigarette in my hand, i tried the cigar and ended up coughing. lol` nice experience though. But never gonna try it again, coz i'll prolly end up sucking too hard or nothing at all =) Oh, and i refused to try cigarettes. Cigar makes me think twice. ^^

Dee and his frens then drove home at 12+, leaving wing and me, and rayn who just reached. 3 of us then shared 2 juggies of premium gin and vodka. Not bad! Finished it quite soon so that we can go over to next door to dance.

The music is real good!! =) hehe` Got us dancing for a long long while. When er... there was this guy who danced real close to me from my back. Like real close.. Rayn and Wing then told me "It's so obvious that he's interested in you" Er.. Then of course i appeared helpless lar.. Then Rayn proceeded to acknowledge me as his fren by holding my waist. Phew.. He then bugged off =)

Wing and i then went home at 2+.. And mum was waiting for me the whole night, with the front door opened ^^ Really sweet of her. And she was telling me how worried she was for me. So nice.

The whole clubbing experience was real good. But quite intimidating though, with guys leering and all. hurhur. Therefore it's best to have good guy frens who can protect u when u go clubbing ^^

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

So excited lalalalalalala ^^

Yesterday went to sch to do FYP for only a little while coz other group is using the PCR machine. Whole day somemore.. hmmm` So i can't run PCR for my samples.

Met up with yixian at 12pm at the bus stop opposite KAP. Reached there, ended up she was quite late. Saw Prakash there. So chatted for a long while with him. It's been a long time since we last chatted. We had such a great time during IAC back in year 1. So he told me he was on his way to Bedok to this factory to do his project. hee` I really miss the old days where we'd cruise the streets in town, asking ppl to buy ducks from us =) (For the Sg ducks' race)

Had lunch at yoshinoya with yixian after we reached taka. Tried their new bento set.. Not nice de. =( But i still love their beef stew. ^^ Visited kino and bought 2 comics for myself!! It's a continuation of the finished peach gurl series =) Long time since i last bought comics haha` Even forgotten that kinda mind fulfilling feeling i got from reading it hee`

Visited the whole storey of arty shops above kino. Tried to find the Decadry letterings i've been looking for but to no avail. So in the end, I got this stencil in Art Friend which cost friggin expensive!! Sad case, can't find the decadry at all. Hmph.

After we went shopping in some shops, it's already like 3+, so we left the area and took bus down to marina square to chat up with sandy in venezia ice cream store!! hehe` She told us to come before 4 so that she can serve us big mountain ice cream before she knock off at 4pm. And we did. Tried some flavours before yixian and i bought 2 flavours of ice cream in a cheaper 1 flavour cup. Mountain sized somemore! ^^ Benefits from a good buddy huh =)

Got super full after eating the enormous ice cream scoops. Went down to Sakae to eat somemore after sandy knocked off at 4. Ate my favourite cha soba!! ^^ Shopped around then went in separate ways coz yixian meeting her frens for pubbing and sandy and i back home.

Got home, read comics and watched bleach plus teevee the whole night. Slept well. hee` Am gonna spend the whole day at home to relax ^^ Going for dinner and clubbing with uu, dee, rayn and wing tonight!! So excited.. hee` =) My first ever experience!! wheeeeeeeee` Fill u bloggy in on the details tml! =)

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Chalet pictures`

Yep. I just transferred the shots taken at the chalet from the digicam to my lappy. Here goes.. Very few though, coz didn't bring it out to beach and all.

Image hosted by

Yixian and Sandy playing crazy taxi in our room. =)

Image hosted by

Sandy's younger sista (Candy) acting as a turtle.. omg. uber crap but cute leh

Image hosted by

Cam whoring with the pig blanket!!!

Image hosted by

And again!

Image hosted by

This is Yixian posing as the pig =)

Image hosted by

And this is me in the middle posing as the pig. hehe`

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

Flasher in progress-----

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

Is this a tray for dead corpses in the mortuary? Not?
Nah!!! This is the table for the catered food hehe`

Image hosted by

The catering van.

Image hosted by

Sandy's grandma and the duper bombastic haired baby

Image hosted by

Mandy's 3.5 kg chocolate birthday cake.


Alrighty tt's all ^^ Had a long day today. Sleepy too. Halfway done with the certificate of love, but heck! something cropped up with the letterings.. Can somebody teach me how to emboss letterings onto paper other than printing (DUH) and also the coloring of DECAdry onto paper? Wondering wad to do now... hehe ^^ My darling wun read my blog de.. So im quite safe hehe =

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Let's slog thru this new week ^^

It's been an awesome weekend. ^^

Had breakfast on last thursday morning with my mum at void deck's coffeeshop. Spent a good deal of time chatting with momma, i think it took about 1 and a half hours before we decided to leave for home. heh` Mom wanted me to take the day off so that the whole fam can go out together =)

So i told winnie about it and she said why not, since she's tired too. haha` And so we did. lol` Then my mum got so happy that she was practically smiling all the way after i told her. Ray, his gf, dylan and danielle, my mum and me then went to Choa chu kang Farmer's mart to look around for a puppy to adopt as Mrs jacky (wife of my jack russell)

Headed down to pasir ris farmway after CCK.. Went to a couple of pet farms but still couldn't make up our mind coz we didn't have Jacky with us, thus cannot find a dog suitable for him. Shopped till 5+ before we went home coz all the pet farms are closed. Was so tired that all of us slept in the car, with dylan sticking so close to me ^^

Friday went back to sch for FYP. Didn't managed to do silver staining coz we haven't perform the selective primer amplification before that. So we did some stuff till 3+ before we headed home to rest. Showered and rest then packed for chalet.. Reached pasir ris station at 7+ and met up with yixian, bought some stuff before sandy's dad came to pick us up.

The chalet in Changi is very deserted and quiet. It's one of those 1 storey government chalets, equipped with 4 rooms, a living room and a kitchen plus dining room. Quite big lar, but i still dun like it coz it's quite far from facilities and beach. Spent 2 nights there. 1st night bbq and the 2nd night buffer catered to celebrate mandy's (sandy's sista) 21st birthday. Spent the first night playing dai dee and uno with 'oh-my-god' (who's only 12 yrs old and real good at it) and also san and yx plus other ppl.

Nothing much to do so went to sleep. On saturday morning, the 3 of us went down to the Changi beach, courtesy of sandy's dad who drove us down. It's been like a few years since i last went there. Hee such fond memories, for the few times we had our chalet there!!

Sandy and i waded in the water for a while and also chatted with each other with yixian sitting on the beach. Had prawn chee cheong fun at the coffeeshop nearby. So nice!!! hee` Then headed down to 7-11 to get kinder surprise and dark chocolate for mandy ^^

Had nice buffet and also big chocolate cake in the night to celebrate mandy's birthday. Spent a great deal of time chatting with yx and san till 2+.. About anatomy of body and also alot others hee` Knocked out after that.. Coz no programs at all and nobody's gungho enough to accompany me to recce Old Changi Hospital, which is just 3 minutes walk away. =( Sad..

Left the chalet with yx on Sunday morning, then met up with darling in tampines mall. Had breakfast together at bk before heading home to rest. Spent the day watching bleah, teevee and also napping at home. Well fulfilled weekend hee` ^^

Starting of a new week.

Went to sch for FYP. Winnie bought me a really nice souvenir from Genting ^^ hehe i like! =) Thanks for getting me stuff for the 2 m'sia trips in one week u went too. hehe` After which yiu yiu and xiao ling came to the lab to find winnie and i =) Agreed to go Ikea together coz i needed to get an A4 size frame for some use. *ahem* So in the end, xiaoling went home coz she was too tired. And the 3 of us went down to Ikea to shop at 5+. Went cranky there heh` Had nice hot dog with lotsa mustard. Shopped around for a few hours and got a nice frame plus a potted plant for my mum.

Whoa it's gonna be a long week. =( With all those nasty experiments to do.. Haik Haik!

Enjoy everyone! Im just too lazy to pin up shots of the chalet from my digicam. Shall do it say er.. when i feel like it. wheee

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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

yay i scored my highest!!!

Wheeeee` I scored my highest on classic solitaire! 9299 pts *grinz* hehe` I also didn't noe i did it. Just clicked like crazeeee.

Babysit danielle and dylan in the morning today. I even prepared milk for them haha` Got experience le, so that i won't panic in future ^^ No choice have to wake up early to look after them coz the whole family went over to 3rd aunt's place to move her sofa, coffee table and dining table set over to our place. Of course by replacement of our old old furniture =) All's nice and well.. Now i get a brand new feeling at home. hee`

Oh, and i've also gotten a set of electronic hair styler from my cousin. Consisting of 4 kinds of metal plates for styling of hair - straight, waves, deep waves and micro crimp. I love the micro crimp!!! And im so gonna try it haha` It looks like erm... small tiny waves in hair.. Something u'll see after u sleep with ur small braids for a night. I'm gonna do some experimenting hehe`

Met up with sandy and yixian in lot 1 to sing k from 2-7 pm. Had great time singing all the old old duets and also soulful songs from shi kang jun (current favourite!) and coco lee.

Then hooked into darling's arms at 7.. Walked around lot 1 and had korean food for dinner hee` =) Shopped around for a while before we compromised that he only sent me to woodlands before he head back to lakeside - his home. Coz he wanted to send me home. But imagine journey from CCK, to YCK, then back to lakeside.. hmmm... So permitted only halfway! ^^

Had a great day off from FYP. hee` I hope winnie enjoyed her trip to JB too!

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Feeling quite relaxed and accomplished =)

The past week had been a struggle with final year project. Winnie and i have finally gotten the gist of silver staining. We finally ran thru the whole procedure. From extraction of DNA from orchids, restriction digestion, AFLP and then running of urea gel and silver staining at the end. Whoa. =) Quite happy leh hehe`

Spent alot of time with family over the weekend. Went over to dar's place for dinner on friday. A very impromptu thingy, resulting in darling's mum's "gabra-ness", trying to find more stuff to cook. My apologies. hehe` Waited in dar's place for him till 6+ when he finally reached home from camp. Had dinner, and stayed there till 10 plus while waiting for ray to fetch us home wheeeeeeee` coz he was on his way to fetch dylan and danielle as well =)

Bought supper from the market near dar's place. It was a great supper! Just imagine 10 of us gathering together around the coffee table in the living room for supper =) Damn nice experience hee`

Wheee the cable tv at home has been changed into a digital one! Now there're 2 digital set-up boxes, (1 in living room and 1 in my room) and 1 analog one in my brother's rm. It's so great, can chat and play games as well on it. Then have also some other extra channels like HBO plus also synopsis of all the programmes and also guide. ^^

Dar and i slept at 2+ after staying to chat and watch tv as usual. hee` Woke up early next morning wanting to go either sentosa/east coast. But in the due to laziness, both of us stayed at home the whole day haha` Watched BLEACH together and also visit to KFC for my favourite bandito!!! =) Had a rendezvous in amk garden as well hehe`

Had a good dinner with chilli crab, oat prawns, fried birthday mee and also veggie coz it's ray's gf's bday.. =) Ray, chermaine, chris, dar and i then went down to this nice prata shop in serangoon at 12+. Ordered milo dinosaur and Bom prata for myself. Sooo nice!! Sweet sweet de haha` Had a great time.. Reached home, darlin concussed coz he's gotta go back to camp for duty the next day. Watched abit of darkness falls till 2+ then cannot take it anymore and off to lalaland.

Sent darling off to camp this morning, then went back to sleep again till 12+.. So nice to just lie down on the soft soft bed and dream. Did research on island getaways the whole day and finally found great bargain of 105 bucks for air tic to Krabi and also only 30 bucks per person for twin sharing room 2 nights. But in the end didn't gather enuff ppl coz dee, rayn, wing and elaine cannot make it. Sad uh.

The day spent at home was very relaxed and carefree. Reading a good novel, watching bleach, watching teevee and surfing net. Feeling very happy now =)

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