Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Please grant me another peaceful working day.

Work as usual was extremely boring and mundane. But.. i really need to tolerate till at least july and then calculate my finances!!! hai. Damn sad. Luckily i was quite cheered up during lunch coz had lunch in maxwell today. Ate small wok noodle and mr bean soya bean drink! I wanna try their steamed dumplings next time. I've even da bao fried bananas home for my mummy. And she complained so much coz it was ex and she can cook even better ones haha`

Yesterday after work i went down to orchard to destress. Returned and borrowed books from the library then went ahead to shop for a while. Saw the Kappa Brazil jersey i've wanted to get soooooo much.. But the design wasn't very nice leh. Still got it coz i love brazil!!! Gonna root for them and awaiting the World Cup Germany 2006 so badly hehe`

2 more days to go before i can see my love. Life's tooo boring, i need to get a new job.

Money makes the world go round.. My current goal now is to work till the Friday before my birthday in July, then quit so that i can enjoy my birthday with my lover (Rendezvous!) And also to save as much money as i can so that i can provide mummy money when she goes to Indonesia for a mth in july and also for my own spendings after i quit.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` I hope my life will get better, coz im gonna get bored out of my work real soon.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm soooooo damn bored i wanna kick ass!!!

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Green forest my home doesn't have new uploaded episodes.. And my job is really getting bored nowadays..

Though im really excited tt i've found a new lunch companion - JingYun!!!! haha` Anyway.. hai... I must endure!!

keke dun wanna type le.. Still on the fone with my lover.. muahahhaa`

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Life is good, believe it.

Haven't been blogging for a wk, quite unlike me huh. Really quite slack at work these days it's boring me out totally.. Coz if there're no shipping docs or weight claims from other countries, i'll be rotting myself away and trying to act busy. Grrrr i hate it when i have nth to do. I really wanna quit soon, can't stand stagnant office jobs.

Darling just went home a while ago, went out of my home together, then i went to amk central to get slippers for work coz my new puppy bit my old working slippers.. haiks! In the end i settled for this strappy sandals which looks rather good and i like it even better when i tried it at home again. Did some grocery shopping as well in amk central. And now, i miss my love so much already. hai..

He bunked over at my place since friday night till today. And really took care of me very well coz i was having flu, mild fever and sore throat yesterday. Restricted all my food intake and made sure i take my medicine on time and take plenty of rest and water. haha He nursed me back to health, and now, im able to eat calbee chips, thanks to him! =X I really miss him. 5 more days to go to be able to see him.. hmmmmmmm` Can't imagine how my eyes will twinkle and light up when i see him heheh`

Check this out, a new member of our family - female JRT! Really dunno wad to name her. hmmm... Furby? She's really small and active, super adorable. She has a black and white face and purely white torso, although now i really wonder why small black dots are starting to appear around her stomach and legs... Don't tell me she'll grow up to have spots like dalmatians?

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And right here are the shots i've taken of the view from my office, the harbour/sea/sky. Really good.

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=World Book Fair 2006=

Sandy and i visited the book fair on friday after work.. We had dinner first at this restaurant which serves food tt's not bad, 'cept tt the jelly tastes like cough syrup.. The book fair was bad. Or rather "is". Oh man dunno whether we went on the 1st day tt's why it's so lousy or that it was meant to be like tt. Oh boy, it's really miserable, unless u're a person who speaks of chinese artsy books. If not, the chances of getting what u really want is small. Sandy managed to get a few novels she thinks is worth reading. But i only got 1 novel, one of the shopaholic series haha quite lucky ar..

I've also gotten a gundam seed destiny sketchbook for darling. We hung around the place till 9+ before we walked to carrefour and managed to board the last shuttle bus. hmmm`

Some of the pics we took..

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Ciaoz. Keep safe.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Oh no, one more day left for weekend =(

And a few more hrs to spend with darling. hehe` But he's still sleeping! lol

I haven't read dan brown's the da vinci code novel , so i find the movie quite good coz it keeps ppl in suspense. Anyhow in real life, the holy grail is just the cup and in my opinion shouldn't be worth seeking out for since it's only a cup. It's the true meaning and significant of it during the last supper that it was used for Jesus to serve red wine and it being represented as his blood. Other than that, the cup itself is meaningless. Oh, and the lead actress' pretty too. ^^ The flick is also quite witty ^^

I wanna catch X men and over the hedge!!! X men's showing as sneaks now this weekend, but dun think i'll be going to watch today.. hmmmmm`

After darling and i caught the movie ytd afternoon, we went down to orchard and collected the danielle steel novel i've reserved from the library. Wanted to get the Time Traveller's Wife novel from kino.. But held back coz it's kinda costly. hai and now im regretting it. I like it alot!!! hehe`

We then had lunch in town and shopped around for a while before going back to my place and renting vcds and simply bummed around. Watched Scary Movie 4 le, i think scary movie 3 is much better than the 4th one.. coz the 4th one focused too much on getting all different scenes of the different movies, so it's quite incoherent and not as funny as the 3rd one... hmmmm

I feel quite glad that my love and i are getting on fine after all these years and very much passionately in love. I hope it'll be the same for the others as well. Take care all, and keep safe. ^^

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

ROFL!!!! Check this out!!!

I decided to try my hubby's name and here goes! The very first one generated hahahahhahaa

OMG damn cute...

Super Shihan is Almost Here.

WAHAHAHHAa Wadaya think? lol`

keke outz.

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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Angela.

That's the slogan for my name i've gotten from this webby!

Haha good for a few seconds of amusements. ^^

Washing Machines Live Longer With Angela.

the 2nd one -.-

Ask the Man From the Angela.


An Angela Is Forever.

Wah lao.. cannot go on any further le. haha`

Quite an incoherent post.. Anyhow, it's an hour to da vinci code's flick!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` And my hubby's still snoring away!! Aye aye, i go bath le ^^ Still wanna go and collect my reserved novel frm orchard library later. ^^ Btw.. i still love the 1st slogan, which is this post's title. ^^

Good day and keep safe everyone

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Gourmet experience...

Yesterday i had really good food!! haha` My manager took me out for lunch in Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. Had a short viewing the rooms and also the conference facilities session. Was under dressed coz i was wearing a pair of denim 3 quarts and a black top. -.- The place is really very nice, coz it's kinda like a new hotel.

We then had lunch together with the sales manager is the restaurant in the hotel, which served international buffet. The food is extremely good, especially the wellington beef, sashimi, sushi and they even have various cheeses (which i happened to love!). The desserts are also very good, and they're really famous for their bread and butter pudding hehe` Wah super full hehe`

Oh and it's my first time i've tried raw oysters! Added alot of tobasco and lemon juice, and only dared to try it coz it's not as humongous as the ones i've seen b4. Not bad lar, but not fantastic as well...

After the lunch, we went back to office to work... Then I met up with my parents and chris in amk central after work and had dinner together with them.. Dined in Sumo restaurant, the food really improved alot but still nt very nice haha` Took cab back after tt. Hee i love my fam!


Work is not as strenuous now as it used to be for the past few days coz the april accounts has closed, finally. And now i wanna rush out all my weight claims and supplier invoices before the mth end, so the work wun be stacking up, and i can help my colleagues on their work as well. ^^

My hubby came to fetch me from work today! ^^ He waited outside the entrance so faithfully haha` Supposed to have buffet dinner in pastamania then catch the da vinci code after tt, but the tickets for the show is running out in most GV places.. So we reckon it'd be better to watch tml instead. Thus we've booked tickets using AXS for tml morning's show in Bishan J8, and we're allocated the last row! haha` darn cool. ^^

We then had dinner buffet in Pastamania, only CPF building in CBD has haha~ Not bad lar, but super fulling.. the small dishes not that nice though... hmmmm` Well well, everyone, lol CBD has really good food, especially amoy and maxwell market. ^^ After the really full diner, we walked all the way to raffles place train station and headed for my place =)

I'm really looking forward to tml's show!! T.G.I.F Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` More quality time to spend with my lover.

Happy 67th Mth Anniversary!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The different stages of everything...

Firstly, let's break down the topic and apply it to coffee beans. The company im working in now deals with the trading of commodities like coffee beans, cocoa beans and cotton. We always get to smell the lovely smells of the roasting of raw green coffee beans.

To me, the roasting of coffee beans goes thru several processes and produces different smells. (I'm in the cotton department so i noe nuts abt it.) The smell firstly came off as popping popcorns smell, then it evolved into a super nice sweet smelling chicken roasting smell, afterwhich it comes to the last stage where it smells really jia lat, like chao da smell. hmmmmm`

And as it's applied to us humans, (i'll save all the long windedness abt baby to now..) some of us have even become working adults now, well independent and all. And my major task now is to provide for my mum (heck my dad! hahaha =X) and to make sure she lives comfotably and happy as well.

The dogs that i've lived with come and go. But the longest a good fren has been with me is 16 years - Beethoven. RIP my love! I've built a warm and snug home for u in my heart. ^^ And now, i have here with me another new member of the family - Jessie. haha` Just bought this 3 mths old female jack russell, as a wife for jacky, my male jack russell haha` I really think she looks like a cow =X wahhaha`

Anyhow, i'm really glad!


Got back to work today, really feeling quite bad at first, weak and all, but kinda warmed up to it in the afternoon. Thanks to colleagues who cared about me. hee` ^^ Good lunch at Amoy street cured my fever lol! Bittergourd fish mee sua soup.. *slurps

My goal now is to work doubly hard and also nt to shop too much, must save up my money and give at least 300 to mummy for her july's indonesia trip! Aye aye, shall go snack nougats now, damn nice!!! ex too haha`

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I think im stressed out...

I took a day off today, and mummy accompanied me to the polyclinic to visit the doc. =( Had fever as well as mild flu. hai` Actually im feeling quite fit, but dun think i can last thru'out the day if im at the office, coz there're just too many things to do. I really hate doing accruals, especially with the month end closing as well. Just finished my own stuff and had to help out with colleagues with their stuff as well. No choice...

So yea lor, quite stressed out and kinda dreaded going work today, so i stayed in. Ended up spending my whole morning and half an afternoon in amk central with mummy, jalan jalan.

Soooo many good movies to watch coming mid May!!! Da vinci code, over the hedge, x men, and alot of others in june as well!!! haha` Damn cool lol` I've even had my cell phone theme changed to that of the da vinci code. ^^v Plus GSS is coming too!! Man i can feel my moolah all wanting to run out of my fake Chanel wallet wahahha` Women are the most luxurious creatures on earth, dun cha think so?

I wanna work hard for 1 more month, then i can kinda relax and enjoy in july =)

My boy is really good to me. His comforting words really makes me feel better, especially so coz he isn't a washy mushy guy. wahhaha` I can't wait for friday to come, counting down 3 days. ^^

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Weekend's over..

I had a great weekend! Went out with mummy to toa payoh on saturday to go shop shop. Had lunch at macdonalds coz she felt like eating cheeseburger hehe` We then walked around toa payoh central. And i've even bought a pair of pink pants even after the major shopping spree on friday lol`

Walked around pasar malam and then rest in the kopitiam when i ran off to get sharks' fins frm the pasar malam for mummy and i. And when we eat it in the kopitiam, there were 2 occasions when ppl came and asked us where we got it from haha` Took bus back in the end coz very difficult to wait for cab.

Darling rushed down to my place after i reached home coz he said that he really missed me alot. Even took a cab down haha` So kua zhang. lol` We then spent quality time the whole of saturday afternoon till erm.. this morning? Coz darling stayed over from saturday night till this morning and went straight to camp from my place. I already miss him now =(

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shot taken at my place, haha i luv this pic alot!

Darling has taken friday (19th) off! And he said he'll come and fetch me from work! hehe` Happy 67th Month Anniversary! ^^ Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee`

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Retail therapy darn sure works!

Met up with beloved darling on thursday in toa payoh after work. Had dinner at our favourite jap place and as usual, ordered alot haha` Bought more than $20+ of confectionary and cakes from crystal jade and breaktalk. hmmmm` Then gotten really tired so we took a cab home.

We then hung out at my place thru the night and darling stayed overnight as well.

Wahahha` I had a great time with my sistas yesterday. Met up with sandy and yixian at city hall interchange at 11am. We then went to excelsior hotel for dim sum buffet. Today was especially expensive, coz of mother's day weekend wahhaha` But anyway, we enjoyed the food alot.

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Me and yixian taken in the restaurant.

Afterwhich we went to raffles city to start our shopping frenzy. First stop at Esprit, where we each bought a top. Then hung around raffles city before we rested well at Starbucks. I tried their new banana mocha, not bad haha` Sat down on the couches and just chat our life away.

Then the 3 of us took train to dhoby gaut. Visited This Fashion in the station control itself coz i really wanna get a cheap jacket for grad. haha` In the end i really got one, really very nice hehe` Went ahead to ps, and shopped again. I got my first make up kit in John Little haha` All thanks to the super helpful salesgirl, who helped me get the stuff most suitable for me and also telling me i need wad and all. Not bad, the Maybelline cosmetics very cheap haha, coz they still have 20% discount.

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The 3 of us!

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I look very cock eye here..

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I've also gotten hair dye for mum's grey hair as well, so that she'll look pretty b4 she goes indonesia hee ^^ Not gonna get mummy a present for mothers' day le, coz i've already given her alot of money, and she doesn't like bird's nest and all, and already have alot of herbal wine at home. hmmmmm` Somemore i'm already very nice to her everyday outside of mothers' day, always getting her stuff when i go out. hehe` Wahahhaha`

I've spent alot of moolah yesterday, more than 130 haha` But i'm really happy and dun feel guilty at all! lol` Chris has given me sony ericsson k750i to use wahahha` I'm super ecstatic lol. Good camera, good music, good games on the go. hahaha` What more can i ask for. =)

Good day everyone!

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Good ole lover.

Weekend spent with my love makes me feel the most happiest of all my days! haha` We simply just bunk out at my place, eat, watch tv and dvds, played mmorpg, shopped in supermarts and bought DAMN lotsa stuff. haha` Muacks love him the most!!

These 2 days at work were really busy, trying our best to submit the accruals to accounts for april. Argh.. I hate it when we have to do accruals. Really gets on our nerves coz it's sooo terrible.

But going home to a good dinner spread makes the whole day's hard work all worthwhile, thanks to my mum hehe` I haven't been cooking lately except on weekends and i missed it sooo much. hmmmmmm` Just went to get softgrain wholemeal bread for all my breakfasts haha` Really addicted to it now. Gotten honey roasted peanut butter last weekend, love chunky the most, but my mum doesn't have much teeth haha, so i got her a small bot of creamy peanut butter just now.

I'm in a holiday mood now! Really awaiting friday to come, so that i can hang out with my beloved dearies! *hugz wahahhaha` Wan dan le, super high now haha` I love to count down to weekend, and be optimistic about everything.

Everyone enjoy!

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Gourmet Journey... *Winks

Wheeeeeeeee` life's amazingly great and darn cool. Went on a gourmet journey ytd and today. For lunch yesterday during work, coz it's the last day of many colleagues, some from usa, shanghai and also vietnam, therefore we went down to lau pa sat. Gotten our own food and after which juliana, diana and i went down to Subway to get cookies and also super nice barley drink from ya kun. ^^

As for dinner, i went home quite early and didn't have to teach tuition so i went for dinner with mummy at the hawker centre. Love their bittergourd fried fish soup with rice. ^^ Shared a bowl of cheng teng for dessert as well. hehe` I've been very generous lately, giving my mum money as and when i feel like. haha` Well, as long as she's happy, and i'll be too =)

For lunch today, Juliana and i walked to Tanjong Pagar market and queued about half an hour for hot-from-e-oven muffins!!! haha` In the end we bought a total of 3 boxes, 6 muffins in each haha` 1 box for me, 1 box for her, and the other for office. I've tried the banana walnut muffin in the office, soooooo lovely!!! haha` I've gotten 2 cheese, 2 blueberry and also 2 choc chips muffins for my family.

They have soooo many flavours, too bad they ran out of my favourite cranberry~ I wanna go back and queue again WAHAHAH`

Was quite busy these few days in office, all because of April Accruals.. I hate doing Accruals for Accounts. And Ralf's hot on mingtsan's heels all the time, making me feel so sorry for her. Hai no choice.. We just have to endure during work, believing in ourselves that we can make it everyday and be optimistic enough. And when im not, my support is always there for me - my hubby.

Just had a hair cut just now after work. ^^ Feeling refreshed now hahah` ok back to more tv and resting! Wheeeeeeeeee`

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Time to start working hard now

Met up with sandy yesterday noon in Bugis to get her red velcro shoes in bugis street. In the end, both of us really reaped alot of bags and spent a helluva great time. We had lunch in a bistro in the 2nd level of bugis street. Quite a good place for chilling out and also very affordable. And the pasta servings are large too, even though not very nice.

Shopped in bugis street then at bugis junction. Sandy gotten a pair of shoes and slippers, a pair of pants and long necklace and i've gotten a bag which is made in korea, a long skirt, pearl white long necklace and a belt. Really laden and with stuff and face with wide grin as well coz the feeling is too darn great.

Hung out at hubby's darling's place after tt and had dinner there as well. I then went back home first coz empress dowager aka my momma didn't want me to go home too late coz hubby still has tuition till 8.30 and she knew tt i'd be tired. So i went home at about 6pm and darling came over at about 10 and stayed overnight.

Prolly gonna have tuition this whole week coz it's mid yr for ah long. Just gave my mum some money just now, think i'll give more to her tml when i get my tuition pay. Coz i wan her to be happy! ^^ hee`

I wanna work hard and earn more money!

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Civil war

Anyone who's ever read Julius Caesar will know of the mental civil war inside a man's mind. I'm under emotional turmoil now, so much so that i had to try so hard not to cry and it makes me extremely breathless.

My love's met with a big ordeal now, i really hope we can get over it hand in hand. I just want to draw him into a big hug and give him all the warmth and assurance he needs so much right now. Granting him the wits and strength to get over it. Take good care my love, im always with you no matter what. I know i can't do anything to help, but i'll impart to you all my mental strength, because you're the man of my life.

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