Sunday, November 30, 2008

Virgin trip to Dempsey

Yay! Haven't been working for the past 4 days? hehe` 3 days of standby and i didn't get activated for flight and it's my day off today ^^

On Thursday, i reached home at 5am. Thanks to dearest who came and fetched me home after i touched down. =)

On Friday, i went out with dearest for supper at 9pm. In the end we decided not to catch a movie. Instead, we went to explore Dempsey Road since we've never been there.

Drove around and found the more popular area other than the Minden Road.

Decided to choose DOME since we're both familiar with it. Before that we went shopping in Jones the Grocer. hee` Very nice concept. Wanna try it someday. ^^

When we DOME, love and i ordered Ice Cafe Latte, Ice Mocha and gelato, Hawaiian Pizza and also Beef Lasagne.

We were showed to these leather couch seats which were extremely comfy! ^^ Dearest with his Ice Mocha with Gelato.

Me with my Ice Cafe Latte

Love their cups hehe .. erm.. or rather their cup holder =) Who wouldn't like a cuppa nice expensive ice coffee. =)

Love their deco cuz it's very american bistro like. Enjoyed chatting with dear on these couch seats about everything under the sun.

Dearest checking out the deco. hee`

Love's Beef Lasagne

My Hawaiian Pizza. In the end i devoured half only. hehe leaving the other half for love.

Love's having such fun.......

Company was darn great! Slacked there for quite a while and checked out the other places. Ben & Jerry's together with this bistro call CA? And they've got a live band there, shall go and try out their food next time ^^ But it's rather crowded there so yup, if u wanna chill out in a lesser crowd place, go to DOME?


Last night i went down to Bugis to try and finish up dear's surprise but didn't managed cuz i couldn't find the shop!! The place has changed so much omg. Anyway, I got a pair of jeans for dearest from Topman. He came over to my place after his dinner to try it out. And hehe it looks good on him. =) phew

He stayed until almost 1am as we watch Forensic Heroes II together. =) hehe` And im missing him tonnes already.

Woke up early this morning to head to the market to buy breakfast and some groceries. Set the Radish and carrot pork ribs soup to brew since morning. *slurps Love's coming over for dinner and i can't wait to see him! ^^

Did quite abit of housework too. hehe Now i wanna relax, watch Forensic Heroes II and maybe read my novel.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008


I feel like im an ant on a hotpan.. Trying to work out ideas for Winnie's and Dan's birthday presents. =( Hmmmmmmmm` And somemore for dan's birthday celebration. It's like neither here nor there. Cuz im bombarded with alot of ideas in my mind, felt like little brain cells fighting up there over which ideas can reign. =(

Surfing non stop and i really can't stop once i've started. hmmmmm` Rather excited though x)

Watched until the 14th episode of the HK series - Forensic Heroes II. Very nice. ^^ Very intriguied and didn't left me feeling restless halfway at all. ^^ Not even willing to leave my comfy leather seat in front of the lappy.

Hoping i can continue to brainstorm the ideas tml and not having to get activate for flight. =(

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Monday, November 24, 2008

It's back to red nail polish again

Bah` Back to work tomorrow again. But hmmm no worries. I'll get the hang of it sooner or later. and i'm not affected at all by my colleagues spreading the word that i was suspended. Glad i'm a person who doesn't care much about gossip.

On Saturday night, i went back home for dinner and love went out for steamboat with his family. Rest for a while before i head out again. Dan drove me us over to Dbl O and we met up with Rachel and Ronald, Ailing and Ming Xiang. ^^ Took some hennessy shots and tequila pops. Played a couple of fist games which i was rather slow at.. o.O So yup got penalised quite abit.

Then we started to warm up quite a little cuz the songs before weren't nice.. Wonder what happened to all those nice retro songs.. Ailing's friends came over as well and again the girls drank somemore cuz they kept giving us tequila shots.

Danced until about 3+ when the rest wanted to go to St James cuz Ailing's bottle's expiring soon. Dan drove the whole lot of us to St James when the both of us decided we didn't wanna join them as we were much too tired cuz we woke up at 6am.. o.O And so we headed back home. ^^

It was a fun night, especially since we haven't club with ailing in a long time after she broke off with alex.

Love the girls ^^ Ailing, me and Rachel the soon to be Mrs Tay.

And and and... i felt sexy tt night too. hehe and the girls said i look good. Cuz i wore this black halter dress bare back and held together by this gold chain. =)) Wheeeee hehe`

Yesterday, which was Sunday, i stayed home the whole day, finished watching hana kimi jap and read my novel. Had zi char dinner with my family downstairs, not too bad cuz it's rather tasty and cheap. ^^ Didn't meet dearest cuz he went out the whole day, busy making the final touches to the present he's making for me. o.O

Stayed home today too and watched series and read novel again. Headed out for dinner with love. Been wanting to take him to Ichiban Sushi for a very long time cuz the food's rather nice and affordable. In the end i made him a fan of Ichiban sushi muahahah`

Ran some errands cuz he needed to print some pictures of the both of us and also get a box for the stuff he's made for me. And i chose the box myself lor.. Fancy helping him to choose my own present. Bah`

I love to spend time with dearest. Cuz even if it's just a simple dinner, we can have so much fun together just by chatting. I really feel connected to him and i guess that's why we both kinda feel we can be like this for quite a while ^^


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Sunday, November 23, 2008

im bored =(

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

A step ahead into the future ^^

Yay! Gonna go dbl o soon with dan, rach, ron and ailing. ^^ Gonna have loads of fun with the gurls. muahahha`

Woke up ultra early this morning and met up with dan to go to HDB Hub. Had breakie before tt and went to the showrooms for Punggol Arcadia. First ever experience and totally excited hehe` After solving some enquiries that we have, we applied for it. Cross our fingers and wait for the ballot hehe`

After which we totally had nothing to do, drank a cup of bubble tea before heading back to his place to watch tv and slack. I caught up on my novel while love's gaming and hehe it's very very entertaining and witty ^^ Dan and i then separately have our dinners with our families.

I had pizza hut pizzas for both lunch and dinner cuz dan's bro ordered for lunch and my brother ordered it for dinner. o.O Hmmmmmm` Still have one whole pizza sitting there which is untouched. hehe`

Well i gotta go shower before dan text me when he's done with dinner.. ^^

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Friday, November 21, 2008

An extremely happy little girl.

20th November (thursday) - BFF's outing

I met up with Sandy at Somerset station control at 1pm. We had lunch in Cineleisure's KFC before we headed to Kbox to start our singing session. It was great fun cuz we were singing all the old songs and even chose some english songs which is inclusive of a couple of oldies like "Tell Laura I Love Her".

Jingyun managed to join us at about 4pm. And we had a crazeeee time together, especially the last couple of songs before we finished our slot at 7pm. =))

Jingyun can't wait to put on the shawl i bought for her from cambodia. hee`

The above shot was taken cuz they were both so jealous of my lashes cuz a shadow was cast when the light falls down on them. hehe` Well they're original. muahahah`

As usual Sandy doesn't like to take pictures. hehe`

haha totally love spending time with each other =)

See! Sandy can use her tongue to touch her nose.. Scary

After the KTV session, we headed to Kinokuniya cuz Sandy wanted to find a novel by J.D. Robb. In the end she didn't get the book cuz the paperback's not out yet. But i got a novel instead cuz the paperback's out! =X hmmmmmm` Really should buy a bigger bookshelf already. lol`

Dined in Crystal Jade Korean Cuisine cuz we really missed the food alot. Thinking about it makes me wanna go back again. Totally worth the money and the food's really good!

We ordered a set meal for 2 where u can choose to BBQ the meat ourselves or let them do it. Of course we did it ourselves. hee`

We've also ordered the Fried Vermicelli with pork cuz it's extremely good. ^^ In the end we took a long while to finish the food cuz we were totally full. Very worth it. hehe`

6 side dishes.. non refillable. hehe` But tasted rather nice. ^^

Marinated pork and chicken. Set comes with beef and chicken but Jingyun can't take beef. ^^

Nice picture ^^ Though i was holding the bean sprouts for quite some time with my chopsticks.

Sandy with the only side dish she ate out of the 6 - Braised egg.

Great shot of Jingyun and me painstakingly cooking the meat. =) Think we look rather nice here, anticipating the meat to be cooked. hehe`

Yay done!

We forgot to take a picture of the Fried Vermicelli hehe this was what's on my plate ^^ Very good!

The Seafood & Tofu Kimchi soup already half polished hee` =) Very very extremely shiok!

haha JY, stop looking at my breasts. hmmmmm

Me feeding JY my last slice of meat cuz hers was kept away by the waitress =( Well food was great but the waitresses weren't attentive cuz they didn't ask if we've finished eating before they kept away our plates.. Not polite at all..

Fruits - part of the set meal.

Since Sandy doesn't like to take pictures, we especially like to take pictures of her hehe`

Didn't get to try their Korean Ginseng chicken soup cuz Sandy doesn't drink it and we were afraid we can't finish it hehe` But it's also extremely good cuz we tried it the other time.

See how Sandy waves frantically when we were bored and taking random pictures..

After dinner we walked around Taka and to the MRT station. Saw the christmas decorations and they're soooooooo nice ^^ hehe`


We found these lollies super cute... so............

JY tries to lick it..

And i want so much to bring it home!

21st November (Friday)

Stayed home to 'nua' for the 1st half of the day. Watched hana kimi, read novel.. hehe` Wanted to go out and dragged all the way till 3pm. In the end Chris and i headed to Sim Lim Square cuz i need to get my digicam and chris needed to get a thumb drive.

I've gotten a life insurance which grants me a digicam as well. But it's not as good so i've upgraded to a Samsung one which has face detection, image stabilizer and uses a lithium batt and of higher megapixel at just 40 bucks. And upgraded the memory card from 2GB to 4GB as well. ^^ AND MOST IMPTLY, IT'S RED IN COLOR AND MUCH MORE SLEEK! MUAHAHAH~

Totally happy hehe` No more blur pictures! Now it'll be better looking ones.. hee` Of course cannot be compared with SLR cameras ^^ Chris gotten his thumb drive too and we've both bought a Logitech mouse each.

Headed to Bugis Village to shop after tt cuz i wanna get my dream sandals! Didn't manage to find them in the whole of Far East the other day. And in the end i've gotten myself 2 pairs of sandals. ^^ hehe Of which one of them is my dream one! Wheeeeeeeeeeee` Had dinner in QQ noodles before we went back home.

I've ordered fried vermicelli which was quite average but serving was huge.

Chris' fried Ramen.

We shared a small hotpot soup as well.. and a serving of fried squid which wasn't nice at all.

Well i still miss the one in Hong Kong =X

In the end i couldn't finish my vermicelli at all =( So sinful to waste so much food..

And im truly happy i've had a great great day!!!!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee` Red camera..... Wheeeeeeeeeeee.... Finally have a camera to call my own yay`

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