Friday, November 28, 2003

too lazy too blog these days.. i've already lost the momentum.. been working these entirely week, will be getting my pay tml.. life has been fulfilling, and i've been enjoying myself.. but seriously, i hate getting up so early everyday. literary dragging myself out of bed everyday at 6. have also been sleeping late recently. hmm.. will catch up on my precious time after shagging out this whole wk. bought 24 bucks worth of ice cream frm this guy who went frm door to door.. lolz.. hmmm.. buy 9 magnum get 9 solero split free..lolz.. so we've got the freezer compartment overpop coz of the 18 sticks of ice cream.. jeez~ well i've been successful in pushing back all the textbks to the rear end to make way for the sec 1 books which are comin soon.. everything's been peaceful today even though leaf is nt there. well at least the freaking poodle monster didn't stay on and watch us work. rained heavily today at ard 2. was thinkin how to get to home w/o getting drenched. just then amy auntie called her darling to come fetch us.. so swt.. tis the convy:

amy:where u now?
david:wo zai ni shen bian lor, ni gan jue bu dao ma? (i'm right beside u, can't u sense it?)
amy:dun kid me, haha..
david:haha, still at home lar..

then he came out lor wanting to fetch us.. then we waited for a really long time before he came with his 3 kids in the car.. lolz.. then got scolded by amy.. so in the end, the 7 of us squeezed into the car.. hee.. then he dropped us off at junction 8 before they went on to JB for dinner.. so swt right.. i've wanting to have a dad like tt, but, sad case. He just totally sucks to the core. No joke. my family is a truly gd one.. with loving and caring brothers plus a totally *raWKz* mother.. but he's a sad case. the only thing i've regretted in my whole life is tt i've got a dad like him.. it makes me more protective and concern towards my family and to my mum. there were a few occasions when i shouted at him. he deserves it. i rarely loses my temper, but i do, tt somebody is gonna get it. he spoilt a very impt day in my life this yr.. i totally lost my cool on him.. coz he just sucks and deserves it. haiz.. my mum has been doing so much and all for the family.. She's really strong. been really sick lately.. serious asthma and all.. haiz.. so she can't go for her first chemotherapy session this wed.. nt in gd health.. plus can't sleep at night at all, coz of her bad cough. haiz.. feel so sad for her. hope she'll get well soon.. she's been sleeping in my rm for the past few days. mum.. i love u.

to all my dear friends.. cherish wad u've got now. everything. never take things for granted, coz u never noe wad's gonna happen next. i'm vary happy with my life now. extremely contented. gonna get back my results soon in dec. if i might fail any of the papers, i'm willing to take the module again and resit for the paper. nvm, just as long as i've done my best. this is wad i can do.

darling, ur parents and ur frens and me dun wish tt u'll do extremely well or amazingly excellent for ur exams, but we just hope tt u can do ur best, and tt's enough. do not fear that u might not fare well in ur papers. have faith in everything u do. don't stress urself too much. and trust in urself and the Lord. darling. we shall see each other next wednesday after ur exams. take gd care of yourself, and please please, sleep early at night..

i'm doing a thoughts gathering session in my photo album on jenn now.. missing all the times we've had together.. the times when we'd sit in the canteen together early in the morning to have breakfast together. the times we'd spent crapping and the times i spent getting food i brought frm home especially for her, the apple chips, the biscuits.. miss u so much dearie. after u've gone, i've always where u are.. been wanting so much to see u.. to see u appearing in front of me. i won't be scared. i just felt like hugging u. 25th may.

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Sunday, November 23, 2003

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Saturday, November 22, 2003


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Friday, November 21, 2003

btw ppl, u all can leave ur lil msgs behind every post... just click on the comment thing.. yep, tt's it.. cape diem..

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happy 17th burfday to jj!! hee.... sowee tt i can't join u all in the convy countdown session.. lolz.. hee.. cannot tahan le.. too sleepy.. lolz.. anyway.. must guai guai hor... dun worry, we'll turn ur hse upside down later.. hmm... jia you wor.. dare to dream, live ur dreams....

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Thursday, November 20, 2003

gimme a few days to blog.... for wad happened the last wk..... too restless now.. coz ugh... i've finished blogging till today... but i dunno which button i pressed on... and it's all gone... saded.... saded....... haiz........ too too too restless..... heppy birthday to seng kiat.. and also early birthday to bei bei... looking forward to seeing u all tml.. hee..

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Friday, November 14, 2003

changed my bloggy skin to this one.. wanted a new image for it.. chose this skin, even though i didn't have much time to choose.. plain and my favourite color BG - black.. i went to orchard with han at ard 5 +.. shopping and all.. bought 2 racer tops frm ms selfridge and a pair of sandals like slippers.. wondering wad to call tt.. material seems nt bad.. used for trekking de.. $32.90/- found it quite unique.. and also long lasting.. can wear for 3 yrs w/o it being all slippery and all.. then we went to eat the okonomoyaki again..kind of gt addicted to it.. even added toppings of mayo and cheese.. yum~ then shop for a while b4 i headed back hm.. han was kind of sad on our way back hm.. well he wld have came with us.. but his mum kind of persuaded him nt to go.. hmm... then nvm lor.. it's alright de.. i'll eat ur share of portugese style hang he.. hee.. take care and study hard.. i'll get something nice for u when i come back.. till then, cheers..

it was really funny to see both my parents sitting on the sofa in the living rm with their hair totally wet n newspapers with a hole hung on their shoulders.. lolz... my bro did DIY dye on their hair.. for a simple reason.. to cover their white hair.. hee.. yea.. and my grandmama is now sleeping on the sofa bed in my rm... getting ready for tml's journey.. 1st to cameron highlands, then genting, kl.. and lastly port dickson.. cya peeps. mUacKS..

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went for work on wed.. then back hm to bath and change for bash.. brothers mom and dad came back frm geylang serai and bought lotsa stuff.. ate abit of nasi biryani and took off to skool with han.. met up with san pam and jy in canteen 1... then proceeded to the bash.. .. at first there was really nt much ppl.. still bearing the hope tt more would come so tt the ambience would be better..but... well.. it's kind of nt so gd after all.. coz i wondered wad's wrong with the professional dj, he just doesn't seemed to be able to bring the ppl to go rah rah and all.. and the music he jams are of sub standard value.. it shld kind of non stop and nt waiting for the music to end kind of thing.. we ended up sleeping all over the place.. haha.. ppl even refered to us as dead bodies.. hmmm.. we even played pepsi cola 123 due to infallible requests frm san.. or rather pesters huh.. then carried on inside to listen to the songs and sleep... went out at ard skool at ard 9+.. then went to kap to check out if there is still sushi selling.. then went to dine out at mac and crapped for a while. Took cab hm with han then he carried his CPU back frm my place.. end of wed....

i went to cut my hair at QuickCut yesterday.. nt bad.. i like the hairstylists there.. 10 bucks only.. and they even give out guarantee cards saying tt if u're nt satisfied with it, u can go back for a trim FOC.. then i wanted to layer my hair lor.. the hairstylist talked alot of crap... coz my bro asked him if i reborn will be nice? then he was like well if she's swt looking then it shld be nice lor.. then he even asked me if i've ppl chasing me and all.. if nt he will date me.. then i was like hmm.. dun need.. but haiz.. he helped me cut layered.. then the bottom part abit nt nice.. coz my hair like the last part long long.. so he snipped it off.. and now my hair very short... ah may ar.. like ard ur length like tt.. haiz.. so sad leh.. but alright lar.. my head feel very light now.. hee..

i'll be going to malaysia with my family tml le... going to alot of places.. think it'll be ard 1 wk ba... quite excited abt it..

oh.. and thanks to jj.. for bringing me back to life..haha.. haiz.. i'll try my best yah.. i noe it's nt something which is hard to do.. but i just gotta try.. thanks alot..

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

went to work as usual today.. slept at 1 last night... and woke up at 6+ using my biological clock.. kewl.. today i'm the only part timer.. then gotta do all the recep stuff, cashier and packing myself.. sianz.. but alright lar.. so swt.. san and jy went st marg's to visit me today.. coz they too sianz to start their flag day.. hee~ slack sia.. lolz.. well, then they went ahead to bugis to start it off.. kinda lost my way when i wanted to get hm.. lolz.. went to top up my ez link card.. then took bus to the wrong direction.. lolz.. landed in serangoon when i'm supposed to be back in amk.. ugh.. really sleepy... haiz...... y i so blur.. lolz.. when i reached hm, it was like 5.. hmmm.. how nice it is to be back in my own hse.. own rm.. uneventful day today.. really looking forward to tml..bash!! yay.. hee.. lolz.. but darn, wad shld i wear.. lolz.. hmm.. like sianz lor.. dun really noe wad's the dress code.. see how it goes tml lor.. gotta rush back hm frm work tml to bath and change..
also looking forward to my family holiday getaway to 'dunno-where' on this sat.. lolz.. hmm.. serious.. date is set. .but still dunno where to go.. chertin? phuket? malaysia? lolz....hee.....well well.. gotta enjoy myself!! hmm.. cya ppl... tc! mUaCks!!!

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Monday, November 10, 2003

8th November (sat)

went shopping with momma and bro in ps spotlight and carrefour the day b4.. bought lotsa stuff like rugs, cushions and lots of groceries spent more than 140 bucks in carrefour alone.. then gt the wadeva book is tt.. to collect stamps de.. helped to cook the food in the da morning with my mom and bros.. then some of my relatives came over in the late afternoon... gave us kettle? red wine and momma's fren gave bengawan solo cake.. hmmm.. was supposed to be the waitress but .. *bleah*.. lolz.. i mean like who cares, i'd rather entertained my younger cousin (doreen) of mine then tok with tt b*tch (elder cousin same age as me named charine).. well, even my bro also doesn't like her.. anyway back to the party.. went to fetch jin wei and my bestest pals frm the train station at ard 6.30.. brought them over and started crappin with them as usual... eeks.. jin wei.. ur hair i think shorter nicer.. haiz.. long hair like beng... how come.. dun be LC beng leh.. received 3 lil cushions frm my pals.. 1 tigger, 1 piglet and 1 eeyore.. so cute.. thanks ya... mUacKS~**so swt of them.. then had dinner with them and waited for xiang yu to finish eating coz he was glued to my pc with diablo 2.. then the 7 of us went to amk central to play bowling at ard 9 +.. waited for a lane.. so crowded.. then played 2 games lor.. only 6 names allowed to play.. so 4 of us (fishes) played with the 3 names lor.. highest score was jin wei for the last game.. coz he ended with a turkey of 4 strikes consecutively.. haha.. kewl.. 146 pts.. then nt to mention us when we'd polished the side drains of the bowling alley really well.. lolz.. still nt bad lar.. enjoyed ourselves.. then went hm at ard 12 .. played monopoly.. which ended with yx losing even though she has like a hotel in park lane.. haha.. coz we came up with this stupid stuff to end the game swiftly.. lolz.. then set up my sofa bed in my rm and all... made ourselves cosy.. and put on the sign outside my rm.. haha~ closed the light and had our dose of gurls' talk.. hee.. then all K.O.. all woke up at ard 8+ coz my pals wanna leave for hm early.. ate brownies fer breakfast and sent them hm... so sad.. but we're gonna have this slumber party again yah.. hee~ when i reached hm.. xiang yu, han and my bros were still sleeping like logs.. lolz..

thanks dar.. for taking over my work on sat.. my mom wanted me to help her.. haiz... xing ku ni le.. kena scolded by 'livin horror' and all... take care yah.. and dun stress urself out for ur exams.. just do wad u can lor.. who cares abt the impossible? mUacKS.. cheeRs..

10th november... (mon)

went to work early in the morning today in st. marg's bookshop.. no pay increment.. and darn, it's miserable.. pay sucks, boss sucks (to the core?), work sucks.. to work only for changye.. no other reasons.. to help her out coz she's gt no other experienced staff besides han.. haiz.. think this is gonna be the last time i'm helping her out.. she's a gd fren.. very sad life too.. nvm... anyway... yah like tt lor.. received news tt i'm gonna be incomplete set cashier again.. omg.. again... y me.. i dun wanna work with 'her'... given 'her' (the boss) a new nick - poodle.. lolz.. her hair sucks.. yet she thinks she darn kewl.. bucket sized, foul mouth, sucky character and darn, violent.. i'll nv forget the time when she hit my head and pulled my ponytail... wtf.. ugh...anyway.. i taught the new comers and all abt all the different stuff.. did nuttin much.... moving between receptionist and cashier.. plus part time garbage gurl.. lolz.. yah lor.. had fun chattin with ye all the way back hm frm SM till hm swt hm.. alright lor.. nt much ppl today.. nt very tired also.. hee.. k le.. suddenly losin the momentum to blog now.. after exams gotten used to no-blog life le.. hee.. till then, cHEERS to all..~**lookin forward to the post exam bash this wed...hmm... kewl.. dunno wad to wear..

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Friday, November 07, 2003

a very happy 15th burfday to my bEsTesT mEi.. will send u ur lil prezzie yah.. gimme ur add.. hee.. wishing tt everything will go well for u and take care of urself! muAcKz.. love u to bits..

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Thursday, November 06, 2003

went for ala-carte buffet.... again.. for the 3rd time this wk.. haha.. omg.. lolz.. to this ulu ulu restaurant at the old jurong swimming complex.. erm.. the swimming complex which has gt no water.. haha. yea.. to this chinese and thai restaurant... ate with my family, grandma and shihan.. 15 bucks per person.. the food kinda sucks.. *bleah* nt nice.. plus the place also ulu.. dunno y my bro got duped into bringing us there after he saw the ad in the newpaper.. hee...
took bus to jurong east interchang.. then saw kenny.. was like hmmm is tt him.. shld i like call out the name to see if he reacts to it? lolz.. well he did and we chatted fer a lil teeny weeny slacked.. tml exam still go out chiong.. but he smart ass de lar.. haha..

.+*^LaSt 6 hOuRS i sAid tt i'D gIvE aNytHinG & eVerYthInG fEr U... u nOe wAd hAd cHaNge iN tHe LaSt 6 hRs? ...nOthIng.. <-------- by TrIniTy^*+.

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4th Nov

met up with classmates to go marina south for buffet.. considered quite cheap lar.. nt bad.. but the food abit the unhygenic.. coz we even found worm in the young corn.. luckily daniel took it out of gene's pot in time.. if nt.. *bleah*.. hee.. we had helluva fun.. took lotsa pics and even played 'zhong ji mi ma'.. very easily kena de.. very glad tt we'd have this chance to get together b4 vacation.. went to esplanade after dinner and i chatted with yan for a long time abt alot of stuff.. pri skool crushes and all the silly things we did.. haha~ quite stupid yah.. when we thought abt it now.. hmmm.... went hm with rayn and nic at ard 11+.. still feeling quite sad when we were walking diff directions in amk train station.. haha~ like even though we can ask each other out, it's gonna be a long time before i can see the whole class together.. for those who didn't go, u ought to be shot! haha.. jk.. it's a nice experience.. will be etched in my mind foreva..

5th Nov

stayed hommie today to pack all my stuff into the book shelf to get ready for the hsewarming party this sat.. fishes™... miss u all soooooo much... came across a comics shop in amk central.. omg... the comics are much cheaper heee!!! lolz.. yay... shihan has join to become it's member and he and i ordered come comics.. hehee... so nice.. somemore so near.. then went to watch matrix revolutions with my brothers and shihan at 10.. oh man.... only 2 words to describe... darn cool!!!! hahaha~ serious.. but halfway through, there's a stupid technical glitch.. ugh... made us miss few minutes of dialogue... ugh.. but nvm.. it's nt the battle part... hehe~..from a completely nt matrix person to a completely praising matrix person is a very weird thing.. but seeing is believing.. com'on go catch it! it can be on par with lotr.. all the war stuff and all.. but the machines are really kewl.. yay.. dun doubt it.. lol.. very nice... thumbs up.. but as usual.. movies always ends with the main character saving the day at the last minute.. i wonder y.. it just sucks.. everyone is doing their job.. putting in effort and all.. but could only do till half.. then the main character suddenly comes in at the last part and saves the day... i mean.. wth... hahhaa.. it's nt fair.. lolz.. just like gandulf in lotr and keanu... ugh... so extra.. *bleah* anyway, i had a great time too and they went to da bao supper after the movie.. and shihan stayed over at my hse.. so happy, so contented, so elated..

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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

so fast end of semester le..... it all ends off with the showdown - exams... sianz.. i did study really hard for the 1st 2 papers.. but kinda slacked during the weekend in studying for mb.. bet i wun score well in it.. haiz.. just hoping for the least bit of hope tt i dun need to repeat any modules.. kinda miss all my classmates and lecture khakis now... all the time we used to have fun together.. my gang.. i'll always think of the 8 of u... all the times we've spent together.. hmmm... hui2 wei4 wu2 qiong2.. still remembered the first wednesday we spent together... basketball, lunch, table chattin at canteen 2... so sweet, all those memories.. i'll nv forget.. looking forward to the outing later yah.. yumyum steamboat..

finally eXamZ over yea.. can take a deep breath of air and paRtY!!!~ yea.. hehe~ had my fair share of pimple poppin session during the exam period.. lolz.. anyway.. life is beautiful.. now.. haha! had buffet lunch with my family at miramar hotel.. nt bad... quite cheap somemore.. ard 13 bucks per person.. but too much prawn stuff... then the prawns very 'xing' so very puky.. very full after tt... went hm straight away to wait for our stuff to come.. wardrobes, bookshelf, tele. blah blah...... hehe~ suddenly feel very rich.. nv b4 feeling in my life.. lolz..

i'm so looking forward to the outing tml.. so happy.. tt i'm able to have fun now!!! hehe~ and also happy birthday to my pal yah? hehe~take care frens.. enjoy..

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Monday, November 03, 2003

"the joker, worker, stabilizer"
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Which deadly sin do you represent? (Angel Sanctuary Pics)

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Sunday, November 02, 2003

hi bloggy... it's been inactive for more than a wk.. and i've stayed in my new hse for exactly a wk.. i just moved into a new flat near my old hse last sat. did alot of labour work by carrying stuff and all.. shihan also stayed over for 2 nights to help out. It was really tiring.. and i can only resume studying for the exams on tuesday.. stayed in the old flat for 17 yrs since i was born.. kind of developed feelings for it, but we gotta have a new lease of life.. to be able to adapt to new changes..

i've been pushing myself to study for the past wk.. really afraid of failing the papers and having to repeat any module.. stayed up every night just to study.. and have slept for only a total of mere 7 hrs for the past 2 days.. can't stand it any longer.. really sleepy now.. finally i can take a lil breather today.. and prepare for the final lap - microbiology paper on mon.. guess now i'll just enjoy my holidays after the last paper.. if i have to repeat any module, so be it..

enjoyin the joy of being with my family for the past 1 wk.. went out with them to get some furnitures and tele and stuff today.. finally gotten most of the stuff we wanted... left the DIY stuff like book shelf and all.. chris (my bro) been really gd to me lately.. bought for me the follow me renewal gel.. so sweet.. and even made chrysanthemum with luo han guo tea for us.. hehe~ so in turn i also made the herbal tea for the whole family yesterday.. he bought a new lappy today for me.. so tt i can turn in this old one..

papers.. it's all over.. so i'm nt gonna tok abt it ya.. i've done wad i can.. if i dun get wad i expected. i can do nothing abt it.. so dun bother me... haha~ i just gotta give the mb paper my best shot..and play hard!!! yay.. hmm... so sleepy now le.. can't do anything much.. think will just turn in and comtinue studying tml... jia you... i cannot lax myself now..... gd luck to all my frens.. fishes, we'll have fun with the slumber party coming up yah? meanwhile jia you wor..

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