Wednesday, December 31, 2003

ooh.. i'm currently enjoying my carefree life..hee.. slackin all day in front of lappy and playing nintendo!! muahaha.. just downloaded the nintendo emulator with 35 rpg games plus also 150 other action and adventure games.. raWKz totally..ahhahaa.. well.. missed playing donkey kong and chrono trigger.. *hee* i just practically stuck myself on the chair in the small lil corner i've found myself comfy with.

went to pick han from work yesterday. yep. hee.. i no need work le. just collected my pay on saturday. feel kinda loaded now.. muahaha.. *evil grin* went to sakae with han yesterday (monday) to have the hi tea buffet. nt bad, alot of variaties of food.. nt only sushi.. must go try yah! then we went to da bao the yi ji bang soft shell crab hm.. coz tt one nt in buffet, ala carte de.. cannot finish..hee.. then borrowed J. D. Robb's in death series.. 2 bks.. hee.. plus another novel. so happy now.. can spend time reading le.. reached hm, then found out tt bro bought me this deco thingy tt i've always wanted all along.. hee.. so swt of him.. oh yah.. dar also went to get LOTR ROTK game.. 54.90.. haha.. wonder y he likes it so much.. lol.. *wink* yep. then we got some bengawan solo kuehs home for mum, said she doesn't have any appetite for dinner..

went out with brothers and dad in the afternoon today. firstly to this guy's hm in bishan to check out treadmill. nt bad, motorised instead of magnetised de.. better. then he mentioned he only used it less than 10 times. still gt 2 yrs warranty in fact. then my brothers bargained till 560, close deal lor. hee.. *blush* can burn some calories now at hm.. muahahha... tt guy sent the treadmill over to our hse at ard 10pm. after checking out the treadmill, we went town and jalan jalan. bro bought shirt and slippers for himself. met zhiying (pri sch classmate) in heeren, again. yes.. haha.. since last few days in tpy. saw a couple of others too.. kit's sis and all. yea. was walking on the road when i met cara, my ex colleague. chatted fer a while b4 my bro and i went shopping. hee.. mango was having great sale. yep. levis too... at shaw centre. go check out. but i dun like the flair thingie of the levis jeans. lolz.. too broad leh.. so in the end i bought this really nice dress frm far east. 39 bucks. i see the price i abit dun wan.. coz i always bu she de spend money de. but big bro was like 'aiyoh. 39 bucks leh, where to find, this is orchard lor. ' hee.. in the end he paid for me. said tt it's a present frm him. hee.. so nice.. ty muacks.

dar's burfday coming le... turning 19 yrs old.. so old.. *hee* think im just gonna get him controller for PC. so tt he can play LOTR with peace.. lol .. my bro getting harddisk for him. asking me to wrap it up, then give it to him. i was like wad's the pt man, u gotta give the wrapped-nicely harddisk to him, then unwrapped it again. then have to fix into CPU for him. lol. might as well ask him bring over his CPU then fix nicely for him. and i tie a ribbon to the CPU. lol. yah.. all crap.. hee.. then he said tt i've no sincerity.. lol.. yea. by whichever means. since my darling raWKz my world.. muacks.


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Thursday, December 25, 2003

a new lease of life.

merry christmas everyone!` especially to my closest buds. u ppl light up my life, the times we crap, we tan and we yep, crap. hee.. bestest times i've ever had.
yesterday was christmas eve, went to work early in the morning with han coz he stayed over at my hse. had breakfast with him at da coffeeshop then charged off to work. half day only.. earned 5000+. but on the day before, we earned 52000+ coz of the sec 1 registration. went hm straight after work to rest.

had lunch then slept till abt 5+ and gotten ready to go over to han's hse for dinner. hee, now even my brothers are going with me. i feel so blessed. *blushes* first time my brothers meeting his family members. we bought a roasted duck and a black pepper chic over to han's hse. took cab to boonlay place, cost 16 bucks. then we had dinner and all.. hee, good experience. few friends joined us too. my bro went to book 7 tics for juon 2 at jp at 10.40. after we ate the log cake, we went over to jp and watch the show. my brothers, han's sisters, both of us and xy. found juon 2 quite scary at first. but on and on, i think it's quite disappointing towards the end. too boring tt i wanna sleep.. alot of oncoming incidents and all. took cab hm at abt 1... slept straight away after tt.. merry x mas dar*

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

*C H E R I S H*

bloggy.. long time nv met up with u le.. really busy lately and now sitting down in front of my bro's PC blogging. yep. PC, my lappy's been sent over for servicing coz the wireless network at home just couldn't seem to be able to get through to the internal modem.. in other words, the internal modem sux. yep. lolz.. changed the router le still no use... aiyoh. WTH~ really kinda pissed everytime it just dc.. especially when im in the middle of a GB game.. ugh.. just when im winning, y... y must u do this to me.. hee.. did alot of stuff for the past wk..

went for chalet with ex primary school classmates last monday and tueday at downtown east..sianz.. no life. always go there de.. organised by terrence. hmm.. quite surprised to receive the news.. somemore organised by him.. hee.. coz he's nt always involved de.. lolz... i didn't wanna go in the first place, then boon kept on asking me lor.. so i tried my luck asking the other gurls to go.. haiz.. to no avail.. all so busy with attachments and camps.. when i reached the place with han, there was only like 3 guys... -_-''' hmmm.... well well.. kinda sad... hee.. then played lord of the rings return of the king x box game lor... like for a long time? *bleah* then ppl started coming in.. jun cheng, guanyi.. haiz.. heard tt the gurls all like nt onz de.. turned out to be that i was the only gurl, along with other 6 guys invluding han. lolz.. kinda lame though. still remembered the last time we had class chalet last yr.. abt 20 ppl turned up.. now all busy ppl le.. saDeD... enjoyed ourselves.. learnt how to play poker and bridge.. hee.. dun laugh at me.. beginner and i won like 12 bucks gambling with coins. boy am i lucky with beginner's luck.. hmmm...... yep.. spent alot of money also.. played till 5+ then slept till 11+.. went for lunch then go hm le.. heard that kenneth also went coasta sands.. hey didn't see him since sec 2 when we went to hk? lolz.. had so much fun... meet up somedays yah.. world is so small.. yibin and nick also gd frens with him. kewl~

worked on wednesday.. then thursday met up with han, siying and yung to go down to didi's hse for speed gathering!!!!!!!lolz.. ownself de.. dun have real speed.. well.. han tagged along and kind of slept throughout the whole thing.. we were singing to all the exclusive music station clips which tsuyoshi showed us.. omg.. speed raWkZ my world.. hee~ whoops//* then went home at ard 7+... feeling so so so happy..

slacked, went out and all on fri sat and sun... on sunday, han and i met up at city hall to go erm..... dating? lolz.. asked sk and eileen wanna join us then we go double dating then he said no.. haha.. mean sia.. er4 ren2 shi4 jie1. then first stop at HMV.. bridge album by speed out on saturday 13th December... mUahahhahahaha... yep evil laughter.
i bought the bridge album plus also one more dream concert collection album.. nice nice.. cost like 46 in total.. nvm.. i dun mind.. (".) then went shopping and jalan jalan.. had lotsa fun with him ard.. *mE|t*hee.. called up siying n asked her if she wanna get the bridge album, can get for her..
so made a round to HMV again and bought yet another 2 bridge albums for sy and yung.. nice.. lolz.. first time ever i bought so many cds from HMV.. lolz.. total spent abt 89 bucks ba.. haha.. got this HMV gift bag.. nice. but as usual, abit heartache after tt.. made home delivery service to them then go hm after tt.. quite happy though.. and really excited abt speed's return..

15th dec & 16th dec

went for work.. really tired yesterday.. first day of wk. earned abt 8000 bucks at the end of the day.. nice~ and tiring.. lolz.. hee. nothing much to comment abt. han sent me home and both of us just laid down and sleep straight after tt without even changing.. me on my bed and him on the sofa bed next to my bed.. 2 pigs.. jeez...... oh yah.. the sofa bed, table, 2 chairs and recliner just got sent over to my hse like today.. after 2 mths of ordering? WTH.. from france? italy? nah.. i think my bro has got no taste.. lolz.. =X alright lar.. in their rm.. for all i care.. hmmmm~ han, next time u dun need to sleep on the quilt laid on the floor le.. u can just sleep in the new sofa bed.. urs de wor.. hee~ since u like sleeping over so much.. lolz.. really happy to be able to work with u from yesterday onwards coz can see u everyday.. we gonna tie over this really tiring and busy period of packing sec 1 bks and all right? muacks* nice breakfast u bought for me today. love ya dar. my guardian angel will always be with u. *bLusHes* night sweetie

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Sunday, December 14, 2003

">//i wish i c|d see thru ur eyes..
.:so i w|d noe wad u like to see.
wish i knew ur wishes..
.::so tat i cLd give U everything U wan.
wish i dream d same dreams u do..
.::and together we make them come true
wish i knew wad makes u happy..
so tat i c|d make U d happiest person in the world
+lastly, wish i was a cell in your blood..
*so i wLd be sure tat im somewhere in Ur heart.||
..::*dar i luv u always*::.. [19.1o.o0]

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Thursday, December 11, 2003


i went bloggy surfing today. feel kinda sad and lil miserable now. alot of people are not feeling too good recently. a lot of backstabbing among the SGLs. everyone wants a simple life, but is it really unattainable? are only simple minded people thinking of leading a simple life? people are such hypocrites. why bother to wear a mask when u go out and meet people? just showing your true self is it a very difficult thing to do? if you're not happy with that person, then just tell him/her straight in the face. that person won't flare up and deny it right? no harm done. so what's the norm of people nowadays? just keeping everything to themselves and let go of them all by gossiping behind people's back? this attitude totally sucks. why would u wanna go to lengths to fuck other people upside down?

i don't give a damn about what others think of me. i won't transform myself to another person to suit the needs of others. neither will i summit myself to condemnation. but i can't say that i'm not bothered about what others say about me. human is infallible. yet people can be deceiving. i want people to be frank to me. to be truthful. voice out your frustrations about me, i suck? i'm flirtatious? i'm a hypocrite? i'm a bitch? i'm all about me. but please, be frank with me, cuz i hate people who beat around the bush. tell me straight in my face if u don't like me, tell me what u don't like about me. then i'd know right? i'm not some psycho who knows what others are thinking in their minds. i'm not telepathic with anyone. just tell me. i luv to praise my friends for anything that i like about them. cuz i believe in praises. Lord i swear, i'm a sinner. and i admit it. u never know when u're gonna go away.. it might be 50 yrs later, or it might be a second later. so don't ever take things for granted. praise your friends for whichever stuff u like about them. hey, u're smart, u're cute, u're so capable. and tell them their weaknesses. let them know. we humans dun live with facing a mirror everyday and knowing what we've done wrong. and friends, tell me my mistakes to me... i'm not perfect. i'm pretty sure i have lots of weaknesses. but i do not know them? i won't snap at u and be so childish as to say 'dun friend u!'

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Saturday, December 06, 2003


went to work early in the morning with han. quite tiring today.. carried 60 over cartons. knocked off at around 1+, then went for lunch with han. spent ard 90 bucks today.. went to j8 Sakae sushi to have lunch, to celebrate my passable results and his finishing of exams. ate alot of stuff.. omg.. their soft shell crab is just superb!~.. hen hao chi hen hao chi wor! we just felt like we were in heaven. in the end we spent 47 bucks on the meal.. hee... pig sia.. yea. lol..
then we went to sembawang music centre.. saw takako's album.. gotta peng chang, so bought it lor.. another 20 bucks fly... went ahead to basement 1 and bought the corokkes my brother demanded.. han treat de.. coz somebody sent back his lost ic.. hee.. then he can take back the 100 bucks he left with SIR le.. very happy for him.. and i also went to buy the hen hao chi hen hao chi hen hao chi de egg tarts which janice recommended.. haha.. bought 2 coconut de and 3 egg tarts.. hee.. brought hao liao home for my family to eat!!!

then reached home saw my auntie and cousin (biao mei), next yr sec 1.. so cute.. named doreen. she was playing GB on my lappy.. haha.. sia lar.. even she also obsessed with GB.. chick only, but got alot of avatar, coz frens give de.. hahha.. so cute.. next time must play with her.. she told me she's quite envious of the relationship between my brothers and me.. haha.. me too.. very happy.. then they ate le corokke, chatted for a while and left le.. told her that she can come over stay overnight if she wants to... so adorable..


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yep.. hee. back to blogging mood.. yep. got my results the day before yesterday. quite content with it. coz i dun need to repeat any modules especially inorganic & physical chem. yep. dun need to see ong li hui ever again next sem. hope so.. hee~

inorganic and physical chem - C
microbiology - C
maths and stats - C+
oral com - B
individual and community - A

yep. even though i didn't manage to get 80 for IPC which used to be my goal, but hey, i tried my best, and i wun ever get to see her face asking me if i studied or not. malnutrition living horror. i'm contented with my results, even though it's nt all tt amazing. haha.
nick, we'll always be with u de. just give it ur best shot this time. jia you!
we shall work very hard next semester. plus also to play harder than last semester. hmmm..

i was elated the whole day on 4th dec.. then my brother called me when i was working to tell me that my parents would be going for anni dinner tt night.. i was like.. hmm.. oh my god.. for like so many decades and this is the 1st time i heard them celebrating it.. ROFL... so we were supposed to settle our dinner by ourselves. in the end after work, i went down to town to check out HMV. found 2 singles each for hiro and takako. but decided nt to buy them.. yet was so tempted. so just asked tsuyoshi imai to burn for me. haha.. *evil laughter* then jalan jalan abit and bought beads from Beads.etc. to make an anklet for myself. try out lor.. then if can just make some for my beloved gurlfrens!! hee.. went kino and library to chill out after tt.. sianz.. alone.. coz my 2 bros dozed off then late.. ugh.. pig sia. then they came and we went to this restaurant. had ala-carte buffet. hmm.. got soft shell crab included inside de... hee.. tried the ostrich meat also.. hmm.. very chewy.. but a lil sad.. yea.. like sandy said, to bid for inhumane killing of animals later after eating those stuff.. yep san, i ate shark's fins too.. hahha... cost like 29.80++ per person. a secretive indulgance my brothers said.... between the 3 of us.. haha..
yep. and i bought lord of the rings return of the king soundtrack for han.. hmm.. wonder wad's nice abt tt.. he always like these kind of soundtracks albums... and also bought LOTR return of the king ring for him.. replica de.. hee.. cost like 39 bucks.. haiz.. wad to do..

5th december

went to work as usual. while han went to sell some charity tics.. those 2 bucks kind and earn 1/4 out of it. hmm hard to do.. sold 20 tics only.. haha... earned 10 bucks.. heard from han tt 'lao ma' (chelsea) and him quarrelled with this guy today in public. coz tt darn guy tried to rape her. he went over to her house to look for her. just a normal friend.. then tried to pin lao ma down and rape her. so she resisted and all lor.. and he went out nt being successful. both of them met that jerk today and quarrelled with him.. han made him lose his face in public and all. telling all those stuff.. and 'lao ma' even slapped him 3 times in front of the public. darn jerk.. desporado. ugh..

went home feeling very tired after work... brother called me to ask han over for dinner.. cooking big feast. pineapple rice, oat prawns, soup, blah blah blah blah... took a short nap before han came and woke me up.. yep... then he decided to bath and stay overnight lor.. so my brother lent him clothes. then ate dinner lor.. nt bad lar.. but the oats abit the chao da.. but nice .*thumbs up* hee...

feeling very sad and painful again.. my mum didn't manage to have her dinner. coz she just kept on throwing up. haiz.. she threw up for a very long time. and we were just watching her. this is just the 1st chemotheraphy session. can she take it at all.. she's gonna lose her hair, lose her appetite. be very tired and nauseous. Lord. sometimes i wish that u'd just take her away from all these pain. but i will, i'll definitely take good care of her. i'll never forget when i was only few months old, she'd carry me behind her back and go to work like that. juggling both work and taking care of me. thank you lord for having this strong woman as my mum to support the whole family. without her, my life would never be complete. she'd have ran away from home ages ago if she had nt peservere. my heart aches.. alot.. to see her throw up like that.. she still has 3 months more to go through. 3 more chemotheraphy sessions to go through. mummy, we'll always support u.

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Thursday, December 04, 2003

too irritated to blog................ my lappy keypad sucks... i dunno which button i always accidently pressed on. causing the whole window to go off...with alert asking if u wanna save or nt.. but no, clicking on ok doesn't help. dumb ass. seriously pissed off... blog when i feel like it again..

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results out in 10 hrs time.

exam results gonna be out soon. tml 10 am. wonder how i'd fare. kinda feeling scared for myself. well, i can't do anything if i have to retake. just hope i wun gloat over it lor. hmm...

mum went for chemotheraphy today. from late mornin till now, with my bro accompanying her. she came back ard 7+. feeling tired and all. bet she'll feel nauseous and really tired for the next few days. i feel really sorry and sad for her. she's the person i admire the most. yet even the best ppl on earth doesn't get the best stuff. sometimes i feel that it's quite unfair for her. hope that she can pull through. i know that she can do it with her strong mind.

my brothers, han and i went to bishan cc ktv frm 8 to 11. was already quite sick with flu and sore throat. but we didn't wanna waste the free 3 hrs rm voucher, so we went ahead with the plan. kinda enjoyed ourselves. nt bad. yep, nothing much to talk abt.

today's episode of PNC is so touching. abt how keren overcome her heart knot of seeing Jiaquan fall to his death.

i see Beethoven, my dog, which has been with us for more than 10 years. She would get so excited with my mum around and would wag its tail like crazy. haha. so cute. just now, it just laid in front of my mum with my mum patting it to sleep... so memorable, just like wad she did to me when i was young. mum, i love u. i nv get tired of saying this phrase to u. with all my heart.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

SPEED had reformed!

oh my god. this is among the best stuff that has ever happened ard me!! hee~ my fave 1 and only jap gurl band SPEED has reform! hee.. they disbanded in 2001. leaving their fans crying and really disturbed by the news.. now they're back! not solo, but together as 1.. White love. Steady. Body & Soul. Carry on my Way. My Graduation. Be my Love. Walking in the Rain. superb band. hee~ this is the only band and kinda idol thing i've admired in my life. no boybands. no n' sync, no westlife, no energy. but SPEED.. hee` hateshinai(.")~

siying and yung came over to my hse today in the afternoon. gatecrashed my roomie and lappy. chill ard with justea and internet. had a small origami session with teaching them how to fold stuff - another christmas gift idea for them. that's when i learnt the above news from yung. i was really excited. so i went to the recommended site to d/l the new album's and singles' mp3s... nice.. hahha.. saw pics and all of the ongoing speed members - hiro, eriko, takako, hitoe. the 3 of us were practically drooling and screaming at the LCD screen.. lolz.. so nice....... omg...... well.. they really brought much unpleasant music and hysterical laughter into my flat. hee.. i'm so excited.. so elated. just so happy. they made my day.. hee.. then siying's mum came and acc my lonely niang. as they xian hua jia chang, and as we d/l the MVs and watched them, my dad and brothers were fixing up the wood thingie for the curtain in the living room. nice... tt's it for my day. played a few games of GB, gameboy advance - onimusha tactics and mario kart, read a few books of qi ling wang comics. yep, tt's my day. but i guess i should drink more water daily now.. sore throat acting up on me. feels like im getting sick. take care my frens. miss u all. u're always the 2nd in my life. always comes b4 LURVE.

darling, jia you wor. tml is ur last paper le. hee. wishing for Lord to give u strength and the wisdom for time management. u can do it. as wad i always say to u, have faith in yourself. we'll enjoy ourselves thoroughly after tml ya? christmas eve celebration and all... plus chalet... and sleepovers more to come. take care. live ur life to the fullest.

this is a poem i composed in primary school which was meant to be written in all friend's autograph bks, enjoy.

Dear friends,
i tried to think of a poem, but i dunno wad to say.
i look out of the window and saw the blue sky,
and i'm thinking, wad shld i write for u guys.
i wish u good, i wish u well,
please study hard and take care of yourselves.
life is short so dun ever waste a day.
live it to the fullest u wun regret it i SAY!~

night sweeties..

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Monday, December 01, 2003

hmm.. i finally had a good night's sleep last night.. hmmm hmmmm hmmm.. hee~kind of slogged my guts out for the past 1 wk.. now i can finally rest. cool. been working the entire week from monday till saturday. then concentrating on the stall my frens and i have set up in the open plaza bazaar.. nice.. haha~ thanks to all of my friends who came to get stuff from me. Really nice of you all. May, u're so capable.. haha.. luckily never make me the leader of the grp, there wun be a stall at all.. lolz.. hee.. sold stuff like kipling key chains, DIY earrings, metallic bottles and solarheads.. When we started out on saturday, it was continuously raining. we were thinking that biz wun be good at all and we even thought of how much we were gonna pay for the loss.. haha.. just for the sake of 5 cca pts. but we actually made like 500 bucks frm the whole 2 days.. hmmm... great.. haha.. something to be joyful about. we had really great fun on both days of the weekend. on saturday we earned around 160 bucks.. nick's dad came to fetch the goods as we waited for him at the CPF building. then after that, my brothers, shihan and i went to the nearest ktv place to chill out.. sang frm 10 till 1am... nice.. hee.. then went hm and sleep.. went to the bazaar again the next morning in the afternoon. crapped with sk, marcus n co.. then lord michael, andrew and janice came to support ard 9. crapped alot. especially with great lord michael's taiwanese tone.. made the whole lot of us ROFL (roll on floor laughing).. crap!! abt ah bian, diao yu island and all.. jeez!~ nic even hit the back of his head while laughing and jj was shedding tears.. hmmm... lolz.. yah, tok abt raising funds for the cambodia kids and all.. plus great lord michael with tt sparstic look and behaviour.. jeez~ they're all cranky.. lolz.. then we packed up and sent the goods to jj's dad's merc's boot.. and chatted at the entrance of j8. for quite some time b4 some went for laaa--- teh... (did they or did they nt?) and some of us went back.. eyes getting dreamy at tt time.. and bed was beckoning to me.. yea.. nice week.. great week.. fun week, and most importantly, gREaT fReNS!!!!!! hee.. mUacks to all my friends..

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