Saturday, January 31, 2004

dear bloggy. im feeling kinda happy now.. happy everyday. we're humans aren't we.. suppose to be happy everyday.. *hee* hmm let's talked abt thurs first.. has IS classes.. starting at 10 instead of 3 for WAA.. haiz.. so from 12 till 3, we have our break. went SIM canteen for lunch with aye mon, marcus and weizhong.. had a great time chatting and crapping.. hee.. then after tt we went over to library to watch a movie - I am Sam.. a really sad show.. depicts the love between this retarded man and his daughter.. the daughter was taken away cuz she just couldn't learn properly with his dad who only got the mind of a 7th yr old...hmmm.. kinda sad.. but halfway through we gave up watching.. cuz of tt librarian. hmph.. so we hung ard then went for CATS.. i seriously have a prob with dr tan.. ugh.. he totally sux lor.. always speaking abt stuff nt relevant to creativity de lor.. ugh. hate him.. such a boring guy.. i tended up the due-last-wk's 3 sketches of mural wall painting to him.. with marcus too.. then he was like smiling all the way.. "didn't ur parents told u u must nt owe things during chi new yr?"then i didn't care.. just turned and walked back.. so lame.. like i care.. doesn't matter if i get 0/10 for it.. bleah*

yesterday had the whole day with alex chang.. really can balance fun and learning well.. haha.. u can nv sleep with him ard.. coz in no time.. u'll just hear the whole lecture laugh.. haha... diff to find a lecturer who can make the the whole lecture grp (123 ppl) roar into laughter.. haha.. yep.. he likes to show us funny and lame clips.. lots of it.. lol.. and also teaching us nomenculture and all just for a short time and we all could understand.. haha.. imagine the malnourishment women.. she hafta repeat those stuff again and again.. and nothing gets into our head.. power of alex chang.. yep, had the whole day with him.. from 8 till 2..

went to meet up with dar after classes in clementi... caught the last samurai.. nt bad lar.. but i didn't managed to concentrate coz the headache was really killing me.. hee.. i like the particular part when the woman helped the american to put on his armour.. layer by a layer.. then after tt hugged him from behind cuz she was reluctant to let him go.. he might even die in the battle.. tt part was really touching.. yep..

cya ppl.. have a great weekend!!! off to chingay we go.. muahahahhaaha *winks*

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You are guided by light. While all can be bad
around you, you still stay calm and make things
better. There aren't a lot of people in the
world like you. (Rate my test)

What force is your soul?
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You are like majority of the people in today's
society. You probably like the latest trends,
but not because they are considered cool; just
because you like them. Continue being you,
people like you for it.

A Deeper Look Inside Yourself (with pics)
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GIRLY GIRL - Clever Kitty
A GIRLY-GIRL. You dont have a lot of self-esteem
and people are always bringing you down for
being sad. What do they know, anyway? You feel
like youre too mature for your age and are
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Your virtues: Intelligence, understanding nature,
Your flaws: Lack of social life, inferiority
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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

american idol 3

hee!!! ROFLOL.. darn cool this show.. anyway. showed the auditions today... omg some people just sux at singing and they wun admit it! they get so darn irritated by simon and kept on swearing all the way out of the rm and some were like claiming tt they raWkZ in singing.. BLEAH* so er xin lor.. there was this gurl.. i had the same views as paula and simon abt her.. she's just too fake.. 16 yrs old only.. but really fake and putting on airs.. then randy was arguing with paula and simon tt as long as her voice is gd, doesn't matter where she's coming frm.. so in the end, simon and paula just walked off... ugh.. kind of a heated argument.. paula nv came back.. left with simon and randy to do the job..

there was this guy even more hilarious.. he couldn't admit the fact tt he just couldn't sing, so after he got rejected by randy and simon, he just took simon's cup of water and splashed on him.. omg.. so irritating.. he was escorted by security and made to talk to police after tt.. these kind of ppl.. hello? can't sing u dun join, admit it and dun just plainly think u're the next diva.. singapore idol coming up next.. darn cool.. looking forward to it.. muahaha`^5 peeps.. chill out..

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woohoo.. i've finally done up the 3 sketches for the mural painting of the wall at blk 40.. supposed to hand up last wed 12 noon de.. who cares.. nt core module mah.. muahhaa.. kinda lame lar.. drew flintstone's mobile for 1, plane for 1 and Dam for the last 1.. just as long as i've finish can le.. also finished up the ideas thingy.. hee.. tml's lessons starting at 10 le.. nt 1, cuz cheryl sim sms everyone... sianz.. cannot skip.. must leave till the end then skip.. so tt i wun waste the chance to skip!! haha.. if nt next time wanna skip cannot le.. hee* finally a load off my mind.. so happeeeee..

today's prac nt bad.. makin of nylon string.. woot.. first time experience.. so eeky lor.. pour 2 substances together, then use wire hook to hook out the whole long strand of nylon.. hee.. so cute` but rekha is still as irritating as ever lor.. sucky leh. somemore dunno how to teach.. how can we call her Dr Rekha like tt.. telling us there's 5 bonds in carbon.. hello? 5? hmph^ so dumb.. always 'diao' us can? she doesn't have a good attitude yet she expects us to have.. never even teach us how to use some equipments or do the experiments.. all so dangerous and complicating to use de lor.. like the melting pt machine and the stuff in the fume hood.. like as if expecting us to noe how to do everything just by reading through the manual.. hello? if we noe we wouldn't need her to supervise us.. always rushing us to finish our prac and report quick.. so tt it wun extend the time then she can go home on time.. bleah.. sucky.. enuff of tt..

went to meet dar at bus stop after prac.. took a long time to walk there cuz raining very heavily and i took the long sheltered route. went to jurong point to shop ard for doreen's present.. tml le..hee.. 13th yrs old only.. so young.. lol` bought a pencil case frm 37 degrees for her.. cuz really dunno wad to get.. then shop ard... found this bag which i really like.. comes with a pencil case too.. so nice.. haiz.. SADED.. cannot spent too much money. must save..

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Sunday, January 25, 2004

i had a great day today.. feeling kinda delighted and much better after all tt ranting and bitching.. im a gurl remember? yep.. hee.. let's start with yesterday... i was just lying the on the sofa bed in my room and staring out at the sky in my room.... kinda peaceful and tranquil feeling in my heart.. then met up with sandy at 7.. went shopping b4 that.. got another black top at u2.. got 30% discount.. i think this is the last piece.. coz i dun see any others ard.. hee.. wanted to ask may get de.. but nvm lar.. dun need to go all the way to town. i think it's 13.30 if i remembered correctly.. yep.. then met up with san to catch cheaper by a dozen.. ROFLOL... this movie is truly a great comedy.. hee.. with the frog ruining their breakfast by jumping onto the plate of scrambled eggs and off it.. "it hips..........yep it hops..... and yah erm..... it hip hops......" tt line was said by dad during the funeral of BEAN, the lil "green frog which eats flies" hee`. then went ahead to swensons after the movie.. decided to grab some ice cream and chat.. waited for a while b4 they show us to our seats and also to get us the ice cream.. wondering y it took so long.. just some scoops and topping will do right? san took the gold rush and i took the celebrity brownie.. yum... sinful stuff.. then we went hm at ard 10+....

today i woke up at ard 10+.. then my cousin doreen came over for mass gunbounding with us... and OMG, i DK!!!!! lol.... yep.. double kill.. i use cake bot to bunge both down.. muahhaha... had like 1500++ gold earned just in a game.. muahhaha.. such a genius.. hee..lifted my spirits for the rest of the day.. had abalone instant noodles.. but eeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuu.... i think the canned abalone sux lor.. it stinks and bleah... i just hate abalone.. in the end, i chose the fake abalone (use fish paste to make de) and bao4 bei4.... nobody in my family ate the real abalone.. hee... so er xin lor.. then momma cooked curry... and also shark's fins today.. hee... well, i'll go out and protest against killing animals due to animal extinction like after tt bowl of SF? alright? yep.... oh yah!!! my mum also cooked nasi soto yesterday... so nice... just normal soto ayam lor.. just tt it's with rice.. with the homecooked shallots and all.. yummy!!! hee... im sry.. im such a binge.. sue me! muahahaha..

then siying and yung came over to my hse to watch SPEED save da children gig.. and hang ard my lappy..had lotsa fun shouting and screaming plus singing in my rm.. hee.. then i went over to yung's hse to check out her monitor... got some problem... went to bai nian also at sy's and yung's hse... chatted alot with sy's parents.. missed them so much.. used to be ex neighbours.. hee... then went hm after tt and here i am.. hee..

tml gonna start sch le... haiz... my feeling is down to low low low...... so bored.. life's gonna be so bored again... haiz.... someone save me from being NP's slave!!! puuuuullllllleeeeeeeessssssseeeeeeee....

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Friday, January 23, 2004

::it's cold tonight.. and the coolness seeps thru my skin and into my bones.. making me numb and heart aching::

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woot! this song totally fits my mood now.. listen to it.. and STARE at the lyrics..

linkin park - faint

I am a little bit of loneliness, a little bit of disregard
Handful of complaints, but I can help the fact, that everybody can see these scars
What I want you to want, what I want you to feel
But it's like no matter what I do, I can't convince you, to just believe this is real
So I let go, watching you, turn your back like you always do
Face away and pretend that I'm not
But I'll be here 'cause you want what I've got

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored
Time won't heal this damage anymore
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

I am a little bit insecure, a little unconfident
'Cause you don't understand, I do what I can, but sometimes I don't make sense
I say what you never wanna say, but I've never had a doubt
It's like no matter what I do, I can't convince you, for once just to hear me out
So I let go, watching you, turn your back like you always do
Face away and pretend that I'm not
But I'll be here 'cause you want what I've got

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored
Time won't heal this damage anymore
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

Hear me out now
You're gonna listen to me, like it or not
Right now
Hear me out now
You're gonna listen to me, like it or not
Right now

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

I can't feel the way I did before
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored
Time won't heal this damage anymore
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

I can't feel
I won't be ignored
Time won't heal
Don't turn your back on me
I won't be ignored

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Celine Dion - Sorry For Love

Forgive me for the things
That I never said to you
Forgive me for not knowing
The right words to say, to prove

That I will always be
Devoted to you and me
And if you can't feel that in my love
Then I'm sorry for not giving you enough

But I'm not sorry for my love
I'm not sorry for my touch
The way it made your hands
Tremble and my heart rush

I would do it all again
Wouldn't take back a thing, no
'Cause with you I've lived
A thousand lives in one

And I could never be
I could never be
Sorry for love

Well, maybe there've been times
That I let you down
Looking back on all those moments
I know that I should have found

Love is to be for you
And now I will promise to you
And if you don't see that in my eyes
Then I'll be
Sorry for the rest of my life

But I'm not sorry for my love
I'm not sorry for my touch
The way it made your hands
Tremble and my heart rush

I would do it all again
Wouldn't take back a thing, no
Cause with you I've lived
A thousand lives in one

But I could never be
I could never be
Sorry for love

Aren't we all make mistakes
No matter how hard we try
But hearts can't only break
When sorry comes all around

OOh, when sorry comes around

I'm not sorry...
For my love
For my touch

I would do it all again
I wouldn't take back my love

Because with you I've lived
A thousand lives into one
But I could never be
I could never be
I could never be
I could never be

Sorry for love


here i am blogging and blasting my ear with music from earphones connecting to lappy.. boy do i just cried just now.. im such an emotional freak.. lord can u pls help me.. pls will ya.. am i gonna do this for the rest of the yr? this sux.. truly.. i feared of letting my parents and brothers see me like tt.. didn't wanna make them ask qns and all.. but i can't stop it.. nt as if i can control it.. :: heck it :: lord..lord..lord...lord..lord..lord..lord..lord..lord..lord..lord..lord..lord..lord.. im blind and waiting for u.. can't believe that u coming thru.. im blind and waiting for u.. yep im overwhelmed by SADNESS.. sometimes i can't fathom myself.. but im nt perfect.. yet i can't even try to understand him.. i shan't say much lar.. WTH. .tis my blog and i can't even air my stuff and views online.. yadar yadar yadar, his feelings.. blah... like heck y do i care so much` i wonder y too.. gritting my teeth now and blasting the heavy metal music to max with earphones stuck in my ears... im angry with myself!!!!!! aRgH.. feeling such a big headache.. from the full 1 hr 2 transfers 3 buses to his house.... and back in a darn cab.. all i get is being scrutinized by his relatives.. i wasn't displeased with the scrutinizing part.. but i was just dragged to the centre of the living rm with all his relatives introducing themselves and me being the main one.. he didn't even save me lor.. and now he's watching LOTR ROTK yet im here at home and blasting my ear drums.. kewl! great day i had.. darn happy.. yea.. truly speechless and overwhelmed by the lurve of god.. i hope one day i suffer from bulimia... so tt i can always turn my att to food and eat for i care when im upset and then end up in hospital..
::ty fer i do nt love myself:: all the talk abt confidence young ladies blabber blabber.. heck, im me..

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

::spinnin::kiss you jounetsu

wooot! this song totally raWkZ.. *hee* im melting.. haha.. finished watching the 2 discs of save the children concert.. just one word to describe it.. "bang4" i just love the stars to shine again part.. watched it again and again.. coz tt's the part which takako sang the most.. cheErS to all`^.. muahaha.. hee.. dar just gave me a bear hug through sms..*blushes*

i set my alarm clock to 8 last night. but i ignore it and just slept till 10+ when my bro woke me up.. i was still kind of in a daze.. thinking wad time my class was suppose to start... then i realise it was supposed to be 11.. lol.. how to rush.. so i decided to go for the lectures after 1.. hee.. meanie me`(",) anyway.. yep.. my brother helped me dye my hair.. alright lor, nt very obvious but i like it.. nt having to worry abt the black hair coming out and being really obviously ugly.. hee.. rushed off to sch at abt 12.. was abit late but mrs tang was still nt there.. she's late fer abt 15 minutes.. darn.. wad weird humour she has.. crackin lame jokes and expected us to laugh.. so everytime it was the same stuff.. someone would ask, "erm.. mrs tang, are we suppose to laugh?" then she'll be like yeah.. of course.. adding a lil bit of giggling.. then the whole lecture hall will be like "oohhh.. ha ha ha.. so funny" then she chuckles again... -_-" *diaoz* wad a... ermm.... unique sense of humour which everyone likes huh.

woot.. no physio lecture.. so skool ends at 3 instead of 5.. muahhaha.. went to paragon deli to meet dar.. then walked ard the freaking mall finding surfshop.. muahhaa.. finally found it.. lol.. coz i heard from my fren they sell newly designed stuff over there... yea.. nt old stock like heeren's flash & splash.. so went shopping and all... got a brown roxy top for 32 bucks... dar helped me pay de.. haiz.. told him no need le he said he wanna pamper me.. aiyoh.. lol.. i wanted to use nets lor.. then he just snatched away my card and put cash on the table... diaoz.. so mean.. so we went ahead to find something to eat coz i was almost fainting of hunger.. erm.. just a metaphor.. lol... not meanin it literary.. anyway.. finally found a good place to sit down and grab a bite. *NOOCH* i had yaki udon and he, the sucky malaysian hokkien mee.. also ordered a plate of chic wings.. the hokkien mee really sux lor.. with only veggie and cuttlefish... eeks.. nothing else.. and it's the black zi ca hokkien mee, nt those white ones.. really eeeeeeeuuuuuuu lor.. the sauce so er xin.. coz got some chilli flavour in it.. but it's too eeky.. exactly tastes like wasabi lor.. coz can feel the pinch in the nose.. then dar just ate a few spoonfuls.. drank the thai ice tea.. nt bad..

then we went straight to taka's cold storage.. coz paragon's market place nv sell the MERCI CROCANT... i went for a hunt to various supermarkets.. but cannot find lor.. ugh.. all bcoz of yf.. after she let me tried it. i was somehow addicted to it and been hunting for it ever since.. 1 wk le.. so went to CS. hunted high and low.. finally found the darn but gr8 choc.. hee.. 6.95 bucks.. also bought the mini maggi mee (very nice), carborana mix and unagi sushi.. yum yum.. hee.. finally.. now i can celebrate the lunar new yr in peace... lol.. cya.. gud night ppl.... muack!`^ and cheers to all~ hee

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Save the Children SPEED LIVE 2003

started class at 8 today.. morning traffic really sux.. left hm at 6.45, then reached skool at only around 8. sIGh. went for boring ITA class with tt Dr Phang CB... his slang so fake can? MIMIC "BOLD"... the way he promounces them.. eeeeeuuuuuu.. seems like a really fake slang.. no tutorials at all.. so lessons at at 10.. went to do ITP project and hang around in canteen 2. till like 12.30 then went to meet dar.. he skipped his 1 o'clock lesson today.. biz fundamentals.. yep.. then i also didn't go for da students staff thingy.. meant as a get-together for all the LSCT students and staff.. is it? think so.. yea.. who cares.. just give a lame excuse to settle it.. lessons end at 10 and expecting us to turn up frm 1 to 4.30... tea party.... performances.... nah... nt interested.. our lecture grp supposed to sing HEAL THE WORLD... but i think perhaps ard 30% skipped ba.. dunno.. intuition.. plus alot of ppl dun wanna go.

so i met dar at the bus stop at 12.30 and went to westmall to chill.. ate in FJ and bought tics to SCHOOL OF ROCK.. this movie really RaWKZ.. serious.. go check it out.. it's really cool.. just tt the fat guy is kinda proned to the disgusting when he rocking.. haha.. but all in the all, the kids and the music is really nice.. really felt tempted to get the soundtrack. imagined an elementary class teacher teaching kids to rock and play rock music instead of math, sci and all.. yep.. HISTORY OF ROCK.. n he taught them the various types of it.. soul, psychedelic rock.. blah.. nt bad. we went to shop a while b4 we went to catch the movie at 3+.. asked if CD rAMa sells the SPEED vcd.. coz tsuyoshi sms me to tell me it's out today... muahahhaa.. then the sales assistant was like 'k, i check the price for u'...... then in the end i left my contact no and name.. yet still no news even till i came out.. kinda sad.. was thinking if i could get tt at all.. really feeling quite miserable ya noe.. see it yet cannot hold it in ur hands and bring it home.. so i waited after the show for her to call.. then she told me $19.95.. but can only pay in cash.. so i was really happy.. hee.. rushed down with the money.. wahhahahahahhaha i got it i got it.. yep.. dun feel the pinch at all.. coz it's SPEED..

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Monday, January 19, 2004

muahaha, bite me

dear bloggy.. i went out shopping with my ex neighbours, siying and yung this afternoon.. really had lotsa fun crapping and hangin ard together.. wanted to go far east and bugis to shop for my clothes.. but went sembawang in the end cuz sy needa go hommie by 4 to go hang out with her bro.. we went this fashion for clothes hunt.. then i found myself a few pieces of tops and skirts to try.. yung too.. so yung and i bunk into this fitting cubicle with sy waiting to see us outside. yep.. the 2 of us in 1 cubicle. so we changed and all.. haha.. and showed sy and all.. and blah and all.. then i decided to get the pleated skirt i tried on... found it nt bad.. 18 bucks.. hee.. quite contented..

yep.. spent some money today.. bought gatsby DIY dye.. much cheaper...returned bks at the library ate some stuff from old chang kee.. yum(",) sent sy home then yung came over to my house.. said she wanna learn to make friendship bands for her special someone.. drop by at the handicraft shop near my house.. asked them if we can learn knitting there.. it's kind of been on my mind for a long long time.. wanting to learn how to knit.. the auntie told me she can teach FOC.. but 1 ball of wool cost like 8 bucks lor.... JeeZ.. plus the needle and all.. haiz.. sad lor.. u ask me to invest so much money learnin it.. i'll be damn sad de... then went home to teach yung the friendship bands.. after she left, i went central cut hair with my brothers... bored.. staff students day tml.. sux man.. can only go home at 4+.. got some stupid tea party.. reminded me of the one youth alumni held...

happy 39 months anniversary to u!!! u RawKz my world.. thanks for everything u've given me.. my expectations are not high seriously.. i just wan you to put ur best into this relationship.. for all ur lurve that u've given me.. i love u always.. take good care of yourself..

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Thursday, January 15, 2004

sick *BLEAH*

the following song butterfly kisses by bob carlisle is really sweet and nice. though i dun really have a gd dad, but hey, this song still floats in my mind. go dl it yah.

i'm kind of sick... or rather i'd really wan myself to fall sick.. dun wanna go sch... dun wanna face all those heavy core modules.. haiz.. call this avoiding.. or rather yearning to avoid.. imagine all those stuff we have to keep in our head for the coming exams.. ugh.. i better start takin in lectures by lectures.. or else they'll just pile up on me, crushing me to death.. wad an imaginative situation.
darn i feel sleepy all day long.. the yawns i had during IS today were just uncountable. they were truly boring.. downright boring.. i really miss last sem's IS class.. my gang totally raWKs.. miss the times with them.. crapping lame jokes, and scolding each other.. prakash, charles, yan, maoge, nadiah and marcus.... IS was truly fun last sem.. SADED`

the upper part of my throat hurts.. thinks there're some abrasions there.. really hurts alot.. nt like normal sore throat.. now is that i can't even eat much.. coz it gets really painful and all.. i just have to stop after having a few mouthfuls of my meal.. haiz.. somebody save me.. so miserable.. it gets painful even if i drink water or soup.. *SIGH*

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Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses

There's two things I know for sure:
She was sent here from heaven
and she's daddy's little girl.
As I drop to my knees by her bed at night
She talks to Jesus and I close my eyes and
I thank god for all the joy in my life
Oh, but most of all...

For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer;
sticking little white flowers all up in her hair;
"Walk beside the pony, Daddy, it's my first ride."
"I know the cake looks funny, Daddy, but I sure tried."
In all that I've done wrong
I know I must have done something right
to deserve a hug every morning
and butterfly kisses at night.

Sweet 16 today
She's looking like her mama a little more everyday
One part woman, the other part girl.
To perfume and make-up from ribbons and curls
Trying her wings out in a great big world.
But I remember...

Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer; sticking
little white flowers all up in her hair.
"You know how much I love you, Daddy,
But if you don't mind
I'm only gonna kiss you on the cheek this time."
With all that I've done wrong,
I must have done something right
to deserve her love every morning
and butterfly kisses at night.

All the precious time
Like the wind, the years go by.
Precious butterfly
Spread your wings and fly.

She'll change her name today.
She'll make a promise and I'll give her away.
Standing in the bride-room just staring at her.
She asked me what I'm thinking and I said "I'm not sure-
I just feel like I'm losing my baby girl."
She leaned over and gave me butterfly kisses
with her mama there,
Sticking little white flowers all up in her hair
"Walk my down the aisle, Daddy - it's just about time."
"Does my wedding gown look pretty, Daddy?
Daddy, don't cry!"

Oh, with all that I've done wrong
I must have done something right.
To deserve your love every morning and butterfly kisses-
I couldn't ask God for more,
man this is what love is.

I know I gotta let her go,
but I'll always remember
every hug in the morning
and butterfly kisses.

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You're the loving smile,the one that is entirely
devoted to others,especially that one
person.You really can't get them out of your
head,but then,you don't really want to.

What Kind of Smile are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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holding hands
hand holding - you like to be in constant physical
contact with your special someone but you don't
want to take things too quickly.

What Sign of Affection Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004


skool was kinda fun yesterday.. physiology was boring though.. was trying to concentrate.. but still couldn't help it but dozed off when suja was talking abt platelets. then we went out for break.. partly to have some drinks and also to take a breather of air. eugene treated us to drinks with his cashcard.. he said nothing.. just kept on pushing in his cashcard for every person in our class.. hee so good.. then chatted and all..

finally went into the lecture hall after 20 minutes.. it was really dark and they were watchin this clip on sickle cells.. we went to sit on the carpet just behind all those lecture seats.. then it showed these doctors doing an open heart surgery i suppose.. kinda gross.. coz it was just a whole with the heart beatin away.. eeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuu...` then they poured ice water inside the hole.. didn't mention wad it's for.. and jj was like asking alot of qns.. y they add ice water? then the heart will resume beating meh? yep.. the heart did stop after they added the ice water.. hmm.. so i told jj.. yah.. stop asking qns.. the heart just got drowned in the ice water can? ROFL...

after skool, marcus, sk and i went to queensway.. i went to acc them shopping.. after rounds and rounds of walking, sk bought a pair of adidas shoes and marcus bought a pair of jeans and 2 tees.. n bad wor.. hee... yep... and i bought nothing.. saw the nike SB i've always wanted.. cost like 47.90 every other shops i went to.. but in queensway i saw, it cost only 33 bucks.. dirt cheap lor... haiz.. very tempted.. but still didn't buy in the end.. hee^ haven't get my new clothes leh.. haiz.. went ikea after that to get the cardboard boxes which i wanted.. very nice... hee.. it's for keeping of all my old and memorable stuff.. autograph bks, presents, postcards and letters.. yep.. and also found a good bargain.. this rug which cost like 3.90!!! muahahaa... then sk bought a red one and i got a blue one to match my rm.. nice.. hee.. then after tt took cab hm coz quite late le... happeeeeeeeeeee.....*hee*

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Monday, January 12, 2004

Rain: You are the sound of rain. You have two
important sides. There is your strong, powerful
side and your calm, gentle side. Both are very
important. Rain also reflects a bit of darkness
in your personality. It isn't bad, just shows
that along with the good, you also can see bad,
which can come in handy. (please rate my quiz)

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had a great day today. IT day. ITA in the morning, learnt excel.. though it was kinda boring, but we found our way through surfing to occupy our minds.. hee.. excel learnt the spreadsheet stuff and all.. sianz.. think he kind of went quite fast.. we couldn't catch any of his commands.. we were like huh? wad? supposed to have cell bio at the time slot from 10-11. but mrs tang couldn't make it last minute.. gotta handle some department stuff she said.. so changed the time to 3.. sianz.. gotta stay later for sch.. spent the time in canteen 2 surfing and had our lunch.. then collected our ITP notes and went over for ITP class.

max lam.. yep.. really a geeky guy as i've mentioned in last wk's entry.. but i must admit his lessons are pretty interesting. yes yes (nods head ) he went through some hardware stuff which is like alien lang to me.. dunno how the others felt about it. wad about it? toner ring, STP blah blah.. then he gave us 2 sheets of paper abt hardware.. gave us 10 minutes to read it. gave us a quiz using the group discussion board of our class. he divided the whole class into 4 groups. then he asked qns while we were supposed to answer by posting on the board.. fastest person will get the point.. turned out that my group scored 0.. lol. .supposed to be negative de.. then he pity us.. ROFL ^_^ haha.. too bad, so sad.. lol.. rayn was so hilarious.. he actually put title (the other group's name) then message (i dunno, minus off all the other group's points) lol... when he's actually from my group lor.. haha.. crap sia.. plus the last question, 4 marks, we can win de.. coz i was the 2nd person who got it.. then stupid seng kiat was the first one.. he anyhow fitted in an incorrect answer.. i was like oh no.. lol.. sia lar.. so no points gained.. pathetic.. muahhaha..
yep.. tt's abt the quiz, kinda interesting and well, really made us panic alot.. *hee*

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<Yawn> Oh, sorry - I didn't realize you were done. I guess that means you're bread
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Reincarnation: You are nice enough to go to heaven,
but Earth won't be as fun without you. As a
real optimist and lighthearted person, you
always see the good in things. People probably
respect you for your wonderful personality and
love for life. People like you make the world a
happier place (please rate my quiz)

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new layout`

taadaaaa!`^ new layout, muahhaha, all thanks to mandy! thanks dude.. ur designing skills raWKz.. lol.. seriously i didn't do much except to lay out my views for it. this new layout kind of motivates me to blog.. hee.. now that my laziness has gone over my head.. help me--- bite me to get me back to senses~! i'm afraid that i'll still be waking up early as usual in the morning for school and sitting on my chair staring at my red painted wall. (yep, my rm's wall is painted red. maybe if u're curious, u can drop by and check it out) yah.. i'd just sit there and stare at the wall for like 15 minutes b4 i decided to go shower.. stoning is my favourite hobby... the feeling is just great, nt having to do anything, just to sit and stare into blank space.

also thanks to my darling bro chris for reformating my lappy! lol.. and also installing office after all that retries. u raWkZ my world.. well.. mainly IT part though. yep.. reformat for tml's IT lessons.. sianz.. but hey, dun need to really study for it k.. so elated.

i'm halfway through J.D Robb's Portrait in Death. the starting part was already quite gory. talks abt this guy who complained of an unpleasant smell in the recycle bin early in the morning. then called the authorities to come check it out. found out that there's a 20 yr old gurl who was killed and dumped inside.. sick.. and really sad.. yep.. then they went on to investigate and all..

i baked cookies today.... hee.. yum yum.. lol.. dar so cute, was like telling my bro that he dun wanna disturb me, if nt later my cookies chao da then he dunno wad to do. cookies cookies.. reminded me of something really hilarious.. dar dar baked cookies last yr for valentine's day.. first time experience.. haha.. he wanted to bake for me for v day's prezzie.. ended up that the whole batch of cookies hei hei and like stone like that he told me.. hahhaa... sooo cute... so on v day's very morning when i was on my way to school, he was waiting for me at my school's bus stop.. haha.. he passed me 6 of his best cookies from the whole batch.. i was kind of touched.. coz guys leh... where to find can bake cookies de.. hee *blushed* but to say the truth, the 6 cookies were still quite badly burnt.. doesn't taste quite nice, but i ate them after all... coz it's all my dar's masterpieces..
yep.. and i also finished making the shrimp rolls for new yr... very nice de wor.. new yr come to my place... all the goodies my mum make de.. the hae bi hiam (shrimp) really very nice.. and hot hot de..

my brother compiled a PC and brought it over to my cousin, doreen who's 13 this yr.. nt very well off.. but we try to help wherever we can. so we help them pay first lor.. then my bro go buy all those components for pc.. doreen was so happy when she saw the com.. haha.. really excited.. but dial up modem.. we see how it goes.. if can then help her get broadband lor.. who noes, she might become an software designer next time.. we must give others chances whenever we can and try to help.

my brothers have agreed to take on a shop in amk ave 10.. they're gonna sell electronics stuff like hps, cams and all.. nt too sure abt it.. yep.. tt's it.. finally found a shop le.. people, if u all need phones or want to sell phones, tell me yah.. i recommend u all my bro's shop.. really good de.. hps priced at reasonable prices with free downloads of games and ringtones logos yadar yadar yadar..... somemore if u buy nokia phones with supported n gage games player, u can even get the games at cheap cheap prices instead of having to get the cartridges at how much?? 100+ or 60+ i forgot le.. we have all the 15 n gage games.. tell us wad u wan.. and we'll get for u.. we also help u to pay phones bills and all.. no service charge wadsoever.. service is wad we do.. muahaha.. lol.. erm.. sorry for my advertising tone huh.

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Monday, January 05, 2004


first day in sch today. had ITA , cell bio and ITP. ITA is kinda boring. coz well.. the lecturer is boring himself, let alone dreamweaver and access. mrs tang nt bad, quite funny and understanding i think. as for tt max lam. yan and i thought he is rather geeky. though he really can mix well with us ..i think. erm.. but first things first. yep. PBL (problem based learning)... of course the scenario thingy is related to PBL. but is it of any relation to programming? hmmm.. visual basics. have a really bad feeling abt it. heard lotsa stuff abt it, saying tt it's diff and all. guess we'll just have to hang on.

it's gonna be a hectic semester. i was thinking of taking up bike riding. just a matter of time. see how it goes and how GL training fits into it. hmm.. feel like quitting GL if me, a slacker gotta slog myself out. yep. see how it goes. though camp rOX.

i got dar 16 gundam collector's figurines in uncle's shop.. coz really didn't noe wad to get for him. then asked uncle gt any gundam stuff.. yep. there it goes. it cost 19.90. sorry dar. i really dunno wad to get for u after tt ROTK ring and ROTK soundtrack. *hee*
WOOT!~ hee.. he cut his hair today! omg. so cute. lol.. the first time after like 45 mths tt i first see him with an entirely diff hairstyle. cute! i must say. hahha.. no nerd nerd le wor. so cute. durian head. the barber asked him cut wad hairstyle, armani or slope? then he said armani.. lol.. sia lar.. then the uncle asked him got cut b4 armani or nt? then he answered yes.. lol.. when in ur life huh.. hhahahhahaha... cute lor. u're just so charming and adorable. well.. maybe others dun agree much. haha.. wait till out daughter sees it. right sandy? *hee*

enuff of hair. happy 19th burday darling! u're the love of my life. we went out after skool to clementi. coz well, he chose it. hehe. empress cinema really cheap lor. go check it out. premium leather seats. super big cinemas and can bring in kfc openly also.. hahhaa.. yep.. really cheap. today 5 bucks nia.. haha... in the end only can watch golden chic 2. coz all others like ROTK, juon, scarymovie 3, all watched le... then caught the show at 5.45. he took me to jack's place to spend the 2 hrs b4 the movie. well... nv been there b4. it's in west coast RC de. so ulu. only the 2 of us inside. haha.. so romantic sia.. got candles somemore.. no more set lunches le.. so dar ordered grilled fish in watercress sauce and i ordered beef kway teow. dun ask me y.. lol.. i didn;t noe jack's place has such oriental flavour.. haha.. the potato skins were nt bad. yep. soup also nt bad. but i must say tt the beef kway teow is really eeky.. beef more than kway teow lor.. and it's hor fun, nt kway teow.... plus the beef also like nt nice de... haiz.. just nt nice lar.. but the fish nt bad lar.. so all in all nt bad lor.. price alright lar.. i dun dare to order more than 15 bucks for main course.. hee.. so just ordered the beef kway teow. ard 40 bucks.. haha.. cheaper than sakae sushi..

golden chic2 wasn't much of plot.. nt very nice. i had alot of fun with dar. spending time with him. he was kinda happy tt i could spend today with him.. really really excited.. he told me. study hard hard.. take care.

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Happy 18th 19th Birthday to a Special Someone.

(this whole post is dedicated to u. read on, though words cannot fully express how i feel for u)

we knew each other way back then.
it was 3 yrs 9 mths from today.
i first met u.
everything seems so natural and simple.
u were an ordinary guy and i wasn't drawn to u at all.
we went out together as 1 whole gang.
i was a penguin. (*hee* u noe wad it means for us)
6 mths later during robotics.
u got my no frm ben.
and sms me non-stop ever since.
u were irritating in the first place.
but i felt the care u gave to me.
the heart u felt for me.
i gave 3 hershey kisses to u whereas others got 2.
i told u it was coz fabius didn't wan it.
but u kept on arguing tt i like u coz i gave u 1 more.
i had a fever 1 day.
we were all in tea garden mac.
i was laying my head on the table sleeping.
u bought apple pie for me.
but i had no appetite at all.
and the next thing u did.
u bought a regular coke and drank the coke down in 1 gulp.
u left the ice in the container for me to apply onto my forehead.
i was touched.
there really still wasn't any feelings for u.
in KAP 1 day.
u were supposed to find out how the couple was doing coz they were fighting.
it was kinda edgy situation.
fab would have beaten u up if u went to check.
i stopped u.
it was then tt u looked me in the eye.
telling me tt i care for u, tt's y i stopped u.
in xiao gui lin.
u brought me up to the cliff
telling me u wanna talk to me.
i had somehow anticipated it.
but i went with u. the whole gang was rooting for u.
giving u moral support to do wad u wanna do.
u confess.
asking if we could go together.
i knew u've mustered up all ur courage.
to ask me this question.
i didn't know wad to say.
i was really confused.
should i give up my single-hood?
will i be happy?
i was really touched.
yes i said.
but u denied sayin tt u didn't hear at all.
nasty lil fellow.
i didn't wanna repeat it.
so i walked away.
but u grab hold of my arm.
and told me tt he knew it.
so we looked each other in the eye for a second.
u held my hand and we walked down together.
they cheered and hooted.
we are together dar.
we've walked through so many ups and downs.
u and i noe very clearly.
thank u for stepping into my life.
not to leave w/o anything.
u are still in my life.
and in my life u see the footsteps of the both of us.
i love u.
happy birthday dar dar.

Posted by reticent_aura at 1/05/2004 12:00:00 AM