Saturday, February 28, 2004

*poof* damn shagged now.. just reached home after bunking out 3 days 2 nights in sentosa chalet. woo-whooo.. had bbq for both days.. kinda sick of those food now.. made my way to the 2 storey resort after cell bio presentation.. nt bad.. but quite deserted, and there are alot of weird and freaking old houses near the resort. really paint peeling off and all.. my brothers thomas and i went to explore abit on the first day.. kicked some of the doors opened.. and bleah, the smell of dust and dense air just filled our lungs.. gross.. wanted to go further into the rooms.. which was blocked with loads of boxes.. yep.. then loiter ard the beach and 7-11... woot, they've got those mashed potatoes for 1 buck.. just put a cup below the dispensing machine, and press the button, the gooey thingy will come out, followed by the gravy.. nice`
did nothing much on the first night, 'cept watching telly and played cards.. oh, we cycled too.. coz we rented the bikes overnight.. slept ard 4..

went touring ard sentosa with parents, grandmama and bro.. kinda tired liao.. set up the fire for bbq and waited for dar, yiting and martin to come.. happy.. hung ard and all..had fun chatting and chilling out... ended up at the bench outside the resort with a big tray of bbq stuff.. chatted and chatted.. liked this alot.. just plainly chilling out and having fun. blah blah blah.. oh yah.. we celebrated my dad's burthday on the first night, and also sheila's burfday on the 2nd night.. got cakes for both of them..

yep.. damn shagged as i've said.. took cab home with bro and sheila.. sent her home in sengkang.. then it's like darn sicko lor.. tt freaking taxi driver.. ugh.. we said we wanna go amk after sengkang, then he took PIE and landed up at tampines instead.. dumb ass.. didn't even wanna admit.. wad the hell.. i hate taking long distance rides in cab.. just sux.. in the end the meter stopped at $30.40.. i was amazed.. then the cabby driver said tt he dun wanna take money frm us.. coz he's afraid tt my bro would issue a complaint.. then machaim no brain lor.. take his cab frm sentosa sure must pay money mah.. at least for tt short journey.. seriously wanna puke lor.. pea brain guy..

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

oooh, finally finished up the 1000 pieces mosaic winnie the pooh jigsaw.. hee.. glued it up and framed it.. hee thumbs up~

went shopping for bbq stuff today.. w/o meat and seafood ald cost like 116 bucks.. bleah.. hee.. tml morning still gotta go market shop shop shop.... daddy's burfday tml le.. like as i care.. seriously, i do not care.

freaking cell bio project, if not for it i'd be in bangkok right now, enjoying myself and drinking coconut juice.. ugh.. diaoz.. -.-
totally sux lor.. spoil my study break.. now i can only settle for 3 days 2 nights chalet in sentosa.. SAD..
somemore tml the presentation starts at 1... i can't even go check in to chalet together with my family!! wad da hell..
sIgh... nvm shall enjoy myself thoroughly.. muacks to all.. beach-ing i shall go!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

happy.. hee. cuz i've finished the cell bio summary report and yet another chap of physio.. i've been very lazy the past 2 days.. chilling ard and all.. but nt studying and finishing my projects. gonna try to finish studying by thurs.. so that i can play with an ease of mind!! hahaa..
alot of ppl nt going to my chalet.. but nvm lor.. lao ma going.. few ppl enjoy also nt bad.. hee.. got blackie also wor.. wahhaha.. blackie's my dog btw.. we're also bringing him along to the chalet.. prayed for sandy this morning. learnt abt the news that her grandma has passed away. kinda sad. the same as i've felt for shihan's grandma when she went to heaven. though i dun really have an aquaintance with them.. but i always tell myself that they must have been happy when they go....

i had a great and fulfilling study break till now. went to shihan's hse on sunday with his dad's fave amk curry puffs.. his dad was really excited to see me.. very happy.. then after dinner his parents shihan and me went to take a walk.. then, we sat at the bench and chatted.. the wind was really strong and it's really peaceful to just sit there and enjoy. then his dad talked alot about bringing me back to hainan to visit his hometown and all.. and abt us getting married in 2 yrs time.. aiyoh.. *blushes*.. mean can?.. hahhaa.. then han sent me hm and stayed at my hse watch new channel on scv.. nice..

yesterday went for lecture in sch.. then met up with dar after tt in clementi.. watched something's gotta give.. nt bad.. quite nice.. worth the bucks, since it's only 5 bucks.. wahhaa..

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

i feel so blessed.. hee` (",) still sick yesterday... dar came to visit me and brought miso soup and also green bean soup which his mum cooked specially for me.... he told me that his mum was like nagging and all, saying y i nv go see doc .. haiyoh.. small illness, doesn't matter at all de. . feeling abit better now after drinking the whole pot of my mum's concocted liang teh.. didn't study the whole of yesterday.. slacking out and spending time with dar.. he had dinner over at my place, then my mum cooked assam fish..
think tt im gonna go over to his hse later.. to get curry puff for his dad.. his dad can eat rice le.. very good progress` yep.. very happy for him.. sooner or later, he'll be able to stand up on his feet without any help and able to work again. he's really a nice person, maybe god made him suffer with a stroke cuz he used to worked too hard to support the family... nicest man i've ever seen. cannot even compare my dad to him.. seriously, yep. truly admire his spirit.. was like blaming himself for having a stroke and all, then he couldn't provide revenue for the family.. and claiming tt he's a useless person, but he did all he can, cuz he's a true man. similarly like wad's in julius ceasar..

feeling abit contented.. just finished yet another 2 chap of physiology in abt an hr.. haha.. nt memorising but reading through and understanding.. more to go.. then i can play without any worries during chalet and come back to study after sat.. yep.. muacks to all~ cherish wadeva u have..

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Friday, February 20, 2004

s i c k

sigh.. this feeling is so so so terrible.. was already sick like yesternight. but dragged myself to sch.. cuz i've already skipped 2 lectures b4... wanna leave my 2 more times till next half of semester.. even worse.. today 5 hrs with rekha.. reached sch quite early then waited till 8.30 for rekha.. haiz.. then she got the venue wrong, it's supposed to be at 56 but she went to the LT to wait for us.. haiz.. had 2 hrs of lecture with her after tutorial. the feeling of been through 2 hrs of lecture and nt learning anything plus it's extremely boring is truly a terrible thing.. the feeling is just horrid.. especially when the class behind me just kept on scolding fuck fuck.. remarkably boring and lousy Phd lecturer i've ever seen.. another minus point is that she didn't even noe how to use powrpoint for god's sake? wad does she use for presentations in uni then? transparency? it was truly hilarious when she put black against dark blue BG.. then we're like erm. . .cannot see, can u change the colour of the font? then she changed the rest of the words which are nt black, frm beige to black! we're like darn horrified.. laughing all the way.. then she offered to read it out for us. . .by then we were feeling quite hopeless. . .she just showed us all the nomenclature without showing us how she came up with it. like hey! it's magic! it's there!... -.-

i seriously wanted to skip the 2 hrs of her lecture after lunch.. then to get an mc after tt coz im feeling terrible.. with sore throat acting up and fever and all.. ugh.. but i persevere in the end.. wait, nt by listening to her lecture.. i finished studyin the first 2 chaps of physiology.. wahaha.. happy and satisfied.. yep..

went to j8 with yung.. said wanna get a swimming costume.. then i went hm after tt.. feelin even worse... went to bath and sleep straight away after tt.. without even drying my hair.. *plop* i went tucked into bed.. and i slept like a dead pig till 7+.. took my temp twice and it showed 37.5 degrees Celsius.. poor me.. gonna drink herbal tea later.. courtesey of my mum.. and study study study.. gonna try to finish studying by next wk.. so tt i can enjoy myself for the chalet!` wahaha.

oh yah.. change hp le.. courtesy of my bro.. so swt to me.. can't stand it^ muacks`

happy recovery and happy study break!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

currently feeling kinda bored. so decided to do some blogging since dar's away to have his dinner.

let's start frm yesterday.. classes till 5+.. really happy cuz dar suddenly called to tell me tt he was on his way to come fetch me home... so excited and surprised. *hee* so sweet of him.. yep.. so i met up with him at NP's bus stop and he greeted me with a smile.. totally brightens up my day.. and he also carried the sling bag i gave him for v day.. so dashing. haha.. *blushes* still feeling the same way abt him now and 3 yrs ago. kinda surprise tt it cld go on for so long.. yep.. then he went home after sending me home. frm clementi---->amk----->boon lay... poor him.. yep.. so i was grinning the whole yesternite.. hee`

now abt today.. went to sch for prac test.. sux lor.. normally is tt irritating and dunno-how-to-teach dr rekha.. well, she's an indian, always pressing for time, and rushing us to finish experiments when she nv teach us how to do those funny funny
experiments.. today even worse.. came another person who's much more darker than rekha.. omg.. seriously an african.. haha.. so suay lor.. then she hanged us out with a bamboo by tellin us tt she's only giving us an hr to finish experiments and report.. like bonkers lor.. somemore all the chemicals are in the fume hood.. then all of us just kept on queueing up to use the chemicals.. aiyoh.. senseless leh.. somemore told us tt we have theory test after tt.. like hell lor, we weren't informed at all.. crap lar.. then we argue argue she no choice said no have lor.. seriously an african lor.. can only see white in the eyes and the white lab coat.. wahahha`*

yep.. then went to meet yung in town after tt.. brought her to the recruit xpress.. then interview lor.. after that we went to walk ard and eat and eat.. haha.. spent alot of money today.. bought my fave unagi sushi and we also ate the jap pan fried noodle.. i bought the cheese and egg one.. as nice as ever.. haha.. pig. *sNOrT* then went to kino and lib.. bought 2 cheap and nice pens frm kino and borrowed recipe books frm lib.. yep.. chatted for a long long time.. then went hm at 6+..

night and swt dreams everyone~*
lurve is in da air, it's like pheremon which gets ppl involved.. muacks to all~

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Monday, February 16, 2004

im totally irritated to tears now. only words i can hear repetitively in my mind is wtf wtf.. the stuff which i organised for buds always doesn't seem to work out well. like hell lor, it's the same for tt darn ktv coupon and it's the same for tt chalet too. do we have to wait for like oooh, the right time for everything? the auspicious time for u to get out of the hse? the time when the whole 6 of us could actually get together for a mere meal? darn it's difficult`

it just sux totally. and i'm gonna wash my hands off organising 'air' outings for them. coz it doesn't matter at all. Sacrificial of time is nt important at all in friendships. yep, effort is so so so nt impt too`*
thx ppl for making my day.. though i was yep.. WAS freaking happy today..

got back marks for ita excel tests.. didn't finished 3 functions and both the chart's axis also wrong.. darn lucky to get a C.. no need remedial class.. wahaha.. and also 40/50 for cell bio.. proves my hard work... and hark work = no brains.. yea..
tt's it.. .tonight sux.

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Sunday, February 15, 2004

hmmm.. just cooked carborana.. yep, the creamy pasta with bacon bits.. nice! yum.. hee.. but dar is still tucked in comfy in bed in my brother's rm next door.. haha.. pig. both of us stayed up till 3 last night to chat.. but we kinda figured out tt we're dead tired after the whole day.. hee.. so we met each other in dreamland.

normal day yesterday.. hee.. but as happy as ever. he came to my hse to take me out in the afternoon. he pestered me to wear the yellow polo shirt that i have.. haha..coz he wore tt too.. so pai seh and cute lor. haha. with the 2 of us wearing the same shirt.. all bcoz of my bro.. he bought for the 2 of us de.. haha.. went toa payoh to eat at the jap bar. muahaha.. food as nice as ever` then we went ahead to entertainment centre, figuring tt we wun go marina south to have steamboat. definitely can't eat much.. haha.. then bought tics for along came polly.. director's club seats.. 30 bucks. whoa`*.. yea.. totally enjoyed ourselves.

took train to city hall after tt and went to waterfront and merlion park.. the waters are just too peaceful. really great place and the wind is big. hee.. had a great time with him. then we bought supper home for mum and dad. yep.. totally love the times i spent with him. shall leave out all the nitty gritty details..

o yah.. he bought me a bag frm 37 degees.. y o y.. hahaha.. i had one already.. then he was really surprised when he opened up the box i gave him. card, limited edition bear and also the sling bag.. wahaha.. dead excited.

muacks to all`*
happy v daY~~~~

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Friday, February 13, 2004

great weekend

finally the hectic wk is over dudes and dudettes! cheers to M02!!! haha.. yep.. 5 tests in a wk, also adding on 2 projects to submit and 1 of it to be presented. wahhaa.. somemore 3 tests cramped together on monday. wad could be more worse than tt. the last time i actually had tt many tests in a day was in sec 4. i sure miss my buds. cats project done, presented. ita project done and submitted to dumb pcb. all tests over. yep.

darn happy now. exactly in the v day mood. once tml is over, it marks another milestone in my lurve relationship. now wad i gotta do. get through a nice packaged prezzie fer him. now i can finally concentrate on v day! wahaha.. can't meet up with buds again. sianz. as usual. it's the thought. wondering if some even have it or nt. sad case.

alex chang's last day with us. haiz. thumbs up and salutes to him. he's a superb lecturer. nt failing to trigger the whole batch of lecture students to laugh. he totally raWKz> can u imagine organic biological chem to be interesting at all? nope.. but he did it. we can nv get tired of his jokes. really sad. cuz he's gonna go overseas for further studies. everyone will miss him lotsa. and tt darn rekha is gonna take over the lectures. by then she'll noe wad kind of attitude she deserves. sucky. i'll never go for class outing with this dumb mentor.. haiz.. phenol chang.. im gonna miss u cursing and swearing abt those stupid and rubbish organic compounds...

i think i've put in relatively good effort in this semester's work. can't afford to flunk my modules. must jia you. OBC and cell bio kinda alright.. nt sure abt physio.. no tutorial no nothing..... hmmm`

went down to bishan to meet dar after lectures. ooohhh.. lurve the saba shioyaki so much over there.. cheap also. wahaha.. so addicted to it le. then we walked ard.. and went down to coffeebean to grab some drinks. tried the white choc dream.. oooh.. nice.. hee..really enjoyed the times i spent with dar. appreciation does the job. then we went over to my place. momma cooked stuff he liked.. haha.. so cute. yep.. then he went hm lor.. wahaha.. he gonna come stay over tml night. swt`

muacks to all my dearies and darlings. happy v day.. i'll never forget u all.

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Monday, February 09, 2004

::spinin::goo goo dolls - sympathy

woot.. wahaha.. went bugis with yung and sy.. shall call them my buds yah.. haha.. had great fun shopping in bugis village.. hee.. bought lotsa stuff again.. haha. shall nt reveal. hmm.. yep.. almost dehydrated cuz it was 'freezing in there'..
=========> WARM... then we bought coconut to drink.. shiok.. haha.. tt feeling is really cool, only can use 1 word to describe "ahhhhhhhh" haha.. so nice.. then we went over to parco after tt.. how nice it is to be in an air conditioned area.

shopped ard and went for makan marathon in basement. ate sushi, takopachi and old chang kee.. yum.. still miss the unagi alot.. damn nice.. was so tempted to get the unagi rice.. wahaha.. went hm after tt.. we were like 3 bonkers woman in the train.. kept on taking pics with the cam phone..wahaha.. turned out quite well leh.. gonna go out again this wk!!!!!!!! life's great======>w/o the studying part though.. haha..

sch was terribly tiring today... supposed to end at 2.. ended up having make up lesson with ever-so-idiotic pcb. 3 tests today. ITA prac test on excel was a total flunk.. forgot all the functions and chart can't even do properly cuz no time.. pEngZ. haha.. shouldn't have spent so much time studying and worrying abt cell bio test. damn easy lor.. cheat our feelings.. luckily i nv sacrifice my date yesterday.. or else i'll surely cry.. wahaha.. ITP test alright lar.. nv touch the notes at all.. 20 mcq qns... 5 marks each. i got 40/100 in the end.. all ti-kam de. lol`^ tired day.. gonna make it through tml.. coz tml is another long day frm 8 till 5.. sigh` then can slack after tml le.. wahaha.. muacks to all. dream well tonight cuz erm... did u see tt lurve shape above ur head?

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Sunday, February 08, 2004

dear lord our heavenly father. i wish for all the good things, though they might nt be true father. i wish for the world to be peaceful. i wish tt im now actually living in africa. dear lord dear lord. i wish for everything to be good. maybe everything but me. sigh.. i dun mind anything anymore.. i give thanks for everything. amen.

sigh. an angel died again. cried for 1 whole hr frm 12am till 1. tried to sleep. so there i am. wetting my pillowcase trying to coax myself to sleep. gosh im miserable. totally miserable. the headache will never seem to go away. wishing tt i could die. wondering whether my cuddly pillow will do the job of saffocating me. dear frens nt to worry. for if i've nv done anything special in my life, it's just a wasted life. take it away.

i wan all the good things. falling on me like adrenaline rushing through my body. falling on me like heavy stars crushing upon me. swt dreams.

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Saturday, February 07, 2004

had a terrible headache in the late afternoon... felt like puking too.. cried myself to sleep at 4+pm.. coz the headache was unbearable.. SADED

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wtf.... im damn bored at hm.............. ugh....................................................................................................... sux sux sux...gonna go mad soon...

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::spinin::goo goo dolls - Big Machine

darn i wanna get out.. it's freaking stuffy in here.. ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dun wanna study.. serious.. felt so much like quitting sch. Fuck shit.

feel so much like shopping again.. always got the urge to spend lavishly when i get upset.. SADED`

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Friday, February 06, 2004

didn't go for lecture again today.. sigh.. though it was only for 2 hrs.. plus tt the lecturer was truly a good one.. felt kinda sad.. bleah... supposed to wake up at 7 in the morning.. but lazy me.. went back to sleep again after i switched off my hp alarm.. when i woke up it was like 8.40... my gosh... SIGH... so didn't go.. figured tt it was no pt going for only an hr's lecture in sch.. then got a call frm dar at abt 10+, said they could be dismissed le.. so met up with him in jubilee's box office.. got tics for 12 noon's GOTHIKA..

gothika's rather nice.. it's a thriller, nt horror.. those prone to the detective side, nt the paranormal side.. thumbs up.. should go catch it.. btw, the leading actress, miranda grey is truly agile.. wahha...

went seoul garden after tt.. new promotion, 7.99 bucks.. came to ard 25 bucks for 2 of us.. nt so cheap after all.. yep..had great fun as we chat while we eat.. chatted abt alot of stuff.. then went ahead to j8 jalan jalan.. alot of shops got sale.. bum moving out sale.. 37 degrees also relocation sale.. 20% off.. so i bought the tote bag which i've wanted all along and also a charmer black tee.. came up to ard 50 bucks.. GUILTY... as usual.. always felt tt way after i bought the stuff which i like.. yep.. and now im home.. just bathed and arranged my wardrobe.. erm...well... found out tt my wardrobe is way too small!!!!! wahaha.. SADED.. nvm.. hee` i simply love my rm to be neat and tidy.. but for all other things, im half bothered with them.

gonna start studying now.. yep.. making things clear. start studying.. and finish up the darn lame project.


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Thursday, February 05, 2004


wheeeeeeeeee... wahaha.. open hse.. nuttin to get excited abt.. lol.. nt involved anyway.. supposed to do some shifts of duties... muahaha.. elya called me yesternite... asking when's me IS class today and all.. and then asking me to do the morning BMI testing shift frm 9 till 1... my IS classes start at 1... but i was truly unwilling to help out mrs tang... also to give up my precious sleeping time.. yep.. to help her... nah nah.. unless she's giving me some other more interesting stuff like usherin and touring... hmmmm.. well well.. yep.. dunno y.. i think im seriously lackin catching some winks.. ugh.. have been feeling tired always and yawning non stop.. anyway.. had headache all day.. kinda killing me.. bleah..

hee... aye mon, marcus and me were thinking of going to the convention centre to get goodie bags.. lol.. cheapskate.. wahaha... but sure got vouchers and all.. hee... then we went atrium in the end, coz raining.. nuttin much, just alot of CCA setting up their stalls and all.. nt much.. SADED.. no goodie bag.. hee.. as usual, WAA was boring, CATS was even worse.. bleah... TAK (Tan Ah Kat) was like so zi yi wei shi (thinkin highly of himself).. we just spent our time going to the loo, eating ruffles chips and drinking stuff.... hmmm.. yep.. and chatting.. slack slack slack...

just finished doing part of ITA project.. got so many stuff to do.. 3 tests on monday, and also ITA project to submit on monday.... help me.... wahaha... oh yah... WAA tests also next wk.... i feel the word WORK entirely hanging on my back.. feelin the strain.. so i gotta settle everything in its right place... so im plannin to study tonight.... cuz tml going out with dar the whole day.. and also have other programs during weekend... hee.... study.... yep.. tml only have lecture frm 9 till 11.. so happy.. all others cancelled le.. haha.. study study study... jia you everyone.. and most importantly, to shop v day!!!!!

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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

pon skool

didn't go sch today.. really kinda tired of studying.. bleah.. suddenly was thinking of just quitting sch to go work and be tai tai in future.... lol.. then i threw off all those ideas.. must be cuz i can't sleep last night... so yep.. pon sch.. wanted to go acc my mum for chemo session.. but kinda lazy... so slacked whole day and waited for momma to come back.. as usual.. she came back really shagged and all. so i went to cook dinner.. 3 dishes 1 soup.. nice ba.. haha.. butter pork and button mushrooms, tow-gay, dang guay chic and soup... muahaha... nt bad lar.. poor mum.. got no appetite.. cuz whole mouth smells of the medicine being injected into her body... ate abit only..

haiz... bro came hm... said he wanna sell away my phone... then he gave me a new LG X7100.. the lcd can turn de, like tablet lappy.. asked me use tt one... i was like ok.. kinda happy at first... but really SADED after tt... sigh... the memory sux lor.. i have 120+ msgs in my current 3100 lor.. all stored in sim de... but i can only see abt 20+ msgs in the inbox.... haiz.. Sigh.. sad lor... so i decided to change back again... hee... 3100 rawKz.. muahaha... i really wan a flip phone.. but is there one which has a big memory?? hmmm.. bb peeps... night

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of people wish they could know you better and
you are probably an artist? i really wish there
were more people like you out there..i really

in my eyes you are...(pics and different outcomes)
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?? Which Angel Or Demon Are You ??
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great fun`^

hee.. dar, doreen and fifth aunt came over to my hse on sunday.. then fifth aunt went to work till abt 10 plus, leaving doreen in our care.. had great fun with so many ppl over at my place.. lol.. then fifth aunt came back at ard 10+, wanting to fetch doreen... but we really wanted her to stay.. she was also yearning to stay overnight.. but fifth aunt very protective.. haiz.. can't stand her.. then she brought her home... halfway thru, aunt called and told me that doreen very unhappy.. said she really wanna stay over.. so she's got no choice in the end.. she brought doreen back and both of them spent the night in my rm.. prepared 2 sofa beds in my rm.. hee.. no bad wor.. quite cosy.. then doreen was really excited and happy.. haha.. ate abit of supper and watched tv and gunbounding.. they slept at ard 2.. then dar and i continued doing the mosaic winnie 1000 pc jigsaw till abt 3.. then i turned in.. the jigsaw was really diff.. cuz besides the whole pic.. there's still a pic inside diff pc... making it even more diff.. haiz.. haha.. dar is still the best.. so smart... even my mum also has to surrender and shout out his name in order to help her piece the jigsaw.. hee.. had a great fun.. doreen was too excited too sleep.. her record was ard 1+.. but she said tt she wasn't sleepy at all.. didn't wanna sleep.. but in the end we were both in dreamland..

woke up at ard 10+... so happy lor.. to have so many ppl in my hse at 1 time.. 8 altogether.. hee.. plus my 2 dogs it'll be 10.. so grateful.. then my momma let aunt fry beehoon for us.. though nt as nice as my mum's one.. muahaha.. boy am i mean.. quite salty lar.. but nvm.. i appreciate their presence. so happy.. rarely in the morning when my hse is so chirpy and re nao.. hee.. very happy.. my mum and i just love these sort of stuff.. im lovin' it.. hee..

then doreen and fifth aunt went hm at ard 2+ cuz she gotta work at 5+.. then dar gotta help my bro deal this hp in boon lay.. so he left at 4+.. when i opened the lock for him to leave my hse.. my mum was like sooooooo cute... she asked me, how come i nv send him off? then i was like oh ok.. so i asked a 'supposedly' stupid qns.. send him to boon lay then i go hm wor? then she was like go lar, send him lar, since it's holiday.. omg. haha.. i was like oh ok.. kewl.. haha.. so i quickly changed and left with dar.. my mum was like telling me to have dinner at his hse.. and remind his dad nt to get more food for dinner like duck and all cuz of me... hee.. nice! went jp walked for a while b4 going to his hse.. hee.. had dinner then went hm le.. reached hm at abt 9+.. happy happy.. muacks to all`^

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Sunday, February 01, 2004

chingay woot`^5

great fun, great ppl, cool dudes and dudettes? but poooor me... hee.. really wanted so badly to join in the fun and be part of chingay.. nt the party ppl but the helpers and performers.. hee* went down to orchard to meet up with dar at ard 6+ walked from orchard SC (station control) to ps.. stopping to enjoy some fun and music... hee.. didn't really catch much of chingay performances.. but alright lar.. hee.. really wanna go help out.. lol... ate dinner at tt place again.. in cuppage centre i think.. dunno how to describe.. hee.. guess next time we'll go try out the jap style ramen stall.. didn't go cuz kinda broke le.. haha.. really jap style de.. with the bar seats and all.. hmmm... nice ambience yah` then we tried the ice cream from DQ.. new flavour.. cheesecake sensation.. hee.. go try it dudes.. nt bad..

then went over to ps and took train to city hall frm DG.. shopped for a while and saw the tote from 37 degrees i had my eyes on since a few days ago.. haiz... nice leh.. matching pencil case also.. erm.. have i posted abt tt b4? lol.. dunno if i mentioned the name HP i'll get discount or nt.. hor huiping? hee.. then walked to esplanade there.. to marina promenade!!!!!!! muahha.. my favourite place.. or rather, our fave chill out place.. really great... so we found ourselves a place to sit on the rocks.. somemore tonight is nt cloudy, so we cld see alot of stars.. really swt and nice.. hee.. chatted and all.. listened to the waves and staring into the sky.. great place.. *blushes* great place to talk to each other.. hee.. walked over to ang bao river to check out.. saw the bungee thingy.. 30 bucks ex wor.. nt worth it cuz only 1 round.. eeeewwwww.... ex...ex... might as well go other countries try the real bungee instead of this silly reverse bungee.. more exciting.. then tried the 1 buck niang tofu and fishballs.. nt bad wor.. quite cheap somemore.. then bought a few sticks of waffle hotdog home.. kind of like my habit to do tt.. always have to buy something home for hommy ppl to eat.. used to it le.. do wad i can lor.. then my mum will also be happy.. then dar sent me home and went home after tt..
kinda sad lar.. hard on him too.. gotta send me home which is in amk.. then going hm after tt.. in which he stays in boon lay.. poor fellow.. lol.. he gonna come stay overnight tml le!!! hee.. doreen also.. wahaha... gonna lao yu sheng tml.. hee.. so nice.. so crowded at my place tml.. wahaha.. finally someone can share my rm with me le.. erm.. if she can lar.. haha.. dunno if aunty allows or nt..

hee... talking abt sharing my rm.. beethoven (bigger dog) always bunk in with me.. now even xiao hei, my smaller dog also like sleeping in my rm.... omg..... wad has my place turned into? haiz.. SADED.. so much dog fur.. wahaha.. then beet will wake me up early in the morning by licking my body.. bleah.. so mean k.. then i cannot wake up late.. so happy!!!!! no lessons on mon.. hee.. kinda tired of going to sch nowadays.. darn slacked. ugh.

will blog abt my relatives in indo when i feel like it... btw for those who dunno, my momma is indo-chinese.. hee... have a great weekend.. dudes and dudettes..

Posted by reticent_aura at 2/01/2004 01:12:00 AM