Sunday, March 28, 2004

had a great weekend.. though erm.. i didn't went out at all.. yea` stayed at hm all through yesterday and today.. played GB the whole day yesterday.. and read 2 bks from friday till today.. haha.. 1 by johanna lindsey and the other by danielle steel.. 1st bk i read of danielle steel in my life.. wahhaa... this bk call 'the sunset in st tropez'.. great plot, almost made me tear.. heh. yep.. so shall read more on this author... obc test coming up soon.. must study hard for it.. like frm NOW... yep.. shan't fool ard anymore.. yep.. dar came to acc me yesterday the whole day.. spent some time together and all... had dinner then went home..
doreen also came to stay overnight with my aunt yesternite.. and toopid blackie snuggled in with me in the middle of the night, causing the temp to go up.. and made me feel so warm.. hee.

celebrated ah ma's birthday today.. so happy.. she came over in the morning, wanting to stay here tonight..spent the whole day gunbounding and cooking.. dar came over too.. to join in the fun.. i simply love this kind of noisy yet pleasant scene at home.. yep.. alot of ppl together at home, and chatting, watch telly and both my lappy and PC wld be used for gunbounding purposes.. hee.. had great time today.. especially with dar alongside with me chatting.. very happy.. yep..

ah ma, happy birthday wor.. she's even more healthier than other folkies her age.. can walk so fast somemore.. wahhaa.. doesn't look like 70+ at all.. still remembered she could even go up the slope leading to strawberry farm in cameron highlands without even panting.. kewl right? wahaha..'s my weekend.. so now gotta study hard le... jia you everyone!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

met up with dar for a while in clementi on monday.. chilled out with his classmates and all. yea.. then he sent me back to my hse.. had dinner with my family. his dad called him, telling me to go over to his hse to eat the grilled stingray and also to stay over at their place for a night.. then my mum was like 'go lor..' yep.. so i went over. reached his at ard 10 plus.. heh.. then we watched telly and all.. slept kinda late.. yep.. so kinda tired` then we both woke up at 6+, and headed for sch.. met up with yan at clementi and took shuttle bus to sch.. hee.. first time early in the morning go sch take shuttle bus frm clementi.

happy.. cuz my mum actually allows me to go stay in his hse.. she doesn't like the idea.. said something abt bad impression and all.. aiyah.. hee.. happy happy..

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Friday, March 19, 2004

dar!! happy 41th mth anniversary! heh` thanks for everything.. it's all in ur testimonial le ba... i believe.. muacks.. *smiles*

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ok, let's do some blogging b4 i gets lazy piggy again.. cool.. everything was swt and nice for the past few days..
had breakfast in mac on tuesday after cell bio presentation.. the 5 of us sat comfortably into cate tan's family car and she drove us to kap.. had hot cakes then proceeded to sch for lecture thereafter.. yep.. simple lurve the sweetcorn margarine and fluffy hotcakes topped with maple syrup..

nothing much happened on wed.. finished our obc prac at 2, an hr earlier.. so we went canteen 2 to eat fried fish soup and chatted to while away the next 2 hrs.. then, we went for the choosing of IS modules briefing.. yep.. seriously tired on tt day.. and brain totally satuarated with info frm intense physio and cell bio theories.. seriously nodding off during the dumb talk..

skipped both IS lessons yesterday.. woked up early at 7.30 to go over to dar's hse.. sent his dad for acupuncture in tanjong pagar then we both spent the next 2 hrs together, eating the darn 7 bucks kway chap ingredients.. amounting total in 10 bucks.. yep.. in the market.. -.- he's simple ugh.. cute. thereafter, we went to tiong bahru plaza and ate at the food court again.. had the spaghetti and mushrm soup.. sad.. alot of changes.. now my favourite tom yam soup stall is gone.. *poof* caught the eye 2.. kinda think the first one is nicer.. yep.. though the most freaky part is when shuqi went to pick up the coin.. wth.. go watch it and u'll noe.. went hm after tt and dar stayed at my hse till 12.. dead sleepy and off to dreamland i go immediately when i laid on the bed..

dragged myself to sch today.. really so bu yuan yi.. but hey, i only care abt the attendence.. all in all alright lar..
had tea party after lectures with director of lsct.. they prepared some food for us.. yep.. it's basically a class thingy.. tt means only our mentor, the director and us.. sushila chang is so amiable.. very nice and approachable.. yep.. she chatted with us and we intro-ed ourselves.. then carried on to eatin.. and of cuz with food there's always 'zhong ji mi ma' as usual.. never fail.. kinda like our custom.. hmph.. in the end i also bingo a plate.. sadded lor.. aiyoh. knew it was coming.. anyway.. our mentor rekha kena 2 plates lor.. haha.. she's also very sporty.. planning a potluck over at her place after the exams i think.. yep.. muacks to 1MO2, for the precious memories.. *huggies*

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Monday, March 15, 2004

whoo-hoo... got back cell bio paper today.. took home 72/100 for it.. hmmm.. made a lot of mistakes coz didn't really memorise the stuff.. abit disappointed lar.. heh.. especially the part on endocrine and paracrine signalling.. forgot everything abt it when i ran through tt qns.. ugh.. nvm.. over! haha.. sigh of relief.. har..

access test was brilliantly relatively easy.. yea.. at least much easier than excel tt is.. heh.. yep.. happy lor.. yea..
itp was alright today.. almost couldn't catch up with the codings.. ugh.. max lam type so fast and refuse to let us view the codes for a longer time.. now im kinda confused with the codings le.. haiz.. dunno how the project will go..

dar came over frm sentosa just now.. only for a while.. to pick up the CPU he left in com hospital over at my place.. heh.. my bro helped him change his harddisk.. only for a while.. but i miss the bear hugs from him already.. yep.. miss him so much..

lurve can change a person.. it has thus far reconstruct my heart---->for a much bigger space for him..

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oh.. happy belated 18th burfday vince!! u can now smoke legally.. wahaha

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Sunday, March 14, 2004

have u ever missed someone so much that u cry? yep i did.. today.. dar stayed over in my hse for the past 2 nights.. we spent alot of time with each other.. yea.. though i went training last night.. really happy with him ard.. slept in my brother's rm with dar and my mum.. coz my bros nt at hm.. we watched telly till 2 and cooked mashed potatoes together.. heh..
really cherish the times i have with him..

he's in sentosa now.. spending the night over there since morning with his classmates celebrating vince's and tim's burfday.. he left my hse ard 8.. kinda sad.. hehe.. like feel lonely all of a sudden.. kinda lost as to wad i can do.. yep.. so i spent my day indulging in access studying.. tried to concentrate.. but couldn't.. feel so terrible leh.. haiz.. then quite worried abt him when he didn't reply my sms or pick up my call.. when we chatted with each other on the phone.. i can't bear.. so i just teared.. aiyah.. im such a crybaby.. yea.. the feeling is just too extreme.. wondering y.. we chatted with each other for a long time..

though feeling bitter.. and sad.. but must let him enjoy himself. .he's happy... i am too.. yep.. heh.. then the feeling of missing him really got to me.. yep.. he coed me and sang me songs.. so swt and happy.. yep.. but teared again while he was singing... coz aiyah.. really swt.. *smiles* crybaby.. im such an emo freak.. wahhaa..

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Thursday, March 11, 2004

today (duh`)

very hungry now.. waiting for mum to finish cooking butter pork.. waa and cats were boring today as usual.. went to sch frm 1 to 5.. did nuttin much for waa, then as for cats, i finished my obc tutorial while TAK was delivering his freaking boring speech.. yep.. finished the chap on amines and amides..

oh yah.. got back obc lab test paper.. bleah.. truly a disaster. wondering if im even gonna pass my exam at all for this module, now that alex chang is gone.. failed by 1 mark... still haven't get back the 2 papers i sat for last wk.. getting back only next wk.. ugh.. wondering how i'd fare.. hoping for cell bio it'll be good..

im now trying to catch up on obc.. if not, i'll definitely flunk my exam.. yep... study study.. i mean, how good would it be when u've got 2 attitude prob tutors teaching u for obc? 1 is an indian, worse still the other is an african.. wth` at this point of time, we still gotta teach them how to do it.. instead of them teaching us.. so we just gotta depend on ourselves..

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Monday, March 08, 2004

shan't tok abt the details and all yah.. dar stayed over at my place over the weekend. we spent time with each other and all.. yep.. oh yah.. obsessed with mac too.. had it on sat night ard 10+ .. then went for morning breakfast on sun in mac again.. missed the hotcakes alot.. yummy.. sweetcorn margarine.. together with maple syrup.. and.. shan't carry on.. nice`

finished my ita 2nd submission on sunday wee morning.. so it's a load off my mind now.. now the only burden is visual basic microsoft agents project.. didn't manage to borrow the book "sexy" max recommended.. yea.. kinda sad.. dunno how to start on it.. and also need to study hard for the exams.. goal is to get Bs for all my modules.. yea..
hey.. dun laugh.. i got all Cs last semester..but still quite contented.. yea.. so now i THINK i'll TRY to start on ita 3rd submission.. sianz.. somehow i dun like access... so boring.. then can concentrate on studying after all those projects..

nice cool & wet weather today.. good.. but bad when we hafta carry lappy to sch today.. hope tml it's the same weather.. wahaha..

didn't prepare for today's debate.. somemore im one of the speakers.. didn't even read up.. lol.. didn't even noe if im for or against.. haha.. not sure of the topic too.. lmao.. so i just garang gabo my way through.. haha.. aiyah.. dun care lar... gonna get back cell bio test paper next tutorial... highest 98.. *DREAM* lol.. hee.. big fat hope.. hope kin pong fails his paper.. lol.. the couch potato.. *wipes away the sight of him away frm my mind*

gonna have a long day tml. frm 8 to 5.. sianz... long lecture day... plus 3 hrs cell bio lab.. bored bored.. sit through them.. angela be good and dun skip.. yea.. muacks to all..

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Friday, March 05, 2004

class outing

went to meet up with dearies and darlings on M02 today in the late afternoon.. haha.. saw winnie, and the jias in the cabin which im in.. hee.. just nice.. so have acc, dun need to read J.D.Robb.. met up with the others at raffles train station.. all the guys.. haiz.. all late except gary.. wahaha` then went sakae.. loaf the waitresses.. aiyoh.. gave the 20 of us conveyor seats.. wth.. at least must give us booth seats then separate us into grps mah. like tt how to tok.. -.- was like abit the sian.. ate alot with yan and sk.. hee.. ordered like more than 10 plates at 1 shot.. and yep.. the dessert raWkZ.. omg.. shld go eat the choc cheesecake next time.. damn nice.. yum^.^ then yan sk and me went to walk the whole of OUB building for the sake of digestion. then went back to sakae after tt..

then some of us proceeded to esplanade and marina square.. cracked the joke abt the dumb Big Fish and Mushroom Swiss Double.. wth.. beibei's got some screws off and also some wrong position.. tt's the reason. yep.. then went window shopping and all.. kinda hilarious when we went into charles and keith.. the guys went in and sat on the stools meant for testing of footwear.. ROFL.. was like.. hmmm.. dun occupy the whole shop leh.. kinda tempted to get this pair of really comfy slip in.. hmmm... but decided to just scrimp now... and spent at the end of the mth, when i have tonnes of money by then.. get hold of ur hands angela` *hee* then went home at 8+.. sianz.. dar gonna come tml.. said we're gonna whip up a meal tml. hmmm.. hee.. grandmama come over stay tonight... goody..

i wanna watch alot of movies.. big fish, acacia, mystic river, honey, butterfly effect, dirty dancing 2, haunted mansion.. wahha.. lots more coming up!!! oh man.. dumb ppl.. y can't they just spread out the release of movies.. darn just when i've got the money they give me dumb no plot shows.. oh man.. get hold of ur hand!!

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woke up kinda early today.. coz of my aunt's loud and shrill voice.. grr.. very distinct voice.. yep.. watched AMI then trisha and ryan's wedding after that.. super draggy.. though seriously, everything they've prepared for tt particular venue is truly remarkable.. the only part i like was when the pastor gave them each a bottle of different coloured sand.. then they poured individually into the other sand bottle.. after tt, to commemorate their marriage, they both pour into the same bottle together.. then the pastor sealed the vow with his white sand.. really nice and meaningful.. yep.. *thinking abt how i'd like tt for my wedding too* hmmm.. hee.. brushing away all those thoughts..

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had a great wk.. all's great except for this biatch who invaded my rm for a few days, causing my lost of privacy.. yep.. all's good.. though it's test wk.. monday cell bio was fine.. nt bad a paper.. watched movie on tt day with dar.. hee..
then the next day had physio paper.. didn't worked my brain cells out for this paper.. so i figured it's nt good.. but who cares.. exams, tt's the one..(",) went out with yung after physio paper.. chill out at causeway pt.. ate alot of stuff as usual and shopped and talked..

stayed at home the whole day on wednesday.. indulging myself in pure boredom.. nobody to acc me.. damn bored up at hommie.. ugh.. seriously hate tt feeling.. yep.. was complaining to yung and dar for the whole day by smsing them.. wahhaha.. so i spent my day watching telly, online games..

today was better.. haha.. went town with dar.. had brunch at taka's food paradise.. then walked ard.. to library to borrow some recipe books for me and bowling bk for dar.. and kino.. went borders thereafter and read through this 340 recipes nook.. hung ard and we went over to my hommie after tt.. i tried out my own recipe---> skillet potatoes.. nice leh.. hee.. very simple. just grate the potatoes, add seasoning, then fry it.. wahhaa.. he had dinner at my place and went hm after tt..

interesting fact for today.. my bro shaved off blackie's fur!!! so he seems like a total pig coz of his pink skin.. and also oh man.. like a weird creature with his long ears.. darn he's funny.. wahaha.. took some pics of him... omg.. bleah...

well.. this is his gross pig carcass

it seems like a The Dog face doesn't it?

more of it..

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