Saturday, May 29, 2004

=) yesterday was a very eventful day. hehe. enjoyed myself all day thru since morning.

woke up at 8 to meet dar in empress for movie - day after tml. i think it was nt bad a movie. though really nt much destruction and all. but yea, it's already quite edgy thinking abt it. haha. all those erm. cold current in which u stay at the eye, u'll freeze instantly within seconds. and also those tornadoes which come a few at a time, and then joined into a mega one. whoa. haha`

then after tt went dar's home so tt he can bath and change out of his uniform. had lunch, went over to my hse shortly after tt coz i need to bring my dogs for a stroll before going to meet my buds!

so yep. hung ard at my hse with dar then both of us went down to marina bay station control to wait for our beloved frens. yep. the both of us were the earliest.. wahahahha. so i waited for ard half an hr later and my buds and i could go. but dar gotta wait for more than an hr for his frens to come. haha..

so yea. my gurl gang had one table and dar and his frens sitting at the table next to us. as usual, as long as the fishes r there, lame jokes r bound to be there. ha. anyway, i realise tt my crapping skills has taken a higher level. haha. thanks to dearie sandy for peeling prawns for us throughout the session. hehe. anyway. had lotsa fun.
yx even held on to my bag and pretended to be parachuting. but it's a erm.. super cold joke. nobody smiled at her. lol. and she seems rather fun in her own world. rofl`

so yea, chatted for a while and my buds all left. i joined dar and his frens and went hm ard 10+. reached home, waited for my 2nd elder bro to come home frm hong kong.
he reached home at ard 1am and bought lotsa stuff for me!!! wahahha.. very happy.
let's see my stufF!
erm, 2 pairs of hidden socks, a set of extremely cute PJs(pajamas)!!!, a pair of slippers with my favourite PIG!!, a bathing ape tee, and also a diesel bag.. wahahha. muacks! hehe. =) he's so sweet to his young lil sis!

so yep. he bought dar a tee too. dar stayed overnight and just went out for his appointment at ttsh.

happy and eventful day.

i hope to see yu er gang soon and wishing to have an unforgettable and special 18th birthday this yr.

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Thursday, May 27, 2004

=) got back results le. only one word to describe. ./satiated/. wahaha.
anyway. i made a wish to get all Bs this semester coz i got all Cs last semester. so yep. i roughly fulfilled my wish.. haha.
here goes (",)

organic & biological chem C+
understanding writing for academic applications AD
creativity and applied thinking skills B+
IT applications B
cell biology B+
physiological systems B
information tech and programming B+

=) happy. yep. anyway, i dun care abt obc. lol.. cuz im happy tt i manage to pass. jeans half wet and freezing cold when i took the retest for the exam. whoa. hehe. yep. anyway. this is the first time i got AD for a module, though a worthless one. haha.. thanks cheryl sim. lol. but still very excited.. hahaha. yes eugene, i understand where u're coming frm. wahahhahaha.

i wanna go for linkin park gig... but it's gonna be on 22nd. so yep, have a very bad feeling abt it. coz i think im gonna go m'sia then. oh.. alot of cds coming up and abt. wanna get them.. wahaha. avril lavigne and the corrs!! wahhaa.. i love corrs. their songs raWKZ! maybe nt rock. they dun do rock. lol. well wadeva.
peace out! muacks to all my beloved frens. dar i love u, fishes im missing u.. mo2s whether now or future i muacks u!!=)

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004


sigh.. the still name-less jack russell which i have is really a pain in the neck. didn't have a good sleep for 2 days now. cuz it simply loves to step on my back, furthermore, it even pounced on my face and lick and pawed my hair when i was asleepy.. gaWd.. how can i even go to slumberland peacefully. but. sigh. it's too adorable.. lol. super hyper and kept on disturbing the 2 other dogs, like biting their nose, licking their face.. lol chasing them ard the hse.. sigh. darn hyper.yea.. till now i've received some suggestions for naming it.. like erm.. jackass, milo.. lol

anyway, it's a great relaxation to eat red durians and watching american idol3 at the same time. truly enjoyable. big bro bought de.. 2nd elder bro is in hong kong now.. hehe.. he went there yesterday with his frens. hehe. said he wanna get me a pair of sneakers! wahahah.. muacks!

peace out!

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Monday, May 24, 2004

=) heya! let's start with saturday!

dar tried to gimme a surprise. hehe.. i it's nt foolproof.. wahaha! im too smart. he called up at ard 11+pm, asked me if i was sleeping early, so i was like "oh, dun think so, y leh? wanna have supper with me ar?" haha.. so hehe.. i saw thru his plan.. hehehe.. he reached my hse at abt 12+ am, n bought supper too for my family.. hehe. very happy. muacks!
then we spent the next day lazying ard and watching vcds with my momma. =)

ok.. well well... as for today, i went out with mom and bro to pasir ris. firstly we went to the pet hotel which we always left our dogs there when we go overseas. so we toured the place so tt we can actually noe how the place is like` hehe..

then we went to the ericsson pet farm next to the pet hotel to take a look at the dogs.
hehe.. they didn't exhibit alot of dogs outside coz it's nt weekend. yep. =) so we went to the "back" area where they rear the dogs. aha.. the place is really very nice, resembles alot like chalet. yep. so we were making our choice on which dog to get. in the end, we chose this long coat jack russell.. wahhaa.. damn cute. it's only 5 mths old, and it's birthday is 23/12/03. =) imported frm aussie.. so in the end, we spent ard 900 bucks getting the dog, then also ard 300 bucks for its supplements, food and all.. no choice.. first time get the 1 carton of canned dog food.. siaoz. haha.. alot others, cologne and all.. wahahaa`

=)happy, but now, there r like hmmm.. 3 dogs at home.. 1 really big mixed breed, 1 jap chin and a jack russell. gotta hafta spend lotsa time taking care of them.. hehe..

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Saturday, May 22, 2004

sigh.. my images are nt showing. so u all gotta wait for another few days to see the pics need to wait for my ripway hosting account to finish updating the new file transfer stuff.. sigh.. sad.. =(

Posted by reticent_aura at 5/22/2004 10:06:00 PM

went out with dar dar today to catch shrek 2.. alright, quite a funny show. then he came over to my hse for dinner..

sigh... my elder bro called to tell me tt en en, the silky terrier puppy he just got 2 wks ago.. sigh.. en en is really cute. though very playful but yeah. super cute. sigh.. so sad.. he brought it over during weekends and we'd play with it, with also my own dogs. but now it's gone.. and it's only 2 mths old.. my gosh.. haiz.
yep.. en en is only less than 20 cm in length.. sigh.. it's gone. now still waiting for post mortem results.

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

so happy.. been slacking and enjoying life. ha`

oooh.. dar dar passed me my wallet on tuesday night.. haha.. he came specially just to return me and went home after tt.. kinda touched. thanks dar. =)

yesterday went out with my dearies, san and yx. met in town, and had lunch at kfc. chatted about alot of stuff. shopped ard, bought feng feifei's cd for my momma, an op tee, yx bought one too, coz minimum 2pcs. went hmv tried to find speed stuff.. heh.. and also walked ard annex, had ice tea and buds ice cream` heh.

then we indulged ourselves in plushies section of action city. haha.. oh yah, remember tt fishing thingy we used to play when we were young? which the fish's mouths go open and close then u gotta use the "fishing rod" to pick them out? yea.. tt's tt. haha.. it's out now in action city for 6 bucks, but it's quite small, hehe.. only a few fish. went to paragon after tt coz i wanna go to the quiksilver branch.. but sigh. gotta save up.. or wait till my birthday.. =) saw this wallet. really nice, cost 32 bucks.

then we sat outside the store on the benches.. the 3 of us chatted frm ard 4 till 8 plus.. haha.. really miss catching up with my dearies. spoke about alot of stuff, and yx kept on asking me when im getting a band on my finger. haha.. oh, we also mentioned abt having the banquet in st. marg's, coz the air conditioned hall is a great place to be in! yep.i still remember the official opening dinner of the campus. damn glamourous. haha.. =)


family day. today's bro's day off. so momma, bro and me started out to excelsior hotel for dim sum buffet. heh.. our usual all time favourite buffet.. their menu change le.. i like the old one better. but the new one includes shang4 tang1 xiao long bao.. nt heavenly.. just alright. but yea, i love the juice.. muahaha.. im a saint. =)

went suntec after tt... oh, we saw this capsule station, u noe, those u "dong" coins inside then the capsule with a toy comes out. hehe.. they have this station over there, with like 6 machines. hehe.. so the 3 of us acted like kiddos and my bro gave me a coin to try it. got this mickey mouse parachute figurine.. haha.. went to carrefour after tt.. and spent like 3 hrs inside.. especially the toy department. then bought a good fan and some groceries and got home after tt.. my legs are quite tired and all now.. but im happy. (",) ooooohhhh, i carried my bro's debit mini card on a neck strap all day today. lol.. he told me to try to forge his signature, so tt i can use it when i bring my relatives ard in m'sia.. wahhaa.. so i did. signed for him for both the restaurant's and carrefour's receipts.. hahha.. =) great feeling. gonna go apply one for myself when i turn 18 in 2 mths time.. =)

reached home and did some housework before i bath. extremely satisfied with everything in my life. =) In place.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

gold heart
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Posted by reticent_aura at 5/19/2004 10:22:00 PM

i spent my day reading this book called nights in Rodanthe by nicholas sparks.. think i gotta go library soon.. to "replenish stock"!

=) happy 3 yrs 7 mths anni dar dar! hehe.. we've come thus far. and im very happy being with u!! muacks` i'll support u in wadeva u do so dun worry, as long as u've made a decision abt something, go all out to do it! =)

Posted by reticent_aura at 5/19/2004 12:42:00 AM

Sunday, May 16, 2004

oh.. i forgot my wallet. ha.. it's in dar's bag and he just went home few hrs ago.. lol. diaoz. -.- how could i forget. can't stand myself. guess i dun have to go out for the next few days le. till i get back my wallet.. wahha..

yesternite met dar to catch troy. we bought the 8.45 tics. hehe.. 2 thumbs up. it was a terrific show but kinda disappointed cuz orlando bloom is such a geek in tt show. ha. whereas mian bao zhu (bread pig) won ppl's heart.. heh. archilles sure raWkZ.. suave and clear cut in the things he does. hmm.. when the 2 sides of soldiers came together, it reminded me of lotr. ha.. seems abit like it. and when paris held the bow.. ha, the archer in lotr. =)

went home at ard 12.. coz the movie is ard 2.5 hrs.. slept at ard 4 last night.. haha.. watched telly with dar and momma. had a great time. thanks for coming! heh

it was a movie worth catching, nice music too. gonna consider getting the soundtrack.
oooh.. i borrowed somemore vcds too. house of sand and fog and bring it on again. =) sure gonna entertain myself.

im gonna save up alot so tt i can enjoy myself in the great sg sale!! wahhaa.. i stayed at home everyday for meals w/o having to go out and eat. heh. just finished a book named mixed blessings by danielle steel.. =) good book. very entertaining. happy holidays! heh.. so happy..

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Friday, May 14, 2004

feeling quite edgy after watching AMI3.. my gosh. latoya is out. though i kinda support jasmine from the start of the com, maybe coz she's frm asia. but hey.. her performance is really bad these days. especially her performance yesterday. i think she sang quite monotonously. tt's really bad. whereas i thought tt fantasia and latoya's performance's were the best yesternite. truly remarkable. injustice. diana was good too. she's grown so much since the start of the com.

let me see.. i went out with dearie sista yung today.. and my mum too.. walked ard and found alot of shops got replaced with others.. ordered comics for san. nothing much.. had fun chatting with yung. hope she gets sponsorship frm any hospital and she'll be happy.

oh. erm.. the lady (i dunno wad's her name though she came to my hse thrice) came over today again. for the 3rd time. today she taught me about how satan misleads earthlings. yep.. been receiving these kind of erm.. bible study sessions.. but each time nt more than half an hr.. good. hehe. i might nt really wan to entirely believe in christianity, but i wanna at least noe more abt the bible.
she gave me 2 booklets for me to read through.. it also answers some ques which i might have about god's teachings.

oh hey.. my bro asked me abt whether i want an mp3 player with FM or an mp3 player with cd playing ability.. heh.. i was like huh? so he told me tt he can rid me of my sony ericsson mp3 player and get me a good one. so i was like huh? oh.. anything lor. quite puzzled.. and elated too. then my mum told me tt my bro actually asked her wad he shld get for my birthday.. hmm.. but it seems like a long way isn't it? weird.. haha. muacks to all... hehe..

dar, good luck for ur exams next wk. i noe u can do it. after having strived so hard for all ur tests. =) thanks for cheering me up these past few days. with ur dumb testimonial and cute ecard.. hehe.. it's really been hard for me then. as i recall all the fond memories we have with mrs lee. being able to turn and walk in the other direction when we see her 15 metres down the linkway has been an amusing scenario.. but yes.. we really do miss her. thanks for everything u've done for me. i appreciated tt alot. do take care and dun give urself too much pressure. i'm looking forward to our trip to m'sia in mid june. =) save wor. hahha.. have faith in urself.

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Thursday, May 13, 2004

hmmm.. didn't blog for quite a long time. let's date back to monday.. heh.. it's gonna be a long one. so if u wanna be spared, at least read the part with the special separator. =)

mrs lee's funeral service was held in st andrew's cathedral. city hall's station control was filled with st. marg's students. luckily we reached the cathedral earlier. if not, we'll be the ones standing outside.. sang Be Thou My Vision while her coffin was carried down the aisle. had alot of prayers and also speech by reverend canon kuan. choir performed a song. the teachers too, they sang this song which was supposed to be presented to mrs lee after she got promoted. but it's too late. it's a really sweet song which depicts her character.. really funny too. with lines like "the school socks used to be so high, dunno y it got so low.. " yep.. and alot of speeches from various parents, staff and students.

went for lunch after tt at nearby sushi.don with yx and sandy. spent about 36 bucks in total. ha.. then san was whining about how she didn't really eat alot and gotta pay equal... lol.. so i made her pay 1 buck less.. hmm.. doesn't make a diff.. rofl. then went jalan ard in citylink.. and yx said she wanna go home to study for exams next wk.. yep. so we went hommie.. since 2 persons go out can be very bored.

oh. i spent tuesday rotting at home. played alot of good GB games. borrowed wishing stairs vcd to watch.. i wanted hse of sand and fog. but somebody rented tt.. wishing stairs was erm.. very lesbia-ny.. with soohee kept on hugging shun and telling her how much she loves her -.-// nt really erm.. fantastic show. and i was just wondering.. do all ghosts in korean and japan shows gotta crawl on fours instead of walking? weirdos.. watched darkness falls too... my 2nd time watching it.

yesterday.. let's see. didn't go for class outing to dr rekha's hse. kinda sad. but top priority comes first. met up with sandy, jy and ty in smss' bus stop. quite late when we went in. coz everyone was already seated. and we just gotta stand up at the side of the gallery instead of even sitting in the gallery. yea. tt bad. stood up throughout the service. for most of the tributes. i love lisa's (mrs lee's younger daughter) speech best. she spoke of the memories she shared with her mother. and the wacky and amusing incidents mrs lee would share with her. for eg there was once when she was presenting a speech in front of the whole sch with some overseas students, and the curtain closed on her. lol. she tried to fight the curtains but she relented in the end. ha. and she could hear the entire sch burst into laughter. she was truly embarrassed, but was really amused by it too. went home and told her daughter chirpily about it. yep. and some other really amusing incidents which sent the whole sch laughing during the memorial service. she's really a good orator, just like her mother. "speak from the heart to convey your message, dun memorise your speech."

we were invited to reception after tt.. courtesy of the canteen vendors. but we decided to go somewhere else for lunch, brunch for me. wanted to go heeren.. but ha. sandy stepped on jy's slippers and it sent the whole carcass flying. lol.. erm.. it's spoilt. ha. so we were wondering wad to do now.. and sandy actually offered jy her sneakers and walked ard in her striped socks. lol. we took bus to westmall and shopped ard for nice slippers but to no avail.. and sandy was still in her socks.. even when we ate in the food court. so i told jy to just get a pair of 1 buck slippers at value store and shop for nice ones later on. so yeah.. lmao. walked ard and chatted abt alot of stuff before we finally headed back home. truly an.. erm.. enriching experience. lol. salutes sandy! ha.

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Sunday, May 09, 2004

met up with ex classmates yesterday at 12 in smss' sch canteen.. basic routine. ha. hug them when i see them. miss them all. wondering if this incident hadn't happened, we wouldn't have gotten together. thanks to the superwoman for linking us together again.. though the event is not good at all.. walked ard the sch.. and even along the corridor of our classroom. sandy still has the key. so we tried opening the door.. ha. it really worked. then we just walked ard and chat.

wanted to write in the condolences book. but didn't really noe wad we can include. especially with so many ppl watching u write it. it's just awkward. nv liked tt idea. so i was planning to do a card or something for her. and throw into the box.

after tt, the 10 of us including the 2 parents (frm parents association) sat in a family car and we set off to the Garden of Rememberance in choa chu kang. the whole bunch of us, ard 20.. stood outside the service hall and waited for all of the students to go in first.. before we went in. saw alot of teachers. but they only reveal a weak smile when they saw me. mrs tay, mrs pillai, ms kang, ms chan. oh yah. ms chan being the meticulous and sweet person, brought a whole pack of tissue paper, as in the big one with all the small ones inside. =)

saw peng cai bing. the reporter whom i dun like all along. quite upset too.. when i saw her reporting this news. i was like wth, i dun like her, somemore find somebody i dun like to film the stuff abt my sch.. saded. anyway. saw alot of reporters and cameraman.

went into the service hall. waited for all the students to walk ard the coffin before we went. i can't help it so i teared.. the coffin was closed, but i can see her face through the glass.. she seemed really old. unlike her usual times. really weary now. i hope her soul can rest in peace. then we went though the service. with like 1/4 of the students standing. coz no more seats. we sang Be Thou My Vision. and had some prayers. yx and i just kept on crying and holding each other's hand.. after the service, we went out of the hall and i hugged yx as i broke down.. haiz.. the reporters just kept on filming.. in 2 angles somemore.. i almost shouted at them to get lost.

after tt we went to lot 1 for lunch ard 2 +.. tried the ljs grilled fish.. nice.. haha... love the caesar salad.. oh. heh.. we bought yx's belated bday prezzie.. this nice pooh bear frm kiddy palace.

reached home after tt. bought a fruit cake for momma. coz very nice. they gave me a carnation too. =) and found en en at home.. he's a new dog my bro bought to put in his apartment. haha. really small. length shorter than 20 cm.. wahaha.. it's a silky terrier, 2 mths old. can't even walk properly.. haha.. real cute and fragile. shall post some of its pics when i get them done. =)

after tt dar and i (he stayed over at my place) went to his place to have dinner with his family. his sis bought pizza hut and kfc.. and i brought emperor chic.. cooked myself de.. very easy.. =) went home after tt lor.. had a great time.

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Friday, May 07, 2004

=dun be sad... she had join god in heaven... looking at u all n smile=
quoted by 'kor' aka shao hong.

this sentence makes me smile. after a few hrs of tearing while thinking of her.

Posted by reticent_aura at 5/07/2004 10:32:00 PM

she's gone. the capable career woman. the amiable fren we've got. just got news that mrs caroline lee has passed away. once again.. i truly missed her. yep.. i did teared.. this loss is really bad. and im lost for words. we wanted to go visit her ard 4 plus. so i sms mrs low and confirm the hospital with her.. but she replied me.. telling me she's gone. changye sms me and told me the same thing. she passed away at 2 plus. only one words in my mind. gosh.

it happened all too quickly. mrs low told me they'll be having a staff meeting later. will keep me updated. tonight. i believe angela would dig out tt sports meet shot and cry while looking at her face. im very sad. at this pt of time. as i cry silently. she's a great loss.

i was wondering to myself. she must have been a great woman who deserved everything good in the world. the news was broadcasted islandwide. even the news of her passing away was spread through the radio.
"And everyone would stand up and proclaim! She's a great woman!"

the sch is so quiet. everyone dun wan wanna talk abt anything. nobody wanna talk abt anything. i miss her. truly. i miss her lecture. i miss her telling us how atrocious our grades are when we could barely make it. i miss us acting goody when she's ard the corner. i miss everything about her.. about the memories with her. yes. HER. but she's gone.

body's gone. but soul will forever be with us. contained in our lives. unforgotten. she'll always be in part of my memories.

for her sake. in which i rarely pray.. i promised to pray every night when i go to bed. for her to rest in peace. i love you. happy mother's day.

Posted by reticent_aura at 5/07/2004 03:41:00 PM

it's gonna be a long post.. so hang on. if u have any difficulties in reading till the end, then drag ur cursor and highlight the words. better.

took obc paper today. reached lsct office late, coz of the jam along bishan and before macRitchie. haiz. plus when i reached sch, it was raining heavily. my umbrella proved to be useless. was struggling my way to blk 34.. grr... and it was bad coz my jeans was half wet. went into the rm and was freezing cold. so no choice.. gotta bear with it for more than 2 hrs.. though the paper was easy, but my mind was blank.. again.. BAD. wondering whether i can even score a B for it. man..

then went home, took a nap and studied for physio. hehe.. brought xiao hei and beethoven down for a walk.. as a norm, xiao hei wld always rush out of the lift and run back into my home w/o waiting for me and beet. coz beet is old u see.. so she walks quite slow... so as i was leashing beet out of lift and walked down the stairs back home. i thought xiaohei wld be home. hehe.. then i didn't realise tt he was gone. i just kept on studying till after abt an hr later, when my mum asked me where is xiao hei. i was like, "oh, in my rm lar". haha.. little did i noe he wasn't at home at all.. hahahha.. i was like shit. where the hell did he go... wahaha.. so i rushed out and was gonna find him. when i saw him at my neighbour's hse, lying on the floor and with my neighbour feeding it grapes.. i was like wth! hahaha... man i was roaring into laughter. fancy a dog trying to build a good relationship with my neighbours.. (",) ha.. hilarious. so i brought him home and told my mum abt it.. lol.. bad.. bad...

watched chinese news at 6.30.. they shot pics of st.marg's.. and also mrs lee.. principal of smss.. haiz.. very sad.. reported that she was sent to ICU today when she passed out in sch or something like tt.. when i heard of it, was damn sad. my batch is very close to her.. coz we came in with her.. meaning when we came into smss in sec 1, she also joined smss.. therefore she expects alot from us during our 'o' level yr. thus we've built a good relationship with her.

she's approachable and very amiable. unlike the unreasonable VP. damn good speaker. definitely not like khoo.. well, she can go on and on for more than an hr and no one wld be bored. coz she's damn good at realistic and yet true jokes.. though she's strict, but she's nice to talk to. someone who can understand u. and praises when necessary. haiz.. really sad. wondering how she's doing now. got news saying she has lack of oxygen in her brain.. some even say brain dead.. gonna try to go visit her tml.. i wish her well..
haiz.. still remembered she took pics with us during sports meet.. and shuz made a photo frame for her as a memoir. we used to have lots of meetings coz she kept on emphasizing us nt to slack on mugging for 'o's.. oh my oh my.. really sad..

let's just keep on praying for her... pls.. tt she'll get well.. and have a great retirement life..

my bro bought a new dog, silky terrier... hehe.. put in his apartment de.. very small.. dun think tt it'll really grow very big.. yep.. really small.. find sometime when he brings the dog over. i'll try to get hold of some pics.. wahha..
after tml im gonna havoc.. wahaha.. had programs lined up this weekend.. family days of cuz.. hehe.. sat with HIS family.. and sun with mine.. wahaha.. and tml is mine.. =)

ciaoz! oh yah, do leave ur comments at the bottom of every posts yah. just click on the comments thingy. muacks.. peace out

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

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Posted by reticent_aura at 5/05/2004 01:26:00 PM

wheeeeeeeeeee.. heh. just received a call frm rekha, telling me to go down for obc paper tml morning. yep.. nt exactly worried or tense or anything. just see how it goes lor. wahaha.. just finished some chapters of physio. =) happy. had chee cheong fun and yoghurt for breakfast... heh. weird combination. i simply love strawberry yoghurt!

oh. cell bio was fine yestermorning. found the paper quite long compared to last semester's. cuz the questions require us to write alot. but while doing the 20 marks essay question in section c. i found myself breezing thru it. haha.. quite contented with myself.. now just gotta pia thru physio and obc.. memorise some of those stuff and party after tt!!!! wahaha..

momma brewed soup yesterday again.. yum.. superb. very nice and sweet. put in my fave gou qi zi. =)
dar came over and visited me yesternite. so sweet. i hope i'll be able to book a chalet next wk. or camping at palawan beach campsite also nt bad.. haha.. then can go night exploring and i simply love the sun and beach! wahaha.. muacks to all m02s.

oh, thanks to frens who asked how i was yesterday when they saw me. hee.. i'm fine now, after 1 wk of struggling with the darn tonsillities virus. any-hoos, haiz.. alot of ppl i noe who's been sick also.. dar's sis had fever till 41degree celsius, my cousin doreen also.. 42 degree celsius.. jolene also had fever. jiating too.. everyone pls take care of urself yah. i'll always be there for u all! =)

Posted by reticent_aura at 5/05/2004 01:01:00 PM

Sunday, May 02, 2004

=) hey peeps. ha! im finally better. heh. yea. finally had a good night's sleep after more than a wk. but then guess wad, i dreamt of tori karaage last night.. wahaha.. yes.. deep fried chic.. wahaha.. guess after more than a wk's of nice clean food, i ought to treat myself to sinful stuff.. =)

was wondering when i'll be able to take obc paper. rekha haven't called me yet. hmmm... now taking exams quite light heartedly.. wonderin y. hmmm.. maybe im really happy now. tt i've finally recovered! haha.. yep. i've also completed the course of strong antibiotics and have recovered to spare myself frm the jab of antibiotics. thumbs up.

thanks to mum.. she's been happy today too. knowing im well. =) hard on her. gotta cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for me for more than a wk..... but still.. she didn't always make me eat porridge and kway teow soup. heh. she thought of alot of ideas.. hahaha.. even macaroni in spaghetthi sauce. =) sweet.

im more than elated now. able to sit for exams and finished the papers off. haha. take care everyone. cheers!

Posted by reticent_aura at 5/02/2004 11:57:00 PM