Wednesday, June 30, 2004

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee, lol. i was in my bed enjoying air con and drifting off to sleep at 11 last night. lolz. my area here wasn't affected at all. =) kaez, shall stop it before u all start to throw me stuff. 3 days never blog.

had exciting days when sch starts. hee` let's see...

monday - immunology and hybridoma technology practical

we had it at 8 am, so we're the first class to handle the mice. yep. we did tail bleed on our group's own mice. firstly, we took it by its tail, then scruffed its nape of the neck, and try to squeeze it into a container with a small hole at the bottom for its tail to come out. it was really difficult coz it was too stubborn. anyway, winnie, seng kiat and i are in the same group. then, we gotta make a cut on the mouse' tail vein to get few drops of blood to obtain the serum frm the blood. so yea. tt took us helluva time, coz the blood clotted. anyway, we wun be cutting the mice up and takin its spleen for reseach purposes, we'll leave tt to the cell culture ppl. but we're gonna do it next semester.

gotta take care of animal house too, clean the cages of the mice and the rabbits and yea, stuff like tt, feed them, all according to the duty roster.

we didn't really talk to our new classmates. lol. we shall wait yah. =)

tuesday - productivity and quality studies and practical spreadsheet(IS)in PQS, i didn't know anyone, so i sat alone at first. then when we were suppose to get into groups for project, i joined these 3 gurls frm my same lecture in bio tech. so yea. =)
PS, sat with yibin and co. had fun. didn't even listen to mr cheng talk at all. haha.. just kept on surfing and all, even played neopets together, coz too sian le.

today - applied & molecular microbiology practical

had lotsa fun!! though all of us have forgotten the aseptic technique we learnt in sem 1 of yr 1, but then we managed to get thru today's prac. hahaha. we gotta carry out dilution of the microorganisms culture every 20 minutes, and also plating which is cultivating the microbe in those petri dishes. hehe. very hectic. but very fun. =) durin the interval when we've got nth to do, we crapped and all. haha. gotta know some new classmates better like demetrius (still dunno how to spell but manage to pronounce). thinking of setting up a stall at plaza singapura again. hahaha. just like the other time when we did at j8. =) considering... wahhaa.

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Monday, June 28, 2004

How to make a angela

1 part competetiveness

5 parts silliness

5 parts empathy
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add lustfulness to taste! Do not overindulge!


Personality cocktail

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

firstly, thanks mo2-ians for tagging and showing concern. muacks`

secondly i shall blog abt yesterday. =) so sit back and snore baybeh!

yesterday brought my relatives (frm indonesia) nearby market and eat. i let them try laksa, carrot cake, minced meat noodles and also their staple food which they cannot lack for breakfast - rice. =)

then after tt, my mum brought them to mt. elizabeth hospital for last appointment before they head back to indonesia. then god knows where they went after the appointment. anyway, tt damn specialist asked my relatives to get 4 mths of medicine, so tt they can bring back to indonesia. the medicine is very useful but on the other hand. the medicine for 4 mths cost a freaking 1200 bucks. =( saded lor, so my mum just got them 1 mth medicine, coz my relatives are also quite poor back in indonesia, nt those typical rich and pampered indo chinese.

so yea. dar came over to my hse at around 3pm to fetch me. we went out after i bathed and prepared. at first i wanted to go suntec for dinner, coz more varieties. then dar brought me to marina square. hehe. i was like win lor, lol, ms's food court closed down for renovation works. so in the end lao ma called and said she's at suntec's k box. saw daryl in citylink's polar cafe. then saw marcus outside eng wah suntec. we went down to suntec and met up with her and her temp bf. lol` he really looks 90% loke xiang yu. though xy is much better in every way then him. only 1 word to describe him - WTF.

we went ahead to this hk restaurant to have our dinner. thought it was his treat. in the end, no. the food nt bad. but then appetite spoilt entirely by him. he fucking talk alot of crap lor. can u imagine. he's such a BIG MCP. when he talks, he never even leave an yu di for ppl. really can't stand him. one sentence he said made me really hot lor. and i rarely get angry. but he really got me pissed off with this - "men are meant to lie behind women's back. i was like wtf, so i told him. "i'll never be with this kind of men, i'll ditch them w/o they even knowing my name." grrr... this kind of guy seriously. u meet them once, never will there be a second time.

then the 5 of us went to play pool at marina square. the first game was played by tt damn guy and dar. at first he really talk big. said he handicap dar 1 ball. i was like thinking, "hello, test my dar's skills first b4 u talk big." then in the end, dar trashed him like siao. he dun have the skills still talk big, dun have zhi4 zhi1 zhi1 ming.

then he kept on saying tt he's jealous of shihan, coz im very close to him, and quite intimate, coz wadaya expect, 3+ yrs. but then lao ma nt very close to him, coz only 2 days, somemore lao ma also hate him now. lol. then he fucking hell lar, in the end he asked 2 frens to come over to trash dar, coz he super jealous of both of us le. then his 2 frens came. 1 was really skilled and pro. dar won him by luck but he still won. so tt damn guy bu shuang his fren for losing. then lao ma and jac trashed his fren again in their 2nd game. we were like "wah, so paiseh wor, even can lose to 2 unskilled gurls." lol. then tt damn guy super paiseh, kept on saying jac very lousy, no skills. so wad, xu yao zhe yang ma.. kept on saying and made her also very dl.

after tt we ditched him at the arcade and left ourselves. took cab down to hougang to send lao ma off first, then dar and i took back to my hse. we wanted to watch holland vs sweden, but then drifted off to sleep. hehee. too sleepy.
so yea, tt's my day yesterday. now dar played pc and me also in the room playing my lappy. =) peace out`! thanks for hearing me ratter.

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

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Friday, June 25, 2004

my spirits is finally lifted up.. at least now im in a more cheery mood. so yea.. i last blogged on saturday(19th june). as i remembered what i've mentioned, tt day was a truly eventful day. after i blogged at around 11+ pm, my small grandma (grandpa married 2 wifes) called us to tell us tt my uncle(the youngest son of my elder grandma) had passed away at 11.25 pm. we were truly shocked. coz he was the youngest of the 9 children my elder grandma has, only 42 yrs old. he wasn't stricken with any disease before. it was somewhat shocked tt he'd actually go like tt.

so my whole family rushed down in cab to ttsh and reached around 12+. saw my 80 yrs old grandpa and 76 yrs old grandma grieving over their son. i teared when i saw my grandma couldn't get a hold on herself. she was just shrieking and crying non stop. when my whole extended family reached the hospital, we went into the mortuary to see the corpse. my mum and i consoled my grandma all along. and i must say. her daughters never ever did touch her hand and try to consoled. the job was simply left to me. i was like wth lor..

first time i had mortuary experience. walked in and my 13 yr old cousin and i were expecting a very cold room with drawers of corpses. but nope. it was simply just a room with the corpse lying on a tray.. yep.. so yea.. everyone broke down.. well, i didn't. coz i wasn't close to him at all. my grandparents literary collapsed.. and my grandpa almost collapsed over the corpse. glad tt my bro and dad is supporting him.

it was simply terrible. nobody volunteered to take in grandma for the night coz we can only collect the corpse in the morning in SGH. so in the end it's all my family again. we took my grandma in for the night, even my late uncle's cohabiting gf. coz if we dun take them in, they'll have to go back to their hse and wld think of my late uncle even more coz they live together. so yep. didn't sleep tt night coz nobody could. and the 2 of them, me and my mum slept in the living rm.. i couldn't sleep for fear tt they'd do something silly.

all in all, my brothers organised the whole wake, frm the rituals, to the coffin, and to everything else. i believed tt w/o them, there wouldn't even be a wake. my aunties and uncles are simply useless. seriously. like wth lor, i almost slapped my eldest auntie. the whole thing cost min 7000 bucks. and she said she really can't helped it.. give 500 only. like wth lor, it's nt even enuff to pay for the paper hse. fucking asshole lor. my family contributed strength by shouye for the whole of 3 nights and also doing alot of organising, contributed alot of money, all those hongbao we need to give to those coffin carrier, untakers, those money we contributed to get everyone's meals. like wth lor. dun bedeh u got no money lor. no wonder all other siblings dun like her. she even took the whole large fruit basket (out of 2) home. damn ridiculous. suppose to share among all coz it's for ping an after being given to the gods. like wtf lor. everyone sharing then suddenly 1 whole basket gone. fucking hell lar.

my 2 brothers, 13 yrs old cousin(doreen) and i were suppose to dai xiao (pay respects) to my late uncle coz he left no children behind. so we carried the small cloth around pinned to our left sleeves. stayed over at grandma's place for some nights and went home for the other. only 1 word to describe, shagged. the 4 of us took part in the prayer sessions, kneeling, walking, kneeling, standing. burning joss papers, making sure the large incense doesn't go off. on the day of funeral, the 4 of us sent uncle on his journey by putting our palms on the coffin car and walking along with it. went to mt vernon after tt and then saw uncle being pushed into the furnace. felt very sour. controlled myself but eventually broke down in the coach when i thought abt it. dar was there beside me, holding my hands, and stroking my shoulders. no words exchanged, but it meant a great deal to me. coz he was there for me. im really glad tt he's around.

so yep.. tt's the whole thing. im super tired after the whole funeral tt i just reached hm, took a bath and went straight into bed for 12 hrs, frm 9 pm to 9 am..

25th june 2004
let's talk abt today.. went out for high tea buffet at this asian restaurant with my mum, bro and my 3 relatives frm indonesia. the food is nt bad. go try it sometime, adult ard 15++.. level 1 at suntec convention hall tower. after tt went to walk ard in carrefour and all.. saw meizhu with her fren, and also yan qing with her fren. =) took bus home. (yep bus.. im sick of cabs now.. imagine more than 10 cab rides in 2 days on sat and sun.)

bro and i went to saloon at my hse's void deck to highlight our hair. he cut and highlighted it blonde and a streak of fade blue. and i had mine highlighted dark red and a streak of bright red at the side. =) lol. the person very nice, she even straighten my hair and i thought it seemed like i reborned it. hehe. very excited though this straight hair can only last for a day. hehe. first time i have straight hair. lol` so yea. hehe, feel refreshed now. and in a cheery mood. to those who survived after reading till here, cheers!

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Saturday, June 19, 2004

wheeeeeeeeeeee` hehe~ happy all day. lol yesterday i stayed home all day to watch anime HnG, whilst mom brought the 3 of them out to marine parade. then at around 3, i ran an errand for my dad to amk polyclinic to get the stuff he wanted. then reached home and watch anime again. dar dar came my hse around 9+ pm and stayed over.

the whole household woke up by 9 in the morning today. we prepared some stuff for picnic - fruits, sandwiches, snacks, water. then we went in 2 grps, 4 in a cab, 3 in the other. venue :sentosa parade square carpark. hehe~ then dar, my bro, my 6 yr old cousin and i went swimming and lurking in the waters. ha. oh yah, at palawan beach. thought sunset bay would have alot of ppl, but then palawan beach nt any better either! lol. we went tanning at the orange couch outside the i-forgot-name-of-cafe and ordered some drinks. erm... let's see, mountain dew, bottled peach tea and ice coffee. wah, ren sheng yi da xiang shou (life's erm.... luxury). pardon my un-english translation. =) anyway, spoke of the cafe. my ice coffee cost like 4.50. oh yah. 10% service charge too. hehe. but my bro said, once in a blue moon, so it's alright.

then dar and i went to the southerneast tip of the island which is across the rope bridge. spent some time chatting there and i simply love spending some quiet quality time with him. oh yah, forgot to mention something, we brought jacky (my new jack russell) to the beach. hehe, we practically force him onto the water to try to make him swim, but i guess the fear has taken its toll on this poor puppy. it was just trembling non stop. lol. so we bath it and yea, it was still happy and excited and everything! =)

then we bought lotsa stuff frm 7-11 to eat, whipped potatoes, nachos, nasi lemak, fishballs, and yah, i was quite tempted to get the microwave popcorn with super duper xtra butter. yum`

so we took the monorail train and went 1 round. for the sake of our relatives. and stopped at god-knows-i-forgot which stop. rest. ate andersons ice cream!! hehe, erm.. chatted, and took lots of funny, lame shots. shall post them up next time when i get those pics done. they're still in the digicam. (duh) lol. shall pester my bro to get them done up.

anyway. yea, went home. had a great time. =) shall go again next time. anyway, i've got a red tan. duh. it starts out like tt. but it's kinda weird, coz i was wearing my sports bra to tan. anyway, i love the red. hehe. shall tan for much longer next time. u can't get things done in the beach with parents dun u? ha. no cycling, sigh.. and nt enuff tanning. boo hoo hoo.

dardar. happy 3 yrs 8 mths anni!! hehe. so happy. though can't spend this day with u alone at sentosa. but then with yi da qun ren also nt bad wor. hehe` thanks for keeping a room in ur heart for me. u deserve my attention. hehe

oh yea, after we came back frm sentosa, the whole lot of us went for dinner at nearby kopitiam. ordered lotsa stuff. grilled stingray and rice, lady's fingers, hokkien mee, horfun, mee goreng, fish maw soup, fried dumplings, ngoh hiang. hehe. super full. then when we went home after tt, my bro made us 40% vodka with fnN orange. drank till my face become even redder than the aftermath of tan. so yea. dar just went home, coz his dad misses him. lol` so yea, tt's my eventful day.

really enjoyed myself alot. muacks! sorry tt it's a long post. anyway, for those who pull thru, i gave applause! hehe~

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

woke up at 8 today again. sigh. there goes my bed and my room. wahaha` i've bunked out in my bro's rm with my jack russell. so today, we went to mt. elizabeth hospital for an appointment at 10.45 with a specialist. in the end, we paid around 450 bucks and gotta come back on monday for some scans and tuesday for appointment. now, im startin to worry that 2 wks stay wun be enough to actually cure my uncle. hopin tt everything will turn out fine.

after the appointment, i brought them to lucky plaza mac. and my 6 yrs old cousin ate her ice cream cone happily. then, we went ps to shop in carrefour and to let them see how singapore's supermarket is like. hehe. =) bought lotsa stuff, like strawberries, hello panda biscuits for my cousin, and some other stuff lar. i had soft shell crab temaki for lunch. saw mei zhu inside carrefour too, with her fren. =) oh yah, this bunch of grapes caught our attention, it's frm japan and it cost like 16.50 for only 300g? sigh.. wad is this world coming to? wahaha. *pengz*

this paragraph is devoted to my dar. i forgot to blog about him 2 days back. it's kind of a milestone, so i have to blog abt it. he came specially in the afternoon to deliver mee hoon kuay which he cooked himself. hehe =0 he woke up early in the morning just to get the ingredients and cook the stuff. hehe, all for the sake of one reason, he made me angry. *bleah* anyway, dar, im really touched. though nt very nice, next time we make it together yah, and it'll be our jing xin masterpiece!

and a very happy early 3 yrs 8 mths in 2 days time. dar, thanks for sending me an ecard everyday. an ecard a day makes me fall in love with u with the start of every brand new day =) dun worry, im over tt matter le. like ppl say, women forgive easily. but they nv forget. im looking forward to sat. even though we can't go malaysia together in june, but we have next time! since we're already sick of it, always going same place, lol. anyway, u just take care of urself.

i miss u dearies... wahaha. sigh, is no longer the one we used to have back in st.marg's. as distance go further between each other. but, i believe that the friendship between the 3 of us have strengthened. i promised i'll try to organise a good m'sia trip end of this yr. really miss the small yet long talks tt we had in paragon and waterfront. if there's no time measured in hrs, we could go on for yrs just plainly talking abt my marriage in st. marg's air conditioned hall right? =)
ha, yx i noe u dun visit my blog but i dun care if ppl read or nt, i treat here as my journal. take good care of urself, i shall buy u coffee double shot one day. study hard too and have faith in urself. sandy! u sure have talent in art, maybe u could go into it as a sideline. wahaha! i can't even draw a NICE person for nuts. lol muacks adieus!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

woke up at 8 in the morning today to do some housework and get ready for the arrival of my relatives. hehe` mom, bro and i took cab down to changi airport at around 12 and met dar there. ate in burger kind and stoned while we wait for the flight to land. as we walked back to belt 18 at arrival hall, we stopped at belt 22 coz we saw the bodyguards (yea, bodyguards, nt policemen) cordoning off the area frm the inside of the luggage area to the outside of the airport.

so dar, my bro and i stayed there to catch the big shot. woot` haha, it's actually edison chen. he was wearing all black and wore also a skater hat (or ski cap). yea, nt bad, quite stylo and gorgeous. but alright lar, im nt those gurls who went gaahhh and gooo over him and ran after him. he came out frm the inside and proven himself quite friendly, coz he let out his hand to touch his fans' hands was smiling, instead of dao-ing all the way. oh yah, we saw zhong1 zheng4 tao1 too. he's quite manly i shld say. hehe`

so yea, went to pick my relatives up after that, they came from surabaya,indonesia. hehe,so they'll be taking over my room till 28th june. sad, haha. anyway, they're my mum's younger sis and her husband and also their 6 yrs old daughter. the gurl (call meimei) is truly one with attitude.. sigh.. very bad tempered too. ha`

anyway, sigh.. we're gonna cancel our trip to genting and kl, coz my aunt's husband, we took him to the doctor to check up on his swollen legs and the doctor referred him to the specialist. so yep, think we'd save the money for the trip on his medical fees. =) so sad, can't go malaysia with dar, but then nvm lar, haha, we went before together le. next time! end of yr i go organise one! can go batu caves ourselves. hehe` muacks!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

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Punk! My kind of friend. You could care less what
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Monday, June 14, 2004

hehe, went out today with my dearies!!! wahaha.. met up with yx ard 2+ first in orchard, then we went to shop ard and tried on some clothes. then san reached at ard 4.. sigh. she lost her fone today, then almost cried when relating it to us. poor thing. and i was also quite lost, didn't know how to cheer her up. but gladly in the end, she wasn't so sad abt it.

shopped ard, ate my fave xia bing from fei xiong and also the buds ice cream which cost only 1 bucks in heeren again!!! hehehe. it seems like we're always hunting down the ice cream and sitting at the same spot outside mambo. went to terminate san's line after tt.

we went to esplanade waterfront to sit and chat for wad seems like hours.. hehe` sat ther and chatted till ard 9+ then went yaba dooda cafe for sandwiches and drinks for dinner. yep.. hehe. so tt's our day.

really glad tt i can go out with u ppl today, coz frm wednesday onwards, i think i wun have tt time anymore. my relatives from indonesia will be coming on wed and i have to show them ard.. hehe =) ciaoz! muacks, love u ppl always!!

this is the photo stickers we took on the newly imported machine at heerens!

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

just got home. happy fathers' day to all the good daddys in the world. =) well, it's quite meaningful to me today, though i've never really found any meaning in this day before. all i can say is tt he's done good enough this month to deserve our attention this day.

my bro, momma and i went geylang to shop for a while before going to fetch daddy frm work. then we went lorong 9 to eat the famous beef hor fun, tian ji porridge, oat prawns, veggie and claypot beancurd. hehe. alright lar, nt say really fantastic, but quite ex, equivalent to dining in the restaurant le. yep, then we took cab home after tt. so tt's my day. sigh...... im alright, im fine. thanks to all my beloved frens. im really fine.

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Saturday, June 12, 2004

u always don't like it when i blog abt my bad feelings abt u here. but it's the only place which i could actually try to shake off the bad feelings. say them to u personally, but u do not actually care don't u.

sometimes i really wonder why. do guys always put their pride before everything else even though they stand up and proclaim "hey, i don't care about it!" is sorry the most difficult word to say in the whole wide world under the sun testified by the gods? hello. try to be in my shoes will ya. be more sensitive. and at least know what i'm unhappy about. you've known me for more than 4 yrs, don't u understand how i'm like? will i get worked up over minor and silly and minute and wadeva the fuck how small it is? try to be in my shoes and think it over. think. it might be small. but think of the meaning behind everything. be sensitive to my feelings at least for once.

remarkably sad. it always seems so hard to try to control my tears. coz i can't at all. u know it. but y do u have to break my heart. even though it doesn't mean anything to u.

The things we do for love! We go to great lengths, we put ourselves in positions that we would never accept under normal circumstances. If we ever regret this for a moment, we open frightening floodgates. We allow a torrent of self-criticism to come rushing into our lives. We start to be drowning in a rising river of doubt. We question what we already have done. And fear the future. And look for a reason to feel confident.

Isn't love supposed to bring you happiness? Isn't it supposed to fulfil all your needs and help you become one with your soul and what/who you love? But why is it so painful? Why does it ache so badly that even with the strongest blackouts, and no matter where you run, it haunts you and presses your heart so hard?

i do not wish for more. just your understanding will do. it could go a long way. just try. and let my heart be fulfilled. even though i know the hole in the fence will never be mend.

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=) yesterday my mum wanna go tangs, so i accompanied her to orchard. yep, it's nt me who dragged her to town, it's her who dragged me out. anyway, we went tangs to shop and ate popiah and fei xiong xia bing.. hehe. actually wanted to get this pullover which i wanted alot. 50% discount at SEED, but then haiz. it cost 30+ after tt, felt abit of erm heartache so didn't get it.

went hm and continued reading the book by danielle steel. bro came back and bought me an n-gage QD!! wheeeeeee hehe, yep, it's the smaller version of the former n-gage. cuter also. now i dun need to fuss over the sensitiveness of the mp3 player when attached to sony ericsson Z600. oh yah, though no camera, but nvm. hehe. i indulged myself the whole of last night playing The Sims Busting out on n-gage. hehe. quite fun, nt like the original sims, more simplified, with goals and all. hehe.. happy happy.

peace out! wahaha`

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Thursday, June 10, 2004

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hehe, feeling cheery and happy everyday =) last night went dar's hse for bbq with his family, wanted to bring mum along but she doesn't wan to. had lots of fun bbq-ing stuff and chatting with dar and his sisters.

really wanted to stay over at dar's place, but momma dun allow, so dar came over and stayed over at my hse instead. *grinz* i poached him over de. wahaha` so yep.. took cab home with half a watermelon and no doubt it's truly a big one. and also a whole load of satay.. wahaha. at least abt 75 sticks lor. hehe =)
so i shared the satay with my family for supper..

woke up quite early to sweep the floor this morning. then dar and i went to walk the dogs and buy breakfast. after tt, "lao ma" came over to my hse to visit my new dog jacky (yes, i've decided to call my new jack russell jacky, no more hassle).

then the 3 of us took bus 851 all the way frm my hse to bukit merah terminal. well it's truly a long journey, and we still walked all the way to cmpb to renew dar's passport. hehe. coz my relatives coming on the 16th, gonna bring them to malaysia. and the sunny weather has taken its toll on us. lol.

we took a cab down to lot 1 to shop ard and lao ma go look for her bf. hehe. after tt we went home. =) had a good chat with lao ma. had a great time today.

=) looking forward to m'sia trip. thought quite sick of it le. but nevertheless, i'll enjoy myself.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

i wish i wish.. i wish for sinful delicious buds mocha almond fudge ice cream with peanut topping. yum` =P

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Saturday, June 05, 2004

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ... *poof* tt's a long whee, anyway.. hehe. im happy all day! wahaha

just came back frm dar's place. we went jurong east yesterday for lunch, then he came over to my place for dinner and stayed overnight.

as for today,i went to his place coz he told me his parents kept on nagging for him to bring me back, didn't go to his place for a long time. hehe. his dad even bought lotsa durians for me. furthermore, his mum cooked mee hoooooooon kuay specially for me.. wahaha, so xin fu. =) yep. but i couldn't bring the durians home, and my whole family can't eat. sigh. all sick le. im also down with sore throat, really must take care of my throat, if nt it'll go into tonsilities. sigh..

then met up with san at lakeside with dar dar to exchange stuff, i returned her comics and she lent me hikaru no go and fruit basket anime. then dar lent her lotr soundtracks and escaflowne. hehe.

simply love spending time with dar. even if we dun talk to each other. i'd be just contented to sit beside him and hold unto his hand. cherish u always. hehe. 19.1o.0o

Posted by reticent_aura at 6/05/2004 05:35:00 PM

Thursday, June 03, 2004

hmmm... let's see. i've been going out for the past 5 days. went bugis to shop with my grandma, mum, bro and dar. bought a black halter dress which comes together with a shawl for my cousin's wedding. heh. very cheap and looks formal too. =) then went to the food fest the next day at expo with darling, mum and grandma. spent alot of money on food and enjoyed ourselves.

met up with dearies, yx and sandy and also sandy's sis in bugis at ard 6. shopped ard and caught harry potter at 6.45. nt as fantastic as the 1st and 2nd one. an alright movie. hee. i even wanted to take home the harry potter's aunt balloon that shaw organisation has put as a decor in their cinema... sigh.. so sad, hehe. how nice if tt can be placed in my room, wahaha` san and i bought a ring each. ha, and she spent 2/3 of her salary last night, =) muacks, miss going out with u all`

Posted by reticent_aura at 6/03/2004 01:57:00 PM