Saturday, July 31, 2004

let's see.. yesterday is another happy day =) 2 hrs of dr phang's lecture was really brain straining.. i was like really tired by the end of it. then halfway during immuno lecture, i dozed of to sleep. i couldn't help it. lol. then in the end, i started reading my book. yep, i started on a novel yesterday - danielle steel/answered prayers. as usual, nt bad a bk. =)
the trip to central of forensics labs was exciting at first. coz yea, we thought it was gonna be cool. but then we can't actually go INTO the lab coz of the heavy security going on. so we just stayed outside for the 6 different labs and listen to the personnel explain to us the various stuff. anyway, there's DNA, criminologist, drugs, toxic labs etc. i particular like the one with the drugs one. coz the lady mentioned abt stomach washouts and all, frm the mortuary so yea, quite interesting. plus the organ donation and all. hee`
anyway, alot of us went home by ourselves instead of taking the coach back to NP. so yea, tt's my day. went home and slack after tt. as usual, jackie is there at the door, jumping at me every second after i reached home. sigh.. can i even take a rest?

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Thursday, July 29, 2004


"romans countrymen lovers!! lend me ur ears~" (abstract taken frm Julius Caesar)
dar have a blog now... erm.. actually since 10th July when he presented me with this gift. do check it out now and then yah, and leave ur precious comments, sarcastic remarks, and whichever else.. coz he's feeling a sense of emptiness for the shoutbox~~
and yea, now both of our blogs have NICE SONGS!!! mine is lydia piano version by FIR, and his is distance by jj.

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hee` as usual, as gay as ever! wahaha` reached sch the earliest after daniel today for maths tutorial, then finally finished up all Maths online *relieved* and free! hahaha` went for lunch at canteen 4, then walk slowly to blk 56 for AMB tutorial. then dr phang mentioned tt since there is no group presenting Problem base learning project today, then today no tutorial lor. haha`
so had a small discussion and balloting with my teammates, and allocated the job scope to them. but then it seems like nt very clear leh. haiz. such a bad leader. then may pam and i decided to skip ah neh's (im nt trying to be mean anyway! he's dr nevil, and he's an indian! so wad's the deal?) class frm 3 to 5. haha`
so beibei, pam, may and i went to blk 72 to vote for GLs main com. quite surprised lor, reached there, then eugene still remembered my name, wahaha` nice hairstyle btw, lol` so yea, we voted and all, then pam, may and i headed to may's hse.
chatted and surfed net for a while over at her hse. and i discovered something. lol. Connie Lim Shi Lan is actually my ex classmate in pri sch, nt very close but yea, i still remember her. so *poof* i see her face and name in may's JUYING sec yrbk, wahahha, same class with her somemore` hmmm, seems like she moved frm amk to boon lay after psle. hee` had a great time, then took bus back to JP and shopped ard.. i bought egg tarts home for my family nice wor, frm TONG HENG! heheh` superb~
then after tt went home at ard 6 lor.
i simple lurve : fast food with traditional brown paper bag packaging (BPB). they smell so nice!! therefore, i love kfc's wedges in BPB and also bk's burgers in BPB!!!! wahaha`

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

happy ppl happy day! (quoted by wing) hee` woke up early today and reached sch at around 9+am. then bought breakfast and headed for blk 40 com lab to finish up MOL. in the end, i left only a qns on applications. figured tt i was too lazy to do it. yea. haha =) then went for AMB prac with pammy (eeeeeeuuuuuuu lol` dun gimme tt face har pam, hee). AMB prac was quite fun as usual. hehe` like it more and more. wahaha!
then had lunch at canteen 3 which the ah neh auntie really "kah" me lor. wah kao. 3.50 for a plate of fried rice with a small chic drumstick and sunshine egg. saded. maths lecture was boring.
after tt, headed to bugis with may to shop. in the end she bought 2 bags lor, haha` too rich le, and also a skirt. i only bought a pair of dangling earrings!! yay, very happy` haha finally found a pair i like. strike off earrings on the right panel~!
then shop and shop and shop.. finally went home at 8+ and had dinner at around 9.30.. lol. had a great chat with dar on the fone. oh yah, and ate my favourite top on the food-sssieee list *drum rolls* fei xiong hei pia!!!!!!!!! nvm, only some ppl noe` haha, kena influence by me will noe` wheeeeeeeeeee` muacks everyone! may my love and kisses fill these world! 

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

i'm so in love with keane's songs, yet wth, i can't get hold of their damn songs. grrr.. tried kazaa and imesh, but to no avail, i get bad media. geez` if somebody's just kind enuff to get me keane's album, as if one would abide to my plea.. sigh` i wan keane's hopes and fears album!!!!

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wheee` today pon all my IS lessons, well, i figured tt it's too bored, and i let the excuse of diarrhoea overpower me. =) but still, my biological clock defies me when i wanna wake up late. so i woke up at 7+ this morning.
started out trying to do MOL, but then again, can't submit answers, so yea, forget it. still have 5 qns left. planning to go early to sch tml to do. though it kinda sux but yea, no choice. slack at home the whole day, too lazy to do anything. watch fruit basket, read the novel leap of faith/danielle steel, download moosics, do maths tutorial, do some prac qns, and yea, finally at the end of the day which is 2 hrs ago, decided to get down to studying. 
immunology still as sucky as ever. really blur at it. so i guess i shld start out at the beginning, lecture 1. so in the end i only studies 24 slides, which is 6 pages of immunology lecture 1 notes. i shld really get down to SERIOUS studying. or else my common test is sure to fail.
heavy workload pressin on me, 5 projects and a debate.. all gotta do research.. grrr` and some more im leader of 2 projects. and now i can only use lazy or rather extremely lazy to describe myself.
btw, mum cooked nasi rawon tonight for dinner, it's actually rice drowned in beef soup garnished with big brain bean sprouts (i named it) and fried shallots and served with balachan!! yum. it originates frm indonesia, and right now, i dun care abt the carbohydrates intake anymore! lol` i've been craving for it since dunno when. haha` 
oh, there was a funeral possesion(spelt like tt?) near my place today, then i saw the coffin van and ppl walking behind it. reminded me of my uncle's funeral, when i was actually the one leaning my palms on the windscreen of the van carrying my uncle's coffin. yea. something like song him shang lu. abit the scary, but then yea, no choice. 
i miss dar.. muacks. sleep tight lil darling, shall enjoy ourselves in the weekend, love ya lotsa! 

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

yeeee ha!! hee, nothing happened on friday. after we have our 4 hrs of consecutive unbearable lectures, we're dismissed at 12! hee` then pam, may, elaine and i went straight down to town for our ktv session. we reserved a rm at partyworld frm 2-6. then the 4 of us went to taka to grab some bite. boy i simply love the prawn cake (he pia) frm fat bear!! wahaha` then we back to partyworld after tt and start singing. at first thought 5 hrs will be too long but in the end, it's actually kinda short. haha` the ones i've sang before are always in the evening or night, and always at most 3 hrs. haha`yea, had lotsa fun, especially singing duets with wing who turned up after a while. 
then we shopped in heeren, ate buds ice cream.. yea, i went home after tt, then wing, may and elaine continue their journey scouting for food. =)
erm.. let's see.. did nothing the whole day, well, did no WORK the whole day. was practically slacking in every part of my hse. use lappy, watch fruits basket anime (yea sandy, im still on disc 1, sry).. erm... brought dogs for a walk.. erm.. had tom yam soup and rice for lunch, yum` then i left my place to meet elayna at amk control station at 4.30. took 74 down to hougang.. whoa, thru`out the journey she told me true ghost stories of her uncle and also this clip she watched. dam n scary. but i like =) 
then met up with the others.. wah, winnie and i didn't noe all bringing bf leh.. lol. jiali, jiating, meizhu and may. aishay` so sad.. lol. then we bbq-ed at rayn's hse, nt me though, i was just lying on the couch with some ppl and looking at the dumb eating show. wahhaa` had a great time with mo2s, both ex and current!!
anyway, may presented this bracelet frm perlini's silver to me.. very sweet lor. it's an appreciation frm also the other ppl in mo2s.. very happy. =) very nice also. hee` then we cut the cake and ate the cake using spoon to just dig frm it. i love the sparklers on the cake instead of candles.. saw it in movies, but nv get to do it real life. rayn, erm.. nothing to say, just wishing u clubbing fun yah!! muacks!
then all left. jj and nick so good. 2 of them plus rayn waited with me at the road outside his hse for my darling. really grateful lor, if nt i mi lu le... then waited for a while, then he came.
he sent me home, and stayed overnight at my place. and now, he's still sleeping soundly in my bro's rm with jacky. even though we didn't talk abt the quarrel anymore, but i noe tt deep in our hearts, we knew it's over and we'll treasure each other even more. lurve`  

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

i need music to calm my nerves.

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wo men de ai, guo le jiu bu zai hui lai
zhi dao xian zai wo hai mo mo de deng dai
wo men de ai wo ming bai
yi bian cheng ni de fu dan.
..::wo yao ni zui hou de wen nuan::..
im kinda easily irritable today. only at home though. snapped at my parents for slight things. can't stand myself. wonder y im such a loser. i hope i'll be happier this weekend. i'll tend to forget all my problems when im with my classmates and pals. their laughter drown my sorrow.
'if loneliness is measured by silence, then i'd be deaf now.'
i love to lie down on my bed, look at the bright stars in the night, and cry myself to sleep. i feel peace, and i gain fruitfulness. i indulge myself in a novel, so tt i can forget who i am for as long as im reading thru the pages. i like to be with winnie pam and may, for i love to talk to them. with jolene, yifang and ziqin, who made my day. with sengkiat, who understands me so well. with rayn, wing, wenhui, junjie and demetrius, whom i can get along with so well. im truly blessed to befriend all of them.
i miss the ppl who bought me my newest pair of sneakers. i miss the dearie who bought me a kewl bracelet. and most of all, i miss yan and elayna for encouraging me all these while. 
men is self-contradicting. they wan love, yet when they're in a relationship, they tend to wan to get out of it and date other ppl. nt pointing to anyone but yea, i've known cases like tt. me, too have felt tt way before out of curiosity. but wad's the big deal? i remained faithful. men wans to be loved, but when somebody likes them, they reject for the sake of fun. and when the admirer turns away, and they'll sad. wad's the point?  
sad after being angry. numb after being sad. i do not feel anything now. nt pain, nt sorrow, nt anger too. i hope for an island getaway now. longing for one so much.. so badly. im just really fed up and upset over things. that im no longer feeling the pain now. i feel numbness. and yet my heart still hurts terribly.


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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

dang.. it's only like 7+ now.. it's the result of sleeping at 10 pm last night. let's see.. yesterday...
went for PQS class, i must admit that i was quite involved in class yesterday coz i just wanna finish the QC project fast. anyway, damn, our idea for PQS was too good, so good tt she wan us to implement it, and for the whole of our class, only our idea can be implemented.. shucks` so we gotta do all those extra stuff like 2nd round of questionnaire, more tables.. oh man.... whereas others can just get on with their good but can't be implemented idea.. grrrr`
then to PS.. boring as usual.. was crapping with lixia and nathan all along.. then submitted lab1, 2 and 4.. erm... after class li xia and i went to drink soup at the atrium, and i went ahead to library after tt to do MOL while waiting for darling to reach NP. yep, he came at around 2.. so we had lunch in canteen 1 and i brought him to co-op to get some stuff.. and went to my place after tt..
he printed some stuff and KO-ed on the bed.. lol` so yea, i tried to do MOL at home but it sucks.. can't submit answers coz it always says operation timed out...` dang` so slack around, read.. blah blah.. dar woke up at 7, when i switched on the teevee to watch channel 8.. finally.. hahah`
had dinner, i cook cream of chic and mushroom with potatoes.. hee` yea.. tt's my dinner.. then dar went home.. and i watch telly again.. slept at exactly 10 pm. KO when i just touched my pillow. extremely tired..

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Monday, July 19, 2004

happy 45 mths anniversary my darling`
yea, we've come thus far.. wheeeeeeeeee! hee` let's see, today nothing much, except for the extra interesting immuno prac. see, we gotta kill a conscious mouse today. since winnie did it the last time, so it comes down to seng kiat or me. so i volunteered to do it coz if nt next time must do more gory things how.. haha`
so yea.. i tried. first time round, i got this mouse which is quite aggresive, coz even b4 i do anything, i got bitten by it. then the next time round, i got another mouse, and tried to make it dizzy first by spinning it around, so tt it will actually NOT be so hyperactive. yep, i used the forceps to pressed the neck behind its ears, then pulled its tail. then it suddenly turn its head back and winnie and i just shouted damn loud. lol` but the mouse was actually still kicking alive and well. so in the end, dr lim helped us kill it.
we remove the spleen and mashed it against this wire mesh to get the cells suspension. yea.. so and so.. long experiments, tt we couldn't even finish within the 3 hrs.. so yea.. tt's my day.. dang, another project - immunology, discuss AIDS.
seriously sleepy and tired today.
started on book granny dan  - danielle steel..
tried to do wk 3's maths tutorial but it sucks big time, too diff...
check out my wishes upon the stars..
added a new wish.. the 2nd 1.. =) 

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Saturday, July 17, 2004

eventful 2 days

spent a great day in sch, quite fun and interesting except for the 4 consecutive hours of lecture which i can't stay awake thru'out at all. it was simply irresistible. =) anyway, human genetics and diseases practical was quite fun, and erm.. also gross. we dissected drosophila (fruit fly) larva by putting in under the microsope, then using needle to hold its head in place and pull in the middle of its body. kinda yucky. but i managed to kill like 4-5 larvae.  
as usual, crapped alot during prac. oh yah, sk dissected this lizard he brought to sch, and viewed under the microscope.
met up with dar after my practical and head to ps. when we board the bus, i saw demetrius and wing came up too. then i saw the whole ex mo2s ppl also board the same bus. and dar was just standin in front of me. and boy was i so paiseh at tt time. dunno y, natural reaction ba. lol`
 long time didn't go ps le. walked around, bought sushi, soft shell crab temaki, chic steak and also cheap nutrition bars frm carrefour. then walked around and shopped, bought 2 really cute and cheap pens frm more than words. had dinner at kopitiam.. then did nothing much, just shopped ard again. but quite happy just to spend time with dar.
woke up at 7+ and went to sch for trip to red cross home for the disabled. met these 2 very special ppl who've made a difference to my life. i hope i do to, to their lives. they're Lim Bee Choo and Lim Bee Lian. they're really nice ppl. even though they're nt normal. we painted drawings with them and i also fed bee choo rice during lunchtime. we interract with them and bee choo was really very sweet. she kept on smiling and hugged me to her heart so closely tt i feel pain, both in my heart and physically. she even patted my head and kissed me. really sweet, tt almost made me cry, seriously. sigh`
we as fortunate beings should help them out more often and interract with them, so tt they can feel the warm love in this world. i've seen patients, this gurl who's only 4 yrs old, valerie. she even went horse riding before, in some austria country. but sadly, she came down with this disease. 
then we left the red cross home and took bus to westmall for our lunch at around 1+. had lunch with ziqin, jolene and yuting, walked around with them and went off to meet sandy after tt.
both of us reached smss youth wing (youth alumni) at around 3+ when the meeting is suppose to start at 3. so we went in just in time for the election of com members. representatives frm each batch. we chose clarice and aisyah, nt much ppl turned up, and just listened to those ex students association (alumni) aunties talk.
after tt, lol` (yea alot of after tts) aisyah, clarice and me went to ps (yes, ps again.. kinda sick of it le.. lol`) to check out clarice's stall and support her. 2 stalls in total frm ngee ann. both are run by our lecture ppl. the other stall is crouch potato (big hanzi), gary and gross guy. u see. i call this gross guy, gross guy, nt for nothing.
when i reached, i smiled and said hi to everyone, coz all frm lecture de mah. but then this guy(god noes wad's his name, i dun even noe), he just smiled and said hi, then touched my chin, for more than 2 seconds lor. i was damn shocked... was like thinking 'wth, i dun even noe ur name' eeeeeeeeeeekkkssssssssssssssssss`
so i just faked a smile and stayed and chatted with my frens. and also with gary abt how his modules are like, and his time table. then tt gross guy came and CEBOH, "hey, wad u both toking abt?" so i replied "is it ur biz?". coz im already quite sick of him, always trying to act friendly and as if im close to him. then i offered sweets to gary and my other frens, but nt him. then he took one himself. -.-
i was thinking, hmmm, this guy's face must be 1 inch thick.. so yea. forget him.... -.- his morals is seriously acting on him, bad morals i mean. sux man` i should have yelled at him when he touched my chin` shucks.
anyway, i've only saw 2 really charming guys in my life. and i met the 2nd one today. he's frm yishun jc. hee` thought i'd blog abt it, coz he's really erm.. rare gem? tall, sharp looks.. just charming. like edison tt quality le lor but seriously better... was wondering if he's a playboy though` i saw the first one in NP.. tall too. always lurkin ard sch. yea` u get it.
but still. a person with inner quality is much better, and whom the rarest gem can never be taken for granted. dar, sweet dreams =)
but still square, im super sleepy and tired and weary and down with fatigue. lol` pig time. adieus all`

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Thursday, July 15, 2004

im still rather sad. but in sch, i managed to be happy with my grp of classmates. really glad. anyway, my eyes are kinda painful all day, maybe due to aftermath of crying last night ba. just finished HGD prac. maybe i shld channel all my time and spirit to studies and doing charity work.. gonna go sign up to work in convalescence home someday.

oh yah, talking abt classmates. lol` damn cute. wahhaa. today was rather fun. chatted with mrs chan alot during maths tutorial. she raWKz man, even opened internet 9.33 fm for us to listen while doing maths online. haha`

then may, pam and i went canteen 2 to eat then to atrium to shop in bazaar.. may and i bought something special (shan't disclose). then pam went for meeting and may and i continued to shop. saw this tee i like alot frm emily. didn't get.

after tt went for tutorial, learnt to read the chim chim scientific report given by dr phang. sianz`.

then my PBL grp met for discussion at atrium, with rayn and elaine pumping pizzas into their mouth. lol` wth lor. hee` didn't really discussed much, coz our project scope is rather small. so yea. then the mass com ppl made us so obsessed with spiderman (yah right~!) lol. first this pair approached, wanting to record some stuff, then asked us who's our favourite superhero? and all said spiderman except me, who answered wolverine. lol` lame leh. then the next pair came and on his md again : which movie is the best u've watched in june holidays? and yea i answered troy, coz hector is cool. hahaha. another lame one`

so yea. quite fun. then our whole gang went over to dr nevil's class. so in the end i sat at the last row with jolene, wing mun and demetrius. wing and deedee was so lame thru`out the class lor, coz as usual, we can only hear dr nevil teaching us a new foreign lang - hindi.

so yea, we were crappin all along. now tt i realised, demetrius' waist area is super sensitive, thanks to effort by wing who discovered tt. wahaha` so we ate sweets, choc and slack around and kept talking. then during break, wing went to buy a whole box of pizza and we shared. whoa` then went atrium to shop again, bought 2 tees, wahaha~!

so yea, nth much, went home with the whole 74 gang. damn cool lor. 1 whole bunch all take 74 - ziqin and her fren, pam, wenhui, demetrius, wing mun, rayn and junjie. hee` so the whole load of us just waited for a nt so crowded bus and went up. it's just damn cool` so glad to be with them. they made me forget my unhappiness. =)

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

i tried to conceal my feelings. and i almost broke down in sch. it could be so embarrassing. and i tried very very hard nt to cry. but i can't. coz i still did at home. when i really cannot stand it and let myself go..

you're almost a decade older than me.. but i definitely have a stronger backbone than you, moronic mofo bastard.

i really wonder. why can't ALL human be selfless.. is it so difficult to sacrifice for your loved ones? ur kins, ur friends? wad's the big deal? as long as they're happy, u are too. am i right? but it doesn't go for everyone.

what if we really need the money for everyday's 3 meals? wad if my parents suddenly gotten really ill and needed an operation? or even worse, wad if they die? do we have the money to even get a decent coffin for each of them? they're nt young anymore. mom can never work as well as before. she's freaking 59 yrs old mind u. so can u at least fucking hell spare a thought for us? god gave u a bloody brain for waD? so tt u can be self centered and only use ur brain to think for urself and nt for otherS? u freaking mofo`

i can only end here. i'm terribly heartbroken.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

haiz.. freaking sian.. it's like the whole world is against each other suddenly in my home.. sux core man` feel so sick and tired of it all. a man who can't even spare a thought for the others shall nt be deem as a MAN.

day was alright. got caught by pqs ms min with the neopets pyramids page freezing on my lappy screen. nt tt i care when she walked by. i just dun give a damn and let her stare into my screen and utter some ethics we're suppose to have. u think i care? nah`

went for lunch with 2nd bro at j8. tried the set lunch at sakae sushi.. nt bad.

went hm. finished up homework.

watched telly.

listened to music and still listening.

5 days in paris/danielle steel.

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Monday, July 12, 2004

really bad. still feel kinda guilty now. wahaha
today for immunology prac, each group have our own swiss albino mouse. we were supposed to scruff the mouse, and inject CRC cocktail into its abdomen to anesthesize it. our mouse was mighty mouse. even after the 3rd injection of cocktail, it's still hyper. so in the end, dr lim inserted a dose of ard 2(i think) instead of the usual yea, it finally KO-ed and sleep.
then, to put it into the holder and insert the carbon particles slowly into its tail vein, to make sure tt the carbon reaches its body thru the tail vein. sigh..

then we killed the mouse by using forceps to push down the neck, and pull its tail.. ugh. winnie did the job, but then it wasn't really pulled to the extreme, so dr lim made doubly sure tt it's dead by pulling again, and we could literally hear and see the backbone dislocate.. sigh..

next step, we cut open the skin and yea dissected it. unless u wanna noe the details, or else im nt gonna blog abt it. anyway, yea, saw all the organs and all, cut thru the ribcage to see the still-twitching heart and all. so in the end, we drew the organs and all.. eeeeeeeeeuuuuuuu.. poor stuff.. sad lor. so yea, dispose of the dead mouse.

nothing much after tt.. kinda sian for the whole day. coz too bored le. anyway, oh yah, this is the first time i actually paid attention during immunology and followed thru, coz i had notes. instead of just blindly browsing thru the textbk. =)

yea. tt's my day. dear lord. i wanna atone for my sins!! this wk is killing an unconscious mouse. next wk is gonna be a conscious one, and we gotta take out the spleen too. wth`... dang`

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Sunday, July 11, 2004

You are a PHOENIX in your soul and your
wings make a statement. Huge and born of flame,
they burn with light and power and rebirth.
Ashes fall from your wingtips. You are an
amazingly strong person. You survive, even
flourish in adversity and hardship. A firm
believer in the phrase, 'Whatever doesn't kill
you only makes you stronger,' you rarely fear
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you to 'rise from the ashes' as a still greater
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same mistake twice, and are not among the most
forgiving people. You're extremely powerful and
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were forced to survive a rough childhood. Or
maybe you just have a strong grasp on reality
and know that life is tough and the world is
cruel, and it takes strength and independence
to survive it. And independence is your
strongest point - you may care for others, and
even depend on them...but when it comes right
down to it, the only one you need is yourself.
Thus you trust your own intuition, and rely on
a mind almost as brilliant as the fire of your
wings to guide you.You are eternal and because
you have a strong sense of who and what you
are, no one can control your heart or mind, or
even really influence your thinking. A symbol
of rebirth and renewal, you tend to be a very
spiritual person with a serious mind - never
acting immature and harboring a superior
disgust of those who do. Likewise, humanity's
stupidity and tendency to want others to solve
their problems for them frustrates you
endlessly. Though you can be stubborn,
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=) *grin*
happy birthday to angela~! hehe` so happy now.. so yep. i stopped at lunching with dar on friday's afternoon in clementi. then after tt, i took train home so tt i could rest for a while and bath.


i reached city hall station control at around 6.15, but i was the still the earliest one (arranged to meet at 6) haha`. slowly, the others came, pam, bennie, sandy and jo.. then all of us went to suntec to walk around and check out the tickets showing tt evening, we bought 6 tics of mean girls 9.30 show.

then huiping came at 8+ coz of college day and the 6 of us had dinner at the same dim sum restaurant i went to weeks ago. 4 of us shared dim sum (har gow, guo tie) and i ate the prawn noodles. yum and cheap? is tt a deal? lol. it cost me ard 8 bucks. nt bad nt bad. and it's the very very first time i actually bought quality chocolates frm royce. i saw this box of bitter choc, and i thought dar would like it very much, so i bought it, the others also tempted so they followed.. it cost 12.60 per box, the packaging was really nice, she helped us wrapped in dry ice so tt it wun melt.

oh yah, my girlfriends bought a pair of converse sneakers.. so sweet of them. really like it alot. soon after dinner, yixian reached at 9.15 after our dinner and hp parted, so yep.. we bought popcorns and all to go into the theatre..

the show was superb~ angela stands up and proclaim, u bimbos shld be knock down by the yellow bus. lol. i love the yellow bus~ hehe. nvm, when u watch the show, u'll get it. it really raWKZ big time! hahaha. hilarious, cool, it's everything u wan it to be. lol.
go catch it, coz it's worth our 8.50 =)

then after tt pam and bennie went home, to catch their last bus and train. hehe, then jo, san, yx and me were just loitering around and wanting to get some alcohol.. so we forgot abt the after 11 no alcohol rule.. went to city link's 7-11, but it's close, then went to the one beside funan, lol, the fridge locked. hehe, so in the end, i drank ribena. lol, the others pokka coffee and calamasi.. wahahhaa. sigh` so we walked and walked along the path, saw alot of ppl dressed for clubbing. really tempted to go, but we reckon tt it'd be better next time if we dress more GLAM for it. hehe.

so they decided to come over to my place, to see jacky and girls' night. all of them called home. yx can, sandy's dad spoke to me in a really gentle voice. lol. asking me if there were guys, i said no, only 4 gurls, and he told us to take care.. lol. so gentle, nt like him, sandy said. but jo couldn't. the 4 of us waited for cab at the taxi stand outside swissotel.

so the 3 of us reached my place at ard 1+... sandy used my lappy, and yx and i chatted abt alot of stuff.. we were really extremely happy and hIGH!!! lol.. asked them if they wanted to drink my bro's vodka, but they dun wan.. wahaha. then sandy so pig, wanted to eat, and we went to 7-11 to get cup noodles. reached home, laze ard and chatted, then KO.
slept at around 3+.. woke up at 6 to send them off coz yx gotta go home, change and go for exam.. hee`


so after sending them home, i bath, change and go to sch to meet up with the others for the AVA open hse trip. it's really damn cool, all the different labs for different purposes. wahaha, i learnt something, vets actually dun only treat pets, they check for diseases in pigs, chic and all. hehe`

anyway, the trip was really interesting. then took bus back to sch and met up with dar. went town, taka basement to settle our brunch.. both of us ate alot of stuff. thanks to dar for saying tt he'll spoil me.. lol. when he dad know of my birthday, he even gave his atm card to dar and asked him to take me to a restaurant and eat good food. wahahaha` so cute`

so yep. wanted to go watch 13 going on 30, nt sure when it's showing, then went straight ahead to lido to check out. no nice shows, then in the end, we just sat at a corner and stoned.. lol` i was already quite sleepy and tired due to the lack of sleep last night. wahahha`

then we went heeren and shopped for a while.. and back to taka where we ate our favourite, taiwan's oyster mee suah. nice lor. hehehe` we also tried the meatballs and oh yah. the very very very nice granny smith's apples topped with hot milk choc!! omg. tt's sure heavenly. lol. it's frm apple stiz. really nice lor. have to eat it before the choc solidify, so tt it's still nice and warm. yum yum =) ppl, go to taka's food fest~ lol`

then we bought chic and cheese sausages home for my momma. had dinner at home. oh yah, dinner also includes the delicious unagi maki we bought frm cold storage. hehe`
then big bro and sheila, along with 2nd bro came back frm dhoby gaut.. hehe =) they bought me a tiramisu cake =) wheeeeeeeeeeee`

so yea, we cut the cake. ate it, with an extra piece for my 3 dogs. hehe` tried the royce bitter choc i bought. HEAVENLY` lol.
oh yah, and i also bought this pair of black pants frm u2 which cost 39 bucks. i debated for a very long time b4 i get it. coz i rarely buy clothes anyway. =) so figured it'll be alright. hahahha` i think it's really nice, dun need to alter also. hehe`

dar stayed over. but then wo dui bu qi ta.. lol coz i really cannot tahan. after i ate the cake, i went to my rm and tried to take a SHORT NAP. but then in the end, i really slept till morning lor. and tt was like 9+pm when i slept.. sad lor. lol. tt was the end of my birthday. whhahahahhaa.

anyway, check out this BLOG (just click on the word blog). dar is a html bai chi. but then he manage to put this together. it's really sweet of him. coz he's just nuts at it. i love him..

3 yrs 9 more days to 8 mths. and he can still remember the exact time when i accepted him, the place we went to after i accepted him, and also wad i ate. =) he raWkz! i only remember the place he asked me tt qns, and the date. lol`

so yea, go check out my dar's work. u'll love his cuteness hehe`

i received a card frm joyce, my pri sch good fren. it's really nice of her. =) thanks alot my frens. love ya all so much~ simply a card, and i'll go over the moon `(",)

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Friday, July 09, 2004

feeling really sleepy now.. sigh.. didn't blog for quite a few days.. think so, so lazy to blog. wait, let me think of the extraordinary stuff..

i spent wednesday night doing maths tutorial at home, so tt i can enjoy during the weekend. =) wheee... shucks.. STM (short term memory) i forgot all the stuff..

hmmm erm.. ar.. er.. nvm.. forget it. lol. anyway, today's 4 hrs lecture was superb!! let me finish.. BORING.. antibodies, antigen, lymphatic system.. grr.. sianz` then dismissed at 12, went clementi and meet up with dar. he specially pushed back bowling training just to have lunch with me. so sweet` =) really appreciate it. i had this chicken and cheese western meal.. at this hawker centre duh. really nice lor.. the cheese is just like stuck inside the chic. cool. =) then dar had erm... black pepper beef steak? or wadeva.. lol..

so yea, went home after tt and dar went for bowling training.. miss him so much.. sigh..
really looking forward to tml . =0

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

whee.. just decided to post a lil message. laid on my bed just now, and managed to see the whole of cloudless sky tonight. =) alot of stars too, very happy.

thanks to dar for staying up with me and waiting for me to finish my work, even though u're really sleepy after the long day. u're so great, thanks sweetie. have a nice day tml!

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

productivity and quality studies now. so bored.. with HER kept on repeating "alright, alright". sigh.. so hungry.. hehe` had a good sleep last night, slept at 9+pm till 6+ this morning. yesterday was quite a traumatic day.

let's start frm sunday....

my fifth aunt brought doreen ( my 13 yr old cousin) to my hse in the afternoon. no programs for tt day. so yea, played com with doreen together. she used the pc and i used my lappy. then the 2 of us went library coz i needed to return some due books. so yep. both of us borrowed some books and then went amk central jalan jalan for a few hrs. reached home at around 6. then her mum came back to my place after work to fetch doreen.

she wanted to take doreen to ah ma's hse in the evening, but then doreen wanted to stay, so in the end, my fifth aunt went to ah ma's hse herself, and doreen stayed overnight with us. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. hehe` so happy.

then dar came at around 11 pm to my hse to watch the final match with me. both of us were rooting for portugal. yea. but in the end. sigh.. imagine 7-9 greece players standing inside the "box" while portugal was about to strike. and only at most 3 ppl portugal inside the box. wth. it happens ALL the time lor. haiz.. so sad... wasted my slumber time to go catch the losing moments of portugal. but nvm, they tried their best. looking forward to copa america now =) *beams*

so yea. dar and i woke up feeling pretty lethargic and retched. both of us were practically floating ard the hse.. hahaha. =) so yea. dar so good, his lessons starts at only 10 or 11 i forgot, but he woke up early to send me to sch, then he went straight to his sch. so yep. elated.

yesterday. gosh. one of our deary class mouse died. zhang nara helped us anesthesize the mice by putting them 1 by 1 into a beaker containing ether. then we're suppose to quickly inject our group's mouse with BSA after tt. we believe tt it's because of overdose of ether, tt's y the mouse was put to sleep forever, nt temp. yea. coz it was the first to be put into the beaker, which is the strongest dosage. it was breathing heavily after it was immunised. then after tt we anesthesized the rabbit and tried to immunise it. but then it was too difficult, coz it was mineral oil inside the syringe. so yea.. so sad. it's like practically torturing the poor animals. saded..

i actually managed to keep myself awake for most of the lectures except 1 of 2 dozing off sessions. then during the 2nd break, jolene and i went to the animal house to do our duty. and yi fang and winnie tagged along. we changed all the sawdust of IMM mice. then we discovered the death of the the poor lil mouse frm our class. it was just lying there motionless.. sigh.. dead. then we informed dr lim and wrapped up the mouse in newspaper and sawdust. sigh...

quite sad.. poor mouse. so nothing much, reached home, bath, watch telly, sleep. \\\\\grrrr... PQS so boring, luckily i still have my lappy... wahaha =)

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Saturday, July 03, 2004

so to pick up from where i left off in the morning. didn't go zoo today, went to NUH to visit dar's dad. i reached there around 2pm. then dar told me tt he can be discharged le, yep. good news` his dad did CT scan this morning and the results were good. he was fine and his headaches proved to be just aftermath of too tensed up.

so we sat with dar's whole family ard the bed and chatted while waiting for the medicine. crapped alot and all. haiz. and dar told me tt his dad said it's high time i call him "father" instead of "uncle". sigh.. he kept on asking us to get married. but then i wanna at least finish studying first. duh. dunno how to tell him nt to think too much. sigh..

so yea. dar and i left for clementi to catch spiderman 2 4.30 show at empress. before tt we went to eat at the nearby jap restaurant. went there a couple of times le, so yea. but haiz. a disappointment, their soft shell crab nt nice de.. saded.. then we bought cheese fries and drinks frm kfc and went into the cinema. yep, empress allows outside food and drinks to be taken in. today the tics cost 7 bucks each.

i rate the show 1/5... serious. i think it's really pathetic. i'd rather go catch rugrats in action than spiderman2. i prefer the first one, with the green goblin, coz the comic relief scenes are at least much more than the 2nd one. dunno wad to say. just think tt the whole movie is lame,period.

dar sent me home after tt.. oh yah. i wanna go catch 13 going on 30. really nice show, caught the trailer, nice comedy. it's abt this 13 yr old gurl who turns 30 after she wake up the next day. ha. kewl`
so yea, tt's my day. =)

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hehe` first time i visit the boutique selling clothes at my void deck. besides clothes, they also sell alot of accessories like earrings, rubber bands, belts, and even flip flops. anyway, i bought this purple simple necklace which cost only 2.70!! hehe, and also this pair of metal ear studs for only 90 cents!!! wth. hehe. quite happy. nt going zoo today with dar. gonna do something even more important. sad. but , ha, no choice! =)

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Friday, July 02, 2004

*poof* i've finally managed to put up music without disturbing the setting of my shoutbox. phew. finally after 3 hrs of trying and previewing. so yea. hehe. anyway, i've updated the column on the right side. yep. my wish list too!! *hint hint* lol. anyway, my bday's coming.. *HINT OUT LOUD* jk` hehe~

had a great day today! although immunology and applied & molecular microbiology lectures were boring, but i managed to stay awake for all of the 4 hrs consecutively. quite amazing huh` had lunch in canteen 4 at 12. quite elated coz i met regina and jy (frm BA)at blk 40! which is actually supposed to be engineering and lsct lecture blk. wahaha` it's been a while since i met jy, so very happy. hehe`

oh yea, then we went over to blk 34 for human genetics and diseases prac. today's prac is pretty interesting. we were suppose to take 1 drosophilla (fruit fly) and observe it under the microscope. there are also several mutated ones amongst the normal ones. like say for example, the eyes might be white after mutated in which originally it's red. we also learnt to differentiate their genders.

anyway, the interesting part is tt the drosophillas were just flying ard in the container, unable to observe at all under the microscope. hehe. so, mr nevil introduce this FlyNap "anesthetic" to the drosophillas inside the container. i thought it smells like eucalyptus. hehe. so the drosophillas slept for more than 2 hrs until we've finished our prac. as usual, we crapped alot. hehe.

sk was plain crazy. haha. he went hunting in cupboards for termites, woodlouse and all. in the end, we observed a not-sure-whether-it's-termite-creature and also a spider. lol. gross. oh yah. demetrius even went to smash this drosophilla. and when viewed under microscope, we saw the detached head and also fragments frm it's torso. hahahha. lolz. hmm. cruelty to insects.

dar, i'll always be there for u. u dun think too much yah? coz he'll be fine. God protects him. did u see tt glow all around his body? hehe`

FLYNAP!!! this is the formidable anesthetic for drosophillas! lolz` took this pic during prac using daniel's fone.

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Thursday, July 01, 2004

let's see, wad's the most exciting stuff today? =) *grinz*

had lunch with pals and nicky!! haha, long time didn't see him le. miss our old mo2 days. nick, jia you wor, and dun always skip talks yah. u shld be glad tt u're doing something u like. hehe =)

yea, something more exciting, had our first lesson of HGD (human genetics and diseases) lecture today. only 2 classes so we had it at blk 56. really looking forward to it coz i think it would be interesting to go further into those human diseases and all. wheeeeee!
then we met our mentor, who's mr nevil teaching us HGD. haiz. only 1 question to ask - Can you please speak english? his eng is too slang towards the in-de-ne side.. sigh... AGAIN....... tried very hard to listen, but only caught half of wad he said.

oh yah, finally gotten may's prezzie, after 1 mth of considering wad to get for her. the bracelet which i saw are mostly not nice. so tt's y. lol. =)

***is there luv without hate? is there pleasure without pain? i dunno and cannot explain these kind of things, but i just know tt i'm very happy with u all these while. han ah han =) i love u.**

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