Tuesday, August 31, 2004

today got to noe our practical spreadsheet result... hehe` got back a C.. alright lar, dun care too much abt it as long as i pass can liao.. my PS lessons are always spent on crappin and surfing the net.. anyway, shucks man.. lol` today i dropped dee dee's bagpack.. then got lappy inside lor.. then during PS class, his lappy fell out on him.. can't connect to AC adaptor, so die lor.. he slacked for a whole hr.. made me feel so damn bad abt it, i also didn't noe wad to do.. he said he's gonna send his lao gu dong for repair lor.. haiz... feel so guilty abt it.

then after classes, i waited at bus stop for sandy, thereafter, we went to st. marg's together and met yx there.. saw alot of other ex classmates, so happy.. hehe` met yen ching too!! as usual, hugged each other when our eyes met.. haha` she's gonna go aussie soon.. will miss her` hee`

then met up with alot of teachers.. chat for quite some time with ms chan aka "mrs dyer(founder of smss)" haha` wanted to catch up with low, but then she seems pretty busy.. talked to ms ho for quite a while too.. hehe` and the 3 of us left a note on the teachers' praise board in the staff rm saying - MUACKS! and our names...
as usual the teachers would open up chocolates and cookies which the students gave them, then we eat as we chat.. haha` guessed it's normal tradition le ba.. it's always like tt when we go back.

but still.. this yr's teachers' day is kinda lonely and plain.. coz mrs lee the late principal of smss is nt here with us. *sigh* they left a seat for her today in the hall... don't really noe whether she came back to celebrate with us. missing her so much. teachers' day can nv be the same w/o her. may she rest in peace. i miss her telling us how pathetic her lilies were coz we stepped on them..

then after tt we went for yx's haircut appointment at 2 way holistic.... sandy and me waited till we dozed off to sleep while yx cut her hair..

we headed to JP's swensens.. the 3 of us quite full, planning to eat the topless 5, but then haha` dun have the promo le, so we ordered dip and fries, prawn dippers, crayfish pasta and topless 5..
in the end also nt bad lar, quite full.. then we caught up with each other for quite sometime.. went to shop abit.. then dar came JP to look for me at ard 7+.. and he sent me home lor..

had a great time today... hehe` really enjoyed myself with the trio! =)

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Monday, August 30, 2004

hee` *grins* freaking happy today.. happy all day actually, but even better after maths lecture.. got back our marks for maths test paper. hehe` i didn't fail.. kinda thinkin i would, coz i left a few qns didn't do, all is over 10 marks de.. hehe` wait till i get back my paper next wk.

had IMM project presentation today.. our grp touched on AIDS.. hee` our presentation was alright lar.. hehe, 1 project down.. left 6.. 2 presenting next wk, and 2 the wk after.. sianz.. wahahha` now must rush all my projects liao, especially PBL.. dr phang is just so demanding for the criteria or PBL..

gonna wear formal on thursday!! hehe` i was fretting in sch today, over the black skirt we're suppose to wear. but then i realised when i reached home, tt i actually have a pair of black pants i bought few wks ago.. hehe` so yea, gonna wear tt.. but darn, my court shoes are gone.. grrr.. tml gonna go storeroom hunt down my shoes.. =(

bb i go watch teevee le..nowadays spend at least 5 hrs on teevee everyday.. wahahaha..

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

hehe` too lazy to blog, so waited till now.. spent another 2 whole days with dar again this weekend.. went to sch on friday to do project on AIDS.. all finished by then, left mine whose job was to compile everything. then went home at ard 2 plus.. was feeling really sick and uncomfy by then..

went home took pill and nap-ed.. then rot the whole day at home feeling quite aimless coz tests over and hehe, the feeling is just weird when u slogged real hard for quite a while and suddenly, u have nth to do.. haha`


stayed at home
rent vcd.
taking lives
dar reached at 11+
chilled out at my place
had lunch
went out
met winnie and jj at city hall

went ahead to padang after tt.. hehe` then met up with tracy and joyce to go for the gig. first ever gig in my life.. very anxious and feeling esctatic! though tics were cheap and it's a mix concert, but it rOx!

went in, saw energy rehearsing.. figured tt they were kinda cool hehe`.. then we found ourselves a gd spot to stand. however due to my bad height it just sux. lol` anyway, alot of artistes, all very talented, nan quan mama::linda::xiao di::blah blah...

thereafter, we couldn't stand it, so we move our butts to the far right side to look at the screen instead. hehe` sat on the grass and enjoyed ourselves. hated tt dumb hang ten fashion show which i have no idea when it'll ever end, and obviously sun and her fans.. yucks` sry im being opinionated here, but wadeva, we threw light sticks and all to her fans and gosh, we saw one broken light stick across our head and the substance was ald oozing out of the tube while in the midst of flying.. haha` damn cool to whoever it hits!

anyway, i was damn high when it's FIR's turn to perform. waited for damn long lor.. leave the best for the last =) i was practically singing my heart out and screaming my guts out.. they were damn cool and look at tt guy strumming and abusing tt guitar.. he rOx.. hehe` faye sang till she cried lor.. and i almost cried too.. lucky dar stopped me.. haha`

after the thingy, bro called dar, asked if we wanna go meet him then take cab home together after he knocked off at 11.. so yea, both of us left after FIR's performance and missed energy's one.. we rushed to dhoby gaut and met up with bro.. then he bought supper home too.`

dar mentioned tt i was damn high lor.. hahah` like dun need to take alcoholic drinks i ald like tt le, if take then siao liao.. haha` he even said tt for one moment he didn't noe who i was.. haha` sry tt he had to put up with my screams, haha but it's just damn cool. hehe`

had supper

spent my day at home with dar.. went to have lunch with bro and dar downstairs, then bro went to work, he's going to m'sia after work with his khakis.. as usual, lol` KL and genting.. sianz` haha.. he said he's gotta buy back lotsa ps2 games and my fave 'ma ti su' .. haha` i die le.. no need study for exams liao. play games gou le.

then my dearie cousin came and we went to rent vcd.. this time we got "in the mirror" tt dumb korean horror.. i watched till i sleep lor.. then doreen and dar also cannot stand it le.. haha` 3 of us lying on the sofa like corpses.. then mum came back, watched zhen qing, today's episode was quite nice..

after tt, doreen's mum came to pick her up at 6+, we carried on watching telly till 9+, then dar went home.. hehe` i had a great weekend!! hee =)

BTW, i've decided nt to go for YEP thailand le.. coz my bro was planning to take to thailand end of this yr too.. then i figured tt the 300 bucks for the YEP can be channelled to my family's trip instead.. can spend on more stuff and enjoy myself more.. so yea.. hehe` somemore this holiday is the last one we can actually enjoy, coz next sem onwards is all attachments le. so yea! YEP cancelled!

thought of the day::i wanna save up tons of money for lotsa stuff!! namely FIR's gig tics!!

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Friday, August 27, 2004

now in sch doing further research for AIDS project.. haha` and we just had some laughs over some really hilarious matters. lol` i discovered something. read this.. ta-daaaaaaaaaa..

"One speculation is a gay in the 1970's placed a reptile or bird up his anus. A rectal wound would have allowed the introduction of a virus from another species that survived and thrived in our human system."

haha` it's actually a speculation abt the origin of HIV virus, made by some nonsensical scientist. lol` kinda lame huh.. and HIV was preciously known as GRID - gay related immuno-deficiency.. lol` coz it started off with gays.. -.- ain't it dumb?

alright..wadeva... im down with flu and feeling so sick... urgh..` gosh.. i wan my bed...

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

im at the climax of being hardworking now.. wahaha. but dunno if the info actually gets into my head. stayed up till 3 am last night to study immunology.. but then again.. im still left with 3 chap untouched.. sigh.. wanted to wake up at 5.30 am to study.. but im just nt self discipline enuff.. i dun even study tt hard for 'o's.. wahaha` so proud of myself. but passing the paper is another thing. *prays hard* AMB paper was bad too.. mcq was extremely easy. but the structured questions are killers.. managed to get at least 30 marks flown away..

nt feeling exactly well today.. throbbing headache coming along the way.. actually supposed to have headache every tests and exam period, but it actually came after my 3rd paper.. haha. good. =) i figured tt im nt exactly afraid of the HGD paper.. maybe im nt convinced tt dr nevil will come up with a killer paper..

wadeva.. im gonna have fun tml. =) finally meeting dar tml. wahhaa` he said tt my panda eyes and his limp leg really match.. lol` *rolls eyes* wadeva.. haha`

thought of the day : u gotta win it for urself

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

wheeeeeee, just had lunch cooked by my beloved bro.. =) he just came back frm sentosa chalet since sunday.. i bet he had lotsa fun.. even went haunted hse..sigh.. couldn't go cuz of the damn common tests..wahahah` anyway, i remembered last semester, i also went to chalet on the weekend b4 my common tests.. ;) so yea, talking abt my lunch.. my bro brought back lotsa stuff leftover frm the bbq.. he cooked instant noooooodles with meatball.. and also fried prawns for me.. hehe` =) feel so xin fu.. so now, im all ready to fight the AMB battle this afternoon (nt as if im aiming to get any high grades). anyhow, sigh.. im gonna enjoy myself thoroughly after common tests!! wahahah` heck the projects.. ooops.. *did i just say tt?*

thought of the day: money's rolling in and im ecstatic!! hehe`

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Monday, August 23, 2004

jammin::nelly furtado - forca (theme song for euro 2004)

hehe. quite happy.. 1 down.. though today's maths paper sux.. yea.. it does.. or rather i sux at maths.. =) anyhow, gotta study for amb now.. =(

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Friday, August 20, 2004

ta-daaaa` the yet-to-be-named red pig beanie!!
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Posted by reticent_aura at 8/20/2004 06:47:00 PM

wahaha, it's friday today and im still slacking today.. just woke up frm a nap, coz was raining heavily, and still is, so ya noe? hehe` nice weather to bunk in!! i bet pig's still snoring away now.. hmmm`


yesterday was our 46th mths anniversary.. so we went out, coz dar dun need to go sch.. met him in orchard at ard 1+.. then we went to taka's ajisen.. nt bad lar.. but then i think the agedeshi tofu and soft shell crab no standard leh.. hee` then dar paid le 20 over bucks. next we went to heeren and shopped ard.. long time never eat soft shell crab le, so tt mere normal soft shell crab at ajisen doesn't satisfy me.. haha`

so we went to sakae sushi at heeren, and ate sushi and all, in the end i also paid over 20 bucks.. hee` realised tt i spent alot of money on wednesday and this day.. then dar bought me this really cute red pig beanie frm action city.. we've yet to name it.. hee` coz i saw something and i was like "wah so cute" then he suddenly turn and said, " where got cute, this cuter" then he ta-daa showed me wad he bought for me.. hee` really cute. have been playin with it for a long time le.. wahahha oh yah maybe i'll just take a shot of it.. hee`


went home after out with dar.. dar also went home after he sent me home.. hehe` coz he finally she de to buy the gundam seed vcd full set. hehe` he so damn happy lor. so pig also.

then i rested for a while b4 meeting my pals at the cake shop near my place. we collected the cake we ordered, even gotten down to "drawing" cream on the cake coz it was kinda ruin by the personnel.. so yea, we drew some of tt up.. then we headed down to my ex neighbour's place..

i missed staying in tt blk...wahahah` but i like my current flat though .. hee` i remembered i've stayed at tt particular flat for 17 yrs of my life.. take lift to 6 floor, and make a right turn to the first flat.. hehe` anyway sy turns 15 today.. hehe can make ic le. still thinking of the ic tt's rotting in my pouch.. and erm.. i still haven't change my address of the ic.. although i've already moved for 9 mths le.. er... i'll try to huh....

so yea, had a great time chatting with yung and rajes.. coz we dunno all sy's other frens.. hehe` then the 3 of us just kept on chatting and eating. hee` so we're kinda like the wallflowers of the party.. hehe
then cut cake lor.... then they went to play water bomb.. didn't play coz nt very familiar with the others.. and yea, we've been playing water bomb since we were young. hehe` then went home at around 10 plus.. ah ma came over to stay at our place.. so i gotta bunk in with my bro coz my mum wanna sleep with her.. so yea.. hee` happy...
dar, may u be happy always, coz when u are, tt's when i am. =)

did nth much the whole of today.. was kinda studying abit.. and watching ALOT of teevee especially of the olympics matches..
still supporting the man with gills - pieter van den hoogenband! hee`been supporting him since 4 yrs ago.. hehe` for the 100m freestyle, he managed to come in first, south african swimmer 2nd and ian thorpe 3rd!! wahaha` torpedo's only good in 50 m!! *grins*

anyway, i realised something when i read the newpaper yesterday, u noe the SG's ronald susilo who lost to boonsak frm thailand in badminton? li jia wei is actually his gf! wahaha` on the other hand, i think tt boonsak frm thailand looks kinda cute.. baby face and long sideburn.. =) hippie!

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

slacked the whole day yesterday. feel so guilty.. coz me being PBL leader, is still slacking on the job and nt getting the whole grp to come together.. sigh..` sux man`

went to city hall and did some shopping. supposed to get burfdae prezzies for my pals, but ended up getting more things for myself.. i bought myself a polo tee, some gummies and also a card for dar.. oh, haha` i spent 20 over bucks on lunch yesterday, but in the end i gotten a treat to crepes & cream.. hehe` anyway, i bought mrs fields cookies for sy.. she's an ex neighbour of mine, we played since we're were small and always love the company of each other.. she turns 15 today.. woohoo! i miss my sec. days in st.marg's..

wahaha` a new set of fila bags just came out yesterday.. i saw it in suntec, wahaha` there's pink, blue and also grey.. i like the small gray one the most.. wahaha` and i also tried this thingy at adidas.. yea, thingy, coz i dunno whether to call it a top, or a dress.. it's long sleeve, like a normal adidas jacket, but it's long, till knee length.. u can zip it up all the way to the top, but on the other hand, there's another zip at the bottom of the "dresS" in which u can slit open the dress till maybe ur tummy there, it goes damn well with jeans lor!! arrr... and it's pink! i wanna get tt.... wahahahhahahah`

anyway, yea.. im still slacking... for those who's panicking right now? dun worry, coz there's me to fill the bottom grades for ya, haha`

today is our anniversary again!! hehe` 3 yrs 10 mths. happy and glad and sad coz im getting older.. wahaha` later going out with dar.. slacking time again.. and night going to a birthday party.. wth.. when am i ever gonna START studying.. sigh` forget it.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

im so terribly bored... grrr` i dun wanna study anymore.. im left with nth to do except the stuff on the top of my priority list.. i hate it. period.

im so gonna be driven crazy... argh!!!

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hee` it's been a long time since i last blog. so yea, finally feel like doing it now. did lotsa stuff for the past 2 days... let's see..

on friday, i decided to stay at home and sleep like a log coz im just simply too lazy to drag myself out of the bed. my mum was like "yea, humans are like tt sometimes" hee` so she doesn't really care anyway`

then slack thru'out the whole day and then met with dar at dhoby gaut station control to go work together in clarke quay. the central tentage we're working in is actually near liang court and satay club, just at the junction of all places. =) set up the stall, and we sold some finger food and of course chic curry puffs and lemonade. worked till 11+ then go home, damn shagged after tt. dar stayed over at my place.. till monday.. =)

on sat, suppose to turn up in sch for immunology prac. and the seriously dumb me, lol` set the alarm clock the night before, frm 7.30 am to PM` i was like feeling damn guilty lor. but after tt, argh, who cares.. hee` then slacked and all till 4, go work again.. then knocked off at 11.. stupid dad came to pick us up.. =(trying to be nice huh)=

then the next day, started work at 10am.. till abt 11 pm.. got our pay. nt much, but hehe` happy. at least i've gt enuff to beam thru my 2 pals' birthdays this mth!! hehe` then went home, played some dumb ps2 shooting games with the gun console my bro's fren bought him. then yea, slept..

yesterday's bro's day off.. so dar, bro and i went to jubilee to catch the village! hee` alright lar. but i think tt ivy's fren (tt guy who acted as the creature) is super dumb. lol` i mean, he's already mentally unsound.. haha` wadeva. he's just plain dumb. he deserve his death.. hee` then after tt we went to have lunch, and walked ard. then dar went home with his parents, bro went for his bike theory test, and i went home.. ` hee`

ooooh, i just watched 50 first dates on my lappy.. hee` quite hilarious and sweet. hehe` alrighty... got alot of stuff to do. hehe` =)

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

haha, im currently addicted to this song.. lol` check this out! bananafone
though this song is super lame, but lol, the more i listened to it, the more i find it cute` haha` the squirrels, nt the saikomelon or bananaman, whichever u prefer..

hee` today watched ella enchanted using sk's lappy in the com lab.. haha` the show is super amusing. hehe`really cute. but the ending is really dumb.. lol`

did nuttin much today.. somehow really worried abt my PBl project, coz dr phang seems to have very high expectations of the presentation.. sigh`

wadeva... just deal with it when the day draw nearer.. today met up with dar in atrium, then we took 154 to geylang to see my dad's boss.. learnt some stuff from him then we went to kfc to eat.. dar nt hungry so he ordered only a 2 piece chic meal. in the end we shared, coz the chic is really too big le, compared to other branches. hehe`

then he sent me home lor. so yea, gonna have a busy weekend ahead of us. wanna find someday go watch midnight` lol` hehe` the village here i come! oh yah, dar and i bought this cigarette case for my elder bro.. the design is quite sleek and cool, and some more inside the case, it's nt a rubber strap to hold the cigarette.. it's actually a metal clip.. so yea, kinda cool` =) and he likes it!~

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004


surprise to see mi here????
well.... just wan to tell my dear that
it is quite sad that i can be of much help for her sch work....
but nvm lor..... i will try to be of help to her in another way or so...

maybe massage for her or wad lor...

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

ooooh.. forgot something!! yibin has decided to revive his blog. CLICK HERE !! he's got a new addy too.. hehe` and i simply love the npcc's no 1 uniform..wahaha` so sad tt i didn't get a chance to put it on.. =(

Posted by reticent_aura at 8/10/2004 06:12:00 PM

now jammin :: the rasmus - in the shadows.. simply love the mtv of this song, but then again, the lead singer is nt charming at all, though i must admit he produce great songs! now im currently addicted to their songs such as first day of my life and guilty.

and great... now it takes 5 turns of refreshing before my blog is republish.. and it's no longer 0% straight away to 100%.. sigh`

anyway.. today's PS prac test sux.. i dunno how to do tt frequency function.. or rather it didn't come to my mind.. coz i did the frequency function thingy, but didn't minus.. =( dun mind me.. sigh`but hey, it's over! had lunch with dar and lao ma today.. hehe` finally i tried the super nice western food at amk central S11.. hehe` nt bad lar, portion too big though..

then went to my place, played with jackie... yep, today we shave jackie's fur.. nt all duh.. as in we set the degree to 2.. then alright lar. at least it's nt "hairless" hee`

so now they went home le, and im stuck here all alone. hehe` suddenly missing the trio slumber party over at my place and also cup noodles at 3am.. *grins*

oh yah, did u catch the sg idol yesternite? lol` i mastered some of the steps of the sg's version of william hung! hehe` and i just found out frm wing, tt the person who was whispering all along was actually singing careless whisper! wtf, trying to be funny huh.. and oh, i love the opera shanghai guy though he didn't get in.. his voice is totally GOOD.. but yea, like wad gurmit told him.. too gd.. nt of commercial value.. and oh, i think steven lim is such a biatch! he's fucking obsessed with his body lor.. remembered tt i came across his webby coz mandy showed me.. he mentioned tt he's got a great body (yah right.. FLABBY u mean) and he's got the talent, so look out for him in SI... -.- i was like hello.. u have neither the looks, nor the body.. and most impt, nt even the voice. so get out!

watch out for the banana man this wednesday!!!!!!!! hehe`meanwhile (both hand tweeeess and left hand to left, right hand to right) *mimicking sg's WH* peace out and have fun peeps!

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Monday, August 09, 2004

oh btw, i forgot to add something.. hee` i love bk's brown paper bags!! wahaha` simply love the drinks, onion rings and burgers in those crisp paper bags.. and dar was crazeee enuff to ask the guy for an extra paper bag, but in the end, he gave us 3 more!! hehe` bye im off to sleep. crazeee and obsessive me..

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hmm.. kinda tired now. finally settled down after i came home just. hehe` very contented and happy!! spent 2 whole days with dar. can be considered as we're always within 5 m frm each other for these 2 days. on thursday night, dar sent me home after sch.. and on friday, i went over to his hse after dismissal at 12.. slack and all over at his place, and also had dinner. his mum specially cooked prawns and squid again.. wahaha` then dar and his sisters always complain that they only get good food when i go over for dinner =)

then he came over to my place dinner and spent 2 whole days at my place. yesterday, we went to my dad's working place in geylang to see his boss. so yea, we got the 3 days job opposite clarke quay next friday, sat and sun.

and just now before heading for esplanade, we watched 13 going on 30 which i've downloaded.. i waited for quite a long for it to be screened, but glad i didn't spend my money to watch in a cinema, coz it's kind of an average movie.. yea, we watched abit of Honey too, nt bad.. hehe`

then we went to esplanade to catch the fireworks display again. yep. this time was even worse than last wk. we were planning to go down at 5 to find some gd spaces. but then, haha, we only reached there ard 6... then haha, we got down to our plan and went to find a place on the bridge across the river. so yep. we got it and we waited for close to 2 hrs for it. in the end, i took a 5 minutes video on it. really happy.. ` hee` especially with dar standing with me, it's simply amazing. =) the view was fantastic too.

but of course the crowd is big too.. we headed for MS' bk after tt.. queued for a long time b4 it's our turn, then we takeaway whopper meals and eat at the benches outside. quite gd too.. to be enjoying the breeze and chatting while we eat.

then dar sent me to yck station before he went home. coz i told him to go straight home frm the train.. if nt there'll be alot of ppl.. hehe` so yea. he went with me to yck then to lakeside. so sweet of him. and san, dun puke while u're readin this. lol` and wheeeeeee` i've downloaded alot of mp3s for the past 24 hrs... haha, all the latest chinese and top 20 eng songs. hehe`

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Sunday, August 08, 2004

BEWARE of the new song jamming into ur ears!! hehe` it's a song by the rasmus - first day of my life.. my current favourite song!! wahaha` sry too lay to blog these days, having fun and enjoying myself too much tt i've forgotten wad's immunology and AMB. hehe` peace out!!

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Thursday, August 05, 2004

wheeeeeeeee` added connie's blog to my links =) hehe` she was my classmate from pri 1-4. wahaha` yesterday added her to my msn contacts, then chatted for quite a while. hee` so sian.. oh yah, yesterday mrs chan scolded the whole lecture "Mi tian gong" which is chinese for shit. coz she doesn't like us to scold shit mah, so we taught her MI TIAN GONG.. hehe` then she scolded the whole lecture, but then nobody noes, except us who were laughing like siao..

today's gonna be a long day.. sigh..` till 5.. but at least for HGD, can slack.. hehe` peace out!!

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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

hehe` change song again.` now it's ...
jammin::fish leong and pin guan - ming ming hen ai ni

Posted by reticent_aura at 8/04/2004 11:43:00 PM

hehe` i went to borrow this bk - full circle/danielle steel in np's library. i realised something. the collection of danielle steel's bks in NP's library mostly revolves ard war. hmmm` dun really like..

anyway, today's AMB prac was really short. like it alot. hehe` anyway did i mention, i LOVE doing aseptic technique.. haha` went for 2+ hrs lunch after tt at canteen 3, met nick and chatted for quite some time b4 we headed to blk 40 to rot.

maths lecture was nt as boring as past few wks ones. hehe` -.- but i got terribly suan-ed by EVERYONE... coz tt moronic guy came late for lecture mah, then mrs chan was like calling his name.. then the others started suaning me lor. winnie and may ar!! kept on sexual assualting my chin.. grrr` rayn even worse. he used the kimwipes he stole frm lab, and wrote " TO Angela Tan, Congrats to ur hot date with *MORON*" then i was like -.-/// really so er tt i wanna puke..` dun ruin my taste for guys man` i dun go for short and pimply and gross and perverted guys.... yucks` zhen shi dao wei kou`

thoughts of the day: i shld really get things going.. such as studying and projects. grr. feel tt im such a lazy bum. angry with myself. feeling the stress resting on my back too. BUT I WUN GIVE UP~ right mo2s?

i shld peservere with saving up of money... trying very hard (or nt hard enuff?) nt to exceed 5 bucks a day.

crave of the day: dang i miss mocha almond fudge frm BUDS.... gosh` heavenly`

missing: trio.... i love the few hrs we spent chatting`
dar..... am gonna see him tml. can't wait~~!`

Posted by reticent_aura at 8/04/2004 11:16:00 PM

i need a new supply of danielle steel's bks. or else i really dunno wad to do with myself. haha` feeling so lost now, coz i finished answered prayers. tml gonna go library before amb prac starts. hahaha` beginning to love amb prac more and more` btw, i added hotehmusic do go check it out. it's this blog my pri sch fren set up solely for eng moosic lovers` =) cheers!`oh btw, i ate ruffles oiginal chips, paddle pop rainbow ice cream and also one kinder beuno bar` hahah` in the snackin mood today, which im rarely in... =)

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

well, this is a quiz i do cuz im really bored now, for PS lesson. read on!

1. Would you date someone just for his/her looks?: y nt.. just dun get serious if u're nt keen on it. get it straight into tt person's mind and dun TOY.
2. Chocolate or white milk?: choc!~
3. Mud or jelly?: mud as in mud pie? lurve it!
4. Skiing or boarding?: nah, never have tt chance
5. Summer or winter?: summer
6. Cake or pie? : erm.. both?
7. Silver or gold?: silver.
8. Sunset or sunrise?: sunset, i love the darkness after tt with my loved ones..
9. Have you ever fractured/broken/sprained a bone?: yep, i cracked my right elbow when i was in pri4.. =) too playful and fell.
10. What's your favorite color?: striking orange, black, red
11. Do you hate anyone?: nah`
12. What do you dream about?: erm.. i rarely have dreams nor nightmare since dunno when. how i wish tt sometimes i'd dream of my loved ones.
13. Do you have a HUGE crush on someone right now?: yea, i always have, of my darling
14. Who's the loudest friend?: erm.. no idea. haha` mo2s peeps all noisy de.
15. Who's the quietest friend?: erm.. dun say ba.. lol`
16. Who do you tell your dreams to?: my loved ones? my mom, my frens, my dar
17. What shampoo and conditioner do you use?: pantene
19. Who's the last person you called?: dar? erm like on sunday?
20. Where do you want to get married?: erm.. no idea. shall wait yah
21. Favorite number?: 6
22. Favorite boy names?:er...
23. Favorite girl names?: ashley,
24. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?: i never succeed hahaha`
25. Have you been heart broken?:yep
26. Have you broke someone's heart?:think so.

01. My name is -- angela, angie
02. I may seem -- cheerful carefree
03. But I'm really -- thinking alot at times, and sometimes very troubled, just tt i dun show it. coz i dun like ppl to be unhappy coz of me?
04. People who know me think -- im a pig, coz i love to eat.
05. If you knew me you'd -- smile often!
06. Sometimes I feel -- no idea..im always happy!
07. In the morning I -- wash up, bath, change clothes, go sch.
08. I like to sleep -- duh. i love sleeping with my jack russell!!
09. If I could be doing anything right now I would be -- hanging out with my buds!!
10. Money is -- something which i wanna try to save up now.
11. One thing I wish I had -- alot of cute stuff!!
12. One thing I have that I wish I didn't had is -- FATS! lol`
13. All you need is -- LOVE`
14. All I need is -- pals, kins, love, happiness~
15. If I had one wish it would be -- to have this apartment by the beach, so tt i can go strolling with my love ones
16. Love is -- able to make u sacrifice urself.
17. My body is -- ...-.- like tt?
18. If an angel flew into my window at night I would -- make sure it send my blessings to all my frens!!
19. If a demon crashed into my window at night I would -- keep it with me, so tt it doesn't go to others and wreck havoc.
20. If I could see one person right now it would be -- Lim Shi Han =) *grins*
21. Something I want but I don't really need is -- more tees
22. Something I need but I don't really want is -- diligence
23. I live for -- myself. but most importantly to make others happy.
24. I dare you all to -- give me a kiss! haha`
25. I am afraid of -- nth.
26. It makes me angry when -- i dunno?
27. It makes me happy when -- i complete maths tutorial myself.. erm.. everything makes me happy!
28. I daydream about -- anything. but i'd rather stone and nt think abt anything
29. I am attracted to -- FIR and SPEED, coz i think they have character!
30. I am unattracted to -- morons, bimbos.

What do people call u?] angela
[Where are u now?] PS class
[Are u happy today? why?] yea, haha, dee dee is making me laugh non stop!
[what are u wearing now?] 3/4 pants, OP white tee
[what were u doin before this?] getting myself involved in PQS virtual classroom at home.
[do you have a watch?] yep. but i dun wanna put it on coz yea, dun wanna spoil it. lol. it's this swatch valentine's day 2001 edition
[Favourite show]amazing race, idols, anything else tt's cool
[do you like your dad/mom?]i love my mum, i think my dad's a wuss
[how much cash do u have now?] $32
[whats the time now?] 11:34
[When was the last time u showered?] just now b4 i came to sch.
[Are u in love?] yep. very =) and falling in love every minute im with him
[Anything outstanding u did in the past 24 hours?] nope.. i put pics taken frm the fireworks display in my blog last night. it's nt putting the pics which makes it outstanding, it's the nice shots which i took which makes a difference.
[ppl that u have feelings for] everyone i love
[someone u wanna be like] mother theresa, lol`
[someone u hate] nt exactly. just DUN PREFER TO SEE. someone who's self contradicting and doesn't mean and do wad she said.. i dun like her. i think she's a failure in life.
[what do u do when u feel disappointed of yerself] cry. and try to better myself.
[Whats yer most scary dream?] oh, my family members all turned into vampires. and they're hunting me down, no one to defend me. lol`
[Whats yer sweetest dream?] dar and i on the beach, strolling hand in hand.
[What's yer most prized possesion?] everything's in my heart.
[When was the last time u took achohol?] erm. last sunday before the fireworks display. when dar bought this really cute small container.
[Do you smoke?] nope. and i will never`
[Does yer family member smoke?] only my brothers... but they dun do it in front of me.
[Do you take drugs?] erm.. panadol cold, extra, and the pink one lol`
[Do you have scars caused by fights?] nope. never` hahaha

happy or sad: happy
sleepy or awake: both. does stoning counts?
hungry or full: erm.. feel like eating?
dirty or clean: clean and smells nice? lol
single or taken: taken. mr lim
alone or with someone beside u: dee dee, wing, wenhui sitting beside me. PS class.
sick or healthy: healthy!

you last ate: myojo char mee
you last drank: cold water this morning.
you wearing now: -.- 3/4s and tee
are you thinking of: what im gonna do after PS. so boring.
are you wishing for: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.
do you overuse: lappy, printer, my stomach.
do you take for granted: erm.. some stuff tt i dun even noe myself. i mean, when u take something for granted, would u even realise it?

do you miss the most: dar, fishes, yung, doreen, francis, and also some of pri sch pals like annabelle, ah boon, terrence, yit wen, jun cheng, qisheng and couple of others.
do you feel most happy with: yx & sandy, fishes, classmates, dar, family. =)
makes u sleep: lecturers, of course excluding funny and good ones though.
enlightens you: Myself. i learn all the various things myself and teach myself to be a better person.
treats you: erm.. received treats frm alot of ppl b4.. lol`
are your good friends: yx, sandy, yung, doreen..yea, and a couple of others.

is your birthday: 10th july
is your loved one's birthday: 5th jan. =)
is the happiest day of your life: erm. i only noe tt i have ALOT of happy days in my life. one of those recent ones is when i celebrated my burfdae with my buds on 9th july. we went suntec to watch mean gurls, then dinner at dim sum place, then chatted alot, and chilled out at 7-11, then, yx, sandy and i took cab to my place, reached ard 1+am.. chatted again, and yep, they stayed till morning.. really happy.
is the last time you did something for the first time: oh, i read finish this bk, answered prayers by danielle steel. tt's the first time i read tt bk. lol` does tt count?
did you last swear: forgot. last sunday i think.
did you last cry: erm.. sunday?

do you break off with someone: no idea. never tried tt.
do you overcome depression: i blast music into my ears. then i'll sing and cry out loud.. so tt im fine at last. i love doing retail therapy when im sad too. =)
do you live your life: to the fullest. do wad i like, and DUN be affected by wad others think of me. who cares, it's MY life.
do you make friends: "hi, this is angela, wad's ur name?"
do you pass your time: moosic`, bks, retail therapy, window shopping, lappy, dogs.
do you find yourself: erm.. lame qns. i'm me?

do you normally get angry: can't answer this qns, coz i dun normally get angry. for wad? lol` it wun get things on their way, so y bother?
do you cry: coz im touched, too happy, or too sad. i cry easily cuz im an emo freak!
are you who you are: yep. duh i believe in myself and the things i do.

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Monday, August 02, 2004

nice? this is taken outside esplanade~ even though very abstract, but hey~ it's really nice lor.. i think lar hehe =)
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these are the pics i've taken, behind a tree though, thus nt very gd shots =)
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ha, went out with dar and his buds yesterday evening to catch the few minutes of fireworks display. met godbro at city hall too, then the whole lot of us went to esplanade. we were quite late, so when we got there, it was already squeezing like hell`
so yea, we caught the few minutes of fireworks. imported frm japan and china` haha` got so excited yesterday. took some pics with my digi cam. then went for dinner at hans, dar queued up for a long time, then in the end, godbro and i ate cup noodles frm 7-11 and dar they all ate the western full set.
went to HawPar Centre, opposite Red cross headquarters to meet my bro at around 11 pm, then we took cab home. oh yah, bro suddenly gone gaga over wanting to play console games, so he bought ps 2 yesterday, then dar and him played till wee hrs in the night. and in the morning today, dar sent me to sch till blk 34 there.. hee =) happy.

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i made a wish under our meteor shower, i told God i wanna be with u forever. will God actually answer my prayers. it hurts alot, with my tears flowing uncontrollably. i love to cry to sleep. coz tt's when i'll feel peace after tt. but still my heart aches alot. But will u ever know how i feel for u? and when will u reciprocate my love for u and make me happy?
i still hope deep in my heart, my wish will be granted.

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Sunday, August 01, 2004

i had a great time yesterday. woke up at 10+am, then started reading up on immunology notes and my novel as i waited for dar to come over. he reached at around 12, then we went to get brunch downstairs. really excited to have him around. watched school of rock as we eat and yea, we enjoyed ourselves. coz we thought tt movie tics would waste quite abit of money, so we decided to rent vcds to watch. wahah` both of us under saving window period.

played lappy and all, then chatted quite abit b4 dar fell asleep on my bed. haha` yea, he seems really shagged. =) so in the end, he slept on my bed and i slept on the sofa bed next to it. and both of us were like pigs for the next 1 hr. so i woke up to bath and get ready after tt. yea i actually wore heels out yesternite ... lol` and my mum was like "wah, today u BE NU REN ar?" then i was like... "er......." lol`

so we met up with dar's buds at amk station control. waited for GY till around 7+ before he came. then we decided nt to go chomp chomp le, coz surely there'll be alot of ppl. then we went ahead to amk this kopitiam, with steamboat buffet. had lotsa fun while chatting and catching up. =)

then sian lor, all went home, hhaa` so left dar and me. then he also need to go home, said will stay over at my place tonight, then go sch together. hee` but then he so poor thing. must take train all the way frm yio chu kang to lakeside, then walk home... sigh..` so far. muacks~

then after he left home, i continued reading up of immunology till 1+.. read my novel till halfway too! now im really addicted to reading up materials at night. =) really glad tt im beginning to understand more abt immuno, hope tt my absorbance value for it will be HIGH HIGH HIGH!! =)

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