Thursday, September 30, 2004

wahaha` caught the last few contestants of sg idol.. was watching the show with both of my brothers.. and they were commenting on how much they deslike olinda.. lol` they mentioned tt she wun appeal to the mass, she'll only appeal to the lesbians and some females.. wahaha` so mean..

anyway, my whole family just came back frm eating steamboat at amk central. again.. haha` but i like.. =) somemore in this cold weather, it's great to have a bowl of hot steaming soup..
then we went walking around to aid digestion before returning home.. before we went home, i went to get keane's album!! yea.. haha.. special edition somemore, with their photo bk.. though the male lead singer is kinda pudgy, but i still think he's quite cute and their songs are simply great.. im addicted.. haha`

then 4 of us took cab back home and big bro rode his bike home..
it's been a long time since i bought a cd.. and im just so elated today!! haha`

-.-''' my dad is feeding my dogs mooncake now.. -.-
and i was just wondering.... sigh.. i wanna eat oreo mooncake (yea, there's such stuff) and also ice cream mooncake.. sigh....` oh damn.. cravings........

*I found a long lost fren*
yep.. i did.. yesterday.. haha` i met alan - long lost godbro who was really sweet to me in my secondary school days.. he used to be from st. andrew's sec and i got to noe him from prefects' outing in east coast. =)
since then, our friendship blossomed and i even invited him to my brothers' birthday chalet few yrs back.. i still remembered he was the one who carried me on his back and ran all around the place.. haha` dar dar and i hit it off really well with him.
but for the past few yrs, i wondered where he went to.. wondering if he had went back to christmas island and never come back again.. but i saw him yesterday, at amk central's bus stop.. he stood at a distance frm me, but i wasn't sure it was him, coz wasn't familiar at all.. but he kept on looking at me.. till he went up his bus.. and i went up mine.. *puzzled*
then, he got my no from daryl and smsed me last night.. =) we exchanged alot of smses, and lastly, he told me to get a day and gather together with dar.. coz we have alot of catching up to do.. =)
i missed him.. and i saw him.. haha` i thought tt the friendship we had between us was mysterious and unique. he wasn't ever close to me. and i didn't see him often, but there's just a unique feeling inside me.. as if he's always there protecting me, ever since i knew him.. =) coz he seems to have this "big brother" aura around him. and he told me b4 he'd always support me. =)

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

morning.... finally finished reading a novel by danielle steel last night. spent whole of 3 hrs stuck on chair in front of lappy reading it. nt bad a story... but when u read till the middle part, u kinda predicted wad's gonna happen in the end... so yea, kind of an anticipation yah.. my first 500 pages bk.. normally it's all 400.. haha`

nth particular i wanna tok abt.. erm.. oh yah, finally bought an album to house all my prom photos.. lol` yea.. finally..` nice new album.. gonna get a big self adhesive one too.. coz my 2 damn big photo albums are full.. yep.. and i still have lotsa pics stuck outside.. *hmmm*pondering...

anyway... im kinda sick of sch now. wld rather stay at home to study.. ar heck` do i have a choice? unless i can be sick by the very next minute. arrrrrrr... im longing for nice quality food.. shid.. ciaoz..

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

wanted to do stats tutorial 9 after i reached home 2 hrs ago.. but erm.. guessed nt. maybe after i blog?

too engrossed in doing some stuff.. haha` anyway, did something extra yesternight. set up a new blog for ownself reference and ranting. hee` then at least when i read back, i can laugh at all the dumb stuff to make my day. =)

didn't study for ps practical test yesterday.. coz just didn't felt like. practically slacked and did nth. didn't even pay attention to ps lessons... TRIED to read the notes and apparently have no clue on anything. so i just went in today thinking i'd fail and already calculated the risk of passing the module with the failing for pratical test 2. ahha` wad was i thinking.

so yea.. set A was freaking easy. wld be easier if i noe wad's going on. but i checked on my notes for all the steps of each qns.. haha` though dunno much abt vba, but i guess i'll still manage to pass.. haha` thank lord, jehovah.

sianz.. currently enjoying songs frm my playlist. downloaded whole load of songs these few days. shall enjoy.. while i do stats. shid. -.-

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Monday, September 27, 2004

i decided tt i was too bored and didn't wanna study for PS. here goes..

Name: angela
Birth date: 10th july 86
Birthplace: Singapore
Current Location: my rm.
Eye Color: black?
Hair Colour: jet black with highlights
Right handed or Left handed: Righty
Heritage: erm.. chinese? wada weird qns
Weakness: lazy.......
Biggest fear : erm.. nt really anything. im nt even scared of death
Your perfect pizza: triple cheese! haha` mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar! wahaha
Goals you'd like to achieve: pass all my modules w/o having to retake any
Most overused phrase(s): trying to be funny..
Thoughts first waking up: huh! shid. can i still sleep?
Best physical feature: erm.. lashes?
Usual bedtime: anytime, as long as im sleepy.
Most missed memory: Days in SMSS.
Pepsi or Coke: Coke.
McDonald's or Burger King: BK..
Single or group dates: erm.. single? but sometimes double dates is quite fun too!
Lipton Iced Tea or Nestle tea: lipton ice tea =)
Chocolate or vanilla: choc!
Cappuccino or Latte: erm.. can i have mocha instead?
Smoke: nah
Have enemies: nt really.
Sing: yea.. whenever i feel like
Cry: sometimes..
Take a shower every day: obviously
.Have a crush(es): haha` used to =)
Think you've been in love: yep.. now still. haha
Want to get married: dunno....
Believe in yourself: yea, kinda
Get motion sickness: yep..
Think you're attractive: hmm nope.
Think you're a health freak: erm.. nt really ba. shid. lol`
Get along with your parents: yep.. very well, i hate my dad though, i luv my momma
Like thunderstorms: yep, nice to sleep in, but hate it when i gotta go out..
Play an instrument: erm.. dots.. when was the last time?

In the past month..
Drank alcohol: yea.. bacardi breezer, vodka lime
Gone on a date: yea
Gone to the mall: yup
Eaten sushi: yup
Been on stage: erm.. nope.
Gone skating: nope
Age you hope to be married: hmm.. 21?
Numbers and Names of Childrens: i wanna have at least 2 kids! and erm.. i luv exotic and unique names.. =)
Describe your Dream Wedding: erm.. simple will do.. haha` but it must be a memorable one. or maybe a getaway at some beach or something. haha`
How do you want to die: sleep ur life away...
What do you want to be when you grow up?: no idea... lol` we'll see yah?
Drugs taken illegally: nope never
People I trust with my life: erm.. nt much of an idea..
CDs u own: erm.. most of SPEED's cds, and alot of other mix and match.. lol` been buying cds since i was in sec 1.. nt now anymore, since u can dl mp3s?
Piercings: ears. feel like getting my nose done up too.. haha` but afraid of infection.
Tattoos: none.
Scars on my body: erm, no major stitched up ones, just minor falls.. i used to be a playful kiddo ya noe? i even ran away frm home several times when i was 2.. =)
Things in my past: erm.. too much.
Song you are listening to now?: Ryan crabera - on the way down
Time is it now?: 8.40pm
Your handphone model?: N gage QD
What are the THINGS you treasure the most?:erm.. lappy, hp, ticket stubs.

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

just finished stats tutorial 8 an hr ago.. then helped mum to do some hsework - dry clothes, keep clothes, fold clothes.. cooked dinner today too.. coz momma's nose almost gonna drop off le.. lol` kept on sneezing while she chop onions for the chinchalok..haha`

had stewed soup today again!! yay, my favourite.. hee` i luv herbal soup..

currently jammin::kylie minogue - red blooded woman.
hehe` dun misunderstand and think tt i support dr phang! lol`

anyway, today i put up music for both dar and my blog.. mine is mariah carey - open arms (instrumental version)...

spent the whole of today with dar also.. lol` both of us went to the market to eat in the late morning, both of us had porridge and roast pork.. then bought back rice for bro.

watched mean gurls in the afternoon, had some good laughs, then we slacked and all with my bro... watched teevee and play ps2.. and when my bro left for work and momma came home, i cooked alfredo pasta! hee` =) very nice wor, but momma didn't wan, so ended up dar and i gotta finish the whole thing.. but i like! next time shall try macaroni and cheese *grins*
then he went off in the evening, leaving me to do my stats. =)

haiz.. hoping tt dar's right ankle will be fine soon.. sprained it few days ago AGAIN.. yea... 2nd time le.. also did it while playing bball.. wahaha` hope can recover fast fast and practice more for the coming bowling competition.. anyway, now his average score per game increased le! and broke his personal best also.. happy =)

i wanna watch resident evil apocalypse again!!!!!!!!

alright! i shall end my entry with a quote taken frm eRniEz blog =) ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

"A happy person is not a person that has no problems but a person who is able to manage his/her problems."

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

wheeeeeeeeee` just finished watching white chicks an hr ago with dar at my place.. the quality of the dvd nt as gd as the other dvds leh.. sad case.. wahaha` anyway, nt bad a show, hilarious.. and wad amazes me is tt those 2 nigros actually can erm.. become white? i mean, dun care abt the face lar, put mask mah.. but the whole body leh? they wore bikinis covered by this shawl only lor.. haha` and their body's pretty fair.. lol`

hee. yesterday night, dar and i went down to jubilee at ard 11+ to catch the 11.30 Resident Evil - Apocalypse.. damn nice, didn't waste the 17 bucks.. ahha` gd thing i got the tics first, coz we've got the best seat, last row middle near aisle.. *grins*

i tell u.. dun get drinks or snacks or popcorn for this show. there is NEVER a scene which DOESN'T make ur heart race.. haah` it's just a freaking good film! lol` but nemesis is quite a cheaterbug, coz he used bazooka when the others all just used shotguns and normal revolver.. haha` i thought valentine was already very cool, but wait till alice comes out. she's even better!

this show's actually have a sad story behind it. imagine those baddies use the city as a playground for the 2 most formidable weapons they ever invented - nemesis and alice.. and the civilians were the victims they created, the baddies even closed the biohazard area off and made the civilians back off to the city when there're already zombies lurking ard in it. damn mean..

i guess there's most prolly a sequel to it coz it didn't end off very erm.. complete.. haha` alice is already infected with the virus and she's in the car along with the others.. i'm looking forward to the next one!

hee` then after the movie, dar and i bought supper home for my bro and ourselves. we had a damn good supper! seafood pasta in white sauce, clams spaghetti in tomato sauce, fried calamari and hokkien mee~ damn nice.. lol` very fulling also hehe`

then the 3 of us slept at ard 3 and woke up at 11+ this morning.. hee`

ok, next movie will be the EXORCIST - the BEGINNING.. muahaha`

till then! bye! im going to dar's hse for steamboat now!! wheeeeeeeeee`

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Friday, September 24, 2004

i'm a guy..... -.- and nick's a gurl!!

You're Sajan-kun! While you didn't want a japanese
last name, you're a relatively easy-going guy.
You're not afraid to approach a girl, but nor
would you object to her approaching you. You'd
like a steady relationship that will last and
where both of you will take some initiative.
You get kind of clumsy around girls, but you're
still pretty calm and even talkative. You have
a courage and determination others admire.

Which "Polygons" manga character are you?
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You are Form 0, Phoenix: The Eternal.
"And The Phoenix's cycle had reached
zenith, so he consumed himself in fire. He
emerged from his own ashes, to be forever

Some examples of the Phoenix Form are Quetzalcoatl
(Aztec), Shiva (Indian), and Ra-Atum
(Egyptian).The Phoenix is associated with the concept of life,
the number 0, and the element of fire.His sign is the eclipsed sun.
As a member of Form 0, you are a determined
individual. You tend to keep your sense of
optomism, even through tough times and have a
positive outlook on most situations. You have
a way of looking at going through life as a
journey that you can constantly learn from.
Phoenixes are the best friends to have because
they cheer people up easily.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
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hee, long time never blog le.. just heard my mum shout out loud to my grandma "aiyoh! yu ai kueh ni liao!" ("aiyah, new yr coming le") hee` hoping for big fat angbao *grins sheepishly* wahaha`

anyway, just reached home and bathed... today's such a humid day.. went to jubilee just now on the way home to get tics for Resident Evil - Apocalypse... yay! gonna catch it later, coz im too kiasu le, afraid tt the tics for 11.30 will run out.. hehe` sneak preview leh.

let's talk about yesterday - we had our immunology remedial class at blk 56 overlooking the convention centre. i thought tt immuno class was great coz at least i understand wad i was copying.. anyway, back to the topic........................

we saw the really beeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuutiful and kewl striking yellow car TRYING to be parked at the convention centre's carpark. then we're like "whoa! tt car is damn cool!"

by then, the car door opened, nt by the conventional method.. but the door actually VOOM , move up like the batman's car! then we're like whoa! haha` but then...................... -.-''' WHAT came out.. yes it's WHAT, nt` 2 guys came out, the passenger's nt the main pt here. the driver erm.. forced its way out.. yea.. use the word force.. or wriggle if u like..

he came out.. then he went into the car again, while he tried to park the car better and the passenger signalling to him.. oh boy. and our reaction when he came out was "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" erm.. beware, the style of tt guy definitely does nt suit his "POWER" car at all.. he's erm.. very plump, and he needs to wriggle himself out of the car seat! anyway.. haiz.. such a pity..

we walked to atrium, and we walked passed tt driver, omg.. lol` his shades damn nice, but erm.. too bad.. nt cool enuff for tt car.. wahahha` doesn't matter if u're rich or nt.. forgot who, he/she even made a passing remark tt he shld just take the car he bought the money to go to a slimming centre.. haha` and i was thinking hmmmm i think liposuction wld be better yah..

so yea.. tt's yesterday's story.. hmmm.. today? nth much... but i got my first ever experience to the glasshse in the afternoon.. went to bind QC report and hand it up.. after lunch, i acc lixia and meiju to glasshse.. actually nt bad.. haha` learnt something today, kangkung is the easier to grow compared to others like tomato and xiaobaicai =)

ciaoz! and have a happy and nice day everyday!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

i luv my sworn sistas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha` oh boy.. and i luv my darling too! muacks! and i luv ROCK. =)

btw, i have 2 sworn sistas since friday night.. hehe` had an informal ceremonywith coke, lemonade and ice tea, but im just happy!! haha`

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yay, received my allowance for next mth le.. hee` u asking y so early right? coz must get bus pass mah.. tt's y.. =) still deciding whether i shld go for blue's concert.. nobody to pei me go.. and i thought tt i might as well save tt money for other purposes..

yesterday night went for steamboat with my family.. hee` my bro sms me during math lecture at 4+ asking me if i wanna go amk central eat steamboat.. then i said ok lor.. in the end, darling couldn't make it coz he's having an impt test today and grandma also couldn't make it.. so only mum, my bro and i went to eat (dad was working).. so yea. enjoyed it alot coz we 3 are actually the closest members in the family. hehe` anyway, we had tom yam soup base..wahah` ate until very happy.. haha` and went shopping then go home..

ALERT (watching titanic part II now) waaha.. watched it dozen of times le. but im still interested now.. haha`

dunno wad's wrong with today. haha.. i received 5 testimonials in just one day.. haha` so cute.. yep.. i was very happy yesterday coz i finally found a fren whom hasn't been in contact with me and my frens for a long time le.. hee` finally found her on frenster yesterday.. she's so pweedy and mature now.. haha`

today's PQS QC project presentation went along very smoothly.. this is the first ever slide presentation in which i dun even noe which part i was supposed to present.. haha` so yea.. i clicked the slides..and present as per normal.. hee` quite exciting.. hmmm`

i was actually quite irritated just now.. when some subject was taken up while chatting with someone on msn.. haiz..` damn sick of it lor. y try to act like a leader when the quality is seriously lacking in u? y try to seek for attention when u're just not meant for it? get a life man.. haiz.. damn sian..

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

lol` my bro has just transfered 50 bucks to my acc a while ago.. he started a conversation with me on msn.. when we're like less than 5 metres apart.. haha` then i told him to respond to angela's funding campaign.. haha` coz i spent quite abit of money yesternight, and he actually did.. haha.. he used internet banking to do tt.. lol` i was erm.. pretty amazed tt he's so hao2 shuang3. lol`

erm.. feeling kinda happy now.. lol` though im still stuck somewhere in erm.. vaccination of immunology... no choice.. feeling sian coz dar's off at east coast now with his frens.. wahaha` so i turned to my notes.. =( boohoohoo` in one way or another, it's a good thing. *grins a mischievious grin* hehe`

im so bored... wahaha.. shall carry on with the monotonous yet uphill roaring antibodies wadeva i dunno wad im toking abt.. hmm... nvm... anyway..................... *drum roll*

Happy 47th months anniversary!

1 more mth and we will be together for 4 yrs.. hehe` enjoy urself tonight, i feel so lonely.. lol` hee` take care wor.

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Saturday, September 18, 2004

hehe` yesternight's gurls' night is over.. wahaha` yx and i met up in atrium for lunch at 12+.. we ate rice bowl frm campus deli then after which we went to library to TRY to study... yea.. TRY haha` we tried.. anyway, she read up on her physical chem and me on the production of antibodies.. haha` but we didn't do much.. kept on catchin up with each other and all.. can even drag a whole 5 min of conversation just coz we brought up the subject - highlighters.. haha`

then met sandy at atrium at 3+.. went over to yx's hse to grab some stuff and crap then to my place to dump their stuff. after which we bathed, changed and went down to orchard.. hehe` then we walked over to hard rock cafe and reached there before 8.. settled down and tried to order food..

in the end, we ate fish and chips, jumbo combo and herb grilled chic.. damn nice.. but we couldn't finish it.. hehe` lol` the drinks there are actually bigger and cheaper than ktv wor`we spent ard 75 bucks in total for the meal.. then we stayed till 11+, chatting and rambling and singing to the songs they played.. the resident band is simply incredible.. haha` the gurl's voice is superb.. we thought tt just a demo tape frm them to a record company and they can cut an album.. the guy's voice is also good.. very sexy and masculine.. haha` but too bad we only gotten down to listen to 2 sets of them.. the last 2 sets are actually more of alternative and rock.. oh boy.. missed tt. sad..

then we met this weird bei bei, who's actually really dashing and cute.. sociable too.. haha` nt very old actually.. he's at most 30+.. then at one pt, the 3 of us turned to look at the bartender coz we were curious.. haha`then tt weird beibei was in tt direction, and he thought we needed something, so he smiled and came over.. haha` then he gentlemenly placed our serving plates in front of each of us.. haha` so sweet.. lol`

so yea... we left for my place... hung ard and did our own stuff till 2+.. and we started drinking the beverages we bought at 7-11 before we went out. the lemonade vodka nt tt nice... but then the peach rum we drank few hrs ago was nt bad.. hehe` the whole experience was really good and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.. hehe` peace out and have a nice day!

these are some of the pics taken yesterday...

yx in HRC

this is me.. and behind me is the band stage`

at orchard train station ...

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

started the day off very well.. coz while waiting for bus 74 at amk bus stop, met annabelle, my pri sch's best pal.. then we chatted all the way frm amk to NP.. so happy to see her... haha'

maths was alright today.. as usual, crapped with mrs chan and gossiped together.. then after maths tutorial, we rushed down to blk 56 for immuno remedial.. dr lim went thru the adaptive and humoral system.. now i really understand all those details and all.. it's kinda useful as she actually went thru bit by bit, maybe she doesn't really have time to do this in lecture ba..

then pon HGD lecture coz in between got 3 hrs break mah, go for HGD also equals to sleeping or crapping.. so might as well do something more constructive.. lol.. trying to be funny here..

so in the end, i went down to bishan to meet dar for lunch.. actually he's supposed to meet his bowling alumni fren to play bowling today de.. then in the end he cancelled it. we got down to try the XXL chick cutlet and oyster mee sua.. the chick cutlet nt bad.. hehe` but i think the oyster mee sua is nt as nice as those we've tried b4.. anyway, we bought tics for 2.30 dodgeball..

the movie is damn hilarious.. lol` well.. i guess it's really playing with ahem "balls". michelle is cool and manly. u watch it u get wad i mean. and tt bu nan bu nu in the globo gym team is simply gross... she actually french kissed another guy. the french kiss is nt gross.. but when the tongue's actually outside of the mouth and kissing the mouth, it's gross... and oh yah.. i think tt white's vocab is too limited tt he can only try to parrot wad others say.. sad case`

after the movie we went to supermart to shop.. bought some fruit juices and also some titbits..

then took train back to yck.. went to grassroot's club instead of heading for home, coz dar felt like bowling mah, since he's already brought his ball.. so yea.. i watched him play 3 games.. then we hung ard there before we went over to my place, just in time to watch teevee.......

really looking forward to tml.. hehe`

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` one more project down.. hehe` so now's left only finalizing of QC report and slides, plus HGD and practical spreadsheet.. HGD's halfway done, coz i did the slides le.. then practical spreadsheet haven't start yet.. but happy lar, coz at least stuff is nt up till my neck yet.

got back AMB paper today.. 56/98... nt good.. lol, i scored 50/58 for MCQ which is freaking easy.. but scored only a mere 6/40 for structured qns ... found tt actually the qns are quite straightforward and easy.. just tt i dun have good memorising skills.. hmmmm..

gotta rush thru my stats tutorial later.. coz she's gonna go thru it tml.. shucks man.. anyway, im actually starting to understand wad im actually copying during maths and stats lecture, which is a good thing. haven't been understanding anything since after normal probability... wad crap abt T distribution and Z distribution. heck lar..`

quote of the day (this is wad u get when u mix jj and titanic): Rose - "You pig, quick jump!"

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

in PQS class now.. hehe` just got back the test paper we took last wk.. hehe` i passed. got only 17.5/30.. but then as long as i pass for this dumb module, im happy. lol` anyway, i've finished more than half of the QC report, all by myself. lol` thanks to sandy of course.. hehe`

oh yah, got back immuno paper yesterday. neither happy nor sad. hehe` i got a 50 for it. lol`and dr lim still owe me half mark.. k wadeva..

very happy.. coz SQ report is done, QC is almost done, and show and tell idea is up, left beibeiz's slides.. hehe` coz i researched for the topic like siao.. =)

damn excited and happy.. coz im having a gurl's night out this friday!! san and yx also coming over to my place to bunk. hehe` so eggcited, lalalalala..

i feel like going blue's concert leh. coz quite cheap.. 26 bucks including sistic fee.. hmmm`
dunno leh... hehe`

im so hungry now.... pengz` longing for teriyaki chic sandwich..

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Sunday, September 12, 2004

yea, im finally blogging. *grins* pardon me` i've been rushing my projects these days.. leading a really hectic life. but now with 2 more projects down, im very happy. especially for AMB Problem Base Learning presentation. it's like a big rock off my mind. now one more added on to the load is PS project.. doing it with wenhui coz tt tutor just wouldn't allow 4 in a grp.. then dee dee do with wing. and i pair up with wenhui, but guess we're still gonna do it together?

anyway, watched a couple of movies for the past wk. nt in cinemas though, it's at the comfort of my very own home. watched garfield, anacondas and AVP.. hehe` still got some others i haven't watched, some at home, some over at my bro's fren's place. feeling really happy, needn't spend money on movie tics. hee` played some games over this wkend too, like american idol and mario..

yea.. just blogging to let ppl noe tt im still alive.. and i wanna finish all my projects! fast! =)

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Sunday, September 05, 2004

added some links to the right box.... nerdy shirts, yiting aka lao ma's blog and also jacchow's blog. =) remember, happy ppl happy lives =)

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Saturday, September 04, 2004

sequel to yesterday's post... dotz...

i wanna elaborate more on the scenes which i like abt cinderella's story and also brag abt how cute prince charming is..hee`

yea, chad michael murray is reeeeeeelllleeeeeeeeee cute.. lol` he's charming, suave and haha, just plain gorgeous.. =) really suits the criteria of the script well.

and i really like the halloween party.. yea, suppose to be a halloween party, but it actually seems more like a costume party.. there's mr anderson frm matrix, pirates, prince charming and cinderella.. haha` nt forgetting mask of zorro too!

i like the part when tt guy acts like mr anderson frm matrix, and flipped ard his black cloak. .haha` damn cute.

now to more movies!! just rented dreamcatcher and confessions of a teenage drama queen..

dar and i watched the latter an hr ago.. i'd rate the movie 4 stars.. freaking hilarious, with some really exagerrated cartoon scenes.. haha` especially when the dad got flowers for his daughter and wife, the flowers actually covered the dad's view coz he was riding a bike, then he smashed into this pizza van.. haha` and i simply love the music frm the show.. =) and now, i think tt lindsay lohan is getting famous with just a nice few films on hand. =)


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Friday, September 03, 2004


biotech fair opening yesterday.. took bus with wenhui and winnie and reached ard 9.. lol` wenhui cool sia, supposed to reach at 8 de.. anyway, i finally saw the principal of NP.. wahaha` *grins* like tt lor. then after the opening ceremony, the whole lot of us went for the reception, including the "turqoise" ppl.. hehe` saded lor, the puffs gone so fast.. didn't noe tt it was so nice lor, it's actually ice cream inside leh.. hehe` took one only.. haha` all of us like fighting for the puff. especially yiu yiu ar, lol` such a glutton.

after eating, we la-teh at the reception and went over canteen 1 to eat after tt.. damn cool lor, so many ppl and we divided ourselves among 2 big tables. then we went over to blk 40 to check our maths and stats paper..

thereafter, we headed back to convention centre for the forum/debate. title - human cloning, playing god? the prestigious panel of speakers came frm all walks of life, principals, even director of tissue repair.. the debate was actually quite interesting, nt as difficult to comprehend as i thought it'd be..

there's this guy who's really expressive and uses strong and valid pts against human cloning. i think tt he's really a good orator who never fails to amaze his listeners. =) this is an extract - "what if they clone human and the return product are mars bars and cans of coke? for goodness sake, humans are nt mars bars!" it's damn cute lor.. haha` though all his pts are mostly on ethinic base and nt very scientific, but they're really strong and u can't help but wonder how he got tt all out.

so yea, it was an interesting experience. went for reception after the forum again.. haha` so u see the whole bunch of bms students gobbling up food.. haha` damn cute. then we rushed down to blk 56 after tt to collect back our human genetics and diseases paper.. counted my marks, got 48.5 in total.. then realised tt he counted less 2 marks.. so yea.. 50.5... lol` barely freaking passed, but thankful.. added 10 marks again after tt, coz dr nevil phrased his qns wrongly..



today!! hee` went for the boring 4 hrs lecture as usual.. sianz. got caught by dr phang for toking during lecture.. made to sing in front of lecture ppl with 3 other lecturemates.. sianz.` in the end we sang qi li siang by jay chou and made a fool of ourselves.. bo liao -.-

i finally bought myself a pair of slippers.. hee` damn happy, though kinda feeling guilty coz i spent money again.. haha` watched movie too!! the cinderella story.. superb! find it really touching and unique story, especially towards the end of the story.. i cried like siao lor.. started crying when sam barged into the guys' changing rm.. and she started lecturing him, telling him to get himself up on his feet and pursue wad he wans and nt be slaved by his dad.. damn touching lor.. and my tears xi li hua la roll down my face.. haha`

then another part is when prince charming decided to forgo his football career and go ahead with his dreams.. he ran towards sam and hugged her. .wahah` so touching.. CLICHE of the day - TEARS ROLL DOWN MY CHEEKS.. hehe` pretty decent movie, with a touch of good soundtrack... i wanna get tt!!!! =)

then shopped and all and reached home ard 7.. pretty contented.. hehe`

oh yea, my bro came back frm m'sia yesterday and bought me 2 tees and my fave ma ti su.. wahaha`he even bought more than 10 vcds of the newest films like princess diaries 2 and bourne supremacy... hee` plus also more than 20 ps2 games.. i wanna go crazeeeeeee le.. lol`

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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

did worksheet on ribotyping today for AMB prac.. jona demonstrated the instructions for using the riboprint machine. the amazing thing is tt there's only 2 riboprints machine is SG.. 1 in NUS and the other one in ngee ann.. haha` damn cool lor. plus the machine itself cost 300 000 bucks, and one round of riboprint cost 4000 bucks including those reagents and all.. whoa. haha` damn ex lor.. imagine if u do a project and u need to use it. hehe`

dee dee told me he sent his lappy for repair.. cost 200 plus lor.. just for tt damn metallic thingy which held the ad adaptor plug in place.. i was like 'wah'.. haiz.. but i also dun have money to pay him.. ask me go sell my butt meh.. haiz` really felt guilty abt it and still am now.. haiz` kind of felt like tt person cheated him lor. might as well asked my bro fixed it for him.. arrrr.. so guilty..

then today met up with dar at atrium at 12.30 after amb prac.. went to canteen 2 for lunch. haha` then he's like comparing the food in his sch and mine.. saying how gd mine is and all.. hehe` alright lar =) went co op shopped for choc and sweets.. then to library and sat there.. i flipped thru some disney books.. damn cool lor.. i love the tigger pic.. wanna go get their poster and put in room liao. hehe` then after tt dar walked me to blk 40 and he went home after tt to study..

sianz.. dun need to usher le. kinda sad coz i ald spent 15 min looking for my court shoes in the storerm.. then now dun need liao. wahaha` nvm. i shall slack with wing they all tml.. =)

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