Sunday, October 31, 2004

alrighty! i've just finished scanning some of the prom pictures and also the shot taken at the makeshift studio in st.marg's on sat. now let's look back... ^^

met up with dee dee, beverly, rayn and his sis in crystal jade toa payoh. chatted about alot of stuff. afterwhich rayn's sis left and the 4 of us went to orange julius to grab some drinks and chat. sat there for a couple of hrs till 7 and we went to walk walk and chatted again in this really romantic pavillion. =) then, rayn and i went to queue up at tiong bahru pau to get some tim sum home and headed back to our own cribs after tt. had a great time.

last minute decided to go to st.marg's SAINSATIONAL FAIR III. so i persuaded the currently taking 'a's gurl - yx to come out of her mugging territory and join me and sandy. lol` so in the end, i succeeded. muahaha`

we met outside st.marg's at abt 1. yx and i actually wore the same shirt. grrr. ahhahaha` we didn't plan... lol` tt's erm.. creepy. anyway. sandy was late so both of went in and jalanjalan first. super hungry and we ate at the "staff cafe".. the miserable mee siam is just nt worth 3 bucks. hmmm.. sandy came and the 3 of us went to the makeshift studio to take a shot =) nt bad. quite cheap also. haha` better than the polaroid shots. anyway, ms chan is so kind, she treated us to kueh pai tee, 1 for $1.. and she bought 6 for us. hehe` chatted with mrs low and ms chan. had great fun with my pals.

went to coro after tt and sat down to drink the mocha/choc cookies & cream ice blended. still as nice as ever. wheeeeeee` crapped alot. had lotsa fun with them.

took bus down to dar's place at abt 4+ for dinner. his mum specially prepared steamboat and bbq dinner. hehe`
ate alot. and of course his parents still teases me alot... dar sent me home at abt 10+, stayed over at my place, spent quality time with him... and he's now home sweet home, preparing for his test paper tml.. hee` ^^

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Saturday, October 30, 2004

hehe. i dun think im getting the job at kumon le. but then im actually quite happy. lol` coz it's office wear lor.. grrr.. and i can only wear jeans on sat... sigh.. hehe`

anyway.. yesterday after the interview i went down to toa payoh's crystal jade and met up with dee dee, beverly, rayn and his sis. i didn't eat, just chatted with them. and rayn was just whining abt how much he wanted to go order another xiao long bao..

anyway. after tt, rayn's sis left and the 3 of us went to sit in orange julius for a couple of hrs just chatting and drinking. hee` and we've even made plans to go to the pet farm on monday and also the christmas party. haha`

then at around 7+, we went to walk around and rayn and i bought foodstuff from tiong bahru pau and we went home after tt. =) felt so happy the entire day.

and now........ muahahahha` hereby wishing tt st.marg's earn great revenue for SAINSATIONAL FAIR III today! im going later so bye. =) hehe`

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hehe. i dun think im getting the job at kumon le. but then im actually quite happy. lol` coz it's office wear lor.. grrr.. and i can only wear jeans on sat... sigh.. hehe`

anyway.. yesterday after the interview i went down to toa payoh's crystal jade and met up with dee dee, beverly, rayn and his sis. i didn't eat, just chatted with them. and rayn was just whining abt how much he wanted to go order another xiao long bao..

anyway. after tt, rayn's sis left and the 3 of us went to sit in orange julius for a couple of hrs just chatting and drinking. hee` and we've even made plans to go to the pet farm on monday and also the christmas party. haha`

then at around 7+, we went to walk around and rayn and i bought foodstuff from tiong bahru pau and we went home after tt. =) felt so happy the entire day.

and now........ muahahahha` hereby wishing tt st.marg's earn great revenue for SAINSATIONAL FAIR III today! im going later so bye. =) hehe`

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hehe. i dun think im getting the job at kumon le. but then im actually quite happy. lol` coz it's office wear lor.. grrr.. and i can only wear jeans on sat... sigh.. hehe`

anyway.. yesterday after the interview i went down to toa payoh's crystal jade and met up with dee dee, beverly, rayn and his sis. i didn't eat, just chatted with them. and rayn was just whining abt how much he wanted to go order another xiao long bao..

anyway. after tt, rayn's sis left and the 3 of us went to sit in orange julius for a couple of hrs just chatting and drinking. hee` and we've even made plans to go to the pet farm on monday and also the christmas party. haha`

then at around 7+, we went to walk around and rayn and i bought foodstuff from tiong bahru pau and we went home after tt. =) felt so happy the entire day.

and now........ muahahahha` hereby wishing tt st.marg's earn great revenue for SAINSATIONAL FAIR III today! im going later so bye. =) hehe`

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Friday, October 29, 2004

muahaha` im so happy. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` hehe` imagine swinging as u read the word wheeeeee. haha` going for interview later at KUMON. muahaha` shld be able to get the job ba. muahaha`

and im going out! hahhaa` but too bad my interview time clashed with lunching at crystal jade with dee dee they all. shucks. haha` so im only gonna meet them after tt. awwwww. damn sad. lol` after staying home and being a guai kia for a couple of days. hee` been doing alot of reading and GB-ing. hehe` and now, i've got exotic avatars for my character - dumdumAngel

hehe` phew. i'm finally feeling better after yesterday's whole day of being plagued with flu. sigh. felt so terrible. and yay. im having sore throat no more! muahahaha` im triumphed! lol if there's such a word in the first place.

alrighty. *poof*

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

hmmmm` let's see.. it's holidays now and im just lazying ard and doing nth.. haha` just got my lappy back from dar.. hehe` sorry but im just too accustom to using my own lappy to blog instead of my home's pc. anyway. back to the past.


dar reached my place at around 2+ then we took train to city hall and walked around in suntec, went for lunch/dinner at around 4+. afterwhich we went to waterfront and chat while we sat and take in the sea breeze. =) ate some strawberries dipped in choc dar bought in esplanade. chatted till about 7+ then i brought him to the surprise i was gonna give him tt day for our anniversary present. brought him to Haagen Dazs. he was really excited and and happy. quite surprised too. haha`

so i ordered the fondue for 2. let me tell u wad's in store for us - a bowl of warm liquidy-choc, small plate of nuts, a plate of cut strawberries, bananas and also green apples and lastly, a plate of MACADAMIA, strawberry, cookies and cream and choc ice cream cubes!! hahahha` notice the emphasized word macadamia. coz i simply LURVE macadamia nuts.. muahaha. and it's so romantic having the rich warm belgium choc fondue in the middle and both of us just tasting the various stuff. yum.

and our hearts literary melted with every mouthful of ice cream cube with dipping warm choc.. yes it's tt dramatic.. hahaha `coz it's freaking nice. muahaha` =) so yea. i treated dar to this nice and warm dessert and he was reeeeaaalllyyyy grateful and lurve me to bits. hahahah` he's still very happy now over this dessert. muahaha` go try.. alright lar. it comes to abt 29 bucks including service charge and gst. it's worth it. hehe`

ok. hehe` read a novel per day.. sigh. wondering how many im gonna read this holiday. hahaha`

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Monday, October 25, 2004

had a great day yesterday. =) shall blog 2 days later... wahaha` when my dearest lappy comes back to me... hehe` dun worry. it's nt spoilt. =) but my honey kidnapped it away from me!!!!

anyhoo... yesterday was reeeaaallllly a great day. imagine ice cream with warm and rich belgium choc. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww u dun !!! =)

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

oh boy.. i just checked.. it's a freaking 1151 words essay.. wahaha.. anyway. bye bye. my bro buying back kfc for me. i have, and u dun. muahaha`

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exams is finally over =) *big big big big big big big and it goes on on and on and on and on and on grinz!!* wahaha so happy. and the first thing after my last paper i called dar and met him at bugis with his family. long time never see them le, and his dad is pinning to see me!! wahaha` when i reached there, the first thing his mum did was to order food for me and shove a ten bucks notes to dar.. lol` the char kuay teow nt bad lar.. but it seems ex leh..

haha` then we chatted with their relatives and all at a nearby kopitiam... then went off on ourselves after a while. shopped in bugis village and i bought a tee for myself and one for dar. wahaha` dirt cheap, mine cost 6 bucks only and dar's one is 10 bucks. hehe`

went over to cold storage afterwhich we bought a whole roll of unagi maki, cheese macaroni mix and snapple! hehe` then too shagged so we headed over to my crib. played with jacky, too tired, and the 3 of us - chris, dar and me slept for a while and now dar's gone. lol` he's out to celebrate burfdae with his pal.. hehe` so we're gonna FINALLY celebrate our anniversary tml. wheeeee` so excited. can't wait to bring dar to his surprise. hehe`

tonight i shall have a good night's sleep, lotsa teevee (though i've been having tt for the past few days actually =X), erm..... i dunno, watch dvds? and also anticipating my results. *point up point down* tian ling ling di ling ling hoping tt i wun fail any of my modules..

..::this following special section is an anecdote i'm gonna tell u abt my life::..

i went to a study corner at a void deck near my old block to study yesterday. and i saw this really friendly indian grandmother. i didn't realise that until the school bus came and dropped her grand-daughter off. i suddenly felt that she's very blessed don't u think so? and she actually looks quite young. so she sat with her grand-daughter and a friend (who also has a grandson) to chat. Then she also chatted with me and asked me study hard. haha`

just then, i saw the 2 kids playing and it reminded me of my childhood. yes, i was actually smiling as i watched them play. (i dun wanna deny the fact tt i was distracted)

my childhood was filled with fun, laughter and joy. i played with a gang of neighbours since i was really young say kindergarten? and amoungst all, im the oldest and next is a guy who's younger than me by a month. we're a gang of 8, and we always play together. block catching, hide & seek, A E I O U, water bomb, rocket using sparklers, sprinting competition and alot others which i've forgotten. i was really close to them.

ah boy & nelson who used to live on 6th floor, 2 units beside mine. siying who is now still living in 6th floor, 1 unit next to mine. yung hwui, 7th floor. Thiagu and Rajes, 4th floor. johanna, 8th floor. we'd have lotsa fun playing the whole day especially during the holidays. and it's always a tradition to play water bombs during special occasions like christmas parties and new year parties. we've countdown-ed to endless new years and christmases. and also almost always having some ppl to call the police to come coz we were making too much noise. =)

and i still remember there was this terror whom we reeeeaaalllly seriously DO NOT like. even our parents detest her. i mean com'on lar, u must try to understand kids play during holidays right.. -.- guess wad. we called her "granny" coz she's really one. she's an indian and really erm.. thin, with beady eyes and always frowning.

she's living about erm... 4 or 5 units away from siying. and we'd normally run along the corridor.. lol` dunno for wad i forgot. anyway.. haha` then after which we passed by her unit, she'd open her window panels and stare at us. of course we dun even dare to stare back we just ran away. haha` there was a few occasions when we ran pass her unit, she actually open the foor and threw her freaking slipper at us.. hahahahah`or rather she never fails to do tt.. hmmmm` lame huh

then guess wad? we'd take the slipper she threw at us and throw it down to 1st floor... hahahahha` i bet she's damn angry coz she can never catch us, but come to think of it, she actually run quite fast too. hmmm` sometimes we'd run downstairs and she'd still wait for us at the staircase at 6th floor and kept on mumbling to herself and we just couldn't make out the words. hahah`

once, we ran from 6th foor down to 1st floor. ahha` and she actually threw her slipper down. (i seriously wonder if she walks barefoot out of her house).. hahah` it was freaking funny. lol

and as i thought of it while i was studying, i laughed to myself. and i went back to my work. =)

even though i've moved and do did ah boy and nelson, but we'll always keep in contact. coz i love them too much to lose them. hee`

oh btw. lol` ah boy and i have a long story to tell... hmmmmm` wanna hear? haha`

i grew up with ahboy, and he's just a month younger than i am. he's studying in NAFA now. haha` dun laugh!! during my secondary sch days, i told him to lend me an album. and he did. and when i reached home and opened it, i got the shocked of my life. lol` guess wad? he left a note inside. here goes... "To: Tan Li Hui, I Love You From:Christopher Ng" his birth cert doesn't include a CHRISTOPHER, but he likes ppl to call him tt, coz he just likes the name. so i asked him. wad abt the note? lol` then he said tt it's his fren wanting to give his another fren who's bearing exactly the same surname and name as mine.. i was like.... DOTS....

and he kept on denying it, said his fren is also an NG and chris is not his name blah blah blah... -.- lol` so in the end, i let him be.. lol` but we never got together. i treated him as a pal and will forever in my life. and nowadays when i see him, i'll give him a big teddy bear hug and say hi. =)

gosh. tt's my childhood. and more anecdotes to come. and if u dun have the stamina and patience to read this far, shit u!.. hahahahha` jk lar. have a nice day

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` im home!! (note usage of whee always means im happy) haha` just came back home from IMM paper.. my most dreaded paper is over!! i bet i can guarantee a 9/40% for it.. if nt i can quit BMS le. wahaha` (dun take my word for it!! =( lol )

phew.. i studied damn hard for IMM.. during the weekends i was just touching on IMM and nt AMB. and yesterday i met up with yx to study in kap at 4.30. had lunch/dinner there then start to mug.. and of course taking a break to chat in between.. hehe` had a good laugh and i was like practically rolling on the bench.. haha` and there was this bunch of guys.. i reckon they're from NP also.. kept on lookin at us.. and one of them is clay, the xiao cao.. he actually looked quite gurly with the pullover.. hmmm`

anyway.. both of us had a great time and studied till 10+ before we went home. and during my mugging time. momma called me and asked if i've taken my dinner, wad time im going home, asked me to be careful.. and i tell u, her tone is really those worried kind. hahaha` like as if somebody is gonna pluck me up from my seat and take me away right at tt moment. hmmmm` so cute. and i lurve her. =)

the both of us even took some time off mugging to shop downstairs at cold storage.. hehe` i tell u.. they got alot of foreign stuff and i lurve it!! hehe` bought a can of A & W root beer float with vanilla.. hahaha` the can is gold in color. nt bad. and i also bought a bottle of snapple!! 1.40 only.. cheap cheap.. heee`

and boy am i tired now... im gonna get my lunch, drink snapple, and plunge into bed right after this.. coz im freaking sleepyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy *yaWNz*

arrrrrrrrrrrrrr i wan 24th to come fast fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muacks dar!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

i miss my dar..... haiz. good job done for bowling competition yesterday!! =) im really happy for u.. wahaha.. but sorry that we cannot celebrate our 4 years anniversary yesterday.. but i promise to make it up to u on 24th!! hehe`

sigh... gotta wait till 24th. muahaha` im so hungry now.. and longing for a bowl of white creamy seafood fusilli!! boohooohoooooo =(

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wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` hahaha` im so freaking happy.. lol` dr lim just replied me telling me tt my CA marks for IMM is 41/60!!! lol` nt so high but.. im a person who's easily contented.. hee` just gimme a pass for overall and im happy enuff.. wahaha` but stilll.. how i wish i got 50 instead of 41.. hmmm *dreams* lol` then im secured a pass.. haha` but still.. i'll do my best for it!!

mug mug muggggggggggggg`

im promptly waiting for 24th to come. then i can have the whole day to my dearest. =) till then.. MUG..

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Monday, October 18, 2004

heee.. im sooo happy. =) wahaha` yesterday stayed at home whole day to study imm. then met up with rayn at mos burger coz he wanna copy my amb notes. then we ate lotsa stuff.. haha first time ate the butterfly prawns - nice! as usual, im addicted to the milkshake!

anyway, i studied while he was copying the notes, till abt 7+ haha, coz rayn said he wanna be my hu hua shi ze - to accompany me while waiting for dar.

then dar came and we went to buy fried calamari!! hehe` tonight's one nt as nice as the first time i bought.. hee` took bus home, then had dinner at home, mom cooked herbal soup again. lurve it.

great.. i realise tt my whole post is revolving around food. hmph.

anyway. dar used my lappy to do his project and print report and i studied lor. hehe`

here comes the part. he gave me a present for our 4th yr anniversary which is on 19th. coz we can't celebrate it on tt day, so he gave it to me yesternight. it's a ring from bits & pieces. hehe` and he actually got my ring size correct. er.. just tt it can only fit into the 4th finger on either hand but nt the others.. lol` and it's engraved with my name.. haha` very unique coz it's nt like the perlini's silver kind - all silver and designs quite limited. very happy ar. and ex also.. lol` so ended up he's got no money to get one for himself.. haha` he can only get one for me. = T

anyhow. this is the first time i've received a wearable ring from him. and it marks a milestone in our r/s. hehe` coz the past ones i've received from him can only be wrung around my neck in a choker. too big le. =)

so dar stayed over last night and woke up at 7 this morning to go back home and get ready for skool. hehe` i made him a sandwich. and he seems reeeeeaaaallllly happy. after i sent him out, i went back to sleep again.. hehe`

im still very excited now!! hehe` unable to contain my happiness. but still.. sigh.. studying time. = T

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Saturday, October 16, 2004

im feeling sooooooooo sleepy. but i must endure.. wahaha` my eyes are really very tired now.
just got home and had dinner. got stung by a cantus. quite painful, i can feel the influx of neutrophills to the site of infection. hehe`

woke up at 6+ this morning and got down to changi airport to meet my dearies to study. in the end they were both late. bought nice egg tarts from tong heng and went to find a nice discreet corner to study. i ended up lying down on the floor to study. haha`

didn't study much coz was too distracted and we were just chatting on and off.. then went to have lunch in the staff canteen afterwhich we headed for the other corner of terminal 1 to study.. kind of a great place. like it alot. sandy and yx started to have some disagreements about some stuff and sandy decided she didn't wanna study so she went to check out her attachment place, leaving yx and me.

after studying for a few hrs both of us went down to coffee bean to grab a drink and study.. haha` stayed there till 7, then took train to bugis to shop shop. jalanjalan still dunno wad to buy for dar. haiz. sianz. hate myself. bought something months ago but never got down to doing it.. arrr this semester is sooo hectic. now im so fan dunno wad to get coz it seems like i've ran out of ideas. and to make it worse, lol` dar sms me just when i was in bugis, telling me tt he has just collected my present. hmmm.. sian diao.

haiz. study. why is it tt i feel sooooooo stressful!!! arrrr and at this point of time, i believe tt i've got a suppressed immune system.. -.-

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Friday, October 15, 2004

today's mst2 paper is a killer one. didn't noe how to do few qns and figured tt i can pass the paper... anyway. it's over.

tonight quite slack. read up on couple of chapters of imm only. gonna jia you tml at changi airport.

haiz.` today i had my worst mood swing ever.. and i think it's my first ever mood swing ba. now i think it's reeeallly bad.. and i felt bad too. only started when i met up with dar at clementi mac.. kept quiet thru'out the times im with him even when after he sent me home and went home. haiz. felt soooo bad. but i suddenly just felt hating everyone including him. and it felt soooo bad.
so in the end, i apologised to him.. haiz`

anyway.. today chris sent me an mms, tellin me tt there's a new dog at our place.. so currently, there're 4 dogs over at my place. 1 more came into our place coz apparently i heard from bro tt it followed jacky back.. so yea.. shit. it is a maltese. and i hate maltese!! i think they look simply RETARDED. no offence to seng kiat's dog.. lol` but.. eeeuuu i just no like.

wheeeeeeeeeeeee` tml gonna meet up with my dearies le.. to study.. haha` hoping tt i can polish off alot more chapters!! =)

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

i was extremely bored.. and i decided im done with doing mst2 papers.. lol` and my eyes are really tired i needed a rest. AND.. i was kinda stressed up too.. so i went to the loo.. and decided to shave my legs.. haha` no idea. just felt like doing it.. haha` WEIRD.

hehe` so here i am with silky legs!! =) *grins* wahaha and u dun!!

alright... back to studying... argh. =T

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counting down 5 days to our "birthdays". i never live before ur love. =) __lUrVe*__

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

counting down 6 days to our "birthdays". i never live before ur love. =) __lUrVe*__

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

wheeeeee let's blog!! muahaha` my hands are always itching for some typing.. muahaha`

yesterday i stayed home the whole day to slack... wait.. i went out. ok.. i went out with chris to amk central. at first we wanna catch a movie - the attractive one. coz yesterday was 2 for 1.. very cheap. but in the end, we reached there, went shopping, brunch, then lastly went to shop and save to get some groceries.. spent around 70+ on the groceries.. lol` then took cab home and i paid for it. muahaha` and i was craving for durians the day before, so i got them too!! hehe` bought 2 packets for my family.

then in the evening, ray came back, they wanted to have steamboat in the first place, but in the end they decided on something else. so chris and ray cooked together - oat prawns, fried calamari, veggie and soup.

the oat prawns nt bad.. but then too much le.. lol` at first chris was thinking hmm, half a kg shld be enuff for the whole family to eat till "shuang". but in the end, it proved to be toooo much!! heheh`

so, had a great time.. in between also study abit.. but arr... slack....

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

morning.. hehe` im feeling sooooo hungry now... lol` had a great time yesternight.. so dar reached my place at around 10+, then bro treated us to brunch... afterwhich i studied and played till ard 4, then dar left my place to go back to his hse coz his family's having steamboat in the night.. but i told him i couldn't make it. coz no choice need to study.. ended up his dad bugged him the whole evening, asking why i didn't go.. hmmm

then dinner was good at my own place, momma brewed very nice soup.. =) and haha` i simply lurve fish.. muahaha *evil grinz*

at around 10, ray (my eldest bro) biked sheila (his gf) to her place and borrowed her dad's car for the night in order to save money... anyhow... he doesn't have a car lisence... hmmmm` and yet he's driving us all for the night!! tt's really bad, putting our lives at stake..

so i waited at home for their call. then went down to get into the car, met sheila's sis, sheena..
then we met up with dar at cuppage at around 11+... "chang k!" hehe`

chris came shortly after we started.. so yep. sang till 2+.. wld have stayed longer till 3 de... but sheila's sick, so no choice lor.. anyway, ahhahah` damn happy, coz i sang ALL of FIR's songs!!! muahaha` damn happy. am gonna go down again! haha` nt satisfied enuff.. and sheena's voice is very powerful! she can really sing those gao nan du songs.. wahaha`

then we foot the bill, got staff discount and all.. and ray drove us back home.. pengz.. guess wad, the parking fee for cuppage actually come up to 7 bucks!! -.- i might as well take cab home.. hmmmm` somemore i was really worried all the way back home tt there'd be a road block somewhere.

reached home ard 3am, dun feel like sleeping, so played GB with dar and ray till abt 6.. haha` won alot of games.. feeling really hungry by then.. wanted to go for breakfast with mom, but in the end, i couldn't take it, and i plop down in bed with an empty stomach.

so here i am.. woke up at 10+.. didn't sleep quite well.. dar's still pigging out now!!! yes, i must reveal all of his chou3 shi4!

im hungry... i'll go eat yoghurt first!!! bb =) have a nice day and take care!

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Saturday, October 09, 2004

hmmm` morning all.. somehow i feel like blogging now.. haha` dar said tt he'd be here by 9.. lol` but till now, he's still nt here.. haha` wad morning "dinner" hmph. bet it'll become brunch later.. pig!

i suddenly remembered abt something really humiliating yesterday.. hmmm forgot to blog abt it yesterday.. winnie u're sooo lucky!! dr lim actually insists on us performing the forfeit in front of the whole lecture grp yesterday.. arrr then all nt there except me and cabin. actually my "low lying"- sitting damn low in the lecture seat and using my notes to cover my face actually works!!! but my NICE classmates gave me away.. wahahahhaha`

so yep.. the both of us sang twinkle twinkle little stars. .but the audience doesn't appreciate it!!! wad audacity. hmph. anyway.. lol` cabin so yong gan. came up with the aladdin theme song - a whole new world. so he started singing tt. and i tried to follow suit. .but nt sure with the lyrics... hehe` nice duet huh.. -.-

soo paiseh. wondering why i was even there for lecture in the first place!! im so bored.. and i really gotta start studying now.. cheerios! =)

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Friday, October 08, 2004

argh... im nt gonna watch anymore of the damn spectacular show.... the results for both last wk and tonight left me feeling angst and sadness.. almost teared too.. sigh..

jessea's out. and now david's out. and yet the absofuckinglutely jerry's still in. and chris lee too.. grrrrr` the competition is not based on talent now. it's based on popularity with the freaking rich ppl who kept on making use of their hugeeeee fan base. arrrr` wad's up with the world man..

Jerry Ong, "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck"
A totally flat, entirely tired, off-key performance that went hoarse halfway through and completely died when he squatted down at the end. Dick asking him to concentrate on singing? But that would call him out on his being inept at it! Ken telling him it would take a miracle for him to win the competition? Well, Jesus has a voting hotline for him from up above, doesn't he? He's safe tonight.

argh!! constipated voice.. -.-

enuff of idoling.

today i actually did a stupid thing.. haha` i dunno if u all would call it stupid or wadsoever.. haha`
i was chatting heartily with sum yit wen on msn.. he's my primary sch classmate. a very tall and lean guy.. and still is now. lol` wad's wrong with the world man! kk.. let's nt digress..

yea.. chatting heartily about alot of things under the sun (obviously).. then halfway thru, i gave him all the other fellow classmates e maill addy and number.. then i dunno wad got into me.. lol` i actually dug out my deepest and ugliest secret.. lol` i ACTUALLY told him tt i had a crush on him when we were still young and ignorant. arrr... dumdum de leh.. i believed tt he was kinda shocked haha.. and he returned me a "serious?" word.. haha` i was like yea.. dun doubt me.. hee`

(i can't believe i did tt) anyway.. he told me tt he has kind of a small social circle now.. and the reason why he's nt attached now.. haha` and i kept on telling him he's actually nt bad mah.. and i told him nt to float.. hehe` anyway.. nice talking to him and reminiscing on all those ar.. ignorant and childish days! = )

anyway, dun worry abt me lar peeps. im fine. im still the same old angela. yea.. old. sobz`
im fine.. winnie.. dun think so much k? haha` er.. noe nth abt tt matter but just do wad u like. if u let the chance go by and missed it, u'll regret. leave no room for regrets =)

argh.. study.. ma1 ya3!!!

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

why must i think of others for each sentence i say and everything which i do.
why can't i be a selfish bitch and do wad i wan w/o caring abt other ppl's feelings.

i can't breathe. and this feeling is miserable.. i hate it. can i be myself for once and betray others, make them sad, make them miserable?

Posted by reticent_aura at 10/07/2004 11:50:00 PM

ok let's see.. unravel the answers first.. if nt, nick will bug me.. haha` jk

which comes first, braised egg or salted egg?

of course it's braised egg lar.. duh.. coz it only requires few hrs of cooking time for the egg to absorb the braised flavour mah.. -.- the salted egg takes a much longer time right? dumdum...

im so terribly bored.. hmmm today is like the 3rd bored day i had in this wk? sux man.
today's maths prac test was bad.. think im gonna flunk it. arrr...` wadeva.. no motivation at all.. hate it when it comes to this stage. u dun have a choice. but wad can u do.

freaking exams is like exactly one wk later.. and wad am i doing now? lamenting and drowning in my own misery. argh...
i hope i flunk everything just like sasi does and then continue to label the various parts of the dissected balbic mouse next sem.

In comes the winter breeze
That chills the air and drifts the snow
And I imagine kissing you under the mistletoe
When springtime makes its way here
Lilac blooms reminds me of the scent of your perfume
When summer burns with heat I always get the hots for you
Go skinny dippin' in the ocean where we used to do
When autumn sheds the leaves the trees are bare
When you're not here it doesn't feel the same

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

i'm so bored now that i actually have to turn to my notes.. yep.. truly have nth to do. and tt's wad im gonna do after this entry. sigh.. no choice do i? had a good laugh the whole day.. my new nick given by wing - corny angela gorilla.

coz our human genotype is actually quite similar to yeast and corn. then wing was proclaiming tt we are yeast. then i was like "we're corn!" ... and tt's when she gave me this nick.. i dunno wad's up with the gorilla though. im nt hairy enuff.. i guess it just rhymes with angela.. tt's y..

im soooo bored.. oh yah, i've added charles link.. do check the princesdiaries out.

played GB using new account.. now i've got 80% of game wins.. wheeeeee` hehe` really looking forward to exorcist.. out tml!! *winks*

super boreddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd`

kk shan't emphasize anymore..

i've just calculated.. lol` the % i need to get for final AMB exam in order to pass the whole module.. 42.5/100.. wahhahah.. pengz. lol` tt's including all the worst scenarios for pbl and all lar. tt's wad happens when u get tooo bored.

i guess i gotta study hard. and it doesn't just count on my words does it.. argh.. actions.

on an ending note.
*wad's up with america's top model? when they're mad, they'll all only be reduced to bitches and sluts right? sheesh. talk abt verbal abuse.. (waves hand and BAH)*

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

dar and i are still chatting over msn now.. lol` im bugging him and nt wanting him to go and sleep.. lol` it's MY priviledge.. haha` anyway.. we were just thrashing out all the stuff i wasn't happy with him.. and we discussing abt alot of stuff.. he suX big time!! but i love him to the core i wonder y.. haha` i feel so rotten.. hiek hiek hiek *smirk smile*

and now.. he's freaking explaining to me why the chic's egg is oval and nt round.. -.-
and i dun get the hell wad he's toking abt.. but i got the 2nd reason correct though.. here goes.. the egg's nt round coz it'll roll off the nest more easily right? dum dum. those who didnt get this ought to be shot in the brains.. haha`

anyway.. this is something i came up with......... which one comes first? salted egg or braised egg?
use ur common sense ar.. shall reveil the answers next entry...

and stupid wenhui.. dun call me late into the night.. i haven't slept this late for donkey yrs.. normally sleep ard 11+... dun shuang shuang bo liao then call me.. hmph. -.- pig`

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Sunday, October 03, 2004

whew.. the final project in first semester of yr 2 is finally done.. finished the slides few minutes ago.. did around 9 slides on it.. coz i included alot of crap.. anyway.. wenhui was really good at it. i did all the part on filtering, pivot and all.. and he did the whole lot on VBA. and he's done a good job. was kinda shocked when i opened the file.. hmmm` good deal.

btw, my bro is really lame.. this is an sms he sent me few minutes ago when he was lying in his bed in his rm - "good nite, i sleep liao dun bother to reply me btw i sms coz i've got too much unused sms hehe... " er... ain't it lame? ar wadeva.. night.

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Saturday, October 02, 2004

jammin in blog::keane::everybody's changing

it's a damn nice song.

feeling down today.. since choc can actually pump adrenaline into ur blood, i've been stuffing myself with lots of Andes choc today.... and im also obsessed with 1-sided-nutella-and-1-sided super-chunky-peanut-butter-slammed-against-each-other sandwich today.. sigh.. it sucks when u feel down. i need more adrenaline pumping.. looks like only keane can do this.

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Friday, October 01, 2004

today was reeeeellllllleeeee bored. went home after 4 hrs of lecture at 12.. took bus home with wing and beibei.. life is so monotonous.. terribly sianz.

went home, extremely bored.. rented Sixth Sense from downstairs and watched it using lappy in my rm.. bought lunch.. on com.. yadar yadar yadar.

2nd bro(let's call him chris shall we) sick today so he took 2 days off from work. then my eldest bro (call him ray) came home at 2+.. then he started bathing the dogs and cleaning his hamster's cage and also the fish tank's water.. yea.. i have a small pond at home.. SMALL is the word i shall emphasize..

suddenly chris was so obsessed abt going to catch a movie today and i told him i didn't mind watching resident evil apocalypse again coz it's freaking good.. and he was like "great!" it was 3.15 then, and the show's starting at 3.30.. so ray drove us down using his bike, one by one DUH.. to jubilee and chris bought the tics using his card.. so yea.. watched it again..

then we shopped ard.. they said they wanna get a tv put in my rm. haiz.. i kinda disagree lor.. i mean wad for? there's already one damn big one in the living rm liao. and another one in 1 of the rms.. if one more in my rm, then who's gonna watch the tv in the living rm? who's gonna gather in the living rm? my parents? dumb lor.. talk abt family cohesion... -.-
nvm.. their choice, their money nt mine.. they said to get an LCD one... pengz.. might as well give the few thousand bucks to me.. i could use some.

then ray rode us back home one by one... and yea. frm then on.. i slacked at home till now.. still jammin keane's album in my lappy. *rAwK on~*

thought of the day : dear lord. pls grant me the motivation to study. ar....................... though i noe this definitely do not work. but heck, let me rely on u just for once. to provide some inspiration for myself and make thyself happy.

Posted by reticent_aura at 10/01/2004 10:15:00 PM

"Keane makes gorgeous, melodic, melancholic music that is stuffed with catchy, soaring choruses. Chaplin has a powerful passionate voice, and he has indie pin-up potential, a fella with wings and halo."

They're not best of pop bands.. they're best of ALL bands.. they do not play pop songs, they play melancholic songs. they're just freaking good. and btw, Tim Chaplin is doing vocals, and he's just so passionate in his songs. Keane consists of 3 members, Tom - Vocals, Tim - Piano, Rich - Drums. it's simply a perfect combi.. those who wanna listen to their songs, click here u can never find their mp3s wherelse, coz i've tried downloading them .. since may.. but till now, all i get is bad files, so i got the album!

those who're interested in it, get the album frm me. =)

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