Tuesday, November 30, 2004


woken up by ray at 9am.. coz he bought meepok for me... asked me to eat le then sleep..

i spent my whole day yesterday reading up on files posted in www.spi.com.sg. it's stands for sg paranormal investigators. i read up mostly on the japanese occupation and also the major massacre sites and wad they actually did during the massacres. hmmm.. it was kinda gross.

then when everyone left home leaving me alone. i dun dare to carry on any further.. i mean, hello? using the small daggar to slice open the abdomen because the samurais retreat and surrendered. it's been their tradition to fight till they die and not allow to retreat.

so i went for a nap coz really nth to do.. woke up at 3+...

chris has gotten his bike license!!! hahaha` and ray brought him to buy his own bike, helmet and all.

i went down to run an errand for chris and also get food for myself. ran into my neighbour and she told me tt my mum is downstairs chatting with frens. so went down, saw her, get the probationary plate for chris, rent a chinese film, and also bought a packet of rice to share with momma.

anyway.. the whole family (w/o dad of course) came together and discussed about some problems coz ray got into trouble again.. and momma really got so worried tt even i was worried abt her. in the end the problem was solved..

yesterday i really felt the warmth of this family. hee` normally i felt it too. but yesterday's one was too strong. ^^

decided to catch a movie at jubilee with ray, sheila and chris.. but.. rofl.. we only have 3 helmets. so ray biked me to jubilee to get tics first, chris also came with us. then ray took another helmet frm us and biked sheila there.

we watched polar express at 9.30.. it was an extremely erm.. heartwarming story. ^^ i seriously wonder y they didn't start this film only next mth.. hmmmm` i simply love the animation of this story and the graphics and plot. it's soooooooooo nice. i even thought it was much better than shutter. hahaha` very sweet. extremely sweet. ^^

anyway.. i enjoyed myself alot.. y? lol` coz the movie is nice and it's free!! muahaha
chris and i went to get supper after the movie and ray biked sheila back first. so sad the pasta's stall nt open... sigh.... so we got other food and headed back home.

had supper, watch teevee then went to slumberland. ^^

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

hmmm` im so bored now i dunno wad to do.. even though i've got tonnes of stuff to do. but i just feel like renting vcds, on the air con in my rm.. and watch them. but sigh. lol` need money.. hee`
i've already managed to save 100 bucks this mth.. out of my allowance, which is very good coz hell it's holidays!! hmph`

and i'll be eating into my december's allowance for the kl trip..boohoohoo.. wad's gonna happen to my christmas shopping? maybe i'll draw up a shopping list later, for kl and genting. hahaa` coz cheaper. ^^

im only left with a wk of my holidays. and only a few days free namely monday, tuesday, friday and saturday.. but most of these days are taken up, erm.. mainly with my pri sch classmates and also some other frens.

wednesday is for darling coz he'll be finishing his exams on tuesday and wun be free on tues.

and damn. sigh.. i can't go for the pri sch class gathering on thursday coz i have to accompany my momma to the hospital for an appointment. hmmmm` but nvm. lol` i have a make up outing with my pri sch's bestest frens another day. ^^abit sad though.

::stuff i need to do for the coming week::

1. clean up my rm.. which includes arranging stuff and getting rid of dust.
2. xchange notes with elayna
3. try to do as many household chores as possible b4 i go for kl trip.. so tt mum's workload will decrease.
4. visit the library for more books.
5. start writing some x'mas cards.
6. write shopping list for kl.
7. financial planning and attribution of funds to various areas

i think erm.. tt's all for now? will try to finish all of it.. haha`

btw.. im so happy... lol` today i had quite an interesting bible study session.. and it's always short, 15 minutes the most. tt's wad i like abt it. and they lady was so nice. though i've only had i reckon abt 10 bible sessions with her, but she's so erm.. trusting and all. thought tt i might be interested in it. and today she brought me a new bible!! haha. she took off the plastic wrapping in front of me and there! it's new!!

im not exactly a very pious person and i wanna remain a free thinker. but im a curious soul who wanna learn more and find out more. haha` i gave the new testament bible i had in st.marg's away and now, i got a brand new and it's the complete version, nt just the new testament. plus the sides of the pages are gold in colour. making it look real chic and nice! ^^

i'll try to read some of it during my free time and improve my english. hehe`

i spent my day watching teevee, visiting the SPI webby and also chatting with ppl like sabrina, yit wen, hansheng and crystal.. quite fulfilled huh. and i've also drawn up a packing & miscelleneous stuff list for the trip for sandy and yx just to stop them frm bugging me abt wad to bring and all.. hmmmm` really excited ^^

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Friday, November 26, 2004

im now trying to find stuff to do. everything except bringing my beloved dogs down for a walk. i've even prepared today's dinner. grrrr` stupid ray has been coming home late these days and expecting me to walk the dogs. wth` holidays so wad, it's not as if i shld bring it.. i've been doing it for the past, say 1 wk? grrrrr`
and i've been doing so many household chores everyday.. wash clothes, hang them, fold them.. vacuum, sweep, mop... everything... arrrrr` feng diao le..

first things first, my hp is up and running. replaced my SIM card. reset my hp settings. lost a few contacts due to resetting... anyway, am glad i didn't lost ALL.

went out with dar just now.... haha.. finally` rofl.. haven't been seeing him for almost a wk.. so glad to be able to see him today. he said he wanted to unwind, coz he's been studying like crazy for the past few days and also deprived of sleep. so he reached my place at around 1+ today, we had lunch with chris together.

then afterwhich we went to sun plaza to catch a movie coz it's kinda near to my place and also has a library for me to return my dued books today.

caught the SHUTTER at 3.15. wanted to watch it all along coz dar and i simply love horror flicks. but we thought it was quite boring and kinda sux too. haiz` wasted our money.. the ending plot was expected... but wth.. the main guy character fell off twice and he's not dead!!!! we almost fell asleep watching tt show.. hee` been a long time since i last watch a movie huh. coz need to save money for the kl trip.

there are alot more movies i wanna watch.. so dar and i decided we shall go watch all those movies in genting. muahahah` cheap~

after the movie we walked around the mall, tried kfc's cuppucino crunch sundae. dar was so stupid and lame. the person asked us "u want 1 is it?" then dar replied "we're couple, so of course 1 lar" (double -.-)

then bought some food frm old chang kee. and he sent me home.... on the train as we were about to alight at yio chu kang, i heard somebody calling my name.. then i saw loe sin and swee kee.. hahahah` long time didn't see them le. so no choice gotta alight. so i just said hi and alighted with dar. hee`

wahaha... i still remembered once when the whole lot of us went to westmall... then swee kee was so clumsy.. she knocked down the delifrance's publicity board.. ahhahahha` so paiseh lor. and we couldn't stop laughing after tt.. wondering if she's still as blur and clumsy as ever. ^^

i've been snacking alot lately.. ate alot of cadbury choc bars and also alot of other crackers... bought lays chips today.. and also banana chips.. wahahha` im so gonna put on weight. but i dun care!` ^^

im so looking forward to the genting and kl trip.. muahhaha` though i'll be missing my spanish and practical classes.. hahaha` this is the first time im going out of sg with my good pals. muahahha` of course with the company of 4 guys.. my dad, bro, his fren and also dar. and it's the first time im sleeping in a hotel rm with only so little ppl. the trio one rm, 2 guys 1 rm and another 2 in one rm.. the times when i went to kl, it's always alot of ppl say 7 or 6 into a rm.. hahah`

and the trio shall chat till we peng!!! ^^

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

let's blog, before my STM catches up with me!! jamming english mooosic now.. with chris jammin chinese moosic outside in the living rm.. so loud!! hmph!

i actually had an entry i blogged on monday.. but while republishing, it failed on me, and the whole post went *poof*


bro helped me fry the 2 whole packs of beehoon.. he even added extra ingredients such as the mushrooms. ahhaha` saying "i sponsor u all my mushrooms~" hee` even though i dun really approve his method of frying, but haha` it turned out well anyway.

i made some changes to this blog before going out.
- changed the blog title
- edited the right column stuff such as at the moment, wishlist
- added :: siti :: crystal :: links

met up with some of the classmates at pasir ris train station. then divided into 2 groups - 1 took cab and ours we took bus. first time i took bus no 3 instead of the usual 354.

slacked for a while before rayn came and we snacked away with his lobster crackers. muahaha` lurve it. he brought bacardi superior too. in the end we finished it before the night even starts. rofl` the others came in the evening for the bbq. rayn and the other guys played alot with moris, bev's younger bro. moris ended up crying coz of rayn. wahaha`

had a great time chatting with dr nevil and he was so good to us, giving us the money for the class fund even before he claimed it frm the sch, knowing we students are broke.

then another damn funny matter. we went strolling outside and also to send may home. went back to the chalet blocks, then to the playground area. and we're like literary spoiling all the springs of those playstuff. muahaha` had a good laugh to see some of the guys falling off the spring. ahhahaha` then sk started playing with another kiddo on the see-saw. and dee dee and me were watching both of them play. suddenly sk went too fast and the kiddo flew and hit his face on the middle wood plank of the see-saw. we got damn shocked and of course the kid cried.

we reckon he had a deep cut on the left side of his chin.. wahahaha. coz when we went back to our chalet, he was still crying damn loud. we apologised and all then scramed into our room, didn't wanna stay outside to get a lecture frm the kiddo's mum.

afterwhich pam and i cleared the bbq stuff, some of the others left, leaving the 7 of us - pam, uu, rayn, sk, dee dee, jj and me.. we celebrated sk and jj's birthdays with the small slice of cake and also a cigarette stick as the candle. toasted bacardi superior and pepsitwist with the damn funny and original "yummmmmm-cheers"!

played some cards, forfeit drink stout coz no more bacardi superior. then the 7 of us went out at around 1+ to cheers to get cup noodles and drinks. ate on the stage and chatted about alot of stuff. walked to red house at around 3+.. arm in arms, some over shoulders, i simply love the company. ^^

walked to the beach thereafter. sat on the table and chatted about anything under the sun. we even saw mercury and venus, showing as 2 stars-like thingy without blinking. really bright and nice! and also the orion belt, 3 stars which can be linked with a straight line. learnt about alot of stuff. really happy. ^^

went back to downtown east at around 6+, sat on the stage and waited for mac to open. had breakfast together and undoubtly, the guys ate alot, especially dee dee. heheh`

back to chalet to rest our eyes for an hr till 10. then rayn, sk, dee dee and me shared a cab and went back to our own homes, leaving pam in the chalet and uu and jj went home by train.

reached my crib at about 15 min to 11am. quickly switched on lappy and enrol for the classes for winnie and mine. got into the designated spanish and financial planning classes. really sad tt uu and dee dee didn't make it.. beibei also. haiz..

surfed net for a while before i went to bath and brush my teeth. ate some of the real nice stuff tt chris cooked for me before i went to meet yung at her place at around 12+. returned the la bi xiao xing's vcds and went to bugis with her.

window shopped but very weird. coz we haven't saw each other since few mths back, so we chatted alot while we walk. hahahahha` i thought i saw kenneth but can't really confirm if tt's him.. recently got an email frm a pri sch guyfren.. so i added him to msn. and now he's asking me out for lunch next wk. hmmm.. i wonder wad i can chat about with him... it's just weird having to meet somebody u haven't seen for a yr since last yr's chalet.. and also never really chatted with him before...

after tt we went to food court to eat at about 3+ pm. tried the saba shioyaki korean style... haha`
tt's when i discovered tt my fone switched off by itself. haiz. tried to on it, but to no avail. it gave a few flashes before it went back to sleep mode. =(

at first i thought tt the fone is spoilt. sigh... but i didn't drop it, didn't put it in water and all. why would it? weird.

reached home at around 6+... talked to my mum about it. used her sim card on my ngage. but it works perfectly, still with all my contacts and messages inside my fone. *BIG PHEW*
tried my sim card on ray's fone, workable but cannot call. can only receive. sigh... ray told me to get a replacement on my sim card. sigh` so troublesome.

i mean, wth.. i've never lost my sim card before, never even took it out ever since i use my ngage.. why would tt even happen... -.- speechless...

chris cooked porridge for himself and me. dad went to collect my new sim card.. luckily i still have all my contacts and messages in my fone. or else i'll be so qi gek.

so here i am, still feeling abit sleepy now. slept frm 12 last night till 12 this afternoon. hahaha` shall go do some reading and maybe organise my notes. ^^

ciaoz! have a nice day all.. i simply love to stay at home. with stuff to do tt is. -.- and not rotting and collecting cobwebs or staring at the ceiling..

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

hmmm shall blog tml.. coz my eyes are real painful and sleepy now. tml ..... roflmao`

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

dar's still snoring away in my bro's rm now.. oh wad a big pig. yesterday morning i went to meet sandy at lakeside station control to return her her anime dvds. then afterwhich i went over to dar's place and had lunch and dinner over there.

sigh.. his mum still teases me alot, asking us to get married and get a flat.. arrr` i dun wan a flat i wan a penthouse! haha jk.. i tell u they're crazy folks! lol`

then after dinner we went to jp to shop around.. window shop i meant. sigh... i hate my character. why can't i just shop around and buy things impulsively.. arrrr` i'll think alot, then in the end, erm.. i'll just let it go. i fell in love with this billabong skirt which is selling at 59.90 if i haven't forgotten.. i love the design!!! boohoohoo... i hate myself...

so sad... wahaha` and im so hungry now.. when's he gonna wake up!!!! after window shopping, we bought old chang kee and tong heng egg tarts home.. we couldn't get our seats on the train.. so we started eyeing this family, wondering where they'll get down. haha` and i was like cracking a joke with dar, saying wad if they gonna get down at yishun? then we'd be dead by then. lol` but in the end, they alighted at yew tee, just nice to rest our butts.

we got down at yishun after tt.. then took a cab down to my place.. coz we were too lazy to walk.. lol` i wanna go shopping.. boohoohoo and im so bored now... maybe i'll go watch la bi xiao xing now.. hmm..

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Friday, November 19, 2004

mum's is still not feeling well today.. so she's taken the day off today as well. poor thing. haiz` today ray cooked sweet potato porridge for us in the afternoon, accompanied with some dishes like bean paste minced meat, salted eggs and also peanuts.

then dar came and visit me after his paper in the morning, then went back with his parents via cab ard 3+ as he was too sleepy. though it was only for a short time. but i was contented coz of nt having seen him for more than a wk. hmmmm`

been having alot of disagreements with dar for the past wk, leaving both of us scarred and upset. but in the end. we managed to talk it over.

momma didn't cook for dinner.. or rather she hasn't been cooking for 3 days. i bought tissue prata for myself. extremely big.. for ur info if u dunno wad it is.. it's an extremely big prata coated with sugar on the inside..

im soooo looking forward to the kl trip.. coz im so bored now, with nth left to do to everyday...

but im glad i have some plans tml.. if not i really would just stay at home and talk to my remote controls.. hmmmm`

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

went out with a couple of frens today to hard rock cafe in the afternoon. had a few drinks and nice chat. met this caucasian who claimed to be frm aust. he even treated us to a couple of booze. haha` and my frens said tt it's courtesy of me coz im the only gurl in our grp. anyway. we had a great time.

bro's away at sentosa chalet.. im super bored now.. shld have joined him in the first place. haiz.

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Take the quiz: What does your birth month reveal about you?"

Fun to be with. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood.Quiet unless excited or tensed. Takes pride in oneself. Has reputation. Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people's feelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody and easily hurt. Witty and sparkly. Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets.Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Guides others physically and mentally. Sensitive and forms impressions carefully. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. No difficulties in studying.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

back to blogging. coz im truly bored now. plainly stayed at home for the past wk coz i was sick the entire wk. was down with high fever, bad headache and flu. finally recovering now. shed 3 kg too for the past wk, coz i've been eating too little a day, causing my legs to go weak and feeling giddy easily. imagine only half a small bowl of porridge per day. i've got no appetite at all..

and worse still i passed on my sickness to chris. making his take 2 days mc as well. haha`

have been feeling my worst in the week, no one to care abt me and all. haiz. and now when i've recovered, the ppl whom im longing to go out with are nt there for me, leaving those irritating ppl who keeps wanting to go out with me but im nt willing to! haiz.

i feel miserable. im such a big fat burden and sux big time.

tml's gonna be a brand new day...... tt is if angela never exists in the first place.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

i laid on my bed for 2 whole hours.. watching out of the window into the dark sky. *sigh*

no stars tonight... maybe they didn't wanna come out... coz they dun wanna see me sad..... im not angry.. but ay, im very sad.. and i can't even see the stars, which makes me even sadder.. arrrrr` i wanna go beach and shout for all i can!!!!!!!!!!

thou shall not doubt my love for u, for all the things i've done and sacrificed for u. thou sucks big time. and yes... at the end of the day. im still very sad. ur qns shattered my heart. i wonder how long it's gonna take to recover and be myself again. i felt like i could never ever accept u ever again. extremely disappointed. i found myself bitter laughing at my own plight now. happy days ahead stupid gurl!

nonsensical entry. im so craving for chocolates now, to pump up my adrenaline and make myself happy. *sigh* im so depressed. yet i still wanna be cooped inside my own rm and wallow in self pity.

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lurve the heart that hurts u. but never hurt the heart tt loves u.

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i was almost met with an accident yesterday... hmmm` chris (2nd bro) and i decided to go out together coz it was his day off. wanted to go sim lim first, then funan and town. chris is ON THE WAY to getting bike license but dun have it. lol` so i rode pillion on ray's bike. apparently, the bike is a very nice and cool one, but very difficult to ride coz the gear and all are very complex. moreover, ray was being cheated into getting this nice and useless bike coz now and then, it'll stop halfway on the road.

on the way, we made up my mind to go toa payoh instead.. lol` it was really hilarious, coz chris was kinda worried he couldn't control the bike well.. hahaha` so we went toa payoh. walked around then decided to rode the bike back home, throw the helmet at home and go out by taking train. rofl`

ok.. here comes the scary part. the engine stalled halfway in the middle of the junction !!! yes, a cross junction. omg... lol` my heart was almost popping out. and the lights changed which enables the cars to move. lol` and we're like.. erm... so chris quickly started the engine again and after several tries, it's finally moving... lol` near our place, we have alot of turns.. and lol` chris dun really noe how to control it... once when he left turn, his foot paddle touched the road and we could hear the "zzzz" sound.. and we're like.. omg!! but phew. nth happened.

when we finally reached our place, we were so happy tt we're safe. and he promised only to ride a pillion when he's got his license.. hahaha`

reached home. too tired. didn't go anywhere after tt.. momma came home, dad's day off. the 4 of us went to geylang serai at around 5+.. shopped around and ate at the market. lol the whole market was filled with malays and we were the only ones eating before 18.53 pm... haha` while the others got their food ready on the table and watching us eat.. muahahah` i tried the dates they eat during puasa. nt bad, but it has a weird taste. lol`

shopped in the pasar malam liked tents, bought stickers - 10 for a dollar. bought some food stuff and of course my favourite salted fish!! haha` then took cab home after tt, just in time to watch the champions!

had a great time with my family yesterday.. halfway thru this bk - family album by danielle steel. it talks about war ending and the love story between a soldier and very beautiful actress.

alrighty. i go read the novel le. ^^ happy holidays everyone. and shyt. lol` our results are coming out. i can't wait for it to come.... grr.... 3 more days..

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

cried after listening to the song superwoman by karyn white.

wonderful memories flooded into my mind and i found myself in tears..
i miss mrs lee.

i miss taking pictures together during sports meet and prom. i miss her speeches during devotion sessions. i miss her bringing all the sec 4 EXP into the theathrette for a lecture to change our attitude for 'o's.

this song is sung by all the staff members of SMSS during her funeral service in st. andrew's cathedral and the memorial service at SMSS.

the staff dedicated this song to her, changed the lyrics and wanting to present this song to her coz she's been promoted to super principal by MOE. and yet before mrs caroline lee throw a dinner to the staff of SMSS to celebrate her promotion, she's with Lord.

she helped us through our life when we're still mourning the death of jennifer. she even provided counselling sessions for us, helping us to get back to our normal life. and now she's gone. it broke the hearts of thousands, from her family to students, to staff and MOE members. her life truly left us a legacy.

..::Original lyrics of Superwoman::..

Early in the morning
I put breakfast at your table
And make sure that your coffee
Has its sugar and cream

Your eggs are over easy
Your toast done lightly
All that's missing is your morning kiss
That used to greet me

Now you say the juice is sour
It used to be so sweet
And I can't help but to wonder
If you're talking 'bout me

We don't talk the way we used to talk
It's hurtin' so deep
I've got my pride, I will not cry
But it's makin' me weak

I'm not your superwoman
I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down
And think that everything's okay
Boy, I am only human
This girl needs more than occasional
Hugs as a token of love from you to me, ooh, baby

I fought my way through the rush hour
Trying to make it home just for you
I want to make sure that your dinner
Will be waiting for you

But when you get there you just tell me
You're not hungry at all
You said you'd rather read the paper
And you don't want to talk

You like to think that I'm just crazy
When I say that you've changed
I'm convinced I know the problem
You don't love me the same

You're just going through the motions
And you're not being fair
I've got my pride, I will not cry
Still I can't help but care

I'm not your superwoman (Oh, no, no)
I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down
And think that everything's okay
Boy, I am only human (I'm only human)
This girl needs more than occasional
Hugs as a token of love from you to me

I'm not your superwoman (Hoo, hoo, hoo, ooh, ooh, hoo)
I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down (Hey)
And think that everything's okay (Don't let me down, don't you let me down)
Boy, I am only human (I'm only human, yeah)
This girl needs more than occasional
Hugs as a token (Ooh, ooh) of love from you to me

Oh, baby, look into the corners of your mind
I'll always be there for you through good and bad times
But I can't be that superwoman that you want me to be
I'll give my love everlasting love if you'll return love to me

I'm not your superwoman (Oh, no, oh, no)
I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down
And think that everything's okay
Boy, I am only human (I'm only human)
This girl needs more than occasional
Hugs as a token of love from you to me (Oh, no)

If you feel it in your heart
And you understand me
Stop right where you are
Everybody sing along with me

Hoo, hoo, hoo, ooh, ooh, hoo
Hoo, hoo, hoo, ooh, ooh, hoo
I'm the kind of girl that can treat you so sweet
But you got to realize that you got to be sweeter to me, oh, ho, ho

Hoo, hoo, hoo, ooh, ooh, hoo
Hoo, hoo, hoo, ooh, ooh, hoo
I need love
I need just your love

I'm not your superwoman (Oh, no)
I'm not the kind of girl that you can let down (You can let down)
And think that everything's okay
Boy, I am only human (I'm only human)
This girl needs more than occasional (Hey, hey, hey, hey)
Hugs as a token of love from you to me
I'm not your superwoman

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Saturday, November 06, 2004

uploaded a new song for my blog.. wondering if it works.. haha`
..::hilary duff-fly::..

today is a fulfilled day. did alot of housework, wash, hang and fold clothes.... swept the floor (obviously no use coz i have 3 dogs at home. and the floor has just been swept and mopped yesterday)... washed kitchen floor.. erm...... walk the dogs, bath the dogs.. yep. tt's all.

dar said to have brunch with me.. but then waited till 1+.. super hungry so i went downstairs to da bao.. then he called to say he reached liao... so we met at the coffeeshop and get food together. had a great time watching teevee and eating together. then carried on watching teevee again after we ate.. chatted and played games..

momma was too tired to cook, so darling and i went to da bao food for the whole family. bought hor fun, hokkien mee, hong kong mee, carrot cake and dessert for all. ate and watched teevee.. and now dar's tucked in bed snugly at home. nah.. jk. he doesn't sleep so early.. but anyway, he's at home now.

an uneventful yet happy day.

ok. check out my plans for tml:
->im gonna TRY to clean my own rm and get rid of the dust and rearrange stuff.
->start on a new danielle steel book
->watch teevee
->have brunch (DUH`)
->play GB (muahaha, and crush those noobs)
->write some postcards and christmas cards.^^
->rent vcds to watch

seems like alot huh.. yea. ALOT






nvm. u get the idea..

alrighty. i'll see which one i feel like doing.. muahaha` wad's the plan for anyway? *chucks it aside*


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Thursday, November 04, 2004

suddenly feel like blogging but having mental block now.. hmm... wad happened few days back?

oh, on tuesday, dar came over to my place in the morning after his classes and bro cooked brunch for us. after which we just chilled out at my place and the 2 of us cooked macaroni cheese together. ahaha` he's so amateur at it. lol` can't stand it. anyway, it wasn't as nice as the alfredo fushilli and carborana.. hehe`

after tt he kidnapped my lappy home for his project presentation the next day.

went with my mum to the dinner at the parade ground just in front of my block. twas guan yin's burfdae the day b4 (monday). yea, it's 'jia tor', something like those lunar 7th mth kind. anyway. the food's nt bad.. haha` got momma's and my favourite, which is the awwww-ni... hahahah` damn nice and fragrant, nt very sweet, i like. haha` we even da bao the remaining home for my brothers. hehe`


called dar in the morning and he told me he was having great problems with his project presentation which was gonna be dued few hrs later, coz of the 2 freaking freedrifters in his grp.. grrr` felt kinda angry for him too. but anyway, i told him to write very badly for the peer evaluation.

but lucky him, in the end, he still managed to present the slides.

ha` dee dee sms-ed me to asked if im still onz abt clubbing tonight. replied him telling him tt i promised my gurlfrens tt we'd experience our first time ever together. lol` hee. then he said he'd forgive me this time coz my reason is valid. lol` wad crap shit is tt. hurhur` anyway. hahah` he said he missed going out with me. i think he's gonna be my sista soon. hmmm`

stayed at home the whole day and watched teevee in my rm... watched a documentary show on cemetaries on the discovery travel & adventure channel. it talks abt the kind of info u can actually get on cemetaries. like for eg, in scotland, there's this cemetary which has the highest concentration of titanic victims.

and also this very appealing and sad lurve story in paris. in which the guy and gurl love each other, but the guy went to a monastery and the gurl to a nunnery. but they still keep in contact by writing letters. everyone knew about their relationship. in the end, the guy died and his body was buried in the nunnery. and when the gurl died, they were both buried in the public cemetary together side by side with the statues of them above their resting place. and it's really very sweet.

one more.... there's this guy who held great authority, king or something i forgot. he hated his dad so much tt he actually buried his dad under the stairs so tt everyone can kind of like step on his body. then when tt guy died, he made plans b4 tt to build the memorial shrine on the ground above the body, so tt those tourists who went to visit his grave will still step on his dad's grave.. hmmm` ain't it very mean?

dar came over to my place today in the morning after his lessons. then both of us went to causeway pt coz it's been a long time since i went there. we caught 'ladder 49' at abt 12+, a really touching film. i caught myself crying for alot of scenes. even the one where jack morrison was presented a plaque by the gurl whom he saved. lol` wad an emo freak!!!

i like tt black guy, forgot his name. for his good physique and also his coolness. he seems alot like the black guy from 98 degrees. haha` anyway. wah. damn cool.. lol` still remember his starring in Like Mike the movie. hehe`

wanted so much to get the OP shorts!!! but haiz.. so ex.. lol` 39.90.. wth.. hmmmm` sianz!!!

quarrelled with dar today of course knowing my character i'm an emo freak, i'll never say wad i dun like abt him in front of him. coz i'll break down after tt. it's always sms or msn. but in the end, we got things straight and everything's fine now. so glad i've got it off my chest.

::currently feeling::

REALLY awesome and happy and elated and wadeva! lol` the kl trip's confirmed and im really excited abt it. this is gonna be the very first time im going out of sg with my muacksy gurlfrens!! haha` of course with the company of my bro, dad and darling. gotta save up and buy lotsa stuff back! teeheehee

momma's asking me to go batam with her. haven't confirm yet.. hehe` alrighty!

bye cheerios my dear diary!

on a note - this blog is for my own personal record of milestones and everyday teeeny weeeeeeny details in my life, so tt i could refer to it when im old. seriously i didn't set this up for readers' sake. but still. read it for ur own entertainment's sake. =)

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Monday, November 01, 2004

ooops. got it all wrong. hee` the teeeeveee is only gonna come tml, nt today. anyway. it's chris' (my 2nd elder bro) day off today, so the 2 of us did some housework then went down to suntec to shop at around 2+ in the afternoon.

didn't wanna watch a movie coz i promised pig to watch ladder 49 with him and i think all the other shows nt quite nice.

had brunch at 3+ in sakae sushi suntec. as usual - buffet. haha` in the end i think i ate more than my bro. lol` so sad, they didn't have the choc cheesecake i wanted for dessert. instead, they replaced it with 4 mochi ice cream per serving. but i tell u, it's freaking nice. lol` it's this muah chee like outer covering and inside is ice cream. comes in 4 flavours, peach, lychee, sesame and yam. extremely nice. hehee`

afterwhich we went to carefour to shop for some foodstuff. wanted to find a rack to put the tv, but lol` can't find nice ones. so we didn't get any. and decided to just get a wall bracket and put the tv on it. save space. ^^

shopped for a while b4 we went home at about 7+. feeling quite happy and i simply enjoy family life. no wonder im a cancerian. hee` awwwww so homely. =)

here's some pics taken at sentosa eons ago.. haha` enjoy.

ain't this beautiful?

ahhhh even more... hmmm nice lil sunny island`

woot. more!

this shot is taken by my parents.. lol` tt's nt our kiddo. haha` she's my 7 yrs old cousin.

my jack russell and me!! hee` ain't it adorable?

muahaha` this is even better. it's such a good poser!

me and my eldest bro at the bridge.

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hmmm` uploaded alot of pic yesterday coz i wanna get rid of the big pictures folder in my lappy.. dar's gonna kidnap my lappy away from me again.. wahahhaa` anyway, it's gonna be his last project so i wish him luck!! muahaha`

remember the thailand trip i told u all abt? nah. it's never gonna come true. lol` coz my mom strongly against it, said waste money and all. anyway. muahaha` im sooo happy. im now organising a trip to kl with my 2 pals!!! hee` and im extremely excited abt it! dar's coming right with us, right after his exams on 5th dec. hee` bro's gonna be the guardian coz he thinks it's nt too safe for the 3 of us gurls. and grr... dad's tagging along. but anyway. if dad's really coming along, me and my pals can get 1 rm by ourself!! hehe` so yep. dun care abt missing sch. muahaha`

luckily dar can make it, but we have to skip 3 days of sch... haiz. see how ba.

bro said wanna go watch movie later coz 2 for 1. and also the sony wega tv bro bought will be sent over today... yea... it's going into my rm... and im still abit against it. but.. wad can i do now.. wahahha` let's just let the living rm's 40+ inches tv go to waste and all shall watch tv in their own rm... -.-

anyhow.... hee` im extremely excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wahaha`

On a note: 'fishes' gang used to be made up for 6 ppl. but then again. all's so laid back. and i can't help wondering whether now only the trio is left. the others.... they're just nt sporting enuff and enthu enuff. whereas for the 3 of us, we're always onz abt outings and all. and we'll always put each other top priority, coz we noe we're the bestest of frens.
and now, im very happy that we've taken a step forward with the trip to kl. and im feeling really happy. words cannot describe.
i've came up with this plan since few yrs back. and i receive bad response coz some are just too passive.
and i think tt i've kinda had enuff of the 3 others.. and therefore, only concentrate on the 3 of us as it is actually quite easy to organise stuff. i do not admit tt im being mean here. but then again, if u're willing and enthu on such outings, u'd have made an effort to turn up and not give lame excuses when u can actually go out freely with other peeps but nt us.
im not angry. but im sad. 3 of us. sandy, yixian and me, we gloat over the fact tt fishes is gone. and only the trio remains now. plus also the endless albums of memories fishes have taken during secondary sch.

and now, it leaves us with endless freedom to organise outings and not being given the fed-upness of somebody who can't make it after the outing's bring organised.

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