Thursday, December 30, 2004

let's start on my wordy entry again.



skipped staff students day at 1 to go for blood donation at convention centre. went there alone. and my first time donating blood too. i love to be given injections. (dun ask me if i'd like SM, muahaha`)

anyway, it was a great experience. and i dun even feel guilty after the whole thing. so i lied down, and the nurse gave me a jab which i assumed it's anesthetic coz when she poked the white straw-like tube into my arm, i wasn't feeling painful at all. and it was all done quite smoothly and fast.

then my arm was bandaged with this really cute smiley print. haha` pink somemore. then had some refreshments and headed back home. yep. i felt a sense of satisfaction. and i was also given an appointment card for next donation and also iron tablets for 2 wks.


my brother brought the dogs for a stroll, as usual, jackie and beet on leash and xiaohei's not. and he wandered off and as mentioned by witnesses, he was being carried away by strangers. and being a good eater + recessive, it didn't actually do anything.

so we searched high and low alot of times. and from panic we turned to dejected. he's gone just like tt. and i still remember all the times we had together. the period of time i bathed him once every 2 days coz of his terrible skin disease.

sigh. i cried alot. i miss him so terribly much. and i wonder if jackie will actually feel lonely.
if he's in good hands now, im happy for him. but if he's nt, or tt the person who picked him up threw him somewhere else and leave him as a stray dog. how? haiz.

bye my darling jap chin.



practicals were short, easy, straightforward and relatively easy. so we ended quite early. supposedly at 3 but dismissed at 1+.

decided to join wing, dee, and rayn in blading club. so waited till 6 with winnie, wing, rayn, dee and shyni. we slacked, eat hotdogs, drink bubble tea, watch dvd and listen to music + read bks all the way till 6.

twas rainin so blading practice cancelled. ended up kin pong was so nice to lend us his blades + safety gear. i think it was rather nice coz we, being PRO amateurs will scratch his precious 100+ blades. but he didn't mind at all! and he even taught each and everyone of us. all of us tried once including shyni's sis.

it was my first ever experience. it was erm... overwhelming, frightful yet very fun and entertaining watching myself fall so many times and climbing up myself and "wheeling". rayn was behind me all the while for fear of me falling. but i kept making the same mistake of moving the blades back and forth.

it was great fun. haha` i think i fell more than 5 times. rofl.
then wing was blading. rayn was behind holding her, and me standing in front holding onto her. once when she was about to fall, i moved front to grab her arms. then rayn moved front also to grab wing. ended up my nose banged straight into his head. it was terribly painful. lol. and tears came out subconsciously. haha` and i'm like laughing and crying at the same time.

i dun think i have a flare for blading. but i still wanna learn. hahaha` falling and getting up is fun. ^^

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


The Singapore Red Cross Society has launched a public appeal to help victims of the Bay of Bengal earthquake and tsumami waves.
The public can send their donations.
By cheque to the 'Singapore Red Cross Society'(Please indicate behind the cheque 'Tidal Waves Asia'. Included your name, address and tel number as a receipt will be sent to you.
Post the cheque to
The Singapore Red Cross
15 Penang Lane
Singapore 238486
In person to the Red Cross House @ 15 Penang Lane
between 9.30 am - 5.45 pm on weekdays and
9.30 am - noon on Saturdays.

Ananda Travel & Sri Lankan Airlines
are appealing for donations to be airlifted to Sri Lanka.
Those interested can send the donations to:
133 Cecil Street
Keck Seng Tower
Singapore 069535
36 Robinson Road
#01-01 City House
Singapore 068877

1. Tents
2. Food (Pre-cooked or ready-to-eat meal packs)
3. Water Purification Tablets
4. Wheat Flour, rice, other staples
5. Drugs: Paracetamol, anti-biotics, wound dressing, suture material, disposable syringes, vitamins, and vaccinations for diarrhoea, cholera and malaria.
6. Intravenous infusions (saline and dextrose)
7. Portable generators
8. Clothes and blankets

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please pray for them. please do.

officers mentioned tt the death toll could reach 57,000. and it's like 28,000+++ now. still counting on.

this is the shot taken in indonesia where the bodies lined the streets and families looking through them for their loved ones.

mass burials have also been held so as to prevent diseases from spreading and also body decomposition.

can u imagine the survivors rummaging thru the bodies in search of their loved ones but in vain?

sigh. big sigh.

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woke up an hr ago to have breakfast and watch the news. thru'out the news, special reports have been coming in from reporters all over asia which channel news asia had made them fly in specially.

it was terrible, and still is. the death toll in asia have gone to up the 28,000 and more to come, with sri lanka having the highest figures. thailand, indo, maldives, india, even myanmar.

my heart goes out to those families who lost their love ones. may god bless you. dun think tt jehovah is not aware of all these. he noes. and he'll try to stop bad things from happening, somehow, somewhere.

if i have the bucks, i'd donate tens of thousands dollars to Red Cross. and if i do have medical knowledge, i'd go help. but now. i guess i'd be meddlesome if i were to go there. hmmm`

till then. take care all. cherish wad u've got.
im off for skool now. spanish and IFP test later on. ^^

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

santa gave me a good present this christmas. my dad's actually working and nt creating problems for the family. he just reached home a while ago, since he started work at 1am.

he told me tt he carried the coffin of the indonesian maid, the one who committed suicide after dropping the baby.

haha` anyway, he always got to do this kind of stuff. coz he's like in charge of carrying the cargo and all.

the other time he told me tt he even carried the body of the SG woman who was murdered in KL hotel. and he mentioned tt the body was kept in a cardboard box!!! my gosh. and guess wad? he said tt he could even see the hand coming out of the box lor. pengz... -.-

hmm.. yesterday. i really had a great time. slacked at home the whole day then did hair steaming. afterwhich i reached dar's place at abt 7+.

his 2 sisters, dar and i took cab down to yunnan garden restaurant near Tang Cheng for the wedding banquet. we reached quite early so we waited for some of their closer relatives to come before we went in and took our seats. btw. no choice have to go. coz dar's mum "chop" a seat for me le.

had a great time having the dinner with ivan (dar's cousin) and also other cousins. haha` it's been like a few yrs since i last saw ivan the other we worked together. and now he's already secured a place in NUS, currently in paya lebar air base now.

dar and i drank red wine thru'out the whole dinner. and haha` i was really feeling tipsy coz i drank alot. even darling started asking me if i could manage. rofl. when i walked to the ladies i was really kinda giddy. hee`

we almost asked if they have vodka or gin. -.- anyway, we took a few bottles of red wine for our own table.

anyhow, i was trying to control my tears the whole time the couple walks into the hall to either cut the wedding cake or to pour the champagne. it was simply touching and i dunno. im such an emo freak. maybe it's because of the music. they played Come Wad May!!!!! soo extremely sweet.

guess wad we had for dessert? it's aloe vera and XUE HA!!!! my gosh. xue ha is super ex de lor. my mum bought and cooked for me b4. and those 2 stupid metrosexuals (dar and ivan) snatched the remaining from the woman!!! grrr it's like 20 bucks per 100 grams or something. forgot le.

thru'out the dinner, dar was telling everyone tt it's gonna be our wedding next. and tt they must start saving a dollar each day till the day comes. lol` he super crap leh.

after tt, dar, his biao jie and i took a cab down to lakeside train station and took train down pasir ris side. she to bugis for pubbing and dar + me to esplanade. wanted to go orchard at first. but it'll be damn packed. so we went city hall instead. it'll be MUCH better.


we reached esplanade before the clock strikes twelve. yep it's truly much better coz i noe exactly how town's like. hahaha`

so we found ourselves a standing place near the fence to the sea. yep. enjoyed singing softly to each other and chatting or plainly just looking at the lights in the water.

then darling confessed to me tt he didn't get me any christmas present!!!!! boohoohoo but aiyah. forget it lar. hahah` one less present. he promised me he'd get de. then now dun have. abit sad lar. but no big fuss. ^^

dar said alot to me by the sea. i asked him was he was thinking abt. and he told me everything. shan't disclose. too muuuuushy le.

but when i was listening to wad he said. i found myself tearing and putting my face to his shoulder, leaning against him. he was also quite shocked to see me crying.

he wasn't someone who can express his feelings and thoughts in words. he'd normally answer "nothing" when i asked him wad he was thinking abt. he never really sweet talk alot. and i was thrilled, tt he would say such stuff to me.
it's been a long time since he said these kinda stuff.

so hammie and i went to the bus stop to take a bus at abt 12+. waited for quite some time, saw pam and jj. then we took 162M.

the bus finally reached our stop at about 2+ am. -.-
haha coz the jam was terrible along town area.

reached home found 2 brothers and momma still awake. momma was waiting for me to come home, sleeping on the sofa in the living room. so sweet of her. and i really appreciate it. she didn't call to chase me home when i was out. this is also the first time i reached home real late w/o my brothers accompanying me. and she didn't chide me at all. (even though i told her i'll be real late coz countdown mah)

when i reached home with darling, she even smiled and asked me how it went, whether i had a great time, and where i went. oh boy. she's a great mum!

chris gave me a gingerbreadman, a box of Beryl choc and also some other choc ar. all frm his colleagues in Starhub. i think he has a tradition now. always giving me the presents he receive.
-.- anyway. haha` it's nice of him lar. i especially love the apple strudels he always bring back frm Shangri-la Hotel!!! yummy.

ray bought supper for all of us and we ate till abt 4+ am before i went to sleep. really cannot tahan le. and dar slept after watching ocean's eleven.

it's gonna be 12 noon now. and he's still pigging out on the bed!!! maybe i should pull him out of bed now. hahaha`


thanks Jehovah for making this day wonderful for me. thanks for everything, my family and a loving man.

but.......... i dun have dar's present this yr!!!!!!! SADDED

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Friday, December 24, 2004

twas dead tired yesterday so didn't left an entry.

had 6 hrs of prac and it was kinda easy lar. but during the last part of isolating plasmid DNA, we "buang" .... hahaha` darn tt lab manual lar. anyway, we're supposed to add all of the supernatant, but we only added 10 ul. coz the instructions said so. sianz.

then wing threw away the rest of the supernatant hee, so we gotta redo, coz 10ul of plasmid DNA is nt enuff. then we did it according the shorter protocol, which we spent erm.. 1 and half hrs to do it. so we left at abt 5.

went bazaar to shop and all. afterwhich i went to meet fishes at coro.

hp was real late. so left the 5 of us reminiscing with each other. we bought some bbq stuff frm ntuc then took a bus down to 3rd avenue.

the bbq with our 4E3 classmates were great. saw alot of friends.

in the end, it felt as if we're having our own bbq coz the 5 of us just stayed together away frm the others catching up with one another.

then at 9+, we left the hse for KAP. waited there for huiping while we went to get food and also choc cheese cake for huiping to celebrate her burfday earlier. (her burfday is on 27th dec)

yx and i managed to get a candle frm bengawan solo. hahah` *big phew* and sandy and i ran around the mac trying to borrow lighter frm ppl. guess wad, the 2nd floor was filled with ppl but none has lighter -.- proves tt the gruesome pics on the cigarettes boxes work. -.-

anyway, we ran out of mac and borrowed frm those outside coz they sure smoke de mah , coz they were sitting outside.

quickly ran up and light the candle then sang hp a birthday song, and she was soooo touched. some other guys near our table even sang with us. heee` so we kept on asking her to go to their table and thank them. hahahah`

we finished the cake by pinching it. haha` so imagine 6 pairs of fingers digging into the soft and sticky CHEESE cake .. ahhaha` it was great though. ^^

we ballot to see who gets whose presents. only 4 names included coz hp bought presents for all of us. and yx haven't got down to getting the present. so the 4 of us ballot. and it's seriously weird. tt one will get her own name. everytime. hahaha` so we ended up balloting alot of times so in the end, we sort it out ourselvs.

i got a really innovative clock frm jo. u need to pull off the lid of the can, just like those can food. then can u see the clock face. hee ^^

jy got my bracelet. and jo got sandy's really nice mug. it's hand-painted with the word FISHES.

chatted till 11+, didn't keep track of time coz we were all chatting happily. haha` so in the end we're like "shucks!! it's 11+ now" so everyone took own bags and ran out of KAP. haha`

jo and i shared a cab back to amk. if nt i'll only reach home at abt 12+.

i had an awesome time with fishes! chatting and catching up with each others lives. im reassured now, tt fishes is nt gone. ^^

and im happy. coz it's christmas eve today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

today i saw this family man carrying a really nice box frm Bengawan Solo. oooh it's a log cake.

i've never cut a log cake in my whole life. and suddenly it dawned on me tt im miserable.
i wasn't from a well off family. nt even a christian one, so i never get to have christmas trees in my place. nt even a log cake ever cut before in my house in my entire life.

and i found myself smiling to air. thinking how nice and sweet it is. to have a log cake for christmas. and friends, family, loved ones sharing it with u.

i've only eaten a slice of log cake in my entire 18 yrs. and tt's in somebody else's home. ain't it sad?

i used to dismiss log cake as a huge wastage of money. it's just a cheapskate swiss roll with choc fudge on the outside. wad's the big deal? wondering wad's all the hoo-haas about.

but now i understand. today i dun feel the same way i felt before --- celebrating christmas with log cake is a wonderful thing.
and it feels even better when u're deprived of it.

deprived of lurve. deprived of everything. why should i even be doing so much when i yearn nothing at all? nothing. not even words of console.

im happy for u, for ur good grades. i jumped up for joy to get the fone after i came out of the bathroom, hearing my mom told me u called and have good news for me.

and wad did i get in return? am i asking for too much? u dun even care anymore. so why should i? yet i feel so much for u. so much so tt my heart yearns for u.

maybe u'll never know. never.

im having my practicals tml. i hope i can find the wound in my heart.
and spray 70% alcohol on it.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

hmm i forgot to add something in my entry yesterday.

i saw david yeo in town yesterday!! yung and i were shopping in Forever 21 in wisma then we went out of the shop, and she spotted him with another gurl. then im like "really meh. doesn't look like leh... " then we bo liao went in front of him in charles & keith and geigei see slippers.

omg it was really david yeo we saw. wahahha` hearts fluttering, legs popping. he's dashing. nuff said. period.

^^ yung and i stood rooted to the spot for a few seconds b4 we quickly walked away, and went goo and gaaaa over him. hahaha`

alrighty. today's spanish class was great. i simply love the unison of the whole class, whether it's reciting the words loudly or just laughing out loud together.

IFP class was so so...

anyway, i used the aubergine dye i bought last sunday. it simply sux. the purple color is nt even there at all. and it made my hair seem darker. -.- helluva waste of money and time. anyway. haiz. forget it. i'll go get the palty peach another day.

btw. my jack russell has got this short row of fur on his back which spikes up. it never comes down. so we dyed it purple. haha` seemingly funny. ^^

night. im extremely sleepy. hmmmm

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Monday, December 20, 2004

wheeeeeeeee` today's an extremely crazee day.. had kfc for lunch and dinner.

after sch, i met up with yung at orchard then we went for lunch in kfc. afterwhich we walked around in level 1. had a great time catching up with her and also trying out different clothes.

omg. there was this shop in level 1 (i forgot the name) which has this freaking gorgeous black dress. i soooo wanted to buy it. tried the black one and yung tried the pink one. it's just so fitting on me!!! wahahha and hee so nice. but it cost a whooping 59.90. hmmmm`

plus there was also a red low cut top i tried in forever 21. it's superb too!!! but it cost 43 bucks. sigh... terribly tempted to get it. haiz. maybe i shall wait.. and wait... and wait till the cows come home.

soooooooo glad tt i didn't spend much today!!!!!! i only spent 2.30 bucks!! muahahha`
kfc lunch was treated by yung coz she owed me money. then the 2.30 was spent on miso soup packets i bought frm Isetan. heee` sooo proud of myself. who wld go orchard and spend only 2.30.. muahahhaha`

boohoohoo....... saded ar. i promise to spend ONLY 3 bucks in sch everyday. oh pls... i'll try my very best... muimuimuimuimuimui BEST.

and so haha. chris bought kfc back for dinner for the whole family!!! gosh. -.- jesus christ. i hate chicken now.

anyhow, let's talk abt yesterday!!!

honey baked ham and i went to mcRitchie yesterday afternoon around 2+. we went to take this trail which is like 2.25 km. walked all the way till the end of trail.... quite fun lar. hee` then was chatting all the way w/o resting our legs. then we ended up in the middle of nowhere (woods) so we gotta back to where we start but we took the rocky jogging pathway.. so we ended up walking a total of 5.5km.. haha` extremely tired but gay. ^^

then we went back to where we started.. felt abit dejected as we couldn't find the water tomb. anyhow, we stopped to take a rest and eat my sandwiches, and also the drinks tt hammie brought.

walked to cafe to chill out and eat. spent some quality time chatting and fooling around.

went home after tt...

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

wheeeeeeeeeeeee going for picnic later with hammie!!!!!! muahahha` so happy. it's been ages since i last went for picnic. suddenly wanting to go so much. hee` so im in charge of food and dar, drinks.

hmm today is our little day. in fact it's our 50th little day. ^^

so now, im gonna go prepare the food and also to study instrumentation.. alrighty. ^^

adios/adieus! (dunno how to spell)

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latest entry on my new blogskin. recently found tt there're alot of new and extremely nice skins on .. hmmm do go check out yah?

and since i've been using the asian chic skin for a few mths, it's time i changed it. so here it is.

edited alot on the given posted html. shifted the tables abit to accomodate the long names on my links... and also added some kinky & cute buttons.

however, something's wrong with myshoutbox. think it's their internal server error ba. coz other blogs also dun have. nvm we shall wait huh.


dun feel so down and lonely. although u wun be easily cheered up i noe. but stay true to ur heart. there're still alot of people who care about u. even though there are no actions to prove it. but we do. ^^

the pathway in front of u is nt as bleak as u think it is. think brighter, and it'll be.

dun think tt u've failed in ur past r/s with guys. they've failed u. it's nt ur fault. treat it as an experience. and learn from it. the guys u gonna meet in future would be even better, and would cherish u even more and love u much more than u can ever imagine.

there are bound to be times when u feel lonely. it's perfectly normal. but dun let it be forever. let ur friends into ur life. ^^

take care pals.

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

hee, dar and chris watching the chronicles of riddick now in the living room. i was watching too, but nt much of an interest lar. hee` so i came in here to blog.

such a miracle, my boy woke up at 11+ today.. when normally he'll only crawl out of bed after 12. haa`


on thursday, rayn, wing, dee, jj, winnie and me took bus to grapevine after sch. before going to the pub, we went to various pet shops and took a look at their wide collection of dogs. oh man. lol they were so extremely cute. hahaha`

plus there was this siberian husky omg. eyes so look like tt of a human, kinda creepy too. but it's so friendly, nt hostile at all. ^^

afterwhich we went to the crocodile farm. didn't realise tt they can actually jump for 2 metres. gosh... ridiculous. anyway, we saw this whole set of jade pieces such as the big grandfather's clock, the ship and so on. super grand and seems so ex lor. or rather, luxury.

went ahead to grapevine, just when they open. happy hour so didn't serve other beverages except beer. hahaa` and dee and i hated beer. boohoohoo. i simply detest tt fermented malt taste. eeeuuuu anyhow, the others drank and we just played cards to pass time...


lecture was super boring, especially the first 2 hrs.

then lunch...

then 2 hrs lecture again...

and here comes the briefing for 3rd yr project and IAP + OIAP

im still considering abt going for the overseas attachment program. though im like 75% against it. haiz. my mum told me to go. and my family still has some money left over frm the selling of hse last yr. but i feel so extremely bad. coz most of it is in fixed deposit lor. which means they have to fork out themselves.

i noe it's a great opportunity but there's another reason im nt willing to go. i love my home, my momma, my brothers and also my honey baked ham. boohoohoo. so haiz. maybe i shouldn't go after all.

gonna do project with winnie... and will try to read up on the 83 project titles later.

anyhow, dar came to fetch me frm sch after the briefing and we went straight to my crib. played some games, had dinner, then played games again.. we started watching national treasure (coz dar haven't watch it) at 1+ am... and it's like my 3rd time watching it. so im kind of sleepy.
mui mui mui mui mui sleepy..... hahahahaha` (tt's "very" for spanish btw, but dunno if it's spelt like tt)

anyway.. finished watching the movie, so we slept at abt 3+..

wheee i've already made plans for tml. picnic!!! hope it wun rain. pretty pls. suddenly im so craving for a picnic, so im gonna drag dar along with me tml. wahahha` to McRitchie! plus can go and explore the water tomb. muahahhaha`

hmph, dun care abt the bible study session tml le. i waited last wk for them, and they pang seh me... made me walk around in my house aimlessly. lol`
anyway. i dun even have their contact no -.-

im gonna go cut my hair later lor. yay` then go buy DIY dye. dun care le lar, at most i borrow money frm momma. hee` since i was always so thrifty, never asked her for money apart frm my allowance. even when i need to buy worth 30+ of textbook. i'd even pay for them myself frm my own allowance. hee` alrighty.

have a nice weekend buds.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

jammin :: dido//thank you ::

"yesterday ............ all my troubles seem so far awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ......"
(it's an oldie btw. lol` )

kk shall stop croaking.. yep.. yesterday.

both lectures were kinda boring. or rather, they actually WERE.

anyhow, we attended first 2 hrs lecture of instrumentation and decided tt we couldn't carry on anymore for the next 2 hrs, so we skipped 1 hr of the next lecture and only came back after the break for the remaining 1 hr. SIM brunch was great, chit chat talk cock...

the whole lot of rude students coming in after the break disrupting the lecture. hmmm tsktsk`

after lecture which is 12, winnie, dee dee, rayn, wing, jj, uu and me went to PS to catch a movie. we bought tics for National Treasure at 1.20. and we went in late coz we got food frm carefour. muahahaha nice soft shell crab temaki *grinx*

show was great, had a great time panicking and heart popping. yep. cool.

afterwhich we went shopping shop after shop especially ALL the gift shops. yep. haha. didn't find a BIG and CUTE bear which i wanted. and im kinda fussy abt the material. hahaha` it must be rreeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyyyyyyy soft. haha`

anyhow, i dragged them to John Little in the end, wanting to get maybe a belt and a shirt for darling. but then again. hahhaa it proved to be too risky coz have to measure the arm length and also the neck.

so in the end, i opted for the safer choice - BRIEFS

yep. i bought Renoma briefs for darling. haha` coz the boxers there were so fugly. and i couldn't find those SpongeBob Squarepants kind. so arrrrrr heck lar. just get briefs, better. lol`

dun ask me how i noe the size, it's a lame qns. see the waist lar!! -.- DUH

dun worry, it wouldn't matter even if the honey baked ham read this post. coz he already knew abt it. he was too anxious abt it, and i simply can't keep a surprise. i was TOO excited. hahahha`

i told my momma abt it too. hahahhaha` guess wad?? she said "hey, u're a wise gurl, it's useful and practical...." ROFLMAO. hahahhaha`

she's a witch!!!! and i lUrVe her to bits. and of course i love my honey baked ham too. he's so adorable & coated with honey. yum *slurps*


spanish class was great!! extremely fun. muahhaha` i have a whole class of jovial ppl. and 3/4 of them whom i noe. haha` including even charles frm engineering. the teacher is great, and everything else is. muahaha` i had a great time reciting all those funny funny words and also learnt alot abt those verbs.

i stepped into class with the professora calling me ANG-KE-LAA.. then i was like. huh? no.. AN-GEE-LA hmmmm so much for cutesy. ^^ i like her.

financial planning was boring. at least tt was wad i thought. coz maybe i skipped the first lecture, tt's y i couldn't really catch up. but all in all it's fine lar. the teacher is erm.. humourous. and.... short. hahahhaha` nt tt im the opposite but hey, lol he's really considered short among guys.

dar came and picked me up at the bus stop after my classes and we proceeded to Junction 8 after tt. didn't shop at all.. walked around wanting to eat something but can't really make up out minds.

so i jokingly suggested Sakae Sushi (remember i was supposed to save?)

and dar said. ok. he's tempted.. -.- so in the end we went for buffet at Sakae. didn't really eat much sushi this time around, but i ate more temaki. hahha` and of course all the usual fried stuff lar. had a good time chatting with darling while we ate frm 4 till 5+.. ordered rum & raisin and mocha almond fudge for dessert.

yep.. sigh.. there goes my 17 bucks. hahha`

i reeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyyyy gotta get down to my 3 bucks per day plan. or else i wun get to shop. hahaha` and i wanna dye my hair before christmas for the dinner! hahaha`

yep it's a want. but im gonna make it a NEED.

i've just finished writing x' mas cards. left some more to finish. and also to generate more gift wrapping ideas. teeheehee`


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Sunday, December 12, 2004

let's blog now.. coz im too bored..

diet journal for today:
breakfast:a butter cookie with pecan (courtesy of chris)
lunch:instant noodles. (extremely nice and big packet, noodles nt fried, and stock is super nice. ask webmaster for the brand ^^)
dinner: shall see yah =)

yea.. im tt bored to list down all the stuff i wanna eat.

i've made a pact with myself. im gonna spend only 3 bucks a day. of course only sch days and excluding those going out. yea. 3 in sch. shucks. so im gonna have to prepare all my breakfast for fear of having to buy in sch.

so much so for christmas. boohoohoo. glad there's the gift xchange thingy.. and not like oh u suppose to get for everyone. lol` of course i love to whine and complain about wad to get for frens but hey. can't be helped when pockets are tight huh.

of course i'd love to shower ALL my frens with gifts they adore. IF.. big IF... im Bill Gates' somebody tt is. but till now. i just have to resort to starving my super-nourished tummy on just 3 bucks a day. lol`

but dun ya worry dearies, monday movie's still on!!! rofl i could still afford tt.

sadded. no plans for today. lol` but nvm. i love to stay at home anyway. so it's gonna be watching teevee, bible study session, watching teevee again. and maybe dvds and playing ps2 also. cya dudes & dudettes.

im craving for snickers.

wait. let me talk abt snickers. i dreamt last night tt i was in a supermart and i was searching for snickers like crazy.. for 2 hrs.. didn't find it. but in the end, i lose my friggin wallet. weird. BIG weird... nvm.


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Saturday, December 11, 2004

i've finally survived 1 wk of sch.... i figured tt most of my modules sux... lol` except of course spanish and financial planning. hmmmm` and also the one taught by dr zaman...

"hmmmm i have a sexy body" she actually said tt.. at least tt was wad i heard frm my classmates.. anyhow.. lol` let's start on my m'sia trip journal.

-sat 4th oct & sunday 5th oct-

took the midnight coach to kl. dar came over to my place, so both of us took a cab down to golden mile with my dad. met up with sandy and yx at golden mile. filled in all the insurance stuff and chris and his fren, mark finally reached b4 the coach go off...

sat with dar in the bus, chatted alot with san and yx too.. reached puduraya (kl bus station) at about 5+am...

then we walked to imperior hotel frm puduraya. it took around 15 minutes. we've already booked the 3 hotel rooms in Imperior but it's full coz it's a saturday the day b4. so we sat in kfc and waited for a long time... (yea the kfc in BB is 24 hrs) . ate abit and stoned...

now u see it

now u dun!~

thereafter we went to a nearby coffeeshop and la-kopi while we wait.. again... in the end at around 10+, we couldn't take it anymore.. coz it was too boring. went to check out the hotel, but still nt ready yet. so we walked to Berjaya Times Square (new shopping mall) and walked around abit.

chris, mark, yx and me went to get tics for the theme park in times square and the others just stone outside while waiting for us to finish playing with the rides.

took the rollercoaster in which we thought it would be extremely erm.. fearful of.. but in the end. it's nt thrilling at all!! it's got 2 cockscrews and sometimes would move by hanging us head down.. but... nah. it's nt as thrilling as the DNA mixer. it literary hangs u and keeps on spinning.

there's also one ride which seems so much like the Top Gun in Europe Funfair. but this is different coz 2 ppl will sit together, facing another 2 directly.. so chris and mark sat opposite yx and me. and it turns 180 and hang. and also 90 and hang. so we were like on top of each other. hahaha` and then we were shouting "oei.. dun drool hor!!" rofl.

came out after we've tried all the thrilling rides. yx and i still dun wanna tear off the tag on our hand coz we wanna come back and play in the night.

so the whole lot of us went to check in the hotel rooms. 3 gurls to a rm, dad and darling one rm.. chris and mark one rm.

all of us were damn shagged so we just slept till about 6+pm before we woke up to go have dinner and shopping.

as usual we went to eat at the da pai dang just across the street frm our hotel. ordered alot of food such as my favourite portegese grilled stingray and lala!!! hee`

the finished portergese grilled lala... muahahha` *slurps*

thereafter we went to shop in the nearby malls such as BB plaza and Sungei Wang. bought lotsa DVDs and ps2 games. total would be around 20+ of them ba. then yx sandy and i bought tees which cost only 10 RM.. omg. lol` the designs nt bad too. heee`

dar and i at the da pai dang.. haha` yx meaning to be the 3rd party she said. =)

then dad went back to the hotel while the 6 youngsters went back to times square around 8+ and shopped... yx and i went back to play the rides while dar and san went to hang out at the anime shop and chris + mark went to shop around the mall.

yx and i came out at abt 10 pm. the time which the theme park closes. we met up with the others and went back to hotel.

bathing time!!! this is us being extremely retarded and boring in the hotel rm after we bathed.

yx with her new hairstyle.

zi lian1

zi lian 2

zi lian 3... this is the perfect shot coz we used the mirror to stage the cam. ^^

some morrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee piccccccccccccssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.......

dar took this for us.

sandy took this.

and again...

as again...

and again!!!!!

the trio (san yx and i) wanted so much to eat the mangosteens so we asked dar to get for us. in the end, they bought back durians, mangosteens and 2 really big mangoes.

so we had fruits fest in the gurls' room... no knife to open the mango so we just peeled it using hand and eat it like a banana. kinda barbaric but we dun have a choice. lol` check these pics out.

this is me eating the skin peeled mango

this is the skin peeled mango itself.

durians.. yumyum

the mango is simply too irresistable, said my darling. rofl`

some finished durians' boxes and mangosteens.

so yep.. we slept at around 1+am after the fruits fest..

woke up at 8 the next day coz need to go klcc to get tics to go up to the skybridge. dad bought a mac meal for us each..

reached klcc but the tics were all given out. hahah` so anyway, we went shopping in suris klcc..
took some pics with the extremely tall christmas tree in klcc..

the trio..

close up pic.. nice back ground!!

dad with the x'mas tree.

chris and mark close up.

chris and mark with the x'mas tree

peak of the x'mas tree against the nice ceiling of klcc.

tilted design of the ceiling. nice ain't it? plus it's so abstract and artistic. ^^

the trio at the outside of klcc.

car exhibited at klcc. sooooo extremely cute..

then after walking around in klcc, the 7 of us took 2 cabs down to mid valley to shop there. as usual we went to the pet store at the top level. saw a couple of dogs such as dalmatian and all. but of all of them i like the 4 mths golden retriever puppy the most. it's so extremely adorable.

the cute golden retriever.

super playful dog. i forgot its breed.

took some pics at the x'mas fair outside the supermart. here goes. ^^

dar and i hugging 2 really huge bears.

san and yx eating icecream, with my dad as backdrop..

bought a teddy bear for winnie over there at mid valley too... really cute one. hope she likes it. after shopping for a while, we took cab back to bukit bintang (our hotel) there to eat chicken rice. something like a restaurant with basic 10% service charge and also 5% tax. alot of different varieties of food such as bean sprouts, mango salad, chic feet salad, fried calamari, bbq calamari and all.. yum. lol` total amount to about 75 RM for the 7 of us.

we ordered one big plate of white chic, one big plate of roasted chic, bean sprouts and fried calamari. ate till really full coz there's just too much chicken.

then we all went back to hotel to rest for a while.

then we walked to chinatown with dad to shop. we bought some tees and also an LV luggage bag for momma. chris' bargaining skill is just terribly good. lol` trio also made ourselves each a name key chain using silver wire.

went back to hotel after tt.. the guys went to da bao food at the da pai dang. dad went back to hotel first, and trio went to shop along the stretch of shops just nearby out hotel. in the end, yx bought an adidas shirt for herself.

we dined at chris & mark's rm... lined the bed with newspapers then eat!! they bought lotsa food like the portergese grilled stingray and lala, claypot rice, hong kong mee, hokkien mee, "ham", fried rice and alot of others i can't remember.

rest and chatted for a while... didn't wanna sleep at all. so dar and i went to walked around the streets n also played in the arcade for a while b4 we went back to hotel and sleep..

the next day, we checked out at 10+ and went for brunch at the coffeeshop..

took cab down to puduraya after tt. found out tt all the coach tics going to genting is all swapped up.. except for the 3.30 pm ones.. but tt means we have to wait for 5 hrs.. so no choice, we can't take the cable car liao.. so we book 2 cabs to go up to genting.. we're like really siao in the car, talking and banging against each other. haha` even my bro couldn't stand us.

we reached there much earlier than dad, mark and dar who were on the other cab.

so we waited for a while and chris went to check into the hotel.

shots tt were taken when we were waiting to check into the hotel...

the trio.. sitting outside the hotel.

omg posers!!! roflmao

me and darling. he's wearing contacts btw. hehehe` first time wearing it somemore. ^^

so we checked into the room.. extremely small rm, with only 2 single beds. lol` imagine 7 of us. haha` can save money mah ^^

so we threw all out stuff in the rm and went out after tt. the trio went to sing ktv while the other guys went to shop around. ktv was great, hahaha` 2 free drinks. quite cheap also. anyway.. we had great fun singing all the nice nice songs.

wondering wad happened to me. rofl

sandy and yx

yx singing...

poser.... hmmmmmm

yx and me lying on the couch... heee` oh gawd it's so comfy. lol` but it's nt good for jumping. trust me. =)

when we went out, darling was outside waiting for us.. he told us tt the rest KO-ed in the hotel rm. hahaha` then the 3 of us went to the box office to get tics for Incredibles. went to shop around and bought a tee shirt frm diesel for myself.. had dinner at BK, courtesy of chris.

went to watch the Incredibles at 9pm.. extremely funny and hilarious. wahahha` especially chris' favourite character JAck JAck.. hehe`

then after the movie we went back to hotel and rest for a while. chris hung out at the starbucks with mark. called if we wanted supper. in the end, the whole lot of us went out and joined the 2 of them.

we went to the valley garden, had a great time chatting there. afterwhich we went to the basement canteen at resort hotel for supper. went back to hotel after tt and tried to sleep. 3 gurls on a single bed, dar and dad on the other single bed. chris and mark on the floor.

a while later, all was sleeping except me and yx. we were just lying down and watching the tv showing a documentary about plastic surgery and all.. yucks. noe how liposuction was like. but didn't noe tt it can be done to remove the cheek fats too. gross.

slept soon after a while and had a great night's sleep. wahahhaa` and it's only 13 degrees Celcius. hee`

went out for brunch at 11+ and did last minute shopping. went back to hotel and checked out. after tt we chilled out at starbucks. yes and i emphasise the word CHILL coz i was really damn cold. i ordered the grande peppermint mocha frap.. lol` and i was literary freezing. hahaha coz we we were sitting on the outside area of starbucks.

chilled out till around 2. chris confirmed tt there're only 5 available seats for us. so dad, trio and darling going first... chris and mark will take the 2.30 one.

but in the end, the coach chris and mark was taking went even faster than ours. ahahhaa` and they reached the customs before us. hmph. dar and i smuggled thru a whole box of bubble gum. hahahah` and we weren't caught!! lucky us. ^^

so we all went back to our own cribs after the bus reached boon lay. damn. which is like only opposite dar's place!!!! grrrrrrr

anyway... i had a great time.. or rather we all had a great time.

all in all, this m'sia trip is the my most budget m'sia trip in all my life. hahhaha` i spent sooooo little. much too little tt im starting to regret. rofl.

anyway.. it's the company tt counts ain't it. ^^

dar bought this really nice hp chain which i like alot. when call or smses are exchanged, it'll light up, in different colors too. haahha` plus he also bought me a box of chocs frm genting. ^^
hee im so glad. alrighty so tt's the end of the trio's m'sia trip. hahaha`

nice weekend everyone! ^^

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Saturday, December 04, 2004

ray and dar ganged up to bluff me!!

dar said tt he wasn't gonna come at all yesterday... and i was already in bed at 1am, tucked nice and warm in bed. then someone opened my rm door. i thought it was chris who just came back home.. but it's dar!! ray actually went all the way to boon lay place to pick him up.. -.-

but i was kinda surprised too.. dar even bought supper for my whole family.. chatted till 2+ nearing 3 then i went to sleep, coz couldn't take it le.

this morning woke up at around 9.30.. took train with dar, he to boon lay to pack his bag for the trip and me to woodlands to meet elayna for exchanging of notes.

so here i am.. just did some household chores... still haven't got down to packing yet.. muahahha`

::happy 18th burfdae to winnie my darling+_

will send u an sms tonight at 12am.. hahah` coz tt's the time i have to be in the coach!! cya & have fun!
btw.. u're still nt cute.. muahahhaah` coz old le. *evil laughter*

ciaoz. will be back on wed. ^^

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Friday, December 03, 2004

15 min more to 5 am now.. and im feeling really full from all the bak kut teh and wad not. just reached home a while ago..

let's blog.. before i drift off to sleep... starting frm yesterday's morning.

woke up at 7am coz need to accompany my mom to NUH for her appointment. lined up a couple of appointments for jan and feb. she took neck x-ray too coz her fingers are feeling kinda numb lately.. glad she's going for all kinds of check-up.. finally she's willing to part with her money on health. muahaha`

finished stuff at NUH at around 1+.. then went to bugis coz momma said she wanna go si bey lor "huan shen". shopped around there for a while. and momma bought me this nice tote bag for dar's relative's wedding on christmas eve. said tt i oughta have a nice bag when i wanna go glam.
really nice of her ^^

took cab home after tt... stayed at home, had dinner, watched tv and played games till 11+.. and ray asked us to go find sheila in east coast ktv. so we went, with chris biking me.

reached tt place.. it's nt exactly a ktv place. it only has got 4 rms.. and ppl rarely use those rms.. besides tt.. it's just a big hall with an extremely high ceiling.. cosy sofas & tables. nice barstand(forgot wad it's called).. plus there're 2 poles joined frm the table to the ceiling. hahaha` can do bartop dancing if their biz is real bad...

made ourselves comfy on the sofas.... sang a few songs, with turns rotating equally at each table, 2 songs each table. drank beverages, ate chic wings.

sheila's knocking off at 3+ so the chris, ray and i went to the beach for a stroll coz it was too boring. then went back to mac and ate the double fillet-o-fish meal. afterwhich sheila knocked off and we biked to balastier to have supper. 4 of us total up 32 bucks of bak kut teh..

and rode back to home sweet home.... great. im still in 1 piece... still getting cold feet when i pillion rode on chris' bike.. coz the engine is tooooooooooo irritating. too loud and full of vibrations.. anyway.. im safe. thank Jehovah!!! (if u dunno.. jehovah is JESUS' dad.)

toddles. night^^

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

muahaha` watching sg idol now as i upload some pics and also posting in this entry ^^
i miss jessea... boohoohoo..

18 fingers showing in front of the burfdae slice of cake (my FAT fingers + rayn's)

cigarette in place of a candle

messy hair, sk, and act cool face.


pammie & raynie

foooooookkk u... the whole bunch of us..

again... and most of us are red frm the bacardi superior...

and again....


beibeiz & sk, the 2 burfdae dudes.

as again..... trying to act cool..

uu & me, playing daidee.

as again.............. but impromptu one.....

rayn trying to do pole dance on sk.... obviously sk is the pole..

rayn trying to balance on beibeiz's back..

again.... and i have to help by holding his arm.. hahaha` bunch of lamers.

this is ratarded... roflmao... sk took 4 shots of me with diff expressions.. then made it into like tt.. superb retardedness.. muahahha sue me`

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