Monday, January 31, 2005


even though we still have one paper on friday, chill out and enjoy now!!! ^^

breezed thru acmb paper today, damn lucky tt i didn't memorise at all and didn't mug real hard for it coz there are too little questions set for a 1 hr 45 min paper. muahahha, im such a genius. i spent the whole sat with san and yx, then slack the whole day on sat, mug for 5 min, play MS for 15 min, or surf net for a few hrs. hahaha`

i just made time to vote for the British Music awards a while ago. KEANE raWKz on! ^^

chris just came back from hk an hour ago!! ^^ damn happy to see him. hahah` he brought back loads of goodies and also some stuff like socks, tees and cute stuff. i chose this really cute hp chain. he bought a blue and a pink one. i took the pink one!! it's 'flashable' when u receive/send sms/calls. damn friggin' cute!! plus the light up area is at its private part. wahahha

check this out!!

sry i zoomed in too much le. hahaha` i call it the SUPER MR X! greet and bow to him darlings!
teeheehee =)

im so damn happy now, so free and relaxed ^^ been playing games, surfing net, reading "Hannibal" and magazines, and also enjoying time with family!!! I like! gonna go cook dinner now le!!! ^^

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i feel so alone now... mum's sleeping, dad's off to work, ray also in slumberland.. and chris is only coming back frm hk tml.. *sObZ*

i miss darling so much.. hope to see him either on tues, wed or thurs. =(

haven't finish mugging for acmb. and still slackin alot. heck =/

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Sunday, January 30, 2005

-Hilarity Ensued-

this is paula abdul, the all time famous mercy-FULL judge in AMI.. check out her clothes she wore to the 2005 Golden Globes..

"She seemed too strung out on the red carpet to put together a coherent thought, so maybe when she got dressed La Abdul was too zoned to notice that she grabbed her dress from the Juniors rack: "

"Sweet Jesus. She has quadra-boob, she has armpit cleavage... Did no one tell her that she's not an A-cup? Did no one gently point out that breasts look nicer when they're not being smashed? Did no one have the nads to suggest that she wear a gown in her own size? Did no one explain that your breasts really shouldn't become one with your armpits? "

rofl, i love the way the blogger describe. it's sooo mean.. haha` but very entertaining. do check this blog out yah!
click here------> Go Fug Yourself


the nominees for the Annual Bloggies award are out! do go check out all the various blogs yah, some are really good. *grins*

click here------> BLOGGIES

alrighty. back to mugging. hope i wun slack today.. got bible study later also...

i miss swt old hammie. =( take care my honey baked ham ^^

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pOwEr 98 rOck on!!

awesome non stop music saturday night ^^

im never gonna sleep now!!

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

my legs are hairless and urs are nt!
and my legs are fat but urs are nt!! =(

haha sry im much tooo lame. the feeling of silkiness after shaving is just awesome.. muahaha`

anyway, im extremely high now!! coz a while ago, i managed to play the role of a confidante and being able to talk this guy out of depression.

he wasn't a close fren of mine, but im just there to lend him my ears and give advice and to also scold him to his senses. in the end, he managed to say. "u give me 1 mth, im sure i can get up on my feet and be a brand new person."

i was damn happy when he actually said tt. well at least he didn't wallow in self pity and carry on thinking himself useless after all the talking. he even got himself a goal!! and im terribly happy for him. haha`

haven't got down to mugging yet.. sianz. too lethargic to do so.. i finished piecing the 1000 jigsaw 2 hrs ago, it's actually a picture of qing ming dynasty, gonna be put on the living room wall as a deco starting frm chinese new yr. ^^

been out the whole day yesterday till 12am with my gurlfrens. had a great time together. and sandy + yx decided to bunk over at my place. shan't carry on abt the details of the steamboat and sleepover...

in short, great fun having u peeps around!! ^^

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This is Sandy invading Angela's blog. Using her laptop and she did not logged off on Blogspot. Hehhehehe

Being lame now, so ta-ta!

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Friday, January 28, 2005

-the gurl-

let me tell u an anecdote abt a really sweet gurl.

back in st. margarets, the days were good. being able to see my frens everyday made me happy.

i always reached sch at 6.30am (dun ask me why). i'd put my bag either in the prefects' room or in the classroom. then i'd go to the canteen for morning breakfast.

this lil sweet gurl (maybe she's nt lil... she's tall) would always come at abt 6.45am, retorting and asking me why do i always come so early to sch.. then we'll have breakfast together. she thought me how to dip oreo into hot milo (from vending machine) when she didn't buy milk. and when she did, i like the way she opened the packet of milk and dip the chunk into it.

and i would nag at her everyday morning to put on her badge and to button up her tie properly. sometimes, she'd just tell me "ok, i noe wad to do le.. haha".

and afterwhich we'll have breakfast together, laughing along with some dumb jokes, just the 2 of us. we weren't exactly confidantes or trustees, but still, she would confide in me sometimes.

when she was down with depression and anorexia, we talked to her.. but to no avail. we visited her alot of times in the hospital when she was admitted for a month to get her back to normal eating.

but it didn't prevail... once, i brought a packet of apple chips to sch, eagerly to share with my pals. we will always stay in classroom during breaks and copy homework. she was also there with us once. and she was seriously down with fatigue and very pale.

i gave this darling my apple chips and coax her to eat.. she finished all ^^ i was really happy tt she would eat.

we didn't contact each other during the june holidays as we weren't really good frens. and the night before the sch reopens, i was thinking to myself.. "^^ i can see her tml le. haha` hope she's doing fine, and we can study together for the sec 3 exams.."

it was so coincidental tt the night i thought of her, it was also the night she took the leap.

i was really happy, knowing tt i could see her in sch the next day and have breakfast together. i didn't see her in the canteen in the morning. we had devotion in the hall.

devotion finished.

walked orderly in straight lines out of the hall..

and that's when my classmate told me tt she's with the Lord.

i stared blankly at my fren's eyes for a moment and stood rooted to the ground. nth came to my mind.. i just burst out crying. yes. literary as i was walking out of the hall.

i didn't care stared frm other schmates.. i only know tt the whole bunch of us were hanging on to each other and walking back to our classrooms.. BEREAVED.

she's gone.. just like tt. for times, i admire her courage.. most ppl wouldn't have tt courage to take the step. but for times, i was thinking.. why wouldn't she take tt courage and live on?

we went for the memorial service and also the day of the cremation.

the whole lot of us chartered buses to the columbarium frm sch, wearing our uniforms and praying for her.

after the service, we went back to sch. nobody spoke in the bus. it was the silence tt everyone couldn't take. it was terrible and unexpected.

sandy was sitting right next to me in the 2 seater. and suddenly, she sang this song - let love lead the way by spice gurls.

and as we sung softly together, we realised and agreed tt this is the best song ever to describe jennifer's life.

Jennifer Ng Wei Ling
we still love u as much as ever.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

-i miss some people!!-

chris is off to changi airport now, his flight to hong kong is at 2.30 later. am gonna miss him.. for the lunchboxes he provided while i was mugging, and for his wittiness and caring-ness. ^^

he's only just stepped out of the hse like 10 minutes ago and im feeling the emptiness in my heart. haha` not to tt extent ba.. just kidding! ^^

but still, my heart is painfully aching for someone else - hammie. =(
think im only gonna see him next weekend after my tests. boohoohoo`
im missing him soo much..

k i shall stop sounding so lovesick and forlorn.

yesterday chris reached home at 11+ as usual after he knock off. then he passed me my mp3 player.. (coz something wrong with it, i asked him to go and help me change coz he's a DISPUTE king!)

and then he went on to say tt at first cannot change de.. but (he's dispute king mah!!) he told tt guy if still got prob he dun wanna have to come back coz he's going to hk for 2 months.. (but in fact it's only 4 nights -.-) then tt guy change a brand new one for me. ^^

btw let's digress abit. yes, he's the dispute king. if u wanna eat buffet in Sakae and dun wanna eat the rice of the temaki (handroll) , wanna eat only the ingredient, he can say until the staff's convinced. ^^ and he can dispute with the singtel ppl abt omitting my 8 bucks charge of replacing new SIM card coz it spoilt out of the blue.

goes to show why he's dispute king. and of all which is most important, he's Starhub's tele consultant. (dunno wad's the actual name, i came up with this)

ok.. one more very sacrificial thing!!! he damn funny, evade ERP and turn into a 1 way lane just to change the mp3player at sim lim.. in the end, he got fined 350 bucks and off 4 pts by TP.... poor thing.. but he's gonna appeal to LTA lar. =X nt my fault!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

abc paper was average today. the structured expected and all.

went library return books.

cut hair


actually i dun really feel like blogging. but i need somewhere to plant my anger in.
maybe not to the extent of anger but definitely peeved.

i've never really gotten crossed with my frens b4 but yx really stepped on my tail this time.

i never gave up organising outings for "fishes". even though how pek cek i am bcoz we always can't get together, i never give up. and the person is me, or sandy who are always organising outings and there she is telling me all those BS.

like wth lor, who's the one who's suppose to get dejected and disappointed everytime we can't meet up after we've (sandy and i) planned?? and there she is pushing the blame to the others when she herself can't even plan properly and get us to meet up.

i dun understand wad's wrong with her nowadays, so much pmsing and mood swings. it's nt tt i dun allow myself to understand her, but the verbal vocabulary she uses is much too strong and sad. (not tt she swears)

ar wadeva. let her go face the wall and think abt it. i dun wanna bother myself to explain to her.

im still peeved.. but im much better now.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


i feel like im such a big slacker. no motivation to study at all. boohoohoo...

yesterday which is the first day of study break, rode on chris' bike to grandma's place, bought lunch for both of us and "bao" for grandma before tt at downstairs kopitiam.

visited her and she's still looking good, it's been a while since i last saw her. aunt and grandpa went also (my grandpa's nt staying in the same flat, he have another wife ^^)... had our lunch, chatted for while before we left her place.

afterwhich we went to northpoint to shop around.. ended up chris bought briefs and jeans. while we were shopping, we saw the brother and sister who went to Taiwan for treatment.. remember? they look real good and normal, the only thing is tt they're still lying on pram, but hey, they make darn good progress. ^^ and im happy for them. hehe`

reached home.. mugged... slack... mugged... slack...

today found a new good site to host pics. so click here ------------>> reticentaura
so i spent the whole day uploading pics there... i've also left a permanent link to ur right side under the navigation (_++more pix).

yes. i slack. sue me. =(

omg.. a ferry sank while ferrying ppl back to the main island after the full moon rave party... poor thing.. but i remembered wad ms anushia told us abt the full moon party in thailand. even though it's really dangerous with ppl peddling drugs, rape and all.. but i really wanna go!!! hehe` *grinz*

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

come to think of it, the last entry is ALL abt food. ar heck...

back to
operon, autocatalytic RNA, spliceosome.......

yadar yadar yadar...

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finally using my laptop after 2 days. friday....... went for dim sum high tea buffet in excelsior hotel with ray and chris.. (im a regular there now, and can recognise all their staff, muahaha)

darling reached my place in the evening on friday. his fever has already subsided and throat viral infection already recovered by then.
mom specially cooked porridge for him for dinner.

yesterday, chris bought breakfast for us and we had carborana for lunch, this time cooked by darling, with my guidance. haha` went to mac at abt 7 to get the prosperity meal and also to shop & save to get vege and eggs for dinner. momma cooked very nice mui fan yesternight.

watched tv the whole day, especially the extremely funny film last night on channel 5 - Hot Shots! it's superbly hilarious. imagine the guy using the chicken as an arrow coz he ran out of arrows, haha and the chic's facial expression was friggin funny! it was simply the best film to chill out with at home.

did nth much today as well, just plainly chilling out at home with darling. and he left like erm.. 3+.. guess the next time im seeing him will be 2 wks later ba. lol` and he told me his dad has already bought stuff for us for new yr... omg. we haven't even START to get stuff for new yr.

im feeling sooo laid back and SIAnz. i wanna play.......

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Friday, January 21, 2005

watched AMI yesternight. it was friggin` hilarious!! haha` no wonder im a faithful supporter of AMI. with all the funny contents and good judges (or rather good judge , simon) who won't watch?

remember the guy who sang tony braxton's unbreak my heart? he's sooo eeeek. can't even pronounce the words properly, how to get thru the audition? he's like only providing comic relief for others and is such a mediocre.

then on the other hand, this lady name regina brooks is so erm.. sacrificing!! i thought tt she was really sincere and really going all out to achieve her dream. she even pawned her wedding rings (she said ringS) just to be able to stay in Washington to take part in the audition. i hold her in respect. no matter wad's the outcome, it's the process tt counts.


im finally gonna see darling later!!!!!!!! muahaha since like 7th feb.. haha` and he's nt down with dengue, praise the lord. but he has got viral infection in his throat. take care darling. ^^
i'll take good care of u while u're at my place. hehe ^^

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

let's start on my wake up wash face brush teeth entry. ^^

met up with sandy at coro at 12+.. walked over to st. marg's then collected visitors' pass. went over to canteen to have our lunch (tt's our main purpose btw, hehe) we ordered grilled fish and chicken chop then shared among the 2 of us.

walked around in the classroom block, chatted with a few teachers.. then off we went to the staff room, meeting a few other teachers as well.

afterwhich sandy wanna take cab home so i 'lompang' to NP.

reported for duty with wing, shyni, jefferson, zhiming and KP... rot in the lab... slack, read newspapers, chat and fool around.

it was quite fun actually, to act like know-it-all-seniors and explain stuff to those rookies.

i tried the biscuit frozen with liquid nitrogen.. the moment i put it into my mouth, i was literary smoking. hahha` and my tongue was super numb after tt, plus a layer of frost formed on my lips. ^^ great experience.
shyni and tried the ice cream (liquid choc freeze with liquid nitrogen) it's sooooooo chocolatey i like it soo much!! *slurps*

then daryl came and brought me twister fries. muahaha`
went home at 6, took bus with daryl..
a great day ^^

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


i had my first ever cheapest meal at Sakae today. *GRINZ x100*

muahahah` imagine a meal of 3 bento set, 10 color plates (kiagiage, soba and sushi) cost only 90 cents. i can't stop laughing after i left Sakae.

it started off with my dad suggesting to go Sakae for dinner again, and him footing the bill, which is extremely rare so we jumped at the chance.

so the 4 of us, met up with grandma at northpoint for dinner. had a great time dining there and i didn't order my favourite soft shell crab this time.. quite sick of it. but i have my another favourite - saba shioyaki. ^^

the bill came up to 53++ bucks. so we're supposed to pay like 13++ coz we used the 40 bucks voucher. then the blur cashier offered to split up the bill, having said tt the 2 $20 vouchers cannot be used together (1 is frm DBS the other frm Singtel).

and she did.... in the end collecting ONLY 90 cents in total from my dad.... -.-

we chio (laugh) until we pengz in Watson which is next door to Sakae. hahahah` wth. 90 cents for a full meal. muahahha` we ought to go brouhaha with this.

went shopping in Cold Storage for grandma's groceries. coz it'll be troublesome for an old lady to go market everyday. bought alot of can food, meat and also rice.

bought pasta and mocha almond chip ice cream for myself. haha` all under dad's account. it's sooooooo once in a blue moon.


darling's is down with a fever yesterday and the temperature still haven't gone down yet. haiz. the GP suspect it might be dengue. gonna confirm it tml if nt go down to hospital for blood test.

i hope he'll be fine. really worried abt him. wishing tt dar will get well soon.

happy 51th anniversary!!! ^^

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today's heavy hearted talk with jj brought out a little sadness in benign little me.

i suddenly realise how fragile our lives are. and tt with a blow from the wind, the flame could be gone in less than a second.
and it's in each individual tt u make ur life stronger, with ur own power and determination.
*u own it*

u're always hearing ppl say - cherish ur love ones.
but in truth, who actually got down to doing tt? answer is FEW.

the more u're deprived of, the more u want.
i was deprived of my grandparents' lurve ever since i was young. and i never got it even until now. and it's not because they've passed away. they're still well and alive. but do they even sense my presence?

do not fear the future, just enjoy urself in the process. my motivation for life is - as long as i can make others happy, i will be happy too. i might be naive and stupid and dumb, but still, i believe in it.

i should be content with my life now, and i truly am. im glad tt i wasn't diagnosed with down syndrome coz my mom gave birth to me when she was 42. and im glad im perfectly normal.

i'm most grateful to her, tt she brought me into this world. even though the hospital staff kept on persuading her to drop the fetus.
and here i am, serving my parents and in future, giving them the life they truly deserve.

**how can i still remain stoic and reticent to all the thing's u've done for me? u're the love of my life.

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Monday, January 17, 2005

-family day-

went for lectures and tutorial as usual today. instru quiz was real adventurous ^^

it all started off with matthew who was sitting in front of me. he suddenly turned and tell me all his answers for the questions. *shocked* then KP, matthew, wing, winnie and i started discussing the questions, flipping notes and all, plus sharing answers and brainstorming. roflmao.

it was actually quite a fun and erm.. good experience. hahah`

went home after sch, slacked for a while b4 going to J8 for dinner with dad, momma and chris.
we dined at sakae sushi. ordered alot of stuff - katsu don, tempura ramen, ebi fry don + some others such as kakiage and all.

ate my favourite soft shell crab too!!! as usual 4 halves on a plate. then 3 of it were eaten by them, 1 each, left mine. when i picked it up using my chopsticks, i realised tt there's a super long hair in the battar!! so chris, being a professional DISPUTE KING (he's a tele-consultant.. erm i forgot wad's the real name of the occupation), told the waitress abt it. and they gave us a brand new plate of soft shell crab! ^^ *grinz* + *drool* although the hair was too er xin. but i get to have my fill of SSC!! *slurps*

and the bill came up to abt 55 bucks, used 40 bucks voucher, and the balance need to be paid with chris' card.
it was a great meal, been to sakae alot of times, but this is the first time i went with my parents.

bought a hamster breed = normal summer white at 8 bucks in j8, to accompany the lonely hamster ray owns at home. we also bought some pets' stuff and went shopping in supermart.
unfortunately, this lady broke a bottle of olive oil. yes OLIVE OIL.

yes.. the exxxxxxxx OLIVEEEEE OIL.

hmmm` k u get it.

poor thing.

took cab home coz cheaper and so near. and reached home just in time to watch the drama serial!

tt's my day. erm.. i ought to START studying now. like now........ really now..... haiz.
i'll try.. i feel so lethargic. sianz. and the modules are damn freaking boring.

ok. let me whine now. i can only see darling like erm.. on thursday. then he'll be spending the looooonggggggg weekend over at my place. yay~!
haven't seen him for like erm.. more than 10 days. hoping tt he's doing fine for his attachment. ^^

peace out. ADIOS! muacks and have a good night's rest.

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

i like Aide Iskandar!!! he's so cute... ^^

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did some blog gatecrashing yesternight and today. haha, came across many superbly interesting and nice articles.

this is one of it - MARIO CONSPIRACY.

yes, this is the mario tt u've been playing on ur nintendo console since eons ago. ^^
and this lil azn guy (quite dashing) has got some erm.. weird views abt it. haha` he actually looked at it in another funny angle and came up with the link between drug pushing and mario. wahhaha` superbly hilarious and quite lame actually.

but it's a great entertainment site, do load this on ur favourites!


i shld just get a life and try to hit the books now!!! knowing tt my tests are around the corner, but im still indulging in lotsa teevee, novels, and net surfing. and nt forgetting, snacking.

let's digress a little.... i went to stock up on snacks just now, suddenly craving for calbee very pari pari chips. (trust me, it's nt pari at all) or so i went, to the provision shop (it's air conditioned, muahahhaa), and was queueing up for my turn to pay, and there was this middle aged man. LOADED middle aged man...

he bought 6 cans of the DAMN shell fish ------- ABALONE. and each costing 55 bucks. hmm. i dun like to eat abalone. lol` now does tt answer ur question why i used the word damn. and so he paid like 318 bucks for the damn shellfish. lol` and so coincidently, after he finished paying the enormous sum of money, the computer ala cash register hanged... -.-

so the auntie used arithmetic to calculate for me, with the $318 hanging on the monitor, which refused to budge. so she reboot the com. -.- *pengz* suddenly feel so minor, how can my kaaaaa-leeeeeeeee-beeeeeeeeee be compared to the 55 bucks each can of abalone. boohoohoo =(

alrighty. back to topic. NOTES. i prolly shld REALLY get myself down to reading them. like now. seriously now... er... maybe? but my novel is beckoning to me!! oh no, stop waving!! haiz.... we see how lar huh. hahhaa`

have a great day everyone! love ya. and missing my honey baked ham loads.. tonnes. loads.. tonnes..... LOADS!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

-memorable day-

woke up at 6 in the morning and quickly get ready to head for CA. my kind brother, chris actually offered to bike me to changi airport. and it was good, coz i dun need to wake up early and take public transport.

reached CA at 7am and met up with sandy at terminal 1. afterwhich we went to find yen ching, whom we were to sent off today. we were breakfast khakis back in secondary school, biggest prefects slackers and also emo freaks who cried the worst during the graduation ceremony while performing on stage.
and most importantly, she's leaving, or rather left for australia and staying there for good. yep. immigrated is the word.

so i wouldn't see her for a long long time!! unless i have the money to go aust. hmmm`
and she'll be meeting the rest of her family, in Perth.
and now im alreAdy kind of missing her. hmmm`

let's see if im taking my uni studies to australia in time to come. ^^

-flag day-

went for breakfast with sandy after sending yen off. ate in subway, then took train down to dhoby gaut and sat in the station control, listened to music and read a novel while waiting for time to pass. it was like 9.30 when i reached, and meeting my frens at 11. hmmm`

winnie and i did the flag day together. we collected the extremely huge tins, then proceed with the charity work. it was the 2nd experience of flag day in my life. but today i had extremely low morale and enthusiasm. didn't really feel like standing and asking for donations.

so the both of us walked frm ps to scotts and laid our nest there. stood for abt an hr then we went for lunch and came back to do for abt another hr. then we took a bus back to ps.

on the way, we met alot of celebrities, such as jamie yeo, carrie cheong at a display in tangs, irene ang, and some other djs at the road show at ps. and last but nt least, besides celebrities, we also met freaks such as steven lim. and we also came across this lady who was really extremely pretty. she looked alot like fan wei qi in the front, and abit like zhang shao han frm the side.

motivation came towards the end of the drive for me. coz 2 persons actually donated 10 bucks. and 1 of them, a middle aged lady, said "see u so poor thing, haha, jia you ar! although i already donated le." i got really motivated by wad she said to me. ^^

of course there're nice ppl and also ignorant and sparstic ppl. i would truly appreciate if i approach u and u tell me "sorry, no thanks" or "sorry i've donated". it's perfectly alright for me, but wtf. act like u've never heard me say anything. look at floor look in front. -.- may u go to hell man. ppl are standing in the front line helping those patients with bad situations. and wad are u doing?

i totally have no tolerance over these ppl. even though i noe it's normal. but grrr... it just gets on my nerves. i seriously dun mind u rejecting it, but pls acknowledge my presence and dun TRY to act sophisticated and gao1 shang4.

alrighty. then after we returned the tins, we went to mac for ice cream ^^ suddenly craved for it. ahha` and CUTE winnie treated me.

hahahha` went to the lingerie fair and bought undies as well. and on to shopping in carrefour. in the end, both of us bought a fried tilapia fish and a fruit juice each. ^^

had a great and fulfilled day. very tired and sleepy though.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005


1. Who are you?
* average gurl next door + plain jane.

2. Who stands in ur heart now?
* family, frens and hammie.

3. Who are u missing now?
* hammie, fishes, sab and ade

4. Who do u want to spend ur life forever with?
* my partner, peaceful would be good.

5. Who do u hate most?
* isn't it too tiring to hate a person?

6. Who are u staying with now?
* parents, chris, ray and his gf.

7. Who was the last person u met?
* erm... my classmates?? erm.. my neighbour.

8. Who is the one u wanna meet most?

9. When is your b'dae?
* 10th july 1986

10. When was your first love?
* hmmmm sec 2. ^^

11, When was your first kiss?
* sec 2 lor.

12. When will u feel happy and safe?
* when im with ppl i feel comfy with.

13. When will u listen to sad songs?
* all the time? but most especially if im down and out.

14. When will u listen to techno?
* er.... nah.... i like R & B more.

15. When there is trouble who do u turn to?
* family, hammie, frens.

16. When there is happiness who do you wanna share it with?
* everyone, coz i wan everyone to be happy ^^

17. Where do u stay?
* amk, nearer to yck mrt station.

18. Where was the last place you went to?
* sch. no life de.

19. Where is the place that have lots of memories?
* Xiao Guilin *blush* & marina promenade.

20. Where was the place you got your first kiss?
* hospital!! frens forced hammie to take up dare.. so he kissed me there.

21. Where is the place you feel relaxed?
* home sweet home, and also with the company i like...

22. Where is the place you will go to when u are sad?
* bed. i'd cry myself to sleep. and after tt, i reckon it'll be alright.

23. Where will you be if you are angry?
* no idea. just as long as i have music when im angry. i need a blast.

24. Where do you often go to?
* sch?

25. Where do you study at?

26. Where do you work at?
* home, part time maid.

27. What is your age?
* 18

28. What are you doing now?
* music and quiz?

29. What are you wearing now?
* yellow shirt and blue shorts.

30. What is your fav song?
* "if ur heart's not in it" // "spanish eyes"// "i dun wanna fall in love" // "wo de zui ai"//

31. What is important in a relationship to you?
* mutual understanding, trust, love.

32. What is most important to you?
* as long as others are happy, i'll be.

33. What do you wish for most now?
* erm.. to see hammie. didn't see him for a wk le. T.T

34. How are you?
* Muy Bien, Gracias... ^^

35. How do you control your temper?
* just tell myself tt being angry wun get things going either, so why bother? ^^

36. How often do you cry?
* i cry ALOT. im an emo freak. last time was yesternight, when u was watching this drama serial.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

whee, it's home sweet home now. so terribly sleepy tt i missed my stop just now. hmmm`
glad tt i survived this long day. hehe`

took a couple of stuff frm lab today, syringe and cute lil bottles.

craving for a slice of fruit cake now. yum. and rojak.. wahhaa. weird.

on the way back home yesterday, met my pri 5 & 6 chinese teacher, yang lao shi.
inner turmoil for a while before approaching her and confirm her identity. ^^ and she actually recognised me and remembers my name! tt's damn cool. haha`

so we chatted about alot of stuff and tt she's still teaching in townsville. really great to see her coz i've lost touch with her, and the only thing i noe is tt she lives in the block opposite mine.

alright. this is so boring and tiring. adios!

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Monday, January 10, 2005

i went to NLB book fair yesterday at suntec. walked for about 2 hours inside the convention area, combing my way thru all the lelong carts. in the end, i bought 2 novels, 1 by sandra brown and the lattar, Hannibal. muahaha` also brought an asian travel book. all costing 2 bucks each. ^^

afterwhich i took train down to amk, walked all the way to library, returned the 1 day overdued library books, borrowed some books, then walked back home. haha` extremely good exercise.

gotten news today from dar saying tt he's been posted to changi for his attachment. wahahha` very pitiful, but can't stop laughing coz he stays at boon lay place!!! boohoohoohoo.

so i told him tt my door is always open for him. plus he even have the keys to my place le, hmmm` see wad his parents say ba. coz frm my place to changi also nt very near. wahhaa, and the morning train to changi frm jurong east is super fast.
poor thing.

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Sunday, January 09, 2005


Name: Tan Li Hui Angela
Birth date: 10th july '86
Current Location: sg
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: black, with some tinge of red?
Righty or Lefty: righty.
Zodiac: cancer


Your heritage: half sg half indo chi.
Shoes you wore today: slippers
Your perfect pizza: loads of cheese. muahaha


Your most overused phrase on MSN: "haha" & "hee"
Best physical feature: my eyelashes?
Your bedtime: varies
Your most missed memories: secondary sch days.


Pepsi or Coke: COKE
McDonald's or Burger King: BK
Lipton Tea or Nestea: Lipton
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate lah.


Smoke: nah..
Take showers: duh.
Have a crush(es): nope
Want to get married: haha no idea.
Get motion sickness: cab yes, bus rarely unless traffic jam.
Get along with your parents: pals with my momma, hate my dad.


Drank alcohol: yea
Gone to the mall: duh -.-
Gone skating: nope wanna try it someday
Gone skinny dipping: nope i wanna try. muahahhaa`
Dyed your hair: yea. highlighted too. ^^
Stolen anything: nope


Played a game that required removal ofclothing: nope.
Got beaten up: nah unless u wanna consider caning.
Changed who you were to fit in: nope. im who i am. ^^


Children: 1 boy 1 gurl. ^^ or more i dun mind.
How do you want to die: painless during sleep.
What country would you most like to visit: Venice.


Best eye color?: suit self's skin color & personality
Best hair?: erm.. no idea, nt entirely gel DOWN and centre parting can le.
Height: taller than me. but doesn't matter since im so short. ^^
Personality: sweet, caring, macho, witty, and loves food.


Number of piercings: 4?
Number of tattoos: none.
Number of times my name has appeared in the Newspaper: once or twice ba, during sec sch.

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Saturday, January 08, 2005

this is the doll i made this morning! ^^ gotten down to all the details like the earrings, eyes and all. hee`

have a great weekend everyone!
lurve, angela

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Friday, January 07, 2005

i hate the way ppl imposed anxiety on others. i think this behaviour really sucks. they have no idea how much their presence actually displease the others and make them shake their heads vigorously.

i dun wanna hang my dirty linen in public. and neither could i take it lying down. i hate him. i wun say tt he's a bastard, coz tt would mean my mum's a bitch. she's a wonderful woman, but too bad tt moron inherited my dad's alleles (genes).

i've lost COMPLETE trust in him since a few yrs back. and when i thought i was ready to accept him all over again, he has to make me feel amazed about all the bad things he can do. so much so tt it has affected me alot and made me really distraught.

i hate guys who doesn't have a striving attitude. and i believed tt the only thing which drives him in life is SEX. i hope he gets warts in his genitals and die a painful death. even though i might be cruel and heartless. I DON'T CARE.

from today onwards, im gonna draw a line between me and him. and im gonna lock my fucking room door when im out. heck all the crap abt family trust. he doesn't deserve it.

i have my wonderful family r/s with my momma and chris. my own circle of trust. and also sometimes with dad in. but he's NEVER gonna be in.

sorry for using improper language. conditions does not enable me to do so.

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

people tend to stereotype others they do not know well of. as what was mentioned in english literature in sec 3, when u know a person, it actually means tt u gotta know him/her from head to toe in an kinda leering way. ^^

in this society, ppl are actually stereotyped into different "races". NERDS, LIANS, BENGS, PUNK, and of course GOONDOO. (jk)

let's talk abt nerds. u-kin pong. he might be seen as one big catch on this category, but in actually life, he's actually quite a sincere and nice guy, apart from all the bad comments ppl have abt him for eg: always do things on his own etc. but then again. he's only blessed with much more diligence than slackers (us) actually do. so why be jealous?

i too classified him under tt category and soon slapped myself by the truth tt he's actually a nice guy after the blading experience. things are just not wad it seems to be.

i've also been maligned as being flirtatious. but who really knows me best? i dun even know myself well. if being cheerful and talking to guys is a SIN. wow i ought to be in hell by now. and HELLO. my defination of flirting is dancing hot body to body dance, not laughing and talking to guys. -.- get a life.

i realised by now tt im more comfortable talking to guys. i dunno whether it actually applies to outside of my current class. but yes. i do enjoy talking to guys coz they're more comfy to talk to? i feel entirely at ease with dee, rayn, sk, uu, jj, wh. does tt mean wow. im ALWAYS flirting with all of them in class everyday? whoa then tt's the biggest joke of the century. yea.

the above passage does not imply tt i've been accused of being flirtatious recently. just suddenly thought of it and so voice out my thoughts.


alrighty. let's cast away those unhappy thoughts and welcome the happy ones.

honey baked ham turned 20 yesterday! happy birthday my darling! ^^

rushed to his place after instrumentation practical at abt 6. he was already having 2nd helping of the steamboat when i reached. haha` so i ate with him and his younger sis. the soup was great coz his 'niang' added alot of ingredients. haha`

had a great time eating till we were reeaaaallllyyy full. watched tv and left his place at abt 8. hammie and i took bus back to my place, just in time for my favourite hk serial drama. then we watched tv till abt 11, decided to go for supper. wanted to go chomp chomp or balestier to eat. but then i voted for the coffeeshop near our place coz needa wake up at 6 the following morning.

so hammie, chris, ray and i brought jacky (without leash) to the coffeeshop for supper at 11+. ordered teochew porridge, grilled sambal fish, mee goreng and tze xhar hokkien mee. la teh till abt 12+ before we went back and rest. i slept shortly after tt, leaving dar and ray to play ps2.

when i woke up at 6 this morning, darling and ray was still playing ps2. they told me tt they went for kopi at 4+ downstairs. rofl`

so i left for sch, with simon as my bus khaki. and darling still playing ps2 at my place. he smsed me - "dear, i'll be waiting for ur arrival from sch on ur nice cosy bed." pengz. haha` so he only slept frm 10+ to 3+.

afterwhich i went down to jubilee and met up with dar and chris for a movie at 5 - meet the fockers. muahahha` finally managed to catch it. haha` the movie's good, lines' witty and all. but i still like meet the parents better.

then darling went home after tt and chris biked me home.

hmmmmm` something very interesting. i was almost gonna go "da" a bunch of my hse keys for darling. since he's like ever so frequent guest here. and my bro actually gave him a bunch of keys before i do. haha` love my family loads.

sch was great today, had a nice chat with classmates. winnie asked me a real weird yet interesting question. if all the guys died in this world, leaving dee, rayn and wh, who would i choose. and in the end, she added uu and jj. roflmao. of course i only vaguely tell her. hahaha` and we're like yan jiu-ing this qns and analysing it. wahahaha`

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

whee` today's class was superb boring. luckily i have my classmates with me. muahaha` together we go thru boring lectures!

after tutorial which finished at 12+, rushed home coz honey baked ham (hmmm gross) waiting for me at home. as usual, he took a cab down with his parents, they to physiotheraphy sessions and him to my place.

had a BIG quarrel the past weekend. really bad and of course felt miserable lar. didn't celebrate new yr also. when his parents knew abt it, they were like scolding him, "aiyoh, why u wanna quarrel with her?" rofl. hahahha` i WIN ^^

anyway, i gave him a surprise. i drew some mushy stuff on Paint, then save as wallpaper. so when he reaches my place before i do, he can on my lappy and there it goes. haha`

he was kinda happy lar. then we had a talk. and it's all fine now. *poof* and i gave him the framed 1000 pcs precious moments jigsaw i did for him as a birthday present. hee. then of course guys - act cool trying nt to show how happy he is (wanna smile then gek kind) . haha`
looking forward to wednesday, when he turns 20, and he's actually quite paranoid abt it. haha`

went down to jubilee with darling and chris to catch Kung Fu Hustle. of course FOC, courtesy of chris. haha was freezing cold inside the cinema, even with my jacket on. show was damn funny, lame too. but it did brightened up my day even more.

and i bought zhang shao han's new album!! hee simply love her songs and voice. ^^

then dar and i bought dinner back for family. and he left my place at around 10+.

hammie seems to have something on in his mind. i could see it frm his face. nvm. i shall wait till the time when he feels like confiding in me. no point forcing him to say. till then, take care hammie, te amo ^^

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Sunday, January 02, 2005

it's better to lose your pride to the one you love, than to lose the one you love because of pride.


We spend too much time looking for right person to love or finding fault with those we already loved, when instead we should be perfecting the love we give.

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Saturday, January 01, 2005

happy new yr!

this year had left us with many good and bad memories.

18th birthday spent with my love ones. december trip to m'sia with pals, darling, brother, his fren and dad. just to name a few.
i had great fun hanging out with yung hwui, classmates, fishes, and also darling.

went various fun places like zoo with darling, croc farm, pet shops and grapevine with rayn, dee, wing, winnie and jj.
but i've yet to step into a club. YET. haha` i wanna go try out, to experience, whether or nt i'll like it.

another yr passed by and of course darling and i have our share of quarrels. we share joy, and of course pain too. as wad everyone knows, the deeper ur love for one another, the more u'll get hurt. and even though i so want to bring up the 2 words many times when we quarrel. i resisted. i didn't want 4 yrs of r/s to go down the drain. i know that it still can be salvage, and i still love him so much. so we always ended each quarrel with a talk. and also understanding each other.

i still remembered i spent my fearful lunar new yr at his place in 2004. i was asked to stand in the middle of the living room. with all of darling's relatives sitting on chairs surrounding me in a circle. and his parents introduce all of them to me, telling them im their "xi fu". err..... frightening experience.

darling's dad is recovering very fast in the past yr. he can even eat solid food now. and also to walk a good distance with some help. i still treat him as my idol. but many a time, god doesn't treat good ppl well. we dunno why, but we just gotta live with it.

i've hit it off well with my new classmates (though nt considered new now). they're nice ppl ^^ and very enthu. i've had alot of outings with them. haha` and they make me look forward to class everyday, though this semester's modules are really boring. ^^

but the yr is ended off with very bad endings.

my beloved jap chin was being dog-napped. sigh... felt terrible upon hearing the news, couldn't stop breaking down. was thinking tt it's just like normal tt he'd be waiting for us at the lift lobby or wad. but no. sigh... it has skin disease, tt's why we specially took care of him, bought him good shampoo, good lotion. developed feelings for it. and now it's gone.

natural catastrophe causing more than 125,000 deaths. it was so frightening tt ppl shrivelled at the thought of it. bad waves which killed tonnes of ppl, but good waves of help coming in everyday, from all the countries.

countries unite as one. everyone's suffering the same pain, whether direct or indirect. but everyone's helping. humanity's still available. one singaporean even passed away in a car accident while driving to thailand for voluntary service today.

we can only pray.

have a happy new yr everyone ^^

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