Monday, February 28, 2005

today is one of the rare weird days.

i woke up feeling really refreshed and happy. yes real happy. ^^ i seriously wonder wad made me feel this way. anyhow, i attribute part of it to hammie. it's been 8 days since i last saw him, and i miss him... to BITS.

went town after sch with wing and rayn, shopped around. spent like an hr or 2 at kinokunya. wahaha` found this illustrated book which is real cute named the - The melancholy death of the oyster boy ^^ super duper cute.

then walked around till abt 5.. decided to go home coz was real tired.

at the metro (spanish for MRT) station, saw rayn's frens, whom were tagged along by these 2 gurls, 1 of them was my sch mate, dunno her but she noes me, even remembered my sec 4 class -.- then the other who came and asked me if i was frm Townsville.

so she's actually a erm.. pri sch classmate/schmate (forgot if she was in same class as me) i've lost contact for prolly 6 yrs. wahaha` anyhow. she's Jeanali ^^ i still remember this unique name of hers. haha` so we chatted a while b4 they jumped to conclusion and told rayn n me tt they dun wanna disturb us coz they thought we're *ahem* -.-"'

it's really such a coincidence, and the world is indeed small. ^^ haha so happy. shall go asked all my pri sch frens out someday ..

bought bengawan solo kueh home for momma! she loves it ^^ it actually brings back real fond memories of the kueh she used to make back in indo when she was young haha`

great great day. gonna cook tml for Spanish presentation. haha` tried cooking the tortilla espanola just now, nt bad lar, shall improve on the presentation of the dish tml ^^

another good news! my hse hamsters have given birth to 5 babies today! it's still super small, and red, and eyes nt open yet ^^ wonder how it'll grow to be, the fusion between winter white and stripes robowski hamsters.

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Saturday, February 26, 2005

wheeeeeeeee` just finished doing my slides for acmb and also updated Spanish prj slides. ^^ so am quite free now to carry out my entertainment plan =) i love spending time at home. haha`

nt gonna celebrate dad's burfday today. never really felt the attachment to him in the first place. sad but it's the truth. suddenly i was wondering if i'll regret nt spending time and not getting closer to him if he passed away. will i? i really dunno.

it's true tt women forgives easily but never forgets. tt's why u see ur mother digging out old stuff to argue when she's wrong (but my momma doesn't). i forgave my dad for all the bad stuff he's acted out. but then again. i'll never ever forget. =(

sry classmates im such a sucker for saving money. i gave the excuse of dad's bday to bev, but the truth is tt yes it's his bday, but no celebration, just wanna save the 30 bucks.
i'd rather i have 2 buffets in a wk, each costing 20 bucks, and i dun mind paying coz it's nt like wah, 1 time give 30 bucks. hahahah`

may god blast me, sry peeps. =(

alrighty, gonna watch princess diaries 2 now (^(oo)*) v

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Friday, February 25, 2005

my right arm is all bruised now =( thanks to all the nice buds i have.. already got "orh ceh" frm winnie's bite yesterday.. and now, a few more bites frm rayn.. somemore same area. and wtf, he bit my big toe too! -.- he's getting too hyper and psycho.

did nth much yesterday after sch and today, reached home, did alot of household chores..

got back abc paper. 89/100. the 2nd best result i've ever gotten for common tests in poly. yea im tt bad. getting all excited and happy. but hell i gotta mug damn hard for instru. so worried for it coz i flunk it by 2 marks. =(

results aside. dar's so poor thing. like seriously POOR THING. do i need to repeat tt?

he has to work from 8 am to 8pm everyday for a whole of 2 wks. including sat and sun. =( im really hoping tt he wun fall sick and can take good care of himself. my heart's aching *pouts* somemore he still OT today lor.. till like 9+ 10pm? SIGH.

watched survivor just now, really like those immunity and reward challenges, i was getting all excited over it while the race was on. haha` but other parts are quite boring lar, like the contemplation of who wld be voted out.

k im bored le. shall go and join my bed, the best recreation ever ^^

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

whoa, damn cool, there's gonna be a big medical centre situated beside novena mrt station.

it'll have good technology, consisting of raffles hospital, tan tock seng hospital and also mt alvernia hospital merged together. i think it'll be friggin cool and also very useful, especially in the area where they can merge their tech and improvise things. ^^


had spanish test, was quite confused abt the SER/ESTAR qns. anyhow it's quite an ok paper. got back IFP CT2, 26/30, contented.

went out with yx and san to chinatown. hunted down the anime shop at lucky chinatown and san bought 2 frog pouches and also the star dagger.

went to visit thomas ong's stall as well. saw this extremely cute wall clock with 12 different coloured bears in each hole. omg. sooo extremely adorable ^^ dun mind it for my burfday, heck the "song4 zhong1" superstition.

ate at mac. then shop around again. then ate at "Ma Lan Ramen" at Majestic. nt bad, ordered the xiao long bao, normal jiao zi, mango prawn fried and also the fish porridge. very nice.. especially the mango prawn fried *slurps* haha`

we'll always laugh like crazee when we're out. today we did so too. till our stomachs really ached. =( terrible. hahaha` and they said tt i've learnt how to self write, self direct, self act. muahaha`

went home after tt, reached home at abt 8+, bathed, watched teevee... yay if finished reading jd robb's latest novel vision in death ^^v
quite an abrupt ending. yet a draggy middle part... too many victims, too much repeats of the same method of killing. quite sian


short for honey baked ham.
darling also can't make it for tml's dinner at his home, coz he's working till late. hee`

so poor thing, now tt he's being transferred to near IMM tt branch, he has to work frm 8am till 8 pm everyday, doing pelleting and all those stuff. hope he doesn't stress himself out and fall sick...

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Monday, February 21, 2005


went to catch a movie today with wing and winnie. ^^v

went down to j8 and bought tics for constantine.. it's a great flick, with of course the hearthrob keanu reeves ^^ sooooooo charming. wahaha` and bloody hell he kissed angela dodson. too bad it's nt me *pouts*

he's nt REAL handsome, but he's IRRESISTABLY charming.. aWWWW =) and damn cool too. haha` anyhow beauty is subjective ^^

i like the part when he towered over the little chinese gurl who got possessed in the first part of the show, trying to get hold of the demon in the gurl. damn cool and for a moment, i was wonderin if his balls would be kicked.

anyhow, had an enjoyable time watching the movie, winnie and wing were great company =) shopped around after the movie, went to eat small bowl mee at food court. so contradicting and ironic. it's nt small at all. -.- met yuting and sophia at food court, and warned them abt tt uncle. haha`

went home, memorise alot of spanish words. then watch teevee, read novel.


alot of amenities implemented and also improvised this yr!! goodie, nt tt im erm.. highly beneficial in this case coz of my age. but still it's worth celebrating!

it's the first surplus in 3 yrs!! ^^v
cool man. haha` alrighty i shall go read novel then go slumberland ^^

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

happy 52th mth anniversary!!! tt was yesterday though ^^v
darling is still sleeping inside the room =( PIG

im no better myself actually. i woke up at 11.44 just now.
wahaha` yesterday had a great day.

went to meet san and yx at toa payoh station control at 3. jy didn't go and she gave a rather lame excuse. shan't elaborate too much. anyhow, we grabbed a cone at mac before taking bus to ah lai's hse.

btw, ah lai is a 60+ yr old man who's currently retired and only teaching part time in neighbourhood sec schs. he used to teach us in st.marg's back then for chinese.
a rather crappy old man ^^

and it's been a tradition to go his place to bai nian for the past 2 yrs. and this yr we made no exception. just tt the ppl who's going just keeps getting lesser. reached his place, watched this korean film on scv. ate his bah kwa and goodies. drank a whole bot of orangeade. chatted alot. laughed and giggled alot.

stayed at his place frm 3+ till 6+ when he offered to treat us to dinner at KFC or mac. haha and we declined profusely coz we were kinda full frm the new yr goodies.

so we went. and took a train down to bishan coz we figured tt bugis, woodlands, even yishun was too sian, and town is bustling with ppl coz of chingay and street party. so we went bishan.

had dinner at yoshinoya, coz san kept on bugging us to go there for the sake of her beef bowl. chatted a long while b4 we finally left our seats and went to walk around. took photostics. (my version of photostickers. plus neoprints sounds very outdated. and how can neoprints cost 10 bucks! Ridiculous.)

anyway, after tt, we went to shop around, then to supermart in search of candy's nata de coco (candy is sandy's younger sis) went home at 9+ coz i need to rest and bath b4 the midnight movie! plus san and yx will need an hr to get home frm bishan whahahaha`

reached home, found out tt darling already gotten to my place an hr ago b4 i reach. haha` sooo cute. he bought me my favourite sweets!! haha such a dearie.

bathed, rest, and went out with darling again at 10.30. got tics for White Noise at 11.30 instead of Hide & Seek, coz darlin watched it w/o me =( even though he offered to watch it again, but i actually thought white noise would be more scary.

-White Noise-

YES. i was kinda spooked by the show. alot of suddenly-scare-u scenes. and dar and i thought it was a rather disturbing film coz of the scene where the 3 souls attacked john. =( super disturbing coz of the sound effects, the screaming, the gasping everything. haha nt bad a show, considering i love horror suspense show.

but then again, the suspense was too much, made me feel like sleeping between the intervals. =(

movie finished at 1.10am. called up brothers to come fetch us (they offered) then went to get supper with dar and waited at the carpark for them. ray's bike didn't go on well, the gear loosen.. so in the end, chris had to ferry us home, 1 by 1.

had supper, with chris trying to fix the new com. he got it at a real budget price, 200 bucks for CPU ^^v he's smart lar. haha` then he sold the ram and bought a new one. now installing, alot of problems.

alrighty. i shall go read up on bible. yes now. haven't touch it for the alot of times i said i wanted to. have to now, coz bible study is like an hr later.. go go go!!!

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

chris told me i've just been cheated. wahaha` coz i bought an A4 tech red and small mouse for 22 bucks in sch. and he told me yesterday he bought a 10 bucks a4 tech mouse for the new com we're gonna have. =(

anyhow, he said it's his fault coz he didn't buy for me when i wanted one so long ago.. hehe`
haiz. nt as if he's gonna pay me the money anyway. haha wad more can i ask for? when for the past donkey yrs he bought me soooo many stuff like hps and mp3 player and also tonnes others.

went to the market a while ago. bought this really nice and ex bread for mum coz she doesn't have time to eat main meal coz it's sat today, super crowded. then went to get frozen "ang tang" (bloodworms) for goldfish.

i also bought myself this striking blue fighting fish!! ^^ been wanting it for quite a while coz it's nice, and can be a deco in my rm. plus it's sooo cute ^^

then bought ba chor mee for chris. even have to wait half an hr for it coz it's super nice.. and 1 bucks President dry instant noodles for myself. yes. 1 buck per big packet of 5 small packets inside. it's really nice, with even garnishings and chilli powder. hahah i like.

got chided by momma for getting food for her and chris, but nt for thyself. =( and got chided again at home by chris for the same thing. =( he even offered to give his ba chor mee to me and also to cook the instant noodles for me. but i decline all. haha`

alrighty, my plan for today is all set ^^ shall go and read my novel, watch the last episode of date with vamp III and also go read up on bible b4 going to meet fishes ^^

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Friday, February 18, 2005

got a new mouse for lappy, it's small and red! ^^ current one is weird. it has a life of its own. -.-

very disappointed with instru common test marks. very. even though i only studied for a few hrs for the paper. sianz. considering how much effort i need to put in for end semester exam makes me shudder with fear.

so i reckon i better start now. slow and steady. rather than wallow in self pity, taking actions to improve my marks is much more worth it =(

slept 4+ hrs last night. coz of the super strong ice coffee i bought downstairs kopitiam. man it's GOOD. played MS with yx till 3+ last night. alrighty. shall go read up on bible and also the latest novel by J.D Robb ^^v

i miss playing xbox need for speed with yiu yiu =( sianz didn't get to spar with the others. haha`

i miss honey baked ham =( so much so tt my heart is aching =(

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Thursday, February 17, 2005

now stomach BU LEH BU LEH de tong.... all because of the ice coffee 1 hr ago.. =( such a big packet.... kopi peng siu dai! ^^v

*dashes out of room to the toilet*

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i still dunno how to read my ticket against the Toto results =(
haha anyway, it's my first time getting toto quickpick. ^^ quite thrilling, to be waiting if wealth comes down frm heaven. hahah`

today rained. just when we board the bus bound for home. and just nice, it stopped at amk b4 i alighted to cross the road and take the feeder bus on the other side of the bus stop. and it started again, after i reached home ^^

quite glad tt today's weather is nt humid at all, just sunny. the feeling kind of overwhelmed me when it started raining. it's like awaiting rain after a long drought.. so peaceful kinda feeling, and grateful. maybe it's the idolising of "Tian Gong" yesterday ^^v

IFP project done, left with acmb and abc now ^^ and of course presentation of Spanish prj and cooking of the dishes. im soooo craving for ice coffee now. maybe i'll go down and buy later ^^

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

got back ccta paper today, 70% ^^v
quite satisfied with it. anyhow, anticipating other results especially instru which i didn't study much.

dr queh was especially EDGY today. he kept on rushing us to finish our prac. grrrr can't stand it. and we almost went like "relax lar!" or at least i did.

jolene, the virus is nt Trojan. *phew* i must claim tt the stupid files weren't sent by ME. the dumb virus kept on spreading itself to others by popping out windows by itself CONTINUOUSLY and just keeps on sending the dumb yet dangerous files.

anyhow, chris managed to find out the name of the virus (which i gladly forgot) and debug it frm my laptop and frm his PC while im away in sch. he's sooooooo brilliant. tt's why i say, with him ard, i dun need to be afraid of any com problems. coz he's the expert *grinz*

really looking forward to this sat ^^ bai nian with "FISHES" to ah lai's hse and also midnight movie with hunny baked ham!!! ^^ he smsed something really gross and puny today "im all urs over the weekend ^^ u can hold me for as long as u wan" *bLEaH*

and now, my bed is beckoning to me. and yes, im gonna join it now =) NOW. 10:20 PM NOW.....

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

let's blog abt the dumbest thing i've ever done in my life =)


went to bukit timah plaza with wing and rayn after sch. shopped for a while. afterwhich i went to suntec. roamed around frm abt 2+ till 4.30. bought Royce choc (Venezuela Bitter and Ghana Sweet) before i took bus 106 frm opposite marina square to fetch darling frm work.

let's digress abit.. remember in the 2nd last entry i mentioned abt me surfing web for abt 1+ hrs to find out which bus goes to darling's working place and even counted the no of stops?

**** i didn't ask darling beforehand where's the exact location of his working place. -.- i only noe the company name and roughly where it's at. coz if ask will "picha lobang" (expose plan) le mah, then he'll for sure noe tt i'm fetching him. it's supposed to be a surprise.

so anyway, i alighted, feeling really excited and anticipating his reaction. i walked for abt 10 min to the Excel Building. and on the way alot of foreign workers and i really mean ALOT. i was almost freaked out.

reached the building, went in, with some ppl staring at me... so i called darling, coz he told me he's waiting for me at the entrance.

me : where are u?
dar : entrance lar
me : where got? didn't see u leh. (walked out and glanced around)
dar : i also didn't see u
me : *panicking* where's ur company?
dar : pandan rd tt area lor
me : omg. im at bukit batok near clementi leh-.-

darn i almost felt like crying. and i did tear abit. hahaa imagine the helplessness. when u're stuck at some freaking ulu "dog dun shit, bird dun lay eggs" place (gou bu la shi, niao bu sheng dan)
so in the end, we agreed to meet at westmall, coz it's the nearest to us, me at least.

took cab to westmall, waited for darling, while waiting, i smsed him:::

me : im sooo dumb. haiz i shld have known. why am i so stupid.
dar : u're nt stupid dear, u're so cute i really like it ^^

*pengz* saw hannah at westmall, so chatted abit. then darling came and we took train to city hall. walked to marina square coz suntec definitely alot of ppl. darling didn't get anything for me, said wanted to get sports bra for me, but dunno my size hahah` then he asked me to choose my own present and he take the tab.

but i didn't wan to, coz no point wad. darling's dad told him to bring me to a restaurant for dinner haha but i also rejected him, said dun need. so in the end, we dined at mac, with darling ordering 20 bucks worth of food. -.- MACDONALDS. mind u. i took the quarter pounder with cheese meal, then he took mcspicy double meal, and he ordered mcwings and Berrynice yoghurt -.-

scary. anyhow, we went to esplanade after tt, sat down and chatted. darling wanted a boat ride. hahha and i rejected also, coz nt cheap ^^

in the end, he said he wanna go loo. took a darn long time, came back with this metal box with a really tiny giraffe magnetic plushie we named FLAPPY. inside the box is 2 choc, 1 caramel dunno wad and the other, dark choc with lemon meringue ^^ and it's damn ex. cost like 15 bucks for everything -.- whereas the Royce choc i bought is same price yet seems more worth it. hahah`

queued up inside the esplanade toilet, such a coincidence tt jy came in after me!!! haha` ^^ chatted abit b4 i went off

took 857 home after tt, didn't noe where to stop coz never take b4. hahah` so we walked the long way home, really sweet and nice ^^
this date is simple, yet very fulfilling, just as i wan it to be, no "posh-ness", no extravagance, coz everyday is v day if we wan it to be ^^

after i reached home, *beep* darling : "even if today is a simple date, i really enjoy the time spent."
wad more can i ask for? ^^v

i hope i can see him this weekend. =( i dun wan another 2 wks once bunk over at my place =(


like so friggin crazeeeeee lor, at 12 midnight, my mum suddenly told me to go to living rm and lao yu sheng... coz quite difficult to accomodate each other's free time, since i study in the day and chris work in the evening. they're SUPER DUPER siao. but i lUrVe them to Bits. and Pieces ^^v so we lao yu sheng.. in the middle of the night -.-


Spanish test is postponed to next wk. wahhaha includes the 7 days of the wk. omg. anyhow, profesora estefania said tt our project is excellent! *beams*

plus yesterday got back acmb paper ^^ 57/60, 1 of my best marks in tests in poly wahahahhah` so darn happy. anyhow, hope the application qns in exam wun be so diff =( im soooo sleepy now. due to lack of sleep. but im happy and going bonkers soon. ^^

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Valentine's Day 2005

Hosted by

caramel choc tt is left of wad darling gave me (i ate the dark choc with lemon meringue ^^)

Hosted by

the "house" box darling gave me with FLAPPY

Hosted by

another different pose!

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FLAPPY! ain't it sooo adorable?

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the interior of the box

Hosted by

as's so cute, like some fairy tale like doll hse

Hosted by

the nice velvety Royce packaging. ::Venezuela bitter and Ghana sweet::

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spanish test later.

im nt gonna touch the notes=(

happy valentines' day

got a pink rose frm dear pammie ^^ love it

shall blog abt my superb retardness today.

await my entry by night ^^

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

i've got tomorrow all planned out ^^v

finally after 3 wks of official and self-made holidays, tml's back to sch *pouts* let's see, 1wk of study break, before tt few days of no sch coz of open hse, 1 wk of common test wk, and for last wk, mon and fri PON, the rest is official public holiday ^^

wahaha im so proud of myself. hee` anyhow, it's sch tml. and the only factor which can pull me back to sch is common tests results. yes im anxious abt it. =( really wonder how i'll fare for my modules.

stayed at home today, maple-d, watch vcds, surfed net and had bible study session. the guy who came along with jessica today was really humourous ^^

yea. just now, i surfed net for a whole 1 hr to find out the exact location of hunny's workplace. Excel Building. stupid place. hahah` so ulu somemore, and it's located in this area with alot of such commercial buildings. =( anyhow, i finally managed to get hold of the buses which go there, and also the minor details such as how many bus stops b4 i reach the place.

and just nice, i can take the bus frm city hall and it goes directly there. shall give him a surprise tml by popping up at his place to fetch him ^^ and b4 tt, i could go gai gai in city hall and also get hunny's beloved dark choc ^^ (it's my favourite too!)

happy valentines' day everyone ^^ no matter where u go to, hawker centre or super posh restaurants, as long as ur hearts are linked, both of u will be happy ^^

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Saturday, February 12, 2005

yesternight met up with wing, winnie and rayn at dhoby gaut station control for our art museum trip. chris rode me there coz his workplace is just opposite Red Cross. was there early, wing came next. and as we waited, we kept on diao-ing (or rather me) this cheeee-na guy. he's soooo freaking gross and showed superb retardness.

as one of the worst guys we've seen. even b4 wing came, i was sitting on the floor. he walked damn near me, back and forth and kept on staring at me. of course i diao him lar. then when wing came, he stood at the station "zha2 men2" and when ppl went in, he kept on touching the red wedges, preventing them frm closing. -.-

anyhow, rayn and winnie reached and we went for dinner, shopped for a while b4 walking to the art museum. saw botero and russell wong's works. =) very nice. i personally like the adam and eve of botero's. few colors and it carried off well ^^ russell's blue michelle yeoh's pic was also good.. haha`

great fun ^^ went to clarke quay after tt, walked around for a while and went home.


valentines' day is a day for the celebration of love, no matter kinship, friendship, or between lovers. i wonder if i'm gonna do anything on tt day =(

it's so ironic. when u dun have the money to go out, ppl are asking u out like there's no other days left. but when u're loaded, u feel lonely. it's been ages since i last go on a date. i missed it so much. yet maybe he doesn't feel the same. why do guys nt understand how a simple woman feels? seriously, guys are so dumdum.

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Friday, February 11, 2005

eXpressive: 5/10
Practical: 5/10
Physical: 4/10
Giver: 6/10

You are a RPIG--Reserved Practical Intellectual Giver. This makes you a Rock of Gibraltar.

You are loyal, kind, thoughtful and conscientious. You're a good person. You make everyone around you happier and better, even if you yourself are not at your happiest or best. You just care so much about your friends and loved ones that you can't help giving them everything of yourself. It can wear you out, but you'd never let on.

You're successful, smart and fun to be with, but your self-esteem could use some boosting. You don't like conflict, and you don't like demanding things for yourself, so you can feel unappreciated. But then you wonder if you don't deserve to be appreciated. You do!

You have many small crushes, but it takes you ages to get to a serious stage with someone. You get so caught up second-guessing yourself and worrying if the other person really *likes* likes you that you never dare to make the first move. Generally you end up with another clever RPIG who knows one when s/he sees one. This adds up to one long courtship. Fortunately this also adds up to one long marriage.

You would never cheat. You would never hurt anyone's feelings. You are so sympathetic and give so many second chances that it takes a lo-o-ong time for anyone to get on your bad side.

Your only problem is you can be *too* thoughtful -- you can end up worrying and getting hung up over nothing.

You may be a boy scout.

Of the 196625 people who have taken this quiz, 7 % are this type.

Posted by reticent_aura at 2/11/2005 02:40:00 PM

went out yesternight with ray and chris to catch a movie. we watched Seoul Raiders at 12.25. wanted to watch constantine.. =( but chris paying mah, so suit his wish lor. then ray sponsored popcorn and drinks, while i be a freeloader.

movie was great, tony leung's eyes are still as charming and bright as ever, lines were very witty and quite hilarious. nt bad a show, since i did nt pay for it. ^^

it was freezing cold in the theatre, i was wearing a tee, jacket and a pair of shorts. when we got outside the mall, it was extremely cold. rode bike home, and i was literary freezing, even with chris sitting in front of me and braving the wind. teeth chattering and limbs trembling. it was tt terrible. hahah` then quickly rode back home and hide in our cosy home. ^^

gonna go out later ^^ so looking forward to botero works. ^^

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Thursday, February 10, 2005

omg.. i got full marks for ccta latest quiz. haha` this marks a higher level to my ti-kum-ing skills. ^^

im sooo tired and sleepy now. haha` i rode on ray's bike while mom on chris' bike to ah ma's place. hahah mum was sooo cute. she's got problem getting up and down, but nevertheless, she tried her very best ^^ soooo cute. had lunch at grandma's place. and she said tt i look like a eurasian!!! =( everyone was asking where darling is, and how come he never go with us. haha`

met up with doreen and family at ah ma's place, then we went to northpt to shop abit and eat at kfc. afterwhich they went to ang bao river and we rode bike to my grandpa's small wife house at Orchid Park. one of my unmarried and quite chio aunty was like "wah u look so sweeeeeet" then she moved forward to pinch my cheeks -.-

i really envy xiao ma (grandpa's small wife). she's quite old le, yet still so radiant, complexion so good, and can speak english and so knowledgeable abt everything plus always keeping track of the things happening around her. ^^

spent a few hours there then rode back home. ^^ home sweet home.

wheee im nt going to class tml ^^ shall stay at home and watch vcd and enjoy life!! hee
v day's coming....

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hehe. so warm ^^ just nice for spring, though it's unbearable sometimes. had a great reunion dinner, thought we wouldn't be having steamboat, but we did! haha .. without chris though, coz he was working. we even fried the handmade ngoh hiang, shisamo and soft shell crab haha`

darling reached my place at 1+am after his reunion dinner, then he stayed over at my place till afternoon. my family didn't wanna go ah ma's place, so they stayed at home.

then dar asked if i wanna go visit his maternal relatives with his family.. didn't wanna go at first. but momma psycho-ed me.. haha so i went with him. took cab down to his place, wait for him to change.

met up with his family then took cab down to his relatives' place.
he wear until so charming. hahah` pale yellow shirt, biz pants, belt and leather shoes. ^^ haha again i find myself falling in love and bruised.

had steamboat again, ate alot of stuff like tiramisu cake and baked potato & bacon. played ps2, then went up to dar's cousin place to drink red wine and vodka and watch dvd. hee` had great fun with all his female cousins. then we left the place at abt 7 pm, darling to his own home coz his paternal family having dinner at his place. then i went home to accompany my mum.

had dinner, watched tv.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

alrighty! im finally in the mood to blog.

im out of depression now. =) quarrelled with my mum few days back, had cold war for a day.

then yesterday pon sch. woke up early in the morning at 8+ to go pay respects to my great grandparents and uncle. i rode pillion on ray's bike while dad on chris'. then the 4 of us went to shuang lim si to say hi to my great grandparents.

afterwhich we rode to bright hill crematorium to pay respects to my uncle. then rode back home to the market near our place, met up with mum there and had lunch with her. tt's when our cold war ceased and i realised tt i still have a loving family. =) exchanged alot of jokes and words while eating.

bought a few bottles of nail polish along the way, suddenly wanting to paint my nails. *grinz*
then went home, painted my nails.. had quite abit of fun, watched vcd.. i've already finished volume 1 of 'my date with a vampire III. slacked, played MS.

after dinner, momma and i starting making the Ngoh Hiang. mixed 1 kg of minced meat, half kg of prawns, water chestnuts and of course other ingredients to taste. then wrapped them up in the beancurd skin and steamed it.

then we made the battar for the almond cookies and baked them. =) finished at around 12am. hahah` cleared up and joined my bed at 1am.


went for spanish class at 10am. no choice cannot pon le coz i got warning letter le. profesora estefania reached at abt 10.30, super late. -.- then handed up spanish project, and she dismissed us before 11am. ROFLMAO.

met up with daryl at junction 8 after tt, had lunch at pastamania, haha he treat =) then went shopping around and finally bought a plain black top. so here i am, super sleepy and tired.. ^^
and also finally starting to feel the nice CNY atmosphere. i miss doreen!!! hee can see her tml le.

alrighty peeps!
¡Feliz Ańo Nuevo Chino!
(Happy Chinese New Yr)

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Monday, February 07, 2005

you're the strength when i am weak

you're the treasure tt i seek

you're my all in all

seeking u as a precious jewel

lord to give up i'll be a fool

you're my all in all

i love simple things.

i love these lyrics taken frm a hymn.

i can't bring myself to smile anymore.




i never spoke a word to anyone when i reached home today.

nobody cares anymore.

not anymore.

i'd rather put on a facade of happiness so tt i wun disappoint my frens.

but i feel terrible inside.

maybe depression is wad it's all abt.

i hope u can tell me wad to do Jennifer.

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

wheeeeeeee` i can blog now ^^ coz hammie's off to work now.. hehe.. just woke up.. ^^ feeling so refresh now after much needed sleep.

went for breakfast with winnie at KAP before heading for the paper.

yesterday's paper was a terror. =( and the marks allocated were much too much.. but then again. if u take 100 divide by 5, each qns only "cost" 1 mark. he's so dumb right, why dun wanna make it 1 qns 1 mark and nt 5 marks, so tt he doesn't need to calculate the 20% marks for everyone -.- imagine mr chang is actually frm the top technology university in the world.. -.-

anyway, after the paper, nobody in our class went for the Summit. muahaha`
went to 6th avenue to have our lunch. i shared a box of tomatoes with wing and i also bought a bot of Snapple ^^

then the others left, leaving wing, rayn and me to go to our next destination - city hall. took bus there and had a great time chatting abt religious stuff. chatted alot abt christianity, buddhism, taoism and also others. very interesting and very "thinking probing" convy.

went window shopping till abt 5 plus without stopping b4 we went to carrefour to get some food. ate, then i took a 174 all the way frm city hall to darling's place (boon lay Place) . sat in the bus frm 6.15pm till 7.25pm. rofl. had a very good sleep on the way, felt extremely refreshed by the time i reach his place. haha he work OT, orh-bi-quek`

he pia cab down after his work and reached his hse only 5 min after i reached ^^ his parents are so kind, bought alot of stuff for my family... yes really alot. let me see.. 2 big pomelo, alot of kum quat (oranges), bah kwah, cashewnuts, peanuts, sweets, big packet of dried mushrooms and also a whole kueh lapis cake.

feel so paiseh haha. every yr they'll give so much stuff, haa then they'll say "coz sh always stay at ur place mah" hahaha kueh lapis lor... so ex.. must be 40+ de.. then they so she de, say "bcoz u like mah, it's ok de" *heart melts* when it comes to food, they're always ever willing to pay alot. imagine they actually bought 4 kg of 40 bucks per kg worth of bah kwa.. -.- and they kept on telling me to go over for reunion dinner. hahahha coz it's his mum's burfday.

in the end, his parents gave us cab fare to take cab all the way frm his place to my place (amk). bought our dinner (mixed grill and hokkien mee) back up. watched tv and helped momma make pineapple tarts. turned out she dunno how to "kan1 huo3" the first batch all chao da. haha` then she say the batch i did turned out to be very nice. haha`

rushed hammie to go sleep at abt 12+ coz he's working today.. have bible study later ^^ changed to sat instead of sun for this wk. haha anticipating it..... shall go and read up first on the book and the bible.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

muahaha ^^ darn happy.. guess wad? my hotmail account size has increased from 2MB to 25MB.. and 1 mth later, it'll auto increase to 250MB =)

wanna noe the trick? pm me ^^ 250Mb might nt mean anything compared to a 1G mail. but i dun need tt much so why bother? ^^

chris is cooking oyster and scallop porridge and also some dishes to go with it. haha` just now took a spin ride with chris and ray to supermart to shop. bought nice stuff like yu sheng, soft shell crab and shisamo.. ^^

bye. TRYing to mug now.. =(

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i miss ur teddy bear hugs.

i miss ur caring hands.

i miss the way u gulped down a big cup of mac pepsi in 1 mouth just to use the ice for my fever.

i miss u getting an apple pie for me even when i dun feel like eating anything.

i miss u being thick-skinned and calling me dear and hunny even when we're nt in a BGR.

i miss the way u gathered up ur courage to ask me "can we be together?" in Xiao Guilin.

i miss the way u signed I-Love-You to me when u're still in ICU fighting for ur life.

i miss the first kiss we had on the hospital ward when we were suppose to complete a dare.

i miss the expression on ur face when u gave me our very first kiss.

i miss the sudden hug back at the 'grassland' at ur old place, with all our buddies staring at us frm afar.

i miss the "happy anniversary dear" chalk carvings u made for me.

i miss the way u colored salt using different colors of chalk and putting them into bottle.

i miss u waiting for me outside my sch with a brolly back in sec sch days coz it's raining in the morning 6.30am and i needed to cross the unsheltered overhead bridge to get to sch.
everytime... without fail.

i miss all the times we spent in KAP, tea garden and westmall in secondary sch.

i miss u organising a burfday party for me 2 yrs back.

i miss u and my frens asking me nt to peep while all of u do something to the cake bought frm Jack's Place by u.

i miss u making me take the box out of the cake, feeling really surprised and excited.

i miss ur happy face when u put on the necklace for me.

i miss the time when my frens asked me to feed u the cake using my mouth and they took nice shots of it. =)

i miss all ur caring gestures.

why did u say u have to make me smile by replying to my sms even though it's like 1am and u're suppose to go to work the next day?

u sux. coz u made me miss u even more. ^^

take care honey baked ham *grinz*

(All in chronological order ^^)

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

whoa. hehe finally feeling quite contented. i've done alot of changes to my blog, the title, phrase after each entry, the left picture, added tt dumb clip, changed colors of the headings of the far right box..

and finally i tried to change the grey color of the links.. but to no avail.. haha` next time ba ^^ i'll most prolly stick to this skin for a long time.. hehe i hate changing skin, so troublesome.

u make me wanna lala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^v

i dun wanna study instru. i refuse to acknowledge the fact tt today is wed and i have a paper 2 days later.. i refuse to mug!!! *sigh* later ba..

did abit of spring cleaning again.. cleared my deco shelves and made it dust free!! whee ^^

maple-d alot today.. watched alot of teevee.. and listened to alot of music and still am now..
gonna mug............... erm....... 2 hrs later......

pardon this nonsensical post.. coz im feel like shitting now! no time for good entries!!

ON A NOTE : i've been having problems for the html coding of music. please tell me if u hear my blog music yah? ^^ thanks!

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you make me wanna la la!!

sWeet dREams ^^v

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

currently jammin :: third eye blind**JUMPER**

hmmm.. this song's really nice. i love the whole album ^^

did spring cleaning today, extremely tired.. sweep floor, mop floor, wash clothes, hang clothes, fold clothes, cook dinner. *hee* sense of satisfaction. yesterday's dinner was also cooked by me. and my brothers scooped up all the dishes!! haha happy.

maybe one day, i'll develop the kind of syndrome whereby if im upset or angry, i'll start to do household chores and keep in wiping and wiping. muahaha`

maple-d alot also... and read magazines plus glue-ing my eyes to teevee.

quite a fulfilled day.. i simply lurve to stay at home ^^ even though quite aimless, dunno wad to do. =(

i miss hammie.. haven't thought of wad to get for v day for him. but dunno why, it doesn't really mean anything to me, maybe coz for all the times we're together, im very contented and happy, so whether there's a vday or nt doesn't matter.

the swatch 2001 valentines edition watch hammie gave to me finally stopped. didn't wanna wear it all along coz bu she de.. the transparent straps already turned yellow le. went to alot of swatch outlets to get the strap but dun have. help me out yah, it's transparent with 2 cupids on each side. if u all see it pls tell me. ^^

and im so happy and excited!! even until now... wahahhaha` yen ching finally sms me frm aussie this morning! hahaha` ^^ super elated. sandy and i were trying to decipher the no. haha`

finally sent out joyce's (pri sch buddy) belated burfday card in the afternoon. every year without fail she'll get it frm me!!


soooo broke..... been spending like less than 100 for the past 3 wks.. =( i hope to spend as little as i can this wk.. (before instru paper of course.. after tt i'll paint the town RED!!) i hope to rely on instant noodles/cup noodles/bro buy/can fruits/fresh fruits for brunch for the next couple of days. or maybe use the 60 bucks voucher i still have for SAKAE!!! MUAHAHA` dun act friendly now ar... -.-

kk.. my favourite show is starting in 4 minutes time!! ^^ cannot miss it.. *toot channel tuning to channel 55*

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You Are 19 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.
13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.
20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.
30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!
40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

What Age Do You Act?

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