Thursday, March 31, 2005

-2 hurdles down-

speaking of hurdles, my baby used to be a hurdle sprinter back in his sec sch =)

im sooooooo happy!! despite lacking of sleep and the fact tt instru's paper is tml. *groans*

just reached home a while ago, had lunch with classmates in canteen 2 - fried fish soup with rice!! lurve it, coz it's the same auntie with the nice fish soup ^^v then met up with chris at amk's kfc for lunch. haha` coz he said he wanna eat with me AWWWW hee` had cheese fries only.

i thought ccta paper was real fine. except of question 1 haha and also a couple of other small questions. anyhow, i hope i can at least get a B for it ^^

*(dear lord i ask for nth much. just an A for any core module this semester. i've never gotten A for core modules b4, only for IS =( in jesus name we pray, amen *grinz* )

another thing is tt im so happy tt yx has finally sort things out and she's nt sad anymore. muacks dearie, i'll always be an sms/call away ^^

thanks alot to wonderful hammie who's been there for me during this stressful period, just check out those encouraging smses in my inbox, it's like more than 20 of them.. nt including other mushy ones, just plainly, "i have faith in u", "study hard" those type heeee`

-lame n sweet stuff-

chatted with yx over webcam msn messenger. wahaha` damn fun lol` got the webcam for a long time le, but didn't get to use it. ytd we were like making lotsa faces to each other and i even brought jacky to the screen coz yx requested it. hehe`

my mum even came in and said hi to her. hahahah` lame stuff huh.

now to sweet..... i've never gone clubbing b4, gonna do so like next wk or something ^^v haven't set yet. anyhow, was chatting with chris over msn.. yes... he was in the living room and me in my room. -.-

i told him i wanna go clubbing hehe` then he's sooo sweet! he said when im going, tell him, coz he's gonna sponsor me *grinz* love him hehe`

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

-whoa wad's tt?-

yea wad's tt. ytd at 12 plus i was sitting nicely on my chair going thru my notes. and suddenly i saw circles... yep. literary. thought i was drowsy or something, so i closed my eyes and opened again. same. it lasted for abt 2 minutes.

and i pmed sk on msn.. he felt it too. hmmm` earthquake 8.5 on richter in north sumatra. so terrible tt even m'sia and parts of sg felt it.. sandy was even lamenting tt she didn't feel it and how pitiful it was. -.-

anyhow, phew, tsunami wasn't raised at all. good.

-"PARIA" mp3 player-

in case u all dunno, paria is a slang word used to describe low down, er.. lousy..

my mp3 player -.- after being replaced at tt particular shop, unfortunately decide to fail me again. haha` the problem comes on and off. it'll auto switch off itself.. grrrrr and sometimes it's so guai.

anyhow, chris said "hmmm this teaches us nt to buy 'hokomo' brand stuff next time".. he bought it btw, 512mb at 169 bucks. and hokomo means nt well renowned brands. haha`

**+ON A NOTE : i sms chris ytd to ask if he felt the tremors over at pasir ris chalet. and he didn't. and he's sooo sweet. haha` replied me "thanks for taking care of the family these 2 days ^^v i really appreciate it"

i miss him... coz it's so lonely and quiet at home w/o him. hee` plus there's no one to cook lunch or cater lunch for me... wahaha`

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if 2 hrs later a tsunami doesn't occur. everything's fine. *prays*

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Monday, March 28, 2005

-movie madness, not?-

i wanna watch creep, spanglish, house of wax and house of fury =)

boohoohoo but now i must convince myself tt this is kinda my last chance of mugging... it's now or never. ^^v

chris went to chalet early in the afternoon. *SAD* i also wanna go. wahahha` grrrrrrr after exams gonna havoc liao hehehee

till then.......... MUG....
*slurps* i lurve fried dory fish.. cooked by myself..

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-shld i change my blog layout? not?-

hmmm im still contemplating whether or nt to leave behind my quite full of individuality blog layout for one i've set my eyes upon. =(

i miss my boy. and it's only been barely a few hrs since i last saw him. when am i gonna see him again? coming weekend? *snarls*

i left a teeny weeny note in his wallet. wondering when he'll notice. hee nt gonna tell him ^^v

btw, he tried to do something silly.. drew "i love u" on paint and wanted to save and set as wallpaper. BUT i came into my room just in time to catch him glaring at me with the plain "i love u" words on paint program. -.-

exams zooming on us fast. real fast, hope i wun make a big flop out of it and flunk my papers...

alrighty. shall go mug now.

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

-wad's happening to the ppl in the world?-

wad? becoming senseless and brainlesS?

read the Newpaper yesterday, this malay guy died a horrible horrible painful, gruesome, disgusting death by jumping onto the railway track to get his shoe.

well i dunno, maybe he thought he was experienced enuff to get it in time b4 the train comes? or maybe he was just plain brainless to do things w/o informing anybody, leaving behind his bereaved fiancee and kids.


anyhow. haiz. the person is gone, saying 1000 more sentences doesn't help anymore. still, i must say it's stupidity tt sometimes causes a person's death. -.- normal ppl wun do tt.

-and another o.0-

bo liao ah bian of taiwan and his family went to join in the 326 big you2 xing2 against mainland china.. -.-
and he said tt he's only present to motivate his citizens... but he wun join in shouting and all. -.-

when have u ever heard of president joining riots? cool he's the pioneer of it all muahaha

omg. i tell u, taiwan's politics gathering are the nicest funniest home videos. =X oops. no... funniest videos i meant..

fancy throwing packed packets of rice (cai4 fan4) and also women throwing chairs. wow. amazing. ^^v and the other countries are laughing at their political ridicule, just tt nobody said anything big enuff to trigger an attack.

kk enuff of sarcasm. now back to my daily lamey borley life.

darling stayed over ytd too.. ^^v and tt means im still nt mugging queen yet. haha im so gonna die when i take my papers. =( boohoohoo! and chris + dar's now sitting in front of the PC playing their favourite game. (^(oo)^)

looks like i have to erm... try mugging?

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Saturday, March 26, 2005


met up with yung hwui at her place at 12 noon... then took train down to city hall. =) went for lunch at the dim sum restaurant first b4 we get the tics for 3.45 son of the mask. ^^v

afterwhich we went over to nydc coz im supposed to treat her to a slice of cake for her burfday (which is today) =)

daryl's also working yesterday frm 12 to 6... so yep, kind of chatted with us while he work. ordered a mudpie for yung and i tried the mango tango combo. very nice!! haha a perfect combi of mango cheesecake and mango ice cream. then we ordered lemonade too. total bill came up to 30 bucks.
but it's ok, coz it's for my wonderful mei's 18th burfdae..

son of the mask is seriously superbly hilarious. hahaha` i give it 5/5 popcorns! i personally love the scenes where the the dog thought of diff plans to bully the baby, and also the part where the baby and the baddie played twister together. ^^v

worth every cent of 8.50..and i burst out laughing till tears roll down my cheeks (it's literal, nt cliche)

after the show yung and i went to do a little shopping at carrefour for food =) and we both took train after tt, she, back to her place and me to shihan's place for dinner. met up with dar at jurong east platform and went to his place together.

left his place for my home at abt 10... spent the night watching teevee, chatting...



dar and i woke up at 9 and got tickets for 11.05 the eye 10 at northpt.

the show was surprisingly funny. seems like a chinese version of "Scary Movie Series"...
nt scary at all. just plain funny. nt a bad film lar, just nt very good. ^^v

afterwhich is feast dining at Sakae sushi. spent the 60 bucks voucher i still have. wahahha`
then shop around and went back to my crib.

dar gonna go home after dinner tonight le =( boohoohoo. but haiz no choice.. if nt i wun be able to study. damn it. arrrrrrrr tml i'll be reduced to mugging queen again.
thinking of cancelling bible study session tml. will see how.

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Friday, March 25, 2005

wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` =) *grinz*
it's another fun filled day!!!! wahahah`
so excited lalalalalala...

gonna go out with yung hwui today to celebrate her birthday (which is tml).. hee` then treating her to a slice of cake frm Secret Recipe.. haha` tt's wad happens when u're broke. but then again, it's super nice cake lor. and it cost 5.50 per slice. T.T

she's still very touched lar.. hahah` saying it's ok and she's really happy.
(haha she understands me the best, coz she's my qing mei zhu ma, grew up with me since young. only younger than me by a yr)

anyhow, it's been a long time since we went out ^^v

and im gonna see my boy in the evening!! hee` he told me tt his parents miss me alot, coz i haven't been going to their place since dunno when.
so since he's not working frm 8-10+ pm today, i could go over for dinner ^^

and by 11 last night, they've already came up with their dinner menu -.-
as follows:
hang he (grilled chilli stingray) *slurps*
fried mee (with alot of seafood)
watermelon sago
and even threatened on having crayfish as well. -.- so i told them.. "bu bi le ba....... it's only a small dinner"

and his sis always tells me "we'll only have good food when u come".. further emphasized by the whole duck and whole chicken during steamboat last time. pengz. make me always so bu hao yi si to go over for dinner.

and darling's gonna stay over at my place tonight coz no work on this weekend ^^v soo happy. luckily winnie reminded me it's PH and sh need nt work.. and i was so engaged in organising program with yung hwui tt i didn't think of tt. turned out he still has to work but knock off earlier ^^

alrighty! go bath le =)

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

oh boy... the haze is t e r r i b l e.............
i can even smell the super duper strong smoke right here on my chair in my red and pink room..
and im feeling sick now. =(

it's home alone today. yes alone. hahah` chris working in the morning till 3 today (he normally works frm 7 to 11).. miss his catering of lunch. wahahaha`

shall go rent vcd, get lunch, and mug later ^^v

i forgot to add in some stuff in yesterday's entry...
here goes:

the people is tt country are now rioting for Terri's human right to live on. and obviously it's for a good cause. (coz the govt made the decision to plug off Terri's living machine few days ago. she's left only a few more days to live. tt's why they're eagerly fighting for it!!)

anyhow. yes it's for a good cause. and WTH! those lame indonesians undergraduates are rioting for wad? INCREASE IN FUEL OIL PRICES -.- think they all have pea brains. every country also has been affected by it. who heard abt India or Africa complaining? suckers

so compare and contrast and u'll realise how dumb some ppl are..

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

rofl check out the grober phenomenon in the blogging community!!
click here-----> ^^v

it's the "im too sexy for my blog post"! muahaha`

i personally love the shots taken by mr brown and miyagi. wahaha` so zesty! hee` maybe i shld get my boy to do this too wheeeeeeeeeee`


please let Terri live on. her kins are fighting for the right for her to live. yadar yadar yadar.. Talk abt human rights. the govt sux. the family didn't even wan her to go under euthanasia (mercy killing) and there they are, making the decision for her to die. WTH!

**+ on a note: straits time online interactive sux -.- accounts still nt enuff. and they're now even asking for online subcriptions to be paid b4 u can read the news online. grrrrrrrr suckers for money

nevertheless, im still happy as a lark.. and i miss my boy =(

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im craving for sorbet ice cream =( *slurps* sooooo refreshing.....

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*poof* just reached home a while ago. eyes kinda tired now. heee but still damn high ^^v
quite a pity tt jo can't join us and hp couldn't make it last minute.

managed to coax chris into joining us for dim sum buffet so tt he could gimme a ride. muahaha`
supposed to meet san, yx and jy at 11.30 but san and jy late... chris and i walked frm funan's basement carpark to meet yx. then the 3 of us took the shuttle bus to suntec and back, just in time to meet them.

walked to excelsior hotel and 5 of us had the dim sum buffet. ate till abt 2, and chris went back home to rest before going for work. the rest of us went to suntec kbox and sang frm 2 till 7+, pumping high levels of adrenaline into our bodies. hehe`

sang alot of new songs like tong hua, waiting for u and li sheng jie's songs!! wahaha super excited =)

called home to my wonderful momma and there she is, asking me to tok to my beloved jacky (my jack russell) -.- *pengz*

carried out the plan of the day, sandy and i dragged yx and jy to nydc for mudpies, just coz we wanna let daryl see more of yx. wahahah` daryl even traded with his colleague for today's shift. wahaha`

so the 4 of us had a mudpie each, and turned down a pizza daryl offered us. chatted for a while there, he foot the bill again... just like the other time he did too. -.- haiz, feeling quite embarrassed lar.

after which he passed me a paper bag.. inside is the pair of havaianas slippers he bought me, and also 3 packets of Leonidas praline chocs, (4 pieces in each packet, and each piece cost a whopping 2+ bucks!!) coz he thought only 3 of us going.. really bu hao yi si... next time i wun go suntec nydc le, i go other branches hee` =(

then after having the mudpies, the 4 of us went to the dim sum restaurant to eat chee cheong fun. haha` chatted in sky garden till abt 10+ nearing 11 b4 we decided to go home...

so i took train to dhoby gaut and rode pillion on chris' bike, just in time after he knock off. hehe`

had a great time today with dearies... ^^v quite happy tt today is nt only trio who's free. haha` but grrr, the same thing always happens everytime we go out - there's absolutely not enuff time to chat!!!!! haha` we could go on and on w/o realising how late it is.

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Monday, March 21, 2005

i also wanna go havoc. wahhahaa ^^v

just came back frm lunch, shopping cum groceries shopping with chris. hee` never fail to always have a great time with him.. hee`

alrighty gonna go mug le.. if nt i'll really be lagging behind time with some of the days having fun outside. ^^v im sooooooooo looking forward to tml!!!!!!!!!! hee`

i miss my hammie. =( take care baby

**+ stayed up last night till 2+ to finish up the novel PALOMINO by danielle steel. the plot's really interesting and exciting. rate it as one of the best novels i've ever read.

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Image hosted by

this is how lame sandy can get...
she drew this using the handwrite function on msn messenger. -.-

and b4 she drew this pic, she spammed the convy window, typing:
and she went offline b4 i could talk to her..
talk abt one sided convy -.-

hmmm i feel so broke now. lol` bought him the same ring which i have to complete the couples' ring today.. ^^v broke, but very satisfied. hehe` he's so dumb, engraved "angela" on ring he bought for me... then engraved "lihui" on the ring i bought for him today.. -.- doesn't make sense, but he said he like it tt way, wad can i do..... hee

treat it as an anniversary present frm me to u baby *grinz*
happy 53th mth anni! love ya loads, complete with hugs and muacks.
it's the presence of u and me which makes it all worthwhile.
u raWK my socks! =)

he reached my place at 1am after work last night... then went home a while ago to rest coz he still have to work tml =( wondering when's the next time i'll get to see him.. and exam's coming real soon. better buck up and mug real hard ^^v

im happy for u dearie u noe who u r.. next time we'll celebrate this day together with a double date.. wahahha` the 19th is a very special day for us!!

on a note: RIPWAY sux.. they swollowed all my old blog pics. -.-
anyhow, dun think anyone's interested in archives except myself.. still... ripway SUX, and sandy's uber lame!

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Friday, March 18, 2005

dr lim's baby daniel is sooooo cute! check out her e mail! ^^v
and my baby's reaching my hse soon =)

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-you make me wanna LaLa!-

yep my day started off well. and it ended off well too! *grinz*

shopped yesterday and today.. wahha. yesterday went to carrefour with grandma and parents after high tea dim sum buffet at excelsior hotel (cheap cheap 13 bucks ^^). an early celebration of grandma's bday and belated of dad's. bought lingerie, lotsa groceries, a cupboard, and a dustbin at carrefour ^^v

today after ccta paper, went down to bishan for lunch with wing, rayn and dee. wing, rayn n i shared half a chicken and rice. cheap and fulling haha`

afterwhich rayn went off, dee, wing and i went to j8 to hunt around.. in the end, wing didn't managed to get her berms, but i got myself 2 bottoms! haha` a pair of jeans and a pair of khakis. very satisfied coz it ain't easy to get bottoms for myself, butt too big le =( haha` im happy!!!

some unhappy stuff happening around at home, but i'll hang on, just kinda worried abt mum coz she gets too worked up and over-anxious over stuff.... but haiz.. she has a reason to... hoping darling's presence tonight can cheer her up ^^v..

i can't wait for tonight to come.. haha` shall go nap now.. if nt tonight can't stay up with dar.

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wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee` im as happy as a lark!!! ^^v muahahaa` wahaha!! diana just called me a while ago. i missed her soooo much.. too bad we can only chat for a short time.

btw, she's a hong kong-er i've gotten to know during the hk-sg exchange organised by 6 schs. she came to my place to stay and i went to her place in hk to stay back in sec 2. being attached to her sch, and also going to different places was great fun ^^

she brought me to various good restaurants and also some great places... marche buffet at the peak(only after 9pm ^^), pizza hut, HK's uni's canteen, sha tin race course. i was actually feeling quite inferior coz i wasn't as rich as them, can't bring her to nice places. haha`

haven't seen her since end of sec 2. haha` she's a super smart gurl who went to UK to further her studies after HK "A" levels. so now she finished her college studies there, hoping to get into HK uni coz she didn't wanna go to UK's uni. -homesick-

yep. so she's going back to hk frm uk today, to celebrate the coming easter.. and she's transit-ing at sg for an hr before flying to hk. ^^v haha gave her my no and told her to call.. yay so happy!! she brightens up my day!! ^^v

and i can see hammie tonight after his work. ^^even my mother misses him now. haha`

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

hee^^ im sooo happy ^^v


abc test was at 12, so i woke up at 8+ to go thru the cycles again.. then darling called me up at abt 10, asking where i was then... so i told him im at home, preparing to grab a char siew bao downstairs b4 i go for sch. then he hung up shortly after tt.

he didn't tell me anything abt him coming over to my place!! haha suddenly just sms me tt he's 300m away frm my door step. lol` so we had brunch together at my hse void deck's kopitiam.. he sent me to sch for the test and went straight to work, coz he took half a day off to get medicine frm ttsh.

so sweet of him ^^v even though tt might nt mean very much but haha it's the 1st time i've seen him after 24 days ^^ yep. essentially the longest time we haven't seen each other. haha`

after the test went back home coz doreen was waiting for me at home.. had a great chat with her. after she left, i just kept on watching the "xin1 niang2 18 sui4" (little bride). it's a really hilarious korean drama serial i borrowed frm yx, and also the first korean drama serial i watch.

really addicted to it le.. but haiz. sadded left 3 discs only =(
cried alot too while watching the show. haha` only laughed at myself after tt..

smsed yx to discuss the drama serial... and she asked if im feeling very xin fu and even guessed tt i met hammie. haha damn smart. lol` she mentioned tt she can infer frm my smses. wahaha` zhen tao bu guo ta de yan jing.

later on gonna go for dim sum buffet with momma, dad and grandma. ^^v hope nth crops up. haha` and this weekend will be spent with hammie le. whew. finally.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

ain't this cute? the shirt is actually frm chris' fren who bought it along with a Me to U bear for his bday.

looks real innocent, but it's actually very mischievous!

well it seems like it's all "da tou tie" of my baby ^^v haha i simply lurve it when the fur's all long and retched ^^ shuai!


went to amk central for dinner with whole family, dad went alone first to go jalan jalan, then mum rode pillion on chris' and me pillion on ray's bike...

ordered alot for dinner at the hawker centre ^^ sianz wanted to go Paris international buffet de, but mum complained too far =(
so in the end, we ordered half a white chicken, seafood soup, veggie, bean sprouts, gado gado, beancurd hotpot and ngoh hiang. ^^v had a great time spent with my folks!

went to walk walk after dinner, and i went to queue up at Rotiboy^^ bought 4 buns. 1st time i tried, nt bad at all! haha` bought tip top curry puffs too haha yummy`

then mum and dad went pak tor.. my brothers and i walked back to their bikes and rode home.

ate bobo cha cha when we got home, cooked by momma. ichiban! she even added pumpkins, said it's only authentic in indonesia. *slurps*


had a great chat with darling last night. his last day at current company is this friday wheeeeeeee` then taking 2 days off this weekend haha` afterwhich he'll be transferred back to the company at changi. and the first thing he told me is "friday i going to ur hse stay" haha`

im soooooo elated!! hee` alrighty back to notes ^^v great progress. hope to maintain it and nt let my slacker's self come back muahaha`

i miss u honey baked ham =)
4 more days to our mthly anni!

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Monday, March 14, 2005

i guess my depression only comes at night. hmmm maybe im shizophrenic.. =(

sorry to whoever i freaked out yesterday on msn.
especially to daryl and yx.
he pm-ed me right on the dot when i was abt to BREAK down. yes tt coincidental.

so i told him im fine at first... and told him nt to bother me.
and i changed my nick to "fuck off".
so he got the msg and typed "kk i'll leave u alone, but im always there for u if u need a friend alright? take care"

thanks thanks, nth but thanks ^^

and today, sandy asked me if im free these few nights coz yx and her planned a slumber party over at my place to cheer me up ^^
but in the end, it turned out tt we couldn't match the timing. so we agreed on next wk instead.

real nice frens i've got there. super touched, really. both of them even planned to make me drown in my sorrows with liqour. hahaha` MEAN but i like ^^v
simply LURVE them

and also to winnie and others ^^ i'll take care of myself dearies..



scdf called me up today a couple of times but didn't get me.. got me only on the 3rd call. telling me tt the paramedic posts have all been taken up and asked if im interested in being a fire rescue specialist. haha` "er... sry.. im still studying" was all i could say. lol`

yx became super upset coz they didn't call her. hahahha` even though she didn't wanna be one.
COOL. hahah` next time maybe i could keep my options open to this ^^v but then again. im short... yet they still allow me in!!!


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fate's out to make fun of ppl..
why do i feel so used?

i have a choice to either be happy or unhappy.
but i chose the latter.

i never know wad to say anymore.
the lump is back.

why do u give me false hopes.
just when i thought sunday is over and i could see u yet u're telling me i still have to wait.

wad am i waiting for? nth...
there's nth for me to look forward to now.
coz everything is dashed....
just like the snow globe smashed on the floor.

hate only comes when there's love.

i dun care if im nt understanding enuff.
i dun care abt anything anymore.
u might as well tell me u can only see me 1 mth later.
i'll be much as glad as i'm now.
coz one mth or one yr doesn't matter at all now.
since i've waited this long.

i told myself nt to cry anymore, but i couldn't help it.
save me.

i'll be fine.
i hope.

i promised myself nt to let him noe how terrible i feel.
but i failed miserably.
i told myself tt i'd bear with the pain myself.
and i did.
but now i can't stand it anymore..
im letting it all out.
until my tear bank seems unlimited.

and now..
i hate myself.

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

i lurve my brothers loads...

the ones who willingly rode to amk central and get cheez fries for me 5 min ago when i craved for it ^^

the ones who doted on me and bought me gadgets i wanted so badly.

the ones who carried me by my arms and walked down the mall.

the ones who brought me out for movies and shopping.

the ones who bought me a tiramisu cake n gave me cash for my 18th burfday

the ones who provided me a listening ear.

and most imptly, they're also the ones who played secondary dad to me.

l u r v e

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

I'm saying everything I've said before
All these words they make no sense
I find bliss in ignorance
Less I hear the less you'll say
But you'll find that out anyway
Just like before...

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Friday, March 11, 2005

it's nt tt i dun have faith in him anymore.. but sometimes when u needed him to be there by ur side when something happens, and he's nt around, tt's wad makes u feel terrible..

it feels like a lump in my throat.. a lump tt never deminish. and now, it becomes physical. so physical tt i can't swollow it down. and it feels like im outta breath.

now i dun wan u to be there for me anymore.. even though i noe how much i yearn for u.

t e r r i b l e

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

feeling kinda lethargic now, just woke frm a 3+ hrs nap, and still hugging my tigger pillow ^^

yesterday's spanish oral test was easy, and IFP was nt bad too. im still so sleepy now, maybe i slept too much. haha` needa study later for abc quiz tml and to also get info for abc project. i wan some interesting topics! GRRRRRRR

sianz. wanna to go get more covered shoes for attachment ^^ and more clothes! ^^

own makeshift version of Quando Quando chorus.
"tell me when will i see u? tell me Quando Quando Quando...lalallala"
"and then darling tell me when....."

darling..... Mas Te Quiero Cada Dia =( the last time i've seen honey baked ham is 17 days back

kk im fully awake now, at last i find myself thinking abt some topics for abc. im sry tt this entry is not coherent at all haha` coz im nt in the right mind and dunno wad to blog ^^

was watching the 1st of the 4 special episodes of the Boxing Day Tsunami Disaster yesternite. i figured it kinda sux. SERIOUSLY. it doesn't hold any documentary value AT ALL.

it's just like an exact re-enactment of wad happened to each family in which country when the crisis strikes. and it sux coz they tried to link the fake re-enactment to the REAL scenes of the tsunami ppl took tt day. like fuck lor damn fake.

wad ppl wan isn't re-enactment nor closeup on the identities of the ppl who died and wad were they doing b4 they die -.- but wad we wan is the documentary value of the whole disaster. and sry ar, i hate Lim Ming Lun. =( so it makes it worse.

nevertheless, i cried. (yes AGAIN, crybaby u may say) couldn't take it when i saw the bloated and black bodies and also the kids who cried. the visions just kept coming into my mind, even when i bath.

my mum cried too! all coz of her tt i inherited rich & and unlimited supply of tear banks frm her. wahahha`

btw, i've downloaded alot of latest & rnb eng songs and also my bro has alot of latest chinese songs. i can be ur provided. haha` ^^v

and 1 more thing. for once, i feel like falling sick by tml. coz im too tired to take sch. ahha`

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Monday, March 07, 2005

You Have A Type B Personality

You're as laid back as they come...
Your baseline mood is calm and level headed
Creativity and philosophy tend to be your forte

Like a natural sedative, you have a soothing effect on people
Friends and family often turn to you first with their problems
You have the personality to be a spiritual or psychological guru

Do You Have a Type A Personality?

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Your EQ is
131-150: You are remarkable when it comes to relating with others. Only the biggest losers get under your skin.

What's" Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)?

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i looked thru my past entries and realised tt today is the starting of the 3rd wk since the last time i've seen hammie. seriously i've learnt to be independent now and nt to rely too much on him.. as in erm.. it's a good thing, coz getting too dependent on ur partner will pose as a prob`

anyhow, absence sure makes the heart grow fonder ^^ i bet the next time we meet each other, we'll be all lovey dovey. haha` k enuff.

instru was a total flop. just praying tt i can pass and nt flunk AGAIN. truly this is the worst and disgusting module i've ever came across in my 2 yrs of poly =(

let me be a geek and study now. o.O

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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Your Love Number is
Of all the numbers, you are the most caring and empathetic lover.
Unselfish and humble, you find it easy to forgive your sweetie's mistakes.
At times, your need to please can be come a bit too needy.
As long as you remain somewhat independent, your relationships are perfectly balanced.
What Is Your Love Number?

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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Your Brain is 93.33% Female, 6.67% Male

You have the brain of a girly girl
Which isn't a bad thing at all
You're emphatetic, caring, and in tune with emotions.
You're a good friend and give great advice.

What Gender Is Your Brain?

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omg so crazeeeeee... haha` just got to noe frm adeline tt most of my pri sch classmates got real good grades for 'a's. eg like boon chin, hansheng, they got 4 As.... and also adeline also nt bad, AAB. and those ppl are in AJC. bet those in hwa chong also did damn well. haha`

really happy for them!! ^^



remember the slice of ex tiramisu cake i bought frm Secret Recipe last night? tt's for somebody and tt somebody is nick =)

woke up early this morning and met up with winnie at her place, then took bus down to nick's place, planning a surprise for him. haha` my "project" ploy worked and he was completely taken in by it! it was just to test if he's gonna be at home this morning. wahahha

so we lighted the candle on the cake and call him to open his door. shocked when he saw us outside his place. wahaha` sang a rather awkward burfday song. wahaha` he was still trying to recover frm the shock and kept on telling us tt he woke up early coz of the appointment -.-

spent the morning at his place playing with his younger sis and bro. haha soooo extremely cute and desirable! hahah` his maid cooked lunch for us, chicken rice and fried chic wings plus omelette. nt bad (^(oo)^)

winnie and i were running super late for our appointments so i took cab down to meet yx at yck station control. went to NYP with her to check out more abt physiotherapy.. in the end, she signed up for the course and we went roaming around inside NYP.. sat down and chatted. when i reached home which is like only 10 min walk, it's like 3+ le..



im officially lovesick. deprived of love =( *pouts* i wan my darling.... he's gonna work 8-8 next wk again.. tt's like so terrible.. and damn cheap labour only 2 bucks per hr. wtf!

i forgot when was the last time i saw hammie...

haiz. ~when will i see u again~

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Friday, March 04, 2005

CAUTION:this is gonna be a long post. er.. since when are my entries not wordy?


went to amk central with family for dinner at kfc. then went to walk around.. bought a new water heater coz ours is spoilt le =( then chris and mom went to cut hair. while dad and i waited. there was this super lanky hairstylist whose waist was abt 25/26 inches by my agaration. wahaha` quite gay too

then dad and mum took bus home and chris rode me home on his bike. =)
SUPER BLUR ME. opened the letter box using chris' keys. then forgot to take them out and i took the lift up and realise oops. went down, gone.

rushed back home, chris hollered at me, and told me i was super blur, luckily this lady was kind enuff to send the keys back to our place. ray also commented tt im a blur queen. =(


lectures were so so, quite boring as usual. but nth like acmb lecture, full of laughter hor winnie. the guys did a horrid thing to winnie today. made her totally embarrassed. anyhow. felt sry for her, though i can't help laughing as well. =(

went down to yx's condo to meet up with her after class. then took bus to city hall. destination suntec. ^^

luckily she was quite satisfied with her grades, even though it's nt very good. tt's why she agreed to go out with me yay~ caught up with each other, chatted alot. as usual

went to the career fair, specially to the civil defence booth of course, to ask more abt the fast response paramedic thingy. BUT *sigh* im too short. freaking hell. it takes 160cm to be a paramedic specialist =( SADDED. dreams shattered just like tt.

got goodie bag frm the booth, inside the big paperbag are some post-it pads, pamphlets, HEAVY swiss army knife, magnet, pouch bag, torchlight cum compass cum bottle opener cum magnifier... wahaha` then yx didn't have anything inside her paperbag except the post-it pads and phamphlets. wahahha and she was whining like mad saying tt she wanna sue them ^^

went to the police section booth, got souvenirs as well. and also very interesting. went to NTU booth as well, got phamphlets.

afterwhich we went roaming around in suntec and queue up outside NYDC coz daryl is working tonight there and we've never tried the food there b4.

so we had dinner there, ordered the 3 amigos pasta to share, and also cookie monster mudpie for her and tiramisu mudpie for me (^(oo)^) the mudpies alone cost 10 bucks each.

it was super yummy, haha` and the mudpie was especially sinful but superb! daryl even wanted to get free drinks for us and kept asking if we wanted more food. courtesy of him, we didn't feel broke AT ALL. wanna noe why? pm me. it's quite interesting.

so we didn't feel any guilt at all after the sumptous dinner coz it's really too damn great.

went shopping around after tt, and also to Secret Recipe to get a slice of Tiramisu cake for somebody. afterwhich we gave each other a hug b4 going home. ^^ bu she de, but then again, we're gonna see each other tml rofl....

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

wheeeeeeeeeeeeee` yesterday first. a very interesting cell culture prac. 4 of us in the grp, elaine and jj was super late, so it's left with jolene and i and we were supposed to do the isolation of cells frm egg embryo thingy.

so we did. jolene didn't wanna do it, so i did. cracked the broad end of the fertilised and incubated egg, then flip off a small area of the egg shell. cut the membrane away, then saw the superbly bloody inside =( asked sk to do it coz he seems very free and very interested in doing it.

so he took out the egg yolk and all, but no embryo found. so no choice, we took another egg. this time i did everything. cracked the shell, remove small area of shell, cut membrane, find embryo. and it's quite small actually, the parts nt formed yet, except the BIG eyes.

cut and discard the head, mashed the remaining "body" into bits and suspend in buffer.

quite gross but yah, im done with it and very proud of myself. haha`


went thru today's practicals with a breeze. quite easy to do and very fast ^^
for acmb, winnie and i waited for an hr before loading our samples onto the gel. went library borrowed bks, chatted in the canteen and i bought mutton rendang home! =)

suddenly grow to like loading samples on gel, hehe` joked with fuad they all, then gave them tips for the quiz hmmmm` oh pls. cutie pie. doesn't suit me at all. pls dun call me tt anymore -.-"'

yay! going to amk central later with my whole family for dinner at kfc! ^^ then come back and eyes to teevee!


i got a placing in centre of molecular medicine at biopolis drive. with 2 other ppl, 1 is simon, hope is the simon i noe. haha ^^ then got bus khaki liao =) all the way frm amk to buona vista.... wishing tt nth goes wrong and CMM doesn't cancel any placements. *prays*

no holiday at all, but im really looking forward to my attachment ^^

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

hammie just called me a while ago. so sad.. =( he sounded really tired and said he wanna call me b4 turning in. so poor thing =( he's like a panda now, with dark rings, having to work frm 8am to 9 or 10pm, at cheap labour rate somemore.

and he sounded so pitifully shagged and forlorn when he said "dear.. i really miss you" yes my heart collapsed. coz i miss him dearly too =(

absence really makes the heart grow fonder. just hope tt he can take good care of himself and dun fall sick.


woke up late, cook tortilla espanola (TE), then took cab and rushed down for spanish lesson. today is presentation, with profesor Antonio sitting in to enjoy the food with us. lixia's grp cooked paella! so nice haha`

so we did our slides presentation, nt bad at all i must say ^^ with the interesting skit and all. haha` tried also the TE cooked by lixia and also the TE cooked by profesora estefania. she also brought along bread with nice tomato paste! i like! *slurps*

ate till really full tt we skipped lunch. had a very lively IFP lesson. locked the door so mark tan can't come in, haha then crapped alot today, got his autograph -.- which i didn't ask for.

went junction 8 with wing and rayn. rayn went off halfway to driving lesson. then wing and i went to shop around.. bought her NIAO3-JING1 bot. bought my favourite xia1 bing3 for myself and momma.

mom cooked black pepper pork chop accompanied with buttered brocolli and patatas (potatoes). delicious! haha` good food today ALL day ^^v
less carbs less carbs less carbs *chants*

must discipline myself to drink green tea everyday starting frm today so as to rid my body of toxic and oil ^^

bill clinton's here is sg!!! he looks sooooo amiable. ^^

exam dates are all squeezeeee up together. looking on the brighter side, at least all papers are in the mornings and nt even 1 in the afternoon.

shall start mugging VERY soon.


i need to get the other of the couple ring like REAL soon. coz the rings are gonna run out like REAL soon. went to check it out today. will try to get dar's size asap. if i can't get the other ring for dar, my ring will nt be a couple ring anymore!!!

im nt as adventurous as darling, i refuse to get a ring w/o knowing his size and much less engrave the name on it w/o confirming!!! he's darn good. hahahah`

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