Thursday, April 28, 2005

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1. Outgoing
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4. Athletic
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Posted by reticent_aura at 4/28/2005 10:21:00 PM


Twas super bored and slack today at work. Only did some harvesting and counting of cells in the morning, and with my super used to it techniques, im done within half an hour in the morning. Afterwhich i spent my time sleeping on my workstation, reading novel, going to my favourite toilet cubicle (yes i do have) and chatting with my lame frens.

Waited till 1 then go for lunch coz melinda was busy. Had BK meal in holland v, shopped till abt 2 then went back to slack again. As usual, slack till abt 5pm, then i went down to bouna vista mrt station to meet hammie.

Went shopping in suntec before chris sms to asked me if i wanna go to amk for dinner with family. So hammie and i took train to amk to meet up with my family, had dinner then shop around before hammie went home and my family and i took cab home.

Had a good time with my family ^^ though the weather is seriously unbearable. Anyhow, i suddenly brought up the topic of "How to celebrate my 21st burfdae?" haha` Yes i noe im nt even 19 yadar yadar yadar. But haha` it's just fun to plan for it. So guess wad Chris said? "I'll sponsor a trip to australia." haha` yay! Actually i think Europe would be better right? lol`

Looking forward to going abroad alone with darling. Though we have been to m'sia a couple of times, but it's with my family or friends. I wanna spend some time alone with him. haha` ^^

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/28/2005 09:50:00 PM

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Today is another hectic and fast moving day! hee` Reached in the morning, did washes of the membrance on primary antibody and secondary antibody, then taking developing the X ray film of the membrane in the dark room. Cool haha` ^^v

Afterwhich i changed the medium of the bone marrow cells and also harvest my COS cells.

Wondering wad im gonna do tml. Ting Ting didn't tell me. I hope i won't bored out but it doesn't really matter, i have my nice novels hee`

Met Shiryn in the cabin of the MRT when i was going home with Simon. Spent some time chatting with her about the other side of the period. And her last sentence tickled me - "So we meet next time in school yah? And not in the cabin of the train haha`" ROFL. cute huh ^^

YAY im in the same class as uu, xl, winnie and melinda! haha` Next time im gonna hear more lame stuff from melinda le. WAHAHA~ pardon my ears. Honours ---> Honest. -.-

I've finally finished my 1st interim report, left some touchups. =) And i've gotten my password in Biopolis network! haha` thus, i can bring my laptop to configure and use the network over there. Therefore, not having to worry about being too bored ^^

Just now brought momma to the GP coz she wasn't feeling well. Hoping that she'll take good care of herself and persuade herself to take the op. think she's like already 70% wanting to go for it. Just wishing that she wouldn't get moped over by the fact that she's spending too much money to trade for good health. We have the money, but she just doesn't feel fine with it.

Looking forward to the long weekend, to spend more time with my beloved kins, pals and hammie! hehe` It's been a long while since i last see Chris and Ray. OH! Chris is back. haha` I seldom stay past 11.15. haha` ^^ so that explains why.

Beunas Noche.

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/27/2005 11:35:00 PM

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


hee` YAY another day gone, and a day nearer to the long weekend! wheeeeeee` oops. i just sneezed a big one and almost fall off the stool. wahaha` Anyhow, yesterday and today were good ^^v

Yesterday i finished PCR, casting the gels and running of the samples. Finished at about 3.15pm, then met up with darling at 3.30 at bouna vista train station after his attachment presentation ^^ He said his tutor made good remarks about his super thick report and also his slides. hehe` I'm so proud of him!

So yep, we met up and went back to my place together. He quickly changed out of the long sleeved top and slept on my bed till abt 7. haha` He was so tired out from all the rushing to do slides till 3+ am.

Afterwhich he had dinner then went home at 8+... His mum called my hp to asked if he was with me coz she couldn't reach sh on his hp as he was sleeping. The moment i told her i was with him, she said " okok! then it's fine then bb " haha` so cute.

Today did SDS-PAGE and immunoblotting in the cold room. omg. shou bu liao. hee` Today's journal club was super boring, almost slept thruout the thingy if not for taking down of notes.

Had lunch at pantry again-cup noodles. No choice coz prepared polyacrylamide gel, loading and all till about 12.30, and too lazy to go out n eat. Felt so bad to let melinda, jas and simon wait for me. hehe`

Went back at about 5.30 and rushed back home to the arms of my momma! haha`
momma has been brewing soup these few days yesterday winter melon herbal soup and today radish and carrot soup ^^ wheeeeee`

I'm craving for pasta boohoohoo. Long time never cook le. hee`

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/26/2005 09:35:00 PM

Monday, April 25, 2005

Dang! dangdangdang.......

Hammie just went out of my place a while ago, on his way to his school for presentation on his Attachment. Yesterday after he went back home to change, he came back at about 6, all dressed up in that black striped long sleeve top and pants. Shuai! haha`

I was standing at the doorway of my hse, gave him a good luck kiss and staring at him while he walked all the way till out of sight. hee`

ok Back to yesterday. In the end, i didn't clad myself with the black halter dress, shawl and all. haha` i fgured it was too erm funny as compared to all of hammie's cousins and sistas. lol` So i wore a black top and a long baby blue embroidery skirt. Steamed my hair, put on some eyeshadow and so on. ^^

Didn't take pictures though, was so busy chatting up with darling's female cousins that i forgot to. haha` So the whole table were ALL femanino except 2 masculinos (Hammie and Ivan). Yes, most of the closer cousins are all females. hehe` Had fun chatting and bullying the 2 guys, while hammie kept on telling them that our wedding is next. -.-

The door gift is a box of chocolate with super cute sweet wrapper, a layered cake candle and a pair of bears. =) so cute. hee` Oh it's at M hotel btw, near Shenton Way. Not bad, the place is quite glam ^^ though not much tables coz it's a ballroom.

Became dizzy again yesterday. Terrible. Couldn't even see properly. Became quite high towards the end that we're actually singing on the roads while flagging for cab. Started by ordering red wine for whole table. Then kept on refilling and all. Chinese tea too. Then i ordered the hard liqour. Not bad but fatal. haha` dunno wad's tt but darling told me it's either Martell or XO.

Anyhow, i was really dizzy was not drunk yet, that explains why i didn't complain of a headache now. haha` Shared a cab with Ivan, Lanpei and darling. 2 of them to their place in Thomson and us back to my place. Reached home, changed, sleep. Really concuss le.

Hammie woke me up in the morning by sitting next to me on my bed and whispering sweet nothings into my ear. hahaha haha jk. he merely kissed me.
k gonna go work le ^^

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/25/2005 07:59:00 AM

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Movie Freaks

Hee` I daren't say movie marathon coz it's not marathon enuff. ^^v nvm u get wad i meant.
Anyhow, hammie came back to my place yesterday at about 4+ hee` My mum, baby and i went to da bao dinner home then watched Series of Unfortunate Events, Constantine and this chinese film starring eason chen and joey yung.

All courtesy of Chris who bought those dvds in m'sia and sent them back thru registered mail, all 20+ of them ^^v We slept at about 12+...

Then this morning, we watched House of Fury with Chris, had brunch, afterwhich he went on to finish his attachment final report. OMG until now, he has like 6000+ words in there, gonna add somemore and imagine those instru notes thickness of appendix he gonna attach into the report. Whoa. Power.

Baby just went home a while ago to change into his clothes for tonight's wedding dinner then coming back to my place and we'll go to the hotel from here. Hmmmm` Seriously wondering if i'll be too formal for tonight's dinner. Boohoohoo.

Wanna go eat some choc before the dinner begins. If not, i'll be like the last time, fancy getting drunk on red wine. hahah` (Yes, chocolate helps.)

Now it's down to hair steaming, and dressing up. Can't wait to drown in the nice scent Chris bought me ^^v

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/24/2005 03:41:00 PM

Friday, April 22, 2005


Suddenly some memories flooded back into mind and everything became so vivid before my eyes. Just now my momma made hammie brought home some ngoh hiang i made. And my mom told hammie to fetch me to the wedding dinner on Sunday instead of me having to go alone coz i'll be wearing halter dress and all. lol. So cute of her..

Remembered that last week when i was having dinner with hammie's family, his parents were having small talk and kept on staring at our rings and smiling and whispering away. hmmm` up to no good lol.

And they kept asking us to get engaged so that when they get a new flat they wanna put the hse under my name. hurhur. Anyhow, they even wanna come down and talk to my mom, for wad i dunno..


Today is a super slack day. haha` Coz i wanna leave stuff to do on monday, i dun wanna have to wait for the PCR to be done without doing anything in that 3 hrs. Anyhow, today i did PCR in the morning and waited for it to be done, went for lunch with jas, melinda and simon. Bought cup noodles from 7-11 and brought them to the pantry to eat. Had great time relaxing, chatting and watching teevee.

After lunch at 1, we head back to lab, i went to put the done PCR samples into the freezer and self dismissed. ^^v Met up with hammie in the train and went to Toa Payoh library to stock up on novels. haha` Went to shop around before we went back to my crib. Too tired so slept from 4 till 6.30. Had dinner, spent some quality time with my family then baby went home at 9+, said he's dropping by tml hee`

Anyhow, my mom was super funny just now while i was having dinner. Asked me how come im always wearing jeans and tee and doesn't really bother to dress up. So i told her it's nt i dun want to, i like to wear skirts too! It's tt i dun have much skirts that's why. haha` No bucks to go shopping. haha` So she said, ok u go get more skirts and all. haha` YAY! She's so adorable, love her to bits ^^

I simply love it when she's especially nice to hammie, sandy and yx, always displaying her nice and wide smile. =) She's 60 now, therefore im treasuring every moment i have with her and really show my love for her ^^v I love it when im sleeping on the king size bed and she'd just cuddle next to me and hug me like a bolster to sleep *grinz*

Luv u mom, even though i've never said the exact words to u. But im sure u know it perfectly.

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/22/2005 10:19:00 PM

Thursday, April 21, 2005


hehe` Sandy sms me at 8 in the morning today, telling me that results are out haha` So i told her to check for me coz i can't wait for the results to be out. WHOA PHEW i passed all!!! MUAHAHA~


Wahaha` hee` damn happy when i was told that i didn't flunk any modules *grinz* It's quite unexpected tt i can actually get B+ for ACMB. haha`wheeeeeeee i think i sent out ALOT of smses during tt half an hour when i was in the train.. Even my brothers wasn't spared from it. hehe` So much so tt when i was trying to send out sms, replies kept coming in and thus my fone hanged a few times. hee`

Think tt im really nt fated to get A for core modules. the best i've got in my 2 yrs for core modules is B+... =( And the only AD or A+ or A i get are from IS.. Boohoohoo but nvm, i've contented ^^

Today, Jas, Simon, Melinda and i are super happy and excited lol ^^

Done alot of PCR and gel running today. gonna try to finish quickly so that tml and monday can leave early! haha` today left at 5.30pm ^^v

Tml i can see hammie!! hehe wheeeee.. he's been having a fever now and gotten 2 days of mc, poor thing. =(
YAY im feeling so excited and happy!!! haha`

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/21/2005 09:49:00 PM

Wednesday, April 20, 2005


My hand is aching from all the pipetting. *poof* Tomorrow is the first day which my supervisor, Ting Ting is not gonna be around. I've already got my work plan all out, PCRs on 8 different primers, 12 tubes each. Today did running of gel, subculturing of bone marrow and cos cells and also dilution of the primers for use tml.

I'm feeling kinda at ease now coz at least i noe wad im doing. Ting Ting went home at 3 today. So i quickly finished all my stuff and head for home at 4pm =) *grinz*

Chris and Dad are back from KL!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeee` hahah` So happy ^^v The Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise perfume which Chris bought me is real nice and nt too strong, i love it. hee.

I've been cherishing my life with my family and at home since dunno when, but now, MORE than ever. haha` Everytime im at work and it's almost time to go home, i'd rush to finish all my work and be home as soon as possible to accompany my momma.

I've just bathed beloved Jacky. hee` Need to go library like real soon, if not i wun have anymore novels to read... *boohoohoo*

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/20/2005 06:29:00 PM

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Really busy today... Was in the lab all day which is kinda rare thing for me. Did changing of medium for bone marrow cells, subculturing, RT-PCR, and PCR... Ting Ting last minute told me to do PCR for 48 tubes at 5pm... I was like er, but no choice haiz.

So i did PCR till 7pm, and rushed back home ^^v Now i feel so safe and snug at home. hehe` Somehow, the feeling of being at home is the best. Being able to see my mum is so reassuring. =) And to spend some time with her now that chris and dad are still in m'sia.

Ting Ting gonna take this thurs, fri and coming monday off. sigh... I hope im gonna be alright doing 4 PCRs per day alone. Anyhow, i've kinda getting the hang of it so i guess it shld be fine huh. *prays*

I miss baby =( Think i can only see him over the weekends.


Hoping that we'll be able to celebrate 54th YR ANNI together. BAH~

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/19/2005 09:14:00 PM

Monday, April 18, 2005


Chris and dad went to KL/m'sia yesterday night ^^v And Chris just called back to tell me that he bought Estee Lauder perfume for me! hahaha` kewl man` gonna get contact lens as well.

Today was quite busy after lunch, did lotsa stuff like subculturing of cells, harvesting, extraction of RNA and protein. Ting Ting said tt my PCR + agarose gel results were good! hehe`
Anyhow, gonna do trizolization tml morning alone coz all of the sup going for seminar tml. hee Good time for practice, hope nothing goes wrong!

Went home before 6 and reached home at 7. hee` so happy and by the end of the week i can see hammie again! Gonna brace myself for another round of seeing hammie's relatives on Sunday.. hurhur. Glad tt i've decided on wad to wear ^^

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/18/2005 10:55:00 PM

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sandy and Yixian just went home a while ago. Yesterday they reached my place at about 10+, then we went for the movie "Guess who" at 11.30 pm.. Courtesy of ray who helped us get tickets way before the show starts ^^v

Movie was average, 3/5 i rated. After the movie, the 3 of us went for supper at s-11... omg the chee cheong fun is good. haha` YX ko-ed first after we reached home, afterwhich sandy and i slept at abt 3+.. Woke up at 9.30 this morning to go to mac for breakfast, finally get to try the double fillet o fish the 2nd time. hee`
(1st time was in East Coast Parkmac at abt 2+ am.. when my 2 brothers, sheila and i shared 1 double fillet meal. haha` then went for bak kut teh supper at Jalan Besah till 4am)

Anyhow, met some ppl in the Mac near my place. lol` Such a coincidence. saw myra, the one from our lecture and also zhuomin, ex classmate hee` Went home and watch the vcd we rented - Mona Lisa Smile. not bad..
Watched teevee fooled around, then they went home.

Darling who went home yesterday evening came back this morning again. haha` Well he seems to be smitten with my place huh. But it's good ^^v i get to see him before 5 days of working days come... =) better go spend some quality time with him today ^^

Alrighty, gonna go brush up on writing notes in my logbook and also chatting up with hammie plus watching teevee ^^

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/17/2005 05:42:00 PM

Saturday, April 16, 2005

nice ppl...

wow, my neighbour just brought us cheesecake! hahaa` a whole rectangle of oreo cheesecake and another rectangle of plain cheesecake, dunno whether nice or nt, but hey, they're so nice ^^

next time i shall bake cookies for them hee`

baby just went home a while ago. and i already miss him. hehe` chatted till wee hours with him last night =) and he was there standing at my doorstep telling me tt he might wanna drop by tml coz he misses me. haha` ^^ had lunch at home with ah ma and baby.. watched teevee all day.

my sistas coming in another couple of hours time hee` soooo looking forward to it!!! ahha` and we're gonna chat till wee hours tonight, catch a midnight movie and have fun tml!

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/16/2005 07:29:00 PM

Friday, April 15, 2005


heeee` just reached home a while ago. today's work was quite fine ^^ did Nurr-PCR on the cDNA i've gotten last time. cast the gel while waiting for the PCR to be done. then came back frm lunch and load the samples onto the gel.. ting ting took half day off after lunch. so i have to do everything myself. results were nt bad at all ^^

went off early after doing some cell culture checking and writing of stuff into logbook. at first hammie wanted to meet me at biopolis, then go to his place after tt for dinner coz of his dad's bday. after i told him i can go off early, he insisted on me going to his place first as i suggested going to changi to fetch him frm work...

so i did.... to find him sitting on the couch happily at his crib.. -.- it's his day off today ...

waited for hammie's sistas to come back before we go out for dinner. walked to the coffeeshop near his place to patronise the "tze char" stall. in the end, they ordered like over 100 bucks of dishes -.- scary... his dad kept on saying "nt enuff must order somemore. can clear all the empty dishes and order somemore.."

and throughout the dinner, his parents were comtemplating on getting a new flat in amk (coz near my place) and can put the flat under my name... omg... pengz. and kept on telling us to get engaged and all. even told me tt they're gonna go to the market to find my mum... argh. wan dan le. somemore when this fren of theirs came and chat up with his mum, she introduce me as future daughter in law.. it's nt the first time le, but still..... PENGZ..

anyhow had a great dinner, hammie even da bao a big Yam Basket for my mum coz she loves this dish ^^v

he's sooooo cute, bought the FIR cd for me. very happy haha` yay, 54th mth anni gonna come soon. dun think we can celebrate.. hurhur. but it's ok, absence makes the heart fonder, im feeling much more happier when i see him now. and as i've said, im falling in love with him everytime i see him, and it's been quite true ^^ the feeling is just awesome.

alrighty, shall go chat with hammie till dawn! hahaha`

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/15/2005 11:48:00 PM

Thursday, April 14, 2005


it's terrible... been making alot of dumb mistakes. i hate cell culturing. it's so boring. kept on doing it for the past few days, cell count, microscopes, take pictures of cells, count cells, microscopes, take pictures of cells, count cells.... yea u get the idea.

anyhow.. haiz. feel so damn stress today, did cell count for like tonnes of times? sux man. plus i dun even have a proper protocol to follow, need to memorise the steps and calculate to see how much to seed and all. (eg, how much medium to add,wad's the cell density, how much of each components to add to become the medium you want)

i got my own set of pipettes today, haven't sign the form though, doing it tml.. too lazy hee`

yesterday afternoon was more interesting. after PCR was done, i casted the agarose gel and loaded the dna samples onto the wells. afterwhich i took picture of the nice bands.

NOW onto other stuff apart frm work. yesterday i met up with winnie at bouna vista, then rayn and wing at outram park to go town for dinner. we couldn't tahan coz too hungry le, ended up we went crystal jade to eat before dee came.. halfway thru dee came and joined us. had a great dinner and good time catching up with each other.

Went to walk around after dinner to digest the heavy and great dinner. missed them so much haha` we had a good time making fun of winnie's bf. haha` and as usual, kena associated with rayn for being brother and sister -.- wondering why's tt so. and we were like saying tt maybe he really is my long lost twin brother, since we're both born in July.. lame huh.

anyhow, it was great seeing them again!! ^^v damn happy haha` even though we threw our faces in the departmental stores by saying some obscene stuff loud. haha`

today after work, chris came to fetch me outside the building which i work in. luckily, or else i'll reach home abt 8? and i dun need to squeeze in the train with others. hiakhiakhiak. love him


miss all the hugs and kisses and tears and happiness we shared together... let's have a great weekend together muahaha really looking forward to it!!

AND............ i miss my baby................
he bought me the lovely 2nd album of FIR!!!!! hahah` he knew tt i love it, so bought it to pamper me. hehehe` thanks to him for always being there for me, especially thru the stressful period of IAP... hmmmm

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/14/2005 08:07:00 PM

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

i miss my baby....... =(
im falling in love with him every time i see him hee`
Isn't it great when the person u love falls in love with u again and again?
I thought tt it's the most wonderful thing which can happen ^^

Let me read to u this paragraph i extracted from The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks:
("I" referred to as the man)

"Later when i did at last crawl into bed, I slipped under the covers and turned to face my wife. Her breathing was steady and deep, and I could see her eyelids fluttering, letting me know that she was dreaming. Of what, I wasn't sure, but her face was peaceful, like that of a child. I stared at her, wanting and not wanting to wake her, loving her more than life itself. Despite the darkness, i could see a lock of hair lying across her cheek, and I stretched my fingers toward it. Her skin was as soft as powder, timeless in its beauty. Tucking the strand of hair behind her ear, I blinked back the tears that had mysteriously sprung to my eyes."

I think that this paragraph is really descriptive and holds a deep meaning in it despite its little actions. I think it's really beautiful, and yep, it tugged at my heart. ^^
Though both of them felt the distance from the monotonous life, they're still very much in love with each other, just didn't know how to express their love and concern.

Looking forward to tml. ^^

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/12/2005 09:18:00 PM

Monday, April 11, 2005

*poof* Another working day gone. wheee` Collected dust and made cobwebs since 10am till lunch. hee no lar, surfed net using simon's lappy, then had lunch at the hawker centre today. (budget during weekdays, so tt can spend big on weekends ^^)

We met dr sushila chang at the hawker after we almost finished our meal. gave her some recommendations of wad to eat. Then she sat down and finished her plate of rice while chatting with us. woot! She's been promoted to senior director of NP and also now in charge of school of Heath Science.

Therefore, she's like super busy now, having to do 3 head duties for NP. kewl huh` Plus she's also in charge of some budget and finance thingy for NP so she's attending an accounting course now.

After lunch and nice chat with her, we went shopping around the neighbourhood, thorough one this time haha, Still we couldn't find cold fresh cut fruits.. Anyhow, the wide variety of cheesecakes STILL didn't fail to make us drool today. hehe`

Did subculturing and devision of my own planned experiment of cos cells... Came up with my own observations and experiments of cos cells to understand more abt cell culture. Learnt alot of stuff which dr Queh never mentioned b4, and also did helluva lot of calculations on the cell densities and how much to seed. I even need to make my own medium by adding FBS, PS and DL in different ratios.

Went off at 5.30 today haha` and reached home before 7. So am feeling quite happy. Went with family along with grandma (she came to stay overnight) for sumptous dinner, the dishes we ordered today were all super nice especially the fish and the meat!! hee`

But too bad the soup mum made today has to be left till tml coz dinner is nt settled at home. Still, leftover herbal soup taste the best coz it's the thickest and nicest ^^v

alrighty! Really looking forward to the weekly meeting tml morning. =) Wondering wad's in store for us. Shall reach my workstation earlier tml so as to write stuff into my logbook before 10am when the meeting starts! And im also gonna bring my cereal bars in as well. haha`

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/11/2005 10:29:00 PM


im sooo hungry now, think i can eat a cow.. but need to wait for melinda to come back frm the seminar first so tt we can go together.

really glad tt simon brought his laptop today. muahaha' or else i dunno how to survive apart frm reading my novel.
too bad he doesn't have MS if nt i'll surely be hugging on to his lappy. hiakhiakhiak.

only starting my experiments after lunch with the cos cell frm mouse. it's all practice work, before doing the real thing on the bone marrow cells.

it's only monday but im already looking forward to the end of the week where i'll be spending my time with my precious sistas and hammie.

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/11/2005 11:48:00 AM

Sunday, April 10, 2005

used this default skin coz i really can't find a skin frm blogskins which i like...

anyhow, im sick of seeing my small entries space. i need something bigger coz im a wordy person. thus this kinda layout. might be permanent, might not be.

the whole thing (layout) is still pretty much hideous... will do more or change layout when i get back my lappy frm hammie ^^v

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/10/2005 11:34:00 PM

superbly irritating and thick skinned xiang yu is coming over later.. grrrrrr he's bringing his CPU over to get it repair by chris.
and none of us can stand him...
hammie's still sleeping.. PIG!

BTW, daryl has revamped his blog. do go check it out ^^
click ---------> daryl.

Posted by reticent_aura at 4/10/2005 10:55:00 AM

as i've mentioned, hammie sprang up a surprise on me by coming to my place at 11.48pm on friday night. haha such a pig. i called him and he said he reached home -.- but i recognised the noise in the background.

anyhow, he stayed over for 2 nights at my place, now still sleeping soundly.. yesterday, we had a good lunch, he ate pork chop + bacon + sausage and i had fish and chips. he even ordered the xiao wan mian's soup. -.- afterwhich we went home, then i cooked caborana. hahah` added cheese this time ^^v

rent out vcds to watch - SAW & the Madhouse.
both was extremely gross films. but madhouse's plot is nt coherent at all. -.- both has a good twist though ^^

hmmmm having bible study session today. gonna have to cancel next wk's one again coz meeting up with sistas. hmmm`

my right arm still hurts and sores..... grrr... from all the pipetting and shaking of the quartz cuvette to let off all the water (she thought me to do this..) . imagine wad happens if i break 1 of the cuvette, the other cannot be used and cost like 500+) ting ting paid b4 during her uni term. haha` damn ex.

haiz..... monday's tml. how am i gonna survive the week when hammie's kidnapping my lappy from today onwards. WAHAHA` noooooo..... nvm i shall live with it. i still have my novels. hee`
no choice, coz i love my baby ^^

im craving for double fillet o fish. =(

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Friday, April 08, 2005

omg!!!!!!! it's like 11.48 pm now and hammie spring up a surprise on me by popping over at my place and bought supper -.-

he rawK ^^v

i hate him for giving me a heart attack, but i still love him ^^ hee`

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wheeeeeee finally weekend is right in front of moi. muahaha`
gonna start my mundane post again ^^


reached cmm at 9, started trizolization straight away, a repetition of the protocol i did yesterday. did till 11.30 then went for lunch with melinda, simon and other supervisors. haha` had great lunch at windmill foodcourt then went to shop at holland shopping centre till 1.30.

went back to finish up the protocol after the RNA pellets are dried. then carried on to do RT-PCR to make cDNA from RNA, all frm the stupid slow growing bone marrow cells.
did till abt 5, slacked and chatted with melinda and simon then went off at 5.30 to meet sandy and yx at J8.

had dinner, shopped and caught up with each other then went over to my place... hanged out till 11 then went home ^^ omg. yx traumatised poor jacky =( doubt he's able to sleep tonight.

nice, lovely long sleep tonight ^^

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

whoa. finally weekend is nearing ^^ muahaha` elated.

reached cmm at 10. turned out ting ting (my supervisor) only reached at 10.30 -.- then did trizolization of the bone marrow cells. means extraction of RNA, and only pure, no impurities like dna and proteins coz we need to do RT-PCR..

so yep. this process takes a damn long time with all those drying of pellet and centrifuging at 4 degrees celsius. had lunch only at 1.. thanks to simon and melinda who waited for me haha` after lunch i waited till 6... but still the pellets are nt dried yet (can't use speed vac)...

while waiting, i went to the gym, collect lab supplies frm B2, read novel, watch teevee in pantry, library, 7-11 to get cup noodles and eat in pantry, collect food for fruit flies (helped murni and simon) and also look for virgin flies under microscope. dun misunderstand. haha tt's simon's job scope, but i was too free to do everything.

so yep. finished the exp frm 6 till abt 7 pm... tml have to repeat again so as to double confirm tt there's only RNA present then use the real nice yellow curvy spectrophotometer to measure conc. ^^v

getting more and more interesting le. hiakhiakhiak~
i wan saturday to come so tt i can see my baby ^^

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

-3rd day-

feeling so sleepy =( reached cmm at 9.30.. ting ting only reached at 10 plus. wahahah` after tt we took a look at the mouse COS cells we cultured yesterday and count cells. only 20% confluency. then im left to write notes in my logbk and do my own stuff till 1.30 -.-

so did some reading up n went holland v for lunch at the same foodcourt opp windmill. afterwhich melinda went back with her fren and simon and i stayed, me to get chocolates for hammie, and him to meet a seller for earfone.

the choc i bought for hammie is real cute. 2 pieces in a nice box. i chose the one with the drawing of 2 ppl kissing, then a love shape on top, and dark truffle for the other one.

after lunch did thawing and culturing of bone marrow cells. did cell count too.

-mum's bday-

wanting to get kueh frm bengawan solo for momma. gonna meet ray but didn't make it. and met up with sh at city hall coz he wanna come over for dinner with my mum. bought shoes for ray then went carrefour to get some food. bought cereal bars, kueh, sushi, pork ribs, honed bbq chic and honey bbq chic leg.

took cab home, spent like 20 min waiting for cab while trying to stop hammie frm getting chocolates frm royce -.-

had dinner.. didn't really celebrate mum's bday coz she hates me getting useless stuff for her. so might as well get her something she likes to eat.

happy 60th burfdae momma! lub ya always *grinz*

haiz.. i miss my baby again... glad weekend's coming ^^

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

-2nd day-

pssss.. trying to use blogger as a channel for recording my daily attachment stuff so tt i can keep track ^^

met shyni and weiting at raffles train station. haha` so qiao.. reached CMM at 9+, with time to spare b4 the weekly meeting starts at 10am every tuesday.

it's when different individuals take charge of the meeting, showing and deciphering scientific papers and interesting pts. today it's denis (think he's african american or smth) .. he did a really detailed presentation of 2 scientific papers, tt everyone was really quite erm.. bored of. coz he went too deep and complex.

after the weekly meeting is safety talk till 12+.. went for lunch with simon and melinda at holland v. the A.O place tt simon recommended closed down le. haha` so we went to the food court opposite windmill for nice food ^^ then went shopping for a while.

had lunch till 2pm. finally start on work. ting ting gave me a lecture of the mechanisms frm an adult stem cell to a neural cell. so yep, we're using bone marrow cell line for these few mths.

she did demo of thawing of cells and all. twas cool playing with the real big liquid nitrogen tank. quite dangerous too coz when u take the long cryovials out, the liquid nitrogen droplets will come out too, and kinda hurt when it touches ur hand. so must let it drip out first b4 taking it out.

copied some protocols into my log book today. then went home ^^ tml gonna deal with bone marrow cell line le !! =)

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Monday, April 04, 2005


hmmm first day of work starts at 10am at Biopolis CMM (centre of molecular medicine) along with simon and melinda. first time reached biopolis, found it real high tech and prestigious place. hee`

reported to HR vivian and did paperwork in Centros.
then went over to proteos to meet the PI dr udolph. had a briefing abt the main aim of CMM - Regenerative medicine using Stem cells and also Parkinson's disease.

had lunch at the hawker centre which the shuttle bus took us ^^ gonna take to holland v tml. hehe`

ting ting my supervisor is a real nice person, very friendly and easy going. ^^ showed me around till 2+ and i did some reading up of scientific papers till 6. hmmm sianz. and am still reading now...

doing a prj with ting ting on - neural differentiation of Adult stem cells. she did a successful one on stem cells frm cord blood. and now im gonna do the one frm bone marrow stem cells. unsuccessful or nt dr udolph said, it's ok. haha`

tml's starting at 10 again. i miss my classmates X( and hammie.

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

-work, not?-

feeling so excited abt tml's first day at Biopolis centre of molecular medicine. ^^ hee` huang yan called me up on friday, telling me to report at the Proteos building at 10am. kinda bizarre tt we're starting work at 10 on the first day. anyhow. haha` she's a nice lady.

then received a call frm HR biopolis shortly after tt, saying tt i need to go report to the HR building first b4 going to the labs. hee` she's so nice, even sent me an email which gave the map and directions of going there, and also her no in case i got lost.
well..... how could i be? ditto, when it's so near the bouna vista station ROFL

phew, luckily im going to the same place with 2 other ppl, and 1 of them is simon whom is like my bus khaki back in NP.

so excited... hehe` then can have dinner with winnie often coz we're like working so near to each other. ^^v

darling just went home a while ago. walked him till downstairs. (when will i see u again hee`) momma's burfdae coming (6th).. and his dad's bday(15th) also coming, told me to go for dinner with them, if nt his dad will nag at him the whole night. wahaha`

finally found the $1 stamp i bought haha` bought it long time ago, but didn't manage to write a letter to yen ching coz alot of tests and exams, alrighty. now.

good luck for everyone's FYP or IAP tml!! jia you!

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long time didn't play MS le, and now when i wanna play.. gotta download so many patch. haha somemore it's taking such a long time. anyhow, let's hear me rant ^^


acmb paper was horridly difficult to do. didn't noe how to do alot of 10, 12, 18, and dunno wad else qns. SUX. awaiting results on 24th (shld be, according to san) and see how it goes. sigh.

went to meet yx at opp KAP bus stop then took bus downtown. met up with huiping and san at station control. had lunch at kfc, chatted abit. then went shopping and walk around. sat in taka's benches and also cine's yoshinoya to chat haha` went to collect yx's stuff frm elaine in gio then went off le

coz everyone was tired and yx having classes. reached home, rest for a while then hammie knocked on my door. haha`

he spent the night over at my place, caught up with each other and watch teevee ^^

as again.... i must say.. i wanna watch spanglish, creep, house of wax, house of fury and kingdom fo heaven ^^ hehehe`

k too bored le. go read my novel heheh`

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Friday, April 01, 2005

-wan dan le-

think im gonna have to repeat instru? really really hope nt. haiz. wad can i do except to wait till 24th (results out).. anyhow, today's paper wasn't good at all. think i screwed up.

ytd my brother suddenly wanted to have steamboat for dinner. so i went with him to get groceries... cooked fried prawns, fried wantons and tom yam base soup. ^^v
had a great dinner..

mug like crazy ytd.. but still, i lack the strong confidence i have for ccta to input into instru... seriously the feeling sux. as wad wing said "instru has high eluotropic strength" haiz..

anyhow, haha` such a coincidence, was in the same exam hall as JY and regina 2 days ago, and today, same exam hall as sandy =) haha` so we lunch at tender chic in coro just now... and also had our lovely sec sch days indulgence - choc cookies & cream ice blended *grinz*

then just reached home lor.. gonna go sleep now.. seriously deprived of sleep. haiz, so much so tt it caused a headache in me. =(

*++ i must embrace myself, look forward and take the first step. *chants*

hammie made me believe tt whenever im down and feeling low, use this spell and i'll be just fine^^

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