Sunday, August 28, 2005

Shihan loves me!

Wheeeeeeee` I had a superb great time with dar dar this weekend ^^ And i'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms now. haha` Darling came over to my place yesterday morning. We then took 76 down to East Coast Park, from directly outside my place.

We first patronized the famous super wet and awesome char kway teow stall at the hawker centre. Also had the extremely nice pig stomach soup and also the prawn chee cheong fun hehe` woot i love nice food!! And darling being really glad tt his gf knows how to appreciate good food and can eat alot. haha`

After the lovely meal, we went down to ECP via the underpass.. Spent some time chatting and also simply sitting down and enjoying each other's company without saying anything. We then walked around and aborted our plan of riding bike. hehe` Instead, we laid down on the rocks to enjoy the sun and sea breeze while cracking jokes.

Stayed there till 4+ before we went on our way to darling's place for dinner. His mum specially cooked crabs this time. And darling plus his younger sis were complaining of how biased their mother was towards me, implying that there's only good food when i come over dinner. haha` Both of them were sooo like kids, quite cute ^^

Went back to my place after the great dinner. Dar dar spent the night over at my place. My mum, dar and i watched the bone collector on channel 5 yesternight. It's soooo nice! Missed it while it was still showing in theatres.. Don't u think that selma's real name which is Queen Latifah is damn cool? I mean, her name's QUEEN! Imagine u calling urself Princess. hehe`

Dar and i then went downstairs to get crispy roti prata for supper after the show at 1am. Slept at about 2+ after watching teevee.

Spent the day at home today. Darling walked me to the library to return my dued books and to also borrow some more novels. Walked to amk central and bought the whole garnier pure series ^^ hehe` Went home after tt to nap and darlin also back to his own crib ^^

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

I'm in holiday mood!

Erm... I've skipped lectures all the way from wednesday till friday. Yesterday i met up with Chris at hello orchard to get my new sim card coz the old one spoilt.. Don't ask me how, i wish to know too. Anyhow, i transferred my line from my dad's name to mine coz easier to handle and won't need to have his IC if i need to do anything. And i also changed my plan from classic to student iOne. So call me coz i have free incoming! ^^

After i've settled the stuff with Chris, we went to heeren and taka to shop, had some bites from Old Chang Kee and also sushi. Hmmm i think that their standard of squid head has drop miserably, it's not as crispy as before =(

He accompanied me till about 5, then i headed to library to sit and finish my novel till about 5+ when i walked over to kino to shop in the stationery section. Such a coincidence i met chuiwah and toong yeng there, we chatted till sandy and yi xian came at 6+ and still carried on chatting till about 7+ before the 3 of us finally decided to leave for ktv session..

Sandy yx and i went to dairy queen to get ice cream first after which we sang at partyworld, thanks to Chris vouchers. hehe` We had a great time together, singing all the nice nice songs. We've even managed to sing out sec 2 class song - Larger than life. Still remembered the whole class sang this song again and again while we painted the class! haha`

And we ended the ktv session with shin's song, love it so much, totally spoke of our friendship so well ^^ Sang till 11 then went back to our own cribs, promising each other a next time! =)

It's really great fun hanging out with my buddies, we can dig at each other without feeling ashamed and to also have fun together everytime without fail and knowing what each other wants. ^^ We think back last night about the question we asked each other in secondary 4 - Are we gonna be as close as we're now when we go to poly/jc? And now we can answer, yes, definitely. And the 3 of us are much closer than ever now =) I'm really glad and thankful.

Woke up at 9 this morning to go to darling's uncle's funeral at bukit panjang. Managed to find the way myself. When i got there, darling's already praying and didn't see me at all, so i sat down with his aunties. I got so paiseh coz they were like "shihan de nu peng you" and kept serving me drinks and all. Hmmm` Went through the funeral and nice chat with his cousins as usual. Teasing us about our future marriage.

Dar and i went back to my place to sleep coz super tired le. He had dinner then went home at 10. Spent lotsa time connecting with darling through nice conversation. The chemistry is still strongly uphold between us and i can still feel it today. I feel really happy and it's definitely not something to be taken granted of coz we both earned it. ^^

I'm feeling really happy ^^ And it's gonna be a great day later!

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bad Karma? I hope good one comes next..

Yesterday skipped Bioinfo lecture to go home and rest.. But ended up didn't rest at all coz i went to help mum carry the pails of stuff, rice, oil, fruits and roast chic they give out during lunar 7th mth.. My mum as usual joined the zhong yuan hui at our old block area.. Carried the stuff until halfway at the market.. Rest awhile and shared a bowl of sesame broth (zhi ma hu) with 4 tang yuan ^^ So nice!! I love the peanut tang yuan. Hee`

Got so shagged after carrying those stuff, that i slept after i reached home till about 7.30pm when my mum dragged me out of bed coz we needed to get our butts down to the dinner. We went down after my quick shower and thunderfast changing speed ^^

Sat with siying and her mum this yr again. The food they served this yr is super nice!! The steamed white pomfret is like soooo big and fleshy, definitely weighed more than a kg! Somemore they have like over a 100 tables lor!! And as usual they needed 2 restaurants to cater to each side of the tables coz too many le. crazeeee!!! This year's bidding is also lagi best!

Anything would go beyond a thousand cept for rice sacks.. Everything else is like all in thousands! They have this plaque to raise funds for the temple... Then one person won the bid with 10,000 bucks!!! I've never heard bids going " ze ban, ze ban!!! " (meaning ten thousand) ever in 7th mth jia tor.. This is like the very first time. Then tt loaded guy donated the plaque out so tt it can be bidded again.. And the 2nd person bidded it for $15,000 -.- and donated it out again.. Then the last person bidded the plaque for $20,000!!! omgomgOmG wad's this world coming to. Loaded also dun need like tt ba.

The yr's one is truly a larger scale then the previous yrs ones.. So next yr's food fare will prolly be better to thank this yr's ppl? MUAHAHAHA~


Alot of stuff has been happening around our family lately. Some immediate some external. haiz. I'm trying not to intervene and staying out of the business coz i noe tt when i do intervene, i'll be damn loud and that i'll drown in my own tears while shouting. So i just stayed in my room and listen to music and read my novel while i turn my ears off and remain neutral.

My mum's really affected by it all, taking in her stride all the things she can do to avoid all this but didn't. I dunno how to console her coz the only thing she'll do is retaliate and say "how can i not be affected?" Life's been pretty much screwed up around here and all Chris and i can do is to remain positive and take things as we go. I'm immune to everything around here coz i just can't be bothered anymore. It's like no matter what u say, ppl wun listen, so why bother? Im not even willing to say another word more.


Been having pretty bad karma yesterday coz my sim card got spoilt again. darn. It's like the freaking 2nd time. I don't even take it out to play like i do to my dog. How's it become like tt. It's like darn! And all my contacts just *poof* gone like tt. I'm not exactly sad or angry but neither am i elated. Coz it's happened b4 tt's why im like quite sian and not angry. 150+ contacts, all gone. -.-

I hope today's ktv session in town will cheer me up. Adios.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Another slackin day

Weekend was great! Being able to just slack at home accompanied by darling and family and also chilling outside with frens was really good. Without having to worry about having assignments due or tests or presentations the next day. Finally the most horrid week is over *grinz* hehe`

Went to city hall with yx and san ytd evening. Met up at 6 then had ice cream at marina square again ^^ Had raspberry this time round, not bad at all~ I love the sourness of it haha` Accompanied san to cut her hair, i also wanted to but sad!! The hairstylist who changed my look a month ago is gone! Hmmm` To think tt san still wanted me to get his no frm other cutters. -.-

Went to suntec after tt coz sandy was craving for chee cheong fun again. Let her have her CCF then we headed to crystal jade for dinner. Can't finish the ramen this time haha` Rarely tt i have such small appetite. I used to be able to finish eating a bowl of ramen, then also a whole of my favourite "hong you chao shou".

Finished up then went to carrefour to check out the new ice epilator. I so wanna get tt!!! Haiz but it's so ex.. Cost 140 bucks.. Bought Gouda cheese home for momma. Shared it with my dog too. hehe` Jacky love it soo much, just as we do!
=( Went home at about 10+ coz we were all very sleepy le.

Today's Integrated lab experiment was quite fun with the magnetic capture thingy and not as tedious as i thought it would be. Finished early at 10+, decided to skip ipm lecture and tutorial so met up with darling at atrium. Ordered his specs then we went on our way to clementi for lunch and movies.

Caught the maid 12.30 show at empress, 5 bucks per tic, cheap! Bought Big n Tasty meal and also big mac meal into the theatre. I love the big n tasty burger's wrapping, silver in color! It's like the whopper frm BK. hehe` Didn't see wad i was eating coz was in cinema, so it was quite messy coz of the mayo i think. I love the tomatoes inside! So juicy and delicious, the patty too! Slurps. =) Shall make a special order for more pickles next time ^^

I thought that the maid is a show with not a bad plot, at least it's much better than those lousy jap and korean horror flicks with lousy plot, boring scenes and crawling ghosts. But of course it cannot be compared to hollywood horror films. It's still a not bad show nonetheless, definitely worth the 5 bucks =)

Both of us were super sleepy after the show so decided to just head over to my crib for a knock out session. We both slept after we reached home at 3pm till 6pm. haha` Hmmmm really good. I actually heard my mum coming home and then upon discovering 2 carcasses in my room, she wailed and said "wah! 2 pigs.. So tired meh?" Then proceeded to doing her own stuff and leaving us alone for the vultures to come (just kidding!)

After waking up, watched teevee for a while then went to da bao dinner for whole family and also to walk darling out as well. The hours spent with him was short today but very fruitful coz i can feel that we're even more closer as ever, with all the teasing and habits we know of each other, like the pressing of the 3 grooves on the macdonald drink lid and also him pulling me down when i tried to stand up and shift the air con in the bus. -.-

Hmmm this is one of the more decent post i've had since donkeys years. Gonna start the extraction of DNA tml!! So excited. hehe` We're gonna use liquid nitrogen so that the orchid leaves being smashed will become powder ^^

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Sunday, August 21, 2005


The past week had been hysterical. Went out to k at suntec on tuesday night with tsuyoshi and ling. Had a great time with them and sang our hearts out. Started out super high already so didn't manage to stay till 12. Went home at 11.30.

Friday's one the worst days i've ever had, all crammed up with DDD PBL presentation, DDD report dateline, stats assignment, then lastly genomics paper. Everything was horrid, even the paper was a killer.

Anyhow, after the super fiaking stress day, all of us were more relaxed and determined to end the day well by havoc!!!

Darling came and fetched me at SIM after my paper at 5. Good time chatting about all the lame stuff with dee and winnie in bus. Hurhur. Headed down to amk to have steamboat to celebrate our 58th mth anni. =)

I love drinking the nice soup we concocted hehe` And it felt so good to eat steamboat once again with just the 2 of us, the first one at marina south. ^^ Spent some time chatting and talking about everything under the sun. Afterwhich we went to shop around amk central, bought the sunplay SPF 130 small bottle for only 1.80!! hehe` And also this pair of super nice shorts for only 4.90! muahahah` Went to ask if there's any other color and the salesperson told me tt the one i was holding is the last pair! Wheeeeee` My size somemore!! muahahah` And it's really nice!! =)

Spending time with darling and also getting the pair of shorts really brightened up my stressful day. hehe` ^^ hammie came over to my place to stay fri night. Wanted to stay over yesterday night too but received this call from her mum telling him to spend the night in NUH to look after her aunty coz her aunty's watching over her husband. haiz. Just hoping that he'll leave peacefully and not in agony coz he's in the terminal stage of lymphoma cancer.

Yesterday mum, darling and i spend the whole day at home, cooking lunch and dinner for ourselves, watching teevee and enjoying a good laugh ^^

Happy birthday to sandy ^^ though it's late by a day. hehe` gonna go out and celebrate now. wheeeeeeeeee` I miss HRC's food!!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I miss the canadian pizza which darling n i ordered last saturday ^^ Had steamboat yesterday with my whole family in the evening. Sianz, some ppl's character just cannot be changed. Can't be helped lar.. They don't learn -.- But i'm contented with having other ppl in the family. They brought me so much joy and laughter ^^

I was the most onz out of them all and ate the most too! It's been so much fun eating with Chris. Hot soup plus nice ingredients and spicy balachan raWKs!! lol` But coz of tt, my 3 days old flu is cured too! hehe` =)

A very coincidental and lucky thing happened ytd. Brought back winnie's laptop to let Chris reformat. But she didn't bring her adapter.. And both of us only realized it after i got down bus 74. hehe` Went home, was doing research for DDD. Then got bored and fidget with the wires.. Then i tried plugging in my Compaq adapter to winnie's IBM. Haha` And it seriously worked!!! Whoa. Damn cool. haha` So yep. She doesn't need to pass me her adapter =)

Today's project day is quite interesting coz we learn more about using the kit to extract dna from orchids' leaves, and also watched KC demonstrate the silver staining. Had lunch at canteen 2 wheeeeeeee` And also bought a little something for darling.

Now im back home, resting for a while, and then shower later to get prepared to go out to k with tsuyoshi!!! ^^ Hehe so excited!!

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Monday, August 15, 2005

LOL im feeling damn high now. ^^

Whoa. All the adrenaline pumped into me. hehe` Went 'jia tor' downstairs just now coz god mum set up a table. Was quite paiseh at first coz god sis wasn't there. Only gan-pa, and gan-ma plus gan-ge there. Gan-ge kept on finding topics to chat with me but i wasn't feeling quite up to it coz still having flu and it was just too warm.

After gan jie came then i started to warm up quite abit, had a great time chatting with all of them, especially cranky and lame gan ge and gan jie. hehe` Looking forward to november coz can see gan jie get married! =) Wheeeeeeee`

So funny tt i have exactly the same hairstyle as gan ge, same color somemore -.- Diaoz... Except the parting abit different... But i think he looks real good with his hairstyle. hehe`

Darling's still in camp doing duty now. Poor thing. I made him quite happy by saying "i'm pinning for u... " Guess wad he replied -.- He replied "haha but i hope i can pin u down now muahaha`" He's soooo anti climax leh.. but funny lar. Hmmmm love him to bits. =) 4 more days to our monthly anni wheeeeeeeeeeee`

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Legend of the missing crab?!

Stayed home on friday night to fight a battle with DDD slides.. Finally finished it up after the whole of Saturday coz couldn't find any details on HPLC at all. *growls* Sucks man, i've never came across a topic in which the research part is soooo difficult to deal with. Anyhow, it's done.

Safety management is also done le, thanks to winnie ^^ Now will have to deal with DDD report. sianz. Had flu since friday night till now. And it's only slowly recovering now.. Yelps!!

Darling came over on saturday morning, bringing me a double shot cuppucino and also a super fudgey chocolate fudge cake. haha` Enjoyed my sinful breakfast. I love the coffee! Coz it's really nice and so warm just to hold the cup in my hand while working on the slides.

Darling stayed over at my place, and woke up early this morning for his duty in camp. Too bad he missed all the good food at home today! It's my twin elder brothers' 28th birthday today =)
LOL Chris gotten this big card and a shirt frm Harley Davidson, courtesy of all his colleagues. ^^

Spent the whole day at home recuperating, watching teevee, popping pills, and finished a novel.
I cooked the chilli crab today! hehe` And also chic curry and fried mee by mum for lunch. Godmum booked a table downstairs tonight for the jia-tor thingy... So mum and i are going down now. ^^

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hmmm i'm addicted to strawberry yanyan ^^

hehe` As the title mentioned. hurhur. I had brunch at home coz momma cooked at 9+ in the morning. Can save money too! haha` Then bought strawberry yan yan for sch as snack. Ar... Childhood indulgence. Loved it so much hehe, too bad the co op doesn't sell *growls*

Reached home at 5 after lecture. Started reading TsingTao notes.. So bored!!! Was practically struggling to finish it up. Then regurgitate the points for my part of the slides. Felt tt i didn't really answer my question.. But then again, my question if so difficult! Didn't have the info at all, it's like my own thoughts?

Finished the slides.. And also did 700+ words for safety report within half an hour as what winnie timed for me. Hehe` Cool! Now one thing's off the list ^^ Muahaha` Now my goal is to finish all the stuff before the deadline so that i have tonnes of time for everything else =)

Can't spend time with darling during his long weekend next week. Sadded. He took 19th and 22nd off, but i can only spend friday evening and saturday with him, and also monday evening if i wanna include. Coz sunday's taken up and friday + monday have skool and can't skip. BAH!

Adios go watch teevee le!!! ^^ And tml morning and afternoon gonna spend it at home with family! Already rented the eye 10 to watch with mum. Definitely will guarantee her to laugh like a hyena. Muahaha`

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Let's all be patriotic! (at least for this day!)

Had lunch with da people at bukit timah KFC after IL session at 12. Spent time there eating and chatting till 3+ before heading home. After which i enjoyed myself at home by hibernating in my air conditioned room. Darling reached my place in the evening then we went out at 9+ to city hall.

Walked alot tt night.. Ice cream at venezia in marina square, milenia walk, esplanade blah blah.. Didn't manage to dine for supper (bbq stingray!) at the makansutra da pai dang coz couldn't find seats at all. Then just bought frankfurt dogs and find someplace to sit near the bay.

Fireworks at 12 midnight, not very nice coz the whole display was mainly too low and not really high into the sky.. Sadded.. Found a place to sit and chat with darling after the session ended and the crowd subsided abit. Took train home and reached my crib before 2. Then bathed and settled down to wait for ray and his gf to come back.

Ray drove us to Swee Choon for supper after he came back, double date huh. My 2nd time there but somehow felt tt their dim sum menu's kinda boring... And food not very fantastic either.. Wanna go try the one at Geylang sometime. Btw, I miss the beef hor fun there!!

Went home, watched teevee till 4 plus before turning in. ^^

This morning darling woke me up at 10+.. but i carried on hibernating on my precious bed till 12 plus coz was watching teevee from there. hee ^^ Changed and went town with darling. Bought tics for 5.15 Bewitched show then went for buffet lunch at Suki Sushi. The buffet was not bad at all! Haha, super full after tt. Laid down on the couch with darling to rest and chat till the time's up.

The movie is really hilarious and very relaxed. We got good seats too - Couple seats at the last row. Anyhow, we had a great day walking around and spending time with each other.

Was waiting for bus at 8+ just now from YCK station back to my place coz was too lazy to walk.. Then suddenly saw TP (traffic police) and also sirens signalling. And followed by alot of tanks, SCDF vehicles, ambulance and all on their way to yishun. There was this tank carrying this speedboat! damn cool!

Darling went home after sending me back. Lovely day. ^^

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Sunday, August 07, 2005


Omg! My mum just gave me a wide grin coz i agreed to accompany her to the market for brunch. She's gay...

Spent my friday evening with darling. Went down to jubilee after talk to catch the 7.15 Charlie and the choc fac. Have been wanting to watch it all along since starting of July when i know the existence of this movie. Been very amazed with all the fantasy inside the book when i read it in primary sch. Took out the book again, swept off the dust and read it again in sec sch. ^^ And have always wondered how the oompa loompas would look exactly like.

Watched it, thought tt it's a very lao shao xian yi (popular with adults and kids) movie.. It's really cute, but i got quite put off by the oompa loompas singing everytime each kid met with mishap. Haha, it's like soooo saddistic. hee` All in all, it's all still quite magical in my eyes =)

Went for dinner at S-11 with hammie after the movie. Had good food before going back to my crib. We watched vcds rented from my hse void deck. Watched the creep and this chinese film.
I went to amk central with mum yesterday to get a new fish tank. And i've gotten a lime green hairdryer in cash converter as well. It cost only 5 bucks, looks brand new too! Went to get my past few days craving - tip top curry puffs. Yum!

He stayed at my place till yesterday evening, coz he needed to prepare his uniform for coming monday's investiture.. And also need to visit his really sick uncle today. Hoping that he'll tide over this. Haiz.

The topic of cancer.. My mum fought breast cancer and is well and alive now. The chemotherapy sessions that she had to go through were terrible. Each gradually getting more strenuous and taking their toll on her. And after the last few sessions, she was practically coming back home and sleeping coz it was all too tired for her. But she was really very brave, that the operation on her left breast didn't even daunt her.

I went through the day operation with her, sleeping on the sofa in the main lobby for hours and walking around aimlessly while waiting for the day operation to be over. And she could go home the next day coz she was recovering pretty well, we were so shocked but of course delighted. She fought the battle with the whole family supporting her. And darling's folks were so supportive they even lent 1.5k to us coz we couldn't afford the op. All that happened a few years back before we moved. And now after we've moved, our lives are much better even though Chris is struggling to pay the bills every month using his pay. No doubt he's the pillar of the family, just imagine the amount of money he has to carry on his back for us.

I bet he can make a diamond bachelor if he doesn't spend his money on us. ^^

The conveying message here is that there're always many problems in a family. Life in a family can never be smooth sailing, but it's the bad times which make people stick together isn't it? =)
I love my mum alot... coz she's 60 this year. And all the more i'll treasure her coz i know that she doesn't live forever. I don't want to live my life with any regrets.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

How You Life Your Life

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You're laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think.

You prefer a variety of friends and tend to change friends quickly.

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Happy as a lark

=) Wheeeeeee` I had a great day! yi xian came over to my place at 12 plus today after her tutorial class. We had salted fish fried rice, nicely whipped up by Chris. ^^ hee` Afterwhich we watched teevee, spent some time playing House of the Dead 2 and Gunbound before leaving my place at 2+. Thus was late for lecture.

Reached home at about 6+, settled down, had dinner then had bible study session at 8. Dinner was great coz momma as usual cooked lotsa lovely food. And also concocted a fruit salad for me =) So touched. hee`

Bible study session is very fruitful today. Coz i've learnt alot of things. Was quite shocked to know that this man who came over the other time for bible study is actually an elder. No wonder he asked so many thought provoking questions, making it a really interesting session =) By the way, and elder is a person who leads in the congregation during meetings and convention.

They even asked me if i wanna go join them in the convention, then to learn some skills followed by preaching from house to house... But im like.. er....... "Sorry, i'm not ready as yet." Lol` I definitely dun wanna teach the wrong things! But i would really like to visit the WatchTower in New York someday ^^ Or at least the one in London. hehe`

Darling was especially excited today. I seriously dunno what got into him. He's like sounding really hyped up over the fone just now, talking about how excited he is coz he'll be seeing me tml. Haha` It still feels like the first month we were together.

Alright, gonna go watch teevee le! Then to catch the superstars results later. Muahaha` And to have a good night's sleep too! =) hee` Stock up on strawberry yan yan tml!!!! Suddenly got sooooo addicted to it im feeling the withdrawal symptoms now coz i didn't have it today.

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Can't u see im just bored? Coz it's 3pm class tml!! BAH`

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Religion? Not?

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Hmmm.. very true =) coz as a free thinker, i do believe that there's a God, but i dun wanna go around saying i believe in buddhism or true christians. I love to go to temples to pray and also do bible study. But i wun confine myself to follow one path to whichever God is omnipotent. (sry dun mind my saying) Anyhow, i listen to preachings, but especially not those who try to psycho me into joining their religion, sometimes with powerful words too. Don't do tt, u'll ruin the whole religion's impression.

Night. =) I had a great and long day today. Gonna look forward to the coming afternoon as well coz yx's coming over to my place ^^ I love little things, ah, the small pleasures in life ^^

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Hmm.. Definitely worth considering

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Take a peek at Sandy's latest post --------> CLICK ME

Omg it's so crazee i think im gonna die of heart attack soon, erm.. which proudly presents me as well. -.-"'

Anyhow, i miss my love! And it's gonna be a damn slack day tml, wahahah` i like =0 Needa go fry noodles for Chris le, he's gonna come home from work soon! hehe`

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I'm feeling so hyped up now! Must be the aftermath of kena-ing a long scratch from Jacky, my beloved dog. Rabies AR!` I'm feeling so happy!!! Something's off my chest today, coz the project management report is almost done, left only some bits (bacon ones!) to put in (LAME!).

Went to school at 10 today, read up our seniors' logbook and also some other papers. Had a discussion with CYC, went for lunch, after lunch, came back and started on the report. Finished it till about 4 then went home. Had a chat with ex classmates before leaving for home.. Soooo reminescing the old days =( Haiz, sooo wishing that we're in the same class, but then again, we're not, and we'll survive, very well indeed! =)

Chris' complaining of him having to get shampoo now and then.. No choice, coz i've been washing my hair 2 times per day.. =( The weather's so warm... Can't stand the heat at all. hehe`

I finally can wear my slippers tml! Coz it's been 2 days with covered shoes =P Hee` Need to get my 400 pages logbook real soon, and also try to finish up the TsingTao beer and Taiwan beer presentation.. plus getting the researching for PBL done real quick. ^^

Shall go and drink some irish cream before i sleep tonight =) It'll help me sleep real sound! Plus momma just bought some lovely drinking glasses, hee` ^^v I miss hammie so much, watching charlie and choc fac with him this friday, gonna ask Chris to book the tics for good seats =) The more i didn't see him, the more i grew fonder of him. Thus it explains how we spent the last 5 yrs together ^^

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Monday, August 01, 2005


I feel so bored, and tired and sleepy =( Haven't gotten my log book yet. Sianz. Need to go get it really soon.. Now the top of my priority list is to read up on my final yr project and to finish up the project management report.

School today was bad, felt so lethargic the whole day. Still in the holiday mood huh. Shall feed myself with light food for lunch and dinner from tml onwards.. Am getting extra fats lately, especially from the holiday and all. *growls*

Saw chuiwah at the bus stop opposite SIM after class today. Had a short chat till bus 74 came ^^ It's been a long time since i last saw her.. Erm.. Since the last class outing? hee` Glad to hear that she's studying in SIM now, can have lunch with her sometime. haha` Anyhow, i took 74 down to dover then took train to bukit gombak station.

Met up with Chris there coz we're meeting the seller of the e800c there. Reached there super early, so walked around, la-kopi and bought dinner before we met up with the seller. Hee` Chris bought the fone for me, pink one somemore and it cost only 245 bucks, and in mint condition, no scratches at all! Wahahha` It's been 8 mths since i last changed fone. ^^ Chris said he's gonna make me become like him - change fone whenever he feels like. Hmmm` well i'll see how, coz i treasure those smses so much, especially the ones darling sent to me with the phrase "my love".. And especially so, he's really good with words lately, which he's normally quite blockheaded at! hahah`

I really miss him alot. =( Really looking forward to the day when we can live together and share our lives with each other ^^ Take care my love, and have a nice day everyday. =)

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