Thursday, September 29, 2005

Topic of marriage

It all started when i reached home today after a tiring day of FYP...

My mum and Chris told me that our neighbours next door are moving out soon.. And the plan's maybe dar's family can get the flat next door, then we can "da tong" (knock down the wall) to get a big big flat. Plus buying the small space along the corridor then setting up this metal gate thus creating a balcony like space =) Woot! hmmm

Then i continued to tell my mum, "Oh then the whole lot of us might as well go to Sh's house tonight for dinner to settle the marriage stuff." My mum gasped and roared in laughter after that -.- Hmmm` I told dar abt the flat.. Then he went to ask his parents about it. They wanna move too but they still need to top up after selling their boon lay flat.. Coz boon lay's flats' prices are much cheaper compared to amk's.

Felt like plunging into a marriage just so that both of us can spend time together alone forever. But we still dunno wad's laying ahead of us, considering now that we dun even have stable income. It's the heat of passion which makes people impulsive and do things we've never even thought of before. So always take time to think things through and take the other partner's feelings into consideration. =)

I dun wanna go into chim stuff like oh marriage is a graveyard for love etc coz it raises different views in the minds of complicated Homo sapiens. Anyhow to me, i believe it's never the end. I hold high expectations of my marriage and i wanna see my partner holding my hands gracing the beach when we're in our eighties. Sweet picture yea.

I have frens who take their dreams to reality. One who started a family with a husband and a baby named Kayven and still going to pursue her studies, and also one who is a model and even took part in Miss universe sg. I'll be contented as a homemaker =) Really ^^ hee`

My love and i will wait. Till the day we're both ready to step into the ring of promise.

Night everyone

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm feeling so hyped up now!!

Hee` Just came back from school. As usual, did AFLP again coz realized we didn't do AFLP with the tomato control... So can't continue with silver staining. Shall do it tml! hehee` Quite interesting actually, and also need to prepare the solutions with HPLC grade water.

Went out with family including grandma to toa payoh in the evening on monday after i've 'knocked off' from FYP. I really dun like the library there cuz they have very few shelves of my favourite authors =(

Contemplating on getting system 4 (3 rms and living rm) air con.. But in the end didn't coz the contractors came on tuesday to change the toilet bowls into brand new ones!! I love the maroon color in the kitchen one hehe` and dad's one is peach. We even asked for the stainless steel handle to be put up in the toilet so that the elderly can use ^^ So yep. Weather's turning cold soon so we're only gonna get the system 4 say next year january or something.

Met up with them in KFC and had dinner there. After which we went shopping in Courts and Cold Storage. Then to ntuc to get groceries =) Had quite a good shopping experience. I love groceries shopping!! muahaha` I even bought a super cheap macaroni cheese pack wheeeeeee` Gonna cook it by adding more cheese and maybe broccoli and bacon!

Spending time with lovely winnie everyday (against my conscious!!) lol` ^^ FYP's quite alright lar. hehe` Now we're more familiar with all the protocol and all. Need to prepare for a presentation on AFLP soon with winnie. Strive hard k!

My grandparents just received the money from the sale of the flat. Then ah gong gave us red packet. He even bought ah ma a Raymond Weil watch which cost 300+ and also a diamond ring for also 300+.... Hmmmm` Even if it's sui zuan (diamond pieces) also not bad huh. So sweet. They went orchard somemore to go dating today... Whoa..

My boy was so sweet last night. He was too tired yesterday so he went to sleep at 9pm. Then he called me at 11+ to tell me to sleep early, of course in a very sexy and sleepy tone *grinz*. He then continued to say that he woke up just to tell me to go sleep early. Omg i've bruised my knees while falling for him again. hee`

I've already planned a surprise for the upcoming 5th year anniversary. He'll definitely like it ^^

Ciaoz! Go watch BLEACH le

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Woot it's gonna rain soon! I love the strong wind!!

Red sky outside accompanied by strong wind blowing thru the window into my room =) I loved to be tucked inside in my comforter feeling cosy all night hee`

Had a terrific weekend with my kins and lover. Stayed home friday night to watch teevee from 8 till 11.30. haha` Am a couch potato ^^ hehe That's simply the reason why i love cable teevee, with my favourite channels like the yu jia bo dao and discovery travel and living.

The 2 little imps came over to stay for the weekend. So the house became really noisy.

Met up with hubby on saturday at empress to catch the myth. Ate at kfc before the show start coz was super hungry. Love bandito now and forever! =) Da bao cheese fries and also my coke into the theatre.

The film was quite good actually. Some scenes funny and the ending very sad and touching. I like kim better at the last when she wore the white robe.. That's really pretty, but the front part when she wore the traditional robe, she doesn't seem as exotic. ^^ But jacky chan is so lucky to have the accompaniment of 2 beauties =)

Sat down to have a drink at the lavazza cafe in empress. The cafe's owner Victor is darling's buddy. He's married and is a very sporty onz kinda guy. Really cool. Can see that he's really glad to meet the lady his buddy always talks about =) He concocted a nice ice lady grey tea for us. He even made it a jumbo size and put 2 straws into it so that hubby and i can share. hee` Sweet huh.

He then sat down to have a good chat with us. Spoke of his love for his wife and how much he loves her plus his thinking that she's the awesomest woman he's ever met if there's even such a word. Hit it off well with him even though we've only met each other the 2nd time but first time of really chatting with him and i already feel quite comfortable with him.

After a good chat and the lovely tea, hubby and i headed down to his place for steamboat dinner to celebrate his sista's birthday. We then took train back to yck where ray fetched us home from there. There were a total of 10 ppl at my place in the night ^^ Cool leh` hee`

Both of us talked of how our wedding would be like and who we'd want to be our bridegroom/maid hee` Quite exciting leh!!! ^^

Slept only at 2+ am after teevee and chatting with darling. Woke up early this morning and went to the market with him. Bought veggie and brunch for everyone. ^^ Spent the day at home watching teevee and downloading stuff.

Finally finished downloading 49 episodes of BLEACH anime within 2 days hee` And also downloaded alot of songs which i loved today =) Really happy and excited. Go watch anime le. Bye!!!

Oh btw, i scored my highest on solitaire with 8995!!!! muahaha`

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

My whole family spent our days from monday to wednesday helping grandma to move her stuff over to our place.. But she damn well didn't appreciate it at all. Still grumbling about things which are senseless and dumb. Fuck. Now our whole family heck her le.. So talk big and not even worth our respect at all.

Met up for lunch with sandy at LJS lot 1 on thursday before going into kbox at 2pm for happy hours. Yixian joined us later and the 3 of us had a crazy time singing all the nice nice songs. We even picked out some old songs like wen bie by jacky cheung and dan xin by kit chan. And of course not forgetting the new songs such as the piece by shin and shi kang jun.
The 5 hours was still not enuff for us.. I think we can even manage to sing from 2 pm to 11pm =) muahaha`

Wheee` I've got 17 points in my kbox card. Gonna go kbox more often to accumulate to 20 pts then can get 4 movie tics free.

After the kbox session till 7+, the 3 of us took train back to my place. We da bao dinner from downstairs kopitiam so tt we can eat at home while watching villa wellness and X files II. Sandy raided my comics while both them raided my songs from my lappy by burning mp3 discs. So on thursday night, my place is really overpopulated with ppl especially in the living room. My mum, chris, me, grandma, ray, dad, sandy and yixian. As usual, yx never failed to tire out my jack russell.

They brought noise and laughter to my place =X till 1am before they finally decided to take a cab home coz yx have a driving lesson the next day and sandy wanna go home and surf net. ^^

Friday went to sch for fyp.. We've almost finished a round of the whole AFLP and Silverstaining experiment when mrs goh just had to leave for course -.- and we can't find the urea gel to do silver staining. Grrrr` Just had to wait till she comes back next thurs.. =( Then winnie and i slacked the whole day, leaving for home at 3+..

Darling sent me really weird smses on yesterday (friday). Like erm "good morning sexy pie" and all tt kinda stuff.. Gross out! It's been a week since we last met. hee` Gonna see him later for movie and also steamboat dinner at his place coz of his sister's birthday ^^

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Monday, September 19, 2005

can anyone pass me pasta pls?

Oh..i just realized tt i've put 3 ps in the my title.. Hmmm Wanted so much cook carborana for this morning's breakfast to pamper myself.. But.. It turned out tt ray bought nasi lemak for me!!! *Groanz* Anyhow. It's nice lar.. as in the nasi lemak, not him... lol` I love those kinda traditional nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf, somemore the chilli quite shiok leh and with a nice cuppa milo to accompany me thru this cold morning ^^ awww life's good =) I'm soo contented already.

Darling came over to stay on friday night and also sat night after dinner over at his place. His mum was quite shocked and quite sian too coz she bought a box of mooncake and 2 pomelos for my fam.. Then Chris said must "hui li" (return gift) so he bought a box of expensive mooncakes as well as another 2 humongous pomelos for sh's fam.. LOL.. His mum wanted to faint le. haha`

Went with my boy to ttsh to collect his medicine.. Took a few hours coz his prescription expired for a day le. rofl` Had korean food in the food court. Average lar.. But super full.. There was this 2 ladies selling handmade cloth roses for the sake of charity around the hospital.. When they approached us, darling bought a pink one from them.. Then he gave it to me straightaway.. And they were like "awwww so sweet". He then carried on to the proposal. omg. -.- Quite corny and weird to propose soo unofficially .. But he asked me tt question.. *.* And i replied yes but i told this is only unofficially and i wan an official one with more sincerity and nice stuff next time. ^^
Muahaha` Remember this date ---> 17th september 2005

Darling got cheated again coz his mum promised to have steamboat dinner on sat, thus she asked me over too. Then in the end, darling got quite upset coz dun have steamboat.. (me too actually!!) But it's ok. lol` The nice soup, plus char siew, whole plate of prawns and also lotsa mushrooms on veggie will do =) hee`

Spent the whole weekend helping out at grandma's place, packing her stuff and also moving her stuff into the car and driving back to my place to unload the boxes.. Alot of stuff leh... Carried until im super shagged.. Still have more to come today and thereafter till thurs.. But i can only make today free coz FYP's more important.. My room is also very clean and nice plus neat now coz i have one small shelf stacked on the big shelf... Wheeeeeee ^^

Im so excited about all the little changes in my life.. Still feeling very much contented and happy. Today marks the 59th month my boy and i have been together..

Happy 59th month anniversary my love! Take good care of urself and dun make me worry ^^

Can't believe we've spent a quarter of our lives with each other.. Put ur love unconditionally into this recipe and ur cake will work =) have a great day!

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Post exam syndrome

It's been a long while since i've last penned down my thoughts. DDD paper was quite cool, hoping tt i can score for the module. As for Advances in Genomics, i think i can pass the paper, just aiming for a pass and i'll more than glad.

A couple of things i wanna put my pen across coz can't possibly write down wad i did for the past week.

I was terribly sick on the 9th and 10th of sep (fri and sat) before the genomics paper. It was really terrible, being unable to eat the whole of friday coz no appetite at all and also wanting to throw up but couldn't. Gotten fever as well after a nap.. Finally relented to going to a doctor coz my mum was thinking if i could have gotten food poisoning like ray did.

Threw up in the clinic finally, and got a throbbing headache i thought my head was gonna explode anytime soon. In the end the doc gave me like erm.. 7 different types of medicine.. hurhur.. And he told me i had gastric flu as well. Sianz..

Darling came over to take care of me at 9+pm on friday.. This is one of the things which i wanna highlight coz i felt really good and precious in his eyes. The moment he reached my place, he emptied a bottle of rice wine he bought into a container.. Then he took out this bright pink towel and soaked the towel with the wine, saying tt it's passed down from his maternal side..

Then he carried on to drape the folded wringed towel on my forehead, turning and rinsing again with the rice wine. He then carried on to put the towel on my neck and my armpits. haha` Quite corny lar, but extremely cute and caring. He then told me the rice wine can try to "force" the perspiration out. hmmm`

Then he even went to la kopi with Chris till 1.30 am when he woke me up to take my next dosage of pills. Hee, sweet.

Mugged really hard on monday coz of the time i've lost when i was sick.. Stayed up till 5am.. I think that im most productive in studying during the wee hours.. heh` Coz there's no distraction of ppl to chat with on msn.

Went out with winnie after the genomics paper on wednesday. ^^ We really had a great time chatting and cracking lame stuff with each other. hiakhiakhiak. We went down to city hall. First stop is milennia walk LJS.. Oh i simply love their clam chowder!! hee` And i wanna try their salsa and cheese fries next time. =)

Headed to marina square and suntec to shop after a long lunch... I bought my bright pink anti slip shoelaces!! Hee` Then went to carrefour to shop for groceries.. I bought 4 bots of yoghurt, 1 pack of dog bone for jacky and also 1 nice purple toothbrush. hehe` Winnie also bought lotsa stuff!! I love shopping for groceries, but it makes me feel guilty after tt..

Went home after tt le. Coz super tired from all the shopping.. From after the paper at 11+ till 6.. haha` Really had a great time!

Yesterday (thursday) went out with whole family - mom, ray and chris.. Dad went to work early in the morning at 10+. Ray first drove us to 3rd aunt's place coz they gonna move to bishan soon, so all the stuff in the condo gotta go. They're giving us their sofa and coffee table.. Good coz our lousy leather sofa is gonecase le and our glass + wood coffee table is er xin and lousy le. Hee`

We then carried all the stuff they want Chris to sell for them.. Had a nice chat with 3rd aunt and my cousin as well.. My cousin's so pweedy and respectful to the elders haha!! Waiting to get her red bomb soon coz she said she doesn't wanna get married after 25, and she's 23 now. hmmm`

Went to ah ma's place after to help her pack her things and to also discuss some details.. Ah Gong's also there (They dun stay together, my ah gong stays with her 2nd wife in condo).. Surprise Surprise we actually saw daddy there!!!! WAHAHA` PICHA LOBANG (Plan's discovered) haha` Bluff us say go work.. And he's actually there to help ah ma.. Pengz -.-

Then we kept on teasing him and all. Ray then drove us to sembawang shopping centre to have dinner.. All 7 of us adults squeezed into the car.. chris, ray, mum, dad, ah ma, ah gong and me. Heh` Wanted to have buffet at sakae de.. But sianz the elderly ppl dun like... So in the end we had dinner at the singapore satay club but beside sembawang shopping centre, and not the one at merlion..

Ordered lotsa food - pineapple rice, hongkong noodle, gado gado, tahu goreng, kambing soup and nice nice satay!!! Hee` All of that are very nice!! Except the hong kong noodle.. Hee i love the satay, so sweet and nice, especially the mutton ones. Wheeeeee`

Went to shop at giant for groceries after tt. Bought popcorn and pasta for myself as well. Spent over 50 bucks on groceries.. Hee` Sent ah ma and ah gong home after tt.

Went for a chill out session at 8+ at grapevine with jj, wing, rayn and winnie. ^^ Gonna try their tea next time!! hee` Played card games, of which uno is the neverending one. Went with them to pasar malam after tt and bought a really nice tigger hp accessory!! hee` Took cab home after tt with rayn and winnie.

Phew.. U've survived till the end of this post.. My hands are tired to.. Spent 46 minutes typing this post ^^

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Oh? I hate it so much but still, i have to mug =(

Been a few days huh. Went to visit my uncle in ttsh on saturday, along with little kiddos, dylan and danielle, plus momma and ray. After that ray drove us to jalan besar for super nice beef yi mian! wheeeeee haha ^^

Dylan and Danielle stayed over at our place since sat till now. haha` They're super active, hyper and cute elves!! Darling came over on Sunday morning after his weekend duty to have a super sumptuous breakfast with me in the market. haha` Stayed at home the whole day then brought dylan and danielle to the pasar malam in the night. Whoa. I needed to go into the balloon house with the 2 of them coz they were too small to play by themselves. I played with them till i got super tired haha guess im old le =)

Watched teevee with dalring till wee hours that night. Spent some good time catching up with him. ^^ After which i went to sleep coz too shagged le. hee` Then Chris and darling went down for supper lol..

Woke up the next morning (monday) with darling complaining that i woke up b4 him coz he's supposed to pull me out of bed. hiakhiakhiak. Momma went to batam on this day with her good buddy but only for una noche (a night) =)

Chris spoilt our date coz he decided to tag along with us -.- In the end, we went to sim lim for lunch, the stuff there is super nice! Should go check out the basement 1 food court yah. We then shopped in bugis village and also bugis junction and bought some groceries in cold storage.

IL paper on tuesday sucks so much coz of the 18 and 10 marks question -.- Anyhow i had a great time with elaine, dee, xiao ling, winnie, uu and eugene! haha` The 7 of us went to the food fair after the paper. I ate sooo much stuff, apple strudel, salmon okonomoyaki, sharks' fins soup, sausage, soya bean ice cream and lime juice. haha` Had a great laugh coz of the soya bean ice cream! lol` So funny just the way we teased elaine about how "sibeh hao chi" the ice cream is. ^^

Rushed back to sch for lecture on genomics and was late. Got back paper, super low marks, but glad didn't fail. But i didn't feel good though.. Not even contented this time, which was quite weird, which i normally would if i just passed. Anyhow, I'll strive!

Later gonna go ah ma's place le.. Super tired coz dylan and danielle kept on wanting to play with me and always asking me to piggy back them Wahahha`

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Saturday, September 03, 2005


Sianz, can't get down to studying at all. Feeling so restless and only wanna do other stuff like surfing net, browsing magazines. =(

Spent the day at home with momma yesterday. Then decided to go out at 1+.. Went to tanjong katong near geylang serai tt side.. Went shopping for hours with my mom haha!! In the end, i bought a pair of pumps, a pair of corduroy pants and also a spag top ^^ wheeeeeee` hehe`

Sat down to la kopi with my mom and also bought some snacks. I spent like half an hour queueing up to buy this putu piring - malay's version of tutu kueh but with brown sugar inside ^^ Oh it's soooooo different from the ones i've had before.. All the others definitely cannot be compared to this, especially my house downstairs de, so lousy... That's why all the ppl who queued in front of me got like 7 or 8 packets at one go. whoa! I got only 2. hehe`

Bought otar home as well coz quite paiseh if they let me try then i never buy hee` =) Not bad too!! haha` next time i must go back to the same place for retail therapy coz the stuff there are so cheap and pretty!! =) And they have good food too! haha`

I should really get down to serious mugging coz darling's coming over tml and monday.. Bet i can't get any studying done with him poking me here and there... But of coz there'll be times when he's off to marry his warcraft 3 and im here doing my own stuff heh.

There're two little elves at my place now. haha` one hyper male and one cute female. ^^ They're kids of ray's gf's younger sister. Omg the boy call Dylan (5 years old) is sooo protective of his younger sister.. She's down with stomachache and needs to take her medicine. So the brother passed the medicine to ray, telling him this is the medicine she needs to take. When jacky got super hyper when they first came and jumped up the sofa to attack danielle (younger sis 3 yrs old), dylan actually jumped up the sofa and covered his sister so tt she'd be safe.. Sooo cute! haha

I still remembered when i was young like erm 2 yrs old, my twin brothers who are older than me by 9 yrs told my mum "Must kiss her more now that we can.. if not old le cannot kiss liao" Wahaha` Quite adorable huh. =)

Alrighty im off now. Might be going ttsh to visit my uncle later..

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Let's get groovy! (incoherent entry ahead)

I've changed the previous mandy moore's slow ballad song to rihanna's groovy pon de replay.. I'm sooo addicted to this song right now.. It just cheers me up and gets me swaying left right.

Been quite busy with sch stuff lately but am slacking as much too.. BIF paper on wednesday was a total flop. Just did my utmost might to fill in the questions with nonsensical words. Hoping that i can pass it.

Wanting sooo badly to go watch Quidam but nobody can fund me haha` I've never watched Cirque de Soleil perform b4 =( But so sad.. the cheapest tics cost 69 bucks.. Just imagine wad u'll be seeing. Of course if go must get the middle range seats or something. Haiz.. just hoping they wouldn't split before i watch them perform ^^

I can't wait for the tests and exams to be over before i can enjoy myself and focus on FYP solely for a short period of time. If not it's like neither here nor there, coz still familiarizing myself with the facilities available in sch (which is actually quite limited and lousy)..

It's gonna be family day tml coz it's been a long while since i went out with my momma. See whether she wants to go east coast park tml. ^^

I'm only gonna see darling on sunday and monday coz he's got duty to do this saturday.. Sadded. But it's ok, i can take it ^^ We've definitely grown from the first time we've met each other till now when we're reaching our 5th anniversary. Providing each other mental food and caring for each other emotionally. It's been difficult sometimes, but we held strong and never give up.

I'm waiting to take our relationship to the next step, which is to go overseas together alone. Actually we're both very ready to do that but im still taking my mum's view into consideration. I've asked her yesterday if she's willing to let us go on a holiday alone together when im 20/21 yrs old. She said yes if im ready enuff =) Hee. So im gonna wait till darling's not a rookie anymore in ns then he can take leave and we'll leave sg to a paradise of our own for a few days. =) Im getting all excited just thinking about it.

Alright im knocking out now! haha` Gonna have a damn good night's sleep coz i just drank a cup of baileys ^^

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