Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Godsister's wedding

30th November 2005 - A date my godsister, Marilyn and her newly wedded life partner, Steve will remember for life. ^^

I missed all the fun and activities in the day coz i went for school to do FYP. hmm sadded. Reached home and ironed darling's shirt before he came back after a while and both of us prepared to go for the wedding banquet. I was clad in this halter black dress which he thought was formal so he wore working pants as well as leather shoes which made him felt very weird and not-so-usual haha`

Was really excited about seeing my pretty godsister in her lovely gowns ^^ Reached Hilton, passed the ang bao to my god-mum and she plus my godbrother commented that i look so different. lol` Really happy for them!! haha` I can't imagine all the tears shed and the joy on their faces.

Drank red wine again. The service was great, accomodating darling's order of orange squash when all the others are drinking carbonated orange lol` And the menu, whoa! Really good! Still remmebered when we're all disappointed coz there was no yam paste dessert during the 7th lunar mth dinner. And godsis said "nvm! november dinner has it haha" Was quite vague but i still remember that the menu we had during sec 4 prom wasn't that great, think the school didn't know what to choose ba!

Anyway, darlin and i spent the time by chatting about random topics and having the time of our lives. I couldn't hold back and teared when they showed the video on the pictures of the newlywed. It's like sooo overwhelming to see somebody u're close to getting married and blissful.

Took a cab home after tt and spent the night at my place. Darling said he's already planned on how his marriage proposal is gonna be like and ain't no telling me until next year. haha`

Let's sleep on this message tonight - I want my wedding to be memorable as well.

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Haha im bored ^^

If any of the following statements apply to you, hightlight/bold/italize it.
Then, post.

i have a cell phone.
i have friends that use me.
i am an only child.
i love dangly earrings.
i love cold weather.
i'm obsessed with the computer.
i have shot a gun before.
i can't live without music.
i have no tolerance of ignorant people.
i have ridden on a motorcycle before.
i'll be in this town forever.
i've been to 5 other countries.
i get annoyed easily.
i eventually want kids.
i have neat handwriting.
i have more than a few horrible memories.
i am addicted to chocolate.
i am an atheist.
i love airplane rides.
i love taking pictures.
i hate people who are fake.
i can be mean when i want to.
my parents care about my grades.
one of my best friends is a girl.
i have way too many wallets.
i'm obsessed with lip gloss.
i am easy to talk to.
i would never eat raw fish.
i cry easily.
i hate when people are late.
i procrastinate.
i love winter.
i have too many clothes for my closet/dresser.
i love to sleep.
i wish i were smarter
i'm afraid of flying.
i hate drama.
i bite my nails.
i have been on an 8 hour drive.
i never fight with my parents.
i love the beach.
i have never had the chicken pox.
i have gone out in public in my pajamas.
i can't control my emotions.
i have a best friend.
i have moved more than once.
i truly love my friends.
i have (had) braces.
i have never broken a bone.
i hate my computer.
i love girls that play the drums.
i state the obvious.
i'm a happy person.
i love to dance.
i love to sing.
i love cleaning my room.
i tend to get jealous very easily
i love cute underwear.
i love night better than day.
i don't like to study for tests.
i have been on the phone for over 5 hours.
i am too forgiving.
i have horrible sense of direction.
i miss elementary school.
i'm a daddy's boy/girl.
i love the color pink.
i love to sew.
my eye color changes.
i should see a therapist.
i played on a girls sports team.
i become stressed easily.
i hate/detest liars.
i love the smell of rain.
i love my family.
i hate needles.
i am a perfectionist.
i always wanted to learn to play the drums.
i hate the feeling of failure.
i have friends in other countries.
i know how to cook.
i can be quite selfish at times.
i still act like a little kid.
i have food allergies.
i love to read.
i wish i were more motivated for school.
i love getting stuff in the mail.
i have problems with letting go of old feelings.
i hate being alone.
i love summer.
i love the weekends.
i love black eyeliner.
i think I'm a looker.
i type with one hand.
i live in a one story house.
i wear make-up.
i have never rode on an underground subway.
i can't swim.
i have bad memories.
i go to church.
i sing in the shower.
i hate cheerleaders.
i usually get what i want.
i have been on stage before.
i love roller coasters.
no one knows my full story of my life.
i am close to my parents.
i don't have a curfew.


Did the above lil quiz coz was feeling quite bored.. Waiting for darlin to come back from camp. He came over last night to stay, which made me really happy coz of being able to see him earlier! Going for my godsis' wedding banquet at hilton tonight with darling ^^ Ciaoz!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I dunno wad to put here.. (k done!)

The wedding banquet dinner of darlin's cousin's in Furama Riverfront Singapore was not bad. Sat with darling's cousins and also his aunties and uncles at the table. Started out with a cup of white wine, then proceeded on to more red wine.. Our table has a very high demand for red wine, that we kept calling for bottles to be placed there. haha` Took a cab home with darlin's cousins. Spent the night at my place and darling slept like a log, with occasional snores coz he really conked out.

Went for NYDC interview at suntec on Sunday and it was a breeze! Darling was especially sweet to me that day. He know that i didn't have money to spend, so he insisted on giving me twenty bucks, telling me to pamper myself and buy whichever stuff i like. Didn't want it, but he squeezed the cash into my pocket while he caught me at my mouth. ^^

He then bought mints for me, and told me to wipe off my perspiration before the interview, not be nervous and also fed me mints to refresh myself. haha` Persuaded me to take a cab down to suntec coz i'd be late if i didn't (well i was a tad too blur i left my ic and ez-ink card in the small pouch i brought to the dinner). And i did.. Ended up i still have to wait for half an hr before the interview.

The supervisor highly recommended me for the job hehe` ^^ Really glad!! He told me that i had 95% of chances of getting the job, and the rest is up to his boss. Anyway, he's jovial n easy going, hope i can get the job! Still waiting for the call.

Tried the Beef chilli cheese fries from carl's jr after tt. Not bad! haha, i kinda liked it, though the fries nt tt nice lar. He then bought me the tub of raspberry crispies from SINS in millenia walk.. Wah very nice but it cost 20 bucks per tub..



Long day in school yesterday.. Spent the whole day racking my brains as to what to get for my lover's 21st birthday... haihai!!!! Really headache le. Asked alot of ppl but didn't get satisfactory answers hmmmm`

Bought winnie's her early birthday present today when we went to j8 after school. haha` Hope she really likes it. =)

And i can tell that darlin's really sad coz his leave for tml and wed is cancelled due to the 2 weeks course they assigned him to.. Moreover he has to be withdrawn from the big bowling competition on 9th dec coz he'll still be in the 2 wks course and cannot take leave. Arrr` All the hard work he put into training for the competition.. I feel sad for him too, hoping that he can braced over it and prepare for it next year.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

I'm proud of my lover!

Ate alot of bread the whole of yesterday. hehe` Sandwich in the morning, ya kun toast for lunch and also toasted garlic bread in the night.

Went down to yishun from school after the army talk which granted us a free GV movie pass each. Bought ya kun kaya toast for lunch but can't finish the 4 halves, ate only 2, left 2 for darling. Took shuttle bus to Orchid country club to support darling for his joining of his camp's unit's bowling competition.

He had been training really hard for it everyday with his mates, and even played like 9 games the day before the competition!! Really tiring, considering 2 games can perspire like crazy le..

Oh he got his own shoes now as well le~ haha no more ugly rented shoes.. ^^ And he even broke his own personal in one of the 9 games - with a score of 185! hehe` But he's not consistent enuff so couldn't bring out his best yesterday but still he and his teammates tried their very best and they came in 2nd place =)

Was feeling quite out of place at the bowling alley coz mostly his camp ppl over there. So everyone is like staring at me when i stood at the snack area at the top level behind his lane... But i dun care! Just sat there and watch him play, with the occasianal chat up when he came over.

I'm really proud of him hehe. And he too, of me, coz his campmates and sirs kept on teasing us. And the photographer was super persistant on getting our couple shots. hee` Gonna be another bowling competition coming up in marina south, now with a much more larger scale, 6-7 times of the yesterday's one, darling said. Jia you!!

He came over to stay last night and left for camp earlier on. ^^ Gave him a good massage and had a great chat up session too haha` Chris was in the room with us and i said "i miss ya kun kaya toast".. He then said "k onz ar!" Then he rushed out of them room and toasted 6 slices of bread with garlic spread on top! hehe` Really sweet of him, even though i really wanted ya kun hehe` =)

Wheeeeeeeeeeee 2 wedding banquets in 1 wk. 1 tml and another coming wed. ^^ Gonna decide on what to wear like really soon.

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

I'm very much contented and will strive for wad's best ^^

I had a plain but a very mentally fulfilling weekend. Emotions' on a rollercoaster ride.. Darling came over on saturday afternoon and caught my whole family and i at the pasar malam opposite our block. hehe`

We stayed home the whole saturday, watching tv and visiting the pasar malam in the night to get nice food.

I really appreciate what my mum has done for me, deciding everything by putting my feelings in front. She's really sweet, telling my lover how she doesn't wanna hurt my feelings and all, and that she's afraid that i dun have enough allowance for school. It's amazing how darling and my mum can communicate and can also sit down and chat. haha` k lar, i can chat for hours with my mum too. ^^ Can't help but to tear a little after i overheard my mum's and sh's conversation.. And darling just patted my back and sayang me.. Really comforted by that small gesture.

He then went to the market to get black sesame broth with 6 tang yuan, 2 of each flavour.. And also Yam paste for my mum and bobo chacha. And both of us shared the black sesame broth and tang yuans, and guessing the flavour of each dumpling before biting, i love him when he's making sure it's not hot before sending each scoop into my mouth. hehe`

Watched Chicken Little this afternoon, courtesy of the dvd dar's sista bought. Find it average lar, something like toy's story, typical hero save the day plot, but the characters are adorable lar, the pig and the fish out of the water... hmmm`

I've decided on getting a job and making extra moolah for tonnes of occasions which are drawing nearer. ^^ hehe`


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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Everything's in place, but im still moody..

Stayed up late till 1am this morning to welcome Chris back from Bangkok hmmm` in which the reason is that im actually quite anxious to see the stuff he brought back for me!! wahaha` So he claimed he brought back the most stuff for me, and i verified that lol`

Let's see.. He gotten a bag, 2 shirts, a really nice handmade paper + wood table lamp, pink cellfone socks which looks totally like the ipod socks, a voodoo doll cellfone accessory, and also my favourite dried mango =) woot! He totally raWKs wahaha`

Anyhow, my mum and i snacked on chocolates, fishsticks keropok and coke lime before that while we watched "what lies beneath".. Not bad, by just being a crouch potato.

Went for WISP class this morning and managed to collate all our thoughts together and plot the skeleton of our skit. Looking forward to it next week and we're gonna be the only group presenting next week, the other 2 groups on the week after. Better to get it off our chests first huh`

Had lunch with uu, xiaoling and dee in megabites after tt. And also decided to catch harry potter flick in some lesser known cinemas coz should have more good seats left as compared to those cinemas in town and cityhall. hehe` So 4 of us went down to yishun and bought tics for the 3+ show.

Spent the free 1 hour before the movie starts slacking around northpt. Went to the Red Earth section and tried on all kinds of stuff like mascara, nail enamel and all, and also educating the 2 guys lol` I like their black enamel and painted my thumbnail, dee dee did the same thing too~ Then i wanted to try their brown, and uu said to help me paint -.- lol But it was too horrible, as dee commented, so we removed the colors quickly n left the place.

Spent some time in arcade after tt, being amazed at all the electronics appliances plus handfones they have for redemption of tickets! whoa, quite cool now huh.

Harry Potter 4th episode is not bad, alot more entertaining then the first 3 coz of the lotsa brilliantly funny scenes they put inside and omit lotsa fighting and adventure stuff. Awaiting the 5th one. =)

Had dinner together in food court after the show. Spent some time chatting about random stuff and had a good time.

Feeling quite moody coz of the uncertainty of future meaning straightaway after graduation. Can't seem to piece the stuff together and know exactly what i wanna do. Will think it out.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Tired >.o

Burnt my Sunday off by working from 12 noon till 8pm in Suntec giving out flyers for Toy Room. Thanks to xiaoling who got the job for me last minute on saturday evening. Really glad to earn some extra cash, though not alot. ^^

Reached there before 12, took instructions to go to the Fire Command Centre to exchange for a pass. Whoa, the room's quite cool, with all the CCTV captured screens and all those buttons.

Stationed beside Subway's escalator at basement 1. Started out with not much ppl passing by, but increased as the hours passed especially at 2+ and 3+ pm... Listened to mp3 player throughout the whole thing.. Accompanied daryl for his lunch at Subway before he go NYDC for work. Then worked hard and gave out all the flyers i had at 6, just in time for sandy to drop by after her work at Venezia in Marina Square.

Had dinner together at nest delight's again.. Ate steamed rice and hargow this time haha` Wanted so much to try the the New Zealand's natural ice cream, so both of us bought 2 scoops each, and tried out each other's. Ended up seeign Ben & Jerry's upstairs and feeling tempted again! haha` I love their Chunky Monkey! woot`

She then proceeded home then me shopping around till 7.45 and went to return the pass and report at the counter ^^ Really wanted to get this A-line skirt i tried on tt day. Soooo nice and fitting, and doesn't show my chubby side. wahaha` Am gonna get it soon! ahha Coz with all the wedding dinners, christmas and also new yr coming up. hmmm`

Didn't go for monday's lectures coz couldn't wake up on time and slept till 9.. haha` Went to school for IL2 prac in the afternoon.

Woke up super early this morning and reached school before 8 to do FYP. hai hai` Very sleepy.. And now tt incompetent PSCT lecturer has marked on Winnie, coz she caught winnie all tt "wadeva" and all stuff, even called her rude. -.- She herself also not much better, calling us "suckers" and all -.- And even got defensive when we say that she's rude. WTH. Incompetent hurhur. Nevertheless, i'll still try my best in studying this module.

Met Annabel in the evening today at AMK. Turned out tt we took the same bus but she was at the lower deck!! haha` She's so excited upon seeing me. Will meet someday together and chat the hours away~

I'm gonna go wad's oughta be done now! So tat i wun have to fret when the datelines come. Bwahahaha` BLEACH 58 please come out quick!!!!

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Exorcism of Emily Rose is awesome!

I som-pa (swear) that the movie - exorcism of emily rose deserves a friggin` 5/5 stars! I know i've made gravely sins by being obsessed with spiritism. Sorry Jehovah, i can't help it =(

Met up with darling in amk central after lecture and bought tics to the 9+ emily rose show. We then proceeded to have our dinner steamboat at our usual haunt. hehe` Had a great romantic time enjoyin the food and chatting to our hearts' content.

Went home, showered and came out again to catch the show in jubilee. Super worthy awesome show and i'd give my right hand to watch it again! First thing's first, i don't understand why the film's still rated as PG when some scenes are quite scary. The plot's real good, like excellent, with the scenes rotating between the trial and the actual events and hell it's based on a true story, just imagine how creepy the real story was.

And there were actually 6 demons possessing the 19 yr old gurl, the last one being Lucifer, mighty demonic being. Super creepy and good film, i'd give all the thumbs i have. And Jennifer Carpenter is really good in this show, making all the hairs stand! Talk about pupils dilating and all that shouting plus odd postures. hmm`

But some parts were actually quite funny and interesting about the different manipulations of the points the defence and counsellors gave.

Darling and i surfed and read up on the exorcism of Anneliese Michel, the true story. And i was imagining how it'd be like if the whole story was made into a series. Whoa it'd be much better than Lost i reckon. =) And poor thing that the true story actually depicted both parents and 2 priests of Anneliese Michel being charged of negligence homicide. Imagine the parents losing their beloved daughter and still having to serve their jail term -.-

Darling and i bought supper home after the movie and slept at 2+ after watching the Bikerz boys on HBO. ^^

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Friday, November 11, 2005

*heave a sigh of relief ^^v

Woot i've managed to finish my project update report yesternight. ^^ Wahaha` Had to cut down on the words yesterday coz excluding figures and tables, i had like 800 words, so yep managed to cut it till 500+.

One's down, now i'll have to research for PBL stuff. hurhur, i haven't even looked at and absorb the essence of the question.

We've gotten a really interesting tutor for WISP. Had our class yesterday and the words she used like "bloody arrogant bastards" and "dumb blondes" showed she's quite an open minded tutor, a case rare from all the other tutors. Anyhow, haha we got our own group for doing project, which is a good thing coz we have like 6 ppl.

Had lunch in SIM food court with Xiaoling after class and then headed straight home to see Chris before he leave for Bangkok at 3 pm.. Haha he's so gonna enjoy himself, 7 days 6 nights leh.. I wanna go too, can't forget all the good food, the awesome retail therapy that we've had back in July. But damn we missed the weekend market. hmmm` Though had fun at all the places like sukhumvit, MBK, siam centre, and also the busy road our hotel's at - Petchburri. ^^ Still remembered they have like super big posters of Tom Yam Goong then, those that were big enuff to cover the whole of MRT railway track pillars.. Just imagine tt.

So yep, had bible study at 2pm coz i couldn't make it in the evening. Spoke of the Sermon on the Mount. Have to read up on that. Teaches true happiness, settling disputes, human relations and so on...

Went out to meet yixian at yck mrt station at 5+ and went down to bishan to meet sandy. Had dinner at Cafe cartel and followed by long chat at the open garden. Short time out, but very much appreciated =)

Went home to my mama and helped her take care of the kids while she fed the dogs lol` She can't even leave the kids at any one time coz we dun have window grilles at our place, only sliding windows, so it can be very dangerous.


Very addicted to Jay chou's album ar~~~ I think i've listened to it like a zillion times and im still not sick of it but loving the songs more.. I love all the songs except Mai ya tang, hmmmm..
So excited about tonight's date with darling hehe` And really looking forward to seeing him during the weekends every week.. Sad case huh, but i learnt to love him much more. I'm so proud of all the things he done and will support him in his endeavours! =)

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Life's fulfilling. Cape Diem!

Seize the day! The meaning of my title. Monday was a long day, but not a very tired one.

Did FYP on both today and yesterday coz there was only a lecture yesterday and no classes today. And woot! There's only IS class tml for 2 hrs in the morning and have to rush back home to see chris before he take off for his 7 days 6 nights bangkok trip tml afternoon. =) He was so sweet in the morning today before i went to sch. He asked me what i'd like him to bring back from bangkok and also to sms him the list if i wasn't able to catch him before he leave.
Ha i love my brother! ^^

Went for a catch up session with daryl in the evening yesterday after doing fyp. We met up in J8 and chose swensens for ice cream to satisfy his craving =) He had 2 sundaes while i had one and shared fries & dip. Chatted for quite a long time from 6+ till 8. Checked out his wallet and whoa, all the credit cards, including OUB, mini and maxi credit cards haha, yadar yadar yadar hmmm interesting.. And something left my mouth gaping - American Express. Oh man.. His dad left him his card so that he can use. Dots.. And his parents bought an Omega watch which cost 3000 plus for his birthday this yr -.- Loaded.

Spent some time chatting about various random stuff and quite funny and amazing how we used to snail mail each other lol` It's been a long while since we've seen each other and the last time was back in July this yr for my birthday.

Reached home early today, so went to help my lovely momma pick up the 2 kids from the childcare centre near my place. My mum is taking care of 2 kids now, Tiffany (4 y.o) and kylie (3 y.o), to earn some extra cash every month. So yep, gotta help out too =)

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Believe me.. And u'll be freed.. (no im not satan lol)

Seeking mental fulfilment can lie in simple content most of the times. =) Laying down on the comfy sofa with a nice pillow and reading a novel. ^^ Or maybe just laying down on my own bed and looking out thru the window to the clear black sky outside which sometimes consists of stars or even as simple as reading thru some of the books in the bible.

So as i've mentioned, darling played on my feelings and came over to my crib last night at 11+.. Watched the korean drama "love in harvard" on cable and had supper with chris at 1+ till about 2+.. We supper-hopped from the kopitiam outside to the one at my void deck. haha`

Darling and i then watched the english flim "deadly visions" before we went to sleep at 5+ am... Woke up in the afternoon today and spent the rest of the day at my place slacking off. ^^

Had bible study at 8+ just now. Not a bad one, learnt alot of stuff.

These are the novels i've gotten acquainted with for the past week. hee. The first 2 books from the "In the Garden" trilogy. I'm so excited for the 3rd book to be out in December?

Blue Dahlia - 1st book.

Image hosted by

Black Rose - 2nd book.

And the 3rd book red lily!!! Awaiting its arrival in december.. hehe`

Wheeeeeeeee my god sis is getting married soon. Received her red bomb this afternoon. hehe` Along with it is a small bengawan solo cake =) haha` I'm so happy for her` Will be looking forward to the banquet on the 30th of this month.

Outz. night. =)

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Argh.. nt fair!

I've been cheated... -.- And i've even allowed darling to mutilate me in that 5 minutes phone conversation on our cell phones.. -.- URGH!!!

He stayed in camp for his duty from last night till this morning then headed home to sleep. So i told him not to come over if he's still very tired.. But he promised to do so. Then an hour ago, he said he's not coming over coz he's still tired and will do so tml. I wasn't sad at all..

He then called and asked me if i'm sad and disappointed that he's not coming to my place to stay tonight. I answered no but he went on and on about how restless my voice was when he called me earlier after telling me that he's not coming and also how energetic my voice is now that he said he is gonna come.. argh!! Doesn't matter how i deny it.. He just went on and on about it. hmm nvm.

But im still happy lar. lol` He's crap ^^ But hell i love this crap, my lover *_^

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Most expensive haircut experience ever and an extremely happy day. =)

So yep. I had lunch with lovely classmates till 2 when they went for lecture and me to orchard (since i figured it'll be quite dumb to go out at the 3pm break, which is like halfway between a 2 hrs lecture.)

So i went down to orchard, spent my sweet time shopping in Tangs (i haven't figured out what to get using my vouchers hmm.. ) Then walked around in kino before going for my appointment at 4pm. Le Salon is like smacked right behind LV and Tag Huer -.- Dots... Such a prestigious place.. Imagine it cost 58 bucks for a haircut. I wouldn't have gone down for a haircut if i didn't have the free ticket. Anyhow, they even have like a few customer relations officers at the front reception -.- whoa.. Just imagine that.

Then i was made to put on this bath robe.. (double wah) And made to sit down and wait patiently coz the whole place was buzzling with business. Hmmmm` So they even provide facial and manicure services too. There's even this auntie who served drinks to all the customers and do clean-up. I chose ice lemon tea - this liquid which they put in wine glasses with a transparent plastic lid and a hole for the straw.. Hmmm High class hor?.. Good life those tai tais have..

The hairstylist (Alston) of course stood out from the hairstylists from other places.. He introduced himself very politely and asked for my name, then carried on with a warm handshake. Whoa.. Another wow. Like some business associate. Anyhow, he's really professional, advised me on the kind of hair i should have, the kind of colors i should go for and how he was gonna cut my hair and all. hmmmm`

Only told him to do more layers on my hair coz i wanna keep it long.. He even gave me a discount coupon for highlighting and cutting of hair expiring end of this yr.. Hmmmm` At the end, he even commented that the hairstyle he did for me is not very nice coz the texture cannot be brought out due to the wrong color of my hair. wah.. Chimanology.

Really very happy the whole day coz i've made it up with darling and still super excited with him around... And also that i have nice hair after he styled it up for me! Though it can't be showed in the pictures lar, not clear enuff. =)

Image hosted by

Lazed around in Cold Storage in taka while waiting for sandy to reach. And i had to see this..-.-..

Image hosted by

Dots.. Just WTF is a Spatchcock? And it's lying in the freezer beside all those festive turkeys... The name itself is already quite hideous i must say. Such a weird name. hurhur..
And i saw something else which cracked me up even more! Here goes.......

Image hosted by

And it carries on and on...

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

-.- DOTS.... Uber speechless!!! omg haha` Imagine me seeing all these and laughing to myself in front of these birds in the freezer.. -.-
Hormone free WTH!!!! wahahhaha` Anyhow, all these words are printed on the different sides of the box, containing the Spatchcock.. And here i giggle at the name again..

ok.. A spatchcock is actually a spring chicken processed at 3 weeks of age. It's much sweeter than normal chicken meat and i forgot what else is written on that box.. Cute huh. Oh it's extremely small btw, like normal spring chicken u get in kopitiam western food stall.. Oh.. Abit smaller.. And it cost 10 plus bucks.. -.-

So yup.. Met up with sandy then headed down to far east's starhub shop. Traded off her fone at some shop with offered better price. Then bought her favourite d500c. Quite old fone le, but she really loves the all black design plus bluetooth and slide. haha` ^^

The 2 gleeful pals then went to take photo cards, recommendation by winnie. hehe`

Image hosted by

After which we shopped for a while and i accompanied sandy to have her dinner in LJS. Chatted for a while and went home shortly at 9..


Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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And here i go again...

Alrighty! Let's run through what happened in this super slacking week. *grinz* Monday's classes were boring.. Stayed home the whole of tuesday and sandy came over to my place in the late afternoon. Chilled out here, returned me my peach gurl comics and also transferred her fone data from her fone to my lappy coz she wanted to get a new fone. We then went downstairs kopitiam for a drink. ^^

Spent the whole of wednesday in sch doing fyp. And left the DNA pellet to be precipitated for 2 nights till today. Darling hurt his back on thursday while playing basketball and soccer. =( He fell with his fren and even had problems getting up and sitting down. Had a hard time coaxing him to see a chinese sinseh. So glad that he felt much better after that. ^^

Went to his place yesterday early in the morning. Dropped by woodlands to return the novels and to also get darling his favourite lavazza coffee - midnight cooler. Couldn't get the ice blended ones coz won't be nice by the time i reach his place in lakeside. Spent some time chatting with darling at his bedside. He spoke of all his worries for our future and all.. And that's when i really felt loved by him, assuring him that he'd secure a good job in few yrs down the road.

Had macdonald for lunch while watching "baby's day out" at his crib. The chicken rice burger i tried wasn't as nice as that of mos burger's. The chicken itself is already quite sucky. =(

Anyhow, had dinner at his place too, consisting of nice soup and... ALOT of crabs.. We couldn't finish at all, ended up leaving a whole big plate for his sista. Darling then packed his stuff and stayed over at my place last night. Went to the ntuc supermarket near his place and i told him something hilarious. That he could actually propose marriage to me using a brocolli in replacement of flowers. And then he carried on to say that he'd go overseas to find a super big brocolli and put the ring in the middle. haha total crap`

We had a great chat the whole night, both during supper and also before we sleep. Spoke of his track and field experiences back in secondary school and also all the more detailed stuff i've never knew about him. =) Great time spent together, knowing more about each other. And i can be left in my own mental satisfaction after the whole chat-up session. ^^ Amazing, really.

We've also ironed out our differences we've had with our tiff few days back and it felt so good. It really brought my spirits up alot. ^^

He then woke up early this morning and left for camp. While i sleep my soul through till 8+ am.. Went for the lame 10pm tutorial class and did project with winnie thereafter. Got better results this time. Quite good=) Maybe it's because we used the speed vac machine this time. wahaha` Superb!

More to come in next post.....

Posted by reticent_aura at 11/04/2005 10:05:00 PM