Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy CNY!

Whooo hoo! hee` Enjoying the holidays like crazeeeee =) lol` And accompanied by good food as well wheeeeee`

My love stayed over at my place on friday night, then we had steamboat reunion lunch with my whole family on saturday.. Slacked at home for awhile before heading over to dar's place for steamboat plus bbq reunion dinner.

He then sent me home after the dinner, since we were both too tired to go down to Chinatown. haha` And too bad, i was having sore throat even before new year. wahahha`

Spent the whole day at home on sunday (lunar new yr) and entertain all my relatives.. haha` Spanked my mum's butt coz she was napping away while i serve them lol` Ray then drove us over to grandpa's 2nd wife's place at about 10pm to bai nian. I really love talking to her, so educated and sophisticated kind. hehe`

Headed to the zoo today after brunch at home! =) My parents, ray and his gf, plus danielle and dylan went as well, really enjoyable experience coz i've never gone to the zoo with small kids b4, cept the last time i went with darling few mths ago. hehe` Caught the mighty dog show~ And i wanna ride on the horse carriage next time!! =)

Enjoyed ourselves alot and induged in chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream from ben & jerry's after tt. hehe` All of us sat in the car feeling shagged but satiated =)

PS. I miss my love.... =(

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Life raWks totally! ^^

Wahhaha` *grinz I'm so excited about everything now! wheeeeeeeee` Yesterday went to shop in j8 for a while after WISP class. Went without breakfast and lunch and shopped for like 3 hrs before i found a skirt i really liked ^^

It's an adorable dark brown flared skirt with sequins flowers at the bottom from Pur Pur:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Aiya my cam fone sux. hee`

Went home shortly after tt, rest and had bible study in the evening. Not bad, yesterday's session made me learnt alot of stuff. Missed last week's session coz jess went to sydney to attend her twin sister's wedding! hee` So sweet ^^ And... i forgot to ask her to get back Decadent 40% chocolate chip cookies for me. =(

Sayang my precious printer coz it was hard work printing 40+ pages lol` Handed up the fyp 2nd draft report today. ^^ Now we can play hard during CNY! Oh there was a fire drill session in sch today.. And it turned out that there was a really a fire at the LT area. hurhur`

Put up the posters before we zharbo and went for lunch at kap. Present were dee, wing, xl, uu, daniel, jefferson and keng seng. Touched on alot of topics and really crapped alot hee`

I went home after that and slept all the way till 6 haha` And just cleaned my room. Wheeee` Gonna go for last minute shopping at the market with my mum later =) And my lover's gonna come over later as well!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Wheeeeeeeeee` my boy's gonna come in like half an hour's time! hehe` He wanted to watch the last episode of "tian1 ya2 xia2 yi1" and he needed to passed my family some foodstuff so yup, he's taking a cab down now. I merely made a suggestion he shld come down now, since i missed him so much and yah.. lol` wahahha` ^^

He told me his mum and dad gotten bbq pork, kueh lapis cake, box of tangerines, nian gao, cashew nuts, and other titbits. His parents are really sweet and nice, too bad our family is not rich enough to repay ^^ haha`

I'm off to wait for his call now and to help him get the stuff hee!

PS: he was really sweet yesterday, being all worried that he won't be able to provide for me coz his tuition kids sacked him as they couldn't afford the fees. muacks! A kiss and some cuddling plus a big bear hug is wad i want now! =)

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Food Glorious Food!

Poster presentation was just fine. hee` lol` Winnie was burnt out, kept on defaming herself by being convinced that her presentation wasn't very good. It was just fine ok =) haha

Most of us managed to sit around a table and chat about random topics while the others were still presenting. hehe` Really good, having the best of time with classmates, and laughing our hearts out.

Lunch was terrific! Went to al-ameen with winnie, xl, uu, dee, daniel, jefferson, rayn and junjie. Winnie, xl and i shared a large tom yam soup and also rice. Whoa! So big tt we can't finish it at all, need to employ the others Shared an ice cream prata as well. Food Glorious Food! hee

Good time to relax after such a long while of struggling with all the presentations and reports.

Ciaoz, off to watch my favourite serial now on 55.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

I want candy!

Omg i totally dig victoria secrets' models. They're so gorgeous and pretty faces to top off the awesome figures ^^ haha` Awww i still love gurls. *shhh

Had a wild wild time with my lovely frens in the totally cool sun-roof car, cruising all around sg during lunch break from 11 till 3! haha` 6 of us, dee, winnie, xl, uu, me and eugene being the driver. Went to CGH first, dee's place, mine and then sunshine plaza, which eugene will remember always lol`.. He got the shock of his life.. shan't talk abt it =X

And we were so damn lucky we actually saw Renault Avantime! Which eugene proclaimed tt there's only 1 such car in sg. And tt driver is sure haughty enough. lol` I love Renault cars especially Megane, so classic and nice.

I've given my very first tuition lesson of my life today ^^ Teaching my sec 3 neighbour who's just staying 3 units away from me. hee` Hope to be of some help to him. Most prolly teaching him geog, eng and maths? Will see how ba.

Great to meet up with rayn, jj and wing today... Hoping to have fun together at the DnD.

Footnote: My mum is extremely cute! She bought for me a collector's item of my favourite childhood character - Guess who?


Image hosting by Photobucket

Well.. it actually looks quite sinister here, i wonder why. lol`

And also additional item which got hooked onto it somehow lol` The chicken little characters!

Cool huh my mum ^^

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Check this out lol`

In no particular order, list down 3 people you talk to online, 4 people you see at school, 2 teachers, 3 people you love going out with and 3 people in your sms inbox. [no repeat of names]

1. Xiaoling
2. Huang Yan
3. Shihan
4. Winnie
5. Yung Hwui
6. Eugene
7. Changye
8. Demetrius
9. Simon
10. Chang Yoon Ching (CYC)
11. Yixian
12. Yiu Yiu
13. Melinda
14. Sandy
15. Kenny

So what do you think of number 4?
Good fren i've stumbled upon in yr 2? ^^ sometimes quite violent, but actually very sweet.. listens to woes and a good working partner as well. soulmate, project partner and inseparable lol`
How do you feel if number 4 slapped your face?
Terribly upset and of coz first reaction will be to cry coz can't imagine being slapped by a good pal. 2nd will be to ask why.
On to the scale of 1 to 10, how good looking do you think number 5 is?
Not bad, considered a tall gurl.. I'd give her an 8 ba haha` Very innocent and sweet as well. ^^ My fren since small, like erm been playing together since 4? treat her as my younger sis.
How nice is number 6?
Oh, he's Mr nice guy! lol` Our class rep for this semester. A very gentle-man. haha` And dun look down on him, he got into pes A hehe` Very sweet guy as well, volunteered to drive me home tml during lunch break to collect my poster and the board.
Honestly, if number 8 met an accident, what would you do?
I'll be super bereaved! Coz he's like a very good person to chat with and very nice too. Loves to chat and crap with him and the atmosphere is just much livelier with him around coz he can make the topics interesting and thought provoking. ^^
Would I ever fall for number 11?
Yup i'm already in love with this real good buddy of mine - yixian. haha` Loves to spend time with her n to simply chat abt anything or nothing. hee`
What if number 1 got a boyfriend/girlfriend?
haha i'd really love to see wad kind of bf xl has coz she believes very strongly in astrology and wld choose her bf based on tt.
What sport would I play with number 12?
oh i've played badminton with him b4 and he's really good at it! you shld have seen all his smack moves. whoa. wanna try out table tennis with him as well.. hehe`
How much do you like number 12?
Well nt bad, he's a nice fren. ^^
Would 13 & 7 make a gd couple?
Nope coz Changye (7) is like more than 20 yrs old and married with a baby daughter who's only few mths old.. And melinda (13) is a female as well. haha`
Do i hate number 9?
LOL nope. it'll be terrible if he hears of it hehe` Hang out alot during attachment haha` Super crappy guy. Nice too
Would number 14 one day kill me?
Nope she wun. She (Sandy) happens to be my dear buddy as well. haha` She'll only say it but she wun do it coz she loves me ^^
Who do i like more 3 or 10?
Aiyo!!! wad a question. DUH it's no 3 who's my precious darling who've been with me for more than 63 mths.. ^^ haha` There'll never be another person whom can make me change my love for him. =) Definitely. As for 10... DOTS.. he's a very nice old man.. hehe` my supervisor for FYP.
Done. ^^ Night.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

New skin, and as gay as ever. ^^
Let's tune to HBO channel now

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Saturday, January 21, 2006


Whoa feeling really ecstatic now hehe` ^^ Finished the poster. Great sense of accomplishment when all that's left now are the WISP report and also the slides for the interview. Really had fun working with winnie, hand in hand to jump over the hurdles together lol`

Today she came over to my place before we went to print the poster. Wanted to print in A4 sheets coz didn't wanna spend too much money on it. But in the end thanks to pals, they managed to find good lobang!! ^^ So we went and print, super cheap and dun need to rack our brains.. Thanks! hee` Had lunch together well, whoa the herbal soup is awesome ^^ But of course the ones my mum brewed for the whole day is better hee`

Met up with wing and rayn as well to view each other's posters haha` They were so cute, first thing they asked me is "oh heard tt u gonna get married le" Dots..... And rayn even offered to help me "zuo yue zi", means taking care of me for the 1 mth after giving birth haha. dots.. Will call for him when im really expecting hehe` Talking abt the prom still irritates me abit coz we heard from rayn & wing tt there're alot of yr 1s and 2s going.. -.- Ar wadeva lar.. Save the money for clubbing ^^ Really wanna explore MoS!! hee`

We then walked around for a while before packing LJS home for hammie darling. He reached my place at 12+am last night, after dinner with his campmates.. Told him to go home and rest, and to come only today, but he told me that he can't wait till today to see me. lmao, still so mushy after 5 yrs...

Feeling really ecstatic now coz most of the assignments are down down baby! hee` Breathe a sigh of relief. ^^ And it's time to keep up with my good frens like san and yx, haven't gone out since a long time ago. hmmm.. And really wanna see the cup yx bought for me from korea. =)

Needa accompany my bona fide lover. tata.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Jacky in a sling bag.

Image hosting by Photobucket

And again ^^

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Family days...

Been spending alot of time with my family members for the past 2 days.. Chris took wednesday and thursday off. So mum, chris and i went down to parkway parade on wednesday evening to shop for some groceries.

And as for yesterday, my mum and i went down to amk central. Didn't wanna go for WISP, since no presentation no nothing. So met up with winnie at 9+ am to pass her my IL2 report, her WISP report and also memoirs of a geisha novel. Mum and i then proceeded to shop all the way from 9+ till 3+.. In AMK central, can u believe it, nth much de lor. hee`

Coz we were having lunch and waited for the toiletries shop to open. Afterwhich we met my fifth aunt and accompanied her for lunch as well. Chatted for a long long time before we went jalan jalan and then took cab home.

I cooked black peppered buttered salmon sunk in lemon juice last night for supper. hee` And it taste so good!! Im gonna go get more salmon le hehe` Then can go together with pasta. Whooo hoo!


Darling, being the spokesperson of the new store's opening in his camp, did a good job as all the visitors were all very pleased with him. hee` But he didn't manage to clinch a day off lol`

Yesterday was our 63rd Monthsary but he was extremely busy with tuitions and all. Yet we did managed to have a really good conversation on fone ^^ He was really super sweet when i told him how poor thing it is, to only be able to see each other on weekends and not other days as well. Then he replied, telling me to give him 12 mths to save up on a ring. hee. And that we can go to ROM this yr -.-

I didn't take tt as a proposal! hehe` Ciaoz.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

All's well that end well ^^

FYP report
PBL presentation
Summit Poster
WISP Assignment 3

Phew. PBL presentation was a flop. But at least it's over. Winnie just completed her part for fyp report this morning ^^ Thanks for ur hard work! Did a final proof-reading before printing it out. Feels a good sense of achievement when the printing job is in progress. hehe`

Anyhow, shall concentrate on the poster for summit now. Just whip up something presentable and participate in the competition. Nothing more. Dun have the ability to whip up close to hundred bucks just to blow up the slide, and neither do we have an organization to sponsor.. hehe` Since it's compulsory, just do wad we can ba.

Quite screwed lar, the lsct's dnd organizing committee. We can't even register when the set up booth's over when they promised us tt we can. And now they're saying tt they have overwhelming response. Thus unable to accomodate more ppl due to budget constraint. -.- Crap lor. Lost all mood.


My jack russell is addicted to the television lately... And his favourite channel is National Geographic! hehe` ^^ Check this out

Image hosted by

Darling was very stressed up yesterday. Coz there's a new store opening today in his camp, and he's the spokesperson for those VIPs. hehe` Muacks! Hoping that he'll put in his best and reap good results ^^

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Manage your life like a hurdles race`

Completed PBL slides, ready for tml's balloting to see which 2 groups are presenting. Had a very difficult time finding scientific journal for our topic. Then realized tt i actually have this pdf file inside my pbl folder and opened it to see that it's related to our topic. Turned out that i've found it long time ago and forgot all about it.

Anyway, quite cool lar haha` Don't need to feel depair and very much desperate like i felt when i was doing research coz didn't noe the keywords of the question.

Now wad's left is the presentation itself, and also poster for the summit. Buck up!


Darlin went home in the evening just now. Stayed over from friday night till today. hehe` Went for the 11.45pm Memoirs of a Geisha movie yesternight with chris and dar in jubilee. Found the movie quite average. They cut away alot of scenes, making the film quite flat and did not flow well, therefore losing the magic it was supposed to have. I was quite attracted to the plot of the novel itself coz it's really very unique.

anyway, the young Chiyo is sooooooo pretty and sweet looking, i thought tt she actually would look better than Zhang Ziyi when she grows up. And Gong Li, as Hatsumomo, really looks very "tao ren yan" (irritating) and quite slutty ba. haha, but tt's how the story's supposed to be. Dun like her hair lar, coz a geisha's hair is not supposed to be like tt, messy and all. Should be prim and proper even in the okiya..

k enuff of it.. hehe` Chris, darling and i then went for supper at S-11 before we reached home at 3+ am... Rest for a while b4 sleeping.

Spent the whole day at home today. Accompanied mum to the market for brunch in the morning and then bought groceries as well. Watched "The Fog"with darling thereafter.. Omg it's sooo boring that i actually fell asleep. I'd give it 2/10... -.- The movie's gonna show in the theatres soon. You shall decide whether or not to catch it.

Night and sweet dreams ^^ Wherever u are my friends.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Enjoy life..

Had a quite lame presentation for LSSS yesterday in the morning. Had 3 hours break, so went to excelsior hotel for dim sum buffet with winnie and eugene. Really good food! hehe` And winnie almost threw up on her mango pudding coz was super full lol`

Rushed back to ngee ann after tt for lecture. Quite a boring day.. Finally the hectic week has passed. I've done my share for the FYP report. LSSS term paper was handed up, WISP presentation over, now it's left with PBL presentation on monday and also more touch ups for the FYP report plus the Summit Poster.

Darling then cheated my feelings, induced me to think tt he's still at home, considering whether to come over to my place or not. Then he appeared at my house a while later at 9+ hehe` ^^

So yup, nothing much for today, cooked lunch and also pop some corn seeds for snack just now. Am gonna finish memoirs of a geisha's novel later.. Still left with 50 pages!! And im gonna go catch the movie with darling later at 11.45 pm in jubilee. hee`


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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Memoirs of A Geisha

Image hosted by

I'm really highly anticipating this film which is opening soon. Think darling and i are gonna catch the sneaks this weekend! ^^ So excited hehe`

Thinking about how Zhang Zi Yi is gonna act out the lovely character of Sayuri and how Gong Li is gonna bring out the mean-ess of Hatsumomo. hehe` Imagining how ken watanabe looks like in the show as Captain, if the Nobu is really hideous looking and if the granny is really yellow and wrinkly! hehe`

Wanna quickly finish the book coz im still left with 200 pages! hehe Today is my day to relax. Have been struggling for the past few days, typing non stop.

Anyway, i went to turf city to shop for groceries with momma yesterday. Bought my favourite stuff like dumplings, pasta and also popcorn! hehe` And bought lingerie as well. Almost gotten a set of L shaped sofa coz it cost 700 bucks, very nice and comfy but i told my mum to go home and consider first before deciding on impulsive buying.

Ciao! Have a great weekend.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Omg im sick of typing but ironically, i still wanna lay my fingers on dear bloggy. ^^

Monday was crap. Coz was practically feeling quite laid back.. Gotta know marks for both common tests papers.. Managed to pass, but very miserably. Hoping that i can buck up and do much better for the exams. Sucks. -.-

Had lunch at KAP with bev, eugene and gary and winnie plus dee came to join us after tt. It's been a long while since i last dined in fast food outlets.

Spent the whole of today slacking at home, watched tv, read novel and continue fyp report. Already typed 4000+ words, super cross eyed and yet it feels as though the report is still lacking alot! Damn crap. Now we're left with intro and results section. I wanna include everything in so that we wouldn't have to make alot of changes and spend alot of time on it after the 1st draft.

Honey came over in the morning today and we had tom yum seafood soup for lunch together with my mum. Real good in the cold weather ^^ He entertained me by drawing on those isketch thingy kids play. Thought that he was really creative, came up with stuff like "house on the sea with a ship and sun" and also "ghost that was shot by a gun"..

Check them out..

Image hosted by

The ghost shot by a gun.. with holes in his body

Image hosted by

The angel dog with halo and wings..

I must really say tt he's quite talented.. haha even though nt very artistic lar, but creative. ^^

Oh, and this is the cactus which flowered under my mum's TLC.. =)

Image hosted by

Im addicted..... to...

**Footnote: Fuck the bloody mofo who broke into Sandy's mum's shop. You'll land in the dumps.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Graduation Photo Taking Session. ^^

Had a hair cut yesterday in the morning and it sucks coz tt woman cut my fringe till super short. Anyhow, the phototaking session was quite alright, and the BMS cohort one was the funniest coz we were all trying to squeeze and the ladies, all barefoot. hehe`

Took lotsa pics on our own as well. Check them out.

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

yiuyiu:eugene class rep

Image hosted by



Image hosted by


the whole lot of us from last yr, missing out on alot others.

As again! ^^

ORange Siblings Rayn:me




3M03 taken with form tutor - huang yan

ex classmates ^^

Our clique

xl:me:winnie:may:pam (yes i noe my hair's ugly but the main part is pretty de others)

Meinus vs the guys

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

winnie and me trying to be funny... alot more..


sista and brother

Image hosted by




Image hosted by


Image hosted by

me:hiphop sk

Image hosted by

and again



Image hosted by


And again ^^

The meinus in our class





dr lim's boy(chris):elaine


Image hosted by

dr lim:elaine:chris:sk


Meinus in 3M03


Phew.... Finally done. hehe`

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