Monday, February 27, 2006


I've been slacking for the past few days.. Saturday i went over to darling's place for steamboat dinner and got plagued by his mum coz she kept wanting me to answer her question - When are we getting engaged? hmmmmm` But in the end, we all came to conclusion, and tt is to wait until darling gets a stable income first before considering anything..

Darling and i then went down to lot 1 coz tt's the nearest place where macdonald's have their dessert kiosks.. Tried their back-by-popular-demand milkshake.. I thought tt it wasn't as good as the old one.. And much more expensive too. The old one used to cost like $1.55 i still remember. We then took cab back from there back to my place..

Mum told me tt she wasn't able to sleep last night. Laid on the living room's couch and told me tt she saw Beethoven in the corner of my room and then fading off.. I told her it was only an illusion coz she misses her too much. Haiz.. On the other hand, I managed to sleep well coz my eyes were too tired and painful, prolly after crying too much. As i've mentioned, i've lived my life never without dogs at home. But my family has never encounter a dog's death at home coz the dogs we had either got dog-napped or ran off (All our dogs except jacky was brought home from the streets)...

Anyhow, i went with darling to ttsh for medical appointment today.. Had late lunch at novena square before we bought mango and durian wrapped crepes from Angie the choice and left for home, individually. We were both too shagged and have to teach tuition in the evening so yup, i figured i needed to study as well. No choice but to channel all my strength to handle the very last paper in my poly life. Good luck to all. Haiz.. so melancholic..

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Beethoven Year 1990 - 2006 26th February

Our family has to go through what seems like bereavement, the feeling u'll get when someone dear to you passed away. Dear Beethoven was like a fur ball when she came over to our place in 1990, the size smaller than a football. I was only about 4 yrs old that time. And she seems really gentle and cute.

And she grew up into a beautiful lady, who is still very chaste and of course not given birth before. I love her alot, so much so that I couldn't even bear to allow my mum's request to grant her Euthanasia (put to sleep).

This morning, mum woke me and Chris up coz Beet looks really terrible. She couldn't walk properly anymore and was struggling to stand up. She walked to the kitchen and after a while she couldn't take it anymore. She laid down and Danielle & Dylan still patted her, like as if nothing's gonna happen. After a while, she's passed away. She's old yes i know, she's passed away peacefully that i know too. But how could i not feel anything?

Truthfully. I felt terrible, and still am now. She's been with me for 16 of the 20 years i've come onto this world. It's the heartache i felt, so very painful. Nobody can understand except my family. Thanks to my love who lent me his shoulder and offered me bear hug.

I then arranged the cremation for Beethoven. My beloved of 16 years old.

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Right now i feel really exhausted. I just feel like sleeping. Today's my dad's 57th Birthday as well. But who's got the mind to celebrate?

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Friday, February 24, 2006

Final hurdle to go!

First things first, do my Johari window ya? hehe`

Mum bought me salmon fish fillet yesterday, saying tt it's good for my brain coz im sitting for a paper the day after haha` So yup, cooked it myself and enjoyed it. ^^ Oh and i've gotten a watch for myself yesterday, typical stainless steel buckle kind, with a red face as well, for only 6 bucks! Freaking cheap and doesn't look cheapo at all. haha` Muahaha`

I think that my family is very supportive of me during the study break, giving me support and encouragement. I appreciate it alot! Chris even helped me get brunch this morning. hee` I've gotten quite relaxed yesterday night after looking through the past yr papers. And the discussion with eugene and uu on msn really was of great help. Had a good sleep and ran thru the notes today.

Reached school at about 1pm before the paper today and had a brainstorming session with adynna, bev, dee and eugene, collating all our thoughts and information together.

First exam paper i've taken in my 3 yrs of poly life that i stayed till the very last minute. hmmm` I almost couldn't finish the paper coz i think i dilly dallied at the start, tt's why. Said a prayer to Jehovah before starting the paper and i think it worked. He granted me the wits to work. ^^

I felt quite confident after the paper.. And i hoped that it's really the case. ^^ Hope i wun be disappointed coz i want to reap what i sowed. I'm gonna relax my mind for 1 or 2 days first before going on to studying for psct. =) Good luck everyone! And have a great weekend. Smile, coz u really look good that way!

**Oh good news!! I'm so proud of my tuition kid, he has gotten top 5 in his class for all of his subjects except DnT! wheeeeee` I really hope tt he'll be able to go up to sec 4 next yr and not retain again. I have great faith in him!

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Geeks induced by the exams.

I was walking my 2 dogs today and a thought suddenly came into my mind. I totally despise guys who're afraid of dogs. -.- I mean i dun even understand why in the first place ppl, even the femanino should be afraid of dogs. Muslims understandably duh. BUT GUYS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MANLY AND MASCULINE! Where should u bury ur face in if u're afraid of them? It's something i can use 3 words to describe - Oh my god.

Anyway, im a dog lover myself, so i'll never ever respect a MAN who's afraid of dogs. And it erks me completely -.-

I'm gonna treat momma to mac's fantastic meal coz she hasn't tried it b4 ^^ And also find one day to get her for mac's breakfast. She's scrimped and saved so much for the family tt she herself doesn't get pampered enuff. hmph`

Am gonna go get some groceries later (I love to shop for groceries!) er.. Actually not really groceries, but my own supplies haha` Dark chocolates, campbells soup, ruffles chips, maybe some more other stuff haha`

Meanwhile........ i'll just to study. haiks Oh and my love came over for dinner last night as well as stayover! muacks muacks

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

dear diary.

I've had an awesome time with my besties sandy and yixian yesternight. Was mugging really hard before i met up with them in the night, so that i can enjoy myself fully without feeling guilty ^^ I reached amk central earlier than them, so i went to da bao 3 macdonalds EVM and booked into the kbox room. Decided to take the 7 pm to closing package coz the 'waiver of cover charge' promotion only applies from 7pm till 10pm. Of course 3 hours would not be enough for us! wahaha` Since we thought tt 5 hours session is already still too short.

Got really hyped up during the session, especially when singing FIR's and shin's songs. wahaha` Fully utilized the 6 hours ktv session and got our lungs burnt out after singing 'the phantom of the opera' haha` Oh, dun order kbox's fries. -.- Cheaterbugs, they have 2 cones just like the ones in swensen's, but they only put fries at the top layer and alot of chips at the bottom! o.O

After the ktv session ended at 1am, we walked back to my place from amk central. Took about half an hour, as we chatted during the journey and walked with hooked arms =) Slacked over at my place, watch dvd and all before we all got worn out and grabbed wadever time we could to sleep.

We then woke up in the morning to go for breakfast in the market, coz i missed the sweet sweet black fried carrot cake. wahaha` They then went home after breakfast and i got home after buying the straits times. WOOT!!! MAcdonalds' back with their milkshakes!!!! I soooo missed them!!! WAHAHAH~ Forgotten when was the last time i bought milkshake from there. Most prolly lower sec ba..

Aye aye, gonna carry on mugging and then going to catch forty winks so that i'll be refreshed for the tuition session this evening and also for my beloved who's coming over to have dinner with me tonight!! I love him!

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Monday, February 20, 2006


I'm so happy! My tuition kid who's currently in sec 3 now for the 3rd year running coz he couldn't go up to sec 4 has managed to get really good grades for the common tests! He even ranks top 5 in his class for various subjects like E.Maths, English, Chinese and Physics. He hasn't gotten his bio and social studies results yet but he told me tt his SS teacher said he's gotten almost every point for the questions. woot!

hehe` I'm so proud of him! So glad tt he's being motivated to learn now. And i've also gotten my first tuition paycheck wahaha` His mum was like grinning from ear to ear when i went over for tuition today and i didn't hear her nag at him today like she always does. hee`

Back to mugging real hard! Coz im going for a ktv session with my besties till dawn tml night!

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Argh. all students have the same mindset when it comes to exams..

Dread! But we all just have to give in our best and drag ourselves to the exam hall. =(

I've been slacking enough for the past weekend, been stuffing myself silly with okonomoyaki (those cabbage + flour + egg which comes together and whichever toppings u choose to put, which my favourite is salmon) and also shark's fins from both the pasar malam and also straight from the cans. haiks. I love the pasar malam over the weekend, even more so tt it's directly beneath my block. ^^ muahahah`

As usual darling came over to my place for the weekend. Slacked alot b4 deciding to start studying now. Gonna get myself together now and hit the books! I dun wan any regrets. And im gonna go to the library or something, to focus myself on studying. ^^

Feeling quite out of track coz all the ppl around me are taking abt applications to uni and all. But im not interested in studying anymore. Except maybe in stuff like sociology, or psychology. And i dun have the money to study as well, coz i dun wanna have to repay debts for a few yrs even after i come out to work. So yup, im getting a job. And i wanna build a novels collection after i come out to work. =) hee` Plus a manga one as well wahaha` Oh and im glad tt sandy and i have a goal in common, tt's to look for a job after graduation hee`

**Reigning as mugging queen!

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Ethnic Tour ^^

Got so bored out during LSSS today. And had a last minute presentation by writing down all the stuff from pharmacogenetics notes and then letting winnie and uu present. Mass copying session of PSCT tutorials after tt. Went down to Signature Park - yixian's condo to slack after sch at abt 12. Watched 'Facelift' and also my favourite 'Jamie's' cooking show at her place..

Finally gotten the set of wine cups she gotten for me in korea, and also the lovely artsy pouch she has gotten for my mum as well. ^^ I love it and will definitely lay them out in my room! =) hee`

Both of us then set out to Little India, wanting to go threading.. But couldn't find the threading shop she went to last month, so yup.. didn't get to do threading.Had a late lunch at tekka market first. Yucks, the katong laksa sucks. -.- I still remembered tt the katong laksa tt i've tried when i was working in clarke quay with darling was the best.. =( I soooo want to try the naan next time when i go back there!! hehe`

Didn't do henna as well coz i wanted to in the first place.. But hmmm the weather takes its toll on me, sunny and then raining all of a sudden. So i didn't felt like doing henna when i reached there.

Walked all the way to "si ma lu" on bugis street... Then went to the temple to pray with yixian. She prayed for their blessings tt she's gotten her driving license yesterday, and me for good luck and wits for the exams plus family well-being =)

Shopped around in bugis.. Got super tired so went back home at abt 5+.. Great day. And more great ones to come! Oh and darling's coming over later hehe` at about 12+am.. He told me..

(Reflections: Internal interview was a flop, though winnie and i tried our best. Anyway, cyc gave us alot of tips and details needed for the external presentation. So yup, we'll definitely make it aye! And oh, external interview's on 8th march! Jitters..)

Darling's nick was super cute and still is coz he hadn't changed.. ----> So Mrs Lim, when are u moving in with me? He said it's coz tt i've given a vday card with the heading "Special Husband" Aiyoh.. Even my elder brother chris said tt he's horrified by his nick.

Ciaoz.. back to watching tv again.. Watched frm 7.30pm till a while ago.. 'Volcano' is nice!!! But i ended up sleeping on my comfy bed towards the ending -.- and woke up to find 'Survivor Panama' on air.. haiks!

Oh, my manly partner is here!!! ^^ hehe adieus =)

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


=) My mum cooked nasi bryani tonight for dinner!! Wheeeeeeee` ^^ She didn't add too much spices like the indians does, so the rice doesn't taste too strong an ethnic flavor hehe` And she cooked fish curry plus brinjal and lady's fingers as well. *slurps. =) wahahahha` And im craving for salsa & tortilla chips again.. Maybe i'll go munch munch during "america's next top model"!

It's internal presentation tml and i'm 3/4 way thru preparing my script for it. Gonna carry on after next top model or maybe wake up earlier tml morning to finish it..

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What's Your Lucky Charm?

Angela, your lucky charm is a Rabbit's Foot!

There's just something mysterious about you when it comes to luck. That's why your good luck charm is a rabbit's foot. Originating in the voodoo back waters of the bayou, the rabbit's foot is extremely powerful and brings good luck to all (except rabbits). Some say that the rabbit must be killed during a full moon by a cross-eyed person and the left hind foot must be carried in the left jacket pocket for it to be truly lucky. However this is not always the case. Given the bunny's reputation for fertility, you might get lucky at the mere thought of a rabbit's foot.Regardless of your ritual, carrying a colorful rabbit's foot is a constant reminder that you are lucky, and have great things to look forward to.

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Are you my valentine?

Wheeeeeeee i had a great valentine's day! ^^ Finished watching the 2nd disc of 'The Island' in the day and yah basically just slacked around and napped. Went to meet up in yishun station control with my lover at 6+ after he break out from camp. I was shopping and enjoying myself in NTUC (i love supermarts) when darling called me to come out from it. Turned out tt his campmates wanted to see how i looked liked -.-

We wanted to whip up a dinner for ourselves at my place coz yah it's our 5th valentine's day together and old couples oughta stay at home lol (jk) Anyway, we went to cold storage in northpt to shop for groceries. It was great fun coz darling kept on seeing something he likes and throwing into the trolley. -.- And i meant literally throwing.

And with my stop-expensive-stuff-ness, we managed to only cocked up 20+ bucks of groceries when he was expecting like more than 40 bucks of it. We gotten 2 boneless chicken thighs, pasta, shitake mushrooms, zaru soba, cheese chicken franks, bacon, salsa and tortilla chips, yah and i forgot wad else.. Yup. That's tt.

Darling is soooo lousy at springing surprises or is it tt im too smart? He kept on reminding us that we need to be back at my place by 8pm... Then went on abt how something is lacking for the dinner and then telling me it's flowers.. hurhur` Silly guy!

Yup, so we cooked dinner together - Pasta with mushrooms and cheese chicken franks + chicken chops and bacon as well. Waited together from 8plus till 12plus for the delivery man (coz i knew the secret already). Turned out tt the delivery man got into an accident, and only managed to send the bouquet of flowers to my place after 12am. And darling was so sad coz after 12 means vday is over, but i still love him =) hee`

Image hosting by Photobucket

Me with the bouquet of 12 red roses + Jacky curiously sniffing them.

And me again.. (Acting Hua1 chi1)

Taaaa-daaaa I love my Hans.

Kudos to my love! =) hee` And oh i've placed the square dark chocolates and also the coffee bean chocs carefully into the bottle tt i've finally gotten. And tied a nice ribbon hee ^^ Gotten him a lovely card which spelt 'Special Husband'. haha`

Great day. ^^

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Had lunch with classmates today after the classes which stretched from 8 to 1. Went back home after that to rest for a while and watched the 1st hour of 'The Island'. Showered and changed again before going out.

Rushed down to YCK station to meet yixian at 4+, courier serviced ham & cheese bread to her as well coz she was really hungry. We then headed down to town and met up with sandy at heerens.

We then settled dinner at LJS coz i miss their fries! ^^ Walked over to heerens to shop after tt.. Really wanted to get the hiro singles collection but couldn't find it in HMV at all.. And it's cost 40+ to buy from internet, excluding shipping cost! haiks`

Oh, and the 3 of us took photostics as well! Check them

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Image hosting by Photobucket

Walked all the way to PS coz i needed to get the bottle badly and tt's the only place i noe of which sells the type which i wanted. Bought ribbons, the bottle as well as coffee bean chocolates. Shopped around b4 we went home at 9, with legs that felt like they didn't belong to us. ^^

OH and i've gotten the gurls a nice delicate box of chocolate mints. =) Happy Valentine's Day to all.

*Even though i find the day quite insignificant (in my view) coz wun it be better if couples spring up surprises every other, valentine's day or not? And it'll be much better if roses and restaurant dinners were thrown any day w/o having the stupid Vday gimmick - Monster increase in everything. Ya so, guys and gurls, cherish ur other half everyday and not take them for granted.

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sweet ol` lovey dovey

Image hosting by Photobucket

=) Wide grinz! And im really happy coz i have faith that i've found a lifetime partner in him - Lim Shi Han a.k.a Ze Lover!

He's really sweet, coz he notes down all the stuff which i've merely mentioned b4 tt i like or would wanna do. As usual he bunked in my place during this weekend, we went for supper last night and he woke up early in the morning today at 8+.. He then woke me up and asked me wad i'd like to have for brunch. I said nth much then went back to slumberland.

When i woke up at 11+, he cooked dried instant noodles with tow gay (bean sprouts) for the 2 of us coz he overheard me telling my mum yesterday tt dried instant noodles plus tow gay is very nice. He bought roast pork from the market as well while i was sleeping. And even rented 'Fantastic 4' and 'Constantine' coz yup, i mentioned it yesterday that i felt like watching.

He's extremely cute and someone to die for ^^ rofl i simply love him from top right down to the bottom. hehe` Aww.. the epitome of charming. =) Happy valentine's day to all couples in the world, coz the world is more complete with ur other halves. But to all singles, life still raWkz with frens around.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Life's great! Let's all kick ass!

Wheeeeeeee` Im so hyped up now hee` Oh the wonders of good music ^^ Darling bummed around at my place since last night. And he's like really crazeee coz he just felt like being super naughty, and i mean REALLY naughty. He kept on wanting to wrestle with me and yah, do anything and everything to get on my nerves. But he's just darn cute ^^ i can't bear to do anything but to bestow hugs and kisses on him. *grinz

I'm addicted to ALOT of nice english songs now wheeeee, especially the ones from pussycat dolls, rob thomas and evanescence. kk The post is not coherent anymore.. nvm.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The use of a camera phone..

So yup.. quite sianz.. Can't wait to watch the final episode of Lovers of Paris, but im having bible study later on.. Teared abit while watching the vcd just now.. The show is like quite candid and not much of a plot in the start, but the climax is like super nice and it tugs at the hearts of people who watches it. hmph.. Nice.

Now yup, some pics i've taken using my cell fone.. The first was taken in the zoo on the 2nd day of chinese new yr.. And yup, there's the map behind me..

Image hosting by Photobucket

And the bulk of it taken yesterevening.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Me & Danielle!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Has anyone ever seen how a Lazy jack russell looks like? Since jack russells are supposed to be hyperactive.. hurhur`

Mouth closed...

Image hosting by Photobucket

A little opened...

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Image hosting by Photobucket

And ah....

Image hosting by Photobucket

Hmmmmmm gotta get down to the most dreaded - Mugging.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Laid back..

I'm really slacking too much.. Kept reading newpapers the whole day today, plus watching vcds as well.. Now im left with only 2 discs of 'Lovers in Paris'. Slacker slacker, i can't stand myself.. haihai!!! Anyway, LSSS paper is like on friday and i haven't even start mugging. I oughta be shot!

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Sunday, February 05, 2006


My mum gotten the new Trimax machine for $328! hee` She went to this road show and got it. It does slimming, massage as well as detox. wheeeeeee` Hoping to lose some weight so as to feel more refreshed and also more confident when wearing clothes *grinz

My headache has been around for 2 days and it's not going away at all. Feeling quite lethargic coz of it and whole body's feeling not quite right now.. Hoping to be well when i wake up tml morning so that i wun miss lecture.

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Feeling good.

I love to blog about good things and happy people! ^^ Darling came over to my place on friday night even though i had to meet my gurls like 10am the next day.. He ended up sleeping in when i asked him if he wanna leave with me.. So yup, i went to Toa Payoh and met up with sandy, yixian and huiping while he left my place in the afternoon coz my family went for a picnic.

Sandy, huiping and i went for breakfast while waiting for yx. It's been a yearly tradition to visit ah lai lao shi during chinese new yr. =) We chatted at his place and as usual, feasted on bak kwa and drank orangeade. Afterwhich we left his place at about 1pm as huiping has got lesson at 2+.

Sandy, yixian and i then headed to lido to catch I Not Stupid Too at 2.30pm. Had lunch there b4 going in. Laughed alot during the movie and teared so much tt my hands couldn't managed to wipe my tears off and had to depend on tissue paper. Twas a good movie =)

Yixian then went off, leaving sandy and i to go shopping.. We bought 2 tops each from Giordano. Went to the library and then to kino.. She gotten her mag and me, a comic fanbook. hee`

We then slacked around in taka before getting into a cab to go down to choa chu kang coz sandy wanted to go to bukit panjang plaza while i wanna go to segar, darling's cousin's place for dinner.

Darling's relatives' would have an annual gathering at tt's cousin's place for dinner every year. And this year being no exception, gathered alot of ppl over as well. They had fun teasing me and yah.. I had fun binging too. hehe` Played cards together with darling's godbrother for a while b4 dar and i headed to my place for the night.

Slacked at home with him for the whole day today, rented "the maid" for my mum and "the island".. Proofread the final report. Printed FYP report and sayang my poor printer, hoping it doesn't run out of ink coz i need to print 1 more copy. Ran out of paper and told winnie to bring me some tml. Loving shihan more each day.

Yah. That's tt. ^^

And oh.. Im guilty abt spending so much money for the past few days. Yet i wanna get some more stuff.. Like vday presents, and one of SPEED's members has just released an album on 1st feb!

Hiro's singles collection

Image hosting by Photobucket

Wahaha. I need to stop spending money. =X

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Love thyself. Girls, go on ur retail therapies!

Yesterday was a great day! WISP class was cancelled coz ms nguyen was very sick. Winnie, xiaoling, yiu yiu and i then went to coro for lunch. Hung around till 12+ before i headed to j8 to meet sandy.

Pampered myself by allowing thy to splurge yesterday in j8. Gotten a lip balm and leave on hair moisturizer, dead cells file, ear studs, and also a lovely sequined bag from ebase which can be used for dnd. ^^

Hee` I really do have a fetish for glittery stuff, be it beads, threads or sequins, on bags, clothes, wallets, shoes. =) I heart them all.

Both of us then met up with yixian at yck station and they came over to my place to bai nian. Slacked for hours before they left my place. Saw my 3rd aunt and my cousin at my place's void deck. Turned out that they just left my place. My elder cousin is getting prettier and prettier! ^^ hee Even sandy and yx thought so too. Thanks to Sandy, i've gotten hold of ayumi hamasaki's new album!!! She soo pretty i like ^^

Wanted to accompany yx to the airport coz she's sending her dad to korea. But haha since her mum will be driving her home after tt, which leaves me and sandy.. haha, So ya, no point in going ^^

Ended up going to the sch today in the morning when the lectures were all cancelled. No choice coz we needed the suppliers' names for the chemicals and equipment we used and all for the final report. Twas so hilarious, Winnie & I acted like thieves coz of somebody's inflexibility -.-

My whole family lao yu sheng yesterday after dinner. And everyone finished it, so yah it was really cool this yr ^^ My mum said she'll go get another set, and we'll lao again before the 15th yr of lunar new yr.

Woot! And i've finally finished the final report final draft. hee` Thanks to cyc who really helped us edit it like mad and guided us thru. hee` I got so dizzy just now from all tt scrolling up and down the document. hurhur. So yah, rewarded myself with a nap ^^

Had bible study as well in the afternoon and it was an enriching one. Jessica also showed me the pictures she took in Sydney when she went over for her elder sister's wedding. They held it in a kingdom hall! hee` And the party was also very simpleas well, held on a yacht with close friends, surprisingly it was cheap.

Hmmm will go catch up on vcds now. Watched Lovers in Paris till episode 10 only. Half more to go! hehe

**My love's coming over soon and said he's gonna spend the night here. Really sweet of him, even though i said i'd be going to bian nian tml morning with my girls. hee`

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Greetings everyone ^^

I've just finished WISP report! wheeeee` Woke up early to send darling off to his camp, didn't feel like sleeping after that coz the air con was too cold haha` So yup, got the report over and done with! ^^

Yesterday dar and i went to Great World City. We wanted to catch the 6+ pm Fun with dick and jane flick but only left with the first 2 rows.. So yup, might as well forgo it. Had dinner at Crystal Jade, and ordered 2 la mien, hong you cao shou and ma po tofu. Good food, but it worsened my sore throat. hee` It's ok, im happy! =)

Things I've downed for the past few days:

Oh good karma has gotten its way to me! I wanted to get quick pick ticket myself, as in 2 bucks a toto ticket for myself.. But my 5th aunt came over on 1st day of new yr and wanted to share with me, said she'll go get so yup lol` Then doreen told me ytd that she helped her mum checked the ticket and whoa we won! 20 bucks only but haha happy happy =) small luck is good ^^

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