Sunday, April 30, 2006

Life's too darn great! And it's even better with this long weekend!

Wahahahha` My sleepy hubby is still in slumberland in my room. Even told me to prepare breakfast for him and wake him up after it's ready. haha` Shall let him sleep a few hrs more, everyday also wan breakfast. Yesterday it's bacon and eggs, maybe for today it'll be whipped potato and chic nuggets plus cuttlefish chips! ^^

We had great time spent for the last 2 days. haha` Friday was super hectic for me at work, tt i didn't even take lunch and just kept on working and teaching my new colleague stuff. We even had to move our stuff in the late evening coz our office is undergoing renovation over this weekend to expand the cotton desk into an area of trading and an area of operations.

After the extremely hectic and OT-ed day on friday, i met up with hubby darling in dhoby gaut, wanting to go watch movies in the cathay coz we have free tics expiring on 29th. But in the end we didn't coz dar said tt i'd be tired and didn't wan me to walk so far. We had dinner in fish and co. glasshouse. Ordered mussels for appetisers, seafood platter for 1 and mermaid freeze for hubby, and also swordfish collar for me. The mermaid freeze was extremely huge and definitely worth the money haha` And the mussels was extremely lovely, it'd have been best to have pasta in tt sauce!! *SLURPS But my swordfish collar nt nice leh.. hmmmm` Next time when i go over, i'll order 2 sets of mussels and tt'll be just fine lol` And together we clocked up about 60 bucks in bill.

After dinner, we went back to PS to shop for a while. Bought some groceries in Carrefour and then took a cab back to my place and get rested for the night. ^^ Saturday was spent at home coz as usual, we were too lazy to get out. So we wasted those cathay tickets ahha` We did some grocery shopping at Shop & Save just down the road from my place. haha`

And when i was in Shop & Save, i suddenly thought of wing, coz we used to always share cherry tomatoes together. haha` Good pal, take care!

Chris finally came back last night from his kl trip! haha` He bought for me a Chanel wallet and also Gucci Envy Me fragrance wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` Thanks bro, u're the best! haha` And sooo sian..... I really wanted to get the motorola L7, wanted to order it online last night but shit, they went out of stock. Damn sian. So now, i'm still contemplating between Sony Ericsson W800i or L7... haikz!

Tonight i'll be going to darling's place for dinner! ^^ Have a good day!

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

We must be happy with what we have. ^^

And wad do i have on hand now? Bliss... Today was a hectic day as well, attended training in the new automated inventory. So now, im gonna pass over the making of contracts and invoices to my new colleague, and then i'll help another colleague handle weight claims and inventory stuff.

I'm binging more chocolates now, coz i realised i suddenly have tonnes of them inside the fridge, plus all those tt i've gotten and whom people gave to me. And just a moment ago, i took a few bites of the turkish delight chocolate i've gotten in millenia walk tt super big confectionary shop (i forgot the name *sad). Very nice, but too sweet for me, therefore i believe i have to take more than 3 installments for tt bar of delight! Seems as if like im taking solid bandung, minus the milk. But it's really nice, thought i'd like it softer hee`

Went down to j8's giordano to collect my altered pants.. And gotten a tank top as well.. hahah` more moolah gone. ^^

Talking to Jessica today made me realised even more that im sooo lucky. I've found the person whom i can rely and give my heart to, and even stuck on to him for so long throughout my teenaged years. 66 months is of course not an easy thing, but our faith and undying passionate love took us through. =)

My mum was soooo sweet. She knew that i always have late lunch in the afternoon and dun take breakfast. So she told me that she's gonna wake up early and go to the market to get breakfast for me everyday. I'm sooo touched!!! haha` And to go home to a wonderful and warm meal after a tired day is really good. Especially tt whole pot of brewed herbal soup. Muacks mummy! You're the best. ^^

Tml's friday and dress down day!!! And my love will be coming to fetch me from work and we'll have our hot date! wahahha` Damn excited !!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Totally exhausted today. I'll definitely have a good night's rest today since im so shagged. Went to Fortis and HSH bank today again. Very tired, but at least better than staying around in office. Alot of ang moh colleagues come and go. Befriend alot of people.

Yesterday had company lunch (but not all went) at a japanese restaurant just opposite CPF building. About 17 of us, and all on the tab of Ralf, the regional financial controller. Colleagues from US, switzerland, shanghai came and joined us as well. Had a great time chatting and having fun together, oblivious to how much this whole damn lunch cost.. hurhur... My wonderful bento alone cost 32 bucks.. Along with sooo many wooden platforms of california maki, avacado ebi fry maki and all others if forgot... as well as sides such as soft shell crab and agadeshi tofu. The food was very nice!! At exorbitant price too haha`

After which we went back to office to find chocolates given to us by our swiss colleagues. hehe` Straight frm switzerland! Toblerone was nt bad, wad's better was this chocolate ball which flushed out a whole lot of choco-liqeur when u bite it. Wholesome! And i mean literary flushed. wahahhaha, totally orgasmic. ^^

More exciting stuff!!

2 more days to meeting my hubby lover. =) And my heart just melt into a happy mouth just to think of him. He brought me laughter and peacefulness by taking me over my uncertainess, instead of letting me dwell in it for too long. ^^ We've done super wild and crazy stuff over our 66 months of being together and also more to come. hee` Really hoping to go on a trip overseas alone together, coz my mum is still too conservative. But i love her too much to hurt her too. haha`

Everything's gonna be darn great! And more hot dates to come, plus more times of falling in love with him. Sweet, sugary and nice!


Oh and i bought a tent yesterday while hanging out with sandy in suntec last night! hehe` Man it's damn cool. Gonna ask all my loves to go out on camping trips. muahhaha` Rawk on!

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Blessed life.

I missed blogging on this private space again haha. ^^ I was extremely loaded with work last week and only wanted to play pangya to unwind from the whole day's work. hmmmm` Spent alot of moolah shopping these days lol. Bought a pair of heels just last week, after tt lovely shiny pink slip ons. And just now, i went to get a pair of linen pants for myself and also one for sandy. Plus a top from G2000 as well. tsk tsk!

Weekend was perfect. Went out with hubby to bugis and had lunch and shopped. Im more and more infatuated with him. Looks like the end of the year's ROM might be coming true hehe` Met up with yixian yesterday evening in PS. We then da bao Mac to expo for JJ's Party!

Had a great time there and even gotten damn good seats since we're both short people haha` Unblocked elevated seats! How cool is tt. And i was almost tempted to get JJ's concert tics for coming june. Luckily they only accept cash haha` The party was great fun!

Had lunch today with a couple of colleagues and our company's director. Finally saw him after the 3rd wk i've been in this company. Now there are so many ang moh's in the company i dun think i can really tell them apart. Had claypot rice in the restaurant again. haha` But it's on the tab of our GM. ^^

Aye aye, dinner now le. ciaoz.

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Oh Glorious weekend ^^

Looonnnng weekend was extremely great! Especially tt i took thursday off as well, which made it even better. wahahha`

Hung out in PS with my sistas yixian and sandy on friday afternoon to kinda celebrate yx's 20th birthday ^^ Dined at swensens, with sandy and i having main course, ordered 2 sides as well, and also yx's complimentary firehouse birthday ice cream. Waited super long for yx's ice cream tt in the end when the manager served the firehouse ice cream, he even gave us 3 free scoops of cookies&cream ice cream. hmmmm`

Went shopping after the full meal and sandy and i bought a pair of slippers each! hehe` Wheee new shoes for office wahahah` I got mine from POA, man, i simply love shiny stuff wahaha` Almost bought a pair of pants frm Giordano as well, but restricted myself haiks.. Gonna spend my moolah wisely. ^^

Went home to my darling in the evening, he stayed over at my place while i was out with my sistas coz he was too lazy to go home. And he bunked over for the night again. hehe` I love him!!! ->-@

Spent the whole saturday at my place just plain chilling out, watched tv and played games. Both of us then met up with darling's 2 sisters in Lot 1 and dined at Suki Sushi haha` Had a great time chatting together. Took a cab to darling's place after tt, and celebrated his dad's birthday by having steamboat for dinner. I stayed over at darling's place and discovered the greatness of 'Pangya', coz i watched his sisters play and i too got addicted to it.

Spent the whole sunday at his place simply chilling out, eat, and watch tv plus playing pangya. And both of us again went over to my place on sunday evening coz darling wanted to stay overnight here.

Really had a good time with my love. hehe` Love him the most. ^^


Work was extremely exhausting today, coz i didn't go to work last thursday, resulting in email flooding of my company's email acc... Sad case haha` Filtered out alot of work today, still left with so much, gonna have to work OT tml le. But it's ok. I can get 1.5 rated pay. haha` Got so much to do coz of the reporting of accruals for March. Really terrible, but i know we'll get through this ok! Everything's gonna be fine tml ^^

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Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm soooo very happy!

I've taken a day off yesterday and gotten fully rested at home ^^ The Lord's evening meal observation ceremony on Wednesday night was really an eye opener for me, and i've learnt alot of things and met alot of different yet very very nice people. =) And also familiar faces i've seen before who came to my place and taught me bible study, and also elders who came as well. hee` I'm really glad i went! ^^

Darling actually volunteered to come and pick me up from work yesterday, but since i took a day off, i might as well give him a surprise by fetching him up! So yup, tt's wad i did. Waited in yishun for more than an hour coz darling has got stuff to finish up in camp. So i took the time to go shopping in north point. Bought 2 tops in the end, for office wear.

Waited for hubby darling to come, i really cannot make it. My mouth spread into a wide grin after i saw his face, and failed to revert back to normal shape. =) haha` Had dinner in food court, then proceeded to my place to chill out. I've fallen in love with him in just that mere 1-2 hours. As we walked home, we had lotsa fun. I jumped onto his back while walking and then he just took off super fast with me on his back, damn fun! hehe` I'm not wrong at all, you're the first and last puzzle piece i've found to complete my life. I'm really lucky. ^^ My friends, do not give up until u've searched for ur true puzzle piece!

Happy birthday to Yiu Yiu and my dearie Yixian!! Love you both always, the joys of my life ^^

Gonna go out to celebrate yixian's bday today hee` And also contributing a significant amount to her present rofl. ^^ We didn't give each other any presents last year, only spent quality time together and enjoying the companionship. And this year, the 3 of us have decided to each contribute 25 bucks for a person's birthday present. So that'll make 50 bucks per present per person's birthday haha` =) I love my girlfriends, and also my beloved man. And my colleague praised me, saying that i've done a good job at work. I'm really happy.

It's payday today! wahahha` But im gonna spend a bomb this weekend. Hmmm estimation 100 bucks? ^^ But it's ok, as long as everyone's happy. =) I love spending time with hubby darling. But I'm here blogging coz he's still sleeping lol`

Have a great weekend everyone, and Easter's not worth celebrating at all, coz rabbits and eggs aren't listed anywhere in the bible -.- Plus rabbits are used as the olden false gods as a stature of fertility. Then wad's the point of celebrating easter? And even Lord's evening meal doesn't fall on friday everytime, except maybe on the first. It's according to the Greek calender, and definitely not always a friday.. -.-

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Winnie slayed my sleep!!!

Supposed to be waking up at only 8am.. =( But winnie smsed me at 7.. dots.. haha` No lar, im happy for u dearie!!!! ROFL =) hehe`

And now, i can't get back to sleep, and getting much too high and happy now. Im so going bonkers!!! wahahhaa` Darling gonna come pick me up tml after work! Sweety lil pie, muacks! And im having more and more knowledge in my work, making things easier for me and for others as well coz i dun need to ask so many questions. hee` ^^ WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE`

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Enriching life

Work today was extremely fulfilling, giving me an apt sense of satisfaction. ^^ Morning was fine, the work only came in after lunch at about 2.30pm. And i worked down to every second, treasuring all the time i have, finishing more than 2 dozens of invoices and some contracts. No choice, had to go off at 6pm coz of tuition, if not i'd have worked OT and earned extra cash.

Had lunch at raffles place yesterday with my colleague coz we visited Fortis bank. Bought 2 novels from there as well at cheap prices. One is an inspirational publish which covers all aspects of life and the other is a very interesting fiction novel. And today at lunch, i bought cards for yixian and hubby darling, and also cards which bore the name of Winnie and Sandy. =) Spent alot of money, but im happy coz i can cheer so many people up. hee`

Tomorrow's gonna be a good day! Coz it means 1 more day nearer to seeing my man. I'm ecstatic! haha` And it never tires me to hear the reasons why he loves me over and over again. I wanna get married to u too! hehe`

Everyday's a better day my dearies...

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's monday.. again...

Haiks, how i wish the time can stop at weekend and never turn on again, so that i can spend all my life in the arms of my love one. Once again, i've fallen with the same man over and over again.

It was great having him around in my place, bumming in for the weekend and just slacking for 2 whole days and then playing new computer games and crammed onto the sofa to watch tv and snack. He's the man of my life. =) And getting back to reality, it's monday tml. Can't say that i dun hate it, but no choice ^^ haha` Just have to work and really enjoy after tt.

Another few days of not seeing him makes me even more anticipating to see him the next time round. Argh, somebody help me deal with withdrawal symptoms pretty please? But it's ok haha` our record was not seeing each other for 27 days for one time coz he was having his hellish attachment the other time, resulting in 7 days 8am-8pm work hmmmm. lol.` keke im now addicted to "Flyff", mmorpg game again hehe`

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Weekends are the most awesomest stuff on earth ^^

Coz i get to meet up with my love! Work was great, coz i've never gotten sleepy b4 as i have ample but nt overloaded with stuff to do. =) Maybe when everyone's back in places in the Shanghai office, i'll be much worse off. Luckily they were all in Qingdao for a conference hehe` ^^

Bought cakes from coffee bean yesterday after work to bring to darling's place for his parents. Had dinner there and took a cab home coz was too lazy. His mum even cooked bird's nest for me haha`

Darling's not feeling too well lately coz the thought of taking up courses kept on appearing in his mind and they cost too much. We both thought how good it'd be if we're rich enough, so tt the money can take me to uni and darling to courses as well. Haiks, nothing can be done but just to work first and see how it is. I'll always support you darling! Luckily i've managed to cheer him up, hope tt he'll forget this problem this weekend and enjoy himself with me. =) Muacks hubby i love u!

haha And he's still sleeping now.. I shall go wake the sleeping prince up now by bestowing a kiss. hehe` I have a strong urge to go shopping!! I wanna get clothes, shoes and more shoes! And also saving up for my very precious secret wish. ^^

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy birthday ...

Happy 61st Birthday mummy!!!

Muacks! i love u so much~ hehe` ^^ Managed to cleared off alot of work today, so now my desk is nt so messy and cluttered with stuff anymore.. Shopped in IP for a while today and bought some titbits. Wanted to get working clothes but feel like having more money first coz haven't really plan it out yet.

After i knock off from work today, quickly went down to coffee bean to buy cake for mummy. Was thinking of getting only 1, but i got 2 slices in the end, tiramisu and cuppucino cheesecake. =) Shared the cost of dinner with chris. He used the money to go buy mummy's favourite yam ring and also other yummy food. Spent a good dinner time with family. I'm so happy! =) Nope, happy's an understatement. I'm ecstatic!

Hope tt mummy had a good birthday this yr and now is the first step i'm taking to repay wad my love has provided me for the past 19 yrs. I want her to be happy and i'll give her allowance from my salary. I've already did so for my last month's tuition fee, which i gave part of it to her. And for the more paydays to come, i'll plan it out nicely so that i can live comfortably and provide for her and to pay for house bills as well ^^

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

random thoughts..

Busy busy busy these few days. Work crammed up to my neck, with endless contracts and invoices to prepare, especially when only mingtsan n i was around on mon & tues. Diana's coming back today wasn't filtering out our work coz she was busy with some other accounting stuff. But still, i have 1 more person to ask for stuff which i have no idea of.

Got praises for the past few days, really made me happy and put in more effort into making the contracts and invoices. All tt stuff about emailing or faxing or stamping here and there and also courier stuff to places all around the world doesn't make the work less confused. =( Anyhow, i've penned down all the procedures in a notebook and also pasted post-it notes all over, so i hope it'll make things better. Now i know why my L shaped table is so huge, coz it'll get stacked up with stuff tt i need to do. And i'll get all confused.

Lunch today was inspiring and thought provoking. Mingtsan, diana and i finally took a break from work at 2.30 and had lunch. Mingtsan talked about her interest of career as more of the financing side of the trading company, and diana and me more of the customer service side and of course ZOOKEEPER! hehe` Shopped at international plaza for a while to de-stress before going back to work.

1 more day down, and 2 more days to go before i can meet my hubby! =) haha` Think i'll go to his place for dinner, his mum is grumbling about me haven't been to their place for a long long time.... hmmmm` btw.. The feeling of having free cash to spend is damn good. lol` And i feel much better and more carefree with spending coz it's the moolah which i earned ^^

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Monday, April 03, 2006

easily contented, good or bad?

Was quite busy in the office today, preparing invoices and also sending samples and documents to different countries via DHL. For the cotton desk, my colleagues were all outstation-ed, either went to shanghai just today, or still overseas, or on course, leaving only mingtsan and me. Haiks. So yup, was up to the neck with work today, learnt alot of stuff as well.

If not for the fact tt i have tuition at 7, i wouldn't be able to leave at 6. But i guess i'll have to work OT tml. hmmm pro is tt i'll get higher pay.. but con is tt i'll get super tired... hmmmmm`

Had a good talk over lunch with my colleague. Realised tt my dreams are very simple. Call me no ambitions, call me simple minded or naive. But my only ambition is to become a good self employed housewife, to have brilliant kids and loving family, and then to get a job which i have passion for even if it's lowly paid (like zookeeper, pet shop assistant, or anything like tt)...

hai... lol` so disappointed in myself to have such lowly ambitions.. I'm sure hubby's the one for me =) wahahha` Im missing him soo terribly much but haiks do i really have to wait till friday! I'm gonna fade off right now.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Oh, the day tt i'll remember...

Last night was the night which i've downed so much alcohol which i cannot remember at all. But i still noe my limit. I ended up super high and woozy that i can't even walk properly. Started off with me meeting hubby at lavender station in the evening and then rushing down to alvin's place for a birthday surprise party alvin's gf has set up for him. So we managed to throw him a 21st surprise party. ^^

Haven't seen alvin since sec 3 or 4 i think haha` So yup, been a great joy to be able to see him again, and to also visit his place and celebrate his memorable birthday =) BBQ-ed meat outside his place and had a good time chatting with new aquaintances and having fun. Then it all started with a cup of vodka mixed we had each.. Very low alcohol content, no kick.. Then hung around in his room, chilled and listened to music. Alvin just kept on taking clips of me and darling, kissing and also doing funny stuff..

Darling then brought in another mixed vodka, this time with super high amt of vodka. Coz dar can't consume too much alcohol, and i noe his cup would contain a super high content, so i exchanged mine with his, and true enuff -.-So i ended up drinking his. Alvin's super hip mum then pulled me out of the room to drink with her. Both of us just stuck in the kitchen drinking shots after shots, with higher vodka amt each time, and with the maid serving us ice and all. And alvin's mum telling us her account of clubbing in MoS.

Wow her mum is really damn cool lor, kept on telling us to dance so tt we wun knock out rofl. So we both kept on drinking, finishing the bot of vodka and then opening a new absolute blackcurrent which sucked alot coz it tastes like plain water.. And then changing to Gin, until i kept on running to the toilet to release water..

Was so woozy until i just laid flat on the table, felt so much like sleeping. And amidst the wooziness, i heard alvin's mum saying "wah this xiao mei can make it ar, must train her! now she's still not drunk yet, i believe she can still drink, she's just too high, see, her face isn't red at all..." And they started calling and asking my mum if i can stay overnight (of coz nt! my mum was damn hot and mad le). So alvin, hong and darling sent me home.

I've never felt so high and blur b4 in my life. I even tripped while walking down the stairs, luckily they held me. And now i noe, when im super high, i'll become super emo and say out all the stuff i wouldn't dare to say when im normal. It actually gave me all the courage..

Anyhow, darlin, i love u. And i really really miss u right now. =( Hai, too bad we all have to get back to working and earning money in order to realise our dreams.

Yesterday was also the first time i tried threading. hehe` Went with yx and san to little india. Only did my flesh above the upper lips. I found it quite alright, only abit of pain, hehe` nt bad, gonna go back to the same place and do =) The auntie even gave us discount lol

Hmmm so many firsts in a day. And now im really conked out. Didn't even concentrate much today while shopping at ikea with ray, mum and chermaine, only felt like sleeping on the couches and beds. 4 of us ate large potato salad, chicken chop rice, spaghetti, 6 chicken wings and 15 meatballs. Awesomest ^^ wahahha` Am gonna try their cakes next time.

Ok im off, need to go recharge batt.

**winnie, dun worry too much, remember wad i've told u k. things will turn out to be just fine. Take care dearie.

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