Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm an unofficial flight stewardess!

^^ Weekend has been really great for me. Went to pick up my parents with love on Saturday evening at 9pm. And when they finally appeared, i can't contained my happiness at all hee` missed them tonnes, really.

Me poking darling's ribs - the shirt he borrowed frm Chris which he wore to the airport

They came back with sooooo many bags, like about 6 bags for 2 of them my goodness. haha` And only 1 big luggage contains clothes, all others are foodstuff! rofl`
Just imagine the whole bag contained uncooked keropok (crackers) and all other lovely nicey food! There's this packet of fried snails as well which i've tried b4 when i was young and loved it.. Wondering if i'd try it now. haha`

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Ice cream cone biscuits! A whole luggage full of them!

Close up.

Fish crackers..

Dried jackfruit

Darling stayed at my place for the whole sunday and waited for me to finish my tuition from 12-2pm. Gave my 1st lesson to this sec 2 student on Sunday at 12 noon. Just 5 min walk frm my place. She's quite weak in her studies, but we managed to create a rapport and her mum just kept feeding me all her unique Hakka small dishes lol`

Came home to just chill out with love till about evening. I chatted with yenching online and also bought a lovely bag charm and also a pair of earrings from SOISCHIC, her baby. She made all these accessories herself. I really can't wait for the stuff to come from perth, which'll take prolly 1 wk.. hmmmm` Sandy bought a bag charm and earrings from her too. haha` Her stuff are really good, but too bad all the nice ones have been snapped up!

Went to AMK centre last minute yesterday night to get contact lenses coz i can't possibly go to the 2nd interview wearing glasses.

Woke up at 7am this morning to go to the airport for my 2nd interview. Turned out tt it wasn't an interview at all. They just explained the contract terms to me and yup, i signed it. Tried the uniform as well. hehe` quite ugly, but they gonna change it 2 mths later. =)

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2 bags of uniforms for me to try...

Training will commence on 14th august. And im fit to fly my first solo on 16th september! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` Damn excited. Wahahha` I'm now an unofficial Tiger Airways flight stewardess! Though it's only a budget airline, but it'll definitely be an experience and heaps of fun as well! hee` My freckled, flat and fat nose is finally bringing me luck ^^

Im very happy coz i can stay home and slack till 14th august wahahhaha` ^^ Chris is in Hong Kong now and i miss him already. He's gonna go to Shenzhen, Guangzhou and of cuz HK for a week. Hmmmmm`

Darling's working very hard in camp now coz inspection's coming soon. Jia you!! And we were discussing about our wedding plans just now over the phone lol` His parents were also brainstorming ideas with him already hehe` And he told me tt after his inspection is over, he'll spend time arranging a surprise and preparing for the proposal.. Hmmmmm` My goodness. lol` This is all too crazy

And 1 last thing, Happy Birthday Daryl! Be happy always k?

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

I love my weekend!!!!

Yesterday was the last day of my employment at ECOM AgroIndustrial Asia Pte Ltd, the Asia regional headquarters office. =( My GM had a word with me, told me that I'm free to go back anytime if i want to. The day was hard to get by, with me doing SOPs for the stuff which im handling and the thought of me leaving this company for good kept thumping at my heart.

We had yet again a lunch to bid farewell coz we had it on monday, at Uncle Sam's Claypot Rice and then yesterday my GM drove us down to Marina Square for lunch together. Too bad alot of my colleagues were not there to have lunch as well coz 2 were in melbourne and 1 in switzerland. I really miss them.

In the end we chose Carl's Junior coz i've never tried their food b4.. On company's account of course wahhaha` I tried their Super Star combo meal, and it killed me!!! I love their criss cross fries though. The beef patties were soooo crazy and big. Think i'll abstain from beef for a whole month lol`

Before i leave, my GM passed me the testimonial he wrote for me for my CV to look nice. ^^ 6pm, so i bid farewell to my colleagues. My Aussie colleague Charlotte gave me a big box of Ferrero Rocher and all of them wrote a card for me as well, couldn't stand to read the card coz i know it'll definitely make me cry.

So we took some pictures together and they hugged me before i left, bringing with me a very heavy heart.

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The card which they gave me.. With Cotton as my souvenir. ^^ And company stamp as well

End of another episode in my life... I'll remember ECOM Cotton all my life and the wonderful colleagues i have. ^^

Went home to rest after work yesterday coz the heels was killing me and i was too sad to do anything. I met yixian at YCK mrt station. It was such a coincidence. hehe` So we chatted for a while and she commented on my pair of nice berms and cute heels! Seems like we can only meet each other after 2 wks coz she'd be super busy with her papers ^^ Darling then came over after he taught his tuition kid.

He was really naughty and playful last night, always teasing me without stopping and making me more irritated by the minute, but i do like his playful side alot. ^^ hehehe` The more i get irritated, the more i love him actually. He totally teased me for hours till i slept quite early last night. hehe`

We headed to the market for brunch this morning. Bought dessert and nasi lemak for chris as well. He's such a sweet brother, always giving me all the vouchers he have. Like those Tangs vouchers, crabtree and evelyn and now GV movie passes. ^^ Sweet.

YAY my parents are coming back tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gonna go to the airport to fetch them now.. Darling has already bathed but not me! wahahaha` keke gotta hurry and prepare if not later darling will nag at me. =X Well actually he won't, he'll most prolly say something like "Let's take cab ba" hahahah`

I wanna go buy F.I.R's album, it's out ytd le..!!!!!!!!! ^^

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Emotions on the runway..

My whole day has been such an emotionally tired one. But im really happy and glad. It's a good day for both Sandy and me. ^^ Received a call which brought me good news from Tiger Airways. ^^ They called me down for a 2nd interview. Not gonna say too much abt it, haha dun wanna jinx it!! My close frens and colleagues are all soo excited for me as well.

Thanks to Yulian, Sandy, Yixian and also my colleague Diana who helped me out when my mind was in such a whirl and quite lost... So i've turned down my new job at TTSH. Going all out for the cabin crew job, wanna try out everything since im still young! Have to try out their uniform on monday, and maybe even sign contract ^^

Sandy's gotten shortlisted for the 2nd interview for scholarship to study in Japan as well! Man we're both darn esctatic!

Anyway, both of us is under the Bone Marrow Donor List now, coz we registered last sunday in suntec. Donated a sample of our blood. Hope i can help others. We wanted to shave bald as well, but we've got new endeavours to go for.. So can't exactly undergo tt "Hair For Life" campaign. Others who can, please help out.

Today i went to Toa Payoh after work coz i needed to return the library books. And i strayed into one of those neighbourhood shops halfway thru... Oh man i spent a whopping 70 bucks in there... Really heart aching, but they're soo nice!!! I tried one of those berms they had and the salesgirl kept on psychoing me to try this shirt and the other berms and pairs of shoes.

So in the end, i've gotten myself a pair of berms which cost 40 bucks and super duper comfy cushiony heels for 30 bucks. Hmmmmmm couldn't care less lar.. hahah Coz im super happy today!

Aye aye.. It's weekend and the Queen's mum is coming back on Saturday hey! Whahahhaa `I'm missing her like crazy. All's good, even the novels which i wanted to much to read are there on the library shelves w/o having me to reserve them. Man it raWKz`

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Random post and shots from ktv last sunday.

I'm back with the shots taken last sunday during ktv session with the 4 of us, namely yixian, jingyun, sandy and me.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sorry im too lazy to post captions. Not in the mood now.

Love came over last night coz i was having my period and couldn't make offerings to Buddha.. So he met up with me in YCK station and we walked back to my place together. We then spent some time chilling in my room and he played psp while i watched dramas on youtube. Had dinner with Chris in the hawker centre and ordered lotsa good food.

Darling then helped me make offerings to the altar and we burn papers for the dead downstairs at about 11+, coz we couldn't wait till 12am as we were too tired. Slept a little while after we reached home.

As for today, i took the day off and told them i had terrible stomach cramps, which was utter crap coz i only have it once in a blue moon. I then stayed home, watch AQMFS on youtube and also played abit of Flyff to level up. Went downstairs to cut hair with Chris and had lunch together.. Stoned at home for a while and met up with yixian near my place since i wanted to go back to NP to collect my diploma cert.

Took bus to bukit timah and stopped halfway for whipped potato from 7-11. We then took bus again to NP and collect my grad stuff and dip cert from SSIC. Walked a long and warm journey to yixian's place and settled there for a few hours while i entertained myself as she start on her essay.

Hung around in her place till 7pm before we went for dinner nearby. We then went our separate ways after dinner.

-Last note.. It's so exasperating and frustrating to know that grandma and stupid eldest brother is at home. Fucking pissed with them, u have no idea how it is. Grandma still ok, coz she's old and we can't do anything even if her character's bad. But tt fucking bugger is seriously one kind. Being a freeloader is one thing, and super thick skinned is another one. Please lar, if u say u wanna die when each and every of ur gfs ditch u, DO IT! Don't be such a fucking wuss and beg ur gurl to take u in. IT's sooo fucking dickless action lor. And mind u, it's EVERY GF.

My goodness, u love urself much more than u love even ur kins, why would u even kill urself? Since u'll still eat as much as when u and her didn't break up? Definitely u love urself coz u're narcissistic and self centered, didn't even bother whether others have money to spend or food to eat, u'd just grab wadever they have don't u, leaving ur kins heartbroken and filled with angst. You never learn, and u'll never change. No matter how many times u go into the prison, u'll still be the same. I hope u move out of the household. And i mean it. To save the trouble of the family.

Nobody will understand how fucking pissed i was the other times when he stole my mum's money. I've been trying to provide sooo much for my mum, giving her money everytime i have it and making her happy coz she's done so much for the family. And wad do u do? Fucking stole all her jewelleries and even money which made her lost her appetite for months. All my plans of making her happy failed miserably. You understand how much tt means to me? She's my everything, chris and i have been trying to provide for the family and u can only add to our trouble. You're a stupid loser and the most dick-less guy i've ever seen.

Oh please, go sponge on your woman and lick her clitoris and beg her for money and sex, which u need most, and stay out of our lives.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Weekend's over, just like tt.

Dear bloggy, i had an awesome weekend! First off on Friday evening after work, i went down to darling's place for dinner. And also stayed overnight there. Woke up quite late on Saturday morning, headed to the market for brunch - Kway Chap!! And went back to his place to bath and off to Westmall to catch Pirates of the Carribbean. (P.S Man i love Johnny Depp right from his first ever movie)

We laughed all the way from the start of the show till the end, the lines were just damn witty i'd give it 4.9/5.0 poporns, for which 0.1 goes to nothing! i love the front part where the crew were captured by those tribal ppl, super funny, loved tt part the most. And we stayed till the credits finished rolling coz we heard there's something. DO it, even for the mere 3 seconds scene. Coz it's funny and cute ^^

After the show, i treated love to tea at Mayim, and had a sumptuous good time, coz he spent lotsa money on me too hehe` Must be fair ma, so we always share, 1 person will pay for the movies, 1 person for the food or wadsoever.

Headed back to his place to chill out till about 8pm before we decided to go catch a 2nd movie, but Lake House isn't out yet and the ratings for Nacho Libre on IMDB was damn bad and it really seems like it sucks. Wanted to catch Recycle but we couldn't make it in time, so we just went to my place and watched tv. We dozed off and woke up in the morning.


Went downstairs with love to get joss sticks and paper to appease the dead for Ghost Festival. Coz my parents are not around at home now, so i gotta make sure my kins are safe (Chu Ru Ping An). hee` Bought oranges as well for the altar at home. Rushed down to City Hall to meet up with the girls. Thought it's all the 6 of us. Ended up only 4 turned up, and i was the earliest.

Sandy and i went off to eat toast and drink teh peng and milo first while waiting, when yixian has reached, the 3 of us headed to Crystal jade for la mien in Suntec. The 3 of us plus jing yun then went to sing k from 2.30 till 9pm. Very cheap, and long hours somemore. hehe` Lucky us!

Gonna post up the shots we took tml. It's too late now. After we sang k till 9pm, we went to KFC for dinner, to settle our hungry stomachs. hehe` Chatted till we really dun wanna go and settled in on some seats outside Suntec and caught up with each other again till 11pm before we really decided to leave. I wanna meet u gurls for dinner sometime!! Remember tt restaurant we wanna try out? It's a promise k hehe`

I love this weekend with love, we had so much fun together, teasing each other and doing funny things hehe` Life's never getting bored between the 2 of us. Have fun always!

Aye aye, i wanna go sleep le, my brother's waiting for me in the master bedroom, im gonna sleep with him tonight coz scared of ka ka. It's the ka ka festival now!!

Cya and keep safe. ^^

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

9 more days till the empress dowager comes home ^^

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` Tml's friday! Damn happy coz it's dress down day, so i feel like im having fun at work since i'll be wearing super casual clothes =) And i can meet love tml as well!

I miss my love, he's been working very hard since he went back to store after tt 3 days back. haiks haiks poor thing, and he has to stay over in camp tonight to finish off the work. Hope he'll take good care of himself tonight, and i'll take good care of him over the weekend ^^

There're alot of movies i wanna catch! Haven't caught pirates of the carribean. And i wanna watch Lake House too, coz it has keanu reeves in it wahahha` *going all girly Hope that i can catch them with hubby this weekend.

I've gotten a new tuition assignment, pay's quite low, but the place is only 10 min walk away from mine. It's a sec 2 chinese girl who needs help in maths, and it's only once per week. So it should be fine. Anticipating how my new job would be like, and i've even seen this lady wearing the same uniform i'd be wearing. ^^ Pink and gray haha` Can't wait!

I just had a super long chat with mum over the phone. Told her about all the happenings in my life and at home. I've really missed her, glad that she and dad are really enjoying themselves in indo, and they're gonna go to someplace to have fun over the weekend. I've decided to work hard, save doubly hard and earn lotsa money so that i can provide a comfy life for them and for my future kids. I wanna be a good housewife! =X Rofl... Try me, and tell me tt im dumb and naive. wahhaha i dun care, i just wanna be a woman of the family, and pursue the courses which i wanna take next time when i have the money. ^^


Having known my love for more than 6 yrs and gone together for 69 mths is a long long journey and one which still excites my senses now. I never failed to have this tingling feeling down my spine whenever he kisses or hugs me even until now. And this feeling never ceases just because our love for each other doesn't fade or die out at all.

He's still the same guy i love from before, and we've both grown up but still choose to be together. I think it's the greatest thing on earth. And i've already received blessings from both of our parents, as well as our dear friends, even sandy and yixian can't wait to see us get engaged so that they could both be our witnesses. haha`

That's my life. And i love it. No wonder im getting fatter recently, it must have been my happiness building up inside me. Wo3 Fa1 Fu2 Le3.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's Wednesday!!!

And 2 more days to weekend! Wheeeeeeee` Wish all the weekdays quickly pass by so that i can see my love every week from friday till sunday ^^


Have been going home and very routinely watch 'my girl' and play Flyff. I wanna finish 'my girl' asap coz it's getting so exciting, but i dun wanna sacrifice my precious sleep at all =( hmmmm`

Am watching Project Runway now, quite interesting coz they're using plants and flowers to make garden party dresses. hee`

Went out with Daryl on Monday after work. We had dinner in J8's Sakae Sushi, his birthday treat to me ^^ Catch up with each other's lives since we haven't met in the last 9 mths. haha` He gave me 40 bucks of kino vouchers! wahahha` ^^

We then went shopping for my groceries, bought some pop tarts which are really too sweet for me.. Think i should find someone who has a good sweet tooth - First target being Sandy. So yup, we walked around J8 till about 9+ before we shared a cab home.

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Went down to amk polyclinic in the mornin b4 turning up for work. Somehow suspected my rashes was the effect of allergic reaction towards metal, dunno if it's either nickel or chromium, coz i've gotten it once b4, due to this cheapskate ring which i wore. In the end the doc told me the same thing - Contact Dermatitis. hai.. Stupid watch!!! Then he gave me a stronger cream, as well as anti itch pills.

-Sense of Relief-

The countryside in indo which my mum and dad were staying in wasn't affected by the tsunami. God bless. I miss her alot, and was so overwhelmed today in the train tt i got damn emo and teared. Super paiseh. hai.. Coz i used to rush home after work just so i could see her and spend time with her. Now i just feel really lonely w/o her. =(

My last day of work will be next friday, and starting the new job on 31st july. Hope everything goes well.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006


Tml's starting work again.. Hai, i wanna stay at home to play Flyff and watch drama serials!

Had dinner over at darling's place on friday night after work.

Spent the whole weekend holed up at home with darling as usual, but on saturday night, he went to marina south for steamboat bbq dinner with his campmates. And i invited Winnie over for dinner ^^v Brewed black bean soup as well as some dishes hee` Spent some time together till about 10 when she headed home.

For the whole weekend darling and i simply eat, play Flyff, watched 'My Girl' and watched tv. hehe. This afternoon, i went over to my neighbour's place to get the remaining balance for tuition. And we started chatting hee` And she told me to go over regularly lol`

Here are a few shots which i took recently.

First off is the scenery outside my office b4 the storm.

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Me and darling at his place..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And another one of me..

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Short Update

I had a good last day off yesterday with love, we both took 3 days off from monday till wednesday. And for the whole of yesterday, darling and i just simply chilled out at home and played FlyFF. He made breakfast for me - bacon, fish fillet and hot dogs, and i made lunch for him - pasta. haha` Had a good time!

And as for Tuesday, darling and i went to catch superman returns in toa payoh at abt 7+. Before that, we did dinner in the jap place in food court again, and spent abt 30 bucks, the unagi sush and the food is just perfect! But the wasabi was so lousy on tt day.. hmmm` No flavor at all.

I dun like Superman Returns! I think the plot sux. And the way he flew is damn sissy lor. Dots.. Rising up into the air, floating slowly, seems more like the aura of Chang Er.. =.= Man im dying to watch pirates of the carribean!! I love johnny depp, he's sooo adorable and witty! wahhaha`

And for today, it's back to work time, email account was flooded with hundreds of mails, not spam, all work. lol` Gonna submit my resignation letter tml, and accept the offer from TTSH. Aye aye, im gonna be bounded, but still i'd stick it on till the end! Met up for a brief chatup with daniel lee after work, and he passed me a self help book - Rich Dad poor Dad. Said it's for my bday, and told me to read it. Of cuz i would! Heard tt it's a really good book, am gonna try it for myself, quite touched actually, coz im nt exactly close to him.. hmmmm` Thanks pal. *slap on his back

Rofl, break's over, and weekend's coming! Man it's darn good!

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm in da big 20 club!

There goes my teenage yrs hmmmm` Of course damn filled with good sweet stuff. ^^
Let's break it down day by day *wide grin


Darling went for duty (he bluffed me). So i met up with my besties sandy and yixian at westmall at 1pm, since i haven't been there for eons. While waiting for yixian to come, sandy and i went for self pampering session, she to pedi and mani sessions, while me to manicure session. I chose a greenish blue this time and it turned out quite good, except my real nails looks kinda like fake acrylic ones.. hmmm`

When yixian reached, the 3 of us had lunch in Mayim restaurant and good chat up session. The xiao long baos there were extremely cheap and good enuff. Wahhaha` But the durian pies were a tad too disappointing.

Paid the bill, then shopped around westmall and we headed down to Sandy's mum's shop after that. Chatted and chilled in the shop, and they bought a cake for me as well.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Check out this cat, looks cool huh`

Finally decided to go back to my place at about 6pm.

I cooked dinner for them tt night, the soup i brewed was amazingly good, really! haha` Cut the cake late in the night. Really thanks my besties!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We then had dinner, chilled in my place, and decides to sleep only at about 2am, considering quite early since the last time we had slumber party, we only slept at 5am. And we even accessed each other's belly buttons b4 we sleep -.-


Woke up at 8am on Sunday coz the flea market starts at 9am. Chris and i didn't really prepare for the stall, we're just gonna go and give it all out. Yixian and Sandy also tagged along with us to the stall near my place. Set up the stuff and start selling. Darling came shortly after that too, so there were 5 of us sitting at the stall, making others seem quite intimidated lol`

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I was bored at the stall, so i took a pic of my thumbnail.

Didn't earn alot of money, but had a good time chatting with my besties, and also together with darling and chris plus his buddy who came later on. Yixian and Sandy then went home in the afternoon. We closed the stall at 1pm since business is quite bad, but we broke even lol` Bought lunch for all of us and proceeded home.

Slacked the whole day at home for the rest of Sunday coz the weather's so darn good.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The bear is really cute, it hangs on hp and has my birthdate on it! Bought it together with yixian and sandy in Westmall ^^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My nails!! Really suitable for Anna Sui's secret wish which my love bought me ^^


Darlin and i went to Tanjong Pagar IP in the afternoon just so i could hand up my time sheet if not i can't get money coming friday lol` We then had lunch at Tanjong Pagar market, 1st time i tried their shark meat lor mee, average leh...

Both of us then headed down to AMK NTUC to meet up with Chris to do some grocery shopping for steamboat dinner! Bought lotsa stuff and took cab home after which. Chris and i then prepared steamboat dinner. At about 5pm, darling, chris and me had steamboat in the living room while watching some nice films, cooling weather, lovely steamboat. ^^

I'm still feeling quite sad about my ugly rashes.. Really hope it'll go away soon.

Gonna go out soon with darling le. 3 days off is really good! Spending money and having fun. Uber cool

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Saturday, July 08, 2006


im so excited!! I've just cooked a pot of good soup, waiting for it to brew till tonight for dinner! Went to the market in the morning, bought pork ribs, soya beans and dried cuttlefish for soup, chicken wings for frying, veggie as well as frozen red worms for my goldfish and luohan.

Gonna whip up a good meal for my brothers and sandy and yixian tonight. ^^ Im feeling really chirpy now. Haven't really prepared the stuff im gonna sell tml at the flea market *crosses fingers*

aye gonna go meet my besties now! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee`

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Feeling grateful and extremely excited!

Been really busy at work i've got no time to think about anything else.. Submitted my CV to alot of vacancies last weekend and i've gotten damn good results. It's really not hard to find jobs now =X lol` Maybe im just plain lucky.

Work in the office today was extremely tired and fulfilling coz didn't really have free time at all. Was trying to finish up all my work since i'll be taking 3 days off next week. wahhaha` 3 days off for my hubby! wheeeeeeeeeee` darn cool!

Surprises usually started off with u feeling damn ostracized first.. then after which u feel super touched when u receive the surprise. That's how i felt today lol` Coz my colleagues were unusually quiet today especially after lunch and they have like small talks here and there.. Dots..

And at 5pm, all of my department ppl marched off to the pantry, but i just carried on buying insurance for the monthly inventory.. Then Lance came out and told he's got something to give me and told me to go to the pantry. Tada~ The lights were switched off and all of my dept colleagues were there holding this super cute hello kitty cake and then sung the special song. hee` Of course i felt really touched and didn't know how to react at all, just stood there dumb and blushing hot.

Twas really sweet of them!!! hee` And Charlotte (the colleague from sydney office) and Diana shared the small cake with me. Now i feel like a small baby, since they always like to introduce me as the 'baby' in the department to the colleagues from other countries.

And when we went back to our workstations, we received an email msg from my GM, lol` wishing this "baby girl" an advance happy birthday since im turning 20 on monday. Felt really happy haha` Was thrown over by work tt i wasn't really thinking much abt the special day, and now, i already feel special enuff ^^ I love them!!


Had interview at TTSH after work. Was rushing like mad, met with the HR manager and she brought me down to the clinic to visit the matron for the interview for Patient Service Associate. I wasn't really good this time, but i think my sincerity touched the matron lol` (YA right!) She offered me a really damn good package - abt 1500 bucks per mth, 2 yrs contract, plus the same benefits as permanent staff. wow hee` And she's very straightforward, told the HR manager to give me a go ahead.

I told them to give me a week to consider. Yup. Everybody's giving me the "YES" answer, including yixian, hubby and sandy lol` I was so excited tt i've even called up mummy to tell her. She's pretty excited for me too. And she even wished me advance happy birthday ^^ I miss u so much mummy, gonna be 24 more days b4 u and daddy comes back from indonesia.. I wanna watch tv with u so badly, and also to hold ur hands =(

Everything's going smoothly, looking forward to tml! Keep safe everyone~

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Thursday, July 06, 2006


Yes France won the game this morning wahhaha` Just check out the odds at the betting station hmmm France is 1.95 and Portugal 3.05. well well........`

Another day of work.. Rainy day, wanna tuck into bed and sleep in hai.. So sad.. Can't feign sick le, since im taking coming monday to wednesday off!!! To celebrate my bday with my love ^^

Can't wait for saturday to come, meeting my dearies for a sleepover. Think i'll go whip up a meal for them. wahahhaha Damn excited. Cya! off to bath le

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


I still miss mum alot. Not the meals part, but the presence of her in the hse. The place just feels so empty without her, and of course my heart too. hai.. Even Chris felt the same way as i do. I don't even wanna watch tv, coz she's not around to watch with me. And i'd just pretty much stuck in my room all through the night since i come home from work..

I'm finding a new job now, just started sending CV last weekend and prolly giving it a mth b4 i quit from my current one. And i've already set up 2 interviews right after work tml and friday. Not really interested in tt job actually, but i'd go for the interviews to widen my choices. Quite ironical tt i'm actually helping my GM to set up interviews now as well.. hmmm`

Quite dumb today, stupid GM dragged me down to amara hotel to view the rooms there since we've already established corporate rates with them. Serena, the sales manager who showed us around doesn't seems very familiar with the place.. The rooms were pretty good in the case of amenities, especially the bathrooms. All of them are so spacious and equipped with both bath tub and shower.

Afterwhich she took us to lunch at Elements, their intl buffet restaurant. The peking duck rolls there were extremely good, and also the super fresh sashimi and teppanyaki. hehe` I also like their various cakes and creme brulee!! Though i still think that Grand Copthorne Waterfront serves better buffet variety wahhahaha`

Went back to the office to work, and im almost done with the weight claims thank god. It's such a gruelling process to claim back from the various origin offices, and the whole stack of reports we gotta claim from brazil was even worst. hmmmmm`

Talking abt Brazil.. They played really badly which kicked them out of the match. Damn it, they're my favourite team.. grrrrr... Anyhow, france really played very well, kudos!

Darling said he's gonna come over later to accompany me.. im so happy! He was so sad when he couldn't cheer me up.. hehe` Oh well, i'll be able to cuddle him later and to also receive his big bear hug ^^ Which is extremely rare on a weekday.. hurhur`

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Monday, July 03, 2006


+ Im feeling damn lonely coz mum's not around.. I wun rush home like i always do after work now coz there's no one im yearning to see at home.. Sigh...

+ Rash is getting pretty damn bad and i really dunno how to cure it. Im embarrased!

+ Starting a new Danielle Steel Book - The House.

+ Feel like staying out instead of coming back home. Man it sucks. really.

+ 7 more days to my birthday...

+ Just watched The Longest Yard by Adam Sandler, really witty and entertaining haha`

+ Missin my lover damn lots, really wanna spoon and cuddle him to sleep =(

+ Received an uber lame snail mail letter from Sandy ytd, think she's outta her mind.. wahhaha` Or rather gone more nuts than she already was.

+ Maybe i shld go to hubbys place tml? Haiz..

+ Damn it, brazil lost. They must have fixed the match, they play so damn badly! grrrrr... My dream team sux.

Keke... gonna do some reading b4 i turn in. Nitey nite nite, and keep safe. Still, i miss mum alot
=( Was so damn excited to chat with her last night over the fone. Hell im feeling emo now.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

weekend in a twinkling eye!

Man it's the end of wonderful weekend haha` The past week has been good, working hard during the day and then slacking in the night. Almost finishing the korean series my colleague lent me - The Wedding. Learnt a damn good interesting fact from my australian colleague while chatting with her on Monday. That her elder sister's the manager of Darren Hayes, the one who sang 'If you're not the one" wahahha damn cool. And the pertaining question was if he's a gay.. hmmm`


Took a day on Thursday for the interview which Tiger Airways called me up for. Took abt 10 minutes to find the airline office coz it's quite ulu in Terminal 1. Think tt i definitely cannot make it haha` All the other people in the same slot as me have experience with SQ and other airlines lor.. omg` So scary. Had a group interview where we have to stand up and intro ourselves in front of the other people. Then we were to read an english and also a chinese passage, those in flight ones.

Wahhahaa it's a good experience, i really know that i can't get in, haha` But still glad that they called me up. ^^


On friday, we had lunch at Maxwell, finally gotten to try the legendary Tian Tian chicken rice.. It's really good! ^^ After work, i met up with yixian in junction 8 and shopped for a while. Bought groceries in ntuc before we left for my place. She then had dinner at my house, chilled out for a few hours too. Darling came over at about 10+ pm. I then walked yixian out and waited for the bus with her.

-Start of weekend-

Went to the market with mummy again in the morning, she bought lotsa fruits which indonesia doesn't have, planning to bring them back. I bought a bag as well, really nice, those typical wooden handle ones, with white base embroidery and also sequins designed - the direct cause of my almost penniless state now coz my mum kept on egging me to get. hmmmmmm`

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Darling and i then send mum and dad to the airport and into the barricades =( Really sad huh, since im super close to my mum. haiks. She'll be going or rather gone for a whole month. Nobody to feed me breakfast and she won't be there just so i could lay my head on her laps...

After my parents are have gone in, darling and i headed down to Bugis to meet Alvin and his gf Weilun. We hung around and window shopped till about 5 before we went over to the hot pot shop. 4 of us chose the Ma La soup base and also the chicken soup base, mainly chicken for them and ma la soup for darling and me. haha` Another Double date again! lol` The ma la soup base is not good at all, we took the highest grade and it's still so lousy.. hai disappointing lol`

All of us headed down to Alvin's place after dinner at about 7+ and just simply chill out at his place for the night, watched Shallow Hal, an anime and had supper as well coz his parents were too nice to us. At about 12+ am, we started our drinking league. lol` with darling and me, and alvin's mum and dad as the major personnel haha` Drank the blue dry gin this time round, tastes really good. But darling can't drink as much coz he needs to send me home, so i drank much more than him and gotten really high but it's good coz i dun do anything funny when im high.

Both of us then took a cab home at about 2am, and turned in for the night, feeling really good coz u just knock out and have a good sleep.

And as for today, both of us stayed at my place for the whole day and did nothing but watched dvds, play psp and computer games. I miss him real badly now =( waiting for the next weekend to come, and my 20th birthday!

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