Thursday, August 31, 2006


Life's been pretty busy these days. even my love for blogging decreased cuz i put watching serials and playing Flyff as top priorities when i reached home. Wahahhaha`

Finally the end of SEP!!! I'm so happy cuz i've only made 2 mistakes out of 50 questions! Not perfect but not bad. hee` And dangerous goods test is over as well yesterday night - perfect score! Cuz it's open book mah wahhahaa`

Today's english announcement training's only starting at 1.30pm. But i woke up at 7+am, already accustomed to the biological clock in my body. hai hai` Really need to get cabin bag as well as court shoes. So excited cuz SNY is coming soon! Which is actually training flight where i'll be attached to the seniors. ^^

Spent a great deal of time with the gurls for the past 2+ wks. Really good coz i've met some very interesting ppl. Will never forget them after we fly! =)) We're still the bestest batch 8 wahahhaha`

Training's getting more and more interesting cuz the theory stuff are all gone thank god, leaving those super fun wet training and well as some other miscelleneous stuff.

Have fun ppl!

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Monday, August 28, 2006

End of weekend..

Hmmm sadded.. the only free day is over!!! Well since saturday is a full whole day of training, which left only sunday for me to spend my time with my love ones, so therefore the best way is to stay home with darling, which i can also spend some time with my mummy and chris as well ^^v

Had a good chat with winnie and kl on friday night near my place cuz they had dinner here. So i went down to accompany them. It's great seeing winnie again! haha, since it's been a superb long time i've last seen her. I hope she'll get accustomed to her new environment real soon k pal?

Darling came to fetch me after my training at SIA training centre on sat evening. Had dinner at tampines mall and shopped around as well. Loved to visit Toys'R'Us, invited the childlike me out of my body. haha` Spent some quality time with each other, though i'd still prefer the quantity as well. Sobz.

He then went home sunday evening. And i miss him now already.. After which chris and i went down to AMK and shopped. I got myself a top from Giordano. Didn't try it and only did so at home to realise tt it's super low cut. Was planning on wearing it for training, but.. maybe not hahaha not too convenient aye. But it's lovely and cheap. Bought dinner home as well - KFC for mum, chris and i.

What i need now....
- Comfy court shoes (with flap)
- Cabin bag, preferably those small black trolley bags ^^
- bathing suit.

It's already 1+ am now, 14 minutes to 2am.. Luckily training only starts at 2pm tml. So now im cramming for the theory test tml. Man.....` How long has it been since i last mug really hard? 6 mths ago? Anyhow, i have F.I.R's flight tribe to accompany, as well as nelly furtado's and keane's new albums. Good good. Gonna go brush my teeth b4 i carry on studying..

P.S - the ugly curry puff from Starbucks is not bad.. hee though abeit on the steep side.. And thanks to Sandy, i've gotten the lovely cherry hair clip from "Ai Qing Mo Fa Shi" aka Magicians of love. ^^

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Extremely busy and shagged out

Been attending training faithfully for the past week, with not even having enough time to study for the theory test, and it's gonna be on the coming monday! Hope i can clear it. Had alot of aircraft visits for the past week, as well as today when we went to SIA Training Centre for training as well. Did my unplanned ditching (water evacuation) commands quite well today. And we even get to fight the real fire today. hmmmmm` Woot ^^

I'm really looking forward to the LET and WET run next week, where we get to jump into the 3m pool from the aircraft and to swim to the raft. Plus also the jump from the aircraft into the net i think. hmmmm` Should be quite cool!

Met up with the girls - Sandy, Yixian and Jingyun for dinner on thursday. We've finally gotten our butts down to the super cosy bistro in citylink - New York2

We really had a good time, having our full dinner starting from appetisers all the way to dessert wahhaha` Had fiery buffalo wings for appetisers, not bad at all. Then i ordered spaghetti with giant meatballs, san had fish & chips, jy ordered bbq spare ribs and yx had penne with roasted chicken. The food was not bad at all, i like their ribs the best haha` Cuz for my giant meatballs, i had one and it was enuff for me, leaving the other for the besties to share!!

And of cuz it was great, as we chatted and eat and fed each other, making the food taste even better ^^We even had deep fried mars bar plus choc ice cream for dessert. The service there is really good, do go try it out yea? We've even gotten free cotton candy from them wahahhaha` Aye aye, let the pictures do the talking.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Ugly curry puff from Starbucks! Thanks to Sandy who bought for me.

As well as a very happy belated birthday to Sandy!!

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Wheeeeeeee It's weekend!


Happy 70th mth anniversary!!!

I'm so excited now that weekend's here, nothing much to do, just wanna catch up on serials and gaming, as well as get plenty of rest to recharge my body and prepare for the long training ahead!

I love the 19th of every month wahhahaha` Darling came over to stay last night. We had a good time chatting with each other in the morning today and really spent some time with each other, playing with our own minds and really enjoying the company of each other. ^^ We then had breakfast in the market before he left for camp to finish off his work for inspection. Cuz i told him it'd better if we could have our date with the burden off his mind so i told him to go do his work first.

I've missed him alot!! haha` And it's been a crazy week, with me doing alot of changes and all. But the course is really interesting. I love the aircraft visits cuz it's more hands on and real. Can't wait for my solo fly in September or even the supernumeries at the end of the training!!!

Gonna go do some gaming, catch up on beauty sleep, and slowly wait for the return of my love! haha` Need to go do threading and get nail polish as well.. I don't think chilli red suits me.. dark pink is better.. hmmmm`

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I feel really good now that my make-up's all removed. Have successfully put on the first colors on my face myself today - the blusher and eyeshadow. First attempt and i find it really easy! hehe` Shopped in DFS yesterday and bought alot of stuff. hmmmm`

It's been a long while since i last got really exhausted from either working or studying. Really tired, but it feels good, and fulfilled. I'll at least stick it out till the bond ends!! Had an exciting day today cuz we visited the aircraft and did safety demo. I hope we're gonna have lotsa hands on and lesser theory!!

I've also cut my hair short yesterday for better maintenance and less hassle. We're really forced to be vain. It's gonna be in us.. hmmmmmm` No good grooming, training will not start.

I wish i wish... I wish i have more time to spend with love. He's staying in camp nowadays to prepare the store for inspection. And we can only meet each other on saturday this week. haiks haiks. Nevertheless i hoped it'll be well spent and i really miss him lots... =(((

Flight attendants in the making... ^^ Smile!

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Lovely weekend, back to hard work.

Happy Birthday Chris!!!!

Now the 2 weeks of slacking time is finally over.. It's back to training, starting today. Very different and exciting experience, even the painting of nails is my livelihood now. wahahha` Very tiring day today and more to come, but it's all worthwhile. I love all my new colleagues! hee ^^ I can fly my first solo on 16th sep =)) And looks like i'll be shopping alot at the duty free shop too ROFL

I had a great weekend with darling. He spent 3 whole nights at my place, from friday all the way till sunday night. Then back to camp this morning. We basically did alot of gaming together again.. hmmmm` Can already picture our wedded lives together next time. lol` Luckily there're 2 PCs and 1 laptop at my place, if not Chris wouldn't be able to use the com. hehe`

Darling bought me FIR's new album! whahahaha I love those nice postcards and booklet wheeeeeeeee`


Was supposed to have dinner on sat night but cancelled cuz no point since so little going. Such a pity. Supposed to watch the fireworks display with love as well, but i was really in no mood for squeezing with the crowds cuz felt kinda sick with sore throat and cold.

So it ended up with love taking me out to J8 for dinner and shop.. Didn't feel like watching movies as well and we just had a good dinner in food court. The food there is really good. Ordered grill fish spaghetti for myself. And darling was really crazy, and meaning to make both of us fat. He ordered bento set for himself and also soft shell crab which was terrific, plus xiao long bao as well. hmmmmmm`

Such a coincidence that we've met junjie and his gf as well. hehe` He looks nt bad with botak head. Been a long while since i last met him. hee`


Very sick cuz down with cold and fever, simply stayed at home whole day and gamed with love, as well as popping pills and sleeping, and drinking lotsa herbal tea, trying to recover faster asap so as to attend training the next day. I've even cancelled my tuition cuz sore throat was too bad.

Had dinner together with Chris and darling at the ghost festival's 'jia tor' last night. Ate until almost the last course and both darling and Chris got kinda irritated cuz they were still hungry but the courses were coming out very slowly (HUNGRY GHOSTS!!!).. So ended up we left b4 the thingy ends and we went to the coffeeshop to have supper. lol` Shared a big claypot mee. Superb! haha` And went home to rest after which.

I really appreciate the support darling, mummy and chris has given me. Darling has spent a thought in every ways that he could and really put in effort into showing it, which is a big feat cuz he isn't someone who can express his feelings very well. And chris and mummy has shown such love for me that they're willing to support me in every way, especially emotionally.

So tell ur loved ones that you really love them, not just ur partners, but ur kins and frens as well. They're a major part of ur life. And do it now, don't wait till it's all too late. I feel lucky, and everything's falling into place right now.

But i really cross my fingers, wishing that i do not get rosted for a flight on 19th october.. Cuz darling will definitely kill me!!! Since it's gonna be our 6th yrs anni haha` He's making me more and more panic about this date cuz he said he's really serious about us getting engaged. All hells break loose *crosses fingers*

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Few more days to real world.

Only a couple more days to slack till i start my training on monday. hmmmm` Back to real world. Sianz.

Uploaded some more shots taken using sandy's digicam at ICON of the beautiful lights.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The pink bandage on our arms shows the site where we did our blood donation. It says GIVE BLOOD.

I've been seeing darling everyday since last friday evening. Coz very shortly after my last post (Tuesday) which is at about 10+ pm, he called me telling me to go to thomson for supper (crispy prata) with him. So i thought maybe he was busy in camp doing stuff and wants me to accompany him and his campmates for supper then they'll go back to work after.

But i got duped. Ended up waiting for them at the bus stop near my place and it's actually Ivan, darling's cousin in the cab with him. Hmmmm` So we went to pick Ivan's sis up as well and the 4 of us had bak chor mee at thomson road. Had a good chat and chill out session from about 11+ pm till about 1am and my guy went to my place to bunk over.

And as for yesterday, we played games till late afternoon before we decided to go out. Wanted to catch click in marina square but missed that slot. So we ended up shopping around in MS and had beef chilli cheese fries plus criss cross fries in Carl's Jr for dinner. Walked around and chatted a lil bit and headed to Esplanade's Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar for dessert and chat again.

Our 2nd time there and ordered chocolate fondue again. As well as Strawberry white choc float or something.. and also dark chocolate lick.

This chocolate lick is really good cuz it takes up alot of time while licking using the ice cream stick, good for chatting sessions. But it's quite useless since we ordered fondue =.=

Enjoyed some night air before we headed our separate ways home. We even saw the parachuters jumping from the choppers and the 2nd batch of them having red smoke and flag. Good view frm esplanade. hee`

I love SEk750i ^^

Oh and Chris is finally back from his 1wk plus trip to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou!! He reached home at about 5+am on Wednesday. Hee glad he's back. Good to have a pair steady man's shoulders at home (My dad's nt counted.. ).


Woke up early to get Shinhwa's gig tickets for sandy and her sis!! hehe` Man they owe me something lol` You better buy me my ugly curry puff from Starbucks soon. Hiak Hiak Hiak` Anyway, luckily it's online cuz i think if u wanna get it from SISTIC outlets you won't get those seats from good view sectors.

Went down to AMK central with Chris for brunch and did some shopping. Bought covered shoes for training. Really wanted to get those peep toes flowery shoes!!! My goodness. But im super broke. Wanna wait till the big bucks come in. Women and shoes *roll eyes*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

KEANE's album is out like mths ago.. And i only realised it yesterday at HMV. WOLS. I really wanna get my hands on tt limited edition version. The songs in this album are really good. Or rather fantastic! I love 'crystal Ball' and 'is it any wonder'. ^^ Hmmmmm` Well well.

I simply love tom's acoustic voice. His light and fluent voice just adds an addictive feel to all the songs. And it made them songs sooo sexy and catchy. Hee better stop commenting or else it'll be all erotic. Check it out. ::UNDER THE IRON SEA::

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Think about your life.

I love Sandy. I remember the first time i met her she has such cool personality. I remember how she warmed up after i really got to know her. But she's still aloof to other ppl. I remember how we used to hang out after school with the stupid gang. I remember how her hair looks like in sec 1 and 2. I missed all our stupid antics in sec sch and how we loved to take rolls and rolls of pics. I missed all her sarcastic remarks and also being called a stupid stubborn woman for fun. I love how she'd pack her food wraps nicely in fast food places. I like the way she eats her 2 KFC drumsticks. I remember the way she'd stick by me during group interviews and tell the interviewer all my good points. And i love the way we've been together for 8 yrs and know each other inside out.

I heart Yixian. I remember how she was always wronged as being a Malay when introduced to ppl in sec sch. I remember her long hair which she kept in sec 1 and 2. I missed the way she'd pinch me or slap me hard on my back. I love her flirting with us and giving us flying kisses always. I remember how she'd compare results between us in sec sch but i still love her nevertheless. I missed the trip to hong kong we had in sec 2 cuz it won't be the same w/o her. I like the way she grumbled on and on about my boyfriend, telling me he ill treated her. I missed the way she whines, even though i'd really want her to turn her next target to her future bf. I love the times we spent in sch and after sch at coro drinking our favourite cookies and cream bubble tea. I love and especially missed the sleepovers we had at my place and 1 in hers. And of cuz i love her for who she is cuz we've stuck with each other for more than 6 yrs.

I love Shihan. We've known each other for more than 6 yrs and been together for more than 69th mths. He's my fren nevertheless, and a worthy confidante indeed. Never expect too much out of a r/s in the first place. You have to put in much effort to yield the happiness anyway. I can see the path laid out for us. And im glad i've taken the step in front to accept you end of Sec 2. I remember how you love to cuddle with me and we'd chat about the time when you wooed me. I love the way you play games/watch tv as you won't even hear a thing outside your league. I remember the way you eat steamboat as you savour every mouth and really enjoy yourself. I missed how you gathered up ur courage to ask me that important question. And most importantly, we've been through alot of very drastic scenarios one can never expect. And only my closest frens know. ^^ We're meant for each other.

Words can't described the whole full length of our friendships, especially if it's measured in years. But we get to savour every moment of it.
Enjoy and Cherish.

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Random shots

Uploaded some of the shots taken these few days and some over the weekend.

Darling came over yesterday after he finished his work in camp,. He only reached at about 10+ pm coz he was really tied up. Hope that the inspection will be over soon so he can relax. He then spent the night at my place and left for camp early in the morning.

And as for today, on the eve of national day, i met up with Sandy at outram at about 12 noon. Went to donate blood together in HSH, and it's our 4th time already. We wanna make it to the board! rofl` After which we went down to Bugis for dessert at the traditional shop - Ah Chew Dessert. We both had mango sago and it was really good, but too sweet for my liking hee` Shopped at ICON as well and got quite alot of inspirations. Took some pics there as well. And i've also bought a tank top from M industries, quite tempting cuz of the sale.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Darling's younger sis, older sis and me

Bag charm (Moonlight Sonata) from SOISCHIC

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Coppericious earrings from SOISCHIC

They love each other!

Adorable Jojo with his ears pulled back. wahhahahah`


We're both SOISCHIC supporters! lol

Taken in ICON, all of the below pics as well.

Nice light bulbs which keeps on changing their colors. ^^

Silhouettes of chandelier and also man/woman. Sweet.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Lastly, this was taken outside a pub along the street. Damn RETRO and cool pub. Definitely gonna visit it someday.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

How's ur weekend, my lovers?

Mine was great ^^ As usual darling came over to bunk over the weekend from friday evening till sunday late afternoon. We chilled out at home for both saturday and sunday. Went out for dinner on saturday night with darling's 2 sisters and also darling's cousin - ivan and his gf.

We went to the same steamboat place at Chong Qing in bugis. Not bad at all, our 2nd time there and we totally love their ma la hotpot! hee` We spent quite a few hours there, from about 5pm to about 8+ i think, chatting with each other and enjoying the company. After which we headed down to the traditional dessert shop down the alley, tried some different desserts and they really raWKs, erm.. except for darling's one hehe` I ordered pulut hitam plus vanilla ice cream, very innovative cuz they substitute the coconut milk with the ice cream.

All of us walked down to Bugis junction and had a small celebration for darlin's younger sis - Pearl's bday. Bought some cakes and had a great time celebrating for her there. Shopped around bugis junction then went our separate ways back home.


Sunday was as usual cuz i went to teach jessica (my sec 2 kid). We ended up chatting again and she told me so many of her secrets. Really glad that she trusted me so much hehe` It's quite easy teaching her cuz she understands easily and executes properly as well, just that she's super blur and makes alot of careless mistakes. hmmmmm`

Finally my SOISCHIC treasures have reached me!! Muahahahah` My dear bag charm and earrings. hee` ^^ Love them alot! Can't wait for the next season's stuff to be up. *eyes lit up*

-Emotions on the runway-

Darling is telling me he's planning something big on our 6th yr anniversary coming October. So he's really bent on the proposal. Said he has already planned it, and will go prepare after his inspection in August when he isn't tt busy.

Of cuz im elated, but it's the uncertainty that's hanging and hovering above me. Like we're not really financially independent as yet. Hmmmm but still, i wanna spend the rest of my life with him, coz i think im 90% sure he's my life partner. ^^ My friends, i think u can vow for me if we're suited for each other can't you. Tell me ur views k, my closest. ^^

Footnote - these are some of the pics we took when i chilled out together with sandy and jingyun in Bugis. Ciaoz!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is sooooo ghostly huh lol, courtesy of me and palm by sandy..

Nice graffiti


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