Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Balance some work and play..

Hung out with my BFFs (Sandy and Yixian) in town on monday night. We had dinner at Pepper Lunch, which i found to be quite ex and nothing fantastic at the same time. Shopped around, chatted quite abit. Headed to Far East to shop again.. And then took a rest while i bought XXL chicken cutlet and sandy bought fried mars bars so we shared. Went home early so as to catch the ANTM!

Darling's really adorable, he asked me why im so obsessed with watching the ANTM (America's next top model). So i just answered, telling him that it's nice and interesting.. Well i like project runway too. But he prefers the latter, and said that he wanna try watching ANTM, since he sees his love likes it so much. I can't wait to see him soon, but im working a full day on saturday.

I stayed at home whole day yesterday. Played Flyff, read novels and watched tv. I've even levelled up my character, now she's level 43! wahahhahah`

Yixian came for dinner at my place last night. Played with my dogs, watched tv and had dinner and off we left my home at about 7+, me to work and her back home. Took the caterer Mr Goh's car home last night. He's a nice guy and willing to drive me all the way back to amk when he lives in simei. ^^ I only did a 2 sectors last night, and tonight im going for a long flight. Sad case.. Hope i can pass the long and boring hours.
Good day ^^

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Monday, September 25, 2006

ho ho ho~

Everyone's in bed, getting enuff rest for work tml and im here, just reached home feeling shagged but happy. I love 8 bucks cabby rides from airport to my place. hee` Cheap and good. =))

Just back from bangkok flight, saw alot of familiar passengers. ^^ And the ang moh gurl and boy who played with me made me day as well. Nice peek-a-boo match.

And it's day off tml!!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` Get to have bible study as well as dinner with pretty girlfriends. I love my BFFs!!

I've finally gotten the nail polish off my nails, it's been a long time since i last saw it w/o coating for more than a few hrs... hmmmm`

Aye aye my Flyff character leveled up today!! It's level 42 now wahhahah`

kk, super incoherent post.. Showed how shagged i am.. Shall go do some gaming b4 sleep. Night.

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

4 days of happenings ^^

Last post was on 20th, wednesday during my rest day. I went to meet darling in yishun in the evening and headed back to his place for dinner. His mum was super funny. Cuz darling didn't tell his parents that i'm going to his place for dinner tt day since they always fret about what to cook and all. Then the moment we stepped into his place, his mum asked me if i've eaten and what i wanted to eat, instead of asking her precious son, which made darling quite sad haha`

His mum and i then went to the market and bought dinner back for darling and me, as well as desserts. We chatted alot about certain things. hee`

Anyhow, we stayed at his place till about 11pm before we decided to head back to my place for the night. Spent the whole thursday at my place slacking and rotting our lives away..

HOTPOT was great!! Darling and i had it together for dinner on thursday night. We went to Bugis Chong Qing again. And as usual ordered the spiciest MA LA soup and also normal ribs soup. It was really great. And this is like the 4th time we both had steamboat alone. 1st one was in marina south and the 2nd and 3rd ones were at AMK central. Really cool cuz we get to spend some quality time together chatting and simply having fun.

3rd SOLO
on friday, i've learnt alot of things and practically more hands as well. Starting to get the hang of stuff. Learning more each flight and trying to absorb the best i can. Reached home at about 9pm after the flight. Super tired and just bathed, had dinner and met up with dreamworks director (SLEEP). Was sleeping sooo soundly tt when darling came at 10+pm to wake me up, i didn't budge. LOL So he just let me sleep till morning.

The next day (SATURDAY) and i was activated cuz was on standby. Woken up by a call from SATS at 8+am.. Took up the flight and went to wash up, realized that i had nose bleed ,which i never had b4. So i called up SATS and told them i wanted to go see a doc and turned down the flight.

Darling accompanied me to see the doctor in AMK central - Raffles medical grp. Collected my medicine and went home to rest. Slacked the whole day at home with darling, gave tuition from 6 to 8 pm. Quite enjoyable cuz i like secondary maths! wahahha`

Im doing a 2 sectors flight tonight. ^^ Glad that i can still spend time with darling till late afternoon. muacks!

**SOICHIC rawKZ Yesterday i finally paid for my reserved double trouble dragonfly earrings. haha` Haven't got the time to contact yenching at all hee` And also got to know that sandy and i have got prizes for the summer collection. We get to share a pair of misfit earrings, which i suggested, since mismatched earrings are wad's in now. So one of us can take the lock and the other, the key.

Besides, i've also pulled winnie into getting stuff from SOISCHIC. haha` All they accessories they have are sooo chic and pretty! Winnie even paid the Dragonflicious necklace for me, said twas for my bday. ^^ I'm so excited, can't wait to see the stuff in my mailbox. WAHAHHA~

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Protectors

Watching the above program LIVE from Animal Planet channel.. It's actually a memorial service held for Steve Irwin. Funny how he behaved in all the clips they shown. He left a legacy huh. As well as Elizabeth Choy, whom we see so often every St. Marg's Speech day as well as other St. Marg's major events. Now the 96 yr old gracious lady had joined our dear principal Mrs Lee in heaven. =))

I've finally reached home moments ago. Was goddamn sleepy during the cab ride back home but feeling so energized after a good shower. Did the flight to Guangzhou today.. Goodness.. Delay like crazy.. Cuz of the customs. 22 hrs without sleep. And shit. Alot of ppl said i dun look singaporean/chinese. o.O I'm proud to be a Singaporean LOR (hidden meaning intended).

Anyhow, today's my rest day and tml's my day off!!!!!! Wheeeeeeee` And tonight i'll be able to see my love. Can't wait. We rarely meet up on weekdays. And it's cool cuz he took tml off as well. Wahhaha` lalalalalala i miss him.. And when i go and have my beauty sleep now, he has just woken up cuz he stayed over at camp last night, thus didn't have to wake up early to catch the bus to camp.

** Just saw Steve Irwin's daughter delivered a speech for his father.. She appeared to be very calm as well as composed, happy in a sense actually. Cuz he left a legacy.. ^^ Good night for me and good day for u!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And the clock strucks twelve! ^^

Happy 71st Month Anniversary my honey!

And we're only a mth away to our upcoming 6 yrs anniversary. Love you boy.

Wheeeeeeee` So happy haha` But im still bored.. Can't wait to finish "devil wears prada" but im soooo restless. Haikz` Put in some pictures for visual pleasure. =)) Look on~


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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Isn't she adorable?? Our family's dear kin - Jojo Tan

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

One of my many shelves... with some deco stuff as well as dear pal's pictures and earrings/bracelets/rings and whatnots at the right side..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Another of my shelve.. featuring nail lacquers perfumes and all.. Erm.. and also a framed up baby picture of me.. wahahhaha`

Here are 2 of the prezzies i've put on display, all handmade hee`

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The above house is made by darling.. But it's really falling apart now.. Hmmmm` Hmmm Back in secondary school days.. hee`

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And this is from Darling's elder sister who did this for my birthday.. (But i forgot which yr)

Darling did alot other unique stuff as well. Like chalk carvings for anniversary. And do you still remember once when coloured sand was soo famous? Ppl would buy ready coloured sand and just pour into bottles to make patterns out of it. Darling did his own version. He coloured SALT himself using chalk.. And just poured into the bottle to create some pattern. Creative.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Lovely day at home!

Nice day at home. hehe` Good weather as well. Darling and i promised each other we're gonna spend the rest of the rainy days of our lives at home together, cuddling on bed and watch tv. I believe it's only workable when we're official spouses under the eyes of law. ^^

I love Nick Lachey's album cuz his songs are really nice and catchy. =) Maybe i shld put a new song on my blog - tt's the ever famous fast & furious soundtrack by the teriyaki boyz. So many ppl have been using it for their ringtone. The starting part is super catchy and nice.. But i can't say so for the middle part. wahhahahah`

Aye aye, i wanna enjoy the rest of my free day with a good novel and nice music in bed. ^^ Good day

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Refurnished my little red room!

1st solo's over last night. Learnt alot of things and really get hands on. Of course it's better cuz that's when i realised i really didn't learn the whole full length of stuff during SNY. I was really slow but i hope i can fare better the next time. haikz! Aza Aza FIGHTING!

Today and tml on standby. Up till now i didn't receive any call and i really hope not... *cross fingers.. I don't wanna jinx it! Yesterday did 222 and 138 flight, all the way till 12+am.. Had a good time chatting with colleagues as well as the deck crew (humourous captain and first officer). We even took pictures together.

I only spent one day with my lover this weekend. Hmmmm But at least we had the whole of thursday together. He came over on friday night and stayed at my place till Saturday evening when i went for flight. Both of us headed to J8 and caught the "devil wears prada" on Friday night. Saw Ms Winnie and her bf... We were really excited to see each other!! And we really have fate wahhahah` But we caught different movies anyway. I also bought a cardigan in J8.

We went home after the movie and had supper with Chris at the kopitiam nearby. Enjoyed the company alot. ^^

And as for today (Sunday), Chris and i met a seller in Kovan and then headed to Hougang to meet up with winnie cuz she helped me get cheap contact lenses. After which Chris and i went shopping in Hougang mall and did grocery shopping as well. I'm so happy cuz it's been eons since i last did grocery shopping in supermart, or even the wet market. Hmmmmmmmm`

And after we reached home, we did spring cleaning of our rooms, he did up his own room and i did mine. Chris and mum did some resettling of the furniture in my room yesterday, which made it quite refreshing and seemed more spacious too. ^^ So now i'm shagged out cuz did sooo much housework. But of cuz the sense of achievement is there. More so for my own room. =))

I miss my darling........ Hoping that i can see him soon. Like on thursday? *pray hard

A shot of my smaller kin - Jojo

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Friday, September 15, 2006

I can't help falling in love with you

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Man.. It has been more than 3 yrs since i first started blogging.. o.O Fast huh. I've actually missed the 3rd birthday of my blog. Darn`

Just changed my blogskin, very sweet and has a calming effect on me. haha` But i dun like my tagboard cuz the space is too crammed up. hmmm` Still, don't hesitate to tag alright, though now it takes more effort just to tag. Well well.. But i love the large space for posts cuz i can have the shots go up in bigger sizes and not having to reduce them.

I'm bored.... Even though i can have alot of things to do. Outz. Good night.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's the 769th post on reticent_aura's...

Done with my 2nd and final SNY flight.. Hmmmmmm` Now on to first solo. *cross fingers..

Met elaine my poly classmate in the train on the way to the airport. We chatted all the way till she reaches her work place and she really has got the urge to go into flying career as well. haha` Hoping that she'll get through to the next recruitment. =))

My CIC for the 2nd SNY flight dragged me into the cockpit to check on the tech crew while cruising back to singapore. Intro-ed myself to the captain cuz we had a change of tech crew for the 2nd flight. And when i came out, everyone was laughing at me cuz my face was flushed red. -.- Good experience though, cuz i've never visited the cockpit while the aircraft is cruising.

Darling came to fetch me home last night.. ^^ Sweet. He waited more than and hour for me till about 1+ am.. We then had supper at my place and bunked in overnight cuz he got today off due to weekend duty...

Wanted to go catch a movie but was too lazy to do so.. I just wanna spend my day off at home resting and to relax. Spent the whole day being couch potatoes, played Flyff and totally slack. Tml's another day to rest till i fly again on saturday evening. I really wanna do some grocery shopping. It's been a really long time since i last done that. And been eons since i last cooked as well. hmmmmm` There goes my interest.

I have a newfound obsession - Cadbury Picnic chocs.. whether the small chocettes or the normal bar ones, i love them all. wahahhahah` It taste somewhat like snickers, but i dun really like snickers cuz it's tooo sweet for me since i always have to finish the bar in 2 instalments. IT's really darn good.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

hee` I was bored and lame enuff to edit this pic..... o.O

I still have 2 lovely novels which i've purchased and yet to start on. =)) haha` Aye aye.. -.- And i have passengers who tell me i don't look chinese and were astounded when i speak chinese.. And like erm.. more than 2 grps on the same flight.. -.- Weird.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


So excited and happy!!

Today's my 2nd flight and i've learnt alot in my 1st flight out yesterday. Hands on is definitely better and much clearer. Anticipating my 1st solo on Saturday, but i wanna learn much more b4 tt so that i won't screw up.

Mummy is really sweet to me!! Monday we went to Bugis, together with Chris to shop for miscelleneous stuff. Had lunch together which was on Chris and then proceeded to shopping. Bought alot of what nots - watch, stocking, hair wax, bra and alot of other stuff.

They then accompanied me to the Guanyim Temple to pray. Promised myself to go b4 i start work. And also wished for good health and 'ping an' for my kins and good frens.

I was fretting for a new cabin bag cuz didn't realise tt i can't use white for it, as was the one i have. And was quite sian cuz only went home at 10 last night and have to set off early afternoon today, definitely no time to buy it. Sms chris to know that our ever loving mother has bought not 1 but 2 bags for me! And her reason is that i can change whenever i like it.

Somemore she lugged the 2 bags all the way from chinatown, on bus and back home. And she has really bad arthritis in her legs. Thanks mum, i really appreciate it..

Aye aye, off i go and relax b4 i get changed for work. ^^ Today's till 12 midnight. hee outz!

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Live ur life.

It's been eons since i last logged into Blogger. Feeling a sense of familiarity here. Yesterday was the very last day of training, and we're finally qualified cabin crew who are able to take on our new job now. Coming week will be our SNY - training flights. Very excited now.

We've been taking first aid night classes for the past week, thus completely shagged out. Really glad that we've all 'graduated', passed all our theory and practical tests. Almost wanted to cry end of saturday's half day first aid class cuz it's like the end of the training and everyone really bonded with each other.

From the start of the training where we dunno each other till now. The strict grooming streaks, the very intensive safety training as well as the most memorable LET and WET training where we've got to help each other in finishing the drill. The pulling of partners by the life vests, swimming together to the raft and help to pull each other up onto it. I believe that's when we really bonded.

Got overwhelmed by it and almost teared when we said bye and hugged each other. We're still gonna see the same ppl when we fly, but it won't be the same cuz the whole class is nt around. We've even celebrated teachers' day with our trainer and bought her a lovely cake and also a mug with our picture and nice message on it.

Cheerios to our friendships. We're gonna start our flying career real soon. ^^

I'm scheduled on a training flight coming tuesday to macau then clark and back to sing. =) Really excited. Hoping that i can do my safety demo well.

Pictures.. for those group pics, click on them to enlarge. ^^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Glorious weekend.

Darling took 2 days off - thursday and friday so he came and fetched me on thursday night after my first aid class at SIA training centre. He then stayed over at my place all the way till today evening.

And on saturday, i went out early in the morning for first aid class and darling to the AGM meeting in Chevrons. Afterwhich i met up with Sandy and Yixian in Lakeside station control. Yixian accompanied the both of us to cut hair. We then had dinner in nearby KFC and headed to Bugis to shop.

I got myself 2 novels as well as a magazine in kino. ^^ One is named "The time traveller's wife" and the other is "The devil wears prada". I'm really addicted to the story of the latter even though i haven't gotten down to watching the movie. But i got hooked to the story like more than a mth ago, thus making the decision to get the book. Sandy got the new nora roberts circle trilogy novel too. =))

We then had dessert in tt particular traditional dessert shop again. This time yixian and i had steamed egg and sandy had honeydew sago. The mango sago still tastes much better than the honeydew one. hee` Anyhow we had a great time catching up with each other. Didn't go threading after tt cuz was too tired and sleepy for me.

Met my colleagues meina and amanda while i was crossing the road to take the bus. Such a coincidence so chatted for a while along the pavement and headed home after tt.

My love had been really sweet to me. I hope he'll have more of a social life now that i have irregular working hours. He really did alot of very small detailed actions to make me fall in love with him once again. Take care love, you're the best.

Glad and am very happy to be able to have ppl who stood behind me always - My besties, my darling, my mummy and my brother, chris. I love u all, utmost. ^^

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