Sunday, October 29, 2006

Man im damn happy.

My neighbours and mummy's friends have been telling me that i've lost weight since i became a cabin crew. And i didn't really believe it, just thought of it as passing remark. But this morning i went on the weighing machine, and realised that i've really shed off 4 kg!

Super ecstatic right now. wahhahahahha` But i still love my Doritos Black pepper Jack chips =XX It's sunday today but im still working. Sianz but what to do. I have to convince myself i'm all grown up now and need the money.

Yixian just came back from China on thursday and she bought PJs for the 3 of us!!! Wahahhahah` All in the same design but different colors. I can't wait to have a slumber party so all the 3 of us can wear the PJs and take some pictures! hehe`

So excited now. hehehehhe` I wanna do everything with my gurls, go shopping, catch a movie, slack in a cafe and eat ugly curry puffs or indulge in choc fudge cake in TCC. LAlallalallala

Here's a shot of the happy family plus my brother Chris:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

HEHE i was too lazy to get rid of the red eyes. =X

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Saturday, October 28, 2006


I've gotten my Abercrombie & Fitch shirt!!! Wahhahahah` Love the striking pink. With a pair of dangling chic earrings thrown in as well cuz the black color shirt i wanted originally was gone, so the seller wanted to refund me the money if i didn't want the rest.. But i chose the other color and she even gave me a pair of lovely earrings. ^^


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As usual i got activated on my standby day.

What's new? Me being sick again. And i got called up during a standby day as well. Was down with flu and fever since thursday night. And yesterday i still did a flight to Haikou till about 3+pm. Went to collect the new uniform and went home after that.

Felt super terrible cuz was so sick. And i can feel myself getting old so fast cuz i frown alot when im sick. And this morning again, i got activated for the Haikou flight at 3+am and have to report at 5.20 AM.. Hate it cuz it's always last minute. But i really can't take it cuz was really sick.

I slept alot these 2 days. Reached home and slept at about 8pm last night till about 3+ am, surfed net and then went back to sleep again till about 10am before i went to visit the doctor. Had brunch, took the medicine and went back to sleep again.

Luckily im recovering, hoping i'll feel much better before tml's flight. Stayed at home today and basically did nothing but watched drama serials and download stuff. I've gotten hold of 'Bring it on All or Nothing' as well as 'Akeelah and the Bee'. Now im downloading 'the guardian' as well, a movie which i wanna watch again cuz it's just so exciting.

I wanna get well and go shopping with my gurls. ^^ I wanna get the Q10 coenzyme hand cream and the sebum gel. And im craving for sour and spicy la mien from crystal jade. =))

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

I miss my boy.. again.. o.O And some interesting stuff. ^^

Got yesterday and today off. ^^ Met up with sandy at chinatown station control at 6pm for dinner as well as some shopping last night. We dined at KFC and i finally got to try their cheezito bandito, though i'd much prefer the normal bandito pockett hee`

We then headed down to people's park complex where we shopped for quite some time, and purchased alot of materials to make our own accessories! hee` I still have a couple more lucky charms to make, as well as to design some earrings as well. =))

I can't wait to start but it seems like i dun have concept in mind yet. hmmmmm`

After shopping, sandy and i took train down to lakeside. She went back home while i went over to darling's place to bunk in for the night.

Darling was so surprised when i called him on his mobile cuz i needed him to fetch me from the bus stop near his place cuz it was raining heavily. I've already smsed him an hour beforehand, telling him im going down, but he didn't believe and thought i was only kidding him. -.- But he got so happy and couldn't stop grinning when he saw me. haha`

Afterwhich we just hung out at his place, watched the last few episodes of princess hours with his sister (Even though i myself is only at episode 15) lol. Watched project runway at his place as well, quite an interesting one, and im anticipating the next episode as well, hmmmmm just imagine using recycled materials to make clothes.

Darling, his sisters and i then had supper together before we watched abit of 'Mr.Vampire' and turned in for the night. Woke up quite early at 5+ am cuz he needed to get back to camp. So we took train to yishun and had breakfast there before i went back home.

And from there i didn't just go home, i went to the market to look for my mum, cuz she'll always be there in the early morning, chatting with her khakis. I've even managed to get a pair of really glam golden coloured sandals in one of the nearby shops, with a big jewel on each big toe hehehhehe` Saw one more pair which i like as well, gonna go back and get it in a few days time after i get my vitamin M!!


Welcome the new member of our family - SAYANG! Our neighbour gave this lovely jack russell to us cuz it was actually a gift from her fren, but she couldn't mix well with her own dog cuz they'll bite each other, so she gave this lovely kin to us! ^^

And now, we have 3 jack russells in the family ^^ 2 long coats and 1 short coat. Dunno what to call her, so we'll just use Sayang, since the previous owner calls her tt too. ^^ Sweetie pie, welcome to the family!! wahhahahahah`

I miss darling already... =(( When will i see you again..

** Footnote.. I've paid up for my Abercrombie & Fitch shirt so i'll get it by mail in a few days time!! Yea man. WAHHAHAHA`

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Rest day

The flight i did yesterday really tired me out. It's a 3 sectors flight to clark and macau. And i was being assigned as Stewardess 2, which i've never been before. But i really tried my best, even though i was still very "garang gabo" when doing english and chinese announcements.

Learnt alot coz i finally got hands on in doing S2. ^^ Hope that i'll be able to impart my skills to the new batch who's flying soon. I like my job more and more, the sense of satisfaction is there when u really serve well. And yesterday i even chatted with some of the pax (passengers) while serving them. And i even remembered some of the people i served 3 days ago cuz i did the same flight as well. hehe And they remembered me too!

Plus i really had a very very very bad impression on the PRCs on my flights. Cuz i had very bad experiences with them. But yesterday i met some of the nicer ones. This PRC guy came and chatted with me while boarding. He even wrote me his chinese and english names and also his phone no to the place he's staying in - China Tsingdao -.-

And he told me to write him mine as well... So i just wrote my names and told him tt i can't give him my no and i gave him my email addy instead. lol` Very interesting ppl i've met. ^^

Today and tml is my day off! Really glad tt i'm able to rest hehe` Took my mum out for lunch and had a really sumptuous and happy one. Going out later in the evening with sandy to chinatown to get some beads and materials. I've already made lucky charms for yixian and sandy. Now making more for myself and winnie as well. ^^ hee`

Stayed and relax at home today, walked the dogs. And i've even calculated my pay to come. ^^ hehe` Plus also to sort out various things i need to contribute, like my own hp bill and tuition fee loan, money to give to mummy as well as home bills. Really gonna try to contribute more to family. Think i'll forgo car license.. Family's more important anyway, since my mum is quite old already, i have to really start providing for her and making her happy.

Aye aye, i shall be naughty tonight and spring darling a surprise.. HIAK HIAK HIAK!

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Lucky me

I didn't get activated for any flights during my standby day today. ^^ Good. I really got a good rest and simply just stayed at home with my mummy, had good lunch and stayed in front of my laptop and tv and slack my day away.

Finally managed to level up my Flyff character.. Now she's level 48... 12 more levels before she can advance to 2nd job. Hai such a long way up and it's so difficult to level up now..

Was feeling so bored today, luckily there's sandy and winnie to chat with. Or else i'll be rotting at home.

Check out this thread, Chris just pm-ed me.. My goodness, not for the faint-hearted, SERIOUSLY.
Click here ----> SUPPER

Work tml again.. But after tt i have 2 days off. ^^ Cool really hope to spend more time at home and with my love ones as well. And i wanna go shopping real soon. Waiting for my pay to come in wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` I wanna buy my Q10 coenzyme hand cream and more make up and fragrances. heheh` And of cuz to give to my mummy and to pay some of the home bills to ease Chris' load.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Wooo the season of love. ^^

hee` These 2 days of off days were just too darn great. I reached home at 5am yesterday (thursday) and basically surfed net and relaxed before i went to sleep. And darling actually came over to my place at about 6am ^^ Sweet huh.

We then slept till around afternoon, slacked around at my place and decided to go out in the evening. Mummy darling and i just laid on the king size bed at my place and watched the Princess Hours wahhahahah` And the 3 of us just fell asleep while watching it, so we caught about a few hours of nap.

Darling and i then headed down to town. Had dinner at the Chicago steakhouse. He ordered the king size sirloin steak and i had their ocean catch which consists of crab claw, calamari and breaded fish plus chips. ^^ It's a good dinner and we caught the 9.30pm sneak preview of the Guardian in cineleisure. As usual we got the seats which we always sat in. ^^ I love cathay cinemas hee`

The movie is a really good one, very exciting and thought provoking, of course it's extremely witty at times too. Definitely a good one to catch and one which is definitely worth the dollars. Movie at cathay is also cheaper too. I'd give the show 4.5/5 popcorns. ^^

Oh and we did exchanged our gifts as well. ^^ Darling got me a very striking orange sling bag with 72 linen roses inside which he made himself, said they represent 72 mths. =)) And he was so happy with the renoma wallet i got for him as well. hee`

And today was spent together at my place, just chilling out and enjoying each other's company. ^^

I can't wait to go kl for makan trip and also the upcoming guangzhou trip. ^^ Gonna end my post with a couple of shots taken with my dearies while we celebrated the mid-autumn festival.

Wahahhahaha SCANDAL between yixian and me!

The lovely heart i made using candles ^^

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New layout, new feel

Changed my layout to welcome the very special day - 6th year anni. ^^ I've even added cute icons to the bottom of my every post. la deee da, let's celebrate our love. =)) Ooooh the season of love!

I had breakfast with mummy at the market this morning. And she was telling me how amazing it is.. that i have been with the same guy for 6 years.. haha` And she kept no qualms about it, telling her khakis it's no big deal and she's open minded enuff. tsk tsk

But sadly that im working tonight till tml morning, so i can't get to wish darling when the clock strikes 12. hmmmmm` Anyhow, we'll be seeing each other for tml as well as 20th! Wheeeeeeeeeee. very very happy. ^^ Muahahhahah`

Shall go watch a few more episodes of princess hours b4 i go catch up on some sleep. Ciaoz!

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My immune system is down

And yet again another bout of sickness.

Weekend was darn good. Darling and i kinda made full use of the 2 days we had together. We caught "World Trade Center" as a midnight movie in J8. Luckily i bought the tics using eNETS wahhaha tt's why we got good seats and unobstructed as well. ^^

After which we went to la kopi at the coffeeshop just at my house void deck. Spent some time chatting b4 we headed to my place to sleep.

We spent the whole sunday at my place, simply slacking and watched tv as well as played computer games together. And in the evening both of us headed down to Woodlands. Finally managed to get the wallet i want! wahhahaa Savaltore Ferragamo. =)) We then headed down to the super big pasar malam to devour food. We shared a serving of smelly beancurd, which i think the one i had in hong kong was much nicer, with the damn nice chilli sauce too.

Walked around and decided to have dinner by da bao the food we wanna eat. So in the end we had dinner at the small park between civic plaza and causeway pt, and we shared a packet of super nice nasi padang and also a bowl of shark's fins soup. It's a really good dinner cuz we really have fun together, enjoying the kind of lifestyle we're having.

I then went to da bao some food home for chris and mummy as well and darling and i went our separate ways. ^^

Yesterday's flight was alright.. And for today i was taken off flight 116 to do a 3 sectors flight.. On the way to the airport, i was feeling really giddy and having very bad headache so i called up SATS and reported sick and gotten my mc from terminal 2. Hai.. sian.. The doctor diagnosed me as the start of viral infection. =(( Boring.. What's new, haha`

Love is in the air...
I'm feeling so excited, in 2 more days to come and it'll be the day for darling and me to celebrate our love! And it's thursday too, the same day in Year 2000 which he asked me the very question. ^^ Wheeeeeeeeeee` I still remember the exact time too *shhhhhhh Can't wait can't wait hee`

**Footnote: i'm addicted to shopping in ebay! wahhaha` Won a bid for the novel "Adeline Yen Mah" wahahha` Waiting to win the bid for an Abercrombie and Fitch shirt too. Woot!

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

I luv this weekend the most!!

Wahhahahha` Yep i got activated for flight on my standby day which is on thursday. But i went to get an mc already due to my long time eczema.

And on thursday itself, i went out with mummy to chinatown to shop. We first had dessert in this traditional shop. I had their 'Fu zhu bai guo with quail egg' and mummy tried their yam paste. They're really super nice! Afterwhich we went to shop. I spent about 20 bucks on beads and some accessories, planning to make something nice for my dearies for christmas. ^^ hehe` I'm definitely gonna do more of such DIY accessories, cuz it's cheaper and more personalised.

Mummy and me almost quarrelled in this shop selling luggage bags. She kept wanting to get another trolley bag for me, cuz she knew that the one i had was heavy as it doesn't go on wheels. And she's so persistent it made me heart ache. I kept on telling her i didn't want one, and if i really do want, i'd get it when i get my own pay. But she was really persistent on it and i even teared while i told her i didn't want it. Even the uncle knew wad happened and really showed empathy.

So in the end i finally got my way. But the case is such that i really don't need so many bags already, since some would actually be sitting at home collecting dusts. But it's really very sweet of her cuz her heart aches whenever i complain that my bag is heavy.. Love u mum.

Yesterday's flight was delayed like crazy. The aircraft we were supposed to use for our 3 sectors flight was down. So the flight was retimed and we even ended up using the new aircraft - TAG!

Wahhahaha` It was only delivered 2 days ago, and we have the honour to break its virginity. =)) Flight was good and my lover came and fetched me in BT. ^^ Wheeeeeeeeeee` Im super damn happy, coz i have this weekend as my off days!! Wahahahhahah` I can finally spend some good quality long time with darling. hee` And the roster for next 2 wks is finally out, i get to have our 6th yearly anniversary off as well~ Super duper happy and damn damn glad. And the nice lady who did our roster even gave me a day off the day after my anniversary, for fear that i'd be tired? hee` Super happy. wahhahahahah`

Nothing can described my happiness. lol` keke Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bye bye

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Thursday, October 12, 2006


I'm really sleepy.. But i need to finish watching the final episode of Silence! ^^It's so touching and very very sad.... =((

I met the weirdest ang mohs today.. When i was doing boarding of passengers from Bangkok, i said the usual "Good afternoon, welcome aboard" to all the pax. Then this ang moh came by and said "Hey baby, i love you, can you come and sit with me?" and he walked off after tt. -.-

And there was this another guy who wanted to give me tips coz he wanted me to chill his red wine. o.O Dots.. And he carried on to say that he remembered me cuz he took the clark flight yesterday.. Good gracious lord.. LOL`

I'm on standby today.. *cross fingers. Don't call me pls.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I feel lazy...

I feel lazy everytime i gotta go to work..

Weekend was darn good! Slept the whole morning and half of the afternoon on sunday after my flight. Met up with Sandy and Yixian at jurong point for dinner as well as some shopping. We dined at Billy Bombers, again i feel that their food's not nice enuff. And the stuff on their menu contains very little variety as well.

Shopped in JP, bought a Renoma wallet for hubby for our 6th yrs anni, concealer for myself and what nots. Was so tempted to get the Revlon nail polish but stopped myself hehe`

We then headed to Sandy's place for the night. Carried lanterns, played with sparklers and candles in the Lake park. It's a really nice place. We played all the way till 2am, cuz the 3 of us acted like kids while we climbed all the obstacles in the park. Took lotsa videos of us playing with the sparklers as well. Bunked over at sandy's crib, watched the korean variety show - Wake me up! until we got really sleepy.

Woke up the next morning at 10 plus am. Ordered macdonalds breakfast in and enjoyed ourselves alot. Watched somemore 'Wake me up!' before yx and i left for JP and bought tim sum and paper wrap chicken home.

Today flight to macau and clark was great! I ventured down at clark and bought delicious and cheap doughnuts. ^^ Wahhaha` half a dozen doughnuts for only 2.70 SGD! hee` ^^Sales today was good as well. Happy. Except that we're all shagged.

I hope tml would be a good day as well, can't wait for the weekend to come so that i can spend some quality time with my beloved. And i can't wait for our yrly anniversary as well! =)) *grins

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tell yourself work is good..

Well even if it's tiring, u still gotta go ahead with it!!!

Reached home after flight at about 1+am... Went home to the arms of my darling. haha` He waited at my place for me. And we had prata b4 we went to sleep at about 4am.

Spent good quality time chatting with each other. And it feels good to finally see him after a long week. But i gotta fly again tonight. Which leaves us around a couple of hours to each other now.. =((

I'm meeting my dearies for a slumber party tml night at sandy's place. Can't wait! haha`

Shot taken at my last flight to Padang and Hatyai.

So bored.. im off.. Bye`

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Friday, October 06, 2006


Am halfway thru the episodes of Silence - Shen Qing Mi Ma. Very intriguing story. Though the plot's abit like the korean drama i've watched and forgot the name.. It's about the promise made between a boy and a gurl when they were young and when they grow up, they try to scout each other out.

It's Mid-Autumn Festival tonight and i need to go for a short flight. Not that i'd celebrate it, but still i wish i can be by my mummy's side tonight. hmmmmm` It's gonna another long week next week. And i haven't seen my darling for a wk. Wondering if im able to see him tonight after my flight. Sad....

Just have to work hard and hope it pays off. Hai.. dunno whether i can get my day off for our 6th yr anni with darling. i miss him.. =( Wondering how he feels too. ^^

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Enjoy life!!

Just went out for lunch with mummy. ^^ Bought alot of stuff on the way. Some food for me to bring to work, a few pairs of calvin klein girl boxers and also panties, pair of earphones, hmmmm and dunno wad else.

Mummy so poor thing, she's gonna have to stay at home alone tonight coz i'll only be back from work at about 1+am.. And Chris is off to chalet.. I wanna go to the chalet too, since i know most of his frens, but i guess i'd be too tired by then.. Hmmmm`

Anyhow, Have a good day!

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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Day off at home. ^^

Feeling really happy now cuz i've gotten plenty of rest! =)) Last night i did bangkok flight and sales was pretty good considering the super light load and short time. ^^ Managed to catch 858 home and a cab after tt from yishun back to my home, cuz michael cab will take a long time.

Took 2 shots..

Tiger Aircraft in the day..

And in the night.. ^^

Too lazy to take another shot by including the tiger's head as well. lol` Anyhow.. It's pretty huh? Took plenty of rest for my day off. Slept from this morning 3am till 1pm in the afternoon today. Wahhahahah` So i'm still very active now.

Stayed home all day today, watched tv, played Flyff, watched Shen1 qing2 mi4 ma3 on youtube and downloaded several episodes of "Let's get married" Wheeeeeee` Gonna finish watching the new taiwan series b4 i go on to k dramas! wahhahahha` And all thanks to sandy, i can now download loads and loads of series!!! WAHAHHAHA~ i'm PAWNED~

hehe` Darling is infatuated with me.. *whistles.. hehe` He can't wait to go on a date with me.. lol`

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Monday, October 02, 2006


Now i know better that i should just rest well during my standby days. Supposed to be on standby today. And i only slept at 2am this morning.. Got called by SATS at 3am to get activated for the flight to HAIKOU. Damn sad, but i still went and did it. Earned quite abit of money from it cuz sales was good! ^^

But working 10 hrs straight after only less than 2 hrs of rest is bad. wahhahahhaha` Reached home got super shagged but happy. Helped my mum get some kitchen essentials as well b4 i sleep till 10pm, to wake up for ANTM now~ =))

Im now trying to plan for a get-together with my gfs to celebrate the mid-autumn festival!!! Hope we can make it happen wahhahaha` Very ma fan, cuz of my funny roster..

Have a great day tml~

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Life's taking its toll on my body. hee`

The 2 rest days after darwin flight were extremely good. I met up with darling on friday afternoon cuz he took half a day off. We had a really good lunch at northpoint and it seems really fun being with him cuz i was laughing like mad with all his jokes. And practically clutching my stomach on the way home cuz we were having so much fun..

We even went to the arcade after lunch. Spent 21 bucks at the machine where u pit ur luck and skills in order to win the jackpot. So we scooped sweets and stuff and throw them onto the platform where it'll move and push the rest out of the platform and into our pockets haha` We spent helluva good time playing with tt machine and trying to strike! Ended up we finally got the jackpot prizes though at a very ex price.. But the time and money was well spent and we even distributed sweets to the ppl who gathered around us.

Indeed very happy!!! I love that machine, even though it's really out to cheat ppl's money. Even the ppl who gathered around us were very nervous for us hmmmm`

I only get to spend minimal time with him cuz i have a super early flight yesterday (saturday) and have to reach airport by 5.30am. So he stayed over at my place all saturday w/o me around. haha` Anyway he's already so close to my brothers and my mummy. ^^

I've got some pictures here, 2 taken at the dinner in pepper lunch with my dearies and some taken of my older jack russell when i was vacuuming the floor o.O

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Jacky practically hates the vacuum cleaner.. hmmmmmm`

And one more shot taken 2 wks ago when i visited the raffles doc, taken by darling cuz he was too bored out.

And i took MC today again.. Diagnosed as upper respiratory tract inflammation. o.O Cuz the doc felt my breathing to be mild.. Hmmmmm`

But im glad i get to stay home today with my love. Since i've been spending very little time with him. We had supper last night together with chris. Tissue prata, my favourite!! And darling and i had macdonald's big breakfast after my doctor's consultation. Hee`

Have a great weekend!

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