Thursday, November 30, 2006

I love retail therapy!!!

Met up with winnie today and we shopped like crazy!!!!! Firstly i walked around myself in amk central after i visited the doctor and got myself an oriental top at this cool looking shop. And when i was thinking whether i shld get it or not, this lady came into the shop and kept looking at me and telling me tt the shirt suits me to a T. So yep.. I really got it, even liked it so much tt i wore it straight away, and lifted my spirits for the rest of the day. hehe`

Winnie and i then took a bus down to town and stayed in Far East for the rest of the day. Got ourselves a pair of jeans each. And i bought nail lacquer, yet again.. Now i have like 11 bottles in total. -.- Anyhow, we had a quickie in subway cuz i was super hungry and hasn't eaten from last night all the way till 5 pm..

After which we shopped again and headed down to taka cuz i needed to return the library books and we borrowed somemore novels. Finally get to visit the boutique which i like the most - Pull & Bear!! But i didn't get any apparel cuz wanted to save money.. Wanted to get this tank top but it seems much tooo long.

Both of us then dined in the basement food haven for our dinner. Didn't eat much cuz didn't have much appetite.. I wanna lose even more weight!! And im damn happy cuz i look better in clothes now. Muahahhaha` I'm really glad.. Ended up shopping in wisma while waiting for our fren.. And bought a cheap and lovely top each from S & K. I love retail therapy!! Makes me even more happy now than i'm slimmer. =)) *grinz.. Thanks to a special someone who sent us home. ^^

Good night cuz im operating morning flight tml. Cya~

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My throat is screaming out pain!

It's been crazy.. I've been sick for the past few days, with today being the worst. I think it might be due to the ham and cheese baked pasta i had in cafe cartel with chris the other day (monday?) which worsened my throat inflammation (Don't ask me why). It's bad bad bad..` =(

Tried making the new airport pass yesterday before the flight but to no avail cuz the we were told in the end tt it's not only us who were allocated tt slot. Seems like other ppl came in to do as well. So dumb. Imagine taking a queue number at 12+ and have to come back at 4 PM to make the pass. Which i feel is pointless since our passes are only expiring next year March and i have to operate a flight at 2PM.

And as for today, i got activated early in the morning. Flight control ppl called me at about 1+ am to activate me for the flight to Chiang Mai, reporting at 5.05 AM. Fwah` No choice, even though i have very insufficient rest. Luckily Ahbang is free to fetch me, if not i have to take cab which cost exhorbitantly 20+. Sales was not bad and the load was quite full as well. I was supposed to make announcement as well, but it ended up that my in-charge had to do it cuz my throat was really killing me.

Anyhow, im feeling like im half dead now and totally sick. Having mild flu, little bit of fever as well as bad throat. Seriously hope that FCC wun activate me for flight tml.. If not i might just go and get mc depending on how sick i'd be.

Keep safe, and dun end up like me. ^^

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Emylia, me and jana

Taken in the galley, aka our kitchen! Haha

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Double images

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Me and meina

Taken in the aircraft :)

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Me in the new uniform!

The new uniform's launched 13th november :)

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Monday, November 27, 2006


I kept on having tt cough and it's pissing me off. It only started in the evening which sets in the uncomfy throat as well. Why am i always getting sick? I still gotta fly tml. Hope that i dun cough tt bad by tml morning.

'Can i count on you? ^^ I need to lean on your pair of strong and broad shoulders. '

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Oooooh check this out

The pictures in for madam wong's party is finally out! Check out me and winnie's faces while we're having great fun. And i just looked damn cheesy lar.. wadeva.. hehehehhe` I was having fun anyway.. And at least my armpit's cleanly shaven wahhahahha`


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New songs added

Added 3 songs on the right list. Do tune in to them. Keane's my all time favourite band, i simply love their simply acoustic fare.. Plus the sexy vocal voice of the lead singer as well. ^^ Cheers.

And the last rendition is a song which i feel is very very romantic. I love it.

"we're leaving here tonight
there's no need to tell anyone
they'd only hold us down
so by the morning light
we'll be half way to anywhere
where love is more than just your name

i have dreamt of a place for you and i
no one knows who we are there
all i want is to give my life only to you
i've dreamt so long i cannot dream anymore
let's run away, i'll take you there"

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1 litre of tears

A japanese series you can't afford to miss. It'll ensure that the story tugs at your heart, no matter at which small little corner..

Watch it here. And the synopsis is here.

I just finished watching the whole series a few hours ago. Made me ponder alot on life.. And i think the most intriguing question i've been wondering - You're pretty and active in life with lotsa friends. And if an incurable illness strike you and ur body functions deteriorate over time, who'll be the ones who really stick it out with you and support you all the way? Will your current besties and even family be the ones? It's hard to say isn't it?

This is a true story based on a diary the gurl wrote and was published after she passed away when she was 25 years old - 1 litre of tears.. Watch it, and cry when you can't take it anymore cuz it touches your heart. Enjoy this meaningful yet non-draggy series.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pretty huh?

An awesome picture taken using my camera phone. Lovin` it

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Taken at the bridge near esplanade

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Taken when i was too bored at home

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Have fun. No?

Great weekend, but too bad it's gonna be over soon. I rarely have my weekends off. And i took this weekend off to clear 2 days of my annual leave. Anyhow.. im back to work on tuesday. Sianz. What can be more 'interesting' than to work? At least i get to meet different ppl everyday, even the ppl whom im flying with are different as well.

Last friday i met up with sandy and yixian for dinner at OUB centre in raffles place.. We then walked over to the overseas union house for the warehouse sale which wasn't even worth mentioning at all.. There were only a rack of branded suits, neverending racks of brasseries which each cup were as big as my round face, rows and rows of baby apparels, and some mango basic tops... So ended up i didn't even buy anything.. So disappointed..

Afterwhich i went clubbing at madam wong's with winnie alone, cuz my invitation to the private free flow party only allowed entry of 2. We drank at the bar and downed some vodka OJ, vodka ribena and bourbon coke and off we went to dance at the 2nd floor. The place is quite small, but still not too bad. We danced the whole night off till and then went home at about 3am. Good fun.

Stayed home whole day on saturday with darling. And as for today, darling accompanied me to budget terminal cuz i needed to pass in my application for the new airport pass. Headed down to T1's canteen for cheap and good lunch and to expo to do some shopping.

Visited the Loreal, popular as well as the Adidas sale, bought stuff from each of them hehe. Gotten a bunch of cards from the popular sale, a damn cool visor from adidas and also hair dye, and some facial cleanser. Wanted to get the lipstick cuz mine's running out.. But 5 for 20 bucks and i can't possibly use so many anyway.. Haiks.. Wasted.. Shall go to the duty free shops to buy.

I have 1 more day tml to enjoy... Good luck everyone, to those who're having their papers.. I'll send in the pics thru my phone to the blog.. too lazy to have to upload to com and then to blog..


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Watcha looking at? :-S

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Saturday, November 25, 2006


I'm extremely woooooooozzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy now...

Just damn glad that winnie and i are both safely back home.. Which is good.. =)) How's ur first experience? Damn good? Shhhhhhhhhh`

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Thursday, November 23, 2006


Lost in a sea of flowers yet still smiling so gleefully. The smallest member of our family who looks alot like a sausage dog actually hmmm

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

i'm shagged

I'm so tired and head's still woozy now. Operated the Haikou flight early morning and reached well about 5+ pm. Spotted winnie boarding bus 72 but it was too late and couldn't call out to her. Haiks` If not we could have sat down somewhere and chat over a cuppa coffee.

The moment i reached home, i settled myself down quickly, had dinner and watch triumph in the skies as well as it started with a kiss before i slept from 7pm to 10 pm just now. Woke up to watch The Finer Side and Project Runway. It's such a pleasure to watch tv from the big bed. Shiok! But im still feeling super sleepy erh.......

Luckily i'm not operating any morning flight tml or else my bones will break. hehehhe` And kudos! I've done a good job today for teaching my junior at the back. heheh` Wheeeeeeeeeeee` And the sales was above average too. ^^ Cool.

**My december leave has been approved, so i'll be taking 2 days for this weekend, as well as 6 days from 26th to 31st december. Super excited wahahhahaha` And i've found an invitation of Madam Wong's re-opening party coming friday in my mail box! So i've invited dear winnie, definitely not as a spare tyre hehe to come with me. ^^Hope we'll have a good time!


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Oooooh the hard work of a cabin crew..

I'm finally being recognized for my hard work. wheeeeeeeee`

I almost wanted to report sick this morning but i didn't wanna be mean and activate anybody who's on standby last minute. I even threw up but still lugged myself to work. hehee` And it really paid off!

Did 4 sectors sector today, which almost leave me dead... I was super sleepy and tired. And for the last sector from Saigon back to Singapore, there was this lady who injected adrenaline into me, making me feel alive again! I did boarding as usual and helped this lady to carry her huge hand carry bag as well as her guitar up onto the overhead compartment and assured her that her guitar will not get damaged by the other luggage.

And while the aircraft was cruising and we've finished our service, she got me to sit beside her and i was feeling quite weird about it.. She then pointed out to a printed email the name - Tony Davis and asked if i knew who he is. Of course i said yes, he's our company's CEO. And then she carried on to say tt she's a friend of his and would like my name as she wants to write in a complimentary letter about me. (How cool is that?)

So she proceeded to take down my name and had a small chat with me. Wahhahahhaha` Life's good. Even if she's too busy to write in a letter, i'd be more than glad to have received a verbal compliment from her. Now how's tt? lol`

Alright, super shagged, and yet another early morning flight tml morning which i need to report at 5.10am.


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Monday, November 20, 2006


The new member of the family sleeping soundly and remain undisturbed when i took pictures of her. Hmmm. Appears to be docile when she wants to be sayang but can be Uber fierce as well

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I'm bored out

Soo bored out at home and was too restless to simply just sit down in front of the laptop and watch "it started with a kiss" and "triumph in the skies".. So i made some changes to my blog!

The last 2 pics were added to he blog using my k800i! wahhahaha` So now i can publish pics to my blog as and when i like, just from a touch of my phone. =))

And after venturing into daryl's blog, i've decided to change my cbox to flashbox as well for a good change! Since it seems much cooler and i simply love the adventurous emoticons. hee` Alright alright..


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I love dogs!

The owner with her most favourite dog - Jacky:-D

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Jojo with her legs spread out and looking oh so innocent hee

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This topic is inspired by winnie's latest post. ^^

Don't say "BAH" at me and try to comment that this is such a cliche topic. -.- You need friends your whole life anyway, unless you're a smug freak. Anyhow, i dunno who are the ppl whom winnie is referring to, but i wanna address this topic on my side.

Till now, i can't answer sandy's question - If you have Christmas as your day off this year, you wouldn't choose to spend it with us (Yixian and Sandy herself) over shihan (my darling) right? Hee i guess she knew it just as much.

And i remembered how sandy and yixian would sing Fan Wei Qi's 'yi ge xiang xia tian yi ge xiang qiu tian' to me in ktv. They said they specially dedicated this song to me. rofl` Nice song with very meaningful lyrics, especially the chorus, which really relates to me and them. lol`

Even though i have little time to spare now that im working odd hours, i try to spend time with my family and bf whenever i can. And my dear pals know where im coming from and really understand me but didn't complain much. Really thankful for that. Well at least they didn't make it so miserable for me by telling me how sore and irritated they are. hee love you babes.

I hope for the best of you too winnie. Just follow your dreams, and your true loved ones will understand and be behind you always. Take care~

And don't ask me why i blog so early in the morning.

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Happy 73rd Month Anniversary ^^

Saint Exupery's 'The Little Prince' Quiz.

You are the little prince.
Take this quiz!

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| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

I had my day off today. ^^ Spent it at home with darling and mummy. He stayed over at my place from friday night till tml morning where he'll go to camp straight from my place. We spent the whole day at my place, just simply chatting with each other on our lives, as well as doing yoga stunts we've learnt from variety show! hehe` Damn cool.

Anyhow, I've had a great day with him since i can rarely ever get either saturday or sunday off. And today's our anniversary as well, which makes it all the more better~

We wanted to go Vivocity today to check out the stores, but i really need to save my money for the Loreal, Popular as well as Adidas sale next week in Expo. Haiks! I really wanna go Vivo badly, but i know that if i go there, i'll surely buy some unecessary stuff.. Imagine the stores i wanna visit sooooo badly over there - Loccitane, GAP, Pull & Bear.. And so many others!! =( Sad Sad.. Gonna keep my itchy hands off shopping till next week. ^^ Booooooyaaaaa~

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Friday, November 17, 2006

great hang out with winnie!

Wheeeeeeeeeeee` I've finally met up with dear winnie for a date! hehehe` It's been eons since i've last met her, months? No?

We met up at YCK station yesterday (thursday) at 11am, aborted the idea of singing k cuz i need to scrimp and save! hehe` In the end as both of us were soo hungry, we decided to go down to Excelsior Hotel for their dim sum buffet. I brought winnie, eugene and xiaoling down to eat during one of our lesson breaks in poly, really dwell in the past! hehe`

We had a really good time eating there, trying our best to finish what we've ordered. Cuz i overlooked the fact that there's only 2 of us and no guys at all, hmmmm` lol` But still we enjoyed ourselves and still have some leftover food after we foot the bill.

After the lovely brunch, we headed down to Funan to collect my photo printer and just shopped around cuz we had to stay in due to the rain. Got dear dear winnie a PUMA jacket which i only paid less than half of it for her birthday present ^^ It's pweeedy too! We then walked over to raffles city after that. Tried on this super duper chic and awesome looking adidas cropped jacket which looks damn nice but cost a whopping 169 bucks. hmmmmmm`

After which we shopped in citylink and gotten some stuff from Missha. And the 2 of us let the temptations got the better of us. Gelare has got this promo which selected desserts and main courses go for 5 bucks each. So both of us shared a waffle sundae and picked the rum & raisin and also low fat choc flavoured ice cream. Had a lovely time all in all with winnie. ^^ And im really glad we get to meet up during my day off.

Went home early after tt cuz i need to be at home to wait for the singpost ppl who sent my 3G sim card..

Some of the pics we took:

The leftover food we didn't manage to finish... hmmmmmm`

Some of the food which we were still struggling to finish up lol`

Mona Lisa at the dim sum buffet restaurant lol` I took this pic and only add on the frame after tt.. Darn cool`

Took these shots outside peninsula plaza?

And for these 2 pics, the background's the christmas tree in citylink near newyorknewyork ^^v

And the last one which i took with my beloved dog - Jacky .Cute aye? And yep, i'm loving my new camera phone and the function which enables me to edit pictures and even add in frames text and even clipart after it's taken. Shiok~

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Number eight hundredth and second post on my blog

hee` *spots a cheeky and gay smile.. I've gotten my k800i today!!!!! I was so dead tired from last night's work cuz i only reached home at about 7am this morning. Slept all the way till i past the time the man was supposed to come to my place and deliver my phone. Luckily mum woke me up and hehe i managed to collect my phone! I love it so much wahahhahah` I got the allure brown version and it looks damn good. It looks a tad like N73, but i like tt too. hee`

Last night's flight was so so.. Adeline came on the flight as SNY crew, so i get to be a senior to teach her all the stuff.. wahhahah` She's good, and i like her. As usual met some very unreasonable but we'll still smile even more widely and after which we'll return to the galley and curse and swear.

No point stooping so low to quarrel with them anyway, since rudeness only comes 2 way, agree? No?

Stayed home all day and slept more than i ate, thanks to the good weather. Mum is really sweet to me. She made dinners for me to bring to work for the past 4 days cuz i was operating night flights. And she made stuff like beef stew, honey chicken fillets with veggie, and some others i couldn't remember. Sweet ol' mummy. ^^ Oh i love her dearly heheh`

And today she even brewed mutton soup (cuz the weather is cold) and cooked beef stew again as well. ahhaha` Funny woman since both the dishes are to 'meaty'.

I have tomorrow off as well~ Gonna meet up with dear dear winnie. Can't wait to see her cuz it's been a long long time!! =)) Wheeeeeeeeeee` Haven't made any plans yet but i need to go and collect the free photo printer which comes with my phone.


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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Fuck. The tickets to both Hong Kong and Taipei have all been sold, and the promo's over. Damn sad. Ar whatever. We'll see how it goes next yr.

And more things to be happy about. I'm a senior now!! Wahhahahaha` Batch 9 had their Supernumerary flight yesterday and the batch 10 came in yesterday as well for their training. Well at least the stewards in batch 10 looks much more appropriate than tt of batch 9.. *ahem.

It was a great 4 sectors all in all, with 2 juniors under us yesterday. And i've even gotten a damn good experience and the best and most memorable one in my life.. I sat in the cockpit for take off and landing twice, which was freaking good i tell you! The scenery was awesome, especially with the night view of phuket and singapore, plus it was more thrilling and real. Nothing to describe it, it'll forever be captured in my heart, thanks to carlos, marco, daniel and barend. wheeeeeeeee` SHIOK

And Irin Gan was also on our flight back to singapore from phuket. Well haven't seen her on tv for a long time, and she still looks pweeedy`

Aye aye, gotta sleep now.. IT's gonna be a looooooong night flight tonight.....

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Monday, November 13, 2006

BAH~ working life

Been faithfully working for the past few days. Just reached home a while ago form work, yep it's almost 3am now. Have 2 more days of flight rostered. And the new batch is coming in technically today as supernumery crew, new uniform launched today as well. So we're the proud owners of camel gold top and black corduroy pants with tiger printed sash.

I've spent my only precious day with my darling on friday, coz tt's the only day we're both free. He even took mc on friday just to spend it with me. Sweet huh. He bunked in at my place on thursday night till saturday. And on friday morning, i went with him back to his home and stayed there the whole day. I played sims Makin Magic at his place and really built a damn cool house.

Afterwhich we had dinner at his place and headed back to mine for the night. I love the times we spent at home, either at his or mine cuz i feel that it's the most worthwhile as it's simple and we get to accompany our family members as well. ^^

Today all thanks to chris, i've managed to get my k800i at the promo price. I was so busy at work i couldn't get it at all, luckily he did help me purchased it online before 12 midnight. wahhahahhah` Wheeeeeeeeee i have a new fone and renewed contract as well. taaa-daa`

The original guangzhou's trip is off. Due to the promotion by Jetstar, my family decided not to use me to get free tics from Tiger hahaha` But we're still going to Guangzhou, but it's via Hong Kong. hehehe ` So excited, gonna book the tics and then go next yr. I've voted for Taipei initially, but my mummy wanna go china so the queen wins. hmmmmm`

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My luck is good.

The day before i received an sms saying tt i've won a pair of tix to the movie - Step up! But in the end i can't make it for the premiere cuz i was rostered for a flight yesterday night. It was so wasted but still, my luck is good!

I met up with yixian for breakfast yesterday at my place and we went down to chinatown together to purchase some accessories again. Quickly went back home to catch some sleep before the night flight.

hehe` But yesterday's flight was sooo dumb. The Macau flight tt i did was delayed 1 and half hrs till 10.30PM, i really hate those Flight control guys, only called us when we're already out of the house. So we just stayed in Hans and chatted quite abit before it's finally time to do the flight. -.-

The flight was fine, but we were so tired cuz we only landed at 6+ am. I then reached home and watched "The Hospital" until about 9+ am before i turned in. Just came back from AMK central awhile ago cuz i went to alter my corduroy pants (part of the uniform) at Giordano. Had dinner there as well with Chris.

I'm really waiting to see if my leave in december will be approved. Crossing fingers and now i dun even dare to make any plans for the KL makan trip. Hoping tt i can really make it. Haiks` But i wanna have a good time with Chris and darling. And i heard tt Alvin and his gf are also interested in going. ^^


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Monday, November 06, 2006

Haircut & more wholesome matters!

hee` My weekend was darn good cuz i get to spend some time with lovely darling.

He picked me up on Saturday afternoon after my flight. We headed down to Junction 8's LJS for a good drunch (dinner plus lunch, believe me, there's only such a word as brunch, not drunch o.O). As usual i ordered my favourite LJS clam chowder, which is as good as ever. *slurps We then did some grocery shopping and bought dutch edam young cheese and some australian allen mints which doesn't taste nice at all. >.<

Darling stayed over at my place till about 9+ last night after he finished watching the scorpion king. We really had a good time, and i was so excited and jumped at the chance when i could actually spend a good weekend with him. Now the times which i can spend with darling seems so precious and obscure. Anyhow, twas great and life's great.

Today is a family day, not going out, but staying at home with beloved mummy! I hope her arthritis will get better so that she can be spared from pain. Haiks` I just went for a haircut at the new saloon near my place which opened last week. The name's Hair Journal and the deco is simply fantastic, full of antiques and really cool. Service is good too, so i've applied for their 3 yrs membership. =))

Aye aye, keep safe and god bless!

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Thursday, November 02, 2006


It's been a loooong time since i last seen my love. And i miss him so terribly.. =(( But it seems like we can only see each other on saturday. Haiks!

A call from him 5 minutes ago made me run all the way from the kitchen to my room to answer the phone. hee ^^ And you think that only happens to lovers in the honeymoon period - 1 mth together? Nah.. We're already six. And i feel so silly too, just smiling to myself while reading and replying his smses.. Dumb me.. Ooohh, the power of love. *grinz

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It's been a few days..

Last few days have been spent on working and resting as well. For halloween, it was spent in the skies of Guangzhou, thus i earned my 2 day offs yesterday and today. But the roster sux, cuz i have 2 super early morning flights tml and saturday, which means i gonna have to spend money on taking cab and i have to wake up super early in the morning. SIANZ`

Yesterday after the long flight which only touched down at 4 am, i went to have breakfast with mummy when i reached home. She was so excited and seemed very elated to see me cuz i went to look for her specially at the market. heheh` After which i slept all the way till about 12 plus. Surfed net for a while and watched some movies i've downloaded. And had lunch again with mummy at 2+pm.

Yixian came over to my place at 3+ after she's done with her lessons. And we watched the first episode of Triumph in the skies together.. Yep.. I've watched it twice on cable before but it's so nice that i can't help but to download the series.. Both of us then changed and headed down to orchard to meet up with Sandy in the evening.

We shopped around and had dinner in Crystal Jade cuz i missed their Sour & Spicy la-mien. Shortly after that we went shopping again and we got ourselves 2 pairs of earrings each as well as more nail lacquer and my hand cream. hee`

Dined again at Chicago's Steakhouse in cine at about 10+ pm, ordered ourselves a plate of scallops in garlic sauce and texas wings plus also root beer float and guava juice. Had a good time chatting and simply reminescing the old days. Wahaha` All the various teachers like Ah Lai, Mrs Raj, Pua Jiao Jiao, Flower Butterfly (Hua Hu Die) and so on.

We then headed home and Yixian came and bunked over at my place. Got to see the lovely PJs which yixian bought for us from China! So sweet of her. hehehe` We then chatted and watched triumph in the skies and turned in at about 1+ AM.

And as for today, we woke up in the morning to have breakfast before she went for school. ^^ Good time spent, would love another meet-out. =))

I'm gonna work like a mad woman in the coming weeks. I think my roster is killing me softly. Ack!

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