Sunday, December 31, 2006

Life's good in 2006.

=) Woooo it's the tradition so im doing it too - the before new year post. ^^

What i did in 2006:

-Graduate with a diploma in Biomedical Science..
-Worked in ECOM AgroIndustrial Pte Ltd. as an admin assistant, helping in hotel bookings and papework. Even negotiated with sales exec of hotels and lunched with them..
-Joined Tiger Airways as a cabin crew
-Brought the relationship to a higher point and celebrated the 6th years anniversary with Shihan.
-Learnt to be more vain and did make up
-Shed off some weight. ^^
-KL trip within the last few days of the year.
-Shared a room alone with darling during the KL trip. ^^
-Met a whole bunch of new friends who really brought much joy to my life.
-First time i have a hit of 237 viewers of my friendster account (for December) hmmmm

Working really gave me a new leash of life.. Made a decision to get away from Life Sciences.. Not sure whether i'll get back to it, but im happy now. Gained alot of weight when i join ECOM cuz it's an office job and lunches were good coz it was always big and on the company. =) Met alot of ppl from the other countries, had fun with the colleagues.

Started work in Tiger, been flying for more than 3 months. Just applied and got it, wasn't really hankering much on it. Love the job now, love flying, love meeting different ppl and serving with good attitude. Learnt how to put on make up and can't exactly leave home w/o it now.. Shed off weight after i fly and i wanna lose more weight now.

Met alot of bubbly and lovely friends like those from my training batch in tiger and other colleagues. And also gotten to know more of Winnie's good frens and also daniel and his whole bunch of friends. ^^

Life's good in 2006. Let's invite 2007 with big open arms! And a toast to my long long relationship with my dearest love. ^^

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

3rd day & FINAL day of posting on lala's behalf! ^^

haha, yes! lala-baby's coming back tml!! whahahaha~ but she dunno coming back wat time leh, according to her she haven bought the return tix? lol`
this piggy loh. =x hope she doesn't gain back the weight she managed to lose! whahahaha~
faster come back so I can gossip wif u lala! hehe`
wat can she do over there?
gorge herself wif food, curling up wif great movies, rolling around* wif her DAR! wat else???!!! =X
haha she gave me permission to write anything on the blog de.. so I'm gonna destroy and tarnish her reputation! oohh. =x
senseless winnie again. =\
I'm making no sense here, gotta go prepare for my big date! tata*

signing off,
cutewinnie ^^


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Friday, December 29, 2006

cutewinnie's time again!!


haha I bet lala baby will be dreaded to see her blog in this state.. muahaha`
winnie the destroyer strikes again! =x
haha wing muz be saying that I'm "ke lian mei ren ai" rite? >.<
suddenly missing the *lala & genegene* story! lala faster get ur arse back and reminisce (dunno how to spell lol!) the past wif me okies!!
missing u my gossip babe alot! and I noe I'm not the only one muahahahaha~~!!!!
hope u're having a helluva fun time in KL! dun do anything I wun do! hehe =X
but dun forget to miss me ur sweets! OOPS! =DD
miss ya MUACKS!!!
>> guess I wun get to blog tml le! whahahah~~

signing off,
cutewinnie ^^


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angela's happy =), winnie's sad =(


haha angela and her hubby! =x
aniwae, this gal told me to blog on her behalf so readers, pls dun mind my lousy ang moh! =x
she's happily on her way to KL le loh.. leaving me this poor little gal here dropping tears all day and all night longgggggggggg... =(((
sad sia, hope she buys me something that can cheer me up when she's back from her trip muahahaha! =x OOP! =x
I'm missing her leeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. sounds so les hor? =x but then again, she's my part-time lover! *secret's revealed!* heh heh!! =x
okies it's late in the night and I'm getting lame... =x
aniwae I now realised wat's the diff between my blogger acc and her acc.. hers can put labels one.. haha.. and I tink more user friendly? hehe! maybe I can changed mine to be beta or google or watever? lol`
oh man I sure miss her! gonna go my bed and huddle up and cry le! =((( sob!
signing off,
cutewinnie ^^

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Thursday, December 28, 2006


Im extremely happy!!! hehe` and i miss Yixian so much now coz i just walked her a while ago.. She came over to my place for lunch together with darling. They then slacked at my place for a while and yixian helped me bathed my doggies too ^^

I'm going over to Alvin's house with darling really soon. So yep, quite excited. Taking the midnight coach tonight.

And guess what? The roster's out and im doing night flight on 1st Jan!!! Which means i can go countdown on 31st WOOT~~~ Who wanna ask me out go ahead ba lol` I wanna go to the beach party, is anyone going? Hehe` Alright have to go bath le, if not darling will play more dota games and wouldn't leave the com..

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nice rainy weather to stay at home.

Stayed home whole day, finally finished watching 'Yurihwa' which is Stained Glass, a Korean drama. I simply like to see Lee Dong Jun's charming face in this series. ^^

Did nothing much, rent vcd which i haven't gotten down to watching - The Hills have Eyes. Did some laundry. And im gonna do more housework tml, maybe bath the dogs and also sweep and mop the floor before Chris and i head down to KL, practically leaving my mum all alone at home, since dad's working whole day.

So yep, i really can't wait for tml to come!!! We'll be taking the midnight coach tml to KL. It's been a long while since i went there. It'll be a good makan and shopping trip! Those involved are Chris and his 3 frens (Mark, Sherman & Jan), darling and me and our good fren - Alvin and his gf Weilun. ^^ So total 8 of us. ^^ So we'll be setting off tml midnight and coming back on the 31st, if nothing crops up. hehe` I wanna go sing k, watch lotsa movies and eat and shop alot there hehe` So i might go get digestive salt tml to gear myself up. wahhahahha`

And I'm happy coz this is the 1st time i get to share a room alone with darling... Which never happens when he joined my family in m'sia trips. Wheeeeeeee` We have tentatively decided to take our relationship to ROM end of next year. We'll see how it goes. He's the man!

He's coming later to my place to bunk in tonight so that he can sleep in the whole of tml. And we might be going down to Alvin's place earlier to just slack and eat the infamous mutton Biscuit before we walk down to Golden Mile which is a stone's throw away from Alvin's place. I miss his mum so much... Remember the days where we'd drink together and dance it off woot!

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Boxing day unveiled!

Hmmmm a day for unwrapping the Christmas presents? ^^

Spent the day at home and then met up with Winnie at AMK station and we took the train down to Bugis. Headed to Daniel's mum's shop to collect the flowers i've ordered. Gave the sunflower to him and the 4 bouquets of 3 stalks of roses each for Winnie, Sandy, Yixian and Jingyun.

Shopped around Bugis Junction with Winnie and then met up with Sandy. Winnie went off for her dinner appointment and Sandy and i continued to loiter around the mall while waiting for yixian. We wanted to have dinner in Miss Clarity Cafe but it was closed, so we went to this nearby chinese restaurant, had fried rice, la mien, xiao long bao and drunken chicken. Extremely cheap and not bad as well. But the items on the menu were toooo cheeeeena for us.. lol`

The 3 of us then went to the Junction and took neoprints! But it turned out quite bad cuz we don't understand the steps at all.. But turned out average lar.. though not too satisfying lol` The machine's call CRASH i think.? forgot already`

After which we headed home. It was a good dinner! Coz we haven't caught up with each other for a long time, each person's occupied with their own endeavour.

Uploaded some of the long time ago shots.. hmmmm`

Taken with Marcus and Winnie in Dbl O

Isn't this extremely cute? This is minnie mouse vending machine! hehe`

All following pics taken on the 25th when darling and me went out for dinner..

The lover's bracelet we've gotten ^^ We're handcuffed for life.


Received Christmas cards from Sandy, Yenching, Daryl (this funny guy slot it under my house door) and Winnie. Yenching also sent a 10 bucks SOISCHIC voucher along with the card lol`

Got a dozen stalks of blue roses (happens to be my favourite) and a huge monkey plushie from a good friend..

A box of goodies from darling.

A box of Amos cookies from Sandy

A 2007 organiser from Yixian.

And a present from Daryl which i haven't gotten coz didn't meet him, as well present from JY and Winnie's goody bag.

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Happening woot~

So did u enjoy ur christmas? it's 30 minutes more till it ends! Well even though there are 12 days of it. hee` I've been eating alot recently!

23rd December

Happy 3rd yEar birthday to JAcky! The oldest member (jack russell) of our dog family. =) To celebrate this age, he managed to erm.. let Jojo know tt he's the king.. Well we'll wait in 3 months time to see if Jojo has a big stomach. heh`

On this day, i went out with Chris and darling to city hall. We had dim sum buffet in Excelsior as usual.. (What's new man).. And then roam around in Funan to collect the home theatre system.. After which we went to suntec's carrefour to shop for some stuff. I bought a lovely purPUR lingerie set yay` with crystals too, to match the christmasy feeling. And also 1 kg honey baked CHEESE ham which is extremely nice!!

Went home to rest while darling headed down to Chevrons to meet his sister for a bowling session.

24th December

Went out with Daniel for lunch at Cafe Cartel in PS and then headed down to great world city to join his frens for shopping in cold storage. The whole load of us then go back to the hotel room which they booked in Furama to slack for a while.

After which we had dinner in Sakura beside the japanese school.. It was really a big place and i've never been there before.. woot. hehe` Had a good time enjoying the christmas buffet dinner there.. We ate till about 8pm and Daniel sent me home thereafter.

Stayed home to sleep cuz i needed to operate a morning flight the next day. And winnie called me up at 12+ sending me her wishes.. And marcus took the phone over and send his greetings as well.. But was scolded "Huh Christmas & u're still sleeping huh!" Then im like whoa... lol` Sad case leh. hehe` But winnie explained to him for me. Yea lor sad case.. hehe wadeva lar`

25th december

Flight was good, everything was fine.. Took ah bang's van home after i've finished my work at about 5+ pm.. Darling waited for me at my place while i showered and changed into a fresh set of clothes.

We headed down to Junction 8 and shopped around before we decided to have dinner in Cafe Cartel (Again.. for me). This time i ordered the cream sauce baked macaroni.. AGAIn.. but the seafood one this time. Didn't managed to finish it cuz i was sooooo enticed with darling's texas ribs.. Awesomest!!! The mashed potatoes were a heavenly buttery and the ribs were soooo tender plus the soft cartilige.. Yum yum! hehe`

Well well, darling was really good at managing the ribs, the bones were spotlessly clean. hmmmm` This shows tt the table ettiquette he picked up in secondary school really works. ^^

We managed to shop after tt and got ourselves a bangle each! Or so, it's the pair of lovers bangle, It's silver, magnetic at the 2 ends to join and well.. It's identical. ^^ I'm so excited about it hehe` Really super happy~

And my annual leave starts tml till 31st~~!!!!! No work wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee`
Have yourself a great merry christmas!!!

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Am i overworked?

Today's flight to Haikou was quite good cuz the crew is good too. ^^ Had fun chatting with adeline and lynn. But turned out tt i'm rostered with 3 quite inexperienced crew so i got quite impatient with the SNY crew Jeriline.. Getting things done quick is my style, tt's why i prefer to keep it to the crew itself to count money and the carts.

Anyhow, it's all good, except for a few dumb passengers as usual. Sales was alright lar.. Just earning my keep hehe` Quite eager to go to work nowadays too cuz i'm using my new small cabin bag~ Very good for after-work shopping or dinner with friends.

When i reached home to key in my actual flying hours for today and also tml's estimated flying hours, i realized that i can't do tml's flight cuz i'll exceed my flying hours if i do that. So i called up SATS and got them to change my flight to a shorter one.. Think i must have overworked, to exceed my flying hours of 60 hrs for 7 days. o.O

Looking forward to the holidays. Darling has planned for our christmas day dinner, after my flight. ^^ And i can finally have 2 days rest over the weekend after straight 7 days of work. Crazy` Gonna go out with winnie on 26th as well, and have christmas dinner with my dear gurls on the same day where we'll exchange gifts =) I've already ordered flowers from Daniel.

Wheeeeeeee` Let's celebrate this festive season~ I really should go get a whole kg of honey baked ham and also a big fruit liqour cake or maybe a date pudding? ^^ I've already got sparkling juice at home hehe` Enjoy babes!

*Fate is like a stone thrown at you from the front, which can be avoided. But destiny's like a stone thrown at your back, which can never be avoided.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Rest day at home

Last night i did the Macau night flight and i was like a zombie.. Let's see the interesting stuff which happened. Saw a few eye candies as usual. hehe` ^^ That's not the main thing.. The weather in macau is extremely good!!

Once we reached there, Fara and i went down and really enjoyed the weather sooo much~ Twas soooo extremely cold and windy, i wanna wear all those nice trench coats BAH` Ended up with a slight cold when i came back up. Lousy immune system i have these days.

The flight was extremely good as well coz the company was great~ Fara, Li Hua and i each contributed snacks and chips to the 'picnic'. So we just bunked in at the back, chatting and snacking, good time~ hehe` I love to fly with Fara~~ missing her unique laughter now. hehe` OooooHHH TURBAN~ (keke private joke)

One more incident happened onboard. Halfway thru the return sector, this boy accidently bite his lip and resulted in lotsa blood loss. Should be because the weather's too dry. Anyhow i attended to him, elevated his head and make sure he press hard enough on the wound. I'm a trained first aider ok` lol` In the end the bleeding finally stopped after about 10 minutes. Glad he's ok.

Ahbang came to fetch me and Kelly home after our flights in the morning. Reached home at about 7+ and turned in at 8am till about 2pm. Went out with winnie for a while to Bugis to shop~ Finally managed to get our bags wahhahaha` And i got 2 really chic tee shirts with lovely writings as well. =) I wanna go on more shopping trips~ Since im working so hard, it's definitely worth it!

Aye aye, gonna go sleep le.. Operating super early morning flight tml. Good night`

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Umm to the left to the left... Ummm`

So addicted to Beyonce's Irreplaceable song now. lol` ~ You must not know bout me you must not know bout me~*~

The flight have been nothing but full of turbulences these days due to the very very bad weather. And yesterday was nothing much of a surprise as well. So bad until we gotta scrambled into a passenger seat to fasten our seat belt halfway thru. *bleah.. But i like those passengers yesterday. I love it when i greet them, and they'll return the greeting as well, adding my name behind. It feels darn good.

Yesterday on the last sector, there were these 2 ang mohs who were soooo easy going and really interesting. I was the one who served them their food and beverages. And i promoted the Hershey's twin bar chocolates to them and one of them said he'll get it, and he'll give it to me as my christmas present.

I declined and rejected him alot of times when he stuck the choc bar out the aisle coz i walked down countless of times up and down the cabin and he tried to give it to me. In the end i won my case, he finally gave up wahhahahah`

I hope today's pax will just sleep thru'out the flight ^^ rofl` Good day everyone. =)

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Monday, December 18, 2006

Tell me life's good`

On my 2nd day off on the 15th, i went out with Chris to PS to recontract the maxonline with the laptop promo and also to sign on a new mobile plan which comes with lotsa waiver since we do cable, maxonline and mobile with starhub. ^^ Got the LG white chocolate, which looks super good and sleek. =) I don't wan an extra line and the phone as well, so chris is using it now.
We then shopped around and i bought some stuff for darling.

Headed down to Funan to collect the football cooler and then had dinner with love in yishun. After which he bunked in over at my place.

Operated the morning flight to Chiang Mai the next morning, nothing much happened. I still love doing flights to Chiang Mai, short sweet and the sales is good too. ^^

Last night i was quite touched by some of my frens. Coz winnie went to the chalet with some of our ex poly classmates. And i haven't seen them for a long long time~ So rayn actually called me and each of them took turns to chat with me. ^^ I know it's dumb but i can't seem to get to sleep after that, thinking about all the good times we have had, and resulting in a rather zombie-fied me today at work... Not good not good.

And as for today, i did the flight to Clark, i like filipinos, much better as compared to some unreasonable PRCs (disclaimer: my opinion). Anyhow, everything was good today, managed to catch up with Kelly this morning in Ahbang's van, which was cool. =))

Tomorrow's the SNY (supernumerary or on-job-training) for the new batch 10. ^^ I'm 2 batches more senior already~ oooooh` hehe` I'm gonna work extremely hard for this whole week, and go on my long awaited annual leave next week~ Woot`

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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Currently in the zenning mode now, which means im gonna doze off any minute. Argh` Just came back a while ago from Guangzhou flight. Touched down before schedule at 3.30am, had breakfast with Eileen at Hans while waiting for Ahbang to come and fetch us.

The flight to and fro Guangzhou was terrible. Cuz the weather was really really bad, and we've even met with the trailing edge of the typhoon in phillipines. So we had really serious turbulence almost thru'out the flight. Glad that we're all home safely.

Today's my rest day and tml's my day off~ Itching to go shopping again. Wanna get a new cabin bag.. And lotsa accessories! I'm so into rings and bangles as well as chunky necklaces now.

Ciao ciao

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The No. 843th episode of my life

The skies are getting darker by the second now. As well as my dear friend's feelings. I hope u do remember the stuff i've said to u, and the faith and confidence im putting into you.

It's really raining soon. And im so bored stuck at home. Don't feel like napping at all even though im operating a long flight tonight. I finished the whole box of small smidgets doughnuts this morning. (k i dunno what to blog now.. )

Anyhow, i'll be meeting love tml. He was so sweet a few days back, cuz i mentioned i missed Macdonald's food. So he bunked in over on sunday night and he ordered in Mac's breakfast the next morning. Sent over to my place w/o a hassle within 10 minutes. Cool huh. ^^ Muacks!

Was planning on a holiday to either Krabi/Phuket next yr after my birthday coz of the 2 cents promo. But ar heck, why pay now for a trip which is like way ahead when i can get free staff travel tics. Anyhow.. Lol not gonna buy the tics, waiting to see how it goes next year.

Shit. Suddenly dawned on me tt Christmas is coming and i haven't done any shopping. And what's worst is that darling's bday's on 5th Jan. Argh~ Somebody kill me please. I haven't even applied leave for jan. Whatever, im just gonna enjoy my coming annual leave as well as the kl trip. Any orders?

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Lovely Dinner

Last night despite the very heavy thunderstorm, i met up with winnie at amk station and we took the train down to Bugis. We each wanted to do our own shopping for bags and belt but figured the main priority was not us. hehe` So we ended up getting a polo tee for Daniel as well as a 'Mango Tropicana' cake from 4 leaves for him too.

Anyhow, we met up with them in Daniel's car at about 8pm and made a decision to have dinner in East Coast. Ordered lotsa good food, which of my favourite would be the BBQ stingray. After the very full dinner, the 4 of us headed down to the beach and sat down on the bench for a talk as well as to cut the bday cake for Daniel.

Shared some ghost stories till about 11pm before we decided to head for home. Daniel sent ming xiang home first, after which is winnie and lastly me cuz i stay in amk as well. Anyhow, i had a great dinner cuz the company's good. =))

And as for today, i did a 3 sectors flight (12 hrs). Went to Clark first and we bought lovely doughnuts, and then to Macau where we bought even nicer portugese egg tarts (my favourite!) lol` hehe` Life's all good when u're flying with ppl whom u like.

My colleague Dal even asked me "what happened to u? Kenna torture ar?" when she came onboard the aircraft. lol` Cuz she said i lost alot of weight. =)) Even more happier now, Rofl` Cuz these days my appetite has been quite good. So now must try to work harder and cut down on food, if not i'll gain back the weight i've lost.

Good night sweet dreams~

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Monday, December 11, 2006

hmmm aftermath..

I'm still suffering from withdrawal symptoms of the dinner gathering i had with my secondary ex classmates 3 nights ago. And i realized something. Nobody mentioned Jennifer's name. I wonder where're u now. I'll be sure to leave all my apple chips for you.

Rest in peace, my dear friend. 25th April 1986 ~ 24th June 2001

Maybe the memories is still deeply etched in ppl's mind & the pain is still too much to bear..


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Sunday, December 10, 2006

What did u do last night?

Clubbing experience last night was awesome! First i met up with Sandy at Clarke Quay station , and we ate 4 pieces of exotic chocolates which cost me 5 bucks. Afterwhich we shopped for a while in Liang Court and bought ourselves the same bling bling necklace each. ^^

Met up with Johanna and her frens outside MOS and queued to get in. Got in pretty fast cuz the queue was still quite short. Drank a glass of mixers each and really felt too bored cuz it was too early to dance.. We then met up with winnie and her frens outside MOS cuz they gave up on queueing to get in.. And we went down to Dbl O instead.

Met daniel, jason, violin and rachel and the rest of their gang there to celebrate daniel's birthday and they really got him drunk in the end. Hmmmm`

Danced until damn high even w/o the drinks. Started off with me and hazel feeling so at eased with each other we even danced at the the highest spot on the dance floor. Darn cool. Afterwhich we drank and loiter and danced till about 4am where they're closed for the night and we bought some drinks from 7-11 and buzzed home in a cab. I really had a great time dancing with winnie's frens. Good good. ^^ Love those retro mixers.

Oh, before i forget.. Happy Birthday Daniel, only about 20 minutes time till u turn 26 ^^


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Saturday, December 09, 2006

1/2E1 dinner gathering

Dinner gathering with ex sec 1 and 2 classmates including the 2 form teachers was awesome last night.

It's been great that we can see each other again after sooo many years. ^^ And what made it more special is that Ms. Chan and Mr. Hoo were present as well. =)) Total present were the 20 of us, but still, it's very worthwhile and so dear to me. Love the memories kept in my head..

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Camel gold

2 girls dressed in camel gold colors taking picture in the galley after 11 hours and 53 min of work. Loony and shagged. I love to work with this dear girl!

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Woot feeling ultra chirpy now`

hehe` wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee` I ought not to feel happy since today and tml are my standby days, but still im elated~ Cuz they called me few hrs ago to activate me for a flight tml, which means that they won't activate me for any flight for the rest of the day~ Absolute awesomeness. Anyhow, yesterday's flight was good cuz the passengers were great and nice, plus we had good sales too, though it was an extremely tiring 4 sectors we had.

Shiok hehe` And after a long and tiring day last night, i reached home to find a christmas card from Sandy sitting nicely on my table. Thanks babe~ Luv ya! Yours' coming around soon. =)) I wanna go shop, i wanna go have fun and im really craving to sing k.. argh`

I can't wait to see all my sec 1 and 2 ex classmates coming friday for the dinner gathering, including the 2 form teachers they invited as well. Ultra cool! And good tt i've lost weight as well. I've checked today, 1 more kg down. hiak hiak hiak` Way to go!!

Good day everyone ^^

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Slumber party

3 jack russells sleeping on my bed hmmm

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I love to work!

Muahahha` Good cuz im working again today, better than staying at home and eating plus rotting. At least i dun eat so much when im working. ^^ Or what i call, fasting. hurhur` And i've finally dumped all my series into the hard disk drive woot! At least my lappy space is not so starved now. i love HDD hiak hiak hiak~

Today is gonna be a super long day. Planning these kinda 4 sectors can kill us. Going to Bangkok and Hatyai starting from about 2pm till 1am in the morning. -.- Wish me luck. Load should be full and even though passengers are our money payers, dun give us unreasonable ones please. ^^

Have a good day everyone.


Happy 20th Birthday Winnie!!!

May you have a great year ahead muacks! I just met her yesterday, but i miss her already.. Awwww`

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Im sooo bored..

Yesterday was my rest day and today's my day off. Sianz` Cuz it was supposed to be my day off on saturday, but SATS called me up and asked if i could do the late macau flight till the next morning and they'd trade me a rest off.. So i agreed and did it. Was chatting with Fara the whole night at the back galley and trying so hard not to sleep.

We finally touched down at about 5am the next morning, and waited for ahbang with the other colleagues from shenzhen. Actually there are only 4 of us waiting for Ahbang's van, all the others were waiting for lift. Anyway, it was cool cuz when Ahbang came, we flocked over to his van and it really seemed as though our sugardaddy's here rofl` Quite a funny sight hehe`

Simply laid down with Fara at the back of Ahbang's van cuz it's laid out in carpet as well as cushions. Shiok! lol` Slept all the way home cuz was too shagged.

I really wanna go out!!! So sick of staying at home. Argh` But so sad.. Nobody wants me... hmmmm`

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

And now like this... Hmmm

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Once like this....

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Watch dogs? What watch dogs?

I only have 3 dogs which have knocked out.

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Friday, December 01, 2006


Woot. This post is all about pictures. ^^ Uploaded the pics i've taken using my fone last night while winnie and i were camwhoring and really had great fun. Wheeeeee` Let's talk about my day first.. Had a good flight today to Chiang Mai, we even had ample time to go out and shop but the stuff were too expensive... Very cold weather as well over there but i absolutely hate tt stupid caucasian captain cuz he was tooo 'tiko' (READ: cheeky). Only my close friends knew what happened. Ar fuck it. He's an asshole. Anyhow, the flight was good and we came back early as well.

The roster is quite tight as well cuz everyone is clearing their annual leave. So i shall work doubly hard as well and enjoy and play hard when i have my hard-to-get annual leave from 26th to 31st december. ^^

Darling's coming over now!! He's so sweet, told me he's gonna take me out for supper cuz i told him i had no appetite and didn't eat much the whole day. I think my stomach's smaller now as compared to the past, which is good cuz i wanna keep on losing weight. hee` And he's bunking over for the night wheeeeeeeee` But he has to go back to camp tml night and i have to report for a flight early sunday as well. Hmmmm` Well well` Work hard~

Taken with Iris in Chiang Mai Intl Airport.. with the mountain which the Thailand Royal King retreats to when he needs some peace. And what's amazing is that when he retreats there, he'll make orders to shut off dunno how many tens thousands feet of airspace so that he won't be disturb. And everyone gotta change their flight plan lol`

Vittoria and me in the same area as well. ^^

And the rest of the shots were taken in Wisma last night with Winnie.

I really wanna adopt this Angel of Freedom but i didn't enquire on the details about it.
And then we were hanging around the Christmas deco lol`

Lol` We were trying to be funny here.. But failed miserably...

This is me which i took in the changing room. I simply love this oriental top which i got. Fits me to a T~

And i saw this at TopShop and fell in love with it. I wanna get this for my kid next time~ And also the lovely sneakers which we saw.. Awwwww I wanna have my own kids! ^^

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