Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Good food is sinful..

^^ Wheeeeeeeeeeeee` Today's my rest day =) Met up with winnie in AMK hub after i woke up... We lunched in New York New York. Winnie had the Penne Seafood Marinara and also NY Tropicana drink while i had their carborana & this frozen strawberry + mango drink. After which we went shopping muahahha`

I bought a box of durian puffs from four seasons, a racer back tee and some other snacks ^^ wahhahaha` The durian puffs really taste good, even sandy, yixian and mum who tried it gave good remarks... Gonna go back and buy them again some other day...

Went home and waited for sandy and yixian to reach my place.. They spent some time with my new puppy, slacked over at my place and we had dinner in Botak Jones, which is just a few blocks away from my place.. We order fish burger, fish & chips and the botak burger.. Whoa they're sooo nice! ^^ I'm gonna go back again, definitely. hee`

Gonna go sleep soon.. =) Morning flight tml. Keep safe everyone

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Relax and have fun..

Took mc yesterday.. Sianz, down with very bad eczema, yet again.. o.O And now, it didn't help much tt my face is sooo dry too.. Bah... Today im doing 4 sectors, long long way =) Hope it'll be good.

Stuff which i've done in the last couple of days:

- BBQ, which i haven't done in ages..
- Cooked drunken prawns and crabs lol` live prawns somemore.. hmmmm` We chopped ginger and put it into the pot of live prawns, plus salt and martell and marinated for a while b4 we steam it. Woot, quite shiok coz im not the one handling the live prawns o.O
- Saw someone eating a live prawn.. -.- As in just like tt.. Argh.. my stomach curls.. lol`

I really wanna go get Take That's albums.. Their songs are so nice. ^^

Footnote: people have faith in me, but i dunno if the things i'm doing or have done are wrong..

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

CNY day 5

Hmmmm totally no CNY mood le... I really feel like lo hei leh, but didn't buy it for my family this yr.. sianz..`

Yesterday i did the Guangzhou night flight.. Thanks to my buddy daryl who took me to work and fetched me home as well ^^ We had breakfast in AMK garden's Macdonalds before he sent me back home.. Had a good catch up session. Oh and i got my Valentine's present from him already. It's a Precious Moments Porcelain Figurine ^^ Sweet. I'm gonna start my collection from here. ^^

Only slept at 7am this morning and woke up round about 1+ pm.. Slacked around at home and then had dinner in Junction 8's Cafe Cartel with my family. My treat. hehe` ordered Oxtail Stew (extremely good), grilled salmon, softshell crab and prawns combo and also chix with linguine as well as nachos. Not bad not bad. It's to celebrate my daddy's birthday actually. ^^

Chris and i have also bought an MP3 player for him. =) And he really likes it alot wheeeeeeeee`

Shopped for a new dog leash, and i've gotten myself a pair of khakis from Giordano as well ^^

Spent lotsa Vitamin M, but im happy hee =))

Shots of me and Khabir in the aft galley...

Ain't he soooo adorable?

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cherish your life..

"We all can make a difference. We all have thousands of opportunities every single day to help realize the "natural order of things." So many seemingly trivial interactions between two people present us with a choice: Do we pass along a little spark of love and humanity or do we pass up opportunity, and leave the world a little bit colder in the process?"

Think thru the last quoted paragraph and ponder a little while over it.. It's true isn't it?

Just came back from flight and then supper in this lovely Taiwan noodles place in Hougang. =) Flight was good coz Nigel is sooo crappy and really very entertaining.

Quite shagged.. Gonna sleep soon le.. ^^ Ciao Ciao

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

CNY 3rd day..

Today's the 3rd day of the CNY and im still working like i oughta be.. Hmmmm` Hai.. There's really the invisible pressure from my mummy, coz of him.. I really did let him down..

Anyway, i was activated yesterday to do the morning flight to Haikou.. Only slept at 2am and SATS called me up at 3+am to operate the flight and reporting time is 5.10AM.. Hmmmm` Luckily daniel's on standby for me as well, hehe` So he did really take me to work early in the morning, and fetched me in the afternoon as well.. Sales was good and we really worked like crazy especially in the last sector..

So after my work ytd, we headed straight to meet daniel's khakis, bought KFC and went up to a friend's place for dinner. Ordered Canadian Pizza in as well.. Wanted to have steamboat in the first place, but abolished the idea coz we couldn't get the ingredients we wanted in Causeway Cold Storage..

Gambled after dinner - Blackjack. hehe` Headed for home about 9+pm. Had a good time. ^^

Today im working again.. Bah... doing 4 sectors later on.. =) Hope the load's not too full... I'm going crazy from all that working, especially ytd's flight..

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy CNY!

Today's a great great day! ^^

Last night daniel came to fetch me at nearing 12 midnight, we then headed down to Chinatown's ktv.. But ended up that there were no rooms available there already. So we went down to Shenton way's party world instead. =)

So the 6 of us stayed in the KTV room from 1am till about 5+am.. The girls sang while the guys played poker cards... We also ordered a bot of Martell so the total bill came to around 300 bucks. In the end ailing and her bf left early so the 4 of us finished the rest of the bot before leaving the place...

And for the rest of the day today, i stayed home with my whole family, had lunch and dinner together too... hee` Uber coolness.. ^^
Happy 1st Birthday to Jojo, my youngest jack russell!!

And guess what? Let's welcome the new family member!

The seed of love from Jojo & Jacky. ^^ Proud parents.

Ain't he sucha sweetie? So adorable and ultra cute lil creature ^^

Poor Jojo after giving birth.. under my parents' bed.. o.O hehe` Check out the blood, poor thing huh.. But im so proud of her.. She cleaned up the baby all by herself, licked him up and got him to be really clean. =)) But she's such a poor girl.. Today i saw how she crouched her body in a weird position and growled and groaned.. Must have been the really bad contractions..

Until now at this pt of time there's only 1 puppy. ^^ We're still expecting more and the next one can stretched up to a few hours to come out i think.. So yep, we're still waiting.. =)) I was sooooo touched tt i almost cried when i saw tt she has given birth. ^^ Shall bring her to the vet either tml or something, to check on her and her baby's/babies' conditon. Love you sweetie. ^^


My st. valentine's day present..

Triangel.. The pair of charmed dolls which can bring the best of luck. ^^ Thank you!

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Now.. what did i do for the past few days..

Today's my 4th day of flying and im so shagged out already.. Finally finished the 3 sectors of work today, had reunion lunch and dinner with Azrin, Khatijah and Faridah onboard wahahha ^^ Knocked off at 8 pm and rushed home in a cab for reunion dinner with my family.

Stuff i did for the last couple of days..

-Worked 4 days (and i did mentioned tt previously)..
-Dined in The Blue Hut by the beach in Pasir Ris Park, an extremely cool place!
-Dinner in NYDC followed by chill out session at East Coast..
-Shopping in AMK Hub with Kelly after work ytd. (Got stuff from Body Shop and a pair of slip ons)

My favourite hangout seems to be the beach nowadays. ^^ muahaha` And it was darn cool coz on valentine's day when i was on my way out, i met my god brother in the station itself.. And also met my sec sch ex classmate Shufeng just inside Royce when i was queuing to get chocolates. Muahahha` =)

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The roster for the next 2 wks of the month is very tight.. Hmmm` And i only get to have chu yi off for the CNY.. Well.. What to do, I'm gonna try to keep my rostered flights and not fall ill *cross fingers..

Wheee im thinner?

Shikin and me working at the back! hee` ^^ I'm gonna have great fun today and tml hmmmm` =)

tata everyone, have a great valentine's day!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Work is good..

Coz it numbs my feelings.. And at the end of the day, i only feel tired, physically and mentally, and not anything else.. Been working hard for the past few days, for my hard earned 2 days off, today and tml. =)

What did i do for the past few days after work? Slept whenever i can, had very late dinner with a friend in Jalan Kayu, that same indian muslim stall wahhaha` Shopped at the MAD flea market and da bao Selegie tau hway home =)) And ytd we had supper after my flight in Balastier. Love the bak kut teh there.. ^^ Hanged out till about 3am then went home..

Life's good, nothing to expect too much about.. Just be easily contented and i'll be very happy already. Planning for a stay in slumber party tonight with my dearest girls!! And also to cook dinner over at my place. =)) Can't wait can't wait..

Vitamin M on my account running low, and i dun even dare to see how much balance i've got left lol` This is crazy.. hee` But still i wanna enjoy myself. ^^

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Retail therapy.. now i need more vitamin M..

Hmmm just reached home not long ago.. Today i did morning flight with Vittoria! hehe` I love to work with her. ^^ Today was also the last time i fly with michelle too, coz her last flight will be on 12th.

After the flight Vittoria and is started our big big shopping spree.. I realised tt when i go shopping and i dun buy stuff, i dun even get a single item. But when i do, i spend alot o.O

Started off our shopping in Budget Terminal DFS.. bought Dior Lip Gloss and then went down to Tampines Mall to shop somemore. We had a very early dinner in Ajisen and then to Isetan and then OG to shop..

Items i've gotten today:

Tiger Key chain (with jet sound and lights) - 15
Dior Lip Gloss - 29.20
Bourjois Red Lippie - 22.90
Eyebrows Trim - 10
Eyebrow color and brush set - 45.95
Toothbrush - 4.50

This is crazy.. lol` I still have another flight with Vittoria tml... hope we won't go shopping thereafter again.. Wahhahahaha` I've spent more than a hundred today just on make up...

And come to think of it, Vittoria and i definitely have the same taste coz we chose the exact color for the dior lip gloss and the lippie. hmmmmm` kewl`

Alright.. im in a very dreamy mood now.. Shall go "orh orh" le..

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

I love to go out with my dearie!

Met up with winnie ytd during my day off wheeeeeeeeee` It was great seeing her after quite some time! ^^ We did some shopping and then dinner at Lerk Thai. =)) And also great hokkaido ice cream =) Winnie chose the green tea flavor and i had the strawberry and blueberry flavor.. yummy!!! Kudos to it, im definitely gonna try it again..

After which i caught a movie with a friend in cineleisure at 11.50pm. The little children starring kate winslet.. Not bad lar.. But it's a show which doesn't require u to ponder alot, hmmmmm very straight forward, which is actually not too much of my taste =X Anyhow, i enjoyed the movie hee`

Gonna enjoy today as well, before i get back to work!

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Now it's time to rest..

I finally slept 'gao gao' for the past 11 hrs.. =)) Whoa.. I was soooo super shagged out yesterday coz i've been working very hard and playing very hard as well, resulting in going home very late after work and having only 4 hrs or less to sleep every night.. Rofl`

I had a good dinner on monday at east coast hawker centre!! Love the food there muahahha` Ordered lotsa stuff like mussels, stingray, kai lan veggie and also beef noodles. =)

Work was not bad too.. And Sales quite average..

Im going out with winnie later on in the late afternoon! And she calls me lala baby wahhaha` Dear dear friends, thanks for giving me the support in my decision. I know u might not approve of what im doing now, but im doing it for myself, just this once..

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sweet stuff gets me on sugar high..

Think im having indigestion now.. Argh.. bleah.. bah.......` Had lunch with a nice friend at junction 8's crystal jade kitchen.. Ordered their noodles, chee cheong fun, BBQ pork pastry, shrimp paste fried chicken and mango pudding. Whoa.. hehe` ^^ My treat this time lol` Still prefer the dim sum in La mian xiao long bao =))

After which went jalan jalan around for a while before going home.. Had a good nap since i have to wake up early tml morning..

But halfway thru got dragged out of bed by daryl.. He suddenly called me when i was napping and told me to open my door.. Hmmmm this dear friend of mine, got half a dozen of doughnuts from donut factory for me.. Said he queued for an hr. Sweet huh ^^ Thanks buddy!! Arigato. *salutes

And i was supposed to wake up at 5+am to prepare for work so that i can take the train and then report at 8.15am.. And daryl's offered to gimme a lift tml wheeeeeeee` Thus i dun need to wake up so early le.. muahahha`

Some shots taken over at JT's birthday party:

Muahaha winnie do u remember this? Doritis Pulcherrima ^^the orchid we used for our final yr project

* im single now. ^^ Now i can commit myself to the things i really wanna do and really be myself.

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A very good morning...

Blogging at 6am.. Only a crazy lass would do this.. o.O Just settled down at home after a flight to Guangzhou.. 2 nights back was crazyyyyyy and damn fun.. Went to St. James Powerhouse with the guys, had a damn good time.

Before tt, i met up with Bev to get my favourite pineapple tarts! hehe` After which we headed down to Vivocity and met up with the others.. Went into the boiler room first. Darn cool.. hee` Enjoyed the music there, roamed around the powerhouse into various pubs and all.. Wanted to get into Dragonfly, but the queue was crazy and not moving at all.. So we ended up back at square one - the Boiler Room again for the party..

Ordered one whole barrel of tiger beer this time round. Added stout into it as well o.O Whoa. hehe` Totally enjoyed the music yadar yadar yadar.. Danced till round about 4am before we finally decided to get home.. Virgin trip to St. James, Rock on!

Got well rested at home and then headed down for work ^^ Today's my rest day.. Hmmmm` Gonna have to sleep my full 8 hrs now.. ciao ciao

P.S: Now im craving for the very authentic Japanese bento which can cost up to 35 bucks per set just opposite tanjong pagar CPF building.. Hmmmmm yummy.. ^^

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Haircut, hair color & stayhome thursday

Stayed home whole of thursday, managed to get an appointment with Davis, my hairstylist in the afternoon. ^^

Got down to Hair Journal to do my hair, cut and color. Chose the light ash brown color coz i can't do too obvious ones.. Trimmed my hair too, now the back's shorter and can really see the difference in the length at the base. ^^

Spent some time with mum, had sesame paste and dumplings dessert with her.. Got myself a pair of peep toe heels as well. Hmmmmm` ^^

Remember i mentioned the gurl who approached me ytd and i left my contacts? The model agency called me up today and told me to go down for an interview.. Hmmmm` So i'll be going down coming monday.. But of coz i won't be duped into signing some stuff if they expect me to pay money upfront lar.. well.. hmmmmm`

Before Haircut..

After the haircut with mummy!

Yes, i know the color's not obvious.. Don't suan me le....


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Lovely day off ^^

Blogger ate up all the text in this post last night. Damn it.. Luckily i wasn't too wordy last night, if not i'll feel more heartache..

So as i was blogging, i wanted to find a shopping khaki ytd but nobody could make it.. Coz even sandy wanted to go shop with her sister, but ended up her sister backed out and i went with her. hee ^^

We were supposed to meet at 3pm at city hall control station, but she was late so i was left to the songs in my fone while waiting for her at the stairs.. Then the lady came along, trotted up the steps towards me, thought she wanted to just sit in front of me, but she walked all the way up to my face, giving me a small fright..

Then she said she's from an advertising company and she finds my smile very nice.. (No i do not smile randomly at ppl -.-) Anyway, i left my contacts and she gave me her name card, saying she'll contact me if she have any assignments for me.. Hmmmmm` o.O

So when sandy reached, we headed first to Raffles City and then to Suntec..

- Sakae Sushi (36 bucks for both of us)
- Red nail lacquer frm Skin Food (4.50)
- Pinkie Ring (12)
- Vaseline Body Moisturizer (6.90)
- Satin tube top (19)
- 2 G strings from La Senza (20)

And after tt, i went to check out the prawn pond near the golf course in bishan. ^^ Wheeeeeeeee` Wanna go fishing and prawning someday. hee` Thanks thanks for ur company =)

Today's my day off as well! But im gonna leave today for mummy.. Or else she'll complain again.. Hmmmm`

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