Friday, March 30, 2007

The vineyard man >.<

Finished watching the above korean serial drama. Nice plot, lovely happy ending. ^^ Really very uplifting, the reason behind my smile now.

I'm quite bored.. I know i really have to go tuck myself into bed and give myself prolly less than 2 hrs of power nap. But hmmmm` really dun feel like sleeping wor. =( Tonight im operating the Darwin flight, touch down only 6+ am the next morning.. Hope tonight's load is light and it'll be a good and safe flight. ^^ Think i'll equip myself with a novel for tonight's flight. hehe` Luckily the crew's good for tonight flight muahahha`

Ran some errands a while ago, applied for my debit card which is gonna take eons to come, bought lunch and food for tonight's party in the skies. Did alot of laundry.. Played with my dogs.. Listened to moosic.. Bah... What else can i do.. It's sooooo boring at home.

I'm quite addicted to Pink's 'U & ur hand' now.. It's such a don't-mess-with-me-&-attitude kinda song. Love it.

Love comes when it's least expected.. Hmmmm` And when u do realise it, u've fallen deep within. Amazing huh` I guess in this case, u could use the phrase 'stumbled upon'. *wink Sleep on this tonight and think about it k? ^^

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I've been tagged!

Here it goes:

These are the rules: Each player of this game starts out by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 peoples to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog!

1) i like to sing 'lalala' for no apparent reason when i go out with people whom i love alot!
2) i don't really love fast food, but i simply love fast food stashes in brown paper bags. (reason:i love the smell those brown paper bags have.. & i still have a few brand new BK ones left in my cupboard)
3) i'll look at those ppl whom i love when i go out with them.. Study their features and really keep their faces locked in my heart.
4) Shhhhhhh i eat the whole pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream just by spooning them right out of the pint.. By a few installments of coz.. But i feel tt it's such a waste if i were to scoop them into mugs coz some will melt and be left in the mug =(
5) I'd say 'i love u' to ppl whom i really love, coz it's considered weird since normal chinese ppl dun do tt. o.O Like erm... who'll say 'i love u' to their frens and mummy like i do? =)
6) i love food, but it'd take me second thoughts to wolf down oysters and celery... hmmmm`

Next few people to do this:
1) Wing man..
2) Sandy
3) Jolene

Bah.. 3 will do bah.. not much ppl will come and read my blog anyway.. ^^


The Number 23 sucks. lol` Though i really like jim carrey, but he can't act for nuts in serious films like this. Hmmmmm` He should go do remake of the mask or something wahahhaha.. Caught the show with daniel in marina square ytd at 9pm.. Before tt we had lovely ice cream from tt jap restaurant which i forgot the name again.. bah...` Think it's Azabu Soba or something.. o.O lol

Shopped around, but forgot to get the Levis vouchers le.. hmmmm` will do so quite soon i hope..
Packed supper from s-11 home coz both of us were quite shagged out... He never fails to perk me up everytime we go out. I feel sooo xinfu. ^^

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Winnie & i are gonna get wedded tonight

Did u hear those wedding bells ringing in the background? lol` hmmmm` Had a good lunch with winnie just now in Botak Jones. She came over to my place and 'nua' till now hmmmmm` Both of us logged into our respective msn in my room, then we chatted with nick.. wahahhaha` And winnie told her we were hanky panky-ing.. rofl.

Nick said winnie must be the guy coz she has a temper and i must be the gurl coz im more feminine. muahahaha` Anyhoos, im soooo enjoying my day at home.. Though im kinda broke but still, pay's coming in!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee` And ppl are owing me lotsa money. o.O

Alrighty, might be going out with dan the man tonight. ^^ Ciao!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I need to take good care of my body..

I wanna just do tt right now, and let my body regain its best form.. =( hmmmm` Yesterday's flight was long and gruel.. Luckily sales was good, else there's nothing which can compensate for my tired body.

I keep meeting familiar people onboard lately.. Just last week i met the guy who interviewed me for tt model thingy onboard my guangzhou flight. Then few days ago i met this HongKong actor who always filmed as an extra on the phuket flight i think.. And yesterday i had this singapore extra who was onboard too, plus also Tiger CEO who came back on the return flight from Haikou back to singapore.

No wonder i was thinking how come this guy so weird.. Coz i did the boarding, and this group of ang mohs just came onboard.. Then this particular guy (CEO) just asked me who's the captain and proceeded into the cockpit hmmmm` lol` So thru'out the flight he chatted with us at the back too =) Very friendly guy..

Daniel fetched me from work last night.. But i was soooo shagged tt i didn't wanna go have dinner/supper with him after tt.. Just got him to send me home. Sweet.

Slept quite alot as compared to the last few days today.. Today's my day off. Met up with Sandy in Compass point to get birthday present for Jo. Got her the PUMA jacket she likes alot and also 50 bucks Levis voucher.. Shopped for the box, card and ribbon too. Hope to be able to meet her someday to pass it to her. We got the levis voucher in amk hub.. Slacked around, bought herbal tea before we left for home..

My body was so tired, sick and aching tt i slept right after i got home for about a couple of hours before i was woken up by daniel's call at 8+ pm telling me to open my house door to collect the osmanthus drink he bought for me.. Quite abrupt, but sweet. Hope my throat will heal soon.. Bah.. sucks.. Coz i've been making announcement for most of my flights.. Went to visit the doctor in compass pt too, and doctor made me took MC for tml's flight..

Can't wait for end of the month to come, in just another 2 days time. And i'll be a rich woman again muahahha` Really tempted to get the Levis "Ashley" red tab jeans today. Soooo pweeedy =) keke shall not dream le.. ^^

And now i need Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream to ease my throat.. =) Tell me i'm xinfu..

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Minimum rest

I'm so shagged now.. though i know i should be in bed sleeping now, but doesn't matter since blogging is just a matter of minutes... =)

Technically yesterday's flight was alright, nth special happened.. Bought eye gel, moisturiser and jurlique rosewater facial spray ytd before flight.. =) Bliss.... hehe` Daniel came to fetch me home from flight and we had nice supper in punggol coffee shop.. But it's such a shame i wasn't in time to send yx into the boarding gate coz she just departed for Shanghai earlier on. muacks i'll miss her alot, my dear gurl

More vitamin M to spend on upcoming birthdays for the april babies.. wahhahahha` Nitey nite nite..

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Polka dots unite.. (Warning: Visual explosion ahead)

Compress the pictures from JY's 21st birthday to make them smaller size. ^^ So here goes! The polka dots unite =)) Hmmm most of the gurls were from 4E3 except pam, bennie and cao ying. Nonetheless, it was a very good gathering for us.

Sandy & the birthday gurl JingYun

JY & ToongYeng

Johanna & JY

Huiping & JY (HP's still as princessy as ever hee ^^)

The whole grp of us with the birthday gurl and her niece

JY & Caoying, check out the extra hands all behind the both of them lol`

JY & Wang Qian

JY & Pamela

Bennie & JY

JY & me..

Sandy & JY

Me & JY again.. She's my good BFF!! ^^

Toongyeng, me, jy and caoying. They're really great company. =)

The whole lot of us again..

And again!

JY, me and Sandy..

And one more..

Me & JY.. =)

And again...

Sandy & JY.. lol` This is really a cute candid shot..

I miss them alot now.. hmm` It was great having to meet up and catch up with each other. ^^

My weekend was really cool. Spend lotsa time 24-7 with someone whom i treasure alot. Chalet was extreme fun. Cook up sessions were great, doing nth and just stoning in front of tv trying to watch cartoon was great too. hehe` Well what can i do, it's his taste hehe` Luckily i didn't succumb to watching TMNT (Teenage mutant ninja turtle) with him today hee`

Check out of chalet today, went back to his place to leave all the stuff we couldn't finish, played with his dogs and watched abit of spongebob squarepants before we left for Junction 8. Wanted to catch a movie but too bad, the timings are not too good coz most of the tickets for the shows are selling fast.. hmmm` Next time perhaps.

Had a good lunch, walked around the place, and really had nth to do.. So we had dessert in Haagen Dazs ^^ Muahahhha` Fondue for 2. Awesomest! lol` And definitely sinful.. Think i've put on alot of weight from all tt non stop eating for the past 3 days. bah..`

Me with daniel's golden retriever ^^ Cool huh, Love his coat of fur and he's soooo huggable

Me and Kelly in the galley after flight ^^

And again...

Me and James in briefing room after flight. =)

I'm soooo earning big bucks for this month coz i operated so many flights. muahahha` I'm a small rich woman ^^

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Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm very contented..


i have a very lovely mum who dotes alot on me and i can't live w/o her as well.

i have an elder brother who views me as one of the most important woman in his life.

i have best female friends (BFFs) who really rock my world coz they're very dear to me..

i have some friends whom im really making effort to keep in contact with.. Not so close but still held very special places in my heart. So pardon me if im not doing enuff..

i might have found my mr. right. Well, we'll see where life takes us. but im sure he'll be a good family man who can take care of me.

im not earning alot now in my current job. but it feels just great to work with crew i really enjoy and to have fun together. nothing beats a tiring flight and then returning to the briefing room to see all my beloved colleagues in the same room as well after their respective flights. And then perhaps meeting for a coffee/lunch after that.

im very contented simply because i love my life as it is now =) and let's put it this way. u'll never know how to cherish ur life until one day u realise it when u survive something which endangers ur life. And i did few months back. Operating flights are not as casual and easy as u think or i used to think it is. So let's make an effort to really cherish our lives and tell the ppl close to u that u love them. Don't be afraid to express it.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Ben & Jerry's strawberry cheesecake ice cream gets me high..

And Chris is being such a nice brother.. He gave me a new pair of sony ericsson walkman plug in earphones. ^^ And even offered to upgrade my fone's M2 card. Sweet. I'm so gonna enjoy my days starting from tml.. I've got a long and darn good weekend coming up. Woot~

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Nine hundredth & second chapter of my life

The world is so wonderful. Take sometime off ur daily regime and look out of ur bedroom window into the night sky =)

Flights for the past couple of days were good and exciting, except for a couple of small insignificant stuff.. Slammed my left side of the body against the wall panel couple of days back due to turbulence, and it still hurts a bit now. Hope i'll be fine soon.

I finally got my due rest yesterday and today. Felt so much better now coz i think i've messed up my body with my tight schedule. Even my batchmate referred to me as the superwoman. Lotsa flights, minimum rest. Bah`

Stayed home to have ample rest yesterday, then i met up with Daniel in the evening to head down to PS to shop.. Finally gotten my blue eyeshadow.. Had a good dinner and then more shopping in Daiso and Carrefour.. =) Time just passes so fast. I really love Daiso!!! So many interesting stuff there hee`

Today i brought mummy to NUH for her check up with the Cancer Centre. She managed to overcome her breast cancer in 2003. So i told her she should stand up and tell the rest of the women out there who've gotten this illness not to give up. I admire her coz she's such a strong lady. Took her for mammography as well. hehe` We really had a good time coz i told her lotsa jokes making her laugh all the time. Think we really came out of the same mould like what Daniel mentioned.

We then cabbed to PS where i brought her to Daiso, knowing tt she'll love the place!! muahahah` We spent hours there and bought a couple of stuff before we cabbed back home. =) I love my queen.

Tml i'll be working with kelly!! Can't wait muahahhahaha` Good flight ahead ^^

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Sunday, March 18, 2007

im telling myself work is good...

Yea it really is, when the sales is super good coz u dun feel sleepy when u're busy.

Been working quite long hours for flight these 2 days.. Operating 3 sectors on the 16th was pure good fun coz the new batch steward who was attached to me thru'out the flight was outspoken and fun to work with, so teaching him was no problem at all. And sales was real good too =) But for yesterday's flight, the new crew who was attached to me was not really fun to work with coz she's tooooooo soft spoken and doesn't seem keen enuff to learn.

Hmmmm` whichever way, i got activated for today's 4 sectors flight.. Bah` What's new. o.O It's a weekend so MC rate's high.. And today im gonna work with the same 2 crews i worked with ytd.
Have to get prepared after i finished blogging.. Thanks to sweetie who fetched me home after my flights for the past 2 days. =) Supper was good too..

Hope today's sales will be good. Can't wait for next week to come, so i can really unwind and enjoy myself at the chalet! ^^ Kudos!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Life's taking its toll on my Vitamin M..

I've really enjoyed my 2 days off yesterday and today! muahahahha` Yesterday i stayed home to rest for the entire day, except having going to amk hub to get lunch and then back home. Daniel came to take me out for dinner at 8pm. We then shopped around in Taka and i managed to get my green eyeshadow for work. Kudos!

Twas such a coincidence tt i actually saw Merc as well.. Hmmm she's married ^^

He then brought me to this place for dinner which i have no idea where it's at.. We had very nice 'Xin Hua' (Chinese dialect minority) lor mee & also fried fish. Very nice and unique! hehe` I simply love the broth of the mee..

We then headed to Vivo, walked for a while, found a good place with a nice scenery to chat before we went over to St. James.. Waited for quite sometime for my colleagues Kelly and michelle to turn up.. And while waiting, we enjoyed the live band music & beer in The Boilers Room.. After which we went down to the Powerhouse to meet up with them and Kelly's frens as well..

Really enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, drank some vodka OJ, vodka ribena, tequila shots and more beer. First experience drinking tequila shots, whoa` Super hot stuff. Totally burnt my throat hehe.. Love tt salt and lemon after tt though. Went home at 3+ nearing 4am coz daniel has to wake up at 5 to help out in the shop.

Me & Michelle

Me, Kelly, Kelly's fren & Michelle

Me & Daniel


And as for today, i had a good day as well! Caught the movie - The Messengers with Chris in AMK central. Lunch before that as well plus popcorn combo. Hmmmmmmm`

Shopping after the movie...

Spag top - 8 bucks
Court shoes - 19.90
CLEO mag - 4.20
White gold box chain necklace from Goldheart - 86 bucks
Mum's wide smile - Priceless

Bought a white gold box chain necklace from Goldheart for mummy for her birthday next month, but can't wait coz i just wanna make her happy. =) Joined as a member for Goldheart as well.. Hoping to make other purchases from there again. Jewellery makes woman happy.

My annual leave is approved! Hoping to spend some time with dearest. ^^ Love u baby

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

omg.. i feel so paiseh..

Check this out.. omgomg.. Actually i thought tt i looook soooooo much like doreen, my younger cousin in the 1st pic. hmmmmm. serious.. rofl` Crappy lar.. Found this picture in wing's profile.. And for caption she put "From nerd to pretty, From geek to sleepy look.. 2 years difference, still buds!"

yea man still buds, but u dun make me paiseh leh wahahhahahah` I miss u heaps my dearest buddy!!!!! Later i go crazy go hk find u how?

And i've grabbed this shot from Katie's shot. hehe` It's a shot of Faridah, KAtie and me inside the cockpit =)) I love working with them!

Yesterday before Daniel sent me to work in the evening, we had dinner in Bugis' Causeway Bay Cafe.. i love their strawberry milk ice, it's soooooo sweet and nice. Totally dig it. muahahha`

Flight was much too unbearable, with long hours, very unruly passenger who hit on me, tired physique.. everything's just bad. Anyway, reached home, bunked in from 6-9am.. But can't seem to get to sleep anymore.. argh`

Am gonna let my hair down tonight! Woot`

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Finally i can take a breather..

Uploaded some shots taken in JY's 21st birthday party. ^^

I really dunno what's sandy doing behind hehe` But this is a nice shot!

Me & the birthday girl!

I love this shot the most! Me & ToongYeng ^^

Me & Huiping!

Caoying & JY.. They looook soooo cute dun they?

Finally i've gotten my due beauty sleep last night.. Slept more than 12 hrs coz i knocked out at 9 pm and only woke up at 10+ this morning. Been sleeping for only 3-5 hrs each night for the past week or so.. Twas crazy.. And today im doing a night flight till tml morning and after tt i'll get 2 days off wheeeeeeeeee` Working straight for 6 days is no joke.. Must have taken a toll on my body.

And just as im typing this, SATS called again. fuck lor. i have rostered flights, and i dun wanna be still be at their beck and call. -.- Dumb.

Anyway, yesterday i had a good flight with my colleagues. =) Took medicine from Terminal 2's raffles clinic and bought some pretzels for dearie and myself. ^^ After tt i headed home and bathed.. And daniel got me out again lol` We had dinner in Sushi Tei in Serangoon Gardens.. We had cha soba, yasai and prawn tempura don, sushi sashimi, salmon maki and also wakame salad ^^ Wheeeeeeeee` It was a great dinner!! We had a really good time chatting with each other and he never fails to perk me up.

We jalan jalan around there and bought some goodies for my dogs before he sent me home for a good night's rest.. ^^

I just wanna be me, and it feels great with you around.. I'm willing to give 'us' a chance..

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Very fulfilling days i've had..

Been working very hard for the past couple of days. Tomorrow will be my 5th day of flying le.. =) 2 more days till my 2 days offs! Wheeeeeeee` Gonna work hard towards it. wahahhaha` On friday after my bangkok flight, i met up with Vittoria after her flight as well to have lunch/dinner in Terminal 1's Popeye chicken and biscuit. My first time trying it and the chicken taste really good!! Better than KFC muahahhaa`

We had a really good catch up session with each other, talking about the flights we had, the encounters we've met.. Time spent chatting with her never seemed enuff hmmm` We then headed home ^^ Took bus to seletar camp and daniel fetched me home from there..

As for Saturday, it was a very very packed and fun day! hehe Did the Clark flight in the morning till afternoon, bought donuts from phillipines for jy and sandy. Daniel was really nice coz he drove me around the whole day.. He took me to work, from work back home to bath and change, and then to jurong point where i met up with Sandy to go to JY's place.. Sweet.

Had a good time at JY's 21st birthday party!!! muahahah` Hope she had darn good fun too =) Spent a great deal of time chatting up with Wang Qian, Toong Yeng, hui ping & Cao ying.. Wheeeeeeeee` So happy to see them in such a long time ^^

I left at about 11pm from JY's place.. Daniel then fetched me to the prawn pond beside the jurong bird park and did prawning ^^ I simply sat there and slack hehe coz was too stone le.. Left at 12midnight coz really can't take it and was too sleepy.. Went home and bunked in ^^

10th March will be a very very special day for us. ^^ I'll always bear it in my heart.

And as for today, i was called up for only 2 sectors of phuket flight.. So i touhed down at 11+ am.. Thanks to daniel again who took me to work and fetched me home. We had a very good lunch in Crystal Jade Toa Payoh.. ^^ Shopped around and then headed to his place where we slacked and watched vcds. Had dinner at his place as well coz his mum prepared very nice ingredients today. Was very amateur at making popiah, but twas a fun experience! And erm.. very jittery coz had a formal introduction to his family members plus uncles and aunties... o.O

Well well, morning flight tml again! I can do it!

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Thursday, March 08, 2007


Just uploaded some shots...

Taken at home with my dearest brother - Jacky

Sandy & me in Vivocity..

Tired after 1 whole day of shopping.. Though didn't gather much rofl`Just look at how our faces squirmed..

After Haircut.. Still looks pretty much the same, but style more distinct and can only be seen sideways hehe`

Bad day today. me and my colleagues seemed to have been in bad luck today.. Well well.. i really hate those uncouth passengers o.O But sales was pretty good anyway. And im glad to have very lovely colleagues around me ^^

Anyway, i have soooooo much snacks at home now. lol` And im gonna buy myself more Kettle chips. They're sooo hearty and delicious! Have lotsa pretzels at home too, plus packs of small cornflakes and koko crunch, lotsa chocolates and ben & jerry's ice cream! wheeeeeeeeeeeee` rofl` I'm a happy gurl..

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Long and tiring day..

I didn't even rest much on my day off.. That's very bad hehe` Woke up at 10pm, got ready and went out to meet sandy in vivocity at 12 noon.. First time i really shopped there coz the 1st time i went there was coz daniel parked his car in vivo and we just walked abit b4 we headed to St. James..

Started off our shopping trip with Zara! hehe` I bought a top from there shortly after we reached.. Had lunch in Sakae Sushi, wanted to treat Sandy but ended up only paying 2/3 of the bill.. wahhaha`

We then walked around, trying to find a nice watch to get for Jingyun's 21st birthday but to no avail, not even any DKNY or Guess watches caught our eyes.. Bah.. We've only thought of getting the RipCurl watch for her.. Shopped in Tangs and come across the Ferragamo series of fragrances.. ^^ So after considering for a while, we got her a 100ml Incanto Charms fragrance, 30ml Incanto and also 3 other Ferragamo miniatures plus a very chic looking bag for only $130. ^^ quite cheap =)) And 5 different scents, woot~

Walked around aimlessly after tt, saw Fann Wong filming a tv series i think... Slacked around, got my contact lens solution, a card and some ribbons for JY, and also pretzels from Candy Empire...
Finally bid each other goodbye at 5+ and went home for dinner. Went for a haircut as well, now my hair's neat and nice wheeeeeeee`

Gonna start a long working week again. Hope my body can take it. Cheerios! Can't wait to try on my new mascara tml`

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Finally my day off ^^

Today's my day off wheeee, finally after flying for 5 days.. Hmmmm` So shagged now, and to use shag to describe me is an understatement..

2 days ago after my morning flight, went home to accompany mum and brought her out to amk hub ^^ Shopped for a while in NTUC xtra and gotten 55 bucks worth of groceries ^^ Wahhah` just these 2 woman, so we carried the heavy stuff home, or rather i carried most of it since she has arthritis.. hee`

Had a good time shopping with her, since i haven't gone out with her for a long time, really missed it.. hmmm` Met my primary sch classmate Annabelle in amk hub too! hehe` Such a coincidence.. And my mum was happy to see her too coz i spoke to my mum about her before..

And as for yesterday after my morning flight, i went home, chatted with my parents for a while, settled down and then napped for an hour before i meet up with daniel for dinner in junction 8.. We actually wanted to try the amk's famous crab beehoon, but the coffeeshop was full and the queue was amazingly long.. Hmmm` So we settled for Ding Tai Feng, finally it's my treat today. hehe` Coz he always refuses to let me pay.

Tried their fried rice, la mian, mixed vegetables in vinegar sauce and xiao long bao.. The last 2 were very nice but the first 2 were quite plain and erm. .boring..

Slacked for a while in J8, headed to his place to watch anime and then went back home a while ago..

Gonna enjoy my day off tml coz it's gonna be a long week ahead.. o.O

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Monday, March 05, 2007

now i know how shagged i can get..

And tt's how it is when i work long long sectors for 3 days straight.. Gonna do so later on as well.. I'll be working like a mad woman for this roster.. But it can help take my mind off things. =)

Thanks to daniel for fetching me home everyday from work. hehe` Sweet. We've been having sinful supper everyday -.- We had our virgin experience in Mad Jack in Jalan Kayu and the fish & chips is not bad.. Wanted to try it long ago coz yx and sandy said it was good.. hee` And 2 days back, we tried the very nice bak chor mee in the punggol nasi lemak coffeeshop after my flight ^^ Nice too!!

And yesterday after flight, we caught 'Hannibal Rising' in The Cathay. Before the movie, we 'lo hei' in East Coast Park! It was darn cool! Coz i told him i didn't manage to eat yu sheng over CNY coz too busy working le.. And he actually bought yusheng from a chinese restaurant in East Coast Park before he picked me up.. It was really delicious ^^ After the movie, we headed down to the same coffeeshop again, this time i had the meatball soup and punggol nasi lemak chicken wing. =) Yummy.. Even da bao some back for chris.

Good glorious food! And i managed to lao yu sheng on the very last minute of the 15th day of CNY! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee`

Alot of stuff happened over the past couple of days.. My uncle just passed away, wondering how my grandma's taking it.. but still i gotta work don't i? Got very distracted but ar.. whatever.. I'll get over it..

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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Tell me how it should be like..

It's extremely painful when u have to touch your old wounds and talk about it. But it's good when you have good colleagues who can really show empathy and listen to you and discuss about it.

Thanks to Airwan, Shazila and Angela Sung for the flight yesterday. Feelings do fade, but it really depends on how strong both parties want it to work. Thanks to a special someone who's always there for me, but i really dun wanna commit myself to any relationship now. And i do appreciate all your effort..

Just when i really thought i've found my mr right and about to bring the relationship to a higher level, it has to happen. And i've never regret my decision and i won't take back my words. I won't look back, i'll put my faith in my future and yes, the next one will be better, but really, not now at this point of time, it's all happening too fast.

He'll always be a man who holds a special position in my heart - my first love. ^^

And now, i just wanna enjoy singlehood, which i've never had the chance to before.. I was quite touched yesterday by how Airwan held her 2 mths gf in high adoration and spoke to me so much about her and how they really click. Normal guys dun do that, but he's one of the few gems whom i know who really does tt. And i really wonder if i'll ever meet a guy like tt, telling his frens and colleagues her gf's characteristics and really showing how much he loves her..

I really hope i can meet such sensual guys who're able to express their love and really put in the effort. I like mature men, not boys.

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