Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm flabbergasted.

And totally disgusted by your behaviour. What i posted in my blog are all real stuff about my daily life. I don't care whether you choose to believe or not. But thank you that i actually have such an avid reader wanting to find out the truth in my life.

This is the truth. Take it or leave it. If you have been wanting to find out more about my life by reading my blog. Make peace with it. Don't act childish and absolutely immature and come calling my brother and asked about the truth.

After my brother told me you said you'd show me 'yan se kan' for cooking up stories about me visiting your parents, i knew i've made the right choice. All these while i've been telling myself no matter my choice of breaking up with you is right or wrong, i must stick to it and not go back on my words. But now i know i've left behind a very immature boy and my decision is definitely right.

Actions do show it. Maybe you still do not understand why i broke up with you. Maybe you won't understand the reason all your life. If your parents denied that i went over to your place to visit them, then let it be, coz they just wanna hide it from you. So don't come calling my brother asking about the truth and then claiming that maybe i was just trying to cover up coz i went to visit daniel's parents instead. And then telling MY brother who's been siding me for all my life that you'll give me yan se kan. Fuck you! You're nobody.

Absolutely WTF. Even a friend whom im not so close to like Jiating can say WTF when i told her about this. Seriously, this just showed that you're an ultimate immature person and i do not regret my decision at all. You made it even more clear the decision's a right one.

I've always wanted to really talk to you after the break-up, trying very hard for us to be friends again, being snubbed by you always in MSN conversations. My brother said to give you time and i sincerely hope so and still haven't given up on the idea. But now what? It's never going to happen i guess. Because you're childish. Nuff said. I've given a piece of my mind. Truth is maybe i'll never even be able to sit side by side with my ex to have dinner.

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Darwin flight

Last night i operated the flight to Darwin. Before that, daryl came to fetch me and we had dinner together in Tampines Mall. Tried the Teppanyaki again hehe` Had a good chat-up session with this buddy then he sent me to the airport for my work.

Darwin flight was fun with Wendy, Apple and Isabelle. And we have the new inflight entertainment onboard and they didn't attend the training at all, so i was the only one who knows how to use it and how to do the paperwork. Feedback from the passengers were great! ^^

Touched down at 6+ this morning. Went back to briefing room to count money and then i chatted inside with Wendy till 7+ before we decided to get back home else we'll be sleeping inside.

And so i slept at 9am, woke up at 4+pm.. Super shagged. And feeling really quite bad now coz i learnt of the news tt dearest' not coming back until friday.. Thought i could cuddle in with him today and tml.. No choice.. He's sad too. Oh well.. And also of another matter which i'll specially dedicate the next post to.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

931st episode of my life..

Right now im missing my dearest.. It's a Sunday afternoon where normal couples will be cuddling in each other's arms. ^^ hee` But dearest went for outfield.. Anyway, Can't wait to see him tomorrow.

It was great when he simply whispered into my ears "Thank you, i'm so lucky to have you come into my life" I was totally owned..

It was the very few mornings that i woke up to find myself single .. And then a very few mornings which i woke up to, sitting up on my bed and smiling to myself - "I'm in love again with this wonderful man".

Life's unexpected and full of runs. Trust in it and it'll show, sooner or later.

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Weird timing to be up.

Just got back home... Which is like 5.20 in the morning now.. bah` All because of dear hee` He can't seem to wake up earlier to fetch me home. So basically for yesterday (Saturday), i operated the flight to Haikou, only touched down at 8+ pm.. Went home to shower and change but ended up tt the plans to go St. James was cancelled coz some ppl remain uncontactable hee` So dear and i went to Al-Ameen for late dinner/supper, ordered nasi goreng ikan bilis, mutton murtabak and also tom yam soup. =)

After which we headed back to his place to chill.. until a while ago when he sent me back home. Poor guy, he still has to report early in camp later on for outfield training and only coming back on monday evening.

And as for yesterday which is my day off. I went to the market early morning with mummy and chris for breakfast. Bought Roast duck and also Roast pork to bring over to shihan's place to visit his parents. Missed them alot since i haven't seen them in months.

Chatted with them over at their place till around 2+ in the afternoon until after aunty cooked lunch for me. Memories still preserved in my mind, but time will never turn back.

Headed to Taka after that to get my hand lotion from Crabtree & Evelyn.. My fingers are really turning hideous. Too dry until the skin cracked by itself even when i exert a little bit of force during work. Really dying of pain now, especially everytime when im in the shower.. =(

Headed home, napped abit, bathed and relax.. Dear then picked me up at 8+ pm and we had dinner together in cineleisure, shopped around in town for a while till about after 12 midnight before he sent me home..

Well, think i'll be going to sleep soon.. Seems like such a good timing to be up anyway, since i'm operating Darwin flight in the evening till 6+ AM then touch down.. Should get use to this timing..

Really looking forward to Monday and Tuesday when i can see dearest 24-7.. muahahha` Oh well.. =)) Gonna go slack abit before i go to bed. Good night/morning, whichever pleases u. ^^

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ooooooh Good food ^^

And so i did the 4 sectors i was activated yesterday. Very tiring but i had good fun with the crew i love to work with!

Anyway, after i touched down, love came and fetched me from the airport. Hee` ^^ Very nice of him. We then went to the very famous Bak Kut Teh place in Balastier for late dinner. Such a coincidence to see my 2 colleagues Tricia (Mother of 5) and Isabelle (Mother of 2) there eating too. hehe` And so we had an extremely nice dinner before dearest sent me home.

Every moment spent with him just seemed so lovely and time just passes too fast..

As for today, i didn't get activated for any flights at all. And by 2PM, i calculated tt i can only get activated for 1 flight but the chance was much too small hee` So i went to AMK central with chris and my mum. We dined at MOS Burger and then shopped around AMK hub and central.. Bought my body lotion and also plaster for my very badly cracked and dry fingers due to work. I've also bought a pullover as well.. Went home round about 5pm..

Basically i just played 'Mystic Inn' the whole day. And i did transfered alot of songs into my new M2 1 GB card for my cellfone! Muahahahha` Thanks so much, love my brother loads. hee`

Tomorrow's my day off.. =( Contemplating whether to go for MLM or not.. Getting more and more sianz. bah` Well.. Will see how it goes.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

... Life in TR..

is soooooooo predictable. Cuz you know you'll definitely get activated on your standby days, which i just did. And so nice of SATS to call me just after i touched down at 12 midnight. Sucks. It's gets so dumb when crew just reports sick just coz they dun feel like going to work. And the cycle goes on and on. =/ When can ppl get more responsible? And when the ppl who worked so hard falls sick on their rostered flights, we get the shit... Inconsiderate.. -.-

Anyway, sweetie is so nice to me. He actually came and fetch me from work just now even when he's so caught up and shagged from the stuff in camp and still has to wake up early the next day. Oh well. Good guys are rare gems now. =X And what's sweet is tt he mentioned he'll do it all his life. Awwwww`

Anyway.. I shall go turn in soon since i have to wake up early morning tml. Thanks to SATS for giving me my very minimum but barely enuff 10 hrs rest from just after i touched down just now to reporting later. Of course the above sentence is said with a very sarcastic tone. And i really told tt guy "hey, you're so nice to call me just after i touched down huh" And he answered with a "Precisely i know u just touched down tt's why i called." Seriously.. Standby days are soooooo predictable.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Maroon 5 - Makes me Wonder

Such a catchy nice song ^^ And such a lovely nice weather for sleep in. Craving for some nice cuddling sessions now.. Hmmmm` Dear's back in camp for reservist, doing his favorite activity - Driving. =X hehe better not let him see this else i'll get tickled like mad. Hmmmmm`

I had a darn good sleep since last night!! Muahahha` Reached home round about 5+ pm after i did the 4 sectors since 6am in the morning. Had dinner, showered, settled down and then went to la la land at 6pm... Slept all the way till today morning 8+ when dear smsed me. =X And now my mum's so sweet, commented tt i'm a god coz im not feeling hungry at all since 6pm last night when i had my last meal and it's like almost 12 noon already. So she's cooking for me now.. hee`

ON last Sunday, i went to dear's place and slack in the evening.. Hung around for a while until we headed to Serangoon Gardens for dinner. We had very nice chicken rice in 5 star chicken rice restaurant. Ordered some side dishes too. =) Shopped around in the nearby pet shop and he sent me home shortly after.

Tonight im doing 2 short sectors.. Definitely gonna be a charity flight coz dun have sales de.. Bah..`

Do go and watch the korean drama series - Smile again. Just love every shows with Lee Dong Gun in it. Charming guy and with good plots too.

Am planning to go Powerhouse coming Saturday. Anyone up for it just contact me

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blog Revamped!

Lovely. Even though i know this particular skin is like there in since eons ago, but it's still very nice and i really love this kinda layout, all there in one piece, huge posts space, enough to put in a decent size photo.

It's been a long time since i last changed my blog layout, really tested my html skills hehe` I'm so used to the blogger lovely upload photos function that i've even forgotten the simple code for the uploading of photos. Bah` Everytime i decided to change my blog layout, it's always for a different cause. Of course the kind of feeling i get while choosing is always different. And this time, it's so celebrate my new life after i start to date with my current lover.

Btw, my flashbox's down. Screwed up. =( Wondering when it's gonna come round again.. Even daryl can't tag on it. Shucks. Just hope it'll come up soon.

And just yesterday, dear and i were just laughing at the lyrics of Avril LAvigne's Girlfriends. He even commented tt she must be singing to him. Coz the whole lyrics is about Avril Lavigne asking tt guy to forgo his gf and to go with her instead. Very cute song, go listen to it.

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Bah.... damn sad...

Now my whole room smells of Gucci's Envy Me.. Bah...... So upset.. I broke the bottle just a while ago. Even though it's only left with a teeny weeny bit, but i so heart the bottle.. Coz i wanna collect all the used fragrances bottles.. Well it has just decided to leave my collection.. Luckily i still have Envy Me 2 =X Muahahaha`

Last night dearest came to my place to pick me up... We then headed down to Vivocity to meet up with Mingxiang and another girlfriend of theirs (feel so bad coz i forgot her name). We had dinner together in Sakae Sushi in Harbourfront Centre. Good chat-up session, realized that she actually knows one of my colleagues call Huiwen. Hee` Singapore is just so small..

After dinner the 4 of us went to Bakerzin for coffee/drinks. I ordered Iced Mocha which tasted quite good. But dear mocked at me saying tt im drinking milo peng.. -.- Should have made a better choice like his iced hazelnut latte. Bah`

The girlfriend then left shortly after the drinks while the 3 of us carried on chatting until Ailing called and said she reached St. James. Headed down to the Powerhouse, got free entry thanks to Ailing's membership. Woot i really love Powerhouse.. It's like the most awesome place to be in if u wanna go club, totally love the music there.

Hung around trying to find a table and some chairs but only managed to drink out at not so good table which is near the dancefloor. Anyway, we opened a bottle of Hennessy and played "5,10". After which they even got the shots bottle and drank the rest of the Hennessy by shots.. But Ailing and i always share the shots hehe`

Got down to dancing and i really got super tipsy.. Even ordered a jug of Vodka to drink after tt. Killer.. I only know tt dear took super good care of me. lol` He then sent all of us home round about 4+ am.. Felt like i got wasted, but the feeling's real good once in a while when u wanna let your hair down. The only setback is i realized how much calories i've sent down my throat last night.. I wanna go to the powerhouse again. ^^

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

924th Chapter of my life ^^

I'm soooo loving this new laptop of mine! muahahhaha` Totally new experience and i feel much more happy coz it's soooo pretty! It's like those new generation of toshiba computers the ngee ann ppl are using after our batch left.. Screen are like mirrors when turned off. Woot! =)) But i love Compaq so much since i've stuck with this brand since end of poly yr 1.. OH well i can go on and on.. o.O

Anyhow, yesterday was spent at home surfing net, playing games and slacking.. Dearest was so sweet. He finished sending the goods very fast, so he came and took me to work in the evening. Macau flight was smooth except some weird passengers.. That's why we always say - "You pay peanuts, u get monkeys as passengers" Of course it only applies to certain passengers, not MOST, not ALL. Anyhow, we've tactfully dealt with those...

And we have a medical case onboard last night on the return sector. I was in the front while the in-charge was in the cockpit. The 2 stewards at the back suddenly called me on the interphone and told me a passenger fainted at the back galley. So i rushed to the back of the aircraft and we attended to the unconscious caucasian male. He regained conscious in a while and the 2 stewards carried him onto the last row of seats.

We then monitored this vital signs and administered oxygen to the passenger and made sure he was doing fine. INformed the in-charge and also the Captain.. Glad the passenger's doing fine, and he thanked us profusely before he disembarked from the aircraft in Singapore. ^^

Thank God that luckily all of us were not panicky at all and we were able to deal with the situation very well. ^^ We didn't even need to page for any doctor coz he was doing very well already..

Muahahhaa happy.. ^^ Dearest came to fetch me after i touched down at about 5+ AM this morning. So sweet tt he actually didn't sleep at all for fear that he won't be able to wake up to fetch me in time. Where can i find such a sweet ol' guy. =) We then had breakfast together in Macdonalds and he sent me home before we went to help out at his parents' shops till 2PM!! Just imagine not sleeping whole night and then still gotta work.

So now i believe he's in lala land.. hmmmmm` Maybe i won't call him so early, let him sleep a while more before we go out and have fun tonight ^^

Just went for a haircut a while ago. Now my mane's well trimmed and looks good! hee` Even my mum thinks so too.. And my hairstylist looks good now with a new hairstyle too rofl`

"Tell yourself life's good and it'll really be so..
Put your hand in mine we'll dance the night away.
I just wanna be with you cuz u seemed like the right one for me.
Time will tell if it's really the case.
Love u baby."

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Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm sooo in love. ^^

Have been quite busy for the past couple of days.. On tuesday which is my day off, i stayed home all day to transfer all of my files into the Hard Disk Drive coz Chris told me to use the new laptop that we have at home. So i did.. And just yesterday, i managed to transfer all my files from the Hard Disk Drive into the new laptop ^^ =) muahahahha` So we're just gonna keep my old laptop
as a backup i guess.. Whoooo hooo! Wide Screen, good ram, and new version of Compaq.. Hiakhiakhiak`

On Tuesday night, dear and i was so bored out that we had supper together in Chomp Chomp round about 10pm... We ordered dessert and also the very lovely pizza they have there. Ultra thin and delicious pan pizza muahahah`

Mummy bought a very old fashioned yellow gold key necklace for me on this day too. ^^ I really like it alot. And it holds so much significance to me. Think she's really sooo gan jiong for my 21st birthday.. It's like still more than 3 mths from now.. And what's cool is my birthday's gonna be our 4th month anniversary ^^

Yesterday's 3 sectors was fun.. Although we were extremely sleepy, We managed to perk ourselves up by taking pictures on the last sector.. muahahha`

4 of us.. Wayne, Suzana, Ilah and me..

The 3 ladies.. ^^

And 4 of us again..

Me, Wayne and Suzana

Suzana and me.. ^^

By the way, u might find Suzana very familiar. She acted in the very famous series (i forgot the name) in Suria Channel. =)) But she has since given up on acting already.. And she's got very nice hazel coloured eyes even though she's a pure malay! Cool huh **Click on picture for clearer view of her eyes..

Dear came to fetch me after the flight and we had very nice nasi lemak in Changi Village. Worth the wait hee` I always have a good time whenever im with love. ^^ And it's really sweet to see how worried he got when he sees that im sad.. OH well.. I really do believe in fate and we're very much in love!! hee`

But we only have the weekend to have together before he goes back for reservist next week. Good luck sweetie. hehe` I'm doing a night flight today to Macau.. bah` Only coming back tml morning, but dear's coming to pick me coz it's a Saturday! Happy =))

Ending off with an ugly picture of Sandy and me eating free ben & jerry's ice cream..


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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What's ur primary language of love?

The Five Love Languages

My primary love language is probably
Physical Touch
with a secondary love language being
Quality Time.

Complete set of results

Physical Touch: 10
Quality Time: 8
Words of Affirmation: 7
Acts of Service: 3
Receiving Gifts: 1


Unhappiness in relationships, according to Dr. Gary Chapman, is often due to the fact that we speak different love languages. Sometimes we don't understand our partner's requirements, or even our own. We all have a "love tank" that needs to be filled in order for us to express love to others, but there are different means by which our tank can be filled, and there are different ways that we can express love to others.

Take the quiz


Just had dinner/supper with Chris downstairs. ^^ Met up with Sandy in City Hall in the afternoon. We headed to Suntec to queue for the free ice cream cone from Ben & Jerry's... Lunched in BK. Then went to Health Science Centre for blood donation.

The anesthetic jab this time round was quite painful... And ended up with a bruise after tt. Went down to dear's parents' shop in Bugis, wanted to help them close the shop but dear brought me back to his home before it closed. Still felt quite paiseh around his mum hehe`

Slacked at his place, watched Music & Lyrics. Hung around till 10+ nearing 11 before he sent me back home. Dear sprung me a surprise. He went to the shop to make this plasticine figurine out of my face.. Even though we both agreed it doesn't look like me at all, but it's a lovely surprise and i really appreciate it alot =)

Hoping we'll have a good weekend before he heads back to camp next monday for reservist. ^^

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sunday 15th April..

Operated another morning flight.. Went back home at round about 2pm, bathed and then went out again..

Met up with Xiaoling and Winnie in Seiyu Bugis. Shopped around for a shirt for Yiuyiu's present. In the end, we finally got a cool Levis shirt for him. ^^ Waited for the birthday boy to come. And the 4 of us headed down to Chong Qing to have steamboat dinner. We had the dual mala and chicken soup base. Had a good time catching up with each other and talking about the people we met in poly.

After eating till about 9+, daniel came and fetched me home. Xiaoling and Yiu yiu got introduced to him too. hee ^^ Dear dear must have had a shock after he dated me, coz my frens always wanna see my lover boy ^^ He sent Winnie back home first then me.

Xiaoling & me..

Winnie & Yiuyiu

Xiaoling, yiuyiu and me

And now im missing him already.. Bah..` Thanks to love who's been uber sweet these couple of days, sending me to work early in the morning and also after my gathering with frens, and having to wake up early in the morning like 4am coz of my ultra crazy morning flights.. He's also shagged like hell.. hee` I really oughta reward him. wahhahha` ^^ So i'll dedicate my whole coming weekend to him, since i'll be off on this weekend! UBER COOL~ That only happens like once in only a leap year -.-

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2 days of extreme fun, 3 days of work.

Last 3 days really tire out my body. So much so that i dun even have much time to sleep and yesterday i really couldn't take it. Slept all the way from 6+ pm, after i reached home, bathed and settled down. Even daniel didn't call to chat with me after he found out i was sleeping at 7+pm.. In the end i only woke up at 5+ am, replied a few sms, went back to sleep and just woke up a while ago. So super contented now, muahahha` Will prolly go down to have breakfast with my mum later, since i haven't eaten anything since yesterday's breakfast.

Let me recap the past exciting 2 nights. On Saturday after my morning flight, i went down to Westmall to meet up with Yixian and Sandy. They accompanied me to have lunch and we shopped for a while and we headed down to Yixian's place to prepare for her party! Theme of her party is Winter party and all-white. So her cousins, sister, sandy, yx and me made white streamers, cut out snowflakes, blew balloons and all sorts of stuff and decorated the dance studio over at her condo.

After doing up the place, yixian, sandy and me went back to her condo to bath before the party. I did make up for yixian, but yx complained tt my face's make up's nicer than hers.. -.- But she chose the eye colors herself! rofl` hee`

Party went on very successful, we decorated the cake from Secret Recipe with Pocky sticks for her. And i was a very strong accomplice thru'out the party.. The kids sprayed snow deco on her, we put a whole piece of white chocolate macadamia cake into her face and we carried her and threw her down into the pool. At the end of the day, we still were hugged very closely by her and i gave her a kiss too, before i left. hee`

Went back to the condo to get my back, ended up sandy and huiping couldn't wait for daniel to give them a lift home, so they left. LEaving me with yixian's cousin and younger sister who started interrogating about so many very personal things which left me almost speechless.. hehe` Yixian, her mum and her frens who came back into the condo were quite surprised and yx complained tt it seems as though both of them are my good frens instead of herself. muahahha`

Both of them then accompanied me down to see daniel, who came and fetched me home.

Yx looking pissed while on the phone and doing manicure..

Yixian's home!

Us in the Dance Studio with the balloons we painstakingly blew using our own stamina!!

Sandy took this shot when i was removing my eye make-up..

And of this when i was putting on base and foundation..

Well i dunno what she's doing when she have this candid post.. Hmmmm`

Putting on eyeshadow basecolor for her...

And again..

And again..

Exciting time when i put mascara on her.. hahah` She was so worked up coz she applied it herself on her right side of lashes and it turned out clumpy but when i did it on her left side of her lashes, it worked out perfectly fine. Muahahhaha`

Outside her unit.. ^^

Muacks my dear sweeetie!

Hahaha` in the lift ^^ Showed how high our spirits were!!

In the dance studio, with the pin-the-donkey's tail game!

And a close-up one..

Sandy simply loves to take pictures of the caterers set up the food.. ^^ And we were very hungry by then.. hee`

Me looking uber happy. As if im on a vacation with the straw couch..

Food glorious food..

Don't judge this curry by its oil.. It tastes quite fabulous, after my mum's one of course.

Ze Birthday Gurl who just turned 21 in her party outfit..

The Papillios we bought her..

Sandy and my writings in her guest book.. Feel free to click on it for a clearer picture. ^^

Yixian getting attacked by those snow sprays..

Me helping her to rid of them..

Huiping & me. ^^ =))

The cake which Huiping, sandy and me decorated.. ^^ nice huh`

The other cake which the cousins and sister decorated..

Netherland Dwarf Bunny which was given to her by her poly classmates..

Me and Huiping playing UNO cards..


Yixian looking all messed up in her party outfit..

Looking all excited while cutting the cake.

Me, Yixian, Huiping & Sandy(MAster behind all the pictures..)..

Me and Yixian after she just got out of the pool

Huiping & Sandy.. ^^

Great fun all in all!! And i only reached home at 12 am which left me only a couple of hours to sleep before i wake up at 3am to prepare for morning flight.. =(

Gonna go have breakfast first before i continue on what happened on Sunday. ^^

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