Monday, July 30, 2007

Fly, fly and more flying..

My day off today.. Tomorrow operating 4 sectors again.. bah` Weather has been really bad lately i think im scared to go for flights =(

Went for a haircut today and now my weeds are trimmed. After which i met up with Daryl at my place and we headed to Concorde Shopping Centre to collect my Carolina Herrera 212 fragrance hamper which consists of the EDT, soap as well as body cream. Quite lucky to be one of the early birds to subscribe to CLEO magazine and win the hamper.

Anyhow, after that we went to Galicier Confectionery which was nearby to buy some nice doughnuts and kueh kueh.. Headed for a car wash and then to check out the new Mitsubishi Lancer.. Went home for dinner after that.

Think i'll go read my novel and just rest and relax.. I'm really excited about the all girls' trip in mid August! Plans are not fixed yet, but it's most prolly Phuket. =) Am already starting to look for accommodation already. Really excited wheeeeeeeeeeeee` Aye aye.. im feeling sleepy already.. o.O

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Muahahahha take a chance in doing everything in ur life..

Wheeeeeeeeeee Gotten one more shot from Ailing which we took in Movida. ^^ She set this as her cell phone wallpaper and said this is the nicest shot coz we all dun look too tipsy. haha`

Went to Daryl's 21st birthday bash in Cafe Del Mar 2 nights back (Friday). Met up with Yixian at Yio chu kang first before we made our way to Vivocity to eat some finger food and shop. Daryl was soooooo happy on this particular day! heheh` He was practically grinning from ear to ear..

Anyway, the party was good. Food was Super good! haha That's worth it of course for 42 bucks per head. hmmmmmm` Was so tempted to go into the Jacuzzi though but didn't bring extra clothes. o.O The place is good lar. First time Sandy, Yixian and i went there, quite a good impression coz it's a good place to chill out.

*Winnie, i was wearing the bikini u gave me. o.O

Me & Yixian

Daryl & me

Scandal. Best BFFs!

Took the transport back to Vivocity when dearest came and fetched me. ^^ Wanted to go home coz we've both got work the next day. But ended up we headed down to a pub near Chinatown call Las Vegas to meet up with his friends. hehee` I've learnt how to play this dice game and of course as usual the forfeit is to drink beer. hehe` Drank abit before we went home around an hour later.

Flight yesterday was good too.. But our aircraft hit an air pocket. So it was quite terrifying to be at the back squatting and literary holding on to your life. o.O

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Birthday presents & tonnes of love..

Thanks for the unconditional love. =) I heart all of u.. Hope i didn't leave anyone out. I've just received a pair of earrings i bought online! hehe` Love it sooo much.

Sandy, Yixian, Huiping, Jo & JY - Black Pierre Cardin Wallet & Black Swatch Watch

Daniel's friends - Adidas Watch (white straps and pink face)

Jean - Face Shop Sake Body lotion and almond oil hand cream

Joyce - Anna Sui Dolly Girl perfume

Sabrina & Adeline - Metal studded denim bag

Wing - Necklace with dog and bone pendant

Xiaoling - Turtle plush toy and a necklace from Couple Lab

Poly friends - 100 bucks TAKA voucher and an enormous hershey's kiss.

Winnie & KL - Set of bikini and a lovely cushion

Silin & Pearl - Precious Moments Coin Bank

Mum - White gold necklace with a lock and key pendant

Chris - Nintendo DS Lite

Dearest - Bouquet of 21 stalks of blue roses and 0.22 Carat diamond necklace from Citigems.

Adiel & Yishi - Small tote from Mphosis

Sharon - Set of foam bath, body scrub and body lotion

Yenching - Prancing pony necklace and cute mousepad

Toong Yeng - Unique Bracelet & card

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Uber high & happy!

I wanna go party!!!!!!!!

Last night was awesome. Back from a long long flight and dearest came and picked me up. We had a good chat in Elias Park and then headed to the 24 hrs coffeeshop near my place for supper. Spent some time together till 1+am before he walked me home. Really enjoyed his company.

Gonna go to Daryl's 21st Birthday party at Cafe Del Mar come evening time! Really can't wait hehe` Dearest friend, hope u'll enjoy urself. ^^

And im hoping to go do some partying tml night as well. Hmmmmm` I feel so naughty =X To think dearest bluffed me into believing him that Violin didn't wanna bring me go club.. Oh well. Dear dear, i bet she's dying to bring me go lar please. hehe` Stop denying =X

And my cousin's going to UK, Spain and Italy tonight! So envious. Bah` When will i have tt kinda money. First destination in Europe - Venice & Rome.. ^^

Ciao ciao! Shall go do some grocery shopping before i go prepare for the big night!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I love my girlfriends.

Met up with dearest winnie yesterday coz it was my day off. We had helluva great time! Spent some time catching up with each other. Lunched in Wisma's Fooooooood Republic and the retail therapy session sparked off! I actually didn't have anything in mind to get except hand cream. Hmmmmmm`

Started shopping in Taka where we went into Zara, Mango and so on.. Supposed to be winnie who was supposed to buy clothes but not me.. Hmmmmm... Anyhow, first i got a cardigan from Zara, then it was a spag top from Mango.. And than finally hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn.. And winnie still haven't gotten anything yet. Argh` Which isn't very good coz it was supposed to be me accompanying her!

Headed to Far East where i met my colleague Germaine by coincidence ^^ We then shopped in Far East for a while where Winnie managed to get 2 pair of jeans and also 1 tube top. After which we went into the shop name Graphite which i recommended. ^^ Winnie then got a pair of 3 quarts for kl while i got a shirt for my beau. And that's how both of us spent more than a hundred bucks in a short few hours. -.- I gave all my "xiao lans" (blue 50 bucks notes) away..

Dearest then came and fetched both of us. Sent Winnie to her darling's place but the journey wasn't a quiet one at all.. I was soooooo bothered by both of them bickering i really cannot help any sides.. -.- Bah` Afterwhich dear dear and i went for early dinner in Chomp Chomp. Ordered Satay Bee Hoon, Fried Kway Teow and also Pizza. ^^ We both heart Devon Daddy's Pizzas soooo much.. Wahhahahaha`

Went home, had a good early night's rest and geared myself up for today's flight. Flight was good, everything turned out fine. ^^ And i've received yet another belated birthday present from my colleague Sharon. ^^ It's an Aroma therapeutic set which consists of tub of body scrub, body lotion and also foam bath. =) Lovely hehe`

Wanna go relax.. To settle in with a good book or play NDS before i go to sleep?

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

e 994th chapter of my life.

6 more posts to go and i'll hit the number 1000th post on my blog. Hmmmmmmm` It's been more than 3 yrs =)

Operated a 3 sectors flight today. Kinda overcame my trauma from Friday's flight i guess. Nothing much happened today. Sales was quite good too. Dearest came and fetched me home after my flight and we had late dinner at the Punggol nasi lemak coffee shop. Hmmm i really like their meatball soup ^^ Good way to end a cold day..

And my nose has been acting up on me recently, wondering whether i got Sinusitis or not. But i guess maybe not ba coz i might not have fully recovered from the cold.

Gonna go shopping with winnie tomorrow! Can't wait can't wait. hee` Oh well shall go and revamp the games in my NDS le.. Dear dear just helped me game Super Mario Bros. hee` ^^ lol` Am gonna sleep soon coz i feel super shagged already.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007


Addicted to so many things in my life right now. To things, hobbies, obsessions and of course people. Nintendo DS, writing my life inside an electronic diary. Addicted to watching dramas, to playing with my dogs and of course to my lover. Seems like i miss him so much already, when the last time saw him was this morning.

And i can't help falling in love with him all over again with his sweet antics.

Just had a nap from 7 to 10pm just now.. Finally.. After i felt really tired. Oh well.. Met up for lunch with Daryl. We lunched at Pepper Lunch.. (erm k... only realised what i've typed after i've finished typing -.-) After which we went to walk around. Did a lil grocery shopping in the supermart and bought dim sum home for my family.

Currently quite addicted to this song - Beyonce's Listen. Such a meaningful and nice song And i really do love her vocals.

Listen to the song here in my heart
a melody I start but can't complete

Listen to the sound from deep within
Its only beginning to find release

Ohh the time has come for my dreams to be heard
They will not be pushed aside and turned
Into your own, all 'cause you won't listen

I am alone at a crossroads
I'm not at home in my own home
And I've tried and tried
To say whats on my mind
You should have known
Now I'm done believing you
You don't know what I'm feeling
I'm more than what
You've made of me
I followed the voice, you gave to me
But now I've gotta find my own
You should have listened

There was someone here inside
Someone I thought had died
So long ago
Oh I'm screaming out
And my dreams will be heard
They will not be pushed Aside or turned
Into your own
All 'cause you won't listen

I am alone at a crossroads
I'm not at home in my own home
And I've tried and tried
To say whats on my mind
You should have known
Now I'm done believing you
You don't know what I'm feeling
I'm more than what
You've made of me
I followed the voice, you gave to me
But now I've gotta find my own
You should have listened

I don't know where I belong
But I'll be moving on
If you don't, if you won't

Listen to the song here in my heart
A melody I start, but I will complete

Now I am done believing you
You don't know not what I am feeling
I'm more than what you've made of me
I followed the voice you think you gave to me

But now I got to find my own - my own

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Let ur hair down!

Went to Compass Point the day before to visit the doc to get mc for my cold and blocked nose. Ended up getting a 2 days (the day before and ytd) MC muahahhah` After which i bought some groceries from Cold Storage and cabbed home.

Stayed home whole day after that and also yesterday, played DS and watched Desperate Housewives. Baked cookies yesterday as well, for my family and love. =) hehe`

And in the night nearing 10pm, dear dear came to fetch me.. We headed to St James, met up with Weifa and then the rest came a while later.

Dear dear and me inside his car..

Went into the Boiler's Room, enjoyed the live band, shared a barrel of Tiger beer.. o.O Am training myself since i always drink beer when im with them o.O lol` Such a coincidence, i called kelly and she's in BR as well..

Though Cheryl's married and not with us, but her heart's with us!!!! =X
(this picture has weifa and violin behind haha)

We then went into Powerhouse but they kept playing trance. Argh.. It's really much better in Powerhouse on Wednesday night than on Saturday night. Changed place again, this time to Movida. My first time there and it's really not bad, except i dun really like the italian (??) jazz live band. hmmmmmm` But it's wayyyyyyyy toooooooooo squeezy and sooooooooooo many ang mohs there o.O lol

And dear dear said he's busy swatting bees away from me coz he said alot of ang mohs staring at me lol` Drank 1 jug each of bourbon coke and gin lime with the 2 gurls. haha` Got super tipsy after tt.. Really enjoyed myself though ^^ Dancing with the gurls and with my sexy love. =)

Rachel, Violin and me.
(It's coz of these 2 gurls who approached me in the club, that's how i got to know darling)

Headed to dear's place to bunk in for the rest of the morning.. Woke up at 8am, had a small chat and ate a little at his place before he sent me home =) Reached home at 9+am.. I think im a god.. o.O Totally lack of sleep and im still not sleeping now. hehe` Totally love this boy of mine. I think we can be very happy together. ^^ Aye aye, happy weekend!

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Friday, July 20, 2007

I survived an ordeal

And im so glad to be alive.. Really do cherish my life more than ever now. Flight yesterday was horrid. Was so mentally exhausted by the end of it i just need sleep sleep and more sleep.

Thanks to love who was ever willing to stand by me and who really did cheer me up. The first smile of the day was for him. Thanks love. He even offered to send Ben & Jerry's ice cream up to my door step coz he knows a good sugary treat will cheer me up when im very down.

But we did supper in Mac at 11pm and played NDS in Mac as well. So we reached home around about 1am just now.

I really thank God for giving me a chance to live. o.O And i haven't stopped praying for Dangni every night before i go to bed.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back to mundane stuff..

It's back to work tml again after 2 days off. Oh well.. I miss sweetie.. o.O

My shoulders are kinda itchy coz of the tan.. But im trying so hard not to scratch them coz im scared of the uneven peeling. And even applied lotsa moisturiser on them.. hmmmm` Did nothing much today, stayed home all day, did some housework, watched a few episodes of Desperate Housewives and played NDS until it just ran out of batt. Managed to finish the Cake Mania game and also left the last stage of New Super Mario Bros. Argh`

Currently addicted to the Pirates of the carribean - dead man's chest game. Quite fun lar. hehe`

Cleared out my drawers and table quite a bit. So it's tidy now ^^. But erm.. still have no idea where to place my presents so they're still left where they are now. =X Oh well.. Hmmmm` Will pack will pack.. =/ Tomorrow i'll have to go back to office after flight to settle some stuff, prolly get the trolley bag as well as the uniform i should get eons ago. o.O

Shall go turn in early now.. Though it's not so early since i have to get up 4:30 am. On a last note, im sooooooooo looking forward to holiday next month end with Sandy and Yixian. ^^ Waiting for leave to approve and erm.. destination to be fixed. Really kinda yearning to go Saigon! ^^

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Sleep the day off..

Hmmmmm... One whole day of my day of is gone just like that. Bah.. Left one more day to go before i start work again. hmmmmm` Anyway i had an extremely enjoyable night!

Love came and fetched me at about 6 plus pm. We then went on our way to East Coast hawker centre to have our dinner. ^^ Ordered BBQ Stingray, Lala and also Kailan veggie. Enjoyed the food alot hehe`

After which we went to the beach to chill out and reminisced the memories we have on that particular beach. We used to really hang out alot in East Coast beaches after my flights.. Most of our memories were all there, especially when i first went out with dear dear to celebrate his birthday and sang him a birthday song in front of an audience. =)

Oh well.. It's always laughter when i go out with him. Really did enjoy ourselves so much.

Went to Mustafa after that to shop, bought hot chocolate, popcorns and also minestrone & farmhouse veg soup. After which we had fries at the cafe and went home at 12 plus.

Good good day! hehe` Missing him again..

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Hong Kong Trip Part II

RockYou FXText - Get Your Own

3rd day in Hong Kong (11th July)

Woke up at 7am (my god.. literary dragged ourselves out of comfy bed hee).. Showered, had breakfast at Cha chan ting and then headed to take MTR to DisneyLand! The train to Disneyland is sooooooooooooo pretty!! Windows and handles with mickey mouse head shaped, blue cushioned L shaped seats, tinkerbell figurines. WOW! So amazing hehe`

Reached there at 9:30 queued for a while before the doors opened for us at 10 AM ^^

Had the most enjoyable day of our life there. Took alot of pictures with the cartoon characters and around the places. Rides there were average, not thrilling at all. But it's the first time i ride on the big carousel! ^^ What's magical about Disneyland are not those rides nor the taking of pictures. But it's when u're there in the theater watching those wonderful musicals and also the PARADES that they have! We've seen 2 parades and they rock totally!

They made me feel sooooooo excited and happy, like im a little girl really. First one was the parade by all the disney characters.. And the second one was a waterworks parade in the late afternoon, basically similar but with water splashing the spectators all over!

Had lunch in the fast food restaurant there. Fried chicken tasted extremely nice ehhe` Went to the pirateland where dear and i were chosen to play the games in the pirates show. hehehe` And we both are the proud owners of a big and rare gold coin embossed with HK Disneyland hehe`

But the Jack Sparrow look alike was sooooo flirtatious with me i think darling kan bu guo qu hehehhe` He actually touched my chin and said im pretty and have beautiful eyes.. And we then took pictures together. My god. lol` He even asked me where's my boy.. o.O

Shopped in the store and bought souvenirs worth more than 200 SGD haha` Gotten dearest sandy her birthday present from there too ^^ And i got super tanned from the trip to disneyland coz of the blazing sun!

Love the experience totally! hehee Met up with Wing in Mongkok in the night to have dinner together in Cha Chan ting. So excited to meet her hehe` And she got me a necklace as my birthday present. Sweet. She insisted on paying for the dinner, nothing can stop her hehe` Shopped in Nu Ren Jie and we bought Krispy Kreme doughnuts for her. =) Headed back to Hotel and rest for the night.

4th Day in Hong Kong (12th July)

Did nothing much this whole day. Woke up later than usual at 9am.. We then headed down to Tsing Yi station to visit the factory outlets there. But hmmmm love and me were not quite interested.. So i only bought the exotic cup noodles and packet instant noodles back from the supermart.

Went to Tsim Sha Tsui to shop a while as well.. We then headed back to our place in Mongkok to hunt for the traditional chinese biscuits like lao po bing and all.. Went to Nu ren jie, did alot of last minute shopping and also managed to find the very famous Heng Xiang Biscuits place where we bought alot of stuff. And i also gotten a bag from a famous local brand. Very lovely sling bag which looks ultra chic! hee`

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Bought alot of snacks back to hotel and eat again and also finished the 2nd bottle of Ice Wine we bought in SG. ^^ Good good life. =)

5th Day (13th July)

Woke up at 9am, packed our stuff and left the hotel to have breakfast in Cha chan ting. Took cab all the way down to the Ferry Terminal and bought ferry tickets to Macau. Reached the airport at around 2pm. Checked in our luggage and then we had lunch in the cafe before boarding the plane to leave for singapore. ^^

Quite happy to be onboard my best buddy Kelly's flight hehe` Chatted with them alot and played NDS..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I bought a bottle of ice wine, 2 miniatures JAcob's Creek Sparkling Rose, 3 cans of beer and also a Bottle of the new Absolute Pear. ^^ hee` Goood that i have abit of discount. =)

Cabbed home with honey and that's the end of our trip.

So glad we really did enjoyed ourselves and these precious memories will be etched in our minds forever.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hong Kong Trip Part I

First Night in Hong Kong (9th July)

We travelled on staff travel tickets and set off to Macau at 9:10 AM on Monday 9th July.

Bought 2 bottles of Ice wine from BT for us to drink in the hotel ^^ The ice wine really tasted great and sweet! First time i tried it, thanks to recommendation from love hehe` Got hooked onto it already.

Reached there, took a cab from the Airport to the Ferry Terminal and then set sailed in the ferry to Hong Kong Kowloon. Had dinner in a traditional Cha Chan Ting and shopped in Nu Ren Jie which is only 10 minutes walk from our hotel (Metropark Kowloon).

2nd day in Hong Kong (10th July)

My 21st birthday in Hong Kong! =) Am so glad we made it ehehhehe` This was also our 4th month anniversary as well. We woke up at 8am and ventured out! hehe` Took MTR to everywhere hahahaha` Stop by everywhere (Central, Causeway Bay, forgot where else)and just shop and absorb the culture around us. Had snacks by the MTR station in the morning - chee cheong fun, meatballs and siew mai.

Had morning breakfast in Da Jia Le restaurant. Dear dear had porridge plus lor mai kai and i had luncheon meat and egg macaroni. ^^

Saw a tragic accident in Causeway Bay while we were on our way to SOGO. The crane at the construction was bent at 2 points. And the press was all over trying to get coverage on the accident. Sad but erm we gotta carry on with our trip anyway.. Bought a set of baby boy clothes for my god sister since she's expecting her baby July.

Snacked at MacDonald's to rest our feet. We then headed to Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui to take pictures! hehe` After which we shopped around and went to The Peak via Peak Tram in Central.

Finally got to The Peak. The scenery was breathtaking. Entirely different experience since when i went there when i was 14 yrs old coz im with my lover now. ^^ Got canon to take a professional picture of us and printed our an A5 copy. hee` Love it totally. =) My greatest birthday!

Left the place and bought dinner which consists of all kinds of snacks from Mong kok before we went back to our hotel.

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Life after annual leave

Doesn't feel good at all! Suffering from withdrawal symptoms coz i've been spending a few days 24-7 with love. hmmmmmmm` Bad bad. 8th july was my birthday party, and dearest and i left for Hong Kong on 9th July morning all the way till 13th July. And on the 10th July, it was my 21st birthday as well and also 4th month anniversary with love. ^^ Such a romantic way to spend it altogether under the stars on The Peak.

Got back to SG on Friday evening. And gotta operate 3 sectors yesterday. =( Oh well.. Thanks to love who came and fetched me home. After which he met up with his friends and i met him again to have supper over at AMK Garden's Macdonalds till around 1am before we headed home.

So today, im gonna rest relax and blog at home hahahaha, until my flight in the evening. ^^

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Tanned, rejuvenated & revived!

I'm so ultra happy to be back! Left my room in a mess coz of the presents which were all stacked up all over my room on Sunday night and having to leave for the airport early morning.. Trip to Hong Kong for 5 days with honey was awesome and one i can never ever forget. Totally enjoyed it so much!

Got to meet up with wing too!!!! I can't get enough of spending time 24-7 with dear dear =)

And now, i gotta go sleep to prep myself up for tml's 3 sectors flight. =( Back to work. Oh well. hehe` Maybe i'll take pictures of the birthday presents i've gotten. Will promise a post full of pictures for updates on the HK trip and also more pictures on my birthday party which erm.. my friends sent me!

Night! Good weekend & keep safe!

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Cosy love Affair. ^^

Last post before i leave for hong kong. hee ^^ Oh well, i'm too tired to take pictures of all my presents hee. Anyway I've just gotten the pics from my godbrother Jinwei. Really glad that these ppl turned up for my party coz i know it's not easy to get to this venue. ^^ Shall leave out on the details.

Thanks to Daryl for chauffeuring me around yesterday as well as today. Thanks to Adiel, Yishi, Yixian, Sandy and Daryl for helping out with decorations. =) Really appreciate everything. And also thanks to love for helping me run errands to prepare for the our honeymoon later on since im busy with the party.

Well i wasn't much of a social butterfly. But im still not used to being the centre of attraction. I still prefer to blend in the background. hee` And i really like today's cosy gathering. =) But i guess the function room's too big for my party. hehehe`

Anyhow, here are the pictures taken from Jinwei's camera, the rest are with Sandy, Toong Yeng and erm.. my dad? lol` Last of all, I'm 21 in 1 more day's time!

My Guestbook

Sabrina, Adeline & me (Primary 6 '98)

My Chocolate Truffle cake from Savoury Fare

Dear dear suddenly sprung me up with a surprise by coming in after a few hours with a bouquet of my favourite blue roses (I dunno how many stalks though) and also a diamond necklace from CitiGems. Hmmmmmm He really pampers me too much hee I was seriously surprised..

Adiel, me and Yishi

Me and my primary school best buddy - Joyce

Daddy's gurl? No?

Me & Love.. ^^ We're so matching hehe` Can't help falling in love with him all over again. =)

Secondary school's bestest friends!


My poly mates! ^^

Dear dear and our friends. ^^

Thinking of how to cut the cake since it's a heart shaped one. hehe`

And there i go. ^^

So glad we made it. =) I really can't wait, I'm gonna see love in 6 hours time and we'll fly off to Macau. =) We'll definitely enjoy the time together and hmmm i guess we'll both she bu de when the time comes to go back home. And we'll be able to celebrate my birthday together on tuesday in Hong Kong. Prolly with wing too! ^^

I'm a grown up woman. No longer the girl u see with hair tied back in a pony tail. =) Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I'm so glad to have love with me this birthday i guess we're fated. hee`

**Thanks for those who came but for those who didn't, don't worry, u guys will still be remembered. ^^

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

I broke the virginity of a Subaru WRX's front passenger seat.

So excited lalalallalala` I had a long day today. Woke up early morning to meet up with Daryl. I went to trim my eyebrows first at Paul & Joe in Wisma. Then we had lunch at the Thai Corner in Food Republic. After which i was the first passenger given the honour to sit in his new Subaru WRX which he bought using his own savings haha` Quite a feat huh, imagine he hasn't turn 21 yet. ^^

We then went down to Concourse to get decorations for my party.. And then to CityLink's Prints to get my guestbook. I spent total close to 40 bucks on my Guestbook o.O We then made our way to Yixian's place to leave all the stuff over at her place first and he sent me home.

Managed to pack abit of stuff for the Hong Kong trip just now. Gonna have a pretty long day tomorrow as well. ^^ Good thing i have my khakis to help me out with the decorations tomorrow morning, namely Daryl, Yixian, Adiel, Yishi and Sandy. ^^ Wheeeeeeeeeeeee` hehehehe` Gonna be damn broke too but heck, totally love this holiday! Plus it's gonna be the first overseas trip for dear dear and i together. ^^

Love this life of mine since it has always sprung up pretty awesome surprises for me =) You never know what's in store for u don't u? *wink

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1 more day to the bash..
2 more days to the hong kong trip..
3 more days to my 21st birthday!

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Life is sooooooo full of surprises.....

That i think my heart can't really take it. Hmmmmmm` But i guess this is the best 21st birthday gift i've received. Let me tell you how much it's really worth and it's truly a blessing in disguise. ^^

Today Audrey (CIC) assigned my position to be s1, to be with her at the front of the aircraft. Well i just did my work usually like a normal flight... Was at the back galley before the aircraft descend to help count the cart and money and fold serviettes.. Just when this is the 'BLOODY' 3rd time i smell cigarette smoke in the aircraft , which is definitely out of place.

And so as my instinct told me to, i quickly open the curtain and there a man who just came out of the lavatory and the smell definitely came from him coz he was the culprit. (I think im getting so used to catching passengers smoking onboard. FUCK) And of course i told him off but he denied it so i asked if he's got ciggie on him and he admitted it. My colleague then informed Audrey and i did a search in the LAV to prevent any unecessary fire caused by the ciggie butt. Argh.

Hate these irresponsible and inconsiderate passengers. Can u imagine a small undistinguished ciggie butt can cause a fire to spread and the whole full load of passengers can go down with him. Bloody hell. I definitely don't wanna die with these kinda ppl. o.O Not as if we're a budget airline so we gotta comply in terms of safety standards. No way. -.-

And so Audrey informed the captain and they radio to the flight control centre to have the policemen wait on ground for him. Good. At least he didn't just get off with a verbal warning. Anyway, i gave my statement as well, along with the captain as i was the one who caught the pax red handed. And that took me an hour after the flight. Bah`

Here comes the interesting part.. And while im still trying to digest this situation coz was waiting for the policeman to finish writing my statement for me to sign, i sat down with Audrey coz she was trying to finish her report, and she showed me my APPRAISAL!!! MY GOD.. SUDDENLY DAWNED ON ME TT I WAS ON CHECK FLIGHT!

Audrey said my team leader told her to do it coz it's for my promotion. o.O Apparently she gave me very high marks and wrote alot of good remarks. ^^ Plus she gonna emphasize more about the pax smoking incident. And she commented that im definitely gonna get tt promotion, just a matter of time. WAHHAHAHAHAHAH~

At tt point of time i really didn't know what to say lar.. Like er.. loss of words and erm.. rather excited, and erm.. feeling rather weird coz everything's happening at the same time. Well i guess this is really a wonderful present before i go on Annual Leave. ^^

On the 1st sector i met this very rich businessman as well. We chatted for about half an hour and he gave me his namecard too. Said i could join his company if i want to hmmmmmm` lol And said to come out for Karaoke someday wahahhahah`

After flight......

Rested at home for a while before i went out with love to Concourse but only one or 2 shops were open so we didn't managed to get decorations for my party. I'll be going tomorrow bah. Tonnes of stuff to do tml.. Get decorations, trim my eyebrows, pack my stuff for the HK trip come monday...

Ordered a choc truffle cake from Savoury fare.. 3.6kg.. Thanks to recommendation of my pri sch best fren Joyce. Can't wait to see so many ppl come Sunday. I can't imagine hehehe` I think i'll be too happy i can pass out heheheh`

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Presents from the other side of the globe!

I'm soooooooo very happy. So besides my brother Chris who wants to be an early bird by giving me a white DSL last month and also my mum who got me a key pendent necklace as well last month, today i've received presents too!

Met up with Silin and Pearl for dinner today at PS. We ordered each a main course in Secret Recipe and also drinks. I love their strawberry milkshake! hee` And we had walnut brownie and yoghurt cheesecake to finish off our dinner. ^^ Treated them to this dinner, after which we walked around PS.. They've gotten me a present and a card as well... So sweet of them.

Dearest then came to fetch me home about 10pm just now.. Really appreciate his effort. hee` Every moment spent with him is never ever bored and always filled with surprises, love him truly madly deeply.

Came home to find a parcel waiting for me! hee` It's from Yenching from Perth. Missing her tonnes hmmmmmmmm`

Here's what she got for me. ^^ But she got so pissed with the Postal service coz she can't mail the things she wanted to give me bah..


Happy House Mousepad, Necklace which has been packaged nicely and also a letter ^^

Prancing Pony Necklace..

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