Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Feeling kinda ill

Sick in the stomach, bad flu and sore throat. I don't feel like eating at all..

Leaving home in an hour's time i guess.. Feeling the attachment already argh` Gonna miss sweetheart so terribly. Went pubbing with him and his friends last night. Brought my mind off bad stuff for a couple of hours. But back to serious stuff again.

Finally finished packing my bag. Only started to pack this morning when i woke up. Missing darling like crazy already.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Mixed feelings..

hai.. Total sian-ness. Gotta miss a few days of work, bought tickets to Surabaya, going with my parents over tomorrow. And being out the whole day helping my mum run some errands, i've finally learnt of the truth that my mum's gonna go over for one month and so my dad and i are gonna come back on Saturday. Total sian-ness. I'm gonna miss her so terribly.

And im now feeling so physically and mentally tired too. Have been feeling ill all day. Just popped some pills.. I hope life will get back to normal. But i just can't get my amiable godfather's face off my mind. I wanna get away from all these..

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Into my lover's arms

Just came back not long ago from supper with Chris. Quite a slack day but full of emotions..

Didn't sleep enough after Perth flight this morning coz my family have learnt of my godfather's passing. He's my mum's younger sister's husband as well and we're all quite affected by it. And the last time i met him was few years ago when they came to Singapore. A very down to earth and faithful husband.

He worked very hard for the family, earning money to provide comfort for his 3 children and wife. Just imagine earning money to get a computer and a motorbike each for his 2 sons. And he really dotes alot on me too.. Well i think the least i can do now is to try and get urgent leave to go back to Indonesia and visit them.

Anyway, i met up with Sandy and Yixian in City Hall coz sandy wanted to get NDS.. Walked around Funan, snacked in Ya Kun and we headed down to Suntec. Walked around and cheered myself up by looking at those extremely cute deco items in the new wing in Suntec. Afterwhich dear dear came and fetched me to his place.

Had dinner with his family and also a good chat with love. Feels great to have someone whom i can confide in and he's totally like a best friend to me. I figured that's the best a relationship can get. To have no qualms in telling everything to your partner. Watched 2 fast 2 furious together as well and he sent me home round about midnight.

So sad that i can't send wing off later on in the morning. I've got some errands to run and also settle. And if my urgent leave's approved, im gonna set off to Indo on Tuesday with my parents.

Am still feeling quite upset. I just hope the family and also my mum can hold themselves together. =(

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Sleepy but can't tuck myself into bed..

well, unless if were to sleep like a zombie. Just painted my nails not long ago.. o.O

Today's flight was good, dearest fetched me to work early in the morning at 4+am. And i have this passenger on the flight out to Guangzhou, who told me tt i slimmed down since last week he saw me.. o.O lol` Quick perks from this job is that u get passengers telling you they remember who u are but you yourself don't cuz u've got too many passengers to serve. hehe`

And of cuz the cheap thrills from passengers who tell u you're pretty, exclude those old men duh. I'm talking about young women and also good looking men here. hehe`

Took train down to Bugis to dear's parents' shops. Went back to his place after they closed the shop for dinner cuz his mum made double boiled soup. ^^ Chilled out at his place for a while and watched The Bridge To Tarabithia before he sent me home at 9+.. I just love cuddling, even if we only meet each other for a couple of hours everytime. =)

Alright, gotta go sleep now. Much too shagged.. Operating an ultra long flight tml.. o.O

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Penny for your thoughts?

Went St james with wing and her friends last night. Dragonfly first then to Powerhouse. Didn't drink much this time. Saw my colleagues in powerhse too so i joined them. hehe` =X Wing and her frens then left at around 2am i think.

I was too crazy last night.. Danced so much until my tailbone and legs hurts so much now. o.O bah` MADNESS.. Crew present were Idawaty, Suzanna, Stephanie, Zarhyn, Farhana, Watinni, Cheryl, Lynn, Faridah, Zeanty, Captain Nikolaj, Luis Tello and also First Officer Matthew. don't know i left out anyone not.

Cheryl kept on pulling me to the dance floor and she even wanted me to go up the super tall table to dance coz nobody was there! And this guy whom we dunno at all, volunteered to carry me up. o.O And he did.. So i danced up there for a while and Matthew came up to dance with me. heheheh` But it's so hilarious, he was shooed down by the bouncer =X rofl`

Cheryl and i then headed to Dragonfly for a while just in time to listen to our favourite song. ^^ Dearest then came to fetch Cheryl and me home. Had supper with dear near my place before he went home.

Wing, me and her friend. Wing & me
Wing's friends and meCheryl & meSuzanna & meCrazy TR CrewSuzanna, me and WatinniReturn of the Bugs Bunny ToothSugar high haha

Tandoori Dinner Buffet TR Gathering

CRM Course

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I miss the boyfriend. And it's been only a while ago since he sent me home.. Appreciate his effort so much even though i know he's very shagged. And whoever says he's only fetching me to/from work for the first few mths of the relationship is just wrong. hehe`

He even made effort to wake up at 3am in the morning to fetch me and my girlfriend home. How sweet is that. ^^ Now he's prolly snuggling under the blanket trying to catch less than 2 hrs of sleep before he wakes up to go to work. Honey, u deserved to be loved, solely by me. ^^ Muahaha

Aye aye, shall go to sleep.. totally lack of sleep for the past 21 hours. =) Night for me, good morning to ya all.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

For more information..

Please go to Sandy's blog for more information on our trip. She's got a short and sweet rendition of it, consisting of how badly we hoped for sunshine and also yixian's craving for hot dogs all the time. hehe`

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Visual explosive ahead.

Gotten the pictures from Sandy. ^^ Here goes:

Waiting for boarding in BT - haha the excited faces

Yixian & me in the aircraft

See, im a bi.

Suriani, Ishak and me..

Fiza & me

Ishak & me

Arrived at Phuket Intl Airport =)

Baumanburi Resort

Pool Access from our balcony!

Love these water... ^^

Night view from the bridge. That's how it looks like for pool access rooms. ^^

Our spacious room!

We even have a day bed overlooking the pool! muahahahhaha`

Hanging our bikinis out to dry..

Diner which we frequent. Their pizzas rock!

Shopping in Jungceylon..


Getting ready for a swim.. hehe`

Ultra cute figurines of fat lady wearing bathing suits. =)

Patong beach.. ^^

See those dark clouds overcast? o.O

Sandy looking ultra feminine..

Yixian looking very happy..

the 3 BFFs

And it did rained very heavily after we took the above shots.. So off we ran to this cafe in Holiday Inn for some coffee to warm ourselves up. Look, we're all drenched.

Mochiato. ^^

Morochino ^^

Waiting for the cab to come in the wee hrs of the morning. o.O

Our check in and hand carry luggage. =)

Spot Yixian & me amidst the check in queue. =)

Yixian & me.. ^^

Flying back to sg..

Enjoying our drinks onboard.

Shahril and me

Suriani and me.. I even helped them to fold the napkins hehe`

Wayne and me... Don't get any wrong ideas. He's married with a son.

Wayne, Suriani and me. =)

There goes the Phuket trip! =) Thanks to my girlfriends for making it possible and fun. We all enjoyed it didn't we. hehehe` Good day, it's my day off today and tml. ^^

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