Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sleeping soon!

My eyes are tired, but i still wanna blog before i go to bed.. Today's flight was uneventful and smooth.. Went down to Bugis after my flight in the afternoon to have lunch with love. I think i kinda like the QQ noodles just beside Breko Cafe.

After which we headed to his place for the rest of the afternoon to slack and he sent me home in the evening.


I think my maternal instinct is so strong now. Really wanna settle down early and have my own kids! Wanna buy all the adorable ultra small branded sneakers/sandals for them (of cuz i dun think i'll spend tt kinda money after i really do give birth).

I want to shower unconditional love and compliments on them and demand hugs and kisses from them so they'll grow up to be passionate beings. =) I wanna hear them say "i love mummy" and cuddle them to sleep. I wanna tuck them into bed nice and warm and kiss them goodnight.

haha` Gettin all excited now.

Baby's off to fishing now. Hope he really does enjoy himself mooning with weifa. =X haha So romantic Aye aye shall go turn in now ^^

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Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm a happy lass!

=) Mum's been back for 2 nights already. hehe` Dearest, dad and i went to fetch her from the airport at 7pm on Wednesday night. Headed back home and chris packed dinner for all of us.

My day off the next day (Thursday) too. Spent the day at home with mummy. Had dinner at home too coz mum cooked Indonesian Meat Balls (Bakso) ^^ hehehe` After which i went out with dearest to Mustafa and bought 2 bottles of Victoria Secrets' Body Splash. Nothing to do so we went and chilled out at AMk garden's Macdonald before he sent me home.

And today, i went to wisma's Paul & Joe to trim my eyebrows. Bought a red lippie as well ^^. Jalan Jalan in Taka and bought some baked goodies from St. Leaven. Went to trim my overgrown weeds too so yea. Grooming's all done.. hee` I can't seem to find a nice dark green eyeshadow color for work. Any recommendations?

This post is so superficial.. o.O Alright shall go paint my nails now.. =)

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Flight Attendents' woes. ^^

Check this out, gotten the whole chunk of it from a friend's bulletin board. but i've already filtered it to make it that of our budget airline.. =) Enjoy and read one by one to learn about out job.

Last 4 points added by me. ^^ hehehe` Well, it's all too familiar already. Operated the Shenzhen flight last night. Everything was good. Sales was not bad too. =) At least we managed to fetch around 500 bucks of Duty free. Hooray! And crew was good too! So glad to fly with my buddy! So long my friend. =) Talked about ghost stories. Some even made my hair stand. eeyer.

And now i get my well deserved rest. 3 days off! Woot hehehe` Mummy's finally coming back tonight. And honey's coming with me to fetch her home. Missed her tonnes. Wanna hug her so bad. ^^

So i'll have to do some housework later on. =) Alright ciao ciao!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"I'm so happy im so glad that i've found u, i'd like to thank you and thank you means merci.."

I could carry on, but my title would be too long hee`

I didn't get called up yesterday. So i spent my day at home downloading more DS game, enjoying them alot and also rented and watch the vcd - Alone.

Tonight im operating Shenzhen flight. Think it'll be quite boring, but still gotta work to keep myself up. hehee` And i'll be able to see the full moon in other country as well. =)

Happy that mum's finally coming back tomorrow night and im able to fetch her as well. ^^ Very very glad. I've missed her so much.. And i've missed going out and enjoying myself too.. I wanna go prawning again, and also to catch some movies..

I miss dear dear alot. Hoping to go out on a date with him soon. ^^

Take care and keep safe!

Pictures from Toong Yeng's Birthday Party:

This is cute right.. hee`

And....... My maternal instincts strikes again!!

So cute right... Wah` I wanna buy this for my kid next time!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

OMG this is crazy

Remember in my last post i mentioned the uncle who gave me a pierre cardin costume jewellery set and left me his number?

Check the following astrology forecast from FACEBOOK yesterday. MY GOD.. FREAKY..

"Sunday, September 23
Important financial decisions require more information than you realize at a time like this. Look for a romance to evolve out of a chance meeting this afternoon. When you least expect it, you will be swept off your feet. You may have to stand up for a friend who has recently gotten into trouble."

Eeyer!!!!!!! So gross... Please. No romance at all. He's just an uncle whom i'll never see again. rofl` Hmmmm On standby today leh.. still haven't get called up.. Life's good.. ^^

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Horrors of horror`

(I wanna eat Popeye's =X Sorry hun, you're da man!)

Flight today was good. Sales not bad too, so i'm quite proud of myself coz i did alot of talking. hee`

Sweetheart came and fetch me to work today. And before my flight, we went to Terminal 2 for lunch =)

In the second sector of the 4 legged flight, i sold 4 sets of white wine to these couple of uncles. And.... One of them bought another Pierre Cardin watch set too. Ended up when they disembark, this uncle gave me the DFS bag with the watch set inside. -.- Said he's giving it to me. ARGH~ Goodness he's old enuff to be my daddy lar. And my in-charge looked inside the bag and saw his boarding pass with his Malaysian number written on it.. -.- Eeyer.. dear said he should be old enuff to be my sugardaddy hehe`

tis the one. threw away the boarding pass after i took this picture. i SOMPA!!!

Well i was quite overwhelmed.. And then my colleagues carried on teasing me about it. o.O Anyway everything was great and we came back early too.

Dearest came and fetched me from the airport. After which we headed to Punggol coffeeshop for supper coz im craving for the super nice steamed prawn dumplings with lovely sauce on it hehe`.

Really enjoyed myself cuz he never fails to lighten me up after 11 hours of flight. Sometimes i think he's too crazy hee` =X

On standby now.. Kinda shagged but very fulfilled and happy. ^^

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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Spent great deal of time with my godbrother Jinwei on Thursday. We met up with each other at YCK station control and then took train down to City Hall. Saw Wei Lun on the way to marina square so i chatted with her for a while. Hmmm`

Bought tics to Underdog show and we satisfied our empty stomachs at the food court. Kinda like their teh peng there. Very nice ^^ Movie was greatly hilarious, company was good. We both bought shoes and i've gotten stuff from Face Shop too..

We then met up for dinner with dear at AMK hub. Dear treated us to dinner in Dian Xiao Er. First time i tried their duck, really good =)

Yesterday i operated 3 sectors flight. Average, nth much happened. And today i was supposed to do another 3 sectors flight, but learnt that we gotta operate Guangzhou flight coz they turned back to Singapore due to a passenger who had/almost had (well i dunno the exact story) a miscarriage onboard.

And so we faced angry passengers for the 2 sectors. Nothing much to say. It's all expected.

Not feeling too good now, physically and mentally tired. Mood's quite down as well. So sick and tired of everything.. Think i need a break. But time wouldn't allow me. Anyhow, gotta go sleep now le. Super shagged.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This is what i do when im bored..

Wahahahhahaha Adopted a Tofu on Facebook. o.O So bored at home lar. Nothing to do. I'm even going back to playing Gunbound already. I think my laptop's keyboard is also wearing out o.O hehehe

Headed to dear's place for dinner tonight. Cooked the ultra huge prawns hehe` Turned out that we caught 17 of them =) So happy.. I wanna go prawning again.. Gonna prepare some food and bring for BBQ there the next time we go woot! hee`

Am going to watch Underdog with my godbrother jinwei tml. ^^ Wanna indulge in some retail therapy too muahahahah`

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I've learnt a new sport!

^^ Feeling ultra chirpy now. hee` Yesterday i got back to work. ^^ Flight was good, somemore i got to fly with my batch mate, which was even better! hee`

After the flight, i went back home to rest for a while before dearest came and fetch me in the evening at about 7pm. We then had dinner in Amk garden's mac before we headed down to Marina South for prawning! Started only around 9+pm and we had 4 hrs to go.

In the start i was trying to get the hang of it and i ended up bringing up the rod much too fast. But within the first hour things got alot better and i caught quite a few too! Thought that it might be too boring before i came. But after that i find the span of 4 hours too short! Love and i had so much fun i believe he had this in mind - Didn't know dear will be so interested in this. o.O

Wah i really love prawning lar.. Both of us only managed to catch around 15 prawns but some were huge. Over at dear's place now.. Prolly we'll have them for dinner tonight.

And so we ended prawning around 2am.. Went over to dear's place for the night and i went back in the morning. Let's do this again! =)


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Monday, September 17, 2007

Crazy Girlfriends

Check out these shots from Sandy's camera at last night's party.. This is how crazy my girlfriends and i are.. o.O

Sweet lil Huiping & me..

Yixian is trying to appear uninterested hmmmmmm`

I have special sexual directions..

Hmmmm Blissful.. hehe`

Acting cute is definitely not my style -.-

Outrage of Modesty.. o.O

Sequel to secondary school's ah lian shot.

Fierce enuff?

Yu Lian & me. The first good friend i met in sec 1's very first day!

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Not getting enuff of him

Meeting him everyday but it's still nt enuff!

The day before, i met up with Sandy in the late afternoon in Bugis. Met Michelle at the control station hehe` Headed to honey's parents' shop to get the sunflower bouquet we got for Toong Yeng. After which we chatted over beef bowl minus rice in Yoshinoya. Slacked abit before we went and get present from The Face Shop for her.

Went down to Toong Yeng's place and had a helluva time with all the St. Marg's girls. PRactically going crazy already inside that small room. Volume loud, sugar high, that's what we are. =)

Prelude to the pictures we took.. Loads more with Sandy and Chuiwah.

Had a great time. Dearest then came and fetch my clique home at 10+..

Both of us then headed to Alameen for supper and then back home.


And yesterday (Sunday), love fetched me, ailing and weifa to IRAS building for dinner at this Japanese Restaurant. I really love the food there, very affordable and good quality! The 4 of us ate until the bill chocked up to 100+ lol` OH well. hee` The Oreo Strawberry Ice cream is simply orgasmic! And only $3.50. hee`

It'll be my new favourite hang out very very soon. Dearest then sent the 2 of them home while the both of us idle time away in Marina South. Wanted to go prawning but we can't afford the 4 hours coz he has to work the next day. Ended up we went to the arcade for a while then headed to his place to chill out before he sent me home a while ago.

Enjoyed myself alot! Well i guess every date will always be filled with laughter.. And i was even teaching him how to act gay so that the policeman wouldn't stop us at the road block. o.O


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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wheeeeeeeeeeee im so happy hehehehe`

Very blissfully in love. =) Thanks to God for sending somebody like dear dear to me.. Coz we can really click so well, always with laughter and smiles on our dates. Every meet-up is always filled up with never ending topics to chat about. I'm starting to doubt dear's words when he told me he's a boring person when we first met. Well well =)

And i love it when he sings to the songs they play on Perfect 10. hee` Makes me happy too.

Spent my day at home today again. ^^ Finally finished watching season III of Desperate Housewives. Now downloading Ghost Whisperer. hee`


Dearest came to fetch me at about 7+pm.. We headed to Taka for dinner in Pepper Lunch. After which we bought 100% durian mooncakes from the fair, 1 for his family and 1 for mine. ^^ Super nice lar. =X And coincidently we met Yixian and Syaima too at the fair. hee` Baby was the one who spotted Yixian first!

He then sent me home at 10+.. Went back into my room to find Victoria Secret's catalogue and CLEO magazine on my table! hee` =) Cool cool.. I've got new stuff to do tml already. They've finally sent me their catalogue.. Wahahhahaha`

But i really really gotta save money. ^^ Family Planning hee` And it's been going well since i still have a lump sum of my pay left. Cool` Oh well. Gonna plan some holiday trips for beginning of next year too. Wheeeeeeee` Tentatively China in either Jan or Feb. And i wanna go on short trips too in the next few mths. wahhahaha`

Went for supper with chris just now. Had a good chat and i simply love catching up with him. Makes me happy too. Really cherish the good relationship i have with my brother.

Footnote: I'm so ready to go back to work! Most of my ugly part of my wounds have already been peeled off nicely already and without blood. hehe` So yea. I'm all set to go back to work. ^^. Am very very glad and thankful except for the nail that's cracked which is still abit painful.. o.O

Just to show u.. It was this bad and hideous..


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Thursday, September 13, 2007

My spirits are lifted.

First things first..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hope this above dumb pic will cheer winnie up coz she's feeling so down lately..

I'm feeling way much better than 2 nights back definitely. Last night was great. Stayed home all day and met up dear for dinner and movies! Which we haven't done so in eons. hehehe` We ate traditional 'Xing1 Hua4' noodles in that famous place. (Actually i forgot where) This time we ordered my favorite lala too hee`

After dinner we headed down to Marina Square to jalan jalan, and got tics to 1408, coz chris recommended me the show.. But halfway abit draggy wor. o.O And i could never forget dear's extremely funny behavior when he got spooked by the stupid woman who tried to jump out the window while Enslin was climbing in. wahahhahah` Now i know, dear curses when he's spooked =)

Really had a great time with him coz this once in a while date means so much to me. ^^ Awaiting 2 more years before we have the money to settle down and get married.


And as for today, i called early in the morning to make sure mum's ok in Indonesia. After which usual slacking is done - Youtube and Sudoku.

Met u with Yixian at YCK station at about 12noon. Headed down to Orchard. Walked over to Taka and shopped around. Settled down at Crystal Jade for lunch. Ordered my favorite 'Hong You Cao Shou' this time. And also crispy eel and the following cutesy scoufle balls which consists of red bean and banana. Yummy hehehe` And apparently i just got happier by the look of these cute yummy nibbles. =) But they're quite huge actually.. o.O

Went to shop for a Renoma wallet for dear. =) Glad that he really liked it alot. Well no special occasion, just thought that he should replace his worn out wallet. Well i've bought for the most beloved men in my life Renoma wallets. When im old enough, i'll replaced those with Braun Buffel ^^ hee`

Went to the mid autumn fair, and i've already zeroed in on one box of mooncakes im sure to buy. That's the 100% D24 black durian mooncakes from home favorite. Goodness. They use spoon to scoop for testing coz the toothpick just cannot hold it up. o.O Shiok` 50 bucks for 4 mooncakes. Worth it lar!

Headed home, rest for a while before dear fetched me over to his place to chill out. ^^ Waited for Chris to reach home from Taiwan. hehehe` And he bought lotsa goodies for me! ^^ Glad that he enjoyed himself.

And it's back to another boring day tml...

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Earthquake in Indonesia

Luckily it's the Sumatra area and not my mum's.. Jakarta and not Surabaya. =) Lifted a heavy load off my heart. Just called mum too, glad she's doing fine. Missed her so much. Wanna hug her and lie on her lap =(

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I know im in love.. =)

Oh well.. Thrashed things out last night. And our 6th month's anniversary has just passed. I guess we're both sure of each other.

Was so bored at home.. And still am. hehe` But dearest was so sweet, coz he kept on smsing me and even chats with me on msn while he's working. o.O lol` And he kept on tempting me to go down to his shop to help out as cheap labour. Hmph` But i just might.. Since im bored out at home.

Been playing Sudoku on NDS. Solved endless of puzzles already. Prolly gonna go find lunch soon.

Last night my colleague Idzwan called me and said he saw my name on the General Declaration. Said he bought lotsa food like nuggets and all, and got disappointed when he knows im not flying with him coz im on medical leave. hmmmm` And my in charge Suzanna told me this morning, said she was so excited and happy when she saw my name on the GD, but got extremely sad when she knows im being replaced. Wahahhahah`

Well they gotta have to forced themselves to finish up the food.. =) I miss my colleagues so much lar... Think i'll forget to do certain things when i go back to work next week.. o.O

Hmmmmmm well whenever im happy and listening to upbeat songs.. I always picture honey dancing in front of me, just like in the clubs. =X
hehehehe` shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel

When I see your smile
Tears run down my face I can't replace
And now that I'm stronger I've figured out
How this world turns cold and breaks through my soul
And I know I'll find deep inside me I can be the one

I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

It's ok. It's ok. It's ok.
Seasons are changing
And waves are crashing
And stars are falling all for us
Days grow longer and nights grow shorter
I can show you I'll be the one

I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

Cuz you're my, you're my, my true love, my whole heart
Please don't throw that away
Cuz I'm here for you
Please don't walk away,
Please tell me you'll stay, stay

Use me as you will
Pull my strings just for a thrill
And I know I'll be ok
Though my skies are turning gray

I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

Good night sweetheart..

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I guess i should take a step back this time and try and remain indifferent. Feel so sad.. And the pot chose to turn its back on me this time, refusing to produce heat. There goes the dinner. And i think being me is bad, coz im so self reproaching and blaming myself for everything that has gone bad. But i really felt that my effort was wasted. Forget it.. i'll just feed it to my dogs or throw it away..

I think i really need to go out. Coz being at home for these 2 days is already enough. Think im going crazy coz im uber bored. Switched back to watching Youtube already and also walking around aimlessly at home Gone to the doctor this morning and he gave a week's mc. I'm gonna be even more depressed by then..

And see? I killed my dog.

I'm so bored i can cry.. seriously.. I think i need something to make me smile again.. I feel so bitter.. I've made a special someone unhappy again. Well i guess he's really much too good for me.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Recuperating at home and feeling uber bored.. =(

Oh god im soooo uber bored! Just played ds for the past couple of hours. Been watching desperate housewives season 3 too.. And im running out of things to do already.. =( Can't go out as well since i feel like im handicapped and my fingers are so hideous. =( And my left arm's still very sore from the tetanus jab =(

Chris is on his way to Taiwan and im so bored at home. Nobody to talk to. =( Chatted with mum in the afternoon just now.. Hope she's still doing fine in Indonesia. I can't wait for her to come back already. Had instant noodles for lunch - Roast Beef Flavour from Hong Kong.. Wonder what im gonna have for dinner.

Dearest was sooo extremely sweet last night. He came over to my place after work and brought Ben & Jerry's Turtle Soup over as well. ^^ hee` Spent a couple of hours together he left for home to sleep at 11pm.

Gotta go find things to do le.. bah`

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Event events..

Went for lunar 7th month dinner with dear dear and his friends at his shop area. Drank about 2 bots of Martell at the dinner.. And ming xiang and Guohua were almost gone. After which ailing, ming xiang, dear and me went down to Movida. Ailing's friends got us in and we had a great time! Danced for a while before i went over to dear's place to stay over.

This is how we drank the Martell... But girls drink frm the glass. hee`

Always the same 3 girls. hehe`

In cab on the way to Movida. Dear didn't drive since he's drinking..

Lol dear looks like he's half gone..

Yummy chocolate cake. hee`


Went and brought Juju to the vet yesterday morning. Thanks to dear's help. Coz he's been limping alot due to a chipped nail. Had it fixed and guess what? I myself got bitten in the evening. Thank god there's Chris at home. Was trying to break the fight between Juju and Jacky And i got bitten on my left middle and ring finger.

Sobbing uncontrollably for a good whole hour coz the pain was excruciating and unbearable. Tried so hard to stop the blood and it was also seen all over on my kitchen and living room floors. Called dear when i was still crying like mad and he rushed over.. And so Chris helped me cleaned and bandaged my wound.

Finally waited until this morning to go visit the doctor. Took a tetanus jab as well and got sick leave. And im on painkillers and antibiotics now.It's still very painful. =(

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You Are A Professional Girlfriend!

You are the perfect girlfriend - big surprise!
Heaven knows you've had enough practice. That's why you're a total pro.
If there was an Emily Post of girlfriends, it would be you.
You know how to act in every situation ... to make both you and your guy happy.
What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?

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Friday, September 07, 2007

ahhhhhhh honestly i know what's bliss..

Supposed to be napping now.. If dear sees this im sooooo screwed. o.O hahaha` Met up with him for lunch in Bugis Village Cafe after my flight. Got a fright from him when he suddenly lifted my trolley bag my back when i was pulling it along.. o.O wahhahaha`

Now im missing him terribly again! 3 more hours to go before i can see him again. ^^ Oh well. And erm.. i miss cafe cartel's pork ribs too =X hehehehhe` Very out of context. But it's sooo extremely tender and nice! Totally love those collagen.

Today i got harassed by these 2 ang moh passengers who commented i have nice lips and asked if they can kiss me. IDIOT.

Aye aye, i wanna go hug my monkey to sleep.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Feeling hyped up.. o.O

Which is definitely not good. Coz i should be sleeping at this hour! Need to wake up at 4am to go for flight.. o.O

Just reached home not long ago from dinner with my girlfriends - Sandy and Jingyun. Had a darn good time talking the olden times and chatting up with each other. We dined at Cafe Cartel. And before that i've even met up with my Godbrother Jinwei at the station control. Such a coincidence. =)

And so Sandy and i bought a pair of shoes each. wahhahaha` Except mine's court shoes. Argh` And tomorrow im going to Movida after 7th mth dinner with love and his friends. Already booked a table there le. wahahha` Crazy people. I think i need rest. Enough excitement for the day. And only a few hrs of sleep last night is not gonna last me well thru the long day tml.

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Lover of many titles. ^^

Had a great time with sweetheart last night! He came and fetched me at 6+pm. We then had dinner in Suntec's Sakae Sushi. Afterwhich i dragged him to have our ice cream cones at Mac. Well i think love seriously makes people grow fat and totally glow. hehehhehe` Coz u always feel like eating all the sweet stuff together ^^

Spent a great deal of time in Suntec, enjoying each other's company and totally didn't feel any other people's presence. Greatest feeling on Earth! After which we went to East Coast Park, catched masak masak and also reminisced the old times we spent there, this time talking about our future together. =)

This man is mine to love! ^^ And i can't wait for tonight's dinner with my girlfriends.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hmmmm rest day.. =)

Woke up at 3+pm just few hours ago. ^^ hee` Operated Perth flight yesterday and only slept at about 6am. Super shagged. These kinda turnaround flights are not meant for humans to do. hehe`

Did some laundry. Formatted Sandy's NDS. ^^ Btw i got the limited edition red one for her, how cool is that? Wahhahahah she's gonna get so addicted to it. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee` I'm so addicted myself to playing Sudoku on my DS.

Flight was good last night except for a bunch of drunk fools who kept asking for red wine and gin. -.- Going on a date tonight with sweetheart ^^ And i can't wait for Friday to come. Dinner followed by Movida! Muahahahhaha` Violin has already booked a table there le =X I can sense us drinking like crazy again. Shoots.

And now, im so lazy to bath and go out lar.. =X hehehe` And dear will be questioning me how come i haven't bath when he told me to half an hour ago =X wahahahhaha` o.O

I wanna go out and enjoy. lol this is becoming a senseless post. Oh well.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Rough week i've had. And it's all over, but the hurt still remains. why...

Back to Singapore on Saturday night at 7pm. Thanks to honey for coming to fetch me and dad. Trip to Surabaya and then 4 hrs ride to countryside was torturing. But the whole trip was bad for me. Was trying to battle with a cold, bad throat and fever. And for a few days i thought my tonsillitises hit me back due to painful muscles on the sides of my neck.

Busy preparing for the funeral, going down to the casket holding place every night to serve the guests. Funeral on Friday seemed really like a grand one. Godfather's casket was loaded into an ambulance to be sent to the cemetry (where our family members were all buried in). And the car we were in was the one paving the road for the ambulance. And so the siren went on and off thru'out the journey and flowers were thrown out of our car windows until we reached the cemetry.

People who turned up at the cemetry were more than 200 people. Most were his subordinates and our relatives.

In the backyard of the house..


haha ultra shiok

Alot of chicken coops inside the backyard. ^^

erm.. the eyes actually looks quite retarded here.. o.O

mum scratching dad's back. So very sweet of them ^^

my sister's baby and its Iran dad. ^^

omg i love babies. see she's soooooooooooo adorable!!!

Not camera shy at all hee`

My godbrother Johan who's going to university next year. ^^ Quite cute huh.

My god mother and the family.. Hope they'll stay strong.

with my godsister and another relative.

the casket.

The nice arrangement of flowers under the casket. ^^

I miss my godfather.. This was taken in Sentosa few yrs back.


And so i went back to work yesterday. Operated 3sectors, good all in all but last sector we've met with really nasty passengers. Sometimes i just don't understand why people can so narrow minded, and women at that. -.- We've got an NTL (Not To Land) passenger who wanted to snatch his passport from my in-charge. -.- A (stupid) lady who STRONGLY refuses to let an old man sit at one of her 3 seats for a couple of minutes just coz she wanted to sleep. And one more (uber dumb) lady who 'REFUSES TO PAY A SINGLE CENT' (exact words from her mouth) for the wheelchair service for her old man (whichever relation i dun care) and stomp out of the aircraft, leaving a disabled old man and maid carrying tonnes of bags. -.- And such is the kind of well behaved and civilized passengers we have onboard. Thank you ^^


Gonna have to run some errands today and wash my laundry too. Need to go to Central to get some toiletries and also NDS for Sandy ^^ Wanna slack at home and watch desperate housewives.. And perhaps play a few games of Sudoku on my NDS ^^

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