Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm shagged..

After a 4 sectors flight. o.O

And im missing the fried wanton in Changi Village.. o.O i want more!

Yesterday was really extremely fun! Met up with my colleagues - Buddy Rashid, Zerlina and Adele at Marina Square first for a while before Sandy and i left for lunch at Sakae Sushi. Good lunch before we went for a few games of bowling for me to warm up before 3rd. So in total Sandy played 2 games and i played 4. First 2 was quite lousy and last 2 were already considered good, for my standard lol`

Had a great time practising with my colleagues who were at the next lane too. hehe` Think buddy, Adele and me might make a great team after all~ hee` Headed to Kiliney Kopitiam after that with Sandy for Teh peng. Got well rested for a while before Sandy got tempted by me into getting her desired phone since my pay's in and i can help her get it first.

So we shopped around and bought ourselves an overall each in Citylink's new shop call Sixties, real lovely shop. Went down to Taka to get Sandy's U700 =) She signed a new Singtel line too, which entitled me to 50 bucks voucher! muahahhaha` Shall use it wisely to get a nice phone, haven't make up my mind though.

Night was spent with love, chilling out at his place until 11pm. And today he sent me to work early morning and fetched me as well. Was so hungry i had super nice chicken cutlet noodles in Changi Village. Totally heart their fried wanton. muahhahahah`

Shall go rest soon. eyes closing le

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday at home..

Is such a treasure to me. Stayed home all day, slept most of the day away coz i came back from Shenzhen flight at 4am. Flight was great, kept myself busy thru'out the flight and kept to our sales target! whoohoo` lol love to get motivated when i work.

Thanks to dearest baby who woke at the time when most ppl are in their deepest sleep. 3am (i went for CRM course so i know rofl). He came and fetched me home and had to work the whole day on Sunday too. Sweet sacrifices he made for me everytime.

And also something else i truly treasure alot too - Love from my mum. =) She's been preparing meals for me to bring onboard. So i didn't need to touch my cup noodles at all. Really extremely sweet. Just the other day, she made assam fish and veggie with rice for me to bring onboard darwin flight. And on Saturday night, she made fried rice topped with a whole piece of salmon plus a small tupperware of salad for me to bring onboard. hee` Super nice of her =)

And she even cooked for me when i came from Darwin flight at 8am coz she knows im hungry after my flight. Such a gem!

As i mentioned, i stayed home whole day yesterday. Played DS, watched Desperate housewives season 4 and slept alot. And i just pound myself.. Still heavy, but i lost weight! muahahahah` Gimme more flights please, can earn more moolah and lose weight. muahahah`

Been doing alot of Shenzhen flights. Think i have the Shenzhen face liao. Even passengers told me "hey i see u again!" hahaha` When i dun even remember them. oh well..

Im craving for good hotel international buffets hmmmmmm` Maybe it's time to splurge and enjoy!

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

flying more than anything else.

Loving Facebook's status where u can see urself as a third person hehehe` Kinda like tt..

Was on standby yesterday and got activated for Darwin night flight. o.O Was crazy. Went for the flight and only came back this morning, slept at 9am and woke up at 1pm coz i can't carry on sleeping don't understand why. And tonight i've got my rostered Shenzhen night flight as well. I'm gonna be so freaking stoned.

Last night's flight was quite good, except for a few mild medical cases. o.O Crew was especially good too. Had a really good chat with Shaan and Olivia. And a heart to heart one with Olivia. hehe` First time i met her and fly with her, but she told me i seemed like the person she can talk to so she poured out her relationship woes to me and wanted to listen to the story between me and daniel. hehe`

Joined bowling tournament which is actually organised by us, the cabin crew. Invited the office ppl, ground staff and also ex crew as well. It's gonna take place on 3rd November but hell i haven't even warm myself up .. hehe` prolly in the next few days when im off =) One more flight to go before i can rest! hee`

Special thanks to sweetie for taking time off to send me to work yesterday and also later on. Such a rush for him actually but he insisted coz he said he wanted to make life easier for me since i've met him. Sweet 'ol dan. hee`

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Affairs of the heart..

First things first, Yenching got the birthday present Sandy and i have sent her. Happy 21st dearest sweetheart! It was a few days belated though. We've gotten her a handmade bear from build-a-bear workshop! Gotten a polo tee for it as well, made a wish and put a heart into the bear.

Glad she likes it.

Today i went down to Bugis in the evening and met up with baby. We went over to M1 shop and tried to get his dad's fone fixed and asked about his plan as well. After which we had nice dinner in the food court and shopped around. Got bored thinking of what to do. So we ended up going back into the arcade and played with the Big Candy Land machine. Spent less than 40 bucks before we got 2 jackpots. hehehe`

Here goes the never ending supply of Mentos and the rest of the prizes o.O

A Stitch cushion and also 2 Winking buddies Tigger and Chipmunk hehe`

Went home after this and well the first time i took bus with baby coz baby didn't drive today rofl` Went back to his place for a while before i headed home. And now i missed him already. Well he's supposed to keep the chipmunk at his place, but he told me to bring it home. Said we'll leave it at "our" home next time. Wahhahahahha` =X

Tonight's date is real good fun! =) And baby gets happy too when he sees me smile the night away.

Good night! And it's back to flying tomorrow!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Slack slack!

Muahaha ain't this cute? Came back from Shenzhen flight yesterday morning around 4am. Was on standby but they can't activate me for any flight coz im off today and they can't eat into my day off. Dumb huh? Stupid Geneva roster generator.. o.O

Anyhow, flight was real great, spent a great deal of time chatting with my colleague Tricia (mother of 5) about her marriage and erm.. She taught me the basic stuff about planning a wedding too.. o.O

I miss baby so much!! Lol im so addicted to these smiley stuff. Damn cute. o.O Gets me all hyped up just looking at these funny stuff.

I wanna go out.. I wanna carry my new bag. I wanna shop and enjoy myself. I wanna play aimless games in the arcade. I wanna just window shop with honey and really have fun out of it coz he never fails to perk me up with his laughter. And i wanna eat alot. =) Erm.. Guilty as conscious. Been eating alot of dark chocolates these 2 days. hahaa It makes me really darn happy.

I spent the whole day at home yesterday. Slept at 5.30am after i settled down and woke up around 12 plus pm. Had KFC for lunch coz Chris ordered home delivery. After which i just totally relaxed myself, surfed net and read novel. Almost finishing the book - Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult. Gonna finish the story before i turn in later. Very extremely touched by the story. Recommend it.. For the mother love is so strong it makes me cry.

Suddenly it got me thinking. I so wanna have kids of my own. But what if next time im proven to be infertile. o.O Goodness... Hmmmm` Well test tube babies are so common now. hehehe you dunno until u get there~

"Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life."

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Fly fly fly =)

Haven't blog for the past 4 days. Just got back home not long ago. Watched an episode of Supernatural Season II and now im feeling ultra sleepy already.

Been flying for the past 3 days. Haven't done 3 consecutive flights in a long time already coz the roster's so loose lately. hehehehe` Got activated yesterday for Haikou flight, did 3 sectors previous day and did 158 yesterday. All was great. Baby came and fetched me home for all of the 3 nights.

And after my Haikou flight on Saturday, i went over to baby's place for BBQ dinner. hehehe` Was very sumptuous, coz we had pork ribs, midjoint wings, chicken fillets, beef slices and also white button mushrooms wrapped in bacon streaks. =) MUAHAHAHA` So high rofl`

As for yesterday which is Sunday, i went over to baby's place in the afternoon and got lunch for him. Slacked at his place all the way till 6pm when we headed to Popeye at T1 for dinner. Spent a great deal of a time with him on such a precious Sunday before i went for flight at 8pm. Bought a Lancome MAquicake which cost almost 70 bucks. heheheh` Abit heartache huh, but well. =) Saving quite hard for my future!

Am missing baby alot now. o.O Miss the words he said to me, miss his expression whenever he sees me. My heart still melts whenever he kisses me. ^^ haha And we'll both reach euphoria. And once again, he touched my heart when he says he wanna marry me and we shall have little daniels and angelas together. =)

And also thanks to winnie for getting us the ceramic small tablets which bear dan and my name. haha` Keep safe!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Good good fun!

Went out with love last night. Dinner at Marina Square's Cafe Cartel. After which we shopped around and went prawning in Marina South.

Not bad a harvest hehehe` Thanks to so many ppl o.O

Today i met up with Sandy at City Hall. Went down to Suntec to get a present for Yenching. Will post picture of it 10 days later after she gets the present coz our dear friend's in Perth.

We then cabbed down to Royal Park Hotel at Scotts for high tea buffet =) Average lar.. but their bread and butter pudding's really good =) We then went to post the parcel to Yenching before we shopped for a while. And im super happy coz i've gotten a bag too! Ultra cheap and pretty hee`

Check out these pictures.. Dun get hungry! And they have chocolate fountain too!

Bread butter pudding in Vanilla Sauce. Ignore those rockmelons please o.O hehehehe

Bubur Hitam

Chicken Congee tasted really darn good.

Assorted fruits with chocolate.

Assorted cakes and fruits


Grapes, peaches and pineapples in chocolate sauce!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Supposed to be a lovely day.

But my spirits are dampened now.. The air's still filled chokingly with the smoke just 2 blocks away. The wet market/hawker centre near my place was burnt (into ashes i guess).. So bad that it happened 3 hours ago, the air's still chokingly smelly now and the whole sky's so cloudy.

So sad lar.. Coz we know all the people and we recognize them by face. So sad to see their stalls gone and the sudden feeling of lost.

Was supposed to be a lovely day actually. Started off with me waking up early at 4am coz i need to operate an early morning flight. Dan came and fetched me at 5am. He's uber sweet coz he actually woke up at 3.30am just to prepare eggs and ham sandwiches for me to bring onboard. Packed along with a kinder beuno and a bottle of lemon tea coz he knows that i've got cravings for chocolates these days. hehehehe`

Such a sweetheart. =) Flight was fun too, with all the gurls =) Received alot of compliments too from my colleagues. Mentioned that this hairstyle's nice for me (but i think it's still the same) and

Went home to rest after the flight. Ordered KFC for dinner. Love their new packaging huh. =) Similar to pizza hut's. Missing love so much. Can't wait to see him tonight.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Melee - Built to last

Dedicate this song to my love..

I've looked for love in stranger places,
but never found someone like you.
Someone whose smile makes me feel I've been holding back,
and now there's nothing I can't do.

'Cause this is real, and this is good.
It warms the inside just like it should,
but most of all it's built to last.

All of our friends saw from the start.
So why didn't we believe it too?
Whoa yeah, now look where you are.
You're in my heart now.
And there's no escaping it for you.

'Cause this is real, and this is good.
It warms the inside just like it should,
but most of all it's built to last.

Walking on the hills that night with those fireworks and candlelight
You and I were made to get love right

'Cause this is real, and this is good.
It warms the inside just like it should,
but most of all it's built to last.

'Cause you are the sun in my universe,
considered the best when we've felt the worst
and most of all it's built to last.

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Monday, October 15, 2007


Feeling kinda jaded now.. Didn't get activated today again. Stayed home all day. Super bored out but still i stuck it out with my novel and series.

Still waiting for the downloads to finish, burn disc then go back to sleep.

Sick of everything. Wondering why i have such an insane dad. Gets on everyone's nerves. Sianz.

Eating too much lately.. must be coz im not feeling too good. hai

I need a getaway.. =(

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Woot didn't get activated for flight today.

Today im on standby, but i didn't get activated! Thought surely i'd coz it's Hari RaYA.. Wheeeeee` =)

Stayed home with a good read - Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult. Spent the rest of the time reading CLEO magazine and also watching Supernatural. Starting to watch Season II already. ^^ Today is a family day!

Went out for dinner with mummy and Chris. Diner at Dian Xiao Er in AMK hub. The 2nd time i've eaten there. This time we ordered their roast duck, veggie, dong po meat and also fried mantou. Can tell that mummy really had a hearty dinner! =) It's been a long time since we brought mum out for dinner.

Envious that others have such a good relationship with their fathers because my relationship with my dad isn't a good one. Oh well, i do love my mummy alot though ^^

Chris paid for dinner so i paid for groceries. Did shopping in NTUC and i was almost tempted to get a new electrical oven.. but... need to save! Cabbed home after that at around 9pm. So now, it's back to my novel again. The unique story really draws me in.

Take care, keep safe! ON standby again tml... gosh.. I wanna earn and save more money..

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When will the timing be right?

For marriage. =) Just showered coz dearest just sent me back home not long ago. He came and fetched me from BT after my flight and we had dinner in AMK central. Wanted to catch a movie but we ended up chilling out at his place and watched a couple of movies.

Missing him so much already.. Love the way he suddenly tells me how much he yearns for a home of our own and we could enjoy our lives together. =)

Operated the 3 sectors flight yesterday. Had a darn good time with the super fun crew. Especially with poor Liyana who gotta work yesterday even though it was Hari Raya's first day =( But we had tonnes of fun too! Will upload some shots we took together..

Apart from very turbulences which made my announcement stopped short halfway and also pre-order hot meals from passengers, sales was darn good and nothing much happened =)

Waiting for my hair to dry so i can get to bed asap coz im on standby today. =( And it's already 3.40am after i've finished typing this.. o.O

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Friday, October 12, 2007


Spent the whole day at home. Love to spend off days at home more and more! Save tonnes of money too. Since the bulk of it is given to tuition fees, bills and mummy. =) The rest are for future family planning! ^^ Haha baby!

Read novel, played games and watched Supernatural whole day. Almost finishing Season one already and almost finished downloading Season 2. =)

Guess what? I think im seriously a slacker. According to statistics, i've only operated 12 flights last month. -.- And up till today which is 12th Oct, i've only operated 4 flights since the first. Seriously i hope the situation will improve when we are starting India and Xiamen destinations come 28th oct. lol` So super free.. o.O

Shall go and sleep soon, since i have 3 sectors tomorrow. Have already smsed all of my malay colleagues wishing them best wishes for their new year! Feel so excited for them =) haha yummy i wanna eat nice mutton rendang and kueh makmur!..

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So ultra elated!

Still up and awake now even thought it's 1:30am coz it's still my day off today! hehe`

Operated the Shenzhen flight 2 nights back. Was a rather bad one with very bad turbulences and unreasonable passengerS. Need me to explain more? Nah` Really... The same ol' stuff. Passengers choosing to let their less than 8 yrs old daughter take the risk of breaking any of her bones due to turbulence than have her buckle up and resist the urge to pee. Scared of what? Ridicule of peeing in their seats? Seriously fucked up lar these people. No common sense at all.

And then i quarrelled with another PRC (People's republic of china) lady who refuses to switch off her hp. She even argued with me loudly in front of everyone else inside the cabin. Oh even better then everyone can be witnesses to how inconsiderate and demanding she can be. Please lar, wanna die dun drag everyone down with u coz i dun wanna die together with PRCs like u.. And when i threatened her that i'll get captain to issue a warning letter to her, she off her fone and shut up. These people shouldn't even ought to be on earth. No wonder i detest PRCs so much. I can only think of one phrase to describe this lady - Mentally challenged.

Chatted with 4 of my colleagues in Hans after flight coz they have to eat before day break.. Spent about more than 2 hours there catching up with each other and chill out. Only went home at about 6+am. haha`

And yesterday, i stayed home all day sleeping and playing games and watching Supernatural. Met up with love at 7+pm. We had dinner in Junction 8's food court and then spent a while in the arcade playing games. =) Shopped for a while and headed over to Geylang's Bazaar! Soaked up the festive season, bought some snacks and went down to Bishan's prawning pond to check out the place. Got quite disappointed coz it's much too crowded and not like marina south which i love.

Given up the idea of prawning and baby sent me home. Really super duper happy to meet him for just these few hours. =) Am very very glad. He never fails to make me laugh and fall in love with him again and again.

Alright shall go and watch supernatural before i sleep. Feel like eating cup noodles wor =X

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Back from Hiatus.

What i've done for the past 5 days:

- Dinner with dearest daniel in Changi Village, dinner at elias wasn't fulfilled coz fisherman's village has been closed down. =(

- Dinner with dan and chris. We had steamboat in AMK Central (Beside Tenchi comics). First time i tried it, totally in love with the whole place. ^^

- Dinner at dan's place which his mum cooked HockChew's traditional 'bei kway' which is fried new year cake (nian gao)? Super good! And then aftermath of dinner at Botak Jones together with chris.

- Chill out with love and practically trying to spend as much time as possible with him.

Alright, enuff of food. Flights for the past few days were alright except for the very bad turbulences =(.. Didn't get call up for flights on Sunday as well as today. Been catching up on the series Supernatural which totally rocks!

Basically i can't resist the temptation to blog, even though it's only been 5 days. hehe` I wanna slack all the way at home till tomorrow evening when i'll go for flight. Play some games, on PC and DS, listen to new english songs, and get addicted to Almond Roca Chocs... ^^

I miss my sweetheart.. And he's hooked onto video calling on his cell phone now. My goodness.. Just hope he won't spend so much money just to see my face and hear my voice at the same time. hee`

On a last note.. Hails Angela Witch!

Happy Advance Halloween!

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

On hiatus

Until i find myself back again. =)

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Daniel Gian! Don't think that u've given me virtual flowers in Facebook i'll let you off so easily. hehe` I still expect real flowers =X Since u pay only the cost price. hahaha Kidding lar.

Last night i met up with my godbrother Jinwei at Yio chu kang station before we set off on our journey to Harbourfront and met up with my buddy who's also my colleague - Rashid. First time i went clubbing with both of them Extreme fun! hee`

Met up with a few colleagues and also mark corrie there in powerhouse. Danced as crazy as ever, hehe these frends are so crazy. That's why it's always super fun to club with them. Cheryl, steph, julie, zann and a few others were present!

Me, Jinwei and Rashid. Well i took this shot with my right hand and left was holding the tequila shot. =) Doesn't look like i took it huh

Me, cheryl and Jinwei.

Drank too much last night. Met up with a group of SQ pilots who were just so desperate. Made me downed too much liqour too.. But i always know my limits. ^^ hehe` Even towards the end Jinwei also cannot take it and downed one glass for me. Cabbed home with Jinwei and i still managed to walk back home safely. =)

Ended up with gastric pains and slight headache this morning when i woke up. o.O Oh well. Good day! Gonna go out for dinner with Chris and my dearest daniel now.


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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Today's flight was good. haha` Went over to dear's shop and helped out with closing before we headed down to the japanese restaurant at IRAS for late lunch/dinner! Love this meal hehehe` Totally enjoyed the oreo strawberry ice cream.. It's so fresh hee` They actually freshly smashed the oreo and fresh strawberries and mixed into the ice cream! Shiok! =) hee`

Ooooooh Just a while ago chris just came back from work.. And he bought me DKNY green be delicious fragrance! hehehe`Said just bought it for me coz he felt like it. Sweet huh` ^^ Well im still using Victoria Secret's Body Splash =)

Gonna go out soon to meet my colleagues all at St James! Woot! super darn happy.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Random post..

Missing sweetheart alot.. Oh well.. he's sick and im trying hard not to fall sick too since my throat's not feeling too well too.

Need to wake up at 3:30am but i still dun feel sleepy now, which isn't a good sign at all! hmmmm` I've already whipped up pasta to bring to work tomorrow. Should really go lie down on bed and try to get some sleep.

Goodnight and adieus!

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Monday, October 01, 2007

im happy..

Makes me happy to listen to this song on radio again.. Reminds me of how my love sings to it when he's driving.

Lifehouse - You and me

What day is it? And in what month?
This clock never seemed so alive
I can't keep up and I can't back down
I've been losing so much time

'Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to lose
And it's you and me and all other people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

One of the things that I want to say just aren't coming out right
I'm tripping on words
You've got my head spinning
I don't know where to go from here

'Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to prove
And it's you and me and all other people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

There's something about you now
I can't quite figure out
Everything she does is beautiful
Everything she does is right

'Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to lose
And it's you and me and all other people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you
and me and all other people with nothing to do
Nothing to prove
And it's you and me and all other people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

What day is it?
And in what month?
This clock never seemed so alive

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Simple pleasures of life

I so heart the above game. Been playing this all day long today coz i didn't get activated for any flights. hmmmm` Was so bored but im lazy to go out and i'll have to spend money. hehe` So might as well stay home and collect dust. Almost half way to gaming this game! It's so fun lar. Like platform style and RPG fused together. darn cool`

Dearest gave me a pup in a box and also bitten me on Facebook. hehe Erm.. totally random.. Anyway, im on standby tml too.. Yesterday i met my colleagues onboard when we took over the aircraft from them. hehe` My batchmate was super cute, she mentioned that i look ultra fresh and glowing in love. =) Well we both are, sweetie!

The simple pleasures in life:

There are so much more simple pleasures in life which just make our hearts warm and fuzzy. So be sure to appreciate all these small gestures and cherish your love ones.


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