Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Great flight!

Today flight to ChiangMai was really good. ^^ Sales average but it was nice working with Suriani, Michelle and Isabelle. Dearest sent me to work this morning. Sacrificing his precious sleep as well. Thanks so much, really appreciate all your efforts! And one more early morning flight tml as well.

Cracked alot of jokes onboard. And cabbed home with Michelle after the flight. Tomorrow i'm working with my batchmate Juvelyn!! haha so happy =) We've got lotsa stuff to catch up!

Did abit more of the project for baby's birthday. Finished the whole layout and skeleton le, gonna have to finish it in time.. Boo` Guess he must be anxious to find out what it is huh. oh Well wait until till 11th December ba bao bei.

Gonna turn in le.. Hope i can get to lalaland quick, coz i need to wake up at 3.30am.. =)

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Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm back home!

Weekend has been a blast. Totally enjoyed myself!

- Crispy prata supper with Daryl at Upper Thomson road on Friday night after my flight.
- 3 sectors was darn good fun coz the father of 2, Revo was just so freaking entertaining.. And along with Jana and Azimah, we nearly fainted due to heart arrest caused by laughing excessively.
- Precious time with love which both of us will never forget and must i tell myself again that he's oh-so-sweet. =) No wonder michelle lim told me that i really deserve him.

Got back this morning and bought breakfast for mummy. Chatted for a while with Ailing. haha` Gotten to know the truth Ailing and Rachel approached Winnie and me in the club before love and xiang came over. Dear u naughty lor.. Dishonest to me.. Wahhaha` Thanks to the love cherubs Ailing, Rachel and Winnie =) You gurls know our story the best.

Hoping i won't get activated on Friday and can go to Winnie's birthday bash.. And right now, i gotta go catch up on some drama series.. Alot of new episodes are out! Desperate housewives IV, ANTM, Supernatural III.... muahahaha` Stay home day today to accompany my mum and also to play with the puppies.

Congrats to Adele on getting registered with her hubby and happy birthday to her as well! ^^

And and and and.................. yenching's coming back next wednesday! ^^ Soooooooooo i've missed her really badly.. Been a long time since i last saw her.. Wanna take her out for a good meal and enjoy a cuppa coffe! ^^

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Hmmm Christmas day ^^

Gonna be working over the holidays i guess.. The best present for christmas this year will be the novel - KiteRunner and also Shopaholic & Baby =) heheh` They'll both be really enjoyable reads.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tiger rawks Aussie!

Yay! Tiger's proving flight is such a success that it's gotten its certificate to fly in Aussie! =) First flight out to Queensland tomorrow. =)

And we're also starting a base in Korea as well. Rock on! =) I want my profit sharing bonuses.. Wahhahah`

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Back to work tml again. Been enjoying myself for the past few days. And i've managed to swap duty on Sunday! Which means i get to have the day off. so excited for this weekend will be filled with loads of fun! ^^

Yesterday i brought the puppies for tail docking. =( Super cruel i know i feel the tinge of sadness for them as well.. And teared abit when they kept on whining non stop..

And today, I went to Spotlight to shop for more materials for baby's present. Spent quite a sum of money on it already, and started making it from yesterday as well.. =)

Last night baby came and fetched me for dinner. We wanted to have bak kut teh at balestier, ended up i tempted him to have pig's organs soup in lavendar.. lol` But god it was closed and so was the very nice lor mee nearby. o.O hee` So we ended up at this hawker centre which kway chap and pig's organs soup tasted real good =) hehe` Had a great time spent with each other.

Headed to AMk hub's arcade since it was still early. And we spent some money catching 'air'.. coz the masak machine cheated us! Boo hoo hoo..

Hmmmmmmm Pink paws! hehe`

Eyes still not open yet! =)

Beijing Olympic 2008 mascots.. Bought this in Haikou.

Gotta have to wakie 3.15am later for flight.. And baby sacrificed his sleep for me too coz he's taking me to work. Sweet 'ol baby. I'm gonna work hard and really enjoy myself during flight as well. Wheeeee` Now i've got a goal to work towards.. That is to get annual leave beginning of next year and go on holidays with sweetheart! Prolly phuket or krabi. yummy!

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Blissfully in love... ^^

Just came back not long ago from flight. It was good and i felt really happy as well when the passengers disembarked from the aircraft with happy faces. I was the one who went down to handle the screening of passports for the crew members today. So i've actually gotten this set of Beijing Olympic 2008 mascots' plush toy and also a few pens as momento. =)

They're like really cute heheh` Well am feeling uber sleepy now, will upload shots of them tml or something..

Sweetheart came and fetched me from work. =) And we had dinner together in Punggol Nasi Lemak coffeeshop. Felt so happy to see him, to hold him in my arms. And as usual we had loads of fun just chatting with each other and bickering as well.. I must admit, certain small gestures that guys portray really shows women how meticulous they are.

Just tonight for these short couple of hours, the small gestures baby made can really warm my heart and made it all fuzzy. Well he might not know which are the ones, but they really showed that he's sensitive enough to care about my needs. And i'm truly happy! =)

Greatful to god for what i have in life! Simple things like picking out ends of chilli padi and giving the rest to me when eating bak chor mee just because i only like the middle sections of chilli. Giving me meatball just because i gave him more pork liver coz i dun really fancy them.. Got worked up when i got him to bring plasters from home when he came and fetched me. Bickering over the last piece of prawn dumpling. hehe` And all of the above were done with observations and not by asking. Made me realised just how fun a short and simple dinner can be with him. =) I really enjoyed every minute with you.

Alright! Gonna remove my nail polish and tuck myself into bed!

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Saturday, November 17, 2007


haha Spent whole day at home. Basically i've been watching korean drama, played Sudoku and read CLEO magazine. And didn't get activated today as well.. o.O I'm really earning peanuts.. wahahhaha`

Been watching the korean drama, at least 10 episodes per day. Now im into my episode 70 ^^

Some more shots of the pigs over at my place hehe` Really, they look soooo adorable. =) You have to see them for yourself. Didn't manage to get a shot of the eldest puppy though coz it's always hidden somewhere under the mummy's body. It's the smallest size though.

Mummy and 3 puppies.. Their eyes still hasn't open yet. And they're already 4 days old.

The youngest (7.30PM), only male and the biggest size as well

The 2nd female (6:45 PM).. uber cute coz all white except for part of the tail and also ears and beside the right eye.

Thinking what to have for dinner now. Should i cook pasta or go downstairs to buy food? o.O

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Friday, November 16, 2007


No........... =( not TGIF at all.. coz it's such a boring friday. argh` And a boring saturday. And another boring sunday. damn it..

Suddenly i realised some things i just can't bring myself to do even though im so tempted. Damn it. I wanna go clubbing. =( I wanna hang out.

Guess i'll just go to sleep now and wait to get activated tml morning.

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ANTM's going to CHINA!

Wahahhahaha just finished downloading and watching the latest episode of ANTM. Really love this reality tv. Wondering what their house in china will look like. =)

Been watching korean drama all day at home.. lol` Wanna quickly finish then can start watching Heroes.. ^^ Sweetie's sooooo happy coz he's got my hard disk drive over at his place and he can continue on his 'Heroes' legacy. muahahah` Feel so lazy to do anything else other than downloading stuff and watch series. Didn't even wanna read my cleo magazine.. wahhaha

Somebody take me out to dinner to eat good food! I'm soooo lazy to go out as well. hehe`

Think i can just coop myself up in my little red room all day all night and i can survive still.. Amazingly. hee` Oh well` I'm really really really bored =( Craving for international buffet in Carousel. =(

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

You're the only one who knows how much i like F.I.R. But life will never be the same again and only memories are left in the heart for keepsake. =)

Good day!

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I'm as happy as a lark...

Been watching the korean drama - As much as heaven and earth the whole day yesterday. Now im into episode 45 of the series.. More than half to go.. hehe`

Met up with love last night. Before that i went down to NTUC in AMK hub to get salsa sauce for sweetheart coz he's been craving for it. Cabbed down to his place and reached around 8pm. We cuddled together and watched 2 movies - RV and The Benchwarmers. Really had a great time.

And just as we were chatting, dawned on us that we're still in a honeymoon period even though it's been like more than 8 months already. hehehe` And baby still thought honeymoon period would only be 6 months at most. wahhahaha` But we're still so in love.

Even now that i've reached home since an hour ago, i still feel adrenaline rush all over and still feeling ultra happy. =) Glad to have spent those few hours with him. He's such a rare gem. And he sent me home after that, and insisted on walking me up, just like the very first day when i've met him...

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

7 jack russells...

Alot of stuff happened past few days... Been flying for the past 3 days. Finally did Xiamen and it was such a terrible flight. Goodness ... the passengers were soooo soooo atrocious. Anyhow , it's over.

2 nights back after my flight to Xiamen, which was a Monday. I met up with Sandy at PS for dinner she just knocked off too. After which she went shopping with me for materials to make a special project for my sweetheart. And love came and fetched me home after that.

And as for yesterday, after i touched down, mum called me to tell me that Jojo has just given birth! wahahhahahaha` But received another bad news from baby as well.. =( Oh well i guess in life every minute there'll be births and deaths happening simultaneously..

Let's just hope for the best. ^^ Went home to find Jojo's has given birth to 2 cute babies! And for a moment the babies dropped from the recliner seat, and i was holding onto the 2nd baby coz it was almost falling but still has the navel attaced to mummy and out popped something black, and goodness i thought it was the placenta!!! But alas mum saw that it's actually the 3rd baby! =)

No wonder jojo's stomach's just bigger than the last pregnancy.. wahhahaha` 13th Oct 2007.. Time is 5.30pm, 6.45pm and also 7.30pm. =)

She's such a very very hardworking mother. hehehehe` Check these shots of precious moments.

Below shots taken this morning , after we moved the family to the blanket.. And they've already start looking for mummy's milk shortly after they come out of the mother's body. hee`

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

craaaaazzzzeeeeeeee night with love.

Too too exciting. Until now when i think back i still can't help but to grin widely. =) Went down to town alone in the late afternoon yesterday. Shopped for a while at Art Friend and sourced for some ideas for a special project which involves paper and glue (baby these are all the clues u're getting). After which i went and gotten a cake from Swissbake.

Met up with winnie and took train back to ang mo kio. Took a bus down to baby's place and reached around 5pm. Muahahha` Played DS all the way till 6.30 when he and his family reached home. And boy was he stunned and surprised when he saw me in his room. =) Pleasant pleasant surprise. Along with a very 'moussey' cake hehe`

Happy 8th month Anniversary to us! =) Time passes kinda fast huh. Still remember the time when we were back at the beach, shy with each other and didn't wanna talk so we type on SMS function in cell fone and showed each other. And he still has that draft. ^^

Anyhow, we had dinner at his place coz his mum cooked. We then headed down to Marina South's Bowling alley to play 3 games each. Really cool coz i managed to hit my highest - 100 points! hehehe` Was great great great fun. =) Hung out in the arcade to play some old school games before we headed home.

And im missing love now! heheh` ^^ He's the best thing that has ever happened in my life. If not for that fateful night clubbing in Madam Wong's reopening party. ^^

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Enjoy life to the fullest - Cape Diem!

Just came back home not long ago from dinner with my family in The Soup Restaurant in United Square. Spent a few hours imagining the amount of mussels, salmon sashimi, lobster salad and cakes and pastries im gonna wolfed down for dinner but ended up with Chinese cuisine in Soup Restaurant. -.- Oh well. Coz dumb us didn't reserve a table at Vienna and it's PH today. Anyhow, dinner was great, the Samsui chicken was terrific as well as the other dishes =)

Met up with love last night as well as today before dinner. Dinner at his place last night, along with a couple of movies and some cuddling and spooning coz i brought my hard disk drive over. Totally love it. Upgraded to a whooping 500GB Muahahahhaa which explains why im downloading Heroes now. ^^ Into my 14th episode now. He sent me home at 1+ this morning and we met up again at 2+pm. Headed down to Compass Point's Raffles Medical Clinic coz i needed to extend my MC.

Accompanied him for lunch and we shopped in Cold Storage after that before we headed back home separately coz he's having crabs for dinner and i'm having family dinner. =)

I've bought a novel in United Square as well. hahah` Think i'll need to tidy up my shelves to put in more books. o.O Coz i have a box of novels still hanging somewhere around in my room.

Missing love so badly already. He's such an interesting guy i really never feel bored as long as im with him, coz he makes me laugh all the time..
Alright, shall go read/play games/watch korean drama before i turn in. More stuff i'll have to do tml. And im feeling abit sick already.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Days spent at home with family are sooo precious =)

Just uploaded some of the pictures taken.. Too lazy to go scan the photo stickers lar. lol` o.O

Today i went back to Raffles to extend my mc.. The steroid cream im applying on my face is making it so uncomfortable coz my skin's peeling now.. Oh well. Hope it gets better =(

Thanks to Chris who accompanied me to the clinic. We then shopped around in AMK again, and i've gotten myself a pair of lovely linen 3 quarts from Giordano coz they're having a clearing stocks sale. Thinking of what present i should get for baby for his birthday next month. Some stuff i've shortlisted already.

And i should get some christmas cards too tomorrow and write em and send them to my dearies. ^^

Jojo's stomach is getting bigger day by day. hehee` Oh well Really wonder how many puppies she's gonna give birth to and when. o.O

She's so hungry nowadays. don't even mind eating Tom Yam Handmade Noodle (Ban Mian).

I've finished the game Trauma Center! muahahaha` Gonna move on to some other games now. Next game to finish - Pheonix Wright III.


Shot of Buddy Rashid and me taken somewhere in Century Square i think, before the bowling tournament.

Baby and me in Lunar. lol See i always look so gay when im with him =)

Ming Xiang, Guohua, baby and me. Alex and Violin wasn't in coz they went to the washroom i think.

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it's been great recently!

Called up for 3 sectors flight on thursday. And Haikou flight last friday has been great! Coz i got to work with Aslinda, buddy Rashid and also my batchmate Hamilah. hehe` Was a super fun and entertaining flight. With quite dumb passenger asking me "where are we landing?" after buddy Rashid and Captain made announcent that we have started our decent into Haikou. Crappy. -.-

Met some regulars too, who mentioned they always see my face for their Haikou flights.. o.O ahha and this regular who asked me more about my roster. It's these kinda passengers who really made our day coz they understand what we're going thru.

Dan came and fetched me after my flight and we had ultra nice chicken cutlet at AMK. hehe`

And the next day, which is saturday, I met up with Rashid, Adele, Zerlina and also Kelvin at Tampines mall for lunch before we took photo stickers together and spend some time at the arcade. Headed to SAFRA NSRCC after that. Bowling tournament was great, alot of people from the officer turned up too. We had great fun! haha` Managed to score my best game of 93 points. hehehe`

Well supposed to go for a flight yesterday and today but im on medical leave due to rashes on my face. Think i'll be plagued by rashes all my life. sianz`

Anyhow, i went out on Saturday night to havoc with baby and his friends. First time i've been to Lunar, this canto pub in Clarke Quay. It's very fun though, maybe coz of the company. 6 of us drank 1 and 1/4 bots of Martell and also a barrel of beer. Too lazy to upload the pictures.. haha`

And i got molested by this fake gf of ming xiang who turned up last minute. o.O goodness. lol` I can't carry her weight at all lor coz she's all drunk and messy and ugly.. Really don't like it when gurls get drunk and ugly. Baby piggy backed me for a short distance inside the carpark, said i really lost weight le. Yep i did lose about 2 kg. haha =)

I really had a great night, played number games and also dice with his friends. And i really love the way baby does his moves to the music. Hmmmmmmm So sexy haha` That's my boy!

Family day yesterday. Went to amk central for lunch with mummy and chris and chris also sub 2 Citibank credit cards for me - Dividend and SMRT. Wheeeeeeeee` hahahaha` My first credit cards. (well not mine exactly hee)

Shall go and turn in le.. Missing baby loads!

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