Sunday, December 30, 2007

Another day of red nail polish and blue eyeshadow

=) Kudos to another flight done! Got activated for flight this morning. My 3rd working day and 2 more flights to go before the year ends! =) haha` Muahahahhaa And i'm only 60 bucks to my 2.3k goal. Oh well what to do, coz i'm not a top ace seller in Tiger. o.O I can only sell unless u're interested to buy..

Can't wait for next month's pay lar.. lol Really feel uber tempted to buy LG Viewty phone coz i've finally found the phone which i fancy though it's a boring black color coz the function's fantastic and i feel that it's much better than iphone. Shall go and get it on my day off! =X

Feeling quite shagged lar.. 3 sectors flight tomorrow somemore. o.O My eyeballs gonna roll off le. Thanks to sweetheart for fetching me home just now. And we had sumptuous dinner at Changi Village! =)

Shall go read some chapters of Shopaholic & Baby before turning in.. Good night and i can't wait for new year to come! Muahahahahah` Sandy's latest inspired-by-me post is damn cute lar. hehe` oh well.. Irony's really a bitch! Just like i didn't use to put on make up and convincing myself that natural is beauty. But it really isn't the case when u can make urself look much more prettier. Of course not to remove make-up and realised your boyfriend's staring at you wide eyed. =)

Cheerios and good night! Gonna go get some beauty sleep now and wake up at 11:30am tomorrow. muahaha` Really craving to go clubbing le.

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Friday, December 28, 2007

Reflections 2007

Tuning in to the very last Top 20 of Year 2007 on 98.7fm. So yup. These old hits kinda brought me feelings to greater heights. ^^

Quick reflections:

January - Went to alot of Birthday celebrations and rekindled alot of flames with my old friends i haven't seen in a long time. Very very memorable month. Sent Wing off to Hong Kong as well. Totally missed her alot.

February - Juju was brought into this world by Jacky and Jojo =) Dropped my past as well and what's left in my heart is only the memories we've spent together ^^ First time in 7 years i've celebrated Valentine's Day with a single status. ^^ 'Lo Hei' (Lao Yu Sheng) during CNY was also with Daniel coz he dropped me a surprise after i mentioned i'm craving for it. Imagine 2 of us having it along East Coast Park.

March - Probation over! wheee` =) More and more in love with my job. I've finally abducted Mr Daniel Gian into my heart coz he's just simply too sincere. 10th March 2007 *CHECKED

April - Joined Enyouth MLM but really.. it's not my cuppa tea. o.O Worked even harder..

May - Nothing much. Simply enjoyed life and had alot of outings with the girlfriends. Alot of good food too with dan.

June - Dangni was first diagnosed with the rare disease. Glad she's recovering and going back to school next yr! Had my first recurrent training after a year and it was great coz it's WET program. Damn fun.. 6 years death anniversary of Jennifer. Miss u babe.

July - Had my 21st birthday bash and it was a blast! Thanks to all my beloved friends and extended special thanks to my girlfriends Sandy and Yixian. 4 nights trip to Hong Kong via Macau with dan baby. Very very memorable!

August - Phuket 3 nights trip with girlfriends Sandy and Yixian to celebrate Sandy's 21st! =) End of August was another last minute trip to Surabaya with my parents to visit my god mum coz my god father has passed away. Another 5 days..

September - Got bitten by my dog.. Quite depressed.. Somemore clubbing..

October - Slogged my guts out coz no more annual leave.. =( Last time i went clubbing with my colleagues and Jinwei coz i've promised my bf so... I simply get into too much trouble when i go clubbing with them and with my friends. o.O hahaa some people do know why. So now i only go clubbing with dan and his friends, which is quite rarely.

November - Slogged even harder.. Addicted to bowling this month due to company event. Jojo gave birth to 3 more puppies =0

December - Very memorable dear's birthday. Spent alot of effort on making a scrapbook for him. Gave him a surprise too by inviting all his close friends over for dinner at Marriot. Worked doubly hard this month for money for CNY.
And dearest gave me a surprise on Christmas day. Booked Robertson Quay Hotel and decorated the room! =) Totally in love with the bracelet he gave me as well..

I'm truly glad im very very happy and enjoyed my life to the fullest this year. Found my true happiness as well and stayed happy in my job.


Resolutions for 2007..

Not gonna set resolutions which i won't attain at all. So i only have 3 simple ones.

So yup.. that's it. =)

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another day of flying..

Operated ChiangMai flight this morning, sales wasn't too bad as well ^^ Thanks to sweetheart for taking me to work early in the morning at 5am. Really appreciate his effort. Now i have an even more ambitious plan.. To reach 2.3k! muahaha` Today's flight was great. =) And so will be for tomorrow's one as well.

Got called up for tml's macau flight already.. Booooooooring but i want the money coz i wanna give my mum alot for CNY! ^^

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

He makes my heart flutter

Yesterday, i woke up at 1pm after operating the night flight and dearest came and fetched me to Robertson Quay Hotel.

I must say he really did make my heart skip a beat. He sprinkled rose petals on the bed, and also took the pain to spell out the words "Merry Xmas" using marshmallows, biscuits, snickers bar and rocher. ^^ Was sooo touched when i saw that and the view in the room is just superb.

And he did the only thing which i asked for as well - A card. =) He was always saying that his handwriting sucks and didn't wanna write for me but he relented this time. ^^ hee` And dearest got me a bracelet which is engraved with my name too.. Perfect for work.

Thanks love ^^ To be able to spend those precious times with you has already been more than enough.

Reached home around afternoon today and brought my mum to amk hub to do some grocery shopping. ^^

And...... i've already reached my target for my commission this month! Muahahahah` Somemore to go. Happy to at least see i've got alot of money for Chinese New Year coz have to stock up the fridge and also need to give mummy red packet. =)

Some shots taken with the crew for Darwin on eve!

Karine, Rena, Shaan and me

Shaan and me

Karine and me.. Christmas in Darwin!

The 3 ladies.. ^^

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Life's great!

Operated Darwin flight last night. =) Was great coz it was with Rena, Karine and the clown, Shaan.. We really had a great time and counted down 2 times to Christmas coz firstly, we touched down in Darwin at exactly midnight Darwin time. And then to Singapore local time. ^^

And guess what? I actually met the same girl who went on my flight to Singapore couple of weeks back. This little 8 years old young lady is just soooo pretty and sweet. This time she spotted me first during boarding and i was just so happy to see her again! And so she stuck with me thru'out the flight, even insisted on helping us serve passengers, push cart and also collect trash o.O hehe`

And we treated her to a hot meal, water, snacks and hot milo, let her watch the inflight entertainment player too and i bought her a set of Tiger Keychains for her to remember me by. And so she stuck with me thru'out and sat on my lap whenever i sat down.

Kealy Rada Squile, i'll always remember you. =)

Flight was great coz we chatted all the way thru. And Shaan and me had a good time too so we weren't sleepy at all. ^^ Grateful for everything!

Dearest then came and fetched me home at 5am. Went drive thru Mac and packed breakfast. Later we'll be going to Robertson Quay Hotel! Wheeeeeeee` ^^ Super happy! Merry Christmas everyone!

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Love letter from an Indian passenger

Was on standby yesterday and supposed to operate a morning flight today. So thought i wouldn't get called up for any flight in the late afternoon. Thus i went down to Wisma and trim my brows, bought a dress and some undies from Topshop. Ended up they called me and activated me for the Kochi night flight and swap my morning flight for a rest day.

So love came and fetched me to work at 8+pm.. Flight was good coz crew were all good fun! We had truck loads of fun eating pizzas, cake, oatmeal fish, hot dogs and taking pictures. There was this passenger who passed me a letter he's penned on a serviette for me before he disembark. o.O It was long.. He's an indian by the way. And i did nothing much except to lend him my pen and serve him some drinks. And he even caught me eating bee hoon inside the galley..

And here it goes :

Hi, I really thank you for the wonderful service you accorded on my flight from Singapore to Kochi on your airline. I must say that your beauty really is beyond just the best support element to your service. You are absolutely stunning and i only hope i get to travel in an airline where i can see you again. I would love it if you could stay in touch with me. I would be visiting Singapore and would love to stay in touch with you. (Since he has repeated the same thing twice.. really means he wants very much to contact me again.. o.O)
For your record, my name is Jay and i'm a musician and music DJ in India. Plan to start my radio work in SG too. My email is Do write in and continue on your good work and importantly stay just as beautiful.

Love, Jay

P.S Let me know if you need a good service testimonial. I'm a frequent traveller with Tiger and you're my choice for Miss Tiger Air. (OMG!!!!!!!! FAINT)

P.S.S I don't have real roses with me, but please take this imaginary bunch of roses (carries on to draw a whole bunches of Xxxxxes and ugly roses) Hehe see if it's like a rose bouquet. I'm mad ain't it. ==)) (OMG DOUBLE FAINT>> this guy is absolutely crazeeeeeeeee)

First thought... OMG... I've added some literal criticisms inside.. Dots... really faint lor.. And so my colleagues kept on making fun of me.


I miss my love alot.. =( Am gonna see him only on 25th morning. And so, it's Furama on 24th and dearest booked Robertson Quay Hotel on 25th. Think i'll bring ice wine and JD over! Thanks love, you're the best christmas present i've ever received. And all i asked for is a handwritten card from you, that's all that's enough. =) muacks!

I wanna work hard for the rest of my flights for this month, so i can have alot of money for chinese new year. I wanna hit at least 2.1 k this month. Oh well.. The roster they give me is really slack lar, as compared to others. Coz until now i've only worked 11 days -.- out of 23 days..

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Going to work soon..

Lack of 8 hours of sleep.. o.O And it's 6am now and i'm all ready to go to work. And i've slimmed down! muahahahahha Baby.. you can't always torture me like that =X

But i'm happy! hahaha Coz winnie said i've lost weight too.. Better keep it going. Vitamins are the way to go! =) I haven't start on the intake of my proteins though..

Congrats to Shihan on getting his 3rd and 5th placings in Singapore Open. =)

4 more days to 25th! hahaha` Furama on 24th but i won't be joining them coz i've got flight.. And 25th in dunno which hotel coz love just kept forgetting... Only know it's near Mohammad Sultan. Wheeeeeeeee`

Alright.. Have to go for flight now. Loving my job more and more.. Just as long as the management doesn't step on my tail.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Flight tomorrow morning..

But i still don't feel like sleeping.. o.O

Today was great! =) Met up with Winnie, Jiating and Edmund, Jiali and also Nick for lunch. Haven't seen them in ages, especially Nick. ^^ Before i met up with them i went to Velocity to walk around and visited MPH as well, coming out with a bag of 2 novels.. o.O Bought Shopaholic and baby for myself and a self help book for Chris (Think Christmas present!)
Jiating gave us candy canes and i've received a very lovely and exquisite gold coloured bookmark with a bead and a small pony trinket from winnie! Love it totally coz it's sooooo pweeedddy =) Thank you dear.

Brought them to lunch in the Japanese restaurant in IRAS Building. Cheap and not bad. hehe`

After which they came over to my place to visit the puppies.. Stayed for round about 2 hours before they headed their separate ways. =) And dearest came and fetched me to his place to chill out for a few hours after that..

I really can't wait for Christmas to come! Finally finished writing the cards a while ago. =X Total about 9 of them. So.. you're in luck if you're one of them *wink

Planning to sell away our very old and bulky Projection TV to make way for the new 32" LCD TV and very nice cabinet. =) muahahhaha` Have another 2 LCD tvs in Chris' and my room but very under-used.. o.O

Shall follow up with a 'What-happened-in-2007' post and new resolutions which i'll try my best to stick to.. o.O Soon.. Soon.. Till then, i need to hug my monkey to sleep - Christmas present from my love last year. And this is the first Christmas we'll be spending after being officially together.

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Great great life!

Angela is sooooo happy coz tonight's date is terrific! And she's missing her love tonnes already. God is just being too nice to her. =)

India flight 2 nights back was great. Passengers were uber friendly, toilets were extremely clean as compared to China flights and the crew was damn fun too.
Before the flight, love came and fetched me and we had dinner at Popeye's before he sent me to BT.

Didn't managed to go to the children's home though, coz one group was meeting at clementi, and the other one at Budget Terminal. Apparently i belong to neither one and both grps were meeting at 10am.

Touched down at 7+ am and when it reached home it was about 9.30 already and the cab fare was exorbitant coz there was 35% for peak hour charge.. o.O Didn't wanna cab down to meet them already.. And i was too damn shagged as well.

Had my well deserved 5 hours of rest, after which i went down to AMK Hub to get my medicine, did some shopping for eyeliner, face mist, facial wash and some Old Chang Kee foodies.

Booked tickets for National Treasure 2 at Cineleisure 10pm. Went down with love and the movie was great! Was as heart clenching as the first one. Simply love the action and their wits (I know it's fake). Just got home not long ago. Love's gotta get some rest before he goes to work tml.

Writing Christmas cards now. =X And i'm still missing love alot.. I've managed to download the full versions of the various entertaining time managements games! MUAHAHA.. It's gonna be stays in 2 hotels come monday and tuesday! hehe` Wheeeeeeeeee! Can't wait =) Dear's surprise is all gone. rofl.. Everytime he'll be so tempted to tell me.. Cannot make it! hee`

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas presents...

Shall construct a list of christmas presents i want for this year.. Not that i want people to get them for me, but i myself will get them sooner or later anyway..

Finished reading the novel Shopaholic goes Abroad by Sophie Kinsella.. Just one more book to complete the series. Gonna start another novel too..

Operating Kochi flight tonight. First time doing India sectors. Hope it'll all be fine. ^^ hee` Can't wait can't wait. Hoping my spirits will be lifted very very soon.. Hate this feeling of not being happy.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Reading novels keeps me close to my heart..

More than halfway thru the book 'Shopaholic Abroad' by Sophie Kinsella.. Really perks me up. A lot more novels stashed away i haven't touch..

- The Kiterunner by Khaled Hosseini
- Husbands and Other Lovers by Jane Elizabeth Varley
- Angels by Marian Keyes
- Time Traveller's Wife
- Falling Leaves by Adeline Yen Mah

And like 4 more novels of Jodi Picoult. o.O

One more novel which i'd like to have.. Prolly under my christmas gifts list will be 'Shopaholic & Baby' by Sophie Kinsella.. So that i can complete my collection.. Christmas is coming. Didn't think much of it and actually am quite glad of my roster coz im working on christmas eve and having rest off on 25th and 26th.. Until today.... Not glad at all.. Not happy at all... The things u say can affect me so much... Maybe you have no idea how much... Oh well.. I'm an optimistic person huh.

On standby today.. Didn't get activated until now.. Spent my day watching series and reading novel. Lunched with my parents too.. Finished watching the series Romantic Princess by Zhang Shao Han and Wu Zun..

Just wanna listen to some music, hug monkey in this cold weather and bury my head in the books..


Alicia Keys - No One lyrics

I just want you close
Where you can stay forever
You can be sure
That it will only get better
You and me together
Through the days and nights
I don't worry 'cuz
Everythings gonna be alright
People keep talking
They can say what they like
But all I know is everything's gonna be alright

No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you
You you
Can get in the way of what I feel for you

When the rain is pouring down
And my heart is hurting
You will always be around
This I know for certain

You and me together
Through the days and nights

I don't worry cause
Everythings gonna be alright
People keep talking
They can say what they like
But all I know is everything's gonna be alright

No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you
You you
Can get in the way of what I feel

I know some people search the world
To find something like what we have
I know people will try
Try to divide
Something so real
So till the end of time
I'm telling you that

No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I'm feeling
No one no one no one
Can get in the way of what I feel for you
Oh oh oh...

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ultra contented!

Today's flight ended off with a good note! =)

Dearest came and took me to work in the morning at 11am coz he doesn't need to work today. He even made honey baked ham sandwiches for me to bring to work ^^ Uber sweet of him! hee`

Haikou flight today was great! Especially with crew like Tara and Isabelle, and also Audrey to motivate us. =) Sales was especially good too! Broke our target and really got very good sales! hehe` All thanks to top salesgirl Isabelle..

Everyone worked hard and reaped more moolah. And i've also gotten my protein drink and also vitamins.. New Year Resolution - To take good care of my body and treat myself better. ^^

Realised i have tonnes of novels to read and laundry to wash.. (er.. doesn't link.. but lol` that's the truth).. Better wash my laundry tomorrow coz i'll going to the children's home on my coming day off. Extremely happy coz buying novels makes me happy.. And i've also gotten the non-fiction book - 'Kiterunner' at the Bookfest. Wanna start reading those books later or something before i turn in. =)

Miss love alot.. miss how he doesn't really like to drive his brother's EVO (mitsubishi evolution) but still loves to play with the engine sound when he drove me to work this morning. o.O Missed his mischievous laughter as well as witty jokes. Glad he did enjoy his friend's wedding dinner tonight and those loads of catching up with his friends. ^^

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Five golden wings!

Four calling birds,
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree.

Feeling rather shagged already.. Coz felt like i didn't have enough rest. Even for yesterday which is my day off i've been out whole day with sandy. Went to the bookfest at Suntec together and bought novels. ^^ Made a pair of specs each too.. muahahah` =) And before that we had lunch at Imperial Kitchen, which is somewhat similar to Crystal Jade..

We then had dinner together with Yixian at Just Noodles.. She was the one who ate coz Sandy and i were still full. Went and shopped around and headed to Ya Kun to chill out for a while. It was great to catch up the girlfriends!

As for today, dearest came and fetched me to and from work coz he happened to be at Terminal 2 after sending his relatives off for holiday in Hong Kong. =) hehe` And he bought breakfast for me early in the morning. Such a sweetheart.. My colleagues were all commenting on how radiant and wonderfully happy i look..

Pleasant flight today.. Was singing christmas carols while i was doing interior cleaning heheheh`

Went to Thomson Plaza for late lunch with love and again i bought yet another 2 novels! o.O Headed to Junction 8 to shop for a while... Got a red polo top coz i need it for the upcoming children's home visit. Gotten some groceries as well. ^^

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Angela loves girly little stuff..

Buy me bag charms! Buy me cute key chains! Buy me lovely girly stuff for christmas! =)

hee` Oh well.. I'm getting all happy coz im going out with Sandy later on! And also yixian might be joining us for dinner later on as well. =) I wanna go shopping and pamper myself! Anyone wanna go holidays come January? =) Should be either mid or end of Jan.. Feel like going Bangkok or Krabi wor. =)

Have very little expectations in life and we'll all be much happier!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

One thousandth, one hundredth and second post.

Eyes closing soon le.. Haven't slept in the past 20 hours.. o.O

Wanted to go St james with chris (he doesn't go clubbing often but wanna go and show face coz his subordinates kept wanting him to go).. Wanted to tag along too but really can't summon energy le.. o.O

Triangle flight today was perfect. Good sales, good crew. Everything's just great! =) Managed to put 5 AIRVOD (In-flight entertainment) rentals under my card too. muahahaha` Worked very hard today for sales.. Motivated coz of very very 'gam' (compatible) crew.

Thanks to love for sending me home and we had dinner together at Jalan Kayu. ^^ Kambing soup, mee goreng and kampong fried rice. And packed mee goreng and mutton murtabak home for my parents and chris as well.


Received 2 cards recently which Chris helped me sub.. Don't worry i won't spend randomly on my 'future' money ^^ haha.. Really need to go shopping for christmas gift.. And to write the christmas cards asap.. o.O

Today i reached BT early, so i went and did some shopping. Bought YSL mascara and blusher and the sweet lady gave me a miniature fragrance as well.. =) There goes 90 bucks after 20% discount. haha`

Tomorrow i'll be going out with Sandy. Can't wait!

Shall go sleep le.. Conked out.. o.O

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Birthday Dinner

Just came back from ChiangMai flight not long ago. It was great! Had real good fun onboard except it was quite a draggy flight coz sales was bad.

Last night love came and fetched me in the evening and we headed down to Lana Cake shop in Bukit Timah to collect his birthday cake. =) Headed down to his place, chill out for a while before his mum finished fixing dinner which consists of lovely fried noodles, steam crabs, Rendang Chicken and also Fish, Abalone and cabbage in an awesome sauce. =)

So yup dinner was great and the company too, hehe` We had Haagen Dazs ice cream for dessert, each person one small tub. ^^ Slacked for a while before he sent me home quite early coz i've got morning flight to operate today.

And of course dearest, being a very sweet person woke up early to send me to work.. (imagine waking at 4.30am)..

Am gonna save up well for christmas presents and also holidays next year!

And i have alot of series to watch now! hehe` Romantic Princess, ANTM and Project Runway's latest episodes. Wheeeeeeeee`

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Daniel Gian!

My dearest boy, hope u had a great time last night ^^

Dearest came and fetched me in the evening. We were craving for something spicy and warm coz it was a cold rainy day. So we chose to have steamboat dinner at AMK above this fashion ^^ Love this cosy little place. hehe` We had fun catching up with each other and enjoying the company.

Dined until around 9+pm before we headed to East Coast Park, the place where we had most of our rendezvous sessions lol` Went and changed some coins to do our favourite activity - Catching Masak.. ^^ Ended up i caught 3 and dear caught 1 hee.. Coz it's just so addictive, somemore there're 3 different colors for the Yoshis and they're just sooo adorable.

Cute right?

The mashimaro is sooo filled with festive feel coz it's just sooo christmasy. hee` We really had a great time letting our inner child shine.

After which we went and countdown to sweetheart's birthday and spent quality time with each other, only making our way home around 1am. =)

Happy 9th months anniversary to us yesterday and great birthday to u today!

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Monday, December 10, 2007

More details..

Touched up on more details on Saturday night. =) Dearest came and fetched me at 7pm coz i told him i've reserved the table at Marriot for 2 at 7.45 pm (But i've actually reserved a table for 10 at 7pm).. Ended up there was a great jam and we only reached close to 8pm. Before that at the carpark at my place, i presented to him a scrapbook i've made specially for him. Spent a bomb on the materials.. o.O and he teared with he flipped through it. =)

Some sneak peeks into the scrapbook..

And he was even happier to see his closest friends. Total 7 of them turned up. =) haha` Thanks to all them for bring so kind and taking some time off to gather for dinner.

Rachel, Ailing and me.

Afterwhich 7 of us headed to Boiler's Room and finished 2 bottles of vodka. Met Kelly there as well as her girlfriend.

*Oooooh... i have a distinct jawline!!!! rofl` =X Original and not photoshopped!


Just came back not long ago from Perth flight. Very long working hours, glad there's buddy Rashid with me working at the back. It was the most horrid flight i've ever had in TR. Not because of passengers, but because of the damn CIC. And she's only an acting in-charge, abusing her powers like that... She just kept on finding faults with Rashid and me. Should be thinking to herself, it must be something wrong with her. Can't be that these 2 senior crew have so many faults for her to pick on.

Fuck lor. The first ever flight we've been tekan like that. And that's definitely not the way to work. Dun talk about motivating us, she's not even helpful and polite to us, bringing us down all the way. If other CICs were to hear of it, they definitely will shake their heads. Even she herself admits that all the stuff she said were too blunt and didn't go thru her brain before she blurt them out.

Just glad i have Buddy Rashid and Daphne together thru'out the flight.. Otherwise we'd all flare up at her.. Really very fucked up and cannot make it. And we hit alot of air pockets too.. =( Coz we had very bad weather out of Perth.

Gonna go sleep already. Will prolly not feel so affected after i woke up. But nah, not gonna care. As long as this bitch doesn't stand in my way.

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

"Love It When You Call"

I found a switch
Turned it on
I hit the ditch
You carried on
I was so near
Now you're so far
Are you quite sure
Just who you are

O you could chose a friend but you don't seem to have the time
I wonder if you ever get to say what's on your mind
O take a little time, take a little time

I love it when you call
I love it when you call
I love it when you call
But you never call at all
So what's the complication it's only conversation
I love it when you call
But you never call at all

Remember me, I used to be the best time buddy
That you couldn't wait to see
But getting old, it takes its toll
And hearts getting broken lead to people growing cold

I'm flipping with a coin that's got a tail on either side
I'm gonna be the one who makes you stop and realise
You could have it all
We should have it all

I love it when you call
I love it when you call
I love it when you call
But you never call at all
So what's the complication it's only conversation
I love it when you call
But you never call at all

Yea I wonder where you been
Yea I wonder who you seen
And I hope you find your train
When you do I really hope it's all it seems

I love it when you call
I love it when you call
I love it when you call
But you never call at all
So what's the complication it's only conversation
I love it when you call
But you never call at all


Last night's birthday celebration for dearest was not bad at all. Dinner at Marriot Hotel with all his closest friends.. And then down to Boiler's Room to drink after that. Only went home at around 3+am and i've got a Perth flight later as well.. Bad ending towards the end, hahah due to me..

Met Kelly and her friend there as well. Forgot her friend's name! =X Had a great time dancing with these girls. ^^

Happy 9 mths anniversary to love.. Not able to wish u when the clock strikes 12.. Hai..Am i not doing enuff?

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Wayang show..

Went for grooming course on Wednesday.. Location's at Central Mall - Make Up Artists Shop. Together with me was Idawaty and Effa. We had fun learning the techniques and also doing our hair. My hair's so easy to do, but didn't know there's a technique in pinning it up.. o.O

Thru'out the class u can hear me saying - "i dunno how to use liquid eyeliner! only use crayon de.. " and.. "erm i've never used the lashes clipper before.. can u teach me? o.O" Oh well... o.O

And so, we had great fun! Thanks to tiger for sponsoring the course! *grinz.. And i've got myself an eyeshadow brush too.. Anybody wanna buy make up from there? i have 20% discount. =)

Dearest came and fetched me after that. And i accompanied him to go send goods. =) Had lunch together as well and off i went to shop in Bugis and AMK Hub.. Got a vest, a bag and some earrings.. Plus i did the stuff i had to do too.. Finished up the project (Daniel Gian's present) yesterday morning.

Had lunch with family in AMK central. Went and did some grocery shopping in NTUC as well.
Chris and me.. o.O

Headed home and rest for a while and chris and i went back to AMK hub at 10pm to watch Tattooist. =)

Cute aye? muahahhahahah`

Tonight's the night! You gonna be damn happy my baby.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Great date!

Just came back from a really great date not long ago! =) Feeling uber happy... Was already grinning when i met up with love at my house' void deck. And just can't stop smiling thru'out the night. We headed to Lido and bought tics for 'The Golden Compass'.

Had dinner first before we headed in. The show was fine, abit boring but quite exciting at those action scenes. Otherwise it's a bad ending as they wanna make money by churning out the sequel. argh`

Boo.. he looks as if i've forced him to take this shot.. o.O Another 'ni qian wo qian hai yao pai wo zhao pian' de face..

The date was great coz the last movie for love and i was '1408'.. We had very nice ice cream
after that, the one just outside lido. Dear drove back into claymore and into town again so we can see those christmas lightings, but seems like this year's one's not as fancy as last year.

Headed to Upper Seletar Reservoir as it was still early. Stayed there and chatted for a while, catching up on our love story. ^^ And he sent me home shortly after. I've really enjoyed myself and very very grateful to have met him. And i must say something.. He's still as naughty as ever!!! bah`

Can't wait for Saturday night's dinner at Marriot to celebrate love's birthday! ^^ Boooooya!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Back from shenzhen flight..

Very sleepy, but thought i should wait until 6.30am for dear to wake up so i can sms him =) Missed him tonnes! And im soooo happy with the hp theme i've created ^^

Couple of things to be delighted about. Happy 21st Birthday to Winnie! And yenching's coming back from Perth tonight! Wheeeeeeeee` She's gonna be here all the way until after chinese new year. Woot!

Mr John sent us home so i'm less tired. hehe` Today's flight was fine and boring. Was stuck in the cockpit chatting with the tech crew coz they refused to let me go and wanted to entertain me with their interesting stories..

Having a very slack roster.. Today is my rest day, tomorrow grooming course and the next 2 days off. =) heheheh` Have alot of things to do today after i'm well rested. Anticipating Saturday's dinner in celebration for baby's 27th. =)

And now i'm feeling ultra sleepy already.. Still wondering if i should wait it out till 6:30.. o.O

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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Rachel sent us some pictures! heheh` Was texting her and she told me i still looked pretty when i was drunk in Dbl O on Saturday night. Coz i just kept on laughing alot hmmmmm. Oh well. Luckily i wasn't emo or talking nonsense. =)

And was chatting with Ailing on msn too.. And she told me i looked so cute when i was drunk.. But i was dead asleep after that. Oh well i had totally no recollection after those hennessy and tequila shots until i woke up in dear's bed. o.O My first ever drunk experience...

Really grateful to have met sweetheart.. And ailing commented i looked good in the necklace dan gave me. hehe`

Ailing, Rachel, me and a different PRC which ming xiang brought along =X.. And of course present that day was the respective male partners.

Stayed home whole day today, preparing for a night flight later on. Kept myself entertained with latest desperate housewives and project runway episodes.. Got damn excited coz i've created a new theme for my cell phone with all the pictures that love and i've taken. hehehe` Super adorable lar =) So yup, i'm happy to use my phone until i've found a new fone i wanna get.

Till then.. i'm missing u tonnes..

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Monday, December 03, 2007


Feeling really sleepy now but i still wanna blog about certain matters. First things first. Very very appreciative of sweetie's effort to sacrifice some of his precious sleep coz he sent me to work this morning (reporting 5am) even though he went to the chalet last night..

Was having bad headache today for the first sector and it was all cured by a heart to heart talk with Zerlina, my batchmate. And it was even more fun to work with Faridah and Orchid. Played with this really adorable and pretty 8 yr old australian girl in the 2nd sector. She kept on following me around and seeing me do things. We chatted for a while and she just loves to tickle me.. o.O Gave her some sweets from my pouch hehe`

Learnt about some terrible stuff that's happening to my buddy Rashid. Hoping he'll tide over it and get thru it safe and sound. Really feeling very sad for him as well. And it just dawned on me if i've done enough as a friend. Where was i when he needed a shoulder to cry on, and where was i when he was feeling so terrible he just needs somebody to catch a movie or to go out with. =( Can't help him much but i really hope he'll be able to pick himself up. And it's even worst that he's tendered already. Oh well.. Thought provoking argh`

Grateful to mummy who woke up early in the morning at 3am and prepared breakfast as well as lunch (Pasta and salmon) for me to bring for flight. Sweet mummy =) Doing Shenzhen flight with Faridah tml.. Hoping we'll have good sales coz i need to earn more moolah...

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

I miss u

Missing my love so much now. To think we've just seen each other this morning. Boo` Last night the boyfriend came and took me out to dinner with alex.. We had 'xing hua' lor mee ^^ haha` Dear's favourite. After which 3 of us headed down to Robertson walk and opened a bottle of red wine at wine connection since the others will take a long time to come.

Ailing and alex

Baby and me at Robertson Walk

Ailing came and joined us shortly and we chilled out until 11 before we headed to Dbl O and met up with rachel and bf as well as ming xiang and his friend. Hmmm it's always disaster when the 3 sisters (rachel, ailing and me) get together for clubbing. Supposed to make ming xiang drunk but lousy me got drunk instead due to the lethal red wine. =( Ended up drinking vodka ribena, vodka redbull, bourbon coke, lychee martini, tequila and hennesy shots.. o.O

Crazeeeee crazy... My worst nightmare.. Anyhow, Thanks to baby for clearing up the mess. He sent me home this morning and we went to mac's drive thru. Spent whole day at home today doing some laundry, as well as wash the electric fans.

Baby's super naughty, kept on playing jokes on me. Bah` Hope he enjoys himself at the chalet now. Back to work tml! ^^

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

The boyfriend calls me a sick chicken...

But this sick chicken has recovered completely from her sore throat and cold! ^^ Was called up for flights for my past 2 days of standby. Damn` First was Haikou flight (Thursday) which they called me last minute at 10am to report at 11.45 am.. And then it was Phuket/Bangkok yesterday which they called me at 12 plus telling me the flight's departing 1.50pm. -.-

Was so pissed with the immigration officers i really yelled at them on Thursday coz our passengers who disembarked and theirs doesn't tally. So they refused to let the next load of passengers go. My first time i had such bad experience in Haikou. Pointed to the first few rows of passengers and shouted at him, accusing him if he really doesn't let this load of passengers go back to SG. Really detest PRCs, such rude barbarians...

Was quite unhappy yesterday coz i got activated last minute. Quarrelled with the SATS officer as well but my manager insists i go and do the flight so i can do them a big favor and cause no further delay.. -.- And i did... coz i has no choice at all. Thus missing my bestie's birthday party. Damn`

Dearest came and fetch me home after my flight and i really felt better, except for the ongoing terrible headache onboard due to bad flu. Managed to fight for my day off on dear's birthday coz they eat into my day off today. Muahahah` Seriously we just have to stand up for our rights and not get bullied. WTH.

Ordered KFC for lunch just now for mummy and me. And we fed the puppies with milk too. hehe` They're so super adorable i really can't bear to sell them off le =(

This above shot is extremely cute.. My favourite one in the whole lot.. All white except right ear and tail.. Also the eldest sister =) hehe` Looks totally like a soft toy huh. And they've opened their eyes. Finally....

OMG MY FAVOURITE!!!! hehehehehe looks sooooooooooooo fake..

Puppy holding onto the bottle while we feed them milk hehee` We have to DIY coz their mummy's too small size le.. And super thin le.. So yup... =)


Loving my roster for December.. Wanna enjoy myself especially with dear dear and give him a memorable birthday! ^^ I'm off on Christmas day as well as boxing day. Any takers? And i'm off this precious weekend as well!!! As well as friday and saturday next week. Omg i feel so damn happy hehehehehhehe` Coz having weekends off is the most precious thing that can happen.. =)

Need to save up though.. For myself as well as for mummy's indo trip in Jan =) hehe` Must give her alot of money so she can enjoy herself. But i believe i can do it! hehe` I must learn to love my life more coz i'm already very xinfu ^^

And latest news.. as of now 4:06pm, baby just knocked off!!! Whoa! hehehe` Wanna go out.. wanna enjoy.. craving to go clubbing too with baby .. boohoohoo

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